Sancho's Island

walkthrough by Tyke

Chapters 1, 2 & 3

Sancho's Island is a free game by Omepet.

When saving, enter the title of the save you want and then click save.

Chapter 1

Restore order to house:     Open bedroom door. Pick up bell from shed. Go to house 2 screens at right. Talk to Teresona completely about Juana and Sanchico. She will mention Apothecary.
Calm Juana:     Exit door at bottom right. Go to top of screen pass the clothesline. Take the top right exit above the barber shop. Pick up the shiny object from ground. Go back to center of town. Take the bottom right road to house at the end. Open Apothercary's door. Talk to Apothecary and automatically give the coin to apothecary. The lime tea plant is in inventory.
Go back to your house and give lime tea plant to Teresona. Have tranquilizing herbal tea in inventory. Talk to children's door. Talk to Juana 2xs.
Drawing:     Talk to Sanchico to learn about drawing. Pick up pliers by fireplace and knife on table. Exit the house and pull slightly loose stone across the house door. Pickup scorpion and piece of paper. Go to fountain at center of town. use pliers on piece of creased paper. Go to cart by apothecary's door. Look at paper under cart. Use knife on strong rope of cart. Push cart. Pick up piece of creased paper. Automatically put together the drawing. Go back to house and talk to Sanchico.

Meet Atila:     Talk to Teresona and learn about Quijano. Pick up stew to get overcooked piece of meat. Use overcooked meat with casserole with relaxing tea on Teresona's table to get overcooked seasoned meat. Go to center of town. Give overcooked seasoned meat to Atila the dog. Pick up the hammer on the post. Use old bell with hammer to get repaired bell.
Meet Don Quijano:     Go to exit above the barber shop. Use doorbell on door. Use the repaired bell on main gate(door). Talk to Don Quijano. See automatic scene.
Talk to Sanchico about what he dislikes most. Talk to Teresona. Pickup fusty oil at fireplace mantle.
Go to center of town. Look at poster on barber wall. Talk to barber. Go back home and talk to Sanchico.

3 books: Go to Don Quijano's house. Enter first door. Enter open door. Talk to Don Quijano. He wants 3 books. Go downstairs. Go left and Pull rope of well to get frog. Enter room on the left and talk to housekeeper.

Paper 1 - Go to stables. Look at singed paper on Rocinante's foot. Talk to Rocinante and select dialogue that he doesn't like: smells like pig, then about donkey, then about Ugly. Automatically get singed paper.
Paper 2 - Exit house and go to center of town. Talk to barber again and get poster.
Paper 3 - Enter the church. Look at the picture beside the altar boy. Pick up picture and see something behind it. Talk to altar boy. Look at collecting box - note. Try to place frog on baptismal font. Go to left screen and talk to priest. Look at paper by confessional. Look at and open fold of the carpet - lower right edge. See ashes. Pick up ashes. Talk to candle until it gets blown out. Altar boy comes to light it. Use frog on baptismal font. Take the paper by confessional when priest goes to exorcise the frog off the baptismal font. Pick up the picture where the altar boy was and get small key.

Go back and talk to Don Quixote about luggage. Give dragon paper - he wants round wooden shield. Give armor paper - he wants money. Give emblem paper - he wants saddlebags for squire.
Talk to Ennesto the blacksmith. He will make a shield if he got medicine for his back. He can buy a good metal to get money.

Metal for money - Go to kitchen an try to take the plate of bronze, The housekeeper won't let you. Go to stall next door. Pick up cat. Look at farmyard door. Use fusty oil at top hinge of farmyard door. Use cat on farmyard door. Housekeeper comes. Go to kitchen and pick up plate of bronze. Talk to and give plate of bronze to Ennesto to get coins.
Shield and Medicine for Ennesto - Talk to apothecary. He needs scorpion poison, rosemary and incense ashes. He gives bottle. Use bottle on scorpion. Talk to barber and select feet stinking for weeks to get rosemary. Go back to apothecary and talk to him about all remedy ingredients. He gives lotion for pain. Go back to Ennesto and talk to him. Get shield.
Saddle bags - Exit church and take the bottom right road. Talk to Cide Hamete. His cart is broken and lost his coin. Open apothecary door and talk to apothecary. He placed the coin in collection box in church. Go to church. Blow candle again to get the altar boy to light the candles. Use small key on collecting box to get Arabian coin. Talk to Cide Hamete using the greeting. He will end up giving you the saddlebags because you gave him the coin.

