Secret Files 3

By Deep Silver & Animation Arts

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   September 2012


Gameplay:    A selection for personalized main menu is asked.

The main menu has new game (foosball), load game (bar), options (electric panel), cinema (screen), credits (menu) and exit (sign).

Options menu has Sound (music ambient noise, speech and sound effects) volume adjustments, Graphics (shadow, full screen videos and animated textures) selections and Game (subtitles, game help, inventory and main menu) options.

Load-save game (in-game menu) page has frames that show the screen capture of the saved game, load, save, delete, date-time done and location in the game. A blank new game slot is also available. The back to screen-continue arrow, options tools icon and end game-exit door icon are seen at bottom right of screen.

During gameplay, the mouse when moved to an active item or character shows left mouse click for action and right mouse click for description.

Pressing the space bar or clicking on magnifying glass at bottom right shows all the active spots in the game screen.

The inventory bar is accessed when the cursor is moved to the bottom of the game screen. Items collected are on the left. Left mouse click takes the item and the right mouse click describes the item. Items can be combined when an item is clicked over another item.

At bottom right of the game screen are the examine scene magnifying lens icon that shows the hotspots in the game, tasks icon that describes what needs to be done and gives a back story and the tools icon of the in-game (main) menu. If you check the tasks continuously, you might get The Brain achievement.

After playing the game, statistics of minutes played; usage of use, look, magnifying glass icons and meters walk as well as number of saves are shown.

The Bonus feature is opened after the end of the game. It has achievements, what happened to the characters clips and artworks (with the pictures of the developer crew).


Alexandria 48 BC

The city of Alexandria is in the midst of the Ptolemaic War. Master thief Menis-Ra is given 40 debens; half of the payment by robed men. The robed men wear medallions with a face that looks familiar. The master thief is to destroy a series of scrolls in the Library of Alexandria.

Go to the scroll room:

Inventory has map, bag of gold, incendiary agents, rope and grappling hook. Look at (right click) the map and learn where the scrolls are located.

Climb the wall:    Menis-Ra automatically goes to the wall to scale it. Click on wall.

Press the space bar or click on magnifying glass at bottom right of screen to see where the hotspots are located.

Click on a crack on the wall to get Menis-Ra to climb it.

The end location is at top left. Slowly move your way up at center; slightly to the right, then to the left (when the window is seen at top of the screen) and up to the wall edge.

Distract the guard:    Menis-Ra is by the door to the chamber and beside the stables.

Look around. Take the leather bag hanging on wall left of the master thief and the stable window.

See a snake at foreground behind the barrels and crates. Go to the snake and Menis-Ra sneaks at right side hidden by the shadows.

Use the leather bag to take the snake and get snake in bag.

Go back to the shadows by the stable window.

Use the snake in bag on stable window. The horses make noise.

The guard checks the stable and Menis-Ra automatically enters through the doorway.

Get to door where the scrolls are located:    Menis-Ra is up on the rafters. The door to the scrolls is across the way. 2 guards meet below him.

Walk the rafters quietly to get to the other side. Do not use the beams that make noise. They are seen as beams with cracks.

Go right, down, right and up until the ledge.

Take the banner-linen cloth on the wall.

Go down at right beams. Turn right at second beam and then up.

Enter the storage room:    Check the window above the door to the storage room.

In inventory combine the rope and the grappling hook to get rope with grappling hook. It will still make noise on the window.

Combine rope with grappling hook with linen cloth to get muffled grappling hook.

Use muffled grappling hook on window. Master thief jumps down in front of the door.

Do the task:    Click on the clay pots-scroll and Menis-Ra is curious enough to check what the scrolls contain. They have numbers and drawing but all have the royal seal.

Hear the guards. They are alerted to the presence of an intruder. The guard says that not even one amphora with scroll should fall into the hands of the intruder. Menis-Ra burns the scrolls.

One of the amphorae that hold scrolls rolls down the drainage opening to the sewer.

Nina's Wedding

Nina scooters to the church. She is late for her own wedding. Nina enters the church and sees no guest. She rushes to the altar where Max is waiting. The wedding ceremony of Nina Kalenkov and Max Gruber starts. The priest recites a passage from the Apocalypse. The wall of the church collapses and the church is on fire.

Nina loses consciousness and wakes up to find that Max is gone.

A robed man walks out of the fire and waves to Nina to follow him. The man goes through the wall of the church.

Follow the robed man:

Find a way out:    Look around.

Check the tapestry at right wall. Nina has to remove it to see what is on the other side.

Take the mop left of the tapestry. Use the mop on the flames at left wall.

Use the burning mop on the tapestry. See an opening at top of the tapestry. It is the way to the bell tower.

Climb the statue:    Try to climb the statue of St. Peter left of the opening.

Check the wall joint left of the statue. The mortar is crumbling.

Take the robe and the clothes hanger right of the pews.

Check the nail on the corner pillar right of the burning shelves. Use the clothes hanger on nail to get nail.

Check the burning shelves left of the nail.

Go to the baptismal font at bottom center; take the chalice. Use the chalice on baptismal font to get chalice with water. Use chalice with water on burning shelves.

Take a shelf that survived the fire.

Go back to the wall joint left of the statue.

Use the nail on the wall joint to widen the wall joint. You might win the Maverick award here.

Use the shelf on the widened hole. Climb-click on statue.

Swing to the opening:    Select the difficulty of this mini-game. If you select the more difficult level on all puzzles in the game, you might get the Master achievement.

See left and right arrows.

Click on one arrow and as soon as the statue leans farthest to that side immediately click on the opposite arrow to make a wide swing.

Do this until Nina leans to the right and automatically climbs the opening. You might win the Acrobat award here if done perfectly.

Nina meets the robed man. He points to the burning city.

Nina wakes up. Max worries about her apocalyptic dreams since Tunguska. Max reads the apocalyptic passage from the bible.


 Berlin, Germany

Masked soldiers enter the bedroom and take Max away. Max tells Nina I'll miss our honeymoon. The guard tells Nina that Max is arrested because of terrorist activities.

Nina returns from looking for information about Max. She says that there is no record of Max' arrest.

Look for clues in Max' apartment:

Look around the apartment. Learn that red is Max' favorite color.

Go to the Bulletin board left of bookcase. Nina notes a sport team list: Mainz 05 is on top and Schalke 04 is at bottom.

Backpack:    Take Max' backpack from the floor. In inventory, examine the back pack to get Australia book.

Examine Australia book to get: 4 small red flags. The book has chapters 3, 7, 10 and 15 torn off and the table of contents is loose.

