Salammbô Walkthrough

Act 1

Objective: Provoke war

You are Spendius, a slave in the sacred precinct of Carthage. As the game starts, you're languishing in a secret dungeon, where you've been thrown as a punishment for your lack of fervor when working.
You need to achieve the following objectives:
• escape from the secret dungeon, then from the prison, and finally, from Carthage;
• seek refuge with the mercenaries that are camped out near the city; and,
• provoke a war between the mercenaries and Carthage, so as to avoid being taken prisoner again.

Sacred precinct
Secret dungeon

There is only one way out of your prison: a shaft in the ceiling. To reach this shaft, you must build a pile from the bones that are strewn on the ground.
Begin by placing all of the bones that you possibly can in your inventory: "Very solid bones", "Solid bones", "Bones" and "Large tibia". (Note that you need only single-click to pick up the last two objects.)
View of the secret dungeon after the bones have been picked up:

Pile up the bones in the space that you’ve cleared out underneath the shaft. Place the bones in the following order:
• the "very solid bones", to form the base of a pyramid;
• the "solid bones", that will be your middle level; and
• the "bones", on the top.

You've finished building your pile. Only the tibia has not been use; it remains in your inventory, and will be used later on.
Point your cursor towards the shaft and click to leave the secret dungeon.


You are in the main hall of the prison. A guard – who also plays the role of torturer - is dozing off in his chair. Approach him from behind and hit him in the head with the tibia bone, knocking him out cold. Grab hold of the set of keys hanging from his belt.

There are three cells off of the main room. The one to the right is open. The two others are closed but can be opened with the guard's keys.

Enter the cell on the right. Take the length of rope.

Enter the middle cell. Take the bench.

Enter the cell on the left. There, you find a slave attached to a rack. The torture rack's winch can be used to remove the bars from the small window located on the back wall.
First, place the bench underneath the window, so as to be able to easily access it later on.
Then, untie the rope binding the slave's feet to the rack's winch.

Make the winch's rope longer by tying it together with the length of rope found in your inventory.

Bring the long rope to the window's bars.

Click to tie the rope to the bars. Then, activate the winch's lever to remove the bars from the window. Leave the prison through this opening.


You emerge under a porch that opens up onto a yard filled with mounts and baggage. There are some guards in the area, but luckily, they are somewhat far away and not looking in your direction.
Move forward towards the yard. You walk by a pillar on which a lovely young woman is leaning: it is Salammbô, daughter of the general Hamilcar and grand priestess of Tanith.
Click on Salammbô to speak with her. She offers to help you leave the city if you agree to bring a statuette to the mercenary chief Mâtho, with whom she is secretly in love. Accept this deal.
The dialog now over, follow Salammbô's advice and go hide among the baggage piled up in the yard.

The following sequence is presented in the form of a comic strip.

Comic Strip: Hidden among the bags of the treasurer Hannon, you leave the sacred precinct and exit the city of Carthage. Hannon is off to pay the mercenaries the money that is still owed them. The treasurer and his escort stop a short ways from the mercenary camp and you take advantage of the general excitement to leave your hiding spot. Sadly, you drop the statuette given to you by Salammbô and it breaks.


Mercenary camp (and surrounding area)

(1) Doors to Carthage
(2) Hannon's tent
(3) Moloch's finger (upright stone)
(4) Mâtho's tent
(5) Autharite's tent
(6) Potter's stall
(7) Wine merchant's stall
(8) Narr’Havas' tent
(9) Pariahs' village
(10) Waterworks
(11) Backcountry road


Important : If lost, look at the sky. The red star of Moloch indicates the north.

Hannon's tent

(2a) Drinking trough and mount
(2b) Hannon's tent (back door)
(2c) Towards Moloch's finger
(H) Hannon on his tank
(G) Carthaginian guards
(M) Mercenaries come to get the money still owed them




You leave your hiding place at (2a), behind Hannon's tent, near a trough where a mount is drinking.
Be especially careful to not go near the Carthaginians: your shackled hands reveal your status as an escaped slave and they would capture you immediately.
Go to (2c) and continue towards the south. You reach a paved road, near an upright stone that the local people call "Moloch's finger".
Head to the right, and follow the road (partly covered with sand) leading to the mercenary camp.

At Mâtho's tent

The first tent you reach is Mâtho's (4). It is guarded by two sentries. Answer their questions honestly and you’ll be allowed to enter the chief mercenary's tent.
Give the broken statuette to Mâtho. He gets mad and insists that you fix it.
You won't be able to carry out this task with your shackled hands. Go to the Gaul Autharite, who has blacksmith's tools.
Leave Mâtho's tent, turn around and click the area to the left of the tent. Cross the road and continue to walk in a southerly direction, until you reach Autharite's tent (5).

At Autharite's tent

Autharite is not there when you enter his tent. Click on the hammer and scissors that are on the chest. The tools fall, making a frightful noise. Autharite, alerted by the din, emerges. Livid, he speaks of handing you over to the Carthaginians.
To calm him down, agree to play the game of cottabe with him. This game consists of throwing a helmet on a shield.
Autharite has been drinking and his aim is poor. But be careful! If you trounce the Gallic chief, he’ll become upset and hand you over to the enemy.
Always aiming outside of the target is not the solution either: this will also anger Autharite, for he likes a close game.
To win him over, you will need to choose the middle of the road: let him win, but only after having proved to be a worthy opponent.
Here's the easiest way to proceed:
• Win the first game.
• Propose a rematch to Autharite.
• Lose the second game.
A satisfied Autharite removes your chains. Your hands are now free. Leave Autharite's tent, head to the right, then again to the right, until you reach a stall (6) run by a Gallic potter.

Potter's stall

Chat with the potter, to obtain some general information.
Put the broken statuette on the table: the artisan gives you a pot of glue.
Use the glue to fix the statuette.
Take the object you’ve repaired and return to Mâtho's tent.

Back at Mâtho's tent

Give the repaired statuette to Mâtho. He accepts the statuette, but selfishly refuses to protect you. You’ll have to manage on your own!
Turn the mercenaries against Carthage, so as to avoid being taken prisoner again. You can do this by making sure they don't get paid the money they are owed; this will involve stealing the money kept under guard in Hannon's tent. This feat is possible, but only if you can draw the sentry on guard behind the tent away from his post. To do this, you will need two objects:
• a wineskin filled with "elephant wine", a powerful drug given to the war elephants prior to battle so that they will be thirsty for combat.
• a dagger
When you exit Mâtho's tent, turn left and head directly north, towards the section of the camp occupied by Narr’Havas and his Numidian cavalrymen.
When you reach the first Numidian tent, turn left and go to (7), in front of the wine merchant's stall.

