~ Secrets of The Luxor ~

by Mojave


Written by: Linda Shaw & Norma Kuderna

Copyright: August 1, 1999


WARNING: This is a COMPLETE Walkthrough with step-by-step instructions that will take you from the very beginning of the game all the way to the end. If you would like to "jump" to specific areas or locations in the game, you may do so by clicking on the appropriate area within the Table of Contents.




I.  Beginning the game XII.  Body Scanning Room
II.  Entering the King's Chamber XIII.  Embalming Room
III.  Inside the King's Chamber XIV.  Hologram Room
IV.  The Water Fountain XV.  Spiral Stairs
V.  Mirror Room XVI. Grid before Disk 2
VI.  Solving the Water Fountain  XVII.  Disk 2
VII.  Triangle Room XVIII.  Tower 1
VIII.  Spike Room XVIII.  Tower 2
IX.  Sun & Mirror Room settings XIX.  Tower 3
X.  Maze & Wheel Puzzle XX.  Center of  the Towers
XI.  Rock Smashing Room XXI.  End game with OSIRIS


Symbols used for movement in the game are:

D = Down     F = Forward     L = Left     LF = LeftForward

R = Right     RF = RightForward     TA = Turn Around     U = Up


**  It is important to note that by solving one puzzle in the game, this "opens up" another area of the game so that you can continue with progress.  There are times in this game where you MAY or MAY NOT hear a sound (which is usually an indication that a puzzle has been solved) meaning you have solved the puzzle.  **



SLgrnarr.gifHOTEL ROOM:

In your hotel room, pick up the shoes, your hat, your bag (for inventory items), and your journal on the bed. Get the tape recorder on the dresser.  Move around to the bathroom (door on the left).  Enter the bathroom and get your toothbrush off the counter next to the sink.  While you're there, you might as well flush the toilet!  Move to the door to exit and pick up the letter on the floor underneath the door. Move your cursor beneath the viewer screen and click on the bag (far right side). To read the letter, click and hold down the mouse button on the letter and drag it to the top part of your screen. Let go of the mouse and you will be able to read the letter. This is how you will drag items from your inventory to use them for the rest of the game. Having read the letter, and making a note of the code at the very bottom (2411), exit through the door.

Inside the outer area, turn L and click on the video/tv screen and listen to the video. Turn and face the keypad entry. In your inventory, grab the card and move it up above the inventory. Scan the card on the keypad. Enter the code from the letter followed by the # sign.  Move F2, turn and read the sign on the wall to the right of the elevator. Open the elevator door by clicking on the buttons on the right. Enter the elevator, turn L and push the bottom red button on the main panel.   Push the middle button on the elevator to begin the "action."  When the explosion begins and the elevator begins to descend, push the middle button on the panel. The panel will open up. Immediately push down on the bottom red button. The lights on the right side of the panel will change from red, to amber and then green. Open the door and exit the elevator.

SLgrnarr.gifKINGS ROOM:

F2, L, get the goggles from inside the crate, R, F, R, F8 to the desk and click on the monitor. Using the keyboard, enter your code (2411) + the ENTER key on your keyboard. Click on each of the Files (1-6) and read the Documents. Exit the screen. Turn L, F2, L, F2, and click on the Egg Puzzle, F. Note the buttons around the outer circle, where the hand print is and the "waves" of lines in the middle section. TA, F, R2, and D (on the left of the walkway to the Egg Puzzle). Stop midway down the well and note the design of the lines on the floor of the well (every 4th space the lines will criss cross). Turn L at the bottom and F. You will die here if you proceed into this tunnel. R, F, L, F to the steps. Turn R, F to the closed gate.  Turn R, F to the other tunnel. Enter through the columns (you'll hear water dripping), F3 to the dry fountain.

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TA, go up either side of the steps and note the symbol on the wall.  From the top of the steps, find the water fountain lever control panel. We'll come back to this later. Exit and go up the well. Walk around to the center of the Entrance door. Move L and face the wall. Move F towards the wall, and note the loose brick . Click on the brick, F3 into the Mirror room.

SLgrnarr.gifMIRROR ROOM:

Move all the way to the opposite end and note the position of the hand. Exit the Mirror Room and return to the Egg Puzzle in the center.

