The Sacred Mirror of Kofun Walkthrough
An Adventure Game by Enteractive, Inc.

Walkthrough Credits: Rosemary, Karen, and Flo

Go see EDWARD first. Do what he says. See Jean Michel. Look around and touch things until EDWARD says "your card is ready." You will get video from Steve Grant regarding John Braddy. Go get your card and put it into the card reader (right of Automap) - it has the yellow button). You will get video of Ann Fong arriving on board.

Insert CD #2 at prompt. Go back to EDWARD. Touch square screen. Click on first "D" in EDWARD's name - this is the Datastorage. Touch each entry and transfer all items to encyclopedia or album. Go to the "E" in EDWARD. This is the encyclopedia. Now back out and go over to the intercom. You can now meet your shipmates. First talk to Paul Sinus (Cabin #4) - ask all questions on top row; when he signs off, go back and ask middle row, then third row. Keep going back until you ask all questions. Next, talk to Ann Fong - same procedure. Next, talk to Luciana Capucci - same procedure.

Go to the automap.

Click the ABC button. See the red square on Hawaii? Touch it. A red line appears. Now sail to Palau. When you get there, push the green "start" button. You will get about halfway there and be interrupted by a video from John Braddy. Go to Datastorage and view it. New file will be installed. These coordinates will also be installed: 151-46-30E/7-23-55N. You get Keywords Bais +John Braddy + Legend + Palau + Worldwide Heritage. Press the green " check" mark and send them to either the encyclopedia or data storage.

Go to the "W" in EDWARD's name - that is the World Web. Enter the keywords into the space at the top. Put them all in at once. Search results: Bais, Message from John Braddy to W.W.H. Touch each one and send them to Datastorage or Encyclopedia. Go to Datastorage and look at Message from John Braddy to W.W.H. You will get the John Bgraddy Enigma. The solution is: CGSU-RQHVTAYFPIN-KOJBEDWML
(Push return). "Check" it to album. Push Analyze. Keywords from this enigma are: 48th Naval Guard Force + Daikisan + Kofun + Mirror + Nara + Truk. Your search results are: Daikisan Sailors, Truk, People of Truk. "Check" them up and look them up. Each time you look something up you must send it to the Encyclopedia or Datastorage, or Album.

Go back to the Automap.

Finish sailing to Palau and push "start" again. Now you have three dive sites to do. Choose ISC No. 1. Back out from map. You will see curved arrow showing in black border below the screen. Move until it turns into a trinagle. Click (I call this Warp). You now face a screen showing different areas of the ship. Move your cursor over them to see where they take you. Click on the "Angel Shark". You wil be prompted for CD #3. You are now facing a monitor with a black screen and yellow boarder Save your game here. My game crashed often, but when I saved every Dive, I didn't have this problem. Click on the "go" . You will be taking pictures. Pay close attention. There are five pictures to this dive. Your camera lens changes when there is something of interest. If you miss one, you can go back down by touching the X and then the "go" . Let the dive run out naturally. When you get back up, you will get video from Jean-Michel. Coordinates will be installed to "Alert Dive". (Note that you do not always get an Alert Dive - it varies from game to game, so don't be worried if you don't get one.) You are now back on deck. Go to automap. You will see new location "Alert Dive". Don't go there yet! You must analyse the ISC #1 dive. Go to EDWARD. Talk to him. Go to Datastorage. Look at ISC #1. You know you have all the pictures because the Bio-analyze and Analyze buttons show up. Click on the first picture. Touch Bioanalyze. You get a chart. Drag picture number one into the oval shape at bottom of chart. The encyclopedia will show up to help you. You need to sort the pictures by category. Here are the answers:
1. Common Cnidaria
2. Not Bio-analyszed
3. Common Fish
4. Common Fish
5. Remarkable fish
Word Export to Dr. Capucci will appear at the top of chart when all entered. Click there and you get 15%. Push return and click Analyze. You get keywords: Coral Bleaching + Reef Ecosystem. Check to album and enter these words into the World Web. Search results are: Coral Bleaching, Reef Ecosystem. Send them to the encycloopedia and look them up.

