Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis

by Deep Silver

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2009


Gameplay:    The game is a point and click mouse controlled game. The Start Frame has Play, uninstall, configure, website, readme and exit. The configure has selection for full screen, widescreen, resolution, antialiasing, refresh rate, V-sync and software cursor settings.

The Main Menu has New Game, Load Game, Options, Credits, Cinema and Quit. The Options menu has selections for audio (music, atmo, speech and effects), graphics (shadows, quality and lighting) and game (subtitles, help and inventory).

The inventory bar is at the bottom of the screen. The gameplay controls are found right of the inventory bar. The computer accesses the gameplay menu. The magnifying glass is for gameplay help in identifying active spots and exits. The diary has the important events that have been done. At the end of the diary is a question mark that shows help for tricky situations.  The game help can also be activated by the space bar if that option was selected at the Options menu. A picture can also be seen at lower right sometime during the game. Clicking on a picture changes the main character to that depicted character.

ESC key accesses the main menu also. Space bar shows the actives spots during gameplay and can also skip dialogues or cutscenes.

The saves can be overwritten by selecting save of an old saved game

Note: If you turned on the hints under options, use the magnifying glass (search scene) at bottom right of screen or press the space bar to see active items and exits in that gameplay screen. Double click on the exits will change the screen faster to the next scene. Left mouse click is for pickup or use and right mouse click is for identification.

This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay. Some events in a location can be done in any order.


Brother Matthew comes out of the rectory of the St. Mary the Virgin Church. He hears sounds in the garden on his way to the church. He is hit on the neck by a dart. 2 commandos come out of the garden looking to get information about a parchment.


Christ College, Cambridge

Library:    Bishop Parrey's presence is verified by the commandos. Bishop Parrey is working on a parchment sent to him by Matthew Wakefield found during renovation of the church crypt. The Bishop thinks that William Patterson can translate the parchment since it is his main interest. The phone rings and he listens to a message by the CID concerning the death of Brother Matthew. The line goes dead. The window blows open. In closing the window, the Bishop sees the 2 commandos.

The diary has an entry. The parchment written in code concerns a Zandona that prophesizes about end of the world.

Hide the parchment:    Press the space bar or click on the magnifying lens at bottom right of screen.

Go to the paper at desk and see that the book Cryptographic Symbolism has been reserved by both William Patterson and Dr. Lucie Forrester.

Right click the red book and see that it is the Cryptographic Symbolism. Take the book. In inventory, combine the book with the parchment. Place book with parchment on bookshelf at left.

Automatically exit at left door.

Be sure that Patterson gets the book and not Forrester:    See the office at left and the office of Forrester at right. Both are locked.

Use the keys on left office door. Check the lecture schedule board on wall right of door.

Exchange the name of Forrester and Patterson so that Forrester gets the earlier lecture schedule in the morning and Patterson in the afternoon.

See what happens to the Bishop.

Hamburg, one week later

Nina is going on a cruise vacation. She talks to her father about her breakup with Max. Nina is accosted by a man that afterwards gets run over by a loader. Nina enters the cruise ship and starts her vacation.


North Sea, Cruise Ship

Find Nina's luggage. As Nina.

Nina's cabin:    She is in cabin 3 as seen in her key chain. Look around.

She checks the luggage and sees that it is not hers but a William Patterson's.

Take the single roller skate from bottom of the closet.

Exit the room and meet a man. He talks about end of the world. He is in the travel business.

Reception room:    Go upstairs and ring the bell on the reception desk.

Uh oh. The bell got broken. Talk to the porter. He will search for the suitcase.

Learn that William Patterson was the man that was in the accident at the dock. Patterson died.

The man standing by the window talks to Nina about Patterson.

Nina is exhausted and goes to bed.

Paper trail:   

First clue:    A knock wakes Nina up and she goes out to the hallway. Her bikini top is on the banister. A message is attached to it.

The message has a clue about the rest of her clothes - They come from outer space. But seen from down here that doesn't seem important anymore.

Go upstairs and see a UFO - child's alien ship toy. Wheels are missing on one side. Use the roller skate on the UFO. Push it over the glass skylight on the floor.

Go downstairs and look at the skylight - window on the ceiling left of the stairs. The window is dirty.

Clean the window:    Go upstairs and then bottom screen. Go left to the sun deck.

Take the ice bucket from the bar and the woolen blanket from the lounge chair on the left.

Go to left screen and use the ice bucket on the pool. Go back downstairs.

Go right from Nina's room. Read the newspaper.

Take the oar on the left wall and the flashlight on the right wall. See a picture of Noah's ark at the end of the hallway.

Enter the laundry room at left. See a sink, washer, broken dryer, steam leaking from the furnace and bell.

Use the bucket of water on the soap dispenser beside the sink.