Bedroom:    Go to the passage-bedroom at right. Look around and learn about Nina's opinion concerning Max' taste in decorations.

Map:    Examine the map of Australia on the wall.

Study the table of contents from the Australia book and see that chapter 3, 7, 10 and 15 are: Adelaide, Brisbane, Broome and Hobart in Tasmania.

Place the 4 red flags on the circles that mark those cities in Australia.

Bed:    A secret compartment opens under the bed.

Nina takes the 2 keys. One key is labeled Museum office.


Museum Office:

The security camera sees the arrival of Nina at the museum.

Look around the office completely.

Painting:    Study the painting on the wall. It depicts a volcano in a stormy sea. There is a crack running at the center of the picture.

Take the stucco tool on top of the crate at left.

Check the air conditioner-heater beside the file cabinet. It has a thermostat that regulates air flow and heat settings based on the room temperature.

Drawer:    Go to the desk drawer below the aquarium. Use the keys to open the desk drawer. Examine the contents.

See a city map of Urfa, photos of excavation at Potbelly Hill in Turkey and book.

See the written 0504 at bottom of drawer. Those are the same numbers in the sport list at Max' apartment.

Learn that the excavation photos show a complex that was built 11000 years ago.

The book states that prehistoric people at Potbelly Hill built a gigantic complex 6000 years before the Egyptians. They disappeared 9000 yrs ago.

Open the secret compartment:     Remember that the painting shows a volcano in a stormy sea.

Let's make a sea. Turn on the light of the aquarium.

Let's make lava from a volcano. Turn on the lava lamp on top of the refrigerator. (Note - do not turn on the desk lamp).

Let's make stormy sea and hot lava. Place the stucco tool in the refrigerator. Use the ice-cold tool on the thermostat. Now it blows air and heat.

Secret compartment:    The picture separates at the center. Nina checks the contents of the secret compartment.

Max is working on the inscriptions found on the dig at Potbelly Hill. Nina recognizes the face carved on the monoliths. It is the face on the medallion of the robed men she met in Tunguska that kidnapped her father.

Cell phone:    Look close at cell phone in inventory.

The cell phone needs a PIN to activate it. Use the number from the drawer and the sports list.

Enter 0504; press OK. (Thanks, Tom)

A voice message is heard from Emre Dardogan. Some people want to silence them because of what they found at the dig site. Emre warns Max to be careful.

Potbelly Hill, Urfa, Turkey

Someone uses a satellite to track Nina from Berlin, Germany to Istanbul, Turkey and then Urfa.

Contact Emre:

Parking lot:    Nina feels an earthquake when she arrives in Urfa. Look around. See and check the Jeep beside Nina's rental car. Check the signpost.

Take the chain from the posts.

Trailers:    Go forward to the trailers.

Check the trash can left of the left trailer to get a bike wheel spoke.

The door of the left trailer has Mehmet Terim's name. Check the window.

Check the right trailer and see it has Emre Dardogan's name. Check the window and door.

Check the gap at bottom of door. Use the bike wheel spoke on gap of door to get shreds of paper.

Look at shreds of paper in inventory. Put together the pieces of papers to form a letter.

Left click to pick paper.

Move the paper to arrow at top of screen and then left click the arrow to turn the paper clockwise.

Left click to place the paper down.

It is a telefax from Emre to Max with his cell phone number and search results. The complex was buried on purpose 10000 years ago. The crop failure at that time occurred only around the complex.

Contact Emre:    Use the cell phone on the fax to call Emre.

Learn that Emre is cut off the surface because of the earthquake. He has the only key to the elevator that is at excavation site C. There is a map at his jeep.

There's a drill around that can make a hole to enable him to give the elevator key to Nina.

He made a video of the room he is in; so that Nina can recognize some characteristics of the area he is in. He also smells oil. Emre sends the MMS to Nina's cell phone and then his battery loses power.

Automatically, Nina gets the excavation site map from Emre's jeep.

Find Emre:

Points of interest where Emre is located:    Use the cell phone to watch Emre's MMS. The video shows tree roots, rock door, face on door and rock wall.

See that bat sounds, smell of oil, rubble heap, engine sounds, wall relief and tree roots icons are in inventory.

Look for Emre's site:    With the characteristics seen on the video check all the sites in the map.

Go to the excavation site and see a close up of the map.

Click on a lettered site and you can jump there.

P is for the parking lot and A, B, C, D and E are the excavation site.

Excavation site C:    Jump to excavation site C by clicking on the lot. Look around.

Find the different characteristics of Emre's video.

Use the tree roots icon on tree. Check the rock, rock slab and puddle of water. Check the elevator.

Leave lot.

Excavation site A:    Jump to excavation site A by clicking on the lot. Look around.

Find the different characteristics of Emre's video. 

Check the bush, rock slab, column, pump and puddle of oil.

Use engine sounds icon on pump and smell of oil icon on puddle of oil.

Leave lot.

Excavation site B:    Jump to excavation site B by clicking on the lot. Look around.

Find the different characteristics of Emre's video.

Check the big rock, rock slab, pump, sign, red earth and column.

Use engine sounds icon on pump.

Take some red earth from right wall.

Leave lot.

Excavation site D:    Jump to excavation site D by clicking on the lot. Look around.

Find the different characteristics of Emre's video.

Check the rock drill, rock slab, pump, sign, bush and column.

Use engine sounds icon on pump.

Click on rock drill to get an icon in inventory so that Nina can get it when needed.

Leave lot.

Excavation site E:    Jump to excavation site E by clicking on the lot. Look around.

Find the different characteristics of Emre's video.

Use engine sounds icon on pump and smell of oil icon on puddle of oil. Click the tree roots icon on tree.

Nina agrees that this is the only logical place where Emre might be located.

Use the rock drill icon on the rock slab on the ground.

Emre:    Nina talks to Emre.

Use the chain from the parking lot on the drill hole of the rock slab.

Get the elevator key.

Join Emre:

Elevator:    Leave lot. Jump to excavation site C by clicking on the lot.

Use the key given by Emre on elevator at right.

Take the mining helmet right of elevator and the wooden crate left of elevator.

Wooden crate:    Check the wooden crate in inventory and see that it is locked.

Press the red button left of elevator to open the elevator.

Place the wooden box in elevator.

Press the red button of elevator again to crush the wooden crate.

Press the red button again to open the elevator.

Check the smashed wooden crate to get wrench, hammer and empty plastic bottle.