Wine merchant's stall

A drunk Numidian is guarding the stall. Ask him for something to drink. He refuses, but reveals to you one of the three ingredients used to make elephant wine: pepper.
Move away from the stall, then go back. The Numidian is on the ground, snoring. Take advantage of this opportunity to enter the stall and find the complete formula for making elephant wine.
On the stall are a jug of wine, a bowl and four flasks respectively containing brimstone flour (yellow), pepper (black), pimento (red), incense (blue) and salt (white).
Take the black flask and single-click on the bowl to pour in a measure of pepper. In the same manner, add a measure of red pimento and two measures of blue incense.
Take the jug and pour its contents into the bowl.

You will obtain a bubbling purple liquid: the elephant wine.
Take the empty wineskin that lays on the table. and click on the bowl. You gather a good portion of elephant wine, that will be useful to you at a later point.
Turn to the right, move forward, then turn to the right yet again, to head towards the center of the circle formed by the Numidian tents. Turn around: you are facing Narr’Havas, chief of the Numidian cavalry, who is having tea in front of his tent (8).


Speak with Narr’Havas, exploring every possible avenue:
• Ask him to help you: he refuses
• Beg him to allow you to join his group: he refuses yet again.
• Insist that he brings you with him to his native country: again, he refuses.
• Ask him for a weapon: he gives you a dagger.
Armed with this blade and the elephant wine, go back to (2), the area behind Hannon's tent.

Stealing the treasure

(2a) Drinking trough and mount
(2b) Hannon's tent (back door)
(2c) Towards Moloch's finger
(H) Hannon on his tank
(G) Carthaginian guards
(M) Mercenaries come to get the money still owed them

Avoiding the guards, go to (2a), near the mount. Pour the elephant wine into the trough. The mount drinks some of liquid and runs off at a gallop, its insides on fire. The sentry on guard behind the tent, at (2b), abandons his post to chase the mount.

A gauge is displayed on the screen to show you the time available until the guard returns.
Without taking any detours or losing any time whatsoever, go immediately to the door (2b) that is now, with the sentry's disappearance, no longer being guarded. To the left, through the tent's canvas, you see a bent-over silhouette: it's Hannon's interpreter, filling a bag with the money destined to the mercenaries. Stab the man through the canvas.

Use your dagger to sever, in one swipe, the leather cords tying the tent door shut. Don’t waste time individually undoing them by hand!

Enter the tent. The interpreter's body is lying in front of a chest. Take the bag of money found inside this chest and leave immediately.

Comic Strip: Now without his interpreter and having lost the money, Hannon confronts the angry mercenaries. Throw a stone at him, to provoke a riot. The treasurer and his escort flee towards the city. Your plan has worked to perfection. You enter the mercenary camp, with the treasure hidden beneath your clothing.

Chiefs' council

Autharite stops you on the road to the camp, near Moloch's finger. He's figured out what you've been up to. It's useless to deny it: acknowledge the truth and offer him a deal.
The Gaul wants the stolen money. Hand over the treasure to him without argument. In exchange, he introduces you at the Chiefs' council. It's now up to you to do what it takes so that the friction between the mercenaries and Carthage degenerates into an all-out war.
The mercenary chiefs greet the general Hamilcar, sent by Carthage as a negotiator.
You will get involved in the conversation a number of times. Always choose the reply that will lead to the events that you wish to bring about.
When Hamilcar calls for justice for the attack and thievery that Hannon has been subjected to, reply:
"Nothing strange for the men to have gotten carried away. They've about run out of patience."
Hamilcar is astonished at the mercenaries' anger, particularly given that the treasurer had begun to pay them the money that was owed them. Reply:
"Hannon's flight stopped the payments. When will they begin again?"
Hamilcar then calls upon the mercenaries to hold an inquiry. Retort:
"We shouldn't have to hold an inquiry."
Hamilcar is amazed at your reply. Go on to say:
"It's not the mercenaries' responsibility to investigate this. The treasure was under the guard of Carthage when it was stolen."
Hamilcar, annoyed, expresses his fear that there will be "a war that may prove very bad for everyone". Conclude with:
"That would be unfortunate, but everyone should be responsible for his actions."
After Hamilcar's departure, Narr’Havas frets: he feels that attacking Carthage would be a foolish move. Other chiefs agree with him. Reassure them by stating:
"You're invincible! Remember your victories against Rome."
Mâtho is hesitant to fight against Salammbô's native country. Tell him:
"Destroy the city and Salammbô will be yours. Harden your heart, Mâtho, for you have no other choice."
Narr’Havas is afraid of defeat at the hands of Carthage's allies. Argue that:
"Carthage takes advantages of its allies. They will revolt as soon as they see that the city is having difficulties."
The Etruscan chief (recognizable by his closed helmet) declares that no one shall rebel against the Carthaginians as long as they possess the Zaimph, the sacred veil of Tanith. Propose a plan of action:
"Let's put together an expedition to go get the Zaimph!"
No one will volunteer to carry out such a risky action, objects Narr’Havas. Put an end to the discussion by volunteering to do so yourself:
"I'll go alone to Carthage and bring back the Zaimph."

Act 2

Objective: Steal the Zaimph

You’ve promised the mercenary chiefs that you will bring them the Zaimph. To do this, you will need to:
• return to Carthage, knowing that the city's doors are sealed following the riot against Hannon;
• return to the sacred precinct;
• find the Temple of Tanith, steal the Zaimph and return to the mercenary camp, all without being apprehended.