In inventory, combine the bucket of water with soap, blanket and then oar to get extended cleaning equipment.

Go back to the dirty skylight and use the cleaning equipment on the window - skylight.

Use the flashlight to read what is written under the UFO.

Second clue:    The message states that the last clue is at the back of the ship.

Go to the right and end of hallway. Click and take the picture of Noah's ark.

Look at ark picture in inventory and see there's something behind the picture.

Go left to laundry room and use the picture on the steam coming out of the pipes. The picture is of Max.

Third clue:    The clue on Max' picture states - Poor guy he should see a doctor.

Exit the room and go pass the stairs. Try to open sick bay, the last door on the right.

Look through the window. Use the picture of Max on the window and meet Oskar, the perpetrator of the paper trail. Nina's suitcase is beside Oskar.

Intruder in Nina's cabin.

Nina's cabin:    Nina returns to her cabin. Nina hears an argument. She tries to listen through the door but was hit when the door opened.

Nina wakes up at sick bay. The doctor informs her that Ms. Jordan reports that Nina hit her head on the door. She goes upstairs to the dining room to confront Ms. Katharina Jordan and the captain. The captain stops the argument.

Missing handbag.

The next day, Nina sees that her handbag is gone.

Reception desk:    Exit the cabin and report the missing handbag to the Porter at the reception desk. Learn that Patterson's suitcase is missing now.

Check and take some marzipan potatoes from the bowl on the left. See that there is a bolt on the left wall. Check the microphone at right side of the counter. Check the 3 photos on the wall.

Dining room:    Enter the door at left.

Watch television and hear a man talk about Zandona and Puritas Cordis.

Check the picture on the left and note that there's an empty frame.

Check and take roses from the vase on the table and the bottle opener from the other table.

Sun deck:    Exit and then go to bottom screen. Go left to sun deck.

Check and take the poster from the post. Take CD, toothpicks and life belt from the bar. Try to take the keys.

Talk to the barkeeper. He mentions the end of the world thing again. Ask about Pat Shelton and keycards. He can't remember faces.

Talk to Oskar.

Get Ms. Jordan's key.

Check out Ms. Jordan. She's wearing pink bathrobe, ugly sunglasses and hat. Talk to Ms. Jordan.

Go left and talk to the obnoxious travel agent. He run out of sunscreen and asks Nina to get some. Nina takes the tube of sunscreen.

Go to Nina's room. The man stops Nina and talks to Nina before she gets to the stairs. He makes a date to explain about the incidents in the ship. He is in cabin #5.

Go to Nina's room. Click twice on suitcase to get white bathrobe, baseball cap and red socks.

Hat:    Check the lifebelt. It's small. In inventory combine roses and lifebelt to get flower ring.

Exit the room and go to laundry room.

Talk to the passenger standing by the door - Feng Li. He's waiting for the bell to ring to tell him his laundry is done.

Enter the laundry room. Take the fabric that is over the laundry basket.

In inventory combine the fabric with flower ring to make a mock hat.

Empty the washing machine:     Look at bell left of door. Use bottle opener with bell to get bell.

Go out and show the bell to Feng Li. Finally, he takes his laundry.

Pink bathrobe:     Use white bathrobe and red socks in washing machine to get pink bathrobe.

Sunscreen:    Use the tube of sunscreen on soap dispenser.

Dry clothes:    The dryer is broken. Exit the room and go out to upper deck.

Check the ventilation fan and learn that it release hot air. Use wet pink bathrobe and then red socks on vent.

Sunglasses:    Go back to the pool at sun deck. Give the tube of sunscreen with soap to the passenger. Check and then take the sunglasses.

Ms. Jordan look alike:     In inventory combine pink bathrobe, sunglasses and hat to make finished costume-disguise.

Go to the bar area and use finished costume-disguise on Nina.

Watch as she talks to the barkeeper. She was asked the number and Nina does not know.

Ms. Jordan's room number:    Go to reception desk and automatically change clothes on the way.

Bell:    Call the porter by using the bell from laundry on the bolt on the wall left of the reception desk. Use the bottle opener on the hanged bell.

Room number:    Talk to the porter. Tell the porter you need to give Ms. Jordan a gift. Use the poster on the porter. He places the poster in Ms Jordan's box and leaves.

Use the CD on the counter and learn that the poster is in cabin 2 slot as reflected by the shiny CD.

Go back to the barkeeper and wear the disguise. Talk to him and get the cabin 2 key of Ms. Jordan.

Ms Jordan's cabin #2:    Go back to the cabins below. Use the key on room right of the sick bay and left of the stairs.

Look around. Take the magazine with the cover of George Rooney from the floor right of the bed. Take the handbag from the bed.

Nina hears a knock and hides under the bed. Someone searches the cabin.

Ms Jordan's reason for the story.

Go back to Ms Jordan at the sundeck and talk to her. She wants a Bloody Mary.