Back out and go back to the Automap and set sail for ISC #2. Dive here. Same procedure for this dive. Nine pictures:
1. Common Fish
2. Common Fish
3. Cojmmon Fish
4. Remarkable Mollusc
5. Common Echinodermata
6. Mremarkable Cnidaria
7. Rare Fish
8. Rare Fish
9. Rare Fish
Bio-Analysis export results = 50%. Push "return" then "analyze" to get keywords: Manta Ray+ Remora. Go to Web and search on these two together for search results: Manta Ray, Symbiosis, and Mutualism. Send them to encyclopedia and look them up.

Go back to Automap and do the ISC #3 dive. This dive is more complex. You need to come up for air several times. There ar eight pictures. X's will appear when screen stops. Each one goes in a different direction. Bioanalysis: 1. Rare Mollusc
2. Remarkable Fish
3. Remarkable Fish
4. Remarkable Fish
5. Common Fish
6. Common Fish
7. Common Fish
8. Common Fish
Be sure to look up each one and "check" it to the encyclopedia or album. Export to Capucci results are 42%. Keywords: Nautilus + Barracuda + Shark. Search Resutlts: Barracuda, Nautilus, Shark Class, Shark Attacks. Send them to encyclopedia and look them up. Talk to EDWARD - he is impressed.

Now, do the Alert Dive - three pictures. You will come up naturally. Back out. You will have video. Jean Michel wants to protest. Talk to EDWARD, he makes a comment. Go to Datastorage and check out Alert Dive. You can't bio-analyze or analyze - it is too poluted. "Check" it to album, back out, and go to the Automap.

Now go fiind Braddy Coordinates on map. Minus zoom and get far away view of map. Sail to Truk, map comes close up, you can now see Braddy Coordinates. Press ABC to see location of islands, sail rest of way to Braddy Site.

Braddy Coordinates Site: four pictures. You will be prompted for CD #2. Take photos, come up, go to Dataatorage and look for Shinkoku. Bio-analysis: 1. Common Fish
2. Remarkable Fish
3. Common Cnidaria
4. Can't bio-analyze
Bio results 12%. Get keywords Bombs + Hailstone + Truk + Wrecks. Go to Web and search on all keywords for results: Truk, The People of Truk, Daily Pacific 09/30/98 (explosions), Wrecks in the Truk Lagoon, Artificial Reef - the Truk Wrecks, Shinkoku, Fujikawa, Nippo. Yamagiri, Rio, Betty Bomber. Check them to Datastorage or Encyclopedia; look them up. When viewing Fujikawa, Nippo and Betty Bomber, ED will install coordinates to these sites. Now go to Datastorage again and look up the Daily Pacific 09/30/98. Analysis keywords: Coral + Ecosystem + 2nd World War + Truk. Go to Web and search on keywords for results: Truk, The People of Truk, the Second World War in Micronesia, Operation Hailstone. Transfer them and then look them up. Back out and go to Automap. Sail to Nippo.

Nippo Dive: three pictures. Can only Bio-analyze one picture: 1. Common Fish 3%
Keywords: Eten + Hailstone + Truk + Wrecks + Military Installations. Search results: Eten, Truk, The People of Truk, Wrecks in the Truk Lagoon, Artificial Reef, the Truk Wrecks, Shinkoku, Fujikawa, Nippo. Yamagiri, Rio, Betty Bomber. Transfer/look them up. You will get coordinates for Eten. Talk to EDWARD. Go back to Automap. Sail for Fujikawa.

Fujikawa Dive: nine pictures. Can only Bioanalyze 3,4,6: 3. Common Fish
4. Common Cnidaria
5. Common Fish
You will see ID tag with numbers on it: 12469. These are clues to be used later. Keywords: Hailstone + Truk + Wrecks. Search Results: Truk, The People of Truk, Wrecks in Truk Lagoon, Artificial Reef, The Truk Wrecks, Shinkoku, Fujikawa, Nippo, Yamagiri, Rio. Transfer/look them up. Go to Automap and sail to Betty Bomber.

Betty Bomber Dive: Five pictures in cockpit; none in tail section: 1. Common Fish
2. Common Fish
3. Common Fish
4. Common Echinodermata
5. Bioanalysis results 10%. Keywords: Betty Bomber + Hailstone + Truk + Wrecks. Search results: Betty Bomber Message, Betty Bomber, Truk, The People of Truk, Wrecks in Truk Lagoon, Artificial Reef, the Truk Wrecks, Shinkoku, Fujikawa, Nippo, Yamagiri, Rio. Transfer/look up all, especially the Betty Bomber Message.