Ruined bridge:    Continue to the tunnel at left. See the ruined bridge. Look around.

See a crevice at ceiling of the cave. It goes up to the surface.

Check the high pressure cleaner with attached hose and pressure gun. Check the reliefs on wall.

Mark the site:    Use the hammer with red clod of earth to get fine red sand.

Use the pipe wrench on pressure gun to get a separated pressure gun.

Combine the pressure gun with the fine red sand to load the pressure gun and get pressure gun with paint. (You can also wet the sand with plastic bottle filled with water).

Use the pressure gun with paint with hose of the high pressure cleaner.

Use pressure gun with crevice on ceiling.

Turn on-click the high pressure cleaner.

Go back to the elevator at right and then go up to surface.

Look for site:    Go to different sites to see where the marking is located.

Jump to lot D. See the rock slab has color marking.

In inventory combine the chain with the hammer to get chain with hammer.

Use chain with hammer on color marking on rock slab. The chain is lowered to the crevice.

Get to other side of ruined bridge:    Go back down the elevator at lot C.

Go left to tunnel. See the chain hanging from the crevice.

Now click on chain to swing to the other side and meet Emre.

Reason for Max' kidnapping:    Max found radioactive material here but was not believed. Max is looking for further evidence to prove his theory.

Nina sees the familiar face on the gate.

Open the gate with the face:    Emre stands on a blank slab at top corner. He explains about the slabs with etchings.

The space at center is surrounded by slabs of etched animals. Some of the animals are erroneously drawn.

Stand on blank slab at bottom left. The floor opens up and see slabs with etched animals.

Study and take note of the anomalous etched animals on the slabs that surrounds the active slabs at center.

Note the numbers of those anomalies.

See Nina and Emre's icon at top of screen.

Interchange each character to step on the slabs of creatures in the order of anomalies.

The gate opens.

Cistern (as Emre):    Emre wants to use the Geiger counter to measure the radioactivity down the cistern.

Use the knife to cut roots in front of him.

In inventory combine the roots with the Geiger counter.

Use Geiger counter with roots on the cistern. Emre gets what he needs.


At the surface, they hear the baddies arrive. The two run to the car to make their escape.

Driving away from the excavation site in Emre's jeep; Emre tells Nina that Max has a box of notes about his study of ancient civilization at the back of the jeep.

Watch as the baddie shoots Emre. He slumps to the wheel. Nina takes the wheel and bumps the baddies' car off the road. The jeep also flies off the road.

Exit the jeep:    Nina is stuck in the jeep in the dark. Turn on the light switch at bottom right.

See Nina upside down inside the overturned jeep. Look around. Emre is not here.

Open the sunshade by Nina's hand. Take the comb and parking disc.

Use the comb on the locked glove compartment in front of Nina.

Take the folding ruler. Use the folding ruler on the lunch box outside the vehicle.

Check the lunch box in inventory to get sandwich, fork and knife. Use the knife on safety belt.

Roughbook - Max' notes:    Nina is out of the jeep. Take Max' metal box. Check the metal box in inventory to get Emre's notes, roughbook and empty metal box.

Read Emre's notes and check the roughbook. Max has been studying cultures that have disappeared.

See the close up of monitor of the notebook.

Check the e-mails. See e-mails sent by Cicero63. Cicero wants to meet with Max to discuss Nebra skydisk. Read Cassandra's statement. Cicero63 is Michael Anderson, a restorer from San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. They are to meet 2 days from now - August 12.


Florence, Italy

Nina is on the plane to San Francisco. She reads Max' notes. She learns of the burning of the library in Alexandria. Max found a diary about the recovery of one of the amphora by an Arab merchant. The brother of the merchant - An-Nasir went to Florence, Italy to sell the amphora. The brother still has not returned.

Nina falls asleep and dreams.

In her dream, she is in 1477 Florence. She watches but cannot be seen. An-Nasir talks to the male servant of the wealthy merchant about the amphora. The boy says that the master wants to check the amphora first before deciding to buy it. Since the Arabian merchant trusted the master, he gives the amphora to the servant.

Guards arrive; the servant runs away. The guards arrest the Arabian stating that he stole the amphora. They want to know where the amphora is. Nina follows the guards to a building.

Free the Arabian merchant from prison:

Prison:    Look around the area. See barrels across the prison window and clothes line across the prison and an herb shop.

Look for items to use:

Marketplace:    Go back to bottom screen to the marketplace. Look around.

See a sack on top of the wooden platform and a statue with a sword on the second floor of the building.

Check the sack:    Move the cart at right under the platform by removing the wooden wedge holding the front left wheel.

Click on the wooden platform and Nina climbs on the cart up to the platform.

Open the sack to get salt.

Get the sword:    Try to get to the metal balcony at left and Nina says it's too far to jump.

Check the hoist on the third level of the building. It is also too high.

Click on the cart to get Nina to go down

Turn the wooden wheel on the first level of the building. It is covered by ice.

Use salt with wooden wheel. Turn the wheel now. The hoist is lowered.

Click on the wooden platform again to climb up.

Cross over to the balcony. Take the sword from the statue. Climb back down.

Check the cat by the frozen fountain at bottom left. The cat looks starving.

Cargo:    Use the sword on the cargo covered with a net to get net.

Enter the prison:

Go back to the prison at left screen.

Window:    Check the window of the prison. Nina can't get the shutters opened.

Check the barrels at right and see they are tied by thick rope.

Use the sword on the rope holding the barrels. That opened the window. A guard checks the window.

Nina enters the prison. Listen to the interrogation of the Arab merchant.

Learn that cloaked freaks will pay them well for getting the amphora. The commandant plans to kill the merchant after being paid. Commandant leaves to talk to the ones that want the amphora.

Nina wants to free the merchant to follow him to the one that bought the amphora.

Free the merchant:

Look around the prison hallway.

Take the torture devices from the shelf right of the cell door: iron mask, poker and mouth spreader.

Take care of the guards:    Check the guards. They will notice if Nina opens the cell door.

Exit the prison. Use the sword on the curtain that covered the broken window.

The guards begin to get cold. They start a fire. See the chimney emit smoke.

Check the small herb shop across the way. It is made of reinforced iron.

Use the mouth spreader on the small shop. Nina takes: yellow henbane, lavender and chamomile blossoms.

Check each herb in inventory and learn that henbane is poison. Hmmm...

Check the hooks left of the prison door. Use the net on the hooks.

Climb the net by clicking on the roof.

While balancing on the roof; check the clothes line. The knots are frozen. Use salt on clothes line.