Go to the bar and ask for a Bloody Mary. She is given the cocktail served in the wrong glass.

Nina takes the cocktail and gives it to Jordan. Learn about the man that scared her.

Ms Jordan chokes and becomes unconscious. The captain talks to Nina by the sick bay.

Man Overboard:   

Nina goes to bed to rest. She wakes up from the nap. Go to the dining room for the meeting with the man.

While waiting, she sees 2 men fight outside. The other man with a ponytail falls over the railing and to the water.

Automatically talk with the Captain. The only one with a ponytail is the doctor and he is in sick bay as seen from the glass door.

Check the man in cabin 5:

The next day, Nina decides to check on the man she was supposed to meet at dining room. Nina knocks on cabin 5. No one answers.

Nina decides to look through the porthole of cabin 5 at lower deck. Automatically, Nina goes down and sees a man with his back turned and a ponytail wig on the bed.

Go to sick bay and look through the door at Ms Jordan. See that she is twisted in bed.

Go up and outside. Go up to upper deck. Knock on the door and talk to the captain.

Get proof about man in cabin 5.

Find a way to take a picture:    Go to reception area. Talk to Feng Li with all his cameras. He would not let Nina borrow his instant camera. He takes pictures of celebrities.

Go to dining room and use the magazine on empty frame left of entryway.

Talk to Feng Li again. After checking the picture of George Rooney, they look through the porthole of cabin 5. The man's back is turned. Feng Li does not want to take a picture.

Make man turn around:   

Check the microphone of the reception counter. If you haven't taken some marzipan potatoes from the bowl, do so now.

Go up to the bar and talk to the porter. He's got his headphones on listening to his mp3 player.

Oskar is playing his drums-bongos. Talk to Oskar. His last ping pong ball went overboard. Hmmm...

Go to the dining room and pick up the aluminum foil on the floor right of the middle table.

Go to right screen and talk to the obnoxious travel agent, Fleming Olsen. He's running a contest for a trip to unknown destination. The contestants get a numbered ball after submission of a model of a known landmark.

Make a model of a known landmark:    In inventory combine the aluminum foil and marzipan potatoes to get aluminum potatoes.

Combine toothpicks and aluminum foil to get aluminum toothpicks.

Combine the foiled toothpicks and foiled marzipan to get the Atomium.

Give the Atomium to the travel agent and get a submission ball.

Go back to sun room and give ball to Oskar. He stops playing the bongos. Nina takes the bongos.

The porter takes off his mp3 player. Take the mp3 player.

Go back down to the reception area. Use the mp3 player on microphone. Music goes through the ship. The man in Cabin 5 turns around. It's the barkeeper.

Talk to Feng Li again. They go down to lower deck and he takes a picture of the supposedly incognito George Rooney. He gives a copy to Nina.

Captain:    Go up to the upper deck and knock on Captain's door.

Show the picture to Captain. The captain is convinced.

The man is gone from Cabin 5. They find a dead Ms. Jordan.

Watch what happens to barkeeper, captain, the ship, Nina and the mysterious man.


Max arrives at the island and talks to Sam Peters, the archeologist. She is excavating an ancient temple. Learn what happened to her team of 5 natives and 2 colleagues from Jakarta. A man came and warned the natives that they are desecrating sacred grounds. He talked about Puritas Cordis.

Max rests and hears Sam scream. See Sam caged. One commando ordered the other to watch Sam.

Get a signal to Max:    As Sam.

Make a signal:    In inventory is a signal rocket. Look around and check-see a ramp to the right of the cage. Check-see a fire in front of the guard.

Take the bamboo tube with wire above the cage. Take 3 oranges from the bowl in front of the cage.

Use the 3 oranges on the wire. Combine the bamboo tube and wire with oranges to get mobile construction.

Use the signal rocket with mobile construction to get mobile rocket launch pad.

Use mobile rocket launch pad on the ramp right of the cage.

Check the camp site:    As Max.

Max wakes up and sees a destroyed camp. See the temple and the signal flare.

Pick up the flag at center of the camp. Pick up the peacock feather beside the totem.

Take the wire fence and the bamboo tube beside the garden at bottom right. Check the garden and see slugs.

Click on tree at right and Max picks up the fallen papaya.

Pick up the documents and hard hat beside the fallen table. Open the backpack to get wrapped donut, balloon, beer and glow sticks. Check Max' destroyed tent and get tent poles.

Check the fire. Take the teapot.

Take hibiscus flower from the shrub at bottom of screen.

See fishes jump at the waterfall and frog on lily pad at the river.

Find the temple:   

Go to the path towards the jungle. The monkey leads the way.

Moments later, they are back. The monkey was too fast and loses Max. Max says to find a way so that he can follow the monkey easily.