Go to Automap and sail to Eten (this is an Island). Back out and go to the island.

On Eten Island, walk forward five steps. On your right is a leaf where your arrow will show. Move the leaf to get the machete. Step forward until you come to a vine covered wall. Cut the vines with your machete and go through the door. Go left into the next door. Go through the building, turn around and come back in. See the board in the corner? Move it to get the pick axe. Now back around and go out the door that has the grafitti on the outside wall. Angle left. Go one step to the crossroad. Turn left and walk forward until you come to an old building (this is headquarters). Look around inside and you will see a schedule on the wall. Take a picture of it. Look around and find a pile of rubble in the corner. You can't do anything with it yet. Leave the building. Move forward three steps to a path. Move forward four steps to grotto. Go in. Knock down the blocked passage with the pickaxe. Go to the end and turn around. When you come back out look for a drawing on the wall to left, up near the ceiling. Step out of cave. Move forward two steps to path. Angle left. Forward, forward, forward, angle, angle, forward to crossroads. Turn left to go to the beach. (If you pause by the coconut tree too long, you will get hit on the head and sent back to your room.) Turn around at shore. Step forward until you see flower garden. Pass the flowers two steps, come to a path. Turn right, forward one step. See a rodent? Follow him left into the bushes. You will see a cannon. Move closer. Move the leaves and pick up the crowbar. Click left and you will face the side of the cannon. Turn right. Walk forward to crossing path. Turn right. Walk five steps to cross roads. Turn right to flower garden. Step forward until you get back to the building with grafitti. Go in, turn around and come back out. Angle left to crossroads again. Turn right. Walk forward three steps to pillar building. Look around. Follow the lizard up the wall to see map of island. Move out, go forward to crossroads. Turn left to flower garden. Walk forward six steps back to grafitti building. Turn around at doorway. Angle forward to crossroads. Turn left and walk to old building (headquarters) again. Find the rubble pile. Use crowbar to move rubble. Touch the chest. Now use the pick axe to clear away stones. Touch chest again and it will open only if you know the combination to the lock. You do! 12469. In the open trunk is the Japanese decoder. Take
the third spindle from the top on right. Place it in the decoder. Push all the buttons (keys) down once - any order. Now take a picture of the decoder. ED will say that's it! Go back to ship. You can go to the beach and stand by the coconut tree to get hit on the head (or find your way back through the jungle). You are now in your room. Look around. Have a snack. Warp to the bridge.

Talk to EDWARD. In Datastorage analyze the Eten Photos. Analyze the Betty Bomber Message again. You will get the enigma. Answers are 4,3,1,7,10,9,2,11. Put symbols in, left to right, example: 4 goes in first square, three in second square, etc. Push return. ED will talk to you. Keywords: Daikisan + Eten. Search results: Daikisan Sailors, Eten. Transfer/look them up. Talk to EDWARD. Go to intercom and talk to Sinus (now in Station Bay). Ask all questions. Coordinates will be installed to Daikisan. At intercom, talk to Ann Fong, ask all questions. Talk to Capucci, ask all questions and she will give you coordinates to Daikisan (Capucci) site. Edward will install them.

Go to automap. You need to zoom out of close-up map. Sail to Palau to see Daikisan (Capucci) Site. Dive. Two pictures here. You are looking for a bottle at the end of dive. Take the two pictures and come up for more air. Dive again and come up naturally, and you will have the bottle in your inventory. ED says nothing so you don't know you have the bottle unless you look in your inventory. Go to EDWARD and put the bottle into the scanner (to the right of EDWARD console where you picked up your card). The bottle turns into a letter. New file will be installed. Go to Datastorage and look at it. Check out the Daikisan (Capucci) photos. One key word: Daikisan. Search results: Daikisan Sailors.

