Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis walkthrough.

By Bernard

This walkthrough was written on the German version of the game.


Game play:


SF2 is a 2.5D adventure. Moving the cursor over a hot spot, it will show the options available, look (eye at the right mouse button) or use (hand at the left mouse button). This will also work in inventory. The inventory pops up when the cursor is moved to the bottom of the screen, other options that can be found there are the menu (computer icon), show hot spots (magnifying glass) and your diary (book icon). The hot spots will also be shown when you hit the space bar.

Some descriptions of items may differ with the ones used in the English game, I played the German version and to translate them myself.



Scene 1: Christ Church College, Bishop Parry.



Bishop Parrey is reading a letter that came with a mysterious parchment. The phone rings and he gets a warning from the police. Through the window he sees suspicious characters and he decides to hide the parchment.

Look at the desk, there are two people waiting for the book that's lying on the desk. Use the parchment on the book. Take the book, you have to hide it somewhere! Use the book on the shelf left of the door (where the two red books are).

He's outside the library now, use the keys on the left door and open it. Look at the lecturing roster, Move Forrester to a later time and  place Patterson to 9.30. Now Forrester will be able to get the book before Forrester does.


Scene 2: Hamburg, Nina.


Nina is boarding a cruise ship when somebody approaches her, a few moments later she witnesses how this man gets involved in an accident! Once on board, in her cabin, she finds out that her luggage has been switched with that of someone else. Take the roller skate at bottom of the closet. Leave the cabin, there's someone outside (a hairdresser maybe?), talk to him. Now go upstairs, ring the bell on the counter (oops, the bell is broke now!). The steward appears and Nina tells him about the luggage mess up. Nina will automatically talk with one of the other passengers there. Time to go to bed now.


Nina wakes up at night and goes outside her cabin, her bikini top is hanging on the stairs, take it. There's a note on it, read it in inventory. Someone is playing a game here!


Go upstairs, try to move the UFO, hmm, doesn't work. Use roller skate with UFO and move it over the window in the floor. Go downstairs and look at the window in the ceiling, it's too dirty to anything. Some cleaning has to be done. Go right , to the left you can see a paddle and a newspaper, read the the paper and take the paddle. On the right there's a torch light, take it also. Look at the picture of Noah's Ark. Go back to the stairs and up the stairs. Go south and to the Sun Deck, take the wine cooler from the bar. Beside the deckchair is a blanket, take it as well. To the left we go, the pool. Use the bucket on the pool. Let's head back to the door of the deck where Nina's cabin is. Go right again and enter the open door. You're in the laundry room now. Use the blanket and the paddle with the bucket, You're ready to do some cleaning. Back to the stairs, use the combined cleaning equipment with the window in the ceiling. Another message, “look behind the ship”. Remember the picture of the Ark, so go right, look at the picture and take it. In inventory, take a closer look, there's a photograph on the backside. How to remove it without damaging it? To the laundry room, use the picture with the steam. The photograph will come off. It's a photo of Max, “Max has to go to the doctor”. Go back in front of Nina's cabin. At the end of the hallway there's a door with light shining beneath it. Use the photo of Max on the door. Nina meets Oscar, it was all just a prank!. Back to the cabin, there are people speaking in there. Ouch, the door hits her head and later she wakes up in the infirmary. Hey, someone is telling lies! Nina has a word with the captain and Mrs. Jordan.

Next morning Nina discovers her handbag is gone, it's time to have another talk with Mrs. Jordan. First she checks her luggage and takes the white bath robe, the cap and the red socks. Mrs. Jordan can be found near the bar at the Sun Deck. Nina talks to her. Notice her outfit, pink bath robe, sunglasses and a hat decorated with roses. Talk to the bartender, he has problems remembering faces. Look at the key cards in front of him. Maybe a bit of dressing up will get you further.