Make the monkey tractable:    Use teapot in river to get teapot with water. Use hibiscus on teapot. Use the teapot with flower on campfire. After a while, get hibiscus tea; much later get teapot with red dye.

Use papaya with teapot with red dye-mush to get a red papaya.

Give the red papaya to the monkey. Go to the jungle. Follow the red tracks.

Find another way to Sam:   

Max goes around the temple and sees Sam in the cage. Go back to the back of the temple. Look around.

Inscription:    Check the inscription at center tablet. Read the document from the camp and learn the translation of the inscription.

Honor the goddess above all:     Check and take the red Rafflesia that reeks. Flies love it.

Go to the front of the temple. Check the Venus flytrap right of the tree.

Click the Rafflesia on the guard. Max places the Rafflesia on the ground left of the tree.

It's too far from the guard to affect him. Click the tent pole from inventory on the Rafflesia on the ground. Max moves it closer to the guard. The guard moves away. Take Venus flytrap and the Rafflesia.

Go back to the inscription at the back of the temple. Place the Venus flytrap on top niche.

Radiant being:    See fireflies hovering at right. Look at the tendril - branch above the spider web.

Remove the spider web. Place the flag on the tendril. Go out of this screen and then back.

See that the spider made a web left of the flag and caught the fireflies.

Take the spider web with fireflies. Take the flag.

Look close at inscription. Place the fireflies at top left niche.

Ever open eye:    Place the peacock feather on top right niche.

Mute:    Go back to the camp and to the river. In inventory combine the tent poles and wire fence.

Use reinforced fence on the river. See the fish jump over the fence.

Place the flag on the branch hanging over the river. Max takes the fish.

Homeless:    Leave the can of beer at the garden bottom right part of the camp.

Go back to the back of the temple. Look close at inscription. Place the fish at bottom left niche.

Go back to camp. Check the beer can in the garden. Take the slug.

Go back to the back of the temple. Look close at inscription. Place the slug at bottom right niche.

Queen's gold:    Look at the hole at right part of the temple wall. Check the beehive above the inscription table.

Use the wrapped donut on the hole at right part of wall. The bees fly to the donut. Take honeycomb from the beehive.

Look close at inscription. Place the honeycomb at bottom niche.

Done! The backdoor opens.


North Sea, Capsized Cruise Ship

Nina wakes up at the bridge. The ship has capsized. Look around. See the mystery man trapped under a steel girder.

Pick up the bust from the left. See hatch on the floor. There's leaking pipe on the wall and there's some oil at the bottom of the pipe. There's a lever left of the pipe. The 2 doors have water on the other side.

Mystery man:    Talk to man. He wants Nina to find the letter that Patterson must have slipped on her.

Go to other floor.

There's a hatch above the file cabinet.

Open the file cabinet:     Check the file cabinet. It has a combination lock. Check the picture of the ship beside it. It was taken 7 April, '75.

Look close at combination lock. Enter the 7475, the naming of the Calypso in Hamburg.

Pull the drawers. Only one drawer pulled out. Click on the hatch above. Nina wants to check if there's water up there.

Use the bust on the hatch. It sounds hollow. Climb up again and be on the other side.

Reception area:

Take the metal rod from the floor.

Check the documents scattered on the floor and find Nina's ticket. The ticket has the cryptic letter.

Check the jet of water. Use one of the bongo drums on the jet of water.

Look at the chain hanging on the opening above. It is wrapped around the propeller.

Remove the steel girder off the man.

Go down below to the bridge.

Look at the lever on the wall that moves the ship forward and backwards right of the window.

Use the lever and select full speed ahead. See the chains wrapped around the propeller drop down.

Take chain and use it on steel girder. Use the metal rod on the chain.

Use the lever on the wall to full speed backwards. See the girder moved off the man.

Talk to man again. He wants to find a way out.

Find a way out:

Check the yellow hatch. Try to open it but it is rusty.

Use the empty bongo drum on the pipe on the wall. Nina places it on the floor.

Use the bongo drum with water on the pipe on the wall. Get some oil on the other bongo drum.

Use the bongo drum with oil on the yellow hatch.

Open the hatch. Wake up the mystery man.

Coast of France

They reach a land filled with debris from the sea. The mystery man is diabetic. He is now hypoglycemic and going into shock.

Collect items:

Check and use Nina's suitcase. She changes to dry clothes.

Pick up pebbles and wheel by the suitcase. Take life vest from box by water.

Pick up metal sheet, spear gun, car battery and fire hose.

Check the barrel and see that it still has some flammable liquid inside the barrel.

Open tool box:    Check the locked tool box. Use the car battery on tool box. Automatically, take tool box.

Check the high voltage cable hanging from the power pole.

Take the briefcase left of power pole, handbag, hat stand and rake.

Open the briefcase in inventory by right clicking it to get documents and candy bar.

