Runaway 2 Demo Walkthrough

by WinstonSmith


Finding Professor Simon has become essential for Gina’s survival. He lives in a remote part of Alaska, not easily reached. A helpful chap carried us in his snow-plough to within a few kilometres of Simon’s home. After a good three hours’ walk through the snow, Joshua had the bright idea of eating some unknown berries growing on a bush, but they proved to be poisonous! At first he couldn’t remember anything, and then quickly he found himself unable to walk. In despair, I put him on my back, hoping to reach our destination before nightfall. Almost at the end of my strength, I managed to reach a shack near a lake. Once inside, I lit a fire, hoping that the heat would help Joshua to recover. Unfortunately this was far from the case! I must quickly find a means of saving him, or else I risk never seeing Gina alive again!


The demo opens in the shack, Brian tries to reassure Joshua, but he has no memory of you at all and is clearly delirious (‘Go take a stroll on the beach, the sea air will do you good!’). Not a good start. Brian comments that he saw a strange-looking man in a fur coat on the hill taking photos of something… maybe he can help.

Before you leave the shack, though, take the knife (couteau) from the cupboard to the left, the hockey stick (crosse de hockey) beside the fireplace, and if you’re the sort who likes to take everything that’s not nailed down, there’s also an oil-can on mantelpiece (burette d’huile). I don’t know about you but I worry about the sanity of anyone that keeps flammable liquids in close proximity to an open fire, but never mind!

You can talk to Joshua again if you want but there’s nothing to gain by it really. Option 1 has you trying to (unsuccessfully) convince Joshua that he knows you, option 2 has you pretending to be the voice of his conscience chastising him for eating the berries (apparently this isn’t the first time he’s heard the voice of his conscience either!), and option 3 has you pretending to be the director of NASA trying to recruit him for the first manned flight to Pluto… Brian seems to have developed a bit of a mean streak along with the new look, it seems!

There isn’t much else to see in the shack, there is a (presumably slops) bucket on the far left (seau) which Brian refuses to even go near, and a bottle of alcohol that Brian suspects has probably turned to vinegar by now anyway. Nothing to do now but brace ourselves and go back out into the snow…

Outside, make sure to take the bottle of bleach (bouteille) to the left of the door, and the chainsaw (tronçonneuse) on the woodpile to its right. Brian will make a smart-alecky remark about the size of the chainsaw in comparison to his pockets but reluctantly acquiesce… hey! And it works! While you’re here, go take a look at the pickup to the right as well. Ooh! A plastic elk… very tasteful!

There’s nothing for it but to climb up to the summit. Follow the path at the foot of the screen (‘I shall see if I can find the man I saw earlier…’). A conversation immediately follows. The man introduces himself as Ben Wazowski, and apparently knows the berries all too well; they are a favourite of the bears that he is studying but causes the same symptoms in them too. Fortunately there is a cure… raw salmon. Yum! Incidentally, it appears that Ben lost his fishing rod in an unfortunate accident with a young bear the previous week. What are the chances, eh? When you get the chance, select option 1 (‘Great costume!’). He really doesn’t like you calling it a costume (‘…It doesn’t sound serious. It’s more of a bear-suit, but it isn’t finished yet’), then choose option 2 (‘Ah yes… now that you mention it… the only place I’ve ever seen bears with glasses before is in fairy stories…’). Apparently, Ben ordered a bear-suit (and has manufactured an assortment of bear ‘perfumes’) so that he can commune with the bears to prove a pet theory of his which he seems reluctant to disclose but clearly involves the real reason bears scratch their backs on tree-trunks. Unfortunately, it came without a head and Ben knows that to approach the bears like this means certain death. Select option 5 and then option 2 to conclude the conversation with Ben inviting you both to have dinner with him that evening if you’re still about. While you’re here, you may as well note the bear-claw gloves (pattes d’our) on the rucksack behind him, and the two flasks (flacons) in the pockets on its left and right-hand sides.

When you’re ready, go left to the frozen river. Time to play Eskimo, but how are you going to make a hole in the ice? Yup, you guessed it, the chainsaw (faire un trou dans la glace). Uh-oh! This bear has taken a shine to your fishing-hole, and doesn’t want to share. Brian is reluctant to throw anything at it lest he incur the wrath of Greenpeace, and a stern rebuke doesn’t cut it, so it looks as if a retreat is in order…

Maybe, Ben can be persuaded to go and distract the bear. Of course, you’ll need to complete his bear-suit first, but where are you going to find a suitable head? Remember the plastic elk by the old shack? Time for a little wanton destruction: return to the shack and use the chainsaw on it (décapiter élan avec tronçonneuse). Brian immediately removes its antlers to make it a little more bear-like. Apparently. It doesn’t exactly match the rest of the outfit though, does it? If only you had something to turn it white… like bleach? Use the bottle on the head… much better.

Return to Ben and present him with your rather unlikely-looking bear head. Hmmm… Brian could pass it off as a bear head but as soon as he put it on, Ben would no longer be able to see. Better give it some eye-holes, I guess. Use knife on head.

Now give the head to Ben and he will venture off (with some trepidation, and a little eau de ferocious bear) to make contact with your furry friend. While he’s gone, remove the flask (flacon) from the left pocket of the backpack and swap it for the one on the right. After about a minute he comes back looking rather dejected. The experiment wasn’t entirely successful it seems (‘If I’d gone any closer, I’d have been torn to shreds’). Oh dear! Ah well, second time lucky… select option 1, then option 1 (‘he saw you standing up and thought you were attacking, perhaps if you went on all fours’), option 2 (‘you can’t give up when you’re so close’) or option 3 (‘he’d just caught a fish and thought you were going to steal it, he’ll have calmed down by now’) to persuade him to have another go (‘something tells me Ben will have more success this time…’).

After a cut-scene where (mercifully) we can’t see what’s happening, the bear (and Ben) have disappeared into the woods. Return to the river. It looks as though Ben has dropped a glove (patte d’ours) on the ice but it’s too far out to reach and Brian has no desire to walk out to it in case he falls through. If only your arms were longer… or you had something to hook it with. Use hockey stick on glove. Remember how the bear fished for salmon? Time to give it a try yourself… except that Brian has no wish to put his hand in icy water, gloved or not. Perhaps you can hook them out with something else in your inventory. Use the hockey stick with the hole in the ice (pêcher avec crosse de hockey). Not bad, but you can’t get a grip on the slippery little so-and-sos. Have you anything that would help? Use glove with hockey stick (‘yes! That makes a great bear paw’) and go hook yourself a salmon. You will automatically pick it up and take it back to Joshua to trigger a final cut-scene. Oh dear. Out of the frying pan into the fire… but that, as Brian says, is another story…


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