Take some  toothpicks, a CD, the poster and the life ring. Left to the pool, talk to the annoying passenger, he wants sun screen. If Nina gets it for him, he might take of his shades! Nina takes the tube and go back to the lobby. It looks like she has a dinner date for the night. Go left to the restaurant, there's an interesting program on TV. Have a look at the portraits on the wall, take the roses and the bottle opener. Use the roses with the life ring. Back to the lobby, take some candy from the bowl on the counter. To the laundry room, outside is a Chinese passenger, waiting for his laundry to be ready and patiently waiting for the bell.  In the laundry room use the key card on the bell, take the cloth and use the empty sunscreen tube with the soap dispenser. Go outside and talk with Feng LI, after some discussion, he will take his laundry and leave. Back into the laundry room, use the bath robe and the red socks on the washing machine. Nina will get a pink bath robe. Use the cloth with the life ring and roses. Now we have a hat and a pink bath robe, the problem, the bath robe is still wet! To the upper deck she goes and uses the robe on the ventilator. Use the finished hat with the robe. Almost done with the out fit now, only the sunglasses are missing. On the Sun Deck use the refilled sunscreen tube with the obnoxious passenger, he will flip over to his belly and puts the shades on the table. Take them and in inventory combine them with the rest of the outfit. A job well done! Back to the bar, use the completed outfit on Nina and talk to the bartender.

This guy's memory is awful. The steward should now what the cabin number is, so back to the lobby.  The steward isn't there and the bell is broken. Use the bell from the laundry room on the bolt at the right side of the restaurant door and hit it with the bottle opener. Talk to the steward, he won't give you the cabin number.  Use the poster on him, after he's gone, use the CD on the counter. The chamber number is 2. To the bar again, use the Jordan outfit and talk to the bartender. The key card is yours.

To the cabins, use key card 2 on Mrs. Jordan's room (right of the infirmary).  Take the magazine and the purse. Oops, almost caught!

Time for a good talk with Mrs. Jordan. She wants a Bloody Mary, get it for her at the bar. She tells what really happened but then she gets sick. The Doc will take care of her in the infirmary. It's time for the 8 o'clock rendezvous in the restaurant. Nobody is there but you see a disconcerting scene, the captain is warned. Everything seems to be alright.


Next morning Nina hears sounds coming from cabin #5 and takes a look through the porthole on the lower deck, who is inside and why is he wearing a wig? To the upper deck she goes and knocks on the door. The captain wants proof, so go to the lobby and talk with Feng Li. He does have cameras but he won't lend one of them, he's hunting for celebrities. Go to the restaurant, have a look at the magazine. George Rooney should be interesting to Feng Li!. Use the magazine with the empty picture frame. Talk to Feng Li again. He's willing to take a snapshot now but he wants the person in the cabin to turn around. To the bar, Oscar is playing the bongos and the steward is attending the bar. Talk to both of them. The steward is listening to an MP3 player to block the noise of the bongos. Oscar lost his last ping-pong ball. To the lobby, use the microphone, the man in the cabin turns around but not long enough. Into the restaurant, take the aluminum foil from the ground and talk to Baldy. When you build a model of a tourist attraction you will get a bingo ball. Use the aluminum foil with the toothpicks and the candies. Use the toothpicks with the candies to get a model of the Atomium in Brussels. (remember the portrait in your cabin?). Hand it over to Baldy and you will get a ball.

Back to Oscar, hand him the ball. He will stop playing the bongos. Talk to the steward, he's happy the bongos have stopped and will lend Nina the MP3 player. In the lobby use the player on the microphone, talk to Feng Li and get a photo of the perp in cabin #5.

On the upper deck show the photo to the captain. He's convinced now but the perp escapes and something really big is approaching the ship ….....


Scene 3: Indonesia, Max and Sam.


Max arrives on an Indonesian island to meet his college friend Sam but already the first night everything goes wrong. The camp is blown to pieces and Sam is captured.



Sam is captured and has to let Max know where she is. She has a flare but how to use it?

Take 3 oranges from the bowl of fruits and the bamboo with wire from the top of the fence. Combine all three oranges with the wire, combine it with the bamboo and add the flare.

Use this contraption with the ramp, it will roll down to the fire and the flare will be ignited!