Nina unknots the clothes line. Go down by clicking on the net.

Cut clothes line with the sword to get clothes line.

Combine the clothes line with the poker to get poker with clothes line.

Climb the net again by clicking on the roof. Use the poker with clothes line with the chimney.

Click on chimney to get closer. Click the henbane on the chimney.

Click on roof to go to the edge of roof. Take the poker with clothes line again to get poker and clothes line.

Go back down by clicking on net.

Enter the prison and check on the guards. Ha! They are asleep. The guards do not have the key to the cell door.

Take ashes from ash pan right of the guards.

Open the cell door:    Check and try to use the cell door. Learn that the door is on hinges.

Check the recess on the floor in front of the cell door. Use the wooden wedge on that recess.

Use the poker on cell door. Nina lifts the cell door to remove it from the hinges.

Follow An-Nasir #1:

Wake up An-Nasir:    Enter the cell and check An-Nasir.

Take the wooden bucket right of the cell door.

Exit the prison. Use the wooden bucket on any pile of snow outside the prison to get wooden bucket with snow.

Go back to An-Nasir. Use the now melted wooden bucket with water on An-Nasir.

An-Nasir wakes up and sees the door open. He runs out.

Automatically, Nina follows him and loses him in an alley with 3 exits.

Nina says she wants to turn back time and it did. Nina is back at time just before waking An-Nasir.

Follow An-Nasir #2:

Get bait:   Maybe we can get someone faster to follow An-Nasir.

Go back to the narrow alleyway left of prison. Look around.

Check the shop sign, sign on wall and bench.

The wall sign states - No street musician after nightfall. Take the potato and cabbage from the trash on the bench. Seems this fishmonger throws trash from the window.

Where can we find music? Use the cell phone on the wall sign. Nina turns on her ringtones. This wakes the fishmonger and he throws fish offal out of the window.

Catch the cat:    Go to the cat by the frozen fountain at the marketplace.

Combine the fish offal with the iron mask. Nina left some fish guts in inventory.

Use the iron mask with fish with the cat to get captured cat.

Prime An-Nasir:    Go back to An-Nasir in prison. Use the fish guts on An-Nasir. Wake him up with the bucket of water.

Go to the narrow alleyway left of prison. Release the captured cat on one exit in the alley and see that the cat runs toward the center exit.

Follow cat and see that both cat an An-Nasir is nowhere to be seen. Again there are 3 exits to check.

Nina turns time again.

Follow An-Nasir #3:

Go back to the alleyway where An-Nasir disappeared. Look around.

Take the ladder leaning by middle archway.

Slow down An-Nasir:    Check the hollow on the ground of the alleyway path. It runs the width of the alleyway.

Use the bucket of water on the hollow on the alleyway. Later it will be an ice puddle.

Go back to prison.

Use bucket with a snow pile outside the prison to get bucket with snow.

Wake up An-Nasir again and then follow him to the alleyway.

He took the right exit. Follow him and see that again he is gone and there are 3 closed gates.

Follow An-Nasir #4:

Mark the gates:    Go back to the 3 gates where An-Nasir disappeared to.

Use ashes from prison on one of the 3 gates. Nina does all the 3 handles of the 3 gates.

Go back and wake up An-Nasir. Follow him again.

Check the gates. See that there are fingerprints on the leftmost gate handle.

Go through the gate and see that again there are 3 paths that An-Nasir might have taken.

Follow An-Nasir #5:

Mark the path:    Go back to the 3 paths. Look around.

See that the roof of the eave-porch of the center exit is covered with snow.

Prop the ladder left of the center arched path by clicking the ladder on the eave-porch with snow.

Clear the snow off the roof. See that snow covers the intersection of the 3 paths.

Go back and wake up An-Nasir. Follow him again.

At the snow-covered intersection, check for footprints. An-Nasir went right.

Rich lord's household:    Go right to follow An-Nasir.

Eavesdrop on the conversation between the An-Nasir and servant. An-Nasir got his gold.

Leonardo da Vinci's workshop:

Eavesdrop on the conversation between the servant and his master.

The servant is very inquisitive but has loose tongue. The scroll has Archimedes' solution to a mathematical problem.

Because of Leonardo's memory problem, the clue where the scroll is hidden is stored here at the workshop. The scroll is hidden in a safe place so that it can be found centuries from now. So being a genius, Leonardo took care and placed the clue in his latest construction - the cylinder,

Nina realizes that this is Leonardo da Vinci's workshop.

Make light:

Look around. Take the jack right of Nina.

Check the amphora at foreground. Read the documents left of the amphora. It is correspondence between da Vinci and his old teacher, Verrocchio. Take the tool-lighter left of the documents. Examine the tool in inventory and see that it is flint and can produce sparks.

Check and take the book left of the door. It is a book about the de Medici family.

Check the Master diploma above the door. It is Verrocchio's.

Take the walking stick right of the door.

Check the Madonna Benois hanging on the shelf right of door. Check the wrapped paintings below the Madonna.

Take the red paint pot from the table at right.

Vehicle:    Check the vehicle at center of room.

Check the oil lamp at front right end of the vehicle. Use the lighter on oil lamp. It's a headlamp. It is still dark.

Use the jack on the vehicle to raise it. It lights up the back wall and the scale.

Find the cylinder:

Scales:    Check the scales on the wall.

Check the left arm of the scale. There's a cylinder up there. The left arm is raised.

Examine and try to move the right arm of the scale. It is locked in place.

Take a chisel left of the scale.

Use the chisel on the right arm of the scales. The left arm lowers when the right arm is released.

Take the cylinder from the box on the left arm.

Look close at mechanical cylinder in inventory.

See that there are 5 wheels. Press the central buttons to place a syllable at bottom.

Form the code that will open the cylinder: VER-RO-C-CHI-O, Leonardo's old teacher.

Automatically have the diary page in inventory.

Someone is at the door. Leonardo talks to Signore Lorenzo de Medici downstairs. De Medici picked up the commissioned Madonna Benois. Leonardo gives the painting and goes with him to his villa.

Decode the diary page:

Read the diary page and see that it is in code. There must be a decoder here somewhere.

Bring out the symbols on the cane:    Examine the cane taken from vase right of door. It has curious carving with symbols similar to that of the diary.

Use the diary with the cane and Nina says it is difficult to read the carving in reverse and also symbols on a cane.

Combine the red paint pot with the walking cane to get walking stick with paint.

Use walking stick with paint on the blank canvas at corner of room.