Go back and talk to Don Quixote about the 3 things.

End of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Go back to last saved game (end of chapter 1) and talk to Quijano. After cut scene (long one). You are standing near 4 windmills. Talk to Quijano, he needs his lance mending.

Enter the 3rd windmill and try to take the wheatmeal. Go up the stairs and talk to the miller.

Come out of the windmill and leave by the exit, (near last windmill). You will come to a crossroads, pick up the hammer under the sign.

Go off screen to the left, enter shop and talk to the salesman. He says you need a flexible strong stick, a spear tip and a rope to tie it on with.

Leave the shop and notice the beehive, African queen ant and 'carob' tree, next to the tree with the beehive. Pick up the African queen ant.

Go back to the crossroads. Take the path leading to the top of the screen. Talk to the shepherd, he wants 'radish and honey'. Look at shepherd's crook and the sheep; pick up 'wool' from fluffy sheep.

Enter the cabin; notice the patch on pillow of uncomfortable bed. 'Open' the patch and get a key. Use the key on the chest and get a bee-suit. Pick up nails and shepherds firelighting kit from the shelf. Leave the cabin and talk to the pirates at the bridge.

Turn left, near the pirates and find Quijano. Talk to him. Pick up 'birdcall' in grass.

Go left again and talk to the mare breeders. Pick up rock near river.

Go back past the windmill off screen to right. Use birdcall on crows to scare them away and pick up, 'radish nose'.

Go to the windmills. On the right of 1st windmill (largest), you will find an ant-hill. Use African queen ant on ant-hill. Leave screen. Then when you come back in, the miller should be stamping on the ant-hill, now is your chance to go to his windmill and get the wheatmeal.

Use wheatmeal and shepherds firelighting kit on the 2nd (ruined) windmill door. It will be blown open. Enter the windmill and pick up cog. Go upstairs and pick up the broken pulley.

Now leave this mill and go to 1st windmill. Use nails on broken ladder to fix it and then pick it up. Leave windmill.

To get the honey, go back to where the shop is. Use the bee-suit on the beehive and use the rock on the 'carob' tree. You now have a 'carob' (whatever that is, looks like a bean to me). LOL

Go back to the shepherd’s cabin. Use the wool on the fire, use the bees on the fire and the smoke will scare them away. You now have the honey. Use the honey with the radish and give it to the shepherd. He will give you his 'crook'.

Go back to crossroads. There should be a peddler with a cart here now. Talk to him and get the book about building windmills.

Go back to 1st windmill. Use the cog on mechanical donkey. Push the donkey, use the donkey and the windmill should turn around and stop. Use the ladder on the side of the mill and take the spear tip out of the sail.

Go and see Quijano. Use shepherds crook on wineskin in river. Go and talk to mare breeders. Keep talking to each one using new lines of dialogue, until all the wine is drunk and they fall asleep. Use spear tip on rope around the tree. Watch cut scene.

Talk to injured Quijano. He says Rocinante is hurt; you need to get him on his feet. Walk left, give 'carob' to Rocinante and he gets up. Pick up the reins, go and use the reins on Rucio. Use the pulley on Quijano, 'pull' the rope and Quijano will rise into the air. Pull reins on Rucio and he will be positioned under the knight. Use the rope again and Quijano will be lowered onto Rucio's back.

Go and talk to the pirates at the bridge. Choose the new line of dialogue about your master being injured and they will let you pass.

