Mr. Smoozles goes Nutso

By Rice Burner

December, 2006


Once in the game press F1 for a list of instructions.

Pick up shards everywhere they are available.

Keep a power cell and an ‘emp’ mine in inventory.

Keep one ground mine in inventory.

Complete all conversations until they repeat or stop.



Pick up the crown and give it to the frog.

He gives you a displacer.  Use ‘D’ key to teleport in.

Avoid Mr. Smoozles as much as possible.


You are in the purple lobby.  It has a door on the right that goes to the prison.

Get the iron key to open the door.

The red door on the left goes to the factory.  You need a red key card to open it.

The green door on the top goes to the garden and beyond.  You need a green key card to open it.

The door at the bottom of the screen goes to the south hallways.

In the south hallways there is a secret room on the right that goes to the private rooms of  Ed and his friends.

Prison room:

Find the reality enabler and activate it by reading the poster on the right.

Find the green card.

Collect white reality shards to be used for various tasks.

Talk to the prisoners.

Enable the console by collecting 20 reality shards.

Activate the green card at the console.

South Hallways:

Go through the secret doorway to access the private rooms.

East Passages:

Find Watford’s room and get Carmel’s phone number on his computer.

Use Ed’s computer to get hacking software.

Pickup Ed’s Geeks Monthly magazines.

Zoran’s room has a safe with his Heffleimpleburpler.

Get combination from Zoran and open safe.

Take Box and lens.

For extra points put Ed’s Geek’s monthly magazines in the safe.

Talk to Watford and Zoran after these tasks.


Go through green door and talk to sheep, free them.

Collect reality shards.

Go through gate at top of screen.

The Village:

Shop in lower right has telephone, you will need phone card.

Talk to Magenta and Melvin.

Find phone card

Talk to Finny in the prison.

Get phone card from Pepper’s room.

Call Carmel, you will need to get her mobile number from Magenta.

Magenta wants you to find her backing tape before she gives you the mobile number.


The building on the upper left needs the white key card.

Upper right building – Talk to Stu

Door on left – Talk to Pru

If you destroy the mines he will give you red key.

Pru will tell you how to destroy the mines.

Get the password from Stu, this will trigger the railroad type gate also.

Door at top of screen has more mines and entrance to workbench.

Talk to Hugh and Lou

Find a power cell

Go outside and exit to the right (looks like a railroad gate)

The Mansions:

Building on lower left is ‘stores’

Talk to Drew, you need a ‘chit’

Upper left building, talk to Sue.

Door on upper right, marble corridor.

Talk to Kew

Go through door on right, talk to three smoos.

Boo is on the right.  He will give you blank chit.

Go back to Sue and she will stamp it.

Go back to Drew and he will give you an ‘emp’ mine.

You can also get some reality shards there if you need them.

Go back through the railroad gate to the Village.

The Village:

Use the ‘emp’ mine on the robots.  Trigger it by pressing ‘E

Get power cell from robot.

Go back to workbench and use power cell on it.

Use workbench to fix red key.

The Lobby:

Go to the vortex portal (pink cylinder)

Go to the vortex core card and take it.

Use the portal to exit back to Lobby.

Find enough pink shards to fill up the card.

Use the vortex portal again to return the card.

Use portal to exit back to lobby.  Find yellow chest of drawers

Get more reality shards

Use the red key on the red door.

The Factory:

Talk to Gladys and exit south to the Pit Room

See white key card behind forcefield.

You will need override upgrade for enabler to disable forcefield.

Exit through the door in the pit.

Talk to Yew in the conveyor room.

Exit south left.

The Lava Room:

Talk to Troo.

Disable ground mines as you come to them.

You can carry one with you.

To use them press the ‘G’ key.

Move to the middle section and talk to Growler, he is guarding the vortex portal.

Exit the middle door at the top.

Disable forcefield barriers and exit south left.

Use vortex portal, see key just out of reach.

Pick up stabilizer card and exit through portal again.

Fill it up with pink shards, return to vortex portal.

Stabilize the vortex and exit.

Go left and pick up shards.

Left again to power plant.

Pick up key.

Use the key in the conveyor room/assembly room.

Find override upgrade in cabinet near teleporter.

If you don’t have a power cell in your inventory take that from the same cabinet.

Install override upgrade at nearest workbench.

Find four consoles in factory and get codes for reactor.

2 in assembly room

1 in teleportation room

1 in Pit room

Go back to the reactor room where you found the key.

Go to each console and shut them down.

 The Factory:

The Pit room – get the white key card.

Teleporter room – get yellow key card.

Activate both at console in Prison room.

 The Village:

Building on upper left – use white key card on inside door.

 The Sewers:

Go downstairs to sewers.

Explore the three different entries.

Talk to the rat.

Use the vortex portal, see Magenta’s van.

Get the vortex core card.

Fill it with pink shards and return it to the core.

Exit the vortex.

 The Mansions:

See Magenta’s van outside the mansions.

Take the backing tape.

The Village:

Lower right building – Give the backing tape to Magenta, she gives you Carmel’s mobile number. 

Call the number, talk to Carmel.

Look at the pond outside and see a fish in there.

