This walkthrough provides a detailed solution to completing the adventure. Wherever possible I've explained the logic behind solving a puzzle and indicated where clues to puzzles can be found. It's not essential to complete the puzzles in the same sequence as dealt with in the walkthrough, but certain events only happen (or objects can only be used) after solving a previous puzzle. I therefore suggest that you try following the order as closely as possible.
Each puzzle is dealt with separately, so if there are things to do (or objects to be used) in a particular location that relate to another puzzle, they are only dealt with in that puzzle.
Detailed maps of the manor and outside grounds are also included.
Many adventure games include proverbial 'Easter Eggs'. These are extra little amusing titbits that programmers conceal in their creations. They're usually well hidden and often some knowledge of arcane and undocumented actions are required. Clicking a particular hotspot or doing something unusual rewards you with anything from a simple graphic to a humorous dialog sequence. I've included all the Easter Eggs I am aware of.