Max sees the flare and knows where to go now but he could use a guide. Like any good adventurer, collect everything you can get your hands on. From right to left, kick the tree, a papaya falls down, pick it up. Take the piece of the fence, the peacock feather beside the tent, the blue flag that is in front of the tent. Also take the yellow helmet and the documents, right click the documents in inventory to read them. Take the donut in plastic foil, the can of beer, the balloon and the glow tubes out of the backpack. From the damaged tent take the tent poles. Get the kettle on the left side of the fire and take some red flowers from the bush. Use the kettle on the river, use the flowers on the kettle and use the kettle on the fire. You now have a kettle with red dye. Use the papaya on the kettle to get a red papaya. Combine the the tent poles with the fence to get a grate. Use this on the river to make a barrier the fish have to jump over, use the blue flag on the branch to get a fish.

Give the papaya to the monkey, he will run of into the jungle but the red dye makes it easy for Max to follow him.

Max sees Sam but the guard is blocking the way, take some white berries from the bush on the right side of the tree. Now to the backside of the temple, read the inscription on the right of the door. There are holes there, looks like they have to be filled with something.

The translation could help!

Take the rafflesia on the left side of the path, use the flag on the branch above the spiders web, look at the bee hive. Right click the donut to take the foil off. Use the donut on the hole situated at the right side of the bee hive. The bees will disappear, use the bee hive to get honey.

At the front of the temple, use the rafflesia on the guard, it's not close enough to the guard and he won't notice. Use the remaining tent poles on the rafflesia and move it closer him. The smell is too much for him and he moves away from Max. Now take the Venus fly trap and the rafflesia.

At the back of the temple, take the spider web with the trapped fire flies. Take the blue flag also. At the camp, use the can of beer on the garden, go to the left and use the rafflesia on the flat stone, the frog is captured. Use the foil on the red dye. Leave the camp and go right back, take the beer can. You caught a snail. At the backside of the temple look at the inscription again. Use the items you've collected on the holes according to the translation.



The door opens and we go back to Nina....


Chapter 4: The capsized ship, Nina.


Talk to the guy who saved you, he tells Nina to find a letter. A steal beam is pinning him down to the floor. Take the small statue from the floor. The file cabinet could be used as a ladder but there's a numeric lock on it. Look at the picture of the ship beside it. There's a date on it. (I've played the German version, so I'm not sure how this will be adapted in the English version, anyway it will be quite obvious. Use the lock and enter 7-7-4-7-5, the cabinet is unlocked now. Open the lower drawer, now Nina can reach the hatch. Use the bust on the hatch to check there's no water on the other side, use the hatch. Get the metal rod, search the documents, the letter is found. Use one half of the bongos on the water and go down again. Use the lever, put it in forward, a chain comes down through the hatch. Use the chain with the steel beam, use the metal rod with the chain. Use the lever again and push it in backward, the chain is pulled up and the man is free. Now the yellow hatch on the floor has to be opened, it's rusty and maybe some oil will help. Look at the pipe beside the lever, use the empty half of the bongos on it. Now use the bongo filled with water on the pipe and presto, oil pours in to the bongo. Take it and use it on the hatch. Now open it. The both escape and are now......


Chapter 5: Beached, Nina.


Nina and her companion land on a deserted beach and what's worse, he's a diabetic and needs sugar. Luckily there are a lot of things to be found there. From left to right, above are a medical kit (beyond her reach) and a traffic sign (to far away to be read). Take the rake and the coat stand. Also take the purse and the brief case, right click on the brief case to get some useless documents and a chocolate bar. Try to use the chocolate bar on the companion, no good, he's apathic and needs something liquid. Open the suitcase and Nina will have dry clothes, take some pebbles at the seaside and get the wheel. In inventory combine the pebbles with the purse, now use the purse on the medical kit. It will come down, taking two buckets with it. Right click the medical kit, you find some bandages, use them on one of the buckets. Use this one on the sea and get some clean sea water. Take a life jacket, the sheet of metal and the harpoon, the car battery, the fire hose and the toolkit. Have a look at the barrel. Use the harpoon on the power mast, right click the toolkit , it's locked. Use the battery on the toolkit, it's open now. Use the toolkit on the power mast, Nina shuts the electricity off. Use the documents with the power cable, use the toolkit on the power mast again to switch on the power again. There's a small fire burning now, build a shovel combining the rake and the sheet of metal. Use this on the fire, now use it on the barrel. A bigger fire is lit now. Combine the bucket of water with the coat hanger. Use this contraption with the fire. Now add the chocolate bar. A bucket of 'chocolate milk' is the result, give this to Nina's companion. He will regain conscience again. He will explain the situation  and he will help you to pass the beached ship.