 The Sewers:

Talk to the rat again.  He will give you a security code if you get him a fresh fish to eat.  He gives you the bait to use.

 The Garden:

Talk to the fisherman (Shaun) and ask to borrow his pole.

 The Village:

Go to the pond and catch a fish.

The Sewers:

Give the fish to the rat and he gives you the security code.

Go to the big mushroom room and use the security code on the console.

Activate the sequence switches quickly.

Talk to the frog.

Go through the gate and see that you will need to get to the other side.

Go back to the frog and talk to him.  He will give you a displacer upgrade for the Enabler.

Go to the nearest workbench to install it.

You now have limited displacement abilities.

Go back to the mushrooms, climb the ladders and through the gate.

Press the ‘D’ key.  You are now on the other side.

Go to the gate with the forcefield.  Get gate number.

Enter ‘D’ again.

Go down to the console below and get deactivation code for the gate.

Go back to the gate with forcefield and deactivate it.

Turn on the searchlight.

 The Mansions:

Go to the observatory – entrance is in the upper left building.

You will need a power cell.

Insert power cell in power station on left.

Go up to telescope and look through it, it needs alignment.

The enabler can do that.

Use Zoran’s eyepiece on the telescope.

See the number on the Goragon ship.

Go to the mansion with the yellow door.  Use the yellow key card.

Disable the ground mines.

Go up, left, and down the stairs.  Turn right at the yellow arrow.

Talk to Pepper in the chamber.  Read the poster on the wall.

Go through the doorway to the small building.

You will have to modify a ground mine to take out those heavy duty robots.

Find a displacer unit.

After Broadstairs and Carmel finish talking and leave, get the displacer unit.

Get a power cell from an inactive robot.

Go to the nearest workbench and make a displacer mine.

Go back to Broadstairs Hideaway and underneath the grid.

Go through the doorway.

Talk to Naru about the small reactor.

Go back to the village and find Hugh.

 The Village:

Talk to Hugh about the small reactor.

He will give you the startup procedure.

 The Mansions:

Go back and start up the small reactor.

Go back out to Broadstairs Hideaway and through the brown door on top.

Activate the displacer mine by pressing ‘G’ several times.

The heavy duty robots disappear.

Go up the ladder and into the teleportation chamber.

Talk to Marilou.

Go to the console and bring it online.

Step on the transporter pad and beam up.

 Goragons Ship:

Talk to Barbul.

Go up the stairs to the white pad on the right.

Beam up to the control room.

Talk to Barbul, collect shards, go to pad on the right.

Beam up to Parade Hall.  Go to pad on the right and beam up again.

This is the Reality Control.

Go back to Entrance Bay.  Move to pad on the left.

Go to Chamber Control Center.

Pick up shards and talk to Barbul.

Step on all the red pressure pads quickly so they all turn green.

Talk to Barbul.  You need codes.

Use the left white pad to beam up to the Restructuring Chambers.

Get codes from both consoles.

Go back to Entrance Bay and go to pad on right.

Beam up to Parade Hall.

Use the right pad to beam up to Reality Control.

Check out both consoles.

Use the vortex portal.  Now see ‘Very Eyes’ the missing pilot.

Go up to the vortex core and take it.  Fill it up with pink shards.

Return to the vortex and stabilize the core.

Go back down to the Control Room.  Talk to Barbul and look at Very Eyes.

Get Grik’s communicator underneath Very Eyes.

Take the communicator to the console.  Call the Galactic Council.

Go back to the Restructuring Chambers.  Use the console on the right.

Get 18 Smoos back to the chamber by interacting with them.

This will beam them up to the chamber

When all 18 Smoos are in the chamber, go to the left console.

Find Mr. Smoozles and beam him up to the left chamber.

Go back up and free Mr. Smoozles.

Go to the Parade Hall and beam up to the Reality Control.

Go to the right console and follow instructions.

Hurry back to the prison and free your friends.

 The Prison:

Activate the console when Mr. Smoozles is next to you.

Pick up the displacer and use it on the Goragon leader.

Give Grik the communicator.

Follow instructions.

 The End…


Smoos and their location:



Stu – upper right building

Pru – near Stu, door on left

Hugh – also near Stu, door on top of screen

Lou – same room as Hugh, to the left


Drew – through the gate to mansions. Stores building, lower left

Sue – upper left building

Kew – through the door on upper right into marble corridor

Boo – next door on right

Naru – small reactor room

Marilou – teleportation chamber

Xoo – Broadstair’s Hideaway

Miu – mansions

Chue – mansions


Gladys – first encounter in factory

Yew – conveyor room

Troo – lava room

Roo – transporter room

Flue – assembly room


 Pink Shards:

           2 – South Halls

            1 – Factory door from South Halls

            3 – Purple lobby

            2 – Prison

            2 – Garden

            1 – Upper left building/entrance to sewer

            2 – Factory room after red door

            3 – Conveyor room

            3 – Lava room

            2 – Forcefield barriers

            7 – Sewers

            2 – Big mushrooms in sewer

            1 – Small reactor in mansion

            1 – Teleportation chamber

            2 – Entrance Bay

            2 – Control room

            1 – Reality control

            2 – Chamber control center

            1 – Restructuring chambers


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