Decode:    Use the diary page with the canvas with decoder.

Nina decodes the symbols - Greek safely concealed in the painting of The Magnificent.

Use the book-Chronicle of the de Medici family with the deciphered diary page. Lorenzo de Medici is called The Magnificent. He just picked up the Madonna Benois painting that must have the scroll.

Nina faces robed men while her dream falls down around her.


San Francisco

Nina wakes up from her dream. She will land in San Francisco soon.

The satellite is still tracking Nina.

Nina arrives at the Palace of Fine Arts and finds it closed. Nina talks to the officer in the police car and learn that there has been a fire. Michael Anderson has been missing since the fire. Leonardo da Vinci's painting is safely stored in a fire-proof archive in the basement.

Nina checks the banner-poster on the lamppost. It shows da Vinci's Madonna Benois.

Get in the museum:

Kiosk:    Talk to the shopman.

Later ask for drink and learn that he does not have alcoholic beverage. Get iced tea instead.

Pick up the piece of glass left of the kiosk.

Pick up the empty bottle from the curve and the magazine right of the bench. Check the cover of the magazine and see that cover is of a bottle of whiskey.

Create a diversion to take care of the officer:     Talk to the officer about buying alcohol now that you talked to the shopman. Learn that alcoholic beverages can only be bought at liquor store.

In inventory combine the empty bottle with the iced tea to get bottle with iced tea.

Use the piece of glass with the magazine to get label.

Wet the label on the puddle of water below the poster.

Combine damp label with bottle with iced tea to get whiskey bottle with iced tea.

Place whiskey bottle with iced tea with the right display of the kiosk.

Talk to the officer about violation of the ban in alcohol.

The officer goes to kiosk and the kiosk is closed.

Open the patrol car's trunk and get bolt cutter and can with diesel.

Check the museum:

Go to the museum. See the padlocked metal door of the emergency generator.

See a burned window at top right of the building.

Enter the museum. Look around and see niches that once held paintings.

Burned office:    Go upstairs. Check the office door.

Go out through the window at right.

Click on burned window to enter the office. See the burned state of the office.

Pick up the frame of glasses on the floor beside the burned desk.

Check the locked drawer. Use the frame of glasses on locked drawer. Automatically, take the keycard inside.

Take the watering car at left.

Exit the office through window and back through the other window. Go downstairs.

Enter the archive:

Archive office:    Go downstairs to the basement.

Check the fireproof door. It needs the keycard but there is no power.

Check the fuse box on the wall. Click on the power fuse at the bottom. No power.

Get power:    Exit the museum and go to the emergency generator outside.

Use the bolt cutter from the patrol car on the padlocked metal door of the generator. It is opened.

Try to turn it on and see that there is no fuel.

Use the can with diesel on the generator. Nina says it will pour all over the place.

Use the can with diesel with the watering can. Use the watering can with diesel on generator.

Turn the generator on. Go back to the basement of the museum.

Open the fuse box and click the power fuse. Note that you cannot have both light and power on.

Get light in archive office:    Use the keycard on fireproof archive door.

Enter and see that it is dark.

Go back to the fuse box and click on light which in turn turns off the power.

Go back inside the archive. Look around.

Take the lamp from the bookshelf.

Go to the right and use the lamp on the socket right of the archive storage double doors.

Go back to the fuse box and click on the power fuse.

Go back inside the archives office.

Madonna Benois:

Go to the right and see that the lamp shines near the computer and X-ray machine.

Do a fast search where the painting is located:    Now that the power is on, check the computer.

Right click the computer and then do a search.

Click on Artist: select Leonardo da Vinci.

Click on Title: select Madonna Benois.

Click on Year: select 1477.

Click on Confirm button.

Nina automatically takes the Madonna Benois painting.

Check the painting for its secret:    Use the painting on X-ray machine at right.

After Nina turns the machine on; the computer screen shows data.

Nina is taken back to a scene in Alexandria. Archimedes talks to the King. He informs the King about the circumference of the circle - pi. Pi is the formula to eternity. It can be calculated to its last decimal place but it will take time. One that knows that information will know the secret of the world. This conversation is heard by a robed man hidden at left.

Cassandra:    A voice talks to Nina. Anderson disappeared with Max. The voice asks Nina if she knows that she is being monitored. Nina is asked to come to the voice.

Click on the monitor and right click to note a QR code.

Use the cell phone on the monitor to analyze the code.

See a map of Alcatraz and it shows that Cassandra is there. Cassandra is a mythology figure that foretells disasters but is not believed.


The satellite that has been tracking Nina states - Connection lost.

Nina arrives in Alcatraz and enters the building. She is greeted by Cassandra's voice but immediately Nina is locked in. The voice says that it has been hacked and Cassandra will try to take care of it.

Check the place:

Look around. Check the locked door, the air conditioning above the door, cable on wall and showcase.

The showcase has a clothes hanger. Take it. Check the loudspeaker and cells.

Open cell:    Enter the open cell. Look around.

The placard is made of horse dung. Take the mug from the carvings on the shelf.

Take bricks from floor and blanket from bed.

Check the toilet and the placard by window.

Outside:    Check and then look out the window.

See the cable that connects from this building to an outbuilding. See a courtyard below.

Check the outbuilding and see the Vitruvian man drawn by da Vinci on the wall. Cassandra is there.

Get to the outbuilding:

Go back inside the cell.

Get the cable:    Inside the open cell, use the mug to get water from the toilet - mug with water.

Exit the cell and check the cable that leads to the air conditioning on the wall. It is live.

Use the mug of water on the air conditioning above the exit door. That short circuits the AC.

Use the bolt cutter on the now dead cable.

Open the window:    Go back inside the open cell.

In inventory combine the blanket and the bricks to get blanket with bricks.

Use the cable with blanket of bricks to get sack of brick.

Look out the window to see the view of the buildings.

Use the sack of bricks on the bars of the window. Nina starts over automatically to empty the sack and then put sack outside. Then she fills it with bricks.

Click the sack and it will be on the cursor. Click the sack of bricks cursor on the courtyard floor.

Nina pushes the window and the bars are off.

Go to the outbuilding:    Exit through window.

Use the clothes hanger on cable. Nina will slide down to the other building.

Cassandra:    Nina enters the outbuilding and talks to Cassandra who is behind a locked metal door.

Learn that Cassandra is a member of cyber-explorers aka hackers. They control million of computers.

A combat robot named Murphy comes out and threatens Nina. Murphy is under enemy control. Cassandra says that it is trying to get the system back under its control.