Try to open the suitcase, it's locked, again a bit of acid from the battery will help. Inside is a suit and a digital camera. Find a map in the bag. Near the bike. Have a look at the boat, it needs an engine. Use the fire hose with the wheel and use that on the motor bike. Now the bike can be moved to the boat. Use the toolkit on the bike. Use the improvised shovel on the landslide to get a fan. Use the life jacket on the boat and use the fan on it. The boat is ready now. Give the costume to David Korell. Click on the passage at the top of the ship, David will help Nina to get the other side of the ship. With the digital camera take a picture of the road sign. Look at the map and talk to David again. Off you go to Gatineau!


Chapter 6: Meanwhile in Indonesia, Max and Sam.


Max is inside the temple, put on the helmet with the light. Now Max sees the ancient control panel with symbols. There's a painting on the wall at the right side of the panel.



Use the balloon on the helmet and look at the painting. Use the dyed foil and repeat the same procedure. Do it again with the blue flag.





Consulting the documents the symbols on the control panel have to be Venus, Juno and Neptune. A door opens to backside of the temple's front. There's a hole in there and Max can now speak and exchange objects with Sam. Give the white and berries and the bamboo to her. Time to switch to Sam. Use the bamboo on the fruit basket and get a raspberry. Stick a white berry inside it, now throw it into the the fruit basket. Ask the guard for a raspberry, he will eat it himself. The drug starts working.

Switch back to Max. Put the balloon on the helmet and place the glow tubes in the nose. Now it's time to put the frog into the mouth. The guard looses his senses and runs away!

Sam can be set free, Max decides to check what's behind the door inside the temple using the key the guard lost. Oh dear, run, run....

Too bad he gets captured.


Chapter 7: Gatineau, Nina.


David walks off. Talk to the prospector then go to the left side. Read the information on the info sign. Find the paper cup and aluminum foil. Further to the left Nina arrives at the crossroads. Take the pocket knife, a fabric bag, a power cord and spirit level from the table. There's also a mirror that can be picked up. Going to the left she sees David looking at the statue.

Put the spirit level on the stretched arm, follow the laser beam to the right. The beam points to the road sign, turn the sign until it points in the same direction as the beam. Go back to the statue, take the spirit level, back to the cross roads and put the level on the sign. To the right we go, the diner car is blocking the beam! Talk to the owner, he will go away when the prospector has gone. So back to the prospector we, talk to him, he's very superstitious. Use the knife to unscrew the warning sign, go back to the crossroads.

Again using the knife unscrew the parking sign. Replace it with the rock fall sign. Get the plastic boulder using the knife. Place the boulder in the junk car. Go to the diner and take three fortune cookies and eat them. Give the third message to to the owner, he will bake a new cookie for you. Go to the prospector and give him the fortune cookie and talk about his car. He goes away to move the car, talk the diner owner, he thinks the prospector is gone and drives off.

Too bad, the batteries of the spirit level are drained. Use the knife to open the latch of the info sign and take the batteries. Go to the road sign and exchange the batteries of the spirit level. Back to the right, the info sign is blocking the beam! Use the power cord on the mirror and attach it to the hook. Fill the bag with sand from one of the mole hills and attach it to the mirror. Use the aluminum foil on the mole hill beneath the info sign et voila! Follow the beam to the rock fall. Nina can't shift the rocks, so a trick is needed.