Mercenary camp
Gathering material

Go see Narr’Havas. Ask him how to penetrate into the city of Carthage. He refuses to have any part of your problem. Insist:
"I am about to undertake huge risks on behalf of everyone. You must help me!"
Narr’Havas gives you a bow, a weapon "for killing sentinels from a distance and without making any noise."
Go to Autharite's tent. Ask the Gaul how to enter the city of Carthage, then tell him:
"I need equipment to be able to complete my mission."
He gives you an iron bar and climbing crampons.
Pariahs' village
Go find the pariahs that live at (9), south of the mercenary camp. To enter their village, tell the sentry that you can kill pigs with your bow.
The chief of the pariahs requires that you kill three pigs that are running around the village. This is not an easy task, for you must hit the animals without injuring the men who are chasing them. If your marksmanship is poor, use the F8 key. This shortcut allows you to automatically carry out this challenge.
The pariahs roast the pigs you’ve killed and prepare a feast.
Ask the chief about the big, long structure located behind the village. He replies that it’s the waterworks installation that supplies Carthage with water. Ask him how to scale this structure. He tells you about the only spot where this can be done.
Following the chief's instructions, leave the village, turn left and go to (10), to the roots of a giant ivy plant that is growing on the waterworks.
Sentries are posted atop the structure, but they’re relaxed and their guard are down. Take advantage of this to climb the ivy, using your climbing crampons.
Once atop the structure, you notice guards facing away from you. Do not approach them, rather, aim the nearest one and fell him with an arrow.
The guard falls off the structure. Go to the place where he was standing. You will find his shield, placed next to a closed shaft.
Turn the shield round.
Remove the leather strap from the shield and place it in your inventory.
Use your iron bar to open the shaft.
Enter the waterworks passage.
Head to the left. A grate blocks the passage. Its bars, both at the top and to the left, are rusted. Attach the shield's leather strap to this fragile part of the grate, then use your iron bar on the strap.

The bar acts as a lever, around which the strap wraps itself; the bars will bend closer to one another, then break. Take the path thus opened and continue making your way towards the reservoirs of Carthage.

Streets of Carthage

(1) Reservoirs' dead end
(2) Senator Bostar's home
(3) Genie's place
(4) Ladder dead end
(5) Site of the door
(6) Sharp corner street
(7) Starlight Tavern
(8) Old man's balcony
(9) Skulls staircase
(10) Doors of the sacred precinct;
(11) Sacred precinct
(12) Ramparts
(13) Doors to the city
(14) Lower city
(G) Guards
* Direction markers


Reservoirs' dead end

You exit the reservoirs through an opening dug into a cliff and jump into a deserted dead end (1). You’re now in the city. Your first objective is to enter the sacred precinct, where the Zaimph is kept.

To your right, you notice a direction marker (*). You’ll find a number of these in the city. The municipality of Carthage has erected them to help visitors find their way through the labyrinth of streets. The red dot indicates your position.

Senator Bostar's home

At (2), slaves bearing a litter are positioned near the open door of a house.
They claim to be working for Senator Bostar. They are waiting for their master, whom they must take to a Senate meeting that will be held that very same evening in the Temple of Moloch.

Genie's place

At this spot (3), an artisan is sweeping the ground in front of his home. Ask him questions about the statue above his door. He replies that it is the statue of a genie to which he regularly makes gifts.

Make a half-turn and enter the dead end (4). Take the ladder located on your right.
Go back to the Genie's place. The artisan has closed his door and the site is deserted.
Take advantage of this opportunity to use your ladder and access the statue.

Take the gifts that are in front of the genie: a flask of incense, one of pepper, another of pimento, and a bag of grain.
Climb down the ladder and use the knocker that’s on the door.
A woman yells insults and throws objects at you. Look down at your feet and pick up the bird cage that was among the objects thrown.
Site of the door
Go to this site (5) and approach a pig that is rummaging in a garbage pile. Take the cloth that’s on top of the pile.

Sharp corner street

Follow the street (6) up to where it forms a sharp elbow. A slave hails you.

The slave is looking for his master, the treasurer Hannon, to advise him that the Senate is meeting that very evening. He is beginning to think he will never find him.
Explain to him that you can't help him, and go on your way.

Starlight Tavern

Go to (7), to the open-air tavern.
The tavern is empty, except for a beautiful tattoo-covered woman who is waiting for the bar to open.
Ask her questions. Her name is Night Breeze, she is a priestess of Tanith and a sacred prostitute. She is meeting a client this evening, a renowned figure: the treasurer Hannon.

Old man's balcony

Follow the balcony-like street that dominates the lower city and stop at (8), in front of an old man.
Question him: he claims to be the king of the birds and to have magical powers.
Begin by showing him that you are a friend of his subjects. To do so, give the birds surrounding him the grain you took from the Genie's place.
The old man thanks you and asks you for a cage. Give him the one you picked up from the Genie's place. He gives it back to you; inside of it is his favorite bird, that he calls his "little princess". He then says a mysterious phrase, a riddle that involves the Zaimph.
The old man's words and the bird he gave you will help you once you’ve reached the approach to the Temple of Tanith. For the time being, return to the tavern.

Returning to the tavern


(7a) Bar
(7b) Sausage hooks
(7c) Hannon's lodge
(7d) Game of cottabe







The establishment has recently opened and it counts a good number of customers. Night Breeze has disappeared: she’s accompanied Hannon to a lodge (7c), closed off by a curtain. If you approach, a soldier sitting at a nearby table will warn you to not disturb the treasurer.
At the bar, the innkeeper is serving a drink to the artisan whom you already met at the Genie's place. Speak to both men; you will learn much about Carthage's political situation.

After this conversation, it's time for action! Here are the main steps of the plan that will help you penetrate the sacred precinct:
• Steal the sausages from the tavern.
• Sell them on the black market.
• Buy wine with the money obtained from the sale of the sausages.
• To this wine, add the ingredients necessary to obtain the powerful drug called elephant wine, which you previously used in Act 1.
• Drug the soldier that is blocking your access to Hannon's lodge, and thus to the treasurer himself.
• Strip Hannon and don his senator's regalia.
• Thus disguised, enter the sacred precinct.

First, go to (7b), to a string of sausages suspended on a hook.
A curtain of small bells alerts to the presence of thieves. Use the cloth in your inventory to remove these small bells without making any noise.

The alarm disabled, take the sausages and go to (9), to the Skulls staircase.
Speak to the guards posted them and give them the meat. In exchange, they give you some money.
Go back to the tavern, and give this money to the innkeeper to purchase a wineskin, containing wine.
On the bar is a bowl that the innkeeper makes available to customers who wish to add spice to their wine. You will use it to prepare the elephant wine.
You’ve already been in a very similar situation, in Act 1, in front of the wine merchant's stall. This time, however, the ingredients you need are in your inventory – the flasks that you took from in front of the statue of the genie and the wine you bought from the merchant.
In the bowl, place quantities corresponding to the formula that you noted in your log: one measure of pepper, one of pimento and two of incense. On top of this, pour the contents of the wineskin that is in your inventory.

Fill up your empty wineskin by clicking on the bowl.
Go find the soldier posted in front of Hannon's lodge. Give him some of the elephant wine. One drink is enough to knock him out cold. You’re now free to drug the treasurer.
Turn towards the small table where Hannon puts his cup. Pour some elephant wine into it. Hannon takes the cup and shares its contents with Night Breeze. Both of them lose consciousness.
Enter the lodge. To your right are Hannon's regalia and staff, leaning against a pillar.
Take the regalia and put them on. To do this, you will need to:
• Right-click to call up the interface.
• Click on the button "your character".
• Take the insignia from your inventory and click on the shape that represents you.