Fight Murphy:

Murphy blocks the way to Cassandra's door.

Enter the metal door behind Nina.

Get your own combat robot:    Look at and take the combat robot on the floor. One of its arms can hold a weapon.

Check the scrap heap at right. Get drill, buzz saw, flame thrower and taser. Wow - nice selection of weapons.

Fit your robot with the weapon of your choice; then exit to do battle. You cannot change or add weapon outside.


Click your weapon fitted (your choice) combat robot on Murphy to start the battle puzzle.

Select bottom or top attack at left and bottom or top defense at middle of top panel. Also you can use one of 3 limpet mines.

Each fighter has 100 points to start with. The aim is to bring the enemy to zero before you do.

If you lose, you can always repair your combat robot, change weapon and start another battle.

Note what weapon Murphy is holding. He has a flame thrower.

Select your attack, defense and if you want to use a mine. Click on Start Round. Good luck.

You can save after each battle. SAVE GAME here - so you can replay before the cutscene.

When you win, Cassandra comes out and talks to Nina.

They enter Cassandra's workroom with a bank of computers and monitors. Anderson is her uncle. Anderson came to her about pi that he found in the scroll. She is a math wiz. She used her computers to calculate pi. The numbers after the decimal points are pure chaos but near the quadrillionth decimal place which no one has calculated, it started to make sense. It now shows 1 and zeros. It is a blueprint for a machine. Max must have found another anomaly and that is why he was taken by the enemy.

The enemy is here. The helicopter landed and they are locked in.

Decision:    You have a choice of either giving Cassandra time to open the door or leave Cassandra to save yourself.

If you selected to leave Cassandra, both Nina and Cassandra are taken by the guards.

If you selected to give Cassandra time to open the door; only Nina is taken by the guards.

This decision affects the "what happened to the characters" clips at the ending.

Cadiz, Spain

Nina is brought to an aircraft carrier.

Nina starts to wake up in a chamber. She hears that they are in Cadiz, Spain. The soldiers are picking up cargo here and then go to the headquarters to deliver replacement parts. Nina is given another dose to put her back to sleep.

Find a way out:

Nina wakes up in the dark. Pick up the green light and see that it is a spray paint for marking. The only other thing in inventory is the keycard.

Check the ventilation cover. It cannot be removed.

Combine the keycard with the spray paint to get keycard with color.

Use keycard with color on ventilation cover. Nina inserts it outside and it reflects faint light into the room.

Take the broken cell phone at bottom center of screen. Take the plastic up close to the right.

Check and take the threaded bar that holds the door.

Use the threaded bar on the ventilation cover. Exit the container.

Look around for clues as to where the headquarters is situated:

Cargo check:    Max might be at headquarters and Nina has to find where HQ is. The soldiers mentioned that they are delivering parts to HQ.

Take the clipboard and scanner at a wall panel at left. Read the clipboard in inventory.

Learn that the cargos are colored coded for discharge at certain ports: orange is for Cadiz, magenta is for Le Havre, white is for Rotterdam and cyan stays on board.

Check the color markings of the cargos on board. The bottom cargos are 3 magentas for Le Havre and one white for Rotterdam at the bottom. The 2 on top are cyan colored.

The white coded cargo at bottom right is blocked.

Move the blockage of the white cargo:    Exit through the door at top right and be in a balcony outside the aircraft carrier. See that this is the USS Ronald Reagan. Oh.

Climb the ladder at left. Take the large working gloves, measuring instrument and screwdriver at left.

Use the plastic cup on grease on airplane to get mug with grease.  See that the grease is yellow.

Exit to the stern at right and be at the balcony.

Check the lamp on the wall. Use the screwdriver to take the lamp, lamp holder and red glass.

Enter through door.

In inventory combine the mug with yellow grease with the red glass from the lamp to get an orange and sticky greased glass.

Use the orange greased glass on the magenta colored mark of the rightmost cargo that is blocking the white one at right. Now it marked to be unloaded here in Cadiz.

A worker arrives and calls someone to pick up the orange marked cargo. It is removed.

Check the white cargo for Rotterdam:    Check the door of the now unblocked white marked cargo. It is sealed with a thin cable.

Use the threaded bar on the container door to open it.

Check the parts inside the container.

Select the difficulty level of the puzzle.

The object of the puzzle is to place the parts at right to form the symbol.

On easy level, note that there are shadows to mark certain parts in the frame. There are no shadows in difficult level.

Left click to take or drop the part.

Place the part over the turn arrow at top center and then click the arrow to rotate. Good luck.

CERN in Switzerland

See a test run of an accelerator. The test failed. Jane Cunningham says that it needs deterrium to work.

Nina is here and talks to Van Rijn, the head of the facility. Nina bluffs that she has insurance; an encrypted message left with a friend to be released to the police and press if Nina doesn't report.

At the site hospital, Max is taken out of the cooling chamber.

Chief of Research Jane Cunningham arrives and talks to Nina. Jane knows all about Nina's dreaming of the guardians. She asks Nina to contact the guardians and get deterrium that is not found here on earth. It might mean endless source of energy. Nina doesn't think these people should be the one to have the monopoly of that power source.

Max wakes up groggy. Talk to Max.

Look at the other 2 cooling chambers. If option 1 is selected at Alcatraz, see that one is empty and the other has Michael Anderson. If option 2 is selected at Alcatraz, see that the right chamber should be where Cassandra is; the other chamber has Anderson.

Look around. Check the desk and the computer screen.

Go right in the room behind the curtains and take Max' clothes from bottom wall cupboard.

The guard brings Max and Nina to the control panel room.

An alarm is heard. Cunningham says the guardians have taken the antimatter. The antimatter is a by-product of their experiments. A massive explosion will occur if antimatter comes in contact with matter.

Nina exclaims that the guardians want to destroy the world. They have to find out where the Guardians are hiding. To do that, Nina has to find them in her dream.


Nina's dream

Nina is put to sleep and she has to find the guardians.

Go forward until the door at end of hallway. You can turn back to wake up. Go through door and be in a destroyed world. You might win the Daredevil award here if you walk into the light without turning around.

Back at CERN, Nina is clinically dead. Anderson and Max watch over Nina. She has 3 minutes to contact the guardians before she is revived. Nina always wakes up when fire occurs so she needs to power down to get through.

Find the guardians:

Nina sees the end of the world - a destroyed city. Look around.

Sign of the guardian:    Look at the wall at left and see the familiar face - symbol.

Take the teddy bear - plush toy on the ground.