Now look at Letter from Japanese Sailor in Datastorage. Talk to Capucci on intercom for help to translate it. ED will install new file. Go back to Datastorage and look at the Letter from Japanese Sailor (LC). New keywords: Mirror + Ishuta + Melikeok. Search results: Daily Pacific 02/05/99. Transfer and look up in data storage. New keywords: John Braddy + Kofun + Mirror + Nara + Worldwide Heritage. No new search results. Back out! You have video. New file is installed. Go to datastorage and look at Braddy Extraordinary Site. You get enigma. Remove all these names: John, John, Braddy, ISC, ISC, Mirror, Palau, Steve. Keywords: Ngarol. Search results: Ngarol Map. Transfer/look up Ngarol Map in datastorage. Back out! Coordinates will be installed. Go to automap, find and sail to Ngarol site.

Ngarol site: This is a short dive. There are two pictures. Analyze them. You cannot bioanalyze (0%). Analyzing these photos has unlocked a hidden file.

Talk to Sinus and rest of crew on intercom about missing photo. Now go to EDWARD's World Web, and on the input line, type in (from your keyboard) DIVE_PHO.JB1 and get personal files of staff:
Jean-Michel Cousteau
Paul Sinus
Ann Fong (Notice Ann's file is unauthorized)
Chris Young.
Touch Ann's name. The password you need to type in is her father's name YI PING (be sure to leave a space). Press return. New file is installed. Find it in datastorage. It is dive_pho.jb1. Analyze for keywords: Giant Clams. Search results: Tridacna Clams. Transfer/look up. Back out. ED will install coordinates. Head to automap. Dive to Ngarol again. You will be interrupted by video from Paul Sinus. Continue your dive to Ngarol Four pictures. When back on bridge deck you get video from Jean-Michel. Look up Clam City Report in data storage. Keywords: giant clams + Aquaculture. Search results: Genetic Diversity, Aquaculture, Giant Clam Farm, Tridacna Clams. Transfer/look up.

Data storage: look at Braddy Site. Analyze it.
1. Can't bio-analye
2. Rare Mollusc
3. Rare Mollusc
4. Rare Mollusc
Bioanalysis result 13%. Analyze the pictures. Keywords: Giant clams + Poacher. Search results: Tridacna Clams. Transfer/look up. Back out! You now have video. New coordinates installed to Local Authorities site.

Go to automap and sail to Palau. You get closeup of map showing sites. Continue to Local Authorities Site. Dive there. Save game here. (I always save before each new dive.) There are eight pictures: 1. Rare reptile
2. common fish
3. common fish
4. remarkable fish
5. remarkable fish
6. remarkable fish
7. remarkable fish
8. common fish.
Bioanalysis results 45%. Keywords: Napoleon + Symbiosis + Shark. Search results: Napoleon Wrasse, Shark Class, Shark Atatcks, Symbiosis + Mutualism.

Now analyze the Braddy video again. It is different this time; you get the Braddy Enigma. Touch the rectangular pictures at the top. You will get three sentences to choose from as you touch each picture:
Picture one - choose sentence one; picture two - choose sentence two; picture three - choose sentence two; picture four - choose sentence three; picture five - choose sentence one; picture six - choose sentence three; picture seven - choose sentence two. Click on yellow return words and a new file will be installed. Go look up Napoleon Legend in data storage; coordinates will be installed to Peleliu. New keywords: Peleliu + Bai + Napoleon. Search results: Napoleon Wrasse. Transfer/lookup.

Go to automap. Find Peleliu, it is dry land! Go to the island. On Peleliu, go forward, angle left, then forward four steps. Angle right to see hut (Bai). There is a parrot just ahead on stone perch in front of Bai. Touch him and he will move. There is a flat stone on top of the statue. Move your cursor around just under top stone until your arrow shows, click, you will get a note from Braddy. Back out. Turn left two times to the Bai. Walk around the house. Check under the Bai until your arrow shows down. You will find a flashlight and a snake. Take your crowbar and nudge him. (Save your game before doing this.) To move the snake you must touch the crowbar to the Bai above the snake and he will crawl away. You can now take the flashlight.

You need batteries for the flashlight; they are in your bag. Angle left until you get to the flattened well ruins. Pass over the circle of stones. See the alligator? He will get you if you are not fast enough to pass him. Check to see where your forward arrow shows up. Click there immediately. Now walk forward until you see the monkey climbing the tree. Watch where he drops the bag. Your arrow will show up there. Click. Look around to notice the grass parts in different areas when you rest on it (the wavy areas). There is one on the center left - that is where your bag is. This is hard to do. Move very slowly over this area. The grass will part to show arrow. Take the bag and it will open. Take the battery and it goes automatically into your flashlight. Back around and walk seven steps back to Bai. Enter from the front. Move your flashlight over the pictures and click. You will get a closeup. Look for the pictures with a "B" carved somewhere in the picture. When you find one, take a picture with your camera. There are five pictures to get: Three going in and two coming back through. Don't go all the way out the back door, turn around just before the opening and come back through. You are done here on Pelileu.