Go to (10), the area in front of the Doors of the sacred precinct. The guards, believing you to be a senator, grant you access. Sacred precinct


(1) Porch
(2) Crouched idol
(3) West door
(4) East door
(5) Temple of Moloch
(6) Temple of Tanith
(G) Guards
(D) Dragon






You emerge at (1), underneath a porch, not far from the spot where you spoke to Salammbô at the beginning of the game.
While your objective is the Temple of Tanith (6), you cannot reach it directly. You must first pass through the Temple of Moloch (5), where the Senate meets.
Do not forget that you’re disguised as a senator. To trick the guards, play your role well: speak with confidence, seem to know where you're going and avoid backtracking. The slightest hesitation may well arouse the suspicions of the sentries.
Climb the staircase leading to (2), the crouched idol.
A guard mentions to you that you are late: the Senate meeting has already begun.
Admonish him and complain that you were not advised of the meeting until the last minute. The guard apologizes.
Skirt around the idol. Below, you will notice the door (3) leading to the Temple of Moloch. A dragon is lying in front of its threshold. Go through the door, without allowing yourself to be impressed by the monster: it is tamed.

Comic Strip: Take your place among the senators in the Temple of Moloch. At the end of the meeting, the room empties and you remain behind, alone. You take a staircase leading down to the crypts, hoping to find a path that will take you to the Temple of Tanith.

Door of terror

Move straight ahead. You come upon a closed door, garnished with medallions. Clicking on a medallion makes it flip over, displaying on its other side the head of a howling demon.

It’s time to consult your log, to recall the words uttered by the old man, king of the birds:
"As each pair of demons howls in unison
The door of terror will open up for you."

The riddle is interpreted as follows: The demons sculpted on the medallions form pairs that let out the same howl. If you successively click on two heads of a same pair, they remain displayed, but if you click on two dissimilar heads, they disappear once they have howled. To open the door, you must display all the heads.
The table below shows where the pairs are located:

1 2 1 3 4

5 4 6 2 7

8 9 0 5 9

8 7 0 3 6

Treasure room


(1) Door of terror
(2) Keys
(3) Manuscripts
(4) Shelf
(5) Cavity containing a map and papyrus
(6) Clawed statue
(P) Priestess whose body is pierced by a stake
(V) Precious vases




You enter the Carthaginian republic's treasure room.
The door of terror (1) closes behind you with a sinister slamming noise. Going back on your footsteps is now impossible: this room was designed to trap thieves; it is much more difficult to escape it than it is to gain entry! To find a way out, begin by carefully and systematically exploring the entire area.

The center of the room is dedicated to a stone edicule. It is surrounded by poisoned stakes: a deathly trap, which, although it once worked, is now, luckily for you, defused.
At (P) lies the body of the thief who triggered the trap's mechanism. Approach her body and pick up the objects that have fallen out of her hands: a piece of flint and a set of keys.

Bypass the edicule, on the right. At (3), the stone wall has nine openings, three of which contain rolls of papyrus. They are account books containing the details of the revenues of the Carthaginian republic: taxes, farm rent, customs duties, etc. The most interesting of the books is the one in the opening located at the bottom, to the right.

Click on the roll to read the text. It is as follows:

Profits (in Roman numerals) Profits (in Carthaginian numerals) Headings (in the Carthaginian alphabet)

2 II
1 I


The title of the manuscript is at the bottom. The Carthaginians, in fact, wrote from right to left and bottom to top, contrary to what is prevalent in the modern Western world.
The page is divided into three columns:
• The sources of profits are in the right-hand column.
• The middle column contains the profits, in Carthaginian numerals. They are distinguished from letters by the horizontal line above them.
• The column to the left includes the values of the middle column, expressed in ancient Roman numerals.
Studying this document gives rise to a few obvious concordances:

Now, go to the spot in front of the shelf (4). Take the hammer that is found there and go to (2).

On this side, the wall of the edicule has nine keys, much alike those of a modern digicode. The only difference is the position of the numbers, which follows the Carthaginian rules. The numbers associated with each key are therefore as follows:

9 8 7
6 5 4
3 2 1

The challenge is now to find out the digicode's purpose and the numbers to be entered.
When you drugged Hannon at the tavern, you noticed a strange tattoo on his arm. Consult your log to refresh your memory.

Hannon, treasurer of the republic, had the combination of the chests for which he was responsible tattooed on his arm.
The concordances deduced from the account book let you transcribe the tattoo into more modern Roman numerals:

To find the combination, you need only to read Hannon's tattoo from bottom to top, in the Carthaginian manner. With the hammer you took from the shelf, hit, one after another, the keys 4, 2, 1 and finally, 3. You trigger a mechanism that opens up six cavities in the walls of the room.
Four of the six cavities contain extremely heavy precious vases – proof that Carthage's finances are definitely doing well and that the senator's greed was the only thing responsible for the mercenaries not being paid what they were owed on time.
Take the vase located in cavity (5). You find a roll, in the very depth of the cavity. Click to open it: it contains a map of the area surrounding Carthage, and a long strip of papyrus on which are written Carthaginian characters. Take this papyrus, then put the vase back in the cavity.
Go back to (4). Use the flint in your inventory to light the oil lamp above the shelf and then use the lamp to set fire to the papyrus strip.

Keep the burning papyrus in your hand: if you place it in your inventory, the fire will die out and you’ll have to light it again.
You must now go to (6), near the statue, to activate a mechanism that will allow you to leave the room. Be careful! In this spot, the ground is but a thin floor, underneath which is hidden a stake-filled pit. Ensure that there are no precious vases in your inventory: these are so heavy that they would cause you to crash through the planks of the floor. This trap, however, is only designed for thieves, and is not dangerous if you don’t try to take any of the vases out of the room.
Be sure that you are at (6), with your back to the statue - and not at (3), facing it. Use your burning papyrus to light up the coals filling a saucer located in front of you.
The resulting flame heats up a metal wire, which in turn dilates and triggers a mechanism that causes the statue to rotate. The ensuing rotation transports you out of the room.
Look at the flagstones at your feet: they form arrows. Follow the directions indicated by the arrows, and after a series of passages and stairs, you will reach a pavilion located in the Gardens of Tanith.