Use aluminum foil on the paper cup and drop this 'silver artifact' between the boulders. Talk to the prospector and he will clear the rocks. Pull the ring, and enter the cave. On the wall some wheels can be seen, turn each of them  until the holes overlap and now you can take the ring.  David comes in and tells the statue is of Austrebert. Look at the top of the barrel, use the ring on the slot. The buttons with characters on them appear. Look at Elise's sketch. Nina has to spell AUSTREBERT using the directions of the sketch.



Nina gets two leather decoding masks and some information about a letter to be found in Paris that may prevent the apocalypse.


Chapter 8: Paris, Nina.


Nina is at the ruins of the cardinal's resort. David is off (again!). Take the blue stone from the pillar. Nina falls backwards into an old cellar. There's a door that can't be opened yet and a coat of arms. Notice some of the letters can be rotated on the coat of arms.



There's nothing else to do, so try to get out. A clochard hears you, drops a bench and Nina can climb out.

Go left and talk to the clochard , he sure knows his history!  From the compost heap take a red candle and a stake. Go right to the churchyard, the graves are strictly organized. Using the directions the clochard gave, first decision is 1670 then poor, old and finally women. That's why the caretaker was always disguised! On the tomb stone there are also letters rotated, that could be a clue. Back to the cellar, rotate the letters in the same way as seen on the tomb.



The door opens, enter. Look at the map on the wall, the gate on the other side and the mosaic on the floor. Use the blue stone on one of the empty slots. More blue stones are needed. Get out and talk to the clochard again. He tells the blue stones are used in other buildings and he gives Nina a map of Paris.

Nina is on a bridge, on one side it's raining and it's dry on the other. Take a pacifier and 5 cent coin from the garbage. Talk to street sweeper, he won't sweep the other side of the bridge because he doesn't want to get wet.

Go to the right to the abandoned metro station, talk to the guy waiting there. Enter the station, take the teddy bear, the help wanted sign and the umbrella. Look out of the window at the clock. Use the candle on the clock, now back out and wind the clock until Nina runs out of the station. The candle drops on the Ferrari, the alarm goes off. The van Rossi was waiting for drives by and crosses the bridge. Rossi is even more depressed now, Nina follows him to the park. Look at the fountain and talk to Rossi. Pick up the newspaper and move to the left. Take the hoop in the water and the ball at the sandbox. Try to take one of the bottles of the clochard, no go. Talk to him, The zoo is now open. To the left and the map appears, go to the zoo.

Take the red nail polish and the soda can. Talk to the zoo keeper then go to the right. Ah, a blue stone, if only there wasn't that alligator! Take the duck call and look at the elephant. Back to the zoo keeper and from there to the left. See a monkey and a can of peanuts. Nina can't reach the peanuts, so back to the zoo keeper. Talk to him about the monkey, the monkey knows a trick. Back to the monkey, put the pole in the hole, the soda can on top of it and the hoop in the crack.



Now show the umbrella to the monkey, step through the hoop and throw the ball at the can. The monkey mimics Nina, so now she can pick up the peanuts. Leave the zoo and go to the bridge, on the left side of the bridge is a blue stone, use the umbrella to get it.

Use the duck call on the ducks, they come closer. Now to the right to metro station, use the nail polish on the Ferrari. Pick up the red candle. Move on to the park. Talk with Rossi and toss a coin in the fountain. He will toss a coin too. Back to the park, take the coins from the fountain, use the duck call on Nina. Visit the zoo again, go to the alligator. Put the peanuts in the bird's nest, the elephant throws the tree over. Use the duck call again, there are the ducks!

Throw the teddy bear into the water then start the motor of the boat. The alligator has moved now. Climb the tree to get to the stone.

Talk to the zoo keeper again, now Nina can get a bread. Dip the bread into the milk to soften it. In the park give the bread to the clochard, Nina gets a bottle of booze. Now to the metro station, enter it and use the 10 coin on the the chewing gum machine to get a packet of gum.

Time to go to the prison. Look at the holding cell doors. The blue stone is in the second one, so use the gum on the first one. Talk to the police officer. Tell her Nina's drunk. She doesn't believe her, so use the bottle of booze with Nina. Talk to the police officer again, this time she wants to do a blood test. The phone rings and she leaves, use the bottle with the syringe, now Nina is really 'drunk' and put in the cell. Take the ball and the spoon from the little table in the corner. Use the spoon to get the stone, alas the officer hears it. Ask the prisoner at the other side of the wall to play some more, he will, if Nina answers some questions.