First aid kit:    See the first aid kit above the cliff on the left.

In inventory combine the handbag and pebbles. Use handbag with pebbles on first aid kit.

Open the kit and get bandages. 2 buckets dropped with the kit.

Prepare chocolate drink.

Get fire going:    Check the power pole and see the box on the top of the pole.

Use the spear gun on the power pole. Climb the pole. Automatically turn off the power.

Place the documents at end of the high power cable on the ground. Climb the pole again to turn the power on.

See the documents on fire. Nina turns the power off.

In inventory, combine the rake with the metal sheet to get makeshift shovel.

Use makeshift shovel on small fire. Place small fire on barrel with flammable liquid.

Chocolate drink:    In inventory, combine one bucket with bandages. Use bandaged bucket on sea to get filtered water.

Combine the hat stand with bucket with water.

Use the hat stand with bucket with water on the big fire in the barrel.

Use candy bar on bucket with water. Give the bucket with chocolate water to mystery man - Nina's rescuer.

The rescuer is David Korell, a vicar in Berlin that investigates sects. He investigated the Puritas Cordis. He explains about the prophecies and the letter from a nun.

1681 Ashford, England:     See Sister Elise, the nun writes about the key to stop the Apocalypse. The key is in the Ruins of Gatineau.

Items on other side:   

Climb the passage at right side of the beach. David waits on top to help Nina up the slope.

Talk to David. He wants to know where we are and get the boat going.

Where they are.

Check the tank bag and get a tattered map.

Check and open the yellow suitcase using the car battery. Get dry suit and camera.

Give the dry suit to David. Click on passage to get up and down the other side.

Go to the left screen and look up the hill. See a signpost.

Use the camera on the signpost. Check the map and see that the location of Gatineau is found.

Fix the boat:   

Climb back to the other side.

Get an engine:    Check the motorcycle. The engine still looks okay. Try to take it out of the soft sand.

In inventory, combine the wheel and the fire hose to get hose wheel.

Use hose wheel on motorcycle. Take motorcycle and click it on the boat. The motorcycle is moved close to the boat.

Use toolbox on motorcycle. Nina takes the engine and places it on the boat.

Get a propeller:    Try to use the boat. Nina says it needs a propeller.

Use the makeshift shovel on the landslide. Nina digs near the packaging and gets a fan blade from a truck.

Install the propeller:    Try to use the fan blade on boat. It should be placed below water.

Use the life vest on boat. Nina raises the boat using several life vests.

Now, use the fan blade on boat.

Boat ready:    Use the makeshift shovel on boat and it will be used as oar.

Use the boat and Nina says it's ready to go. Talk to David. See the two go out to sea.


Open the door inside the temple. As Max.

Use hard hat on Max and get some light.

See a niche on the wall beside the entrance. Beside the niche is a door with a shimmer of light under the door.

Wall painting:    Check the wall painting on the wall across the entrance.

Green light - Combine the green balloon with hard hat and see the isolation of the green lines.

Those lines look familiar. Check Sam's documents and see the symbols of the planets. It is Venus.

Red light - In inventory, combine the red dye in the teapot with cling wrap. Use the red cling wrap with the hard hat.

See another set of isolated lines on the wall painting.

Those lines look familiar. Check Sam's documents and see the symbols of the planets. It is Juno.

Blue light - Use the flag on the helmet and see a third set of lines on the wall painting.

Those lines look familiar. Check Sam's documents and see the symbols of the planets. It is Neptune.


Ancient control panel:    Go left of the wall painting and Max describes a control panel.

It has 3 rows of the 8 planetary symbols. Select one symbol per row.

Select the symbols that make up the wall painting: Venus, Juno and Neptune.

From left to right: first row = 5th, second row = 2nd and third row = 7th. Done! The door opens.

Get rid of the guard.


Select Max' picture at bottom right.

Max whispers to Sam. Max' voice is magnified coming out of the head. The guard gets scared but recognizes it as human.

White berries:    Go to the front of the temple and take white berries from the shrub beside the tree.

Frog:    Go back to the camp. Use the Rafflesia on the flat stone at the shore of the river.

Watch as flies surrounds the plant. The frog comes to feed. Max takes the frog.

Go back inside the temple. Use the white berries on the hole. Sam takes the berries.

Use the bamboo tube on the hole. Sam gets the bamboo.


Select Sam's picture at bottom right.

Check the white berries in inventory. Sam says the natives use it to induce trance for ritual dancing.

Use bamboo on the fruit bowl. Sam takes a raspberry.

In inventory, combine the white berry with raspberry to get a laced raspberry.

Goad the guard:    Talk to the guard and Sam goads the guard. Huh, what?

The guard eats the laced raspberry. He starts hallucinating.

Vision for the guard.


Select Max' picture at bottom right.