Gardens of Tanith


(1) Pavilion
(2) Perch
(3) Fountain
(4) Slumber grove
(5) Priestess' hall
(6) Towards the Temple of Tanith








You arrive in the pavilion (1). Go to the center of the room and open the chest on your right. Take the mask and pestle that are inside it.
Leave the pavilion and position yourself in front of the perch (2).
Review, in your log, the subsequent instructions given by the old man:
"… In the sacred groves, a female bird sings
And the bicephalous bird, a male, is caught in the trap."
Take the princess bird from your inventory: it is the "female bird" referred to in the riddle. Place it on the perch.
Take the pot of glue that’s in your inventory and cover the branch located above and to the right of the perch with glue.

Click on the princess bird to make it sing. Her song attracts a two-headed male bird, which alights on the branch and remains glued to it. Capture it, using the empty cage in your inventory.
The bicephalous bird will be useful later on, when you will be in the Temple of Tanith.
This building - your final destination - is close by, since it can be accessed from the gardens, by passing through the hall (5).
However, there is a problem. A priestess stands guard in this room, and will not let you go by. It’s useless to try and convince her, much less threaten her – she will only call the guards. Rather, have another look at the old man's instructions:
"… Near the slumbering monster grow three sleep-inducing flowers
To be picked, ground and then thrown in the fire.
Put she who watches to sleep, etc."
This passage refers to the slumber grove (4) where a sleeping dragon lies. You must gather the flowers that grow in this bed, crush them with the pestle, then throw the powder thus obtained into the incense burner located at the entrance to the hall. The smoke will put the priestess ("she who watches") to sleep, and you will be able to enter the temple. But be careful! If you are not adequately protected, you will also lose consciousness.
To stop this from happening, don the mask in your inventory – exactly as you put on Hannon's regalia before entering the sacred precinct.
If you speak to anyone, the mask will immediately return to your inventory. In such a case, do not forget to put it on again before being exposed to the sleep-inducing smoke.

Now that we have explained how it should work in theory, it’s time to put our instructions into practice! Carry out the following actions in the order they are listed:

• Don the mask.
• Enter the slumber grove (4).

• Gather the three sleep-inducing flowers: dream flower (red), forgetting flower (white) and night flower (blue).
• Go back to the pavilion (1).
• Place the three flowers in the metal saucer near the chest.
• Use the pestle in your inventory to crush the flowers.
• Take the saucer containing the flower powder.
• Enter the hall (5). Go through the door but no further. Sitting on a bench, the priestess who watches over the site is singing and playing the harp. She turns her back to you, paying you no mind. Pour some of the flower powder in the incense burner to your left. The smoke acts as a drug and puts the priestess to sleep.

The smoke of the incense acts as a drug and puts the priestess to sleep.
Cross the hall and follow the passage (6) to the Temple of Tanith.

Temple of Tanith


1) Secondary door
2) Main door
3) Stairs
4) Stairs
5) Statue of Tanith
6) Cameos
7) Amphitheatre





You enter the temple via a secondary door (1). The main door (2) is closed and the building, deserted. The Zaimph, the goal of your quest, is draped around the statue of Tanith, at (5).

Go to (3), the foot of one of the sets of stairs leading to the statue. A threatening serpent blocks your path.
Take the bicephalous bird from your inventory and place it on the perch protruding from the wall.

The bird begins to sing.
You recognize the melody: it’s the same tune as the priestess was playing in the hall.
The serpent dances a moment to this melody, then disappears, leaving the passage open.
You’ve just solved the last part of the old man's riddle:
"… charm the guardian
And close your hand over the sacred veil."

There remains, however, one obstacle that the king of the birds neglected to mention: a deadly force field surrounding the Zaimph.
To disable this magical barrier, go to (6). Take the cameos found in a box at your feet. Then, raise your eyes and look to the left for a cavity-filled cartouche where the cameos are to be encased.
The cameos you have in your possession are engraved with the following symbols:
crescent, star, dragon, serpent, galley, sea, mountains, shepherd.
There is a link between these symbols and the hymn sung by the priestess in the hall. Open your log and look over the words of the song:
"Sometimes thin and bent like a galley with no masts, she glides over a black sea. Sometimes shiny and round, she skims the peaks of mountains, like a shepherd among the stars."
The words we have underlined correspond to certain of the cameo symbols.
To access the Zaimph, you need to rewrite the words of the song in the form of a puzzle:
• In the upper section of the cartouche, place the underlined symbols, according to the Carthaginian manner of reading: star, shepherd, mountains, sea, galley.
• In the lower section, you must place the cameo that corresponds to the title of the song. Seeing as the words conjure up the heavenly body of the moon, associated with Tanith, the sought-out symbol is the crescent of Tanith.

Once the cameos are in the proper position, they will emit a blue light and the force field will be disabled.
Climb to a spot (5) in front of the statue of Tanith. Take the Zaimph. A magical alarm is immediately triggered. The guards will soon be upon you. How can you protect yourself? Remember that the Zaimph provokes a sacred fear in all Carthaginians. Wrap the veil around you as though it were a piece of clothing; the guards will not dare touch you, for fear of damaging the Zaimph.
Go to (7), the center of the room. You find yourself face to face with Salammbô. She calls you sacrilegious and a thief and demands that you give her the veil. Refuse, and click near the main door of the temple (2), henceforth open.
Guards bearing javelins appear from behind the pillars, intent on blocking your path. But seeing the Zaimph stops them cold: no man will dare stop you while you are wearing the veil. The domestic monkey that has just entered the temple, however, has no such inhibitions. You’ll need to wheedle him and win him over, otherwise he’ll steal the veil, leaving you defenseless against the guards.
Take the magic fruit floating above the cup for gifts.

Give this fruit to the monkey, and while he eats it, leave the room by the main door.

Comic Strip: From the temple, descend into the yard of the sacred precinct. You manage to get hold of an elephant and hoist yourself atop the mount. You triumphantly return to the mercenary camp.

Act 3

Objective: Destroy the waterworks

You have brought back the Zaimph. Mâtho immediately gives you another mission: break the waterworks supplying Carthage with water.
This feat achieved, you will then need to rally the mercenaries driven out of their camp by the Carthaginian army and lead them to victory.

Mercenary camp

(1) Doors to Carthage
(3) Moloch's finger
(4) Mâtho's tent
(5) Autharite's tent
(6) Potter's stall
(7) Wine merchant's stall
(8) Narr’Havas' tent
(9) Pariahs' village
(10) Waterworks
(11) Backcountry road

Mâtho holds a gathering of the mercenary chiefs in his tent, to organize the operations against Carthage. He goes off on a mission to the coastal cities, Narr’Havas heads off to check on supplies, Autharite is responsible for guarding the camp and you are in charge of sabotaging the waterworks.