Look around for another sign of the guardian.

Go to the building across the way. Check the poster left of the shop window.

Check the shop window. Take stone from the heap of stones right of the shop window.

Use the stone on the shop window. Do these 3 times to break the window.

Take the camera with telephoto lens.

Use the camera with telephoto lens on the center ruins in the background.

Nina sees the guardian sign-symbol on the ruined building. She wants to go there.

The near building collapses and the roads are blocked by debris and fire.

Check the balcony of the collapsed building. Get an iron bar.

Go to the ruined building with guardian sign:

Get to subway:    Check the subway entrance and see that it is blocked.

Check the air duct grating under the car.

Open the car door. Look inside the car and release the handbrake.

Nina automatically pushes the car off the grating.

Use the iron bar on the air duct grating. Enter the air duct.

Go to the street:    2 minutes to go.

Nina gets farther in at the subway but it is now blocked by a destroyed subway car.

Look around. See gasoline seeping on the wall of the subway from above.

See a precariously held bus above the subway car.

Use the plush toy - teddy bear with the gasoline on wall to get Teddy saturated with gasoline.

Go back through hole on wall and be out where you started from.

Combine Teddy saturated with gasoline with iron bar.

Use Teddy saturated with gasoline on fire on the road to get burning Teddy.

Go back down the air duct and be at end of subway.

Use the burning Teddy on gasoline on wall. The bus falls down over the subway car.

Click on the ruins above to automatically enter the bus be up.

Get to the guardian:

Nina sees a guardian at roof of a burning building. They are separated by a crack and fire on the roof. Look around.

Check the cable roller beside Nina to get steel cable.

Check the elevator and hand wheel at right (exposed by hole on wall).

Check the steel cable holding the billboard. Nina is not strong enough to bring it down.

Use the steel cable with the billboard's steel cable.

Pick up the steel cable from floor. Tie the steel cable on elevator wheel.

Use the hand wheel to pull the billboard and it forms a platform over the fire.

Get the defibrillator ready!

Nina asks the guardian where to find them here. The guardian writes something on the ground.

Nina asks him why they are destroying the world. He talks about the Fermi paradox. The universe is infinite and the Milky Way should be populated in millions of years but as of right now; there has been no contact with another.

When asked about pi connection; the guardian was about to explain about the machine when Nina was woken up.

Back in CERN.

As Max:

Nina asks for something to write on. Go to desk left of door and get pen and paper.

Give Nina the pen and paper. Nina writes down the coordinates.

Use the computer terminal.

Use the note with coordinates on the search engine bingle's input field.  :) Click search icon.

Find out that the coordinates point to the island of Santorini.

Santorini, Greece


They sailed to the island of Santorini.

Find the gate to the guardian's home:

Select your puzzle difficulty. In easy mode, you can click on a location and the submarine can travel there directly. In hard mode, you have to traverse the path and can get blocked or go with the ocean current to get where you need to be. You cannot go against the current.

The aim of the puzzle is to find 4 locations that hide crystals and then place the crystals on the recess close to the gate of the complex.

The three are now in a submarine.

From the start, go diagonal right and see an amphitheatre and recesses at right. The recesses are where you place the collected crystals.

The rectangular black area left of the recess is the entrance to the temple.

Take note of the locations of the recesses - they point to the location where the crystals are hidden.

From recesses, go straight up until a heap of stone right of a very bright area. Click to get a crystal.

From recesses, go diagonal right to another heap of stone. Click to get a crystal.

From the recesses, go diagonal left to another heap of stones. Click to get a crystal.

From the recesses, go down to the lava field and another heap of stones. Click to get a crystal.

In hard mode, this area is the hardest to reach.

Study the flow of the current and see which one you can use to coast to the heap of stone.

Start close to recesses or gate and then go southeast (as shown below). Then follow the flow as shown by the lines.

Click hold move the submarine to guide it through the path you want it to go.


Open the gate:    Go back to recesses and place the crystals in the recesses.

The gate opens at left.

Max is absorbed by the archeological items at the gate. There is a picture that showed the guardians being tortured.

Nina is absorbed by the functionality of the items and sees escape pods.

Jane wants to open the door immediately. Priorities, priorities...

Open the temple gate - as Jane Cunningham:

Terminal:    Check the terminal panel left of the gate. See that it has 4 icons: letter, 2 glyphs and an animal. The guardian's medallion face is at right.

Hieroglyphs:    Check the panel right of the gate. Cunningham says there might be something particular about one of the glyphs.

Note that the lion at center is only shown once.

Indian Ornaments:    Go to the terminal beside Nina.

See the God Ganeesha and symbols at the bottom. 2 of the symbols are missing.

Take note that the symbols are repeated after the 4th symbol. So the 2 missing symbols can be deduced.

Stone figures:    Check the middle ages occidental relief.

See 12 statues with alphabet above it. The 12th one has no alphabet.

Take note that the letters correspond to the first letter of the months of year - J F M A M J J A S O N. So D for December is missing.

Terminal:    Go back to the leftmost panel.

Look close at panel. Enter the anomalies seen on the other 3 panels by pressing the button below each column.

Left is D for December.

The second and third columns should have the 2 missing glyphs under the depiction of Ganeesha.

The rightmost is the lion which is shown only once at the center of the hieroglyphs.

Press the guardian-alien face button at right. The gate opens.


Enter through door.

See that the deterrium powering the whole place is within a force field.

Nina wants to find the antimatter. Jane Cunningham injects Max with a poison.

The whole thing - antimatter, attack... was a lie. Max has only 20-30 minutes left before the poison takes over.

Nina is given a walkie talkie.

Find the place to deactivate the force field:

Compass door:    Go left and see a big compass face with several hands. Each hand has an icon.

Look at the mural above the compass face. It is a depiction of events that happened in the past, present and maybe the future.

From left to right, see: Archimedes, Cleopatra, Menis-Ra master thief, Leonardo da Vinci, Max, Nina, Jane Cunningham and 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Take note of the position of the hands.

Arrange the symbol on the compass hands to correspond to the position of the matching character's hands or where they are pointing to.

Archimedes (S - compass), Cleopatra (E - eye of Horus), Menis-Ra (SW -dagger), daVinci (W - paintbrush), Max (SE - man), Nina (N - woman), Jane Cunningham (gun - NW) and the 4 Horsemen (NE - skull).

The door opens.

Guardian:    Enter and see a guardian suspended inside a capsule.