Position the hand as seen on the far wall in the Mirror Room. Begin at the 2:00 position on the "waves" and flip that tile. Position the middle "waves" so that every 4th one has the criss cross design. Open your journal and look on page 18. Note the darkened dots. Push down on the appropriate dots on the outer area of the circle. Now we have unfinished business in the well!


Match the levers to the diagram on the back cover of the journal . Pull down on the left lever. You will notice water running from the fountains for a brief moment, and then it will stop. As you turn to leave, note the symbol on the wall has changed. Return to the top again.

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SLgrnarr.gifKINGS ROOM:

Turn L, F5, R to face wall (just beyond the crates). Push on the wall. Enter, F3, R, F2, L, F and into the "cove."


Note the symbols of triangles on the wall. Exit the cove and go F to the machine. Using the levers at the bottom, adjust the triangles to match the wall design in the cove. When you have solved this machine, you will note the diagram on the bottom. TA, and enter the cove area.  Move F just inside the room and STOP (or you'll die a horrible death!)

SLgrnarr.gifSPIKE ROOM:

Turn L, enter the door on the far right. F5, L (note the star on the door). Enter the room by clicking on the center of the star. Note all 4 constellations. Exit the Star room and move L, F3. F2 and enter the 4 constellations you saw in the Star room. You should see the spikes go down. Move F beyond the constellation panel. Note the symbol on the far wall.

SLgrnarr.gifSUN ROOM:

Note the symbol on the far wall. TA, note the clue on the Mummy sarcophagus. F1 and move the dial to the Sun. Go U and exit the Sun Room and carefully return all the way back to the center chamber, the King's Room.

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SLgrnarr.gifMIRROR ROOM:

From the exit of the Sun Room, turn R, F6, R and push in the loose brick and enter the Mirror Room. A beam of light will be coming from the roof, and move F1.  Turn both mirrors so they are facing the symbol on the rear wall. Next, click on the center mirror one time. A doorway opens in the rear. U, F2 and listen the Guardian of  Time. Then TA and get the Egyptian key on the right. Exit and return to the King's Room.

SLgrnarr.gifKING'S ROOM:

Move around the chamber until you are facing the wall to the right of the computer (a light will be shining on the wall and a vase in the right corner). Click on the doorway. Move F4, L, F2, L, F9 down the stairs to the Queens head. Click on the headwear and note the symbols. TA, and go F5, L, F4, R, F, L, F12 down the stairs to the Wheel Puzzle.

SLgrnarr.gifWHEEL ROOM:

Use the 3 symbols (top, middle and bottom) you saw on the Queen's headwear. Also use the clue on the rear wall of the Sun Room to match the "sections" of the wheel where each symbol should be. . Move F8, R, F4 to the lever. Pull (click and hold) the lever down until the wheel turns. Exit and return to the King's Room. R, F5, D the well to the first room on the left (Rock Smashing Room).

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Move F all the way to the Lion on the rear wall. Use the Egyptian key below the Lion to get the crystal stone. Leave the Rock Smashing Room, go up the well to the King's Room and click on the wall as you exit the well. Go F5, R, F13 to the cavern. Turn R, F5 and pick up the 3 colored stones. Go back and stand at the entrance, facing the cavern. Turn L and go up that walkway to the organ. Place the crystal stone from the Lion's mouth in the stone holder. The organ will begin playing. TA, and return to where you picked up the 3 colored stones. Turn the wheel counter-clockwise several revolutions (hold down the mouse button). Return F6 to the entrance and go get the crystal stone (by the organ). Now go to the entrance of the cavern and walk across the stone bridge (F13). Place all 4 stones in the stone holders and a doorway will open. Move F8 all the way to the opposite end and make a note of the symbols beneath the chair.  Return to the opening of this room, TA to face the throne, and take one step forward. Turn R and F5 and listen to the Guardian of Time.   F2, then F6 to the Control Panel.