Upon leaving Mâtho's tent, go to the pariahs' village (9) and speak to the chief. He tells you that the structure is better guarded than ever, and that it is now impossible to scale.
Call up the interface with a right-click, and consult the map of the area. You note that the waterworks capture water coming from deep inside the mountains. Seeing as the structure is closely guarded near the city, the solution will require sabotaging it nearer to the water source.

Go to (11), the road leading towards the backcountry.
Talk to the mercenary who is posted there. Insist that he lend you a mount. He does not dare refuse you, given how popular you’ve become in the camp since your return with the Zaimph.
Click on a mount. A map appears, giving you two possible choices as to your destination: the Solitude Mountains and the Hatchet Mountain Pass. Click on the second option.

Hatchet Mountain Pass


(1) Entrance to the pass
(2) Ledge
(3) Insect nest
(4) Rocky spur
(5) Dragon rocks
(6) Lost temple




Enter the pass, while your mount waits for you at (1). Head towards (6), the entrance to an underground temple that is linked to the tunnel that collects the waterworks’ water.
Unfortunately, as you arrive at (5), you are pursued by a ravenous dragon of the sand. Immediately make a half-turn and take the quickest route to the ledge (2), i.e., via the rocky spur (4), where you can seek refuge.

On the ledge, pick up a stone to your left, and throw it at the insect nest (3).

Your throw unleashes a swarm, which attacks the dragon and chases it away.
Backtrack to your previous location. Take the skull from the skeleton that is leaning against the wall.
Go down to the base of the ledge, where the dragon was previously. On the ground is a pool of green saliva that it left behind. From your inventory, take the empty pot that used to hold the glue, and use it to gather up the saliva.
Continue moving forward, until you reach the Lost temple (6).

Lost temple


(1) Hatchet Mountain Pass
(2) Hall of the Lost temple
(3) Room of the eye
(4) Stairs
(5) Waterworks
(6) Vaulted room
(6a) Hole in the wall
(7) Solitude Mountains
(S) Secret doors









You enter into the hall (2) of a very ancient temple, built by the Carthaginians at the time their city was created. This temple is dedicated to Tanith and Moloch. It includes secret halls reserved solely for the initiated, where one can only enter after having solved sacred riddles.
First, bypass the hall's central pillar and position yourself in front of the vertical cartouche dug out of the rock.
On a shelf, there are cameos similar to those you manipulated in Act 2 to get hold of the Zaimph.
Click on the engraved text beneath the cameos. The translated text is displayed:
"He who maps out
The city precinct
Will continue on his way
Towards the sacred couple."
The riddle is interpreted as follows: If you symbolically reproduce the layout of the walls of Carthage on the cartouche, a secret door leading to the Room of the eye (3) will open; in this room, there are two statues, representing Tanith and Moloch (= the sacred couple).
Call up the interface, open the map of the area and look at the ramparts of Carthage.

These ramparts consist of 4 main towers along with the Temples of Tanith and Moloch, which are part of the precinct. All of these elements form the following figure:
Temple of Moloch Temple of Tanith
Star Tower
Bull Tower
Dragon Tower
Serpent Tower

Reproduce this plan on the cartouche by linking each building with the cameo symbolizing it. Crescent for the Temple of Tanith, globe for Moloch, star for the Star Tower, etc.

When this step is completed, and the cartouche resembles the depiction above, a secret door will open behind you. Pass through this door and walk until you reach the Room of the eye.

Room of the eye


(3.a) Statue of Tanith
(3.b) Statue of Moloch
(3.c) Roll
(3.d) Drawer






You enter a sanctuary where the priests of Carthage used to carry out sacrifices. The statue of Moloch would then raise its one eyelid, to feast on the spectacle taking place.
Your goals are to first steal the eye of Moloch, then to open the south door leading towards the waterworks. To do this, you will need to carry out ancient rituals. The papyrus found in Carthage's treasure room will give you important instructions. It is in fact a sacred text, cut into a thin strip so as to render it impossible to read. Place this strip at (3c): it will wrap itself around the support attached to the altar and the characters will align themselves, revealing the legible text:
"Place the tomb of thoughts on the engraved disk
Then pour in saliva from the killer.
Look deep into Tanith's eyes;
Seize the motionless hour where the water goddess,
In the celestial home of the killer,
Passes in front of Moloch, a red and torrid fire."

Skirt around the altar, and make your way to (3d). Take the skull (= "the tomb of thoughts") in your inventory and place it on the symbol of Moloch (= "the engraved disk").
From your inventory, take the pot filled with dragon saliva (= "saliva from the killer") and pour it into the skull. The skull imbeds itself into the altar.
Turn around: Moloch has raised his eyelid, displaying his red eye.
Walk towards the statue and use your dagger to remove the eye.

Now, go to (3a) and click on Tanith's eyes. You are contemplating the world of the stars. On a backdrop of constellations, the trajectories of the red globe of Moloch and the crescent of Tanith are intertwined. Use the cursor at the bottom of the screen to stop the image on the union (pattern of trajectories) described by the riddle: Tanith in front of Moloch, with a dragon constellation in the background (= "the celestial home of the killer").
If you have some difficulty to control the stars, use the F8 key. This shortcut allows you to automatically carry out this challenge.

Release the mouse button. The screen becomes bright and you leave the world of the stars to return to the room. You notice that the south door is now open. Before passing through this door, go back to (3d) and consider the horns sticking up from the altar. Click on the 6th one from the right. From the drawer that opens, take a strange key in the form of a demon's head.

Destroying the waterworks

Go to the foot of the stairs (4). Piled up rubble prevents you from climbing the stairs. Head to the right, following a passage that will bring you to (5), next to a canal that forms the waterworks' underground structure. Stay as close to the exit as possible and throw the eye of Moloch into the current. There is a violent reaction when the red globe hits the water. Make your way back to (4) without wasting even a second. A tremendous explosion destroys the waterworks, closing off the gallery behind you. Mission accomplished!

At (4), you see that the explosion has brought down the rubble that was blocking the stairway. Climb up into a large vaulted room (6), then turn to the left and go down towards a closed door (S). Open this door by using the demon key in the lock that is dug into the wall on the right.
You emerge at the bottom of a crevasse. The door closes behind you, but you can easily open it again by using the key on the outside lock.
For the time being, follow the crevasse. You emerge at (7), on a desolate plateau: the Solitude Mountains.

