Ring II: A Step-by-Step Guide of Three Challenges

by Becky

Chapter 7: The Revelation of Origins.  The Giant Spider/Stinging Trees Challenge.

Mime leaves you in an outdoor area where you see several odd-looking weeping-willowesque trees.  Walk over to the body of the dead spider.  Pick up the stick.  Use the stick to pick up the acid pouch.  Walk over to the tree whose branches are NOT waving.  Use the stick and pouch on the silent tree.  You will fall back.  When you wake up, push the tree over and crawl through the hollow trunk.  You will emerge out the other side.  If you wish, save your game.

Turn around so that you are squarely facing the tree you just crawled through.  Walk backwards very slowly.  This will trigger a view showing a spider coming toward you.  Walk straight forward to the fallen tree.  Hit “Enter” to crawl back through it.  The spider will die.  You are now free to crawl forward through the tree and to proceed on your way.

Chapter 9: The Dragon Fafner and the Rhinegold.  The Spiky Wall Challenge.

You enter a cave with tiles on the floor.  At the back of the cave is a wall of spikes.  Some tiles are solid gray – these drop you to your death.  Other tiles contain a reddish serpentine pattern.  These are safe to walk on.  Two tiles are missing – those you must jump over.

Walk over the safe tiles.  You will probably die a few times before reaching the spiky wall.  When you have successfully completed the second jump, pause and look at the tiles leading up to the wall.  The very last tile (hereinafter the Trigger Tile) next to the spiky wall triggers the wall’s forward motion.  When you get to the tile BEFORE the Trigger Tile, turn around.  Save your game.  Step backwards onto the Trigger Tile to start the wall, then walk on the next two tiles and jump across to where the path rewinds.  Turn.  Jump across the missing tile.  Walk to the side wall, turn and walk up the path until the path turns again.

At this point, if you have been quick and efficient, you might want to consider quickly hitting F1 and saving your game.  Then click on “Continue” and the game will resume from that point.  The wall is still grinding toward you and you have some more walking to do and one more missing tile to jump over.  As you do this, the camera angles shift, which make the task harder than it should be.

If you do save the game, when you reload the wall starts grinding toward you for about a second before you regain keyboard control.  Still, if you have been efficient up to that point in walking and jumping, working from the saved game will mean that you haven’t lost your good work on the first, most difficult part of this challenge.

Once you have finished walking on the path, walk to the room entrance and go completely through the opening.  The wall will eventually stop moving.  Save your game!  Now you must walk the tiled path one more time to reach the confrontation with Fafner.

Chapter 11:  The Valkyrie.  The Crusher/Fireball Challenge

You enter an underground cavern.  You can see two crusher walls moving toward the center of the cavern where there are several metal posts with spinning knives.  Walk carefully over to the moving crusher wall on the right until the camera angle shifts.  Then move back toward the middle and position yourself a short distance away from the spinning knives – just far enough away so that they can’t reach you.  Make sure you are facing so that you can run straight ahead and not run into the knives.  Wait until the right wall starts to move backward.  Run forward as the wall recedes on your right and the knives spin on your left.  Run until you are approximately parallel to the furthest spinning knife post.  Stop.  (I have been able to do this by walking not running if I have first positioned Siegfried correctly.  It takes seven steps).  At about this point the camera angle will shift.  If you wish, save your game.

The next challenge is the fireballs.  At this point, you can still walk sideways into the spinning knives if you aren’t careful.  Walk as close to the fireballs as you can without dying.  Watch the fireballs.  The closest, left lower hole in the wall has fireballs that shoot out in patterns of two.  Wait until the second fireball has just been shot out of the hole.  Run straight forward until you are right at the edge of the pit.  (I have been able to do this by walking not running if the timing is absolutely correct.)  Stop.  If you wish, save your game.

Turn carefully and walk toward the bridge that moves back and forth over the pit.  Position yourself squarely in front of the bridge.  Wait until the bridge starts out in front of you.  Step onto it.  As it moves, step forward until you’re near the front edge.  When the bridge has almost reached the other side, jump onto the floor on the other side of the pit.  If you miss the jump, and remain on the bridge (that is, if you haven’t already fallen into the pit) start walking backwards and you can back right off the bridge onto the original floor and then try again.

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