It's a bit laborious to do, but examine all the books on the shelves in the study to find some interesting titles!


Examine all the bottles in the liquor cabinet in the dining room. One of them is a tribute to Jonathan Boakes of Dark Fall fame.


Open the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers in the main bedroom and 'click' on the label of the middle shirt.


Examine the painting on the wall outside the guest room, noting that the soldier's face shows an expression of surprise. However, if you look at the same painting during your first dream (on Saturday night) he is smiling.





There are a series of Easter Eggs involving the banker. To begin with you need to find the telephone number for the bank. Carefully study the builder's quote found in the hidden safe and you should see the telephone number on the last line - 0 1 9 1 2   9 4 1 4 4.

After performing the exorcising ritual on the mask go to the main hall at the entrance and telephone the banker. You are given a number of options on what you can ask him, but can only select one of them. To go through all the options you need to save a game position before dialling the number. The most thought provoking response is obtained by asking about James Blackwood, then tell him you're Dr. Milton and ask about any recent activity on the bank account.
There's an additional (and more obscure) Easter Egg to find by phoning the banker again. To trigger it you need to do things in a very specific sequence. First, do not examine the fireplace in the living room before you phone the banker. After phoning him, immediately dial the number again to hear him threaten to inform the authorities. Only now go to the fireplace and open the grate, then return and dial the number a third time! You should get a rather intriguing response...
The above sequence is somewhat finicky and may not work for you. If it doesn't work, try phoning the banker a third time before going to the fireplace to open the grate.
What does the additional Easter Egg refer to? I believe it's a quotation from 'The Haunter of the Dark', written by H.P. Lovecraft. Also, Robert Blake was the main character in the novel and spoke these same words.