Solitude Mountains

(8) Idol (Moloch)
(9) Pond
(S) Secret door leading to the Lost temple
(*) Lock of the secret door
(M) Disheartened mercenaries
(E) Etruscan chief
(A) Autharite




Retreating army

At the crevasse's exit, turn left and bypass a hill on which stands a statue of Moloch (8), a bigger replica of the one found in the room of the eye.
Around the hill, you meet disheartened and injured mercenaries (M). Speak to the Etruscan chief (E), who is standing in front of the idol. He explains that Hannon took advantage of Autharite's carelessness to attack the mercenaries. Defeated, they abandoned their camp and sought refuge in the Solitude Mountains. Their morale is lower than it has ever been and they refuse to continue to fight. Only a spectacular wonder could draw them out of the stupor into which they have fallen. You will therefore destroy the eye of the idol (8) that, according to the Etruscan chief, "brings misfortune".
First, make your way to the pond (9), on the banks of which Autharite (A) is brooding over his defeat.
Take the empty pot in your inventory and fill it with water.
Returning to the temple

Retrace your steps back to the secret passage leading to the Lost temple.
Climb the stairs up to the vaulted room (6). The idol (8) is truly vast; in fact, the room you are in is located inside the idol.
Go to (6a), in front of a hole in the wall. A red light, cast by the eye of the statue, shines at the bottom of the hole. This eye has the same characteristics as that which destroyed the waterworks.
Pour your water-filled pot into the hole and quickly move as far away as you can. As soon as the water makes contact with the eye, there is a tremendous explosion; so great is it that the eye is propelled from the idol.

Tactical exam

Return to where the Etruscan chief is standing. Confirm that the mutilation of the statue is a positive omen:
"It's a sign! The gods are with us! Gather the men and let's move forth!"
Before agreeing to follow you, the Etruscan chief wants to ensure that you are a good general.
He tests your knowledge through a series of questions that he asks you in a random order. Here they are, along with the correct answers:
Question: "If your cavalry is greater than that of the enemy, will you seek a battle on the plains or in rugged terrain?"
Answer: "On the plains."
Q: "If the enemy camp is to the west, and you've camped out to the east, do you attack in the morning or wait until the afternoon?"
A: "The morning."
Q: "If you're fighting with your back to the sea, are you better off attacking at day's end or in the morning?"
A: "At day's end."
Q: "You surprise the enemy in his camp in the middle of the night. You can either entirely circle him or leave him a way out. Which would you choose to do?"
A: "I'd leave him a way out."
Q: " While sacrificing prior to the battle, twelve birds of prey fly off to your right. What do you do?"
A: "I attack with confidence."
Q: "Is a lunar eclipse a good or bad omen for an army that must flee?"
A: "A good omen."

Kinematics: After having successfully completed your "tactical exam", you take command of the mercenaries and advance on the Carthaginians. On the way, you meet Narr’Havas, who is returning from checking on the supplies; he is prodding a troop of pigs in front of him. He joins you, along with his weapons and baggage, just before the onset of the battle against Hannon.

Battle against Hannon

Your choice of order of battle will determine whether or not you are victorious.
Hannon's troops are already amassed at the top of the screen. Select your own units one by one, and place them in front of the enemy, following the diagram below:

Numidian cavalry Heavy infantry Balearic rebels

Begin the battle and relish your victory.

Act 4

Objective: Expose the traitor

Following your victory over Hannon, the mercenaries take back their camp and lay siege to the city with war machines that Mâtho brought back.
Hamilcar, who has been leading at Carthage since your troops captured Hannon, has managed to corrupt Narr’Havas. The danger is now coming from within your own camp. The Numidian chief plans to first assassinate you, then openly defect and attack Mâtho.
It's up to you to make sure he fails.

Mercenary camp


(1) Doors to Carthage
(3) Moloch's finger
(4) Mâtho's tent
(5) Autharite's tent
(6) Potter's stall
(7) Wine merchant's stall
(8) Narr’Havas' tent
(9) Pariahs' village
(10) Waterworks
(11) Backcountry road
(12) Helepole (siege tower)



At Narr’Havas' request, Mâtho orders you to go to the top of the helepole (12) and help the Numidian warriors adjust the aim of one of their war machines.
In front of the helepole, a Numidian warrior greets you and gives you more specific information concerning your objective: hit the banner hanging from the enemy ramparts with a burning arrow.
Climb to the top of the tower.
Click on the winch in front of you to hoist up a pail filled with arrows.
Take an armful of arrows from the pail.
Place these arrows in the rack beside the ballista (type of giant crossbow).

Click on the rack to take an arrow.

Set this arrow on fire by touching it to the fiery coals burning in a bronze vase to your links, then place the burning arrow on the ballista.

You're ready to fire.


(a) Fire control
(b) Right rope
(c) Left rope
(d) Raise the ballista control
(e) Tension of right rope control
(f) Tension of left rope control
(g) Dial indicating height
(h) Dial indicating tension of right rope
(i) Dial indicating tension of left rope


Fire a test shot by clicking on (a). The arrow misses the banner: too high!
To adjust your aim, you will need to change the settings of the ballista.

Principle: The height of the shot is largely adjusted with the command (d), then refined with (e) and (f), which control the tension of the ropes. This exercise is particularly difficult in that the tensions of each rope, when modified, must remain equal; if not, the projectile will deviate to one side or the other. To ensure that they are equal, pluck each rope by clicking on (b) then (c): they should have the same note, i.e., sound exactly alike.

Solution: The ballista is properly adjusted when the machine's dials are in the following position:






You now only need fire, to hit the banner and set it on fire.

This done, go stand near the winch and observe what is happening below: the Numidian warrior who greeted you is shirking behind the ladder, ready to fire his weapon at your back if you were to descend. There's betrayal afloat!

To thwart the trap that has been set, click on the lever located behind the winch to send the pail of arrows to the ground.

Use the rope tied to the pail to drop down in turn.

Once on the ground, stab the Numidian in the back.

Narr’Havas’ betrayal

Leave the helepole to go to Mâtho's tent. The layout of the site requires that you pass near Narr’Havas' tent. You have just been attacked by a Numidian and it would be safe to presume that he acted on orders from his chief…
Be suspicious; skirt Narr’Havas' tent rather than pass in front of it. You overhear a conversation between the latter and a messenger sent by Carthage. Your suspicions are confirmed: the Numidian chief is betraying the mercenaries!