Congratulations... End of Chapter 2. : o)


Sancho’s Island – Chapter 3

Start where the second chapter ended.

Walk right to bridge and talk to the bandits. Choose “Master is wounded” from the dialogue selection. Watch the cut scene. You need - Hot water, alcohol and bandages.

Talk to Maritormes, the maid. Open middle drawer near bed and pick up the scissors. Pick up bag in right corner of room. Go down the stairs and talk to the ‘drunk’ man about all topics. Pick up the empty liquor bottle from the table. Go through door at the top into the kitchen and talk to the cook. You need garlic and chards for soup.

Leave kitchen and go through door on the right into the yard. Talk to the Innkeeper, pick up the candle in yard and use it on the lantern. Carry on across the yard and exit at the bottom of the screen into the stable. Talk to the stable-boy, he wants something to eat, then he will give you his flute. Pick up the sickle and garlic, leave stable.

Go across the yard and exit through top gate. Go right and up the path to the end. Use sickle on chards near wall. Return to kitchen and talk to the cook about chards and garlic. She gives you some soup. Look at dish of food on table, tell cook about stable-boy and get a piece of salami. Go to stable and give salami to stable-boy and he gives you his flute.

Return to house and use the flute on the ‘drunks’ bottle of wine. You siphoned the wine into your own bottle. Leave the house, go across the yard and out through the top door.

This time, go left see peddlers cart. Go left again and talk to the Innkeepers daughter. Go behind the sheet and use the candle on the cart. Use Rodri the scorpion on the candle to frighten the daughter away. Pick up the sheet and use the scissors on the sheet to make bandages. Go back to the bedroom and talk to the maid about hot water(soup), alcohol and bandages. Don Quijano is cured.

Pick up chamber pot under bed. Pick up pillow and find a dragon key. Go downstairs, talk to Innkeeper and ask about suitcase. Use key on suitcase and get some ‘wooden money’.

Go into the yard and open door at the top of the screen. Surprise, surprise you are in the bookshop. Talk to shop keeper and about wooden money and receive the chronicles. Pick up the ink from the counter. Return to Don Quijano and talk about the chronicles. You need Oil, Wine, Rosemary and Salt for the balm.

Go down to the kitchen and talk to cook. She needs something to kindle the fire, then she will give you some oil. Pick up the pepper on the shelf.

Go out to the yard and talk to Innkeeper’s daughter. Ask her for rosemary. She will give you some if you find her brooch.

Go to the stable and use the rake on the straw, you find a needle. As you try to pick it up, a bird comes and steals it. Hahaha…. Exit the yard and go right  (where you got the chards) look at the tree. You can see a birds nest with something golden in it.

Exit at the side of the tree, and talk to Pedro the shepherd. He will give you some salty cheese if you can get him a date with Maritormes the maid.

Go to the peddlers cart. He is there now. Talk to him but he can’t help you. Go left and talk to the stable-boy. He will give you some tar if you give him the password. 

Go back to the yard and talk to the maid about a date with the shepherd. She wants a written note.

Enter the house and use the pepper on the ‘drunk’ in the bedroom. Talk to him and get the password.

Return to stable-boy and get the tar. Pick up the poster from the stable wall. Give the tar to the cook and receive the oil in exchange.

Go upstairs to the bedroom and use the flute on the hole in the floor to get some termites. Use the termites on the tree and they eat it. Now you have the golden needle and a feather.

Talk to the peddler and ask how to learn to write. He will give you a book. You now have the ink, feather, paper and the book.

Return to the shepherd and talk to him about ink, feather and paper. You now write a note.

Go back to the yard. Talk to Innkeeper’s daughter about needle and she gives you the rosemary.

Talk to maid about invitation. Then go back and talk to the shepherd. He gives you the cheese. Pick up the horn from the cow’s skull and return to the house.

Use the horn on the leather bags of wine in the downstairs bedroom. Then use the chamber pot on the trickle of wine. Talk to Don Quijano about all ingredients.

Congratulations end of chapter 3.  


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