Sunday, October 13th


You wake up on Sunday morning to a raging storm. Go down to the entrance area and wait for Jerry to phone. Listen carefully to what he says as there is a clue to something you need to do later in the day.


If you haven't already done so, explore the manor thoroughly and examine everything. Take note that the mirror next to the bed in the main bedroom is positioned in such a way as to allow for the painting of the lady in red to be visible from the bed. It was obviously very important for the previous occupants to have sight of the painting.

Examine the actual painting carefully to find a hotspot on the object the lady is holding. Click on the hotspot to reveal a hidden safe. Go back downstairs and telephone Jerry to ask him for the combination. After getting the combination from him you can open the safe. Take the generic blue key from the safe.


You won't be able to open the locked door under the attic, but you notice that there's a key on the inside. Pick up the piece of newspaper (under the can of paint) on the floor next to the door and place it under the door. Use the small boring tool (from the third drawer on the left of the desk in the study) to push the key out the keyhole. Unfortunately you won't retrieve the key if you pick up the piece of newspaper, but you can now unlock the door with the blue key you found in the safe. Enter the room with paintings.
On the workbench inside the room with paintings are blueprints showing all three floors in the manor. Study the blueprints carefully to find a discrepancy on the second page. There's a room next to the main bedroom (on the first floor) which you didn't know about. The room cannot be accessed from inside the manor, so you must find a way to get in from the outside. Note that after finding the room on the blueprints you can examine the wall on the left of the main bedroom to see where a door should have been.

Look around carefully as there are inventory items you can take.
The other door leads to a room in construction. Enter this room and climb halfway up the wooden ladder. From here look up at the railings to find a piece of rope. Use the knife (found in the bottom drawer in the cabinet next to the sink in the kitchen) to cut the rope, which falls to the floor. You have to climb down the ladder and move away from it to pick up the rope. Also note that you cannot cut the rope until you've seen the missing room on the blueprints.
At the top of the ladder you find a number of cans. Examine all the cans, noting that you can take the small oil can with a funnel and that one of them is very dirty. Use the rag (found in the bottom drawer under the basin in the bathroom) to clean the dirty can to learn it's a can of oil. After piercing a hole in the can of oil with the small boring tool (from the third drawer on the left of the desk in the study) pour the oil into the lamp (found inside the chest in the attic) by holding the lamp and clicking on the can of oil.


Climb the concrete stairwell that leads to the tower and take note of the two large windows. Both windows can be opened and the manor roof is visible from the lower one. Perhaps you could climb down to the missing room from the roof using the rope. To do this first attach the rope to the rusty lamp next to the top window, then pick up the other end of the rope that's lying on the floor. Unfortunately you cannot put the rope through either of the windows as it would tear on the rusty metal window frames. Did you notice a large crack in the wall below the lamp? The crack needs to be widened to allow the rope to pass through it. Use the hammer (found on the stool in front of the workbench in the room with paintings) to widen the crack, then pick up the loose end of the rope. When you now open and look out of the lower window the rope is visible in the top right corner.

Climb down the rope until you get to the window leading into the missing room. Note that you have to' click' the rope 4 times to actually start climbing down.
Enter the missing room, which you can see is a child's nursery. In the top drawer of the dressing table you find a birth certificate. Although the name of the child is 'scratched' out, you learn the date of birth and registration. Take note of all the items in the nursery as certain of them are relevant later.
Climb back up the rope and then go to the attic again. Examine the pile of newspapers and select the editions for August 1961 to read about the death of the Blackwood's baby shortly after birth.


Do you remember the boarded door you saw in your dream? Go to the gallery and closely examine the base of the cabinet housing two ivory tusks. Remove the panel at the bottom with the knife, revealing a small wheel at either end. Use the oil can (found at the top of the ladder in the room in construction) on both wheels, then pull the long brass handle to move the cabinet away from the wall.


Remove the boards on the door with the hammer, then open it to reveal a storeroom. The storeroom is too dark to enter without a source of light. The lamp (found inside the chest in the attic) needs some oil (done at the top of the ladder in the room in construction) after which it can be lit. Use the matches (from your suitcase) to light the lamp, then enter the storeroom.
Despite having a burning lamp one corner in the storeroom is still too dark to investigate. Examine the bamboo sticks carefully (near the top) to see a window behind them. Move the bamboo sticks to allow the light from the window to shine through. You can now read James Blackwood's notes and his letter to Dr. Milton found on the boxes in the corner.
After discovering the storeroom you need to telephone Jerry and tell him about what you've uncovered.


It will still be too early to go to bed, so you need something else to do. During both conversations with Jerry he suggested that you spend time on your book. To do this, go to your room and click the typewriter to load paper and then start typing. After reading what you've typed you can go to bed.
You 'wake up' during the night sensing that something is not right. Go to the storeroom (in the gallery) to find that the mask is not there. When you exit the storeroom you wake up from what was another dream.
The night before you realized that the 'scratching' noises were coming from below, but it was too dark to go into the basement. Now that you have a lamp, you can use it to investigate. Open the furnace, get inside and climb up until you reach an opening. Watch the window with metal bars carefully to see 'someone' walk past. There's nothing else to be done, so go back to sleep...