Go quickly warn Mâtho. As he seems to doubt what you are telling him, add the following to convince him:
"Hamilcar promised Narr'Havas Salammbô's hand in marriage in exchange for your head!" »
Then, run over to Autharite's tent to alert him that the Numidian chief is now siding with the enemy.
Finally, go to the Pariahs' village. You will have to convince them to side with the mercenaries, in order to compensate for the loss caused by the Numidian defection.
The chief of the pariahs is hesitant. Tell him:
"We can no longer wage this entire battle on our own. You must help us!"
In exchange for his allegiance, the chief demands food. Promise him the "phenicopterus tongues" found in Hannon's baggage.
The chief replies that he would rather eat Hannon himself. Set aside your scruples and promise that you will hand over the Carthaginian treasurer to him. The deal is thus struck.

Return to Mâtho's tent. He gives the order to immediately attack Narr’Havas.

Kinematics: Narr’Havas is defeated but Hamilcar launches an attack on your army from Carthage, using his best troops. Forced to flee, you allow yourselves to be trapped in the Hatchet Mountain Pass. Hamilcar, joined by Narr’Havas, who has rallied his troops, blocks all the exits with rocks. He then sets up his camp on a hilltop, thereby preventing Mâtho from coming to your aid.

Act 5

Objective: Survive, to be victorious

You and your men are prisoners in the Hatchet Mountain Pass. You have to escape, otherwise you will starve to death!
From having visited this site in Act 3, you know that there is a way out: the secret door in the hall of the Lost temple. Unfortunately, the mechanism for opening the door no longer works: a vandal has removed two cameos from the cartouche of the central pillar.
You must:
• find the cameos, so as to be able to open the secret door;
• cross the Lost temple to exit at the point in the Solitude Mountains where Hamilcar has set up camp;
• infiltrate the enemy camp and unleash a panic that will result in Hamilcar's defeat;
• bring the mercenaries back to attack Carthage, win over the last of the enemy's armies and take control of the city.

The first two objectives must be reached as quickly as possible, for you are slowly dying of thirst and/or hunger. Each second that goes by and every move that you make lowers the level of a gauge showing your vital energy. It is therefore critical that you take action, directly and without losing any time.
To buy yourself some extra time, you can gather and eat anything that remotely resembles food: sandals, cacti, dead rats.
To eat an object that you have picked up, click on the button "your character", select the food, then click on the shape that represents you. Any such food eaten will temporarily raise your life gauge.

Pass and Lost temple


(1) Entrance to the pass
(2) Ledge
(3) Insect nest
(4) Rocky spur
(5) Dragon rocks
(6) Lost temple



The site has changed significantly since your last visit: the entrance to the pass (1) is closed off by rocks and the ground is littered with the dead and the dying.

The Act begins with a conversation with Autharite in front of the entrance to the Lost temple (6).
The Gaul claims that you're responsible for all of the army's troubles, states that the men have lost confidence in you and predicts that your end is near. Ignore these defeatist words and enter the hall of the temple.

Talk to the chief of the Pariahs, who is sitting in the back of the room.
He is the one who stole the cameos required to open the secret door. He sees these as precious objects ("beautiful things") that have awakened his lust. He agrees to give them to you if you bring him fresh meat.

Exit the hall and head towards the rocky spur; have no fear of the dragon from Act 3, he has long ago been killed and eaten by hungry men.
At (4) grows a cactus that could save you from starving to death.
Use your dagger to gather the plant. A Gaul appears, claiming the cactus contains poison. Do not pay attention to this lie; eat the cactus.

Go to the ledge (2).
Pick up a stone.
Throw it at the bird that is eating a corpse

Go down from the ledge and collect the body of the bird. Resist to the temptation to eat it and return to the hall of the forgotten temple ( 6 ). Give the bird died to the leader of the pariah. He hands you in exchange both missing cameos. Put in their place in the top of cartridge on the central pillar: the secret door opens. Cross all the rooms of the temple. Some leaky rats collected in the passage help you to survive the famine. You arrive finally in front of the secret door looking onto the Mountains of the Solitude. Open it with the demonic, present key in your inventory since the act 3. Once outdoors, you notice that the landscape changed well since your last visit: Hamilcar established his camp on the Mountains of the Solitude and you result in an enclosure where are parked the elephants and the frames belonging to his army.

Camp d’Hamilcar


(8) Workbench

(9) Heap of hay

(10) Tempt store

(11) Campfire

(12) Tent of the generals

(S) Secret door towards the forgotten temple

(*) Lock of the secret door

(G) Enemies



Fenced in

Go in front of the door of the enclosure(pen). To the right, frames graze a heap of hay. To the left, a workbench carries tools intended to shoe animals. You are too weak to open the door without help. Thus take the rope rolled up on the anvil of the workbench, attach it on the closest frame, then on the elephants. Click the elephants and it will open the door for you.


Exceed the door and penetrate left into the tent ( 10 ). it serves for storing weapons and food. Finally, you go to be able to eat in your famine! By clicking a basket filled with fruits, you take a substantial meal which spreads(pushes aside) definitively any risk of death by inanition. In your haste, you knocked down boxes, revealing a bookcase where are put armors. Take one there. Take the armor and go out of the tent disguised as Carthaginian soldier. Turn to the left and go in front of the campfire ( 11 )

Espionage and sabotage

The soldier who is held in front of the fire orders you to go to find the Enemies who is held in front of the tent of the generals ( 12 ). Obey. BD: posted in front of the tent of the leaders of the enemy army, you hear Hamilcar to hold advice with Narr' Havas. Their conversation learns you that Mâtho camps not far from there. He will attack certainly if you know how to give him a favorable occasion. At the end of your Enemies tour, you meet yourselves in front of the campfire. Collect a firebrand and return to the enclosure(pen). Throw the firebrand in the heap of dried hay ( 9 ). BD: the fire panics the elephants who destroy the camp. Mâtho alerted by flames takes advantage of it to launch an attack. Hamilcar is killed and his scattered army. With Mâtho, you free the hirelings prisoners and return towards Carthage. The city collects its last forces to try to stop you.

Last battle Your problem is to eliminate the devils of Moloch, called by black magic. Only the water can destroy them. In front of these supernatural creatures, arrange pariah in front of the heavy infantry. This combination guarantees you that the centre will like for a long time so that the devils, attracted by your elephants placed to the left, slide towards the sea where they will find their loss. Here is thus the winning battle order:


Elephants heavy Frondeurs infantry baléares

Launch the battle and attend the crushing defeat of the enemy. This victory opens you the doors of Carthage: to you the booty!

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