Use the glow stick on ugly face. That was not enough to scare the guard.

Use the frog on ugly face. That did it. The guard runs away.

Max picks up a square key. Max convinces Sam to walk and find help. He wants to stay and check the other door.

Max uses the square key on the niche and enters the other door. Max sees a robot bomb.

The commando arrives. The bomb is triggered remotely. The volcano erupts. Lava flows.

Max runs and is caught by 2 Puritas Cordis commandos.

Gatineau, France

David explains about the nun's dream of a saint. He gives the drawing that was part of the letter.

Look for a saint:

Talk to the Land Surveyor at left completely.

Go to left path. See a snack stand and information board.

Information stand:    Check the 3 buttons of the information board above the flap. The flap is locked.

Snack stand:    Check the snack stand. The sign says 'be right back'. Take a fortune cookie.

Pick up the paper cup on the ground.

Parking lot:    Go to left path. See the construction trailer, sign with a plastic boulder logo, SUV and derelict car.

Check the sign post.

Take the pocket knife, spirit level, power cable and cloth pouch from the table. Take the mirror from the trailer's side.

Statue:    Go to left path and see a statue. David arrives and checks the plaque. It is a saint. He gives the translated Elise letter.

Look close at the saint's statue. It is pointing to somewhere.

Follow where the saint is pointing at:

Statue:    Use the spirit level on the statue's left arm.

Signpost:    Go right and see the laser hit the sign post. Turn the signpost to the left 3 times. Nina will say if it is lined up with the statue's arm.

Go back and take the spirit level from the statue and place it on the signpost.

Snack stand:    Go right and see that it hit the snack stand.

Move the snack stand:    Talk to the sleeping Chinese and learn about his contract to stay here even through there's only one employee around.

Go right path and talk to surveyor. He's still looking for valuable things.  Give him a fortune cookie.

Go back to snack stand and get another fortune cookie from bowl. Use pocket knife on fortune cookie. Read the message. If it is a good fortune, get another from the bowl. Use the pocket knife on it again.

The third fortune cookie's message reads - If you ignore the warning and disregard your neighbor's misfortune, disaster will strike you also.

Make the fortune be true:

Give the disaster fortune message on the Chinese man. He will bake a new cookie and place the message on that one.  

Go right to where the surveyor is working and use pocket knife on the rockslide sign right by the rubble.

Go left until parking lot. Use pocket knife on the P(arking) sign beside the surveyor's car. Place the rockslide sign on the post between the cars.

Use the pocket knife on the plastic boulder logo of the Lazare Construction right of the trailer.

Place plastic boulder on derelict car.

Go to the right until the surveyor. Give the surveyor the fresh fortune cookie. Talk to surveyor about cookie and car. Nina showed the sign, boulder and talked about the cookie. The surveyor moved the car.

Talk to the Chinese at the snack stand that the only employee left.

He immediately drives away. Pick up the aluminum foil from the ground.

Spirit level:    The laser disappeared. Go back and take the spirit level from the signpost. It must be out of juice.

Go to information stand and use the pocket knife on the flap below the buttons. Take batteries.

Use batteries on spirit level. Place the spirit level back on sign post.

Information stand:    See that the laser points to the information stand. The stand can't be moved.

In inventory, combine the mirror and the power cable to get tied up mirror.

Use the tied up mirror on the hook above the laser.

Use the cloth pouch on the soil of the mole hill in front of the stand.

Use the filled cloth pouch on the mirror. See that the laser points to the ground.

Use aluminum foil on the laser beam-molehill on the ground.

Remove the rubble:    Go right and see that the laser beam points to the rubble.

In inventory, combine the paper cup and aluminum foil. Use the aluminum foil wrapped cup on the rubble.

Talk to the surveyor. He checks the rubble and sees something sparkling. He removes the rubble and finds a 'silver goblet'.

The key:    Click on the iron key on the wall.

Enter and see a wine cellar.

Stone discs:    Look close at the 3 discs on the wall. There are 3 wheels at the bottom that turn the discs.

The bottom bar resets the puzzle.

The aim is to have all the holes at the conjunction of the 3 discs.

Or place all the 1s together at the center. Clue would be to have all the V (5s) across the holes.

Move the right wheel so that the hole is at center of the conjunction.

Move the middle wheel 1 time.

Move the left wheel 4 times.

Take the ring from the niche at the conjunction of the holes.

Wooden board:    Look close at wooden board on top of the wine barrel.

There are circles with letters and an empty circle at left.

Use the nun's drawing on the buttons. Use the ring on the empty circle at left. The buttons pop up and can now be pressed.

David arrives and says that the statue is of St Austrebert of Rouen.

Look close at the wooden board again.

Check the nun's drawings and see lines connecting the circles.

Press the buttons following the lines to spell AUSTREBERT.