Touch the 4 symbols in order (from left to right) as seen on the bottom of the chair. Do NOT click on them, just wave your mouse over each one in the proper order. F7, up the stairs, and stop. F1, R, F, R again and thru the small opening. Turn R, F1, R. Click your cursor and hold it down on the right side. Slide it up to turn on the wall panel. Repeat this process all the way around the Control Room and return to the main control panel. Now push the bottom button on the main control panel to activate power. TA, exit, F2, LF, L, F, LF, F to the grey door.


Enter, F7 times, TA to face the way you came in and a statue in front of you. Touch the base of the statue (Triangle). Turn R, again touch the Triangle at the base of that statue, turn R, touch the triangle at the base, turn R, repeat, turn R again so that you are facing the statue you started with, and one more time, touch the Triangle at the base. The center hexagon on the floor will rise. Scroll with your mouse from L-R on the bottom row, then the top row, and finally the middle row. Exit this room through the door you entered (blue door). Turn R, R, TA, F, R, R thru the small hole/doorway. In the Control Room, turn L, F4, L through the other opening. Move F2, L, F3, L through the door.

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There are many things to look at in the room. Take your time and browse at the bodies, and all the other "stuff!" Look around and find the the door that looks like a vault. Enter the vault. Grab the inner latch and pull hard/fast down to join the bottom section. You must hear a clicking sound. When you have heard the vault click, go out, up the stairs, and out through the door. Go F1, R, F7, L, F through the round portal. F2, L, F4, and through the door. F5, up the stairs. Turn on the 3 small white bulbs on the right side of the globe. [Before exiting this room, you can walk down to the bottom of the stairs, turn L and go down beneath the walkway.  You will find a vault-like door.  Use your toothbrush to clean off the vault door.  Enter the hallway and go all the way to the end.  We believe this might be an "Easter Egg" in the game because there are control panel switches you can "play with."  When you do, you will see the credits for the game).  Exit this room, F4, R, F9 through the portal and to the brown metal door.  Enter the Control Room. Turn L, F4, L (through the door), F2, LF, L, F, and take the L hallway. Enter the grey door, and proceed all the way to the end and through the orange door. F1, R, F5 to the end, L and click on the purple snail symbol (stairs will come down). Enter the room.


Walk around the room, clicking on each of the hologram machines. Note carefully the hologram machine on the far left side. Click on this machine and you will see symbols flash by. There are 3 different symbols, but they will flash in varying order (7 times). Exit this room, R, down to the end, L, F15 through the grey door and all the way out into the hallway. ;L, F, RF, F, R2 through the small hole. In the Control Room, turn L, F4, L, F3, R then down the hallway, L, and through the portal. When you go through the portal, F2, L, F11 to the globe again. Now light up the 3 small bulbs on the left side of the globe. TA, exit this room, F4, R, F9 through the portal, R, F3, L through the brown metal door into the Control Room. L, F4, L, F3, LF hallway, TA, F, L, F2 through the grey door and all the way through the Body Scan and out the orange door. Move F through the door in front of you, and into the next door. Look up and around at the mummies, and note the symbols on the walls separating the mummies. Move F to the 3 symbols on the right side of the door.

Repeat the order in which you saw the symbols flash in the Hologram Room. When you have correctly done this, they will flash and then stay a constant purple. Move forward and look at the Pharoah.

Exit this room. Pass through the Body Scan Room and out through the blue door. Go back to the Control Room through the small doorway. In the Control Room, turn R, F4, R, F3, R, F3 to the eye symbol. Turn L, and go through the portal. Go all the way to the end of the hallway when you have passed through the portal. Open the door.

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Push the purple button on the right side of the entry way. Spiral stairs will come out allowing you to ascend. Go up the stairs. Save your game here. At the top of the stairs, turn L and enter the doorway. There will be monument-like stones/lights on the left and right sides. F1, R, touch the red stone. TA and touch the other red stone. Turn R, F1, R, and touch this red stone/light. A door at the end of the hallway should open, allowing you access to the Obelisk. Enter this doorway and push the buttons. Exit this room, exit the light/stone room and move towards the stairs. Turn L and enter through that door, F2, L to the vault. Open the outer vault door, and move into the room.  Swing the arm of the inner vault until it clicks. Exit, go down the stairs, out and F through the portal. Move R, F3, L, through the Control Room door, L, F4, L, through the door, F2, LF through the dark doorway and down the steps. Raise the steps by touching the symbols, and exit. F3 and stop directly on top of the WHITE ARROW on the floor. Turn L, and go up the stairs. Follow the hallway to the beetle symbol on the wall. Turn R and go through this portal and click on the spaceship wreckage. TA, and go through the tall grey door (video soon to follow). Move up the stairs and click on the chest in the middle. Use the coordinates from the journal on page 63 and enter them on the graph in front of you.