Go back to the Antares and analyze the Peleliu Photos. You will get a new

enigma. Put words in this order: Captured, Jail, Taken away, Island, Mushroom. Select the proper word from list. Move the pictures around to place in proper order. Click yellow return button. Back out! Keywords: Stoneheads + The Rock Islands. Search results: Stoneheads, The Rock Islands. Transfer/look up. Back out and you get video of Paul Sinus. Go to Braddy at intercom. Ask him all questions. Coordinates will be installed to Jelly Fish Lake. EDWARD installs coordinates again. Go to automap, sail for Jelly Fish Lake. (We are now on CD #1.)

Dive Jellyfish Lake. Nine pictures. Cannot bioanalyze them. Analysis keywords: Jellyfish + Nutrition + Reproduction. Search results: Jellyfish/Medusa, the Eating Habits of Jellyfish, Jellyfish Reproduction. Transfer/look up. In datastorage look at JellyFish Lake Prevalents. You get new enigma:
1. Put dirt on bottom of ocean floor
2. Place jellyfish egg into the water
3. Now place jellyfish into water
4. Now the green cone shape - put it on right side near bottom
5. Place the polyp in the water to left side.
Takes a few tries. You will get lots of little jellyfish. New keywords: Jellyfish + Nutrition + Reproduction. Search results: Jellyfish/Medusa, The Eating Habits of Jellyfish, Jellyfish Reproduction. Transfer/lookup.

Go to intercom. Talk to John Braddy. He has new information. After first set of questions, ED will install new file. Be sure to check it out. Talk to ED. You will notice he is shutting down. Keep talking until he does. Warp to Station Bay. You will see Paul Sinus trapped. Upon arrival there, turn left to see this. Watch him until screen changes. Turn to the right and pick up the flame thrower that is hidden in the side of the Poseidon. Walk up the stairs to room #4. Use the flame thrower to open Paul's room door. Once inside, pick up the computer boards beneath the desk. Go to the small EDWARD and get screwdriver. Now see the little panel on this small EDWARD? Open it with the screwdriver. Put the computer boards on the desktop. Move the disks into the black box you just pulled out from EDWARD. They go in this order: Leave first slot blank, then M - E - K. Now touch the open hole to put it back. ED will now work again. You will see red words come up on square screen if you got it correct. Warp or walk back to bridge to talk to EDWARD.

Now you can look in datastorage. View the Letter form Japanese Sailor (ISC). Keywords: Mirror + Ishuta + Melikeok + Phosphate. Search results: Phosephate Exploitation, Naru, Palau Mines, Daily Pacific 02/05/99. Transfer/look up. Back out from the search and ED will install coordinates to Anguar.

Go to automap and sail to Anguar (Island). Go to island. Walk forward until you come to a stone statue. Take a picture of it. Walk past statue, turn around and face it to get picture of the face. Walk back to where you started. Walk forward until you come to a path that turns left. Go down one step. Angle right. Take a picture of the bush on right side of hole. Fall into the hole. Turn around, take the machete and cut the branch near top of hole. Once out, turn around, take machete to cut away the bush. You will find a board to put over the hole. Now cross over the hole. Take about three steps. To the left you will get an arrow. Go there. See the skulls? Take a picture. Press skulls in order: TA -NA-KA. Once you are through the gate, turn right three times until you see the bird. You will cut a path to the right of the screen and up. A little arrow shows you where. Once through, the arrow angles left. You will see an old building with a ladder and a lizard. You need to cut the brush here. Go forward and then left into the ruins.