A number between 1 and 5 that can't be found in your cell: 5

The number that keeps you in prison: 9

All legs can stand but not all legs can walk: 6


He starts playing, so use the spoon on the stone again. After Nina gets it knock on the door and she is free again.

In the park fill the ball with water from the fountain, use it to fill the dry fountain inside the metro station. Switch the fountain on at the control panel. The water doesn't get high enough. Use the pacifier and the candle on the fountain switch it on again. Now the water clears the ceiling and the blue stone can be seen. Use the umbrella to get it. All stones are now found, so to the graveyard and down to the cellar. Place the blocks according to the text on the map.



 The bridge descends, Nina goes into the archive and David arrives. Well this is not a happy ending for David!


Chapter 9: Puritas Cordis head quarters, Nina and Max.


Max is jailed. Take the apple and use it on the grabber. Now take the grabber and use it on the oven door. Finally Max and Nina are reunited and the villain explains his plans. Max rises from his grave.

Take the shovel and the vase. Go to the entrance on the right, look at the window on the left. Nina is in the jail. Nina calls the guard by using the door, he doesn't believe her when she tells she is cold. Switch to Max. Use the grabber on the mousetrap to get some cheese. Go through the window besides the trap. Take the ice spray, the camera, the GameGirl, the cloth hanger, the bags and the TV. Put the TV on the reading desk. Use the cloth hanger on it and switch the TV on. Leave through the window and go outside. Take the passage to the left, use ice spray on thermometer. Switch to Nina. Call the guard again and complain about the cold. After he looked at the thermometer he gives a habit. Switch back to Max. Talk to Nina again, use the grabber to get the habit. Wear the habit. Go to the left passage again. Talk to the monk, he leaves, pick the herb and look at the bench. Max can't read it. Use the camera to make a picture. Enter the jail. Show the photo to Nina, it's too dark to see. Use the photo with the GameGirl and show it to Nina. She translates the text: Snow White, soccer team, devil. Is it a code? Try the keypad on left side of the door. 7 11 666. Nina is free, now bag her so she will not be discovered.

Go to the jail entrance, the guard is sitting down and depressed. Talk to him, he could use some cheese soup. Look at the cellar entrance, talk to the new guard in front of the big door. Max only gets access to the cellar when he delivers coals. Go to the graveyard and smash the doghouse with the shovel. Use the empty bag with the remains then use it on the bag with Nina in it. Use the bag with Nina on the cellar entrance, after a quick inspection by the guard, she's in the cellar. As Nina, take the bottle of wine, the helmet and the handkerchiefs. Hand the handkerchiefs to Max. Try to reach the oven, the parrot makes a lot of noise. She has to find a way to calm him down. Switch to Max. Give the herb, the vase and the cheese to Nina. Use the sewing machines to sew the handkerchiefs. Hand the sheet and the grabber to Nina.

As Nina, combine the helmet, the wine, the herbs and the cheese. Cover the bird cage with the sheet using the grabber. The bird is silenced now. Take some coal and put it in the oven, now put the helmet on it. The cheese soup is ready, transfer it to the vase. Take the medals. Give the cheese soup and the medals to Max. Switch to Max, go to the jail door and hand the guard the soup. The guard disappears and Max enters the jail. The guard is eating his soup. Use the medals on the the straw and talk to the guard. The guard leaves his desk and it's time to press the alarm button.

Both Nina and Max are now in the tower, you play as Nina. Throw the helmet at Shelton, he falls down. On the console press the red button, a password must be entered. Could the name on the book be a clue? Type the the code as seen on the telephone, type 9152551 and press enter. Jump down to the lowest level and get the oil can. Go right to go up until Nina reaches the top floor. Use the oil can on the left window, it will be shot. Use the oil can on the stairs and tip over the statue. You may have to do those things in multiple steps because Shelton is chasing you.


The end sequence starts.







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