The barrel opens. Take letter and cloth with holes. The letter is addressed to Cardinal Coubertin.

Brother Bernard writes that the letter and template were given to the nun, Sister Elise. (But she did not deliver them). The cardinal has to place the template on the parchment sent to the Cardinal to see the plans of Zandona.

Max in cage:    Max is questioned by Pat Shelton, head of Puritas Cordis. He wants to know about Nina because her picture was recognized by the barkeeper.


Paris, France

Nina and David are at the ruins of Cardinal Coubertin's estate. Nina will look around here at the ruins for the lost library while David does research.


Blue stone and emblem:    See a blue stone stuck in the pillar. Pull the white king blue stone and Nina falls through weak cement floor.

Look at the emblem on the wall: Institio Finis Viae Est. Standing still is the end of the path.

Check the door at left and the blocked entrance at right.

Click on the hole at the ceiling. A homeless man arrives to help. He drops a bench or pew that can be use as a ladder.

Curator:    The homeless man looks familiar. Talk to the homeless man. Learn about Cardinal Coubertin and his curator. The cardinal died in 1663 and the curator died 10 yrs in a squalid basement. His name is Michel or something like that. The cardinal brought him back from one of his journeys. He served the cardinal for 40 yrs. He goes out in public completely covered.

Compost heap:    Check and click on the compost heap to get candle and stick.

Cemetery:    Go right and look for the curator's grave.

Paths selections:    Anno 1670; poor, ripe old age, women.

See the tombstone. 3 of the letters are tilted - S, A and F.

Archives:    Go back to the ruins - passage by the homeless man. Go down the hole.

Emblem:    Look close at the emblem and tilt the letters S A and F like Michelle's tombstone.

Chasm:    The door at left opens. There is a door on the other side of the chasm.

Map:    Check the map left of the entryway. See a map and a story of the king of France in a battle against his foe from Brittany.

Look at the mosaic squares on the floor. See a chessboard with 5 empty fields.

Place the white king blue stone on one of the empty field and Nina would say there is a need for more stones for the empty fields.

Go up to the surface. Check the altar.

Go and talk to the homeless man about the mosaic. He gives a map marked with the structures that used from the stones from the ruins.

The map is at bottom right and can be used to jump to those places.

Collect the blue stones.


Talk to the street cleaner. He is not sweeping the other side of the bridge because he doesn't want to get wet. He will sweep the other side if he's already wet.

Look around. See a puddle in front of the street cleaner.

Check the garbage heap and get 5 Euros and a pacifier.

Metro:    Go right from the bridge and automatically be at the metro station.

Get the street cleaner wet:    Talk to the Italian standing at the corner. Rossi is waiting for friends in a van. He is standing in the corner because usually this is the place one makes a wrong turn.

Check his red sports car, a Ferrari. There's a scratch on the hood already. It is alarmed.

Look up and see that the clock stopped.

Enter the old Metro station. Look around.

Take the teddy bear from left. The fountain has no water. The ceiling above the fountain is painted.

Check the kiosk and read-take the sign.

Check the bubble gum machine. It needs 10 cents to buy one. Take the red umbrella.

Check the switch and Nina turns on the fountain.

Clock:    Look out the window and see the hands of the clock.

Place the candle on the minute hand of the clock.

Turn on the clock mechanism. See Nina run back to Rossi to establish an alibi.

The car alarm sounded. While checking the car, Rossi's friends in the van makes the wrong turn.

Hear the van splashes the street cleaner wet.

Park:    Nina follows a depressed Rossi.

Pick up and read the newspaper beside him. Learn about the saving of the passengers of the Calypso by Puritas Cordis.

Talk to Rossi. Look around. Check the statue and the fountain.

Homeless man:    Go left and talk to the same homeless man. He will use his money to find a place to sleep if he gets food. He says the zoo is open now and mentions throwing money in magic fountain.

Take the yellow tennis ball from the sand box and the hula hoop from the water. Check the chateau at other side of the bank.

Zoo:    Use the map to jump to the zoo.

Look at the statue and see that someone painted the toes red. Take the red nail polish from the stand the soda can full of holes from the ground.

Talk to the zookeeper. He says there is a blue stone at the crocodile enclosure. He is waiting for the ducks before he can give the baguettes.

Crocodile:    Go right and see the blue stone on the base of the crocodile platform.

Read the sign and gives info about the crocodile. It detects underwater vibration.

Take the noisemaker on the ground at left.

Move the crocodile away from the blue stone:

Check the water in enclosure. Throw the teddy bear to the water in enclosure. The crocodile jumps to the water.

Click on the boat and Nina starts the engine. The vibration attracts the crocodile to depend its territory.

Get in the enclosure:

Check the elephant at right. Pick up the empty box of peanuts. Elephants love peanuts.

Check the empty nest and the tree with insects.