Look around until you see an arrow leading through a small doorway. Go a bit farther and you will come upon a gravestone. Using the letters in the epitaph on the gravestone, click on them to spell the word YASUSHI. A gold stone will appear. Before you know it, you get knocked out. Once back outside, step forward passing the building. There is a mirror hanging in the tree. If you touch it you will be trapped under a net. You can cut your way out, but it takes awhile. Go back to the ladder. Turn around and head right to old mine. Once in you will be trapped. Use your crowbar on the leaning metal fence. Angle left at ladder and then move forward until you see an arrow angling left. Keep turning and checking. I had a hard time getting back to path. Turn left. Note: If you come up on two little skulls on the path, one has an eye on its head, the other a circle. Always touch the one with the eye, or you will get killed. Another path has an animal trap -- use your crowbar on it, then you can pass. Find your way back to stone statue. Look on the ground. The gold eye is now there. Put the eye in the statue. Notice a beam of light shining into cave at right. Go in. Nothing to do there. You are done on Anguar Island.

Go back to ship. Talk to EDWARD. Talk to Braddy. He will ask you about his notes. He wants you to find them. Talk to Sinus, ask all questions. EDWARD will install new file. Go check out your new access card after you talk to Ann Fong and Capucci. Talk to EDWARD. He eavesdropped on Sinus and Ann Fong. Look in datastorage at "Eavesdropped Conversation". Put your ID card in the scanner. Go to Ann Fong's room. Take the paper from FAX machine on desk and the page on the bed. Break the vase. Go to Capucci's room and open the closet. Move the clothes to get the note from the white blouse pocket. It is not easy to see. Put all the documents in the scanner and ED will install a file for each of them. Look them up in datastorage. Braddy Note will tell you where to set the Poseidon. You get enigma:
1. Cuttlefish
2. Heteroconger
3. White tip reef shark
4. Grouper
Click site research; ED will install coordinates to Ngarol. Keywords: Eggs + Molluscs + Communication + Snake + Plankton + Eels + Mutualism + Ampullae. Search results: Animal Communication, Behavior/Reproduction, Jellyfish Reproduction, Shark Reproduction, Plankton, Sea Snakes.

Go to automap and sail for Ngarol. You have to get really close to Ngarol to have the map zoom into a closeup of the bay. Find Braddy's Notes Site. Sail around the sandbar to come in from bottom right where it is least shallow. Dive and take 20 pictures.
1. common cnidaria
2. common fish
3. common fish
4. common fish
5. common cnidaria
6. common fish
7. common cnidaria
8. remarkable fish
9. remarkable fish
10. common cnidaria
11. common gish
12. rare mollusc
13. rare mollusc
14. remarkable fish
15. rare reptile
16. rare fish
17. remarkable fish
18. common echinodermata
Bioanalysis results 90%. Keywords: Eggs + Cuttlefish. Search results: Cuttlefish, animal communication, behavior/reproduction, jellyfish reproduction, shark reproduction. Back out from search and ED will install coordinates to nite site.

Now look at Tanaka FAX in datastorage. New keywords: Melikeok + Yasushi + Tanaka + Daikisan + Kunio Tanaka. Search results: Daikisan Sailors, Daily Pacific 03/24/99. Transfer/look up. From Daily Pacific you get keywords: John Braddy + Kofun + Mirror. Search results are 0. I don't think you need to look at Daikisan Sailors again as you get prompt for CD #2. Nothing new to see.

Go to automap. Dive again to Braddy Notes Site, it will be the night dive. There are 13 pictures here:
1. common fish
2. common fish
3. common fish
4. common fish
5. rare crustacean
6. rare crustacean
7. common cnidaria
8. remarkable fish
9. common mollusc
10. remarkable fish
11. common cnidaria
12. remarkable echinodermata
13. common fish
Bioanalysis results 68%. Now ED tells you to stick your card in sub and drop payload. New keywords: Polyp + Moray. Search results: Cnidaria. Transfer/look up. You will get video.

Go stick your card in the yellow button on the Dive Station console. Now place the Poseidon. When the two lines turn green and the light turns green, you have the Poseidon in the right spot. Touch "go". The Poseidon will set itself now. You will get video from Jean-Michel. EDWARD will install new file.

Go to datastorage and look at Change of Heart. Go to intercom and talk to Braddy. Go to Ann Fong's room again and take the note from the second vase. Put the note in the scanner and ED will install new file. In datastorage look at Melikeok Indications. Go to automap. Find the Braddy notes site. The hot spot to find this mirror is above the "Y" in Braddy. ED will say "good". Now dive. Save game before you dive. The mirror is in the cave. You get auto ending video. You have won!

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