Nina talks to the guardian. He wants Nina's help. Learn that their brotherhood's mission is to protect humanity. They were given deterrium but have a directive. They are to prevent mankind from going over their technological limit. The guardians have been persecuted during the Middle Ages and nearly became extinct.

Whenever any civilization progresses to having computers and discovers the secret of pi; they inevitably build the machine.

The machine if built will destroy everything. It is a means to limit the expansion of the worlds and not be a threat to others.

Decision:    As a sign of trust, Nina is given access to the station power supply. SAVE GAME HERE.

The control panel left of the guardian shows a choice:

This decision affects the "what happened to the characters" clips at the ending.

If the option - Deactivate the force field and save Max is selected:    If this option is selected, see a slider puzzle.

The aim of the puzzle is to move the bars out of the way of the red bar so that it can reach and make contact with the power at right.

Move the numbered bars:

1 - left once

2 - down once

3 - right 3 times

4 - up once.

1 - left once

5 - up once

6 - right 3 times

7 - down once

1 - left 2 times

4 - down 3 times

red bar - right 3 times

4 - up once

6 - left once

2 - down 2 times

red bar - right to power.


Once the force field is down, Jane Cunningham takes the deterrium and leaves Max and Nina behind.

If the option - Leave the force field on and save the world is selected:   

Get a call from Jane and Nina tells her off.

Go to the doorway and Jane comes in. Jane punches Nina unconscious.

Jane deactivates the force field herself and takes the deterrium.

Continuation of both options:

Exit and see that Jane Cunningham left the bag behind by the door. Take the bag.

Check the bag in inventory to get antidote and another walkie talkie. If the option in Alcatraz was to leave Cassandra, Jane's CERN keycard is in inventory.

Use the antidote on Max.

Nina asks about the escape pod that she saw by the gate.

CERN in Switzerland


Jane Cunningham and the assistant in a wheelchair do the experiment with the deterrium. It's working. The network is hacked and security is disabled. It does not affect the test. Anyone can now access the facility.

Max and Nina enter the control room. Nina talks to Jane to stop this experiment. Jane is overpowered and tied to a chair. Nina tells the assistant that the guardians told her about the machine destroying the world.

The assistant says that there is a way to stop the test and that is to deactivate the magnetic field. This might cause reversal of time or a black hole. The assistant needs someone to switch off the firewall power supply. Once the firewall is down, the assistant can reprogram the machine to stop the experiment.

Max says that he will take care of the firewall. The assistant gives him his access card to get to the transformer station via the elevator. He also warns Max to be careful not to be caught by the guards.

The assistant needs to go to the server room-data center soon. Nina gives Max one of the walkie talkies.

Look around for usable items:

As Nina:     Look around. See the fusion chamber

 Open the drawer beside Nina to get remote control flying saucer - model UFO; a hobby of the assistant.

Take the partially burnt cigar of Van Rijn's.

See that Cunningham wrecked the console, the key is broken off. There is a red telephone on the console.

Check the wastebasket left of the assistant to get poster strip and pencil.

Deactivate laser grid:

Clean room:    The assistant says the security system has been activated.

There are invisible laser beams that if triggered will hermetically seal the room and release deadly gas.

The laser beams can be deactivated at the console on the wall but the assistant does not have the keycard to use it.

Make the laser beams visible:    Look around.

Check the console on the wall and sensor at the ceiling.

Check the 2 lab coats to get key with lighter key ring, lipstick and pocket mirror.

In inventory light the cigar with the lighter.

Place the smoking cigar on the empty table at left wall. See the laser grid.

Get the keycard:    Check the table on wall in the hallway. It has a keycard. It might the one that is needed to deactivate the lasers.

Check the pocket mirror in inventory and see that it is double sided.

Combine the pocket mirror with poster strips.

Use the mirror with poster strip on laser grid. Nina separates the mirror and places one on the wall and another that points to the laser beam. See a small opening in the grid.

Attach some poster strips on the model UFO.

Use the model UFO with poster strips on the table with the keycard in the hallway.

Nina asks the assistant to fly the UFO model to get the keycard. Betty, the UFO model gets the keycard.

Get to transformer station above ground:   

As Max:    The elevator stops. Van Rijn thinks it's Nina that is in the elevator. Max talks to Van Rijn.

Check the slab on the ceiling. It is held by screws.

Take the keycard from the elevator panel. Use the keycard on the slab to unscrew the panel.

Exit to the ceiling.

Max is now above the elevator. Take the metal pin on the floor at right side.

Climb the ladder and the elevator is soon traveling down.

Use the metal pin on the guide wheels at left to jam it.

As Nina (continued):

Hospital Ward:    Use the keycard to enter the hospital ward at right.

Go to the right behind the curtain. Use the key with lighter on the locked top wall cupboard to get dressing material, disinfectant, laser pointer and defibrillator.

Laser grid:    Exit the hospital.

Use the keycard on the console right of the hallway. The laser grid is now off.

Go to data center.

Take care of the guards:    See 2 guards by the data center door.

Look around and see pipes and sprinkler system above the heavily armed guards.

Nina talks to the assistant. Hahahahaha.

Use the laser pointer on the sprinkler system above the left guard. The sprinkler sprinkles. ;) The right guard leaves to check the sprinkler system.

The remaining guard stays by the door and the water - puddle is pooling under him.

Use the defibrillator on the puddle. Ouch.

Data Center:    Enter the data center. The guard is now trying to get in with the torch.

Look around. Check the overhead pipes and Nina says it contains liquid nitrogen to cool the servers.

Check the fire cabinet and see that it is locked. Use the defibrillator on the fire cabinet.

Take the axe. Use the axe on the overhead pipe. The pipe releases the gas just in time for the incoming guard to be hit.

Nina takes the dropped gun.

As Max (continued):   

Use the ladder to go above ground.

Check the transformer building and the door. It is locked and the keycard does not work.

Use the walkie talkie by clicking it on Max. Max calls Nina and asks if the transformer building can be opened from the control center.

Nina says yes if Max can give the identifier of the door.

Look close at the lock of the door. See that the panel is held by screws.

Use the keycard on the screws. Click on the identifier number at bottom - XJ-3486.

Click the walkie talkie on Max again to give the identifier to Nina.

The 2 choices offered at Alcatraz lead to 2 different choices at force field event (so 4 different endings). The differences are seen in the "what happened to the characters" clip at the ending.

Playing the different choices will also get the 4 different achievements when the game is finished: Partner, Party animal, Good Samaritan and Hero. Playing all variables-choices will garner the Perfectionist achievement.


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