Coordinates are: (x coordinates = horizontal alignment)

15x, 1y (y coordinates = vertical alignment)

5x, 3y

11x, 7y

14x, 7y

16x, 9y

5x, 12y

13x, 15y

12x 16y

14x, 17y

8x, 11y

A long video sequence follows whereby you will be asked to insert Disk 2

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SLgrnarr.gifTOWER 1:

TA and go back into the elevator. Go D, then R, and F to the end. Watch the videos. Turn R, go U the elevator to Tower 1. Enter the mine cart and ride to the end. L, L, F3 to the control panel for the tower rotation. Rotate the rings by using the RED ARROWS.   Push the button beneath the rings that says: ROTATE RING 1. Now turn and re-enter the mine cart. Go D3, follow the hallway to the end and go U2, L to the end of the hallway, R, U to Tower 2.

SLgrnarr.gifTOWER 2:

Ride the mine cart to the tower control room. Turn L, L, F3 to the panel. Rotate the R arrow 2 times and push the ROTATE RING 2 button. Return to the cart, exit the mine cart, go D the elevator one time, turn L and go to the end of the hallway, turn R, and go D once. Turn L, go to the end of the hallway, go U2 to Tower 3.

SLgrnarr.gifTOWER 3:

Once again, ride the mine cart to the Tower control center. Exit the cart and click on the R red arrow 5 times. Push Rotate Ring 3 button. (see graphic Tower 3 below) Return to the mine cart. Go to the elevator, go D2, R to the end of the hallway, D1, R to the end, U the elevator 3 times to the sign that says OSIRIS. Move F and up the elevator. Exit and enter the room. Look at the pod, click on it and sit down in the pod. You will travel to the center of the Towers.  From Tower 3, ride the cart, go D2, turn R, go D, R, U3, F, U1, through the door, R, enter the pod and travel to the center.

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Move F5, R, TA, F3, R, F3, R, F4 to the door. Push the button to open the door. F to the elevator. TA and click on the blue box on the left. Pull down the lever on the left and one of the red "x's" will turn green. Move F10, R on the catwalk, F4, R, F2, TA. Push the 2:00 button on the circular control panel.

On the catwalk, move R, F3, R and down the steps. Again, push the button to open the door and move F6 into this room. TA and face the blue box. Again, pull the lever down and another red "x" will turn green. Exit this room to the catwalk. Turn R, F4, R to control panel. Push the 5:00 button. Move F to catwalk, F3, R, F, R, F4 to the door. Pull the lever down on the blue box after entering through the door. Exit to the catwalk again. Turn L, F, LF to the control panel. Push the 11:00 button. Follow the catwalk to the bridge and down the steps to the door. Enter the door (sewer city!) and go to the end. For the last time, pull down the lever on the blue box. All red "x's" should now be green. Return to the control panel and push the 12:00 button.


Step forward towards the Pyramid in the center. Click on the Pyramid and listen. You will hear: "You have 8 seconds to return the Obelisk!" Pull the Obelisk from your inventory. Place it at the top of the Pyramid. Watch! You will need to return to the Center Control Panel and push the 6:00 button, wait for the blue crystal and the lightening/electricity to center around OSIRIS, then push the 12:00 button. He will explode! Move to the center of the Pyramid.



This walkthrough will be updated frequently.

Last updated:  August 3, 1999.

This document may be freely distributed by any means as long as the context is not altered in any way and reference/links are provided to this site.

Copyright 08/01/99 - LINDA SHAW & NORMA KUDERNA


I would like to take this opportunity to offer a very special THANK YOU to Norma, who has worked so hard and diligently on perfecting the graphic walkthrough for Secrets of the Luxor.  This is her first attempt at a homepage, so to speak, and she's done a fabulous job!

Norma -  "8"

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