Cheat Codes for System Shock 2:

Entering codes: press SHIFT+Semicolon to get command prompt.


ubermensch              Maxed up stats
psi_full                Maxed up PSI points
add_pool [number]       Get [number] of cyber modules
cycle_ammo              Cycle ammo
shock_jump_player       Jump the player
look_cursor             Set cursor into look mode
reload_gun              Reload weapon from inventory
swap_guns               Switch primary and secondary weapons
select_psipower         Bring up the PSI power selection
open_mfd                Open up an MFD by overlay constant
equip_weapon            Search and equip weapon from inventory
cycle_weapon [-1 or 1]  Cycle equipable weapons
psi_power               Act like the 1-5 level buttons
stop_email              Stop current playing email/log
clear_teleport          Clear existing teleport marker
quickbind               Bind quick slot
quickuse                Activate quick slot
use_obj                 Use object by name
interface_use           Use an item in inventory
play_unread_log         Play unread log
show_version            Display version
frob_toggle             Switch between modes
quicksave               Save to current subdirectory
quickload               Load from current subdirectory
frob_object             Simple frob of selected object
frob_object_inv         Simple frob of selected object, in world or inventory
toggle_compass          Toggle compass state
toggle_inv              Toggle inventory panel
toggle_mouse            Toggle mouselook and cursor modes
wpn_setting_toggle      Toggle between weapon settings
msg_history             Toggle message history
query [0 or 1]          Toggle query cursor
split [0 or 1]          Toggle split cursor
fire_weapon [0 or 1]    Fire weapon
drag_and_drop [0 or 1]  Drag and drop
drag_and_drop_frob [0 or 1]  Drag and drop
drag_and_drop_mode [0 or 1]  Drag and drop
summon_obj [item name]  Create object from item list

Item list for the "summon_obj" command:

20 nanites
ap clip
assault rifle
big nanite pile
blast turret
brawnboost implant
crystal shard
electro shock
emp rifle
fusion cannon
gren launcher
heavy armor
ice pick
lab assistant implant
laser pistol
laser turret
light armor
medical kit
medium armor
midwife organ
monkey brain
power cell
psi amp
psi booster
slug turret
standard clip
stasis field generator
swiftboost implant
timed grenade
toxin grenade
worm launcher

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