Monkeys:    Go left of the entrance and see the monkey. It has a tire, ball and can of peanuts.

Go back and talk to the zookeeper about the monkey. Show the monkey a training stick and it will copy what you do.

Go back to the monkey cage at left. Take the stick from inventory and use on Nina. Nina shows the stick to monkey. Monkey faces Nina.

Place the hula hoop at crack on ground and stick on hole. Place the soda can on top of stick.

Now go through hula hoop. It copies Nina.

Take tennis call and hit the soda can. The monkey takes the ball and hits the can of peanuts. Take the can of peanuts.

Elephant:    Go back to the elephant and give it peanuts taken from the monkey.

Use the can of peanuts on the empty nest on the tree. The elephant topples the tree.

Climb the tree to automatically get the black castle blue stone.

Bridge blue stone:    Jump to bridge.

See that the bridge is cleaned. See the blue stone.

Use the umbrella on the stone and get the black pawn (peasants) blue stone.

Call the ducks:

Bridge:    Look at the ducks in the river. Use the noisemaker on Nina. The ducks comes closer.

Park:    Go left and stand by the railing close to water. Use the noisemaker on Nina. The ducks arrive.

Dock at Zoo:    Jump to Zoo. Go right to crocodile display. Go left to the dock.

Use the noisemaker on Nina. The ducks fly in.

Go back and talk to the zookeeper about the baguette.

Use the baguette on the milk cans by the zookeeper. If not soaked in milk, the homeless man can not eat it because of his teeth.

Homeless man at Park:    Jump to park and go left.

Give the baguette soaked in milk to the homeless. Nina takes the bottle of booze.


Metro:    Jump to metro. Use the red nail polish on the Ferrari's scratch. Take the candle from the ground.

Park:    Jump to Park and talk to Rossi about fountain and car.

Use the 5 euro coin on the fountain. Rossi finally looks at the car.

He goes back to the fountain and throws 10 cents in.

Go back to the park and click on fountain to get the 5 and 10 cents coins.

Go back to metro and use the 10 cent coin on bubble gum machine.

Jail:    Jump to jail.

Look around. Check the 2 drunk tanks. The right drunk tank has the blue stone.

Talk to the police officer. She asks if Nina is drunk - maybe.

Get in the correct drunk tank:

Use the gum on the lock of the left drunk tank.

Use the bottle of booze on Nina.

Talk to the police officer again. She does a blood test.

She leaves to answer the phone. Use booze on syringe. Nina is jailed.

Get the blue stone:

Nina talks to the musical prisoner next cell.

Take the broken ball and the spoon at the corner.

Use the spoon on the blue stone. The police officer hears the noise.

Talk to the wall - prisoner next cell. Ask him to play harmonica.

He wants Nina to answer his riddles first.

1. It is a number between 1-5. You can not find that number in this cell.

2. This number has Nina trapped.

3. It is an even number that stands but not all can walk.

Answers are:

1. 5 - nothing in Nina's cell can be counted to 5.

2. 9 - there are 9 bars on the ceiling window.

3. 6 - there are 4 legs on the chair and 2 on Nina.

Click on wall and select 5, 9 and 6.

He plays the harmonica. Use the spoon on the blue stone to get the Black king blue stone.

Click on the door to get released. Procedural error?


Get the blue stone:   

Go to the Park. Use the broken ball and get water from the fountain.

Jump to Metro. Enter the station. Use the ball with water on fountain. Nina fills the fountain.

Use the switch left of the clock. The water is not high enough to reach the ceiling.

Plug the fountain with the pacifier and candle. Use the switch left of the clock.

The water jet removed the paint off the ceiling and revealed the blue stone.

Use the umbrella on the stone. Nina picks up the white knight blue stone.

Ruins-cemetery:    Now that Nina has collected all the blue stone, jump to cemetery.

Go to passage through arch and down the hole. Go left to the chasm.

Review the clues on the map.

King is in Provence.

Peasants are north from him.

Reinforcements are coming from Navarre extreme left of the king.

Fortress stops the reinforcement and is east from him.

The foe is in Brittany at top left.

Look at the mosaic on the floor. Place the blue stones that represent the clues on the map at their proper place. Move the white square to blank squares to place the blue stone in a correct blank square.

White King is bottom right (Provence).

White knight is bottom left (Navarre).

Black tower (fortress) is right of white knight.

Black pawn (peasants) is above the white king.

Black king (foe Brittany) is top left (Brittany).


A bridge drops from top of the cave.

Archives:    Enter the archives. all the books are in Latin.

David arrives to help. He tells about his findings concerning Zandona. A disciple of Puritas Cordis comes in and takes them prisoner.

While at the bridge, David fights to let Nina escape. Nina is stopped by the former bartender.

Hear David cry out and fall off the bridge.

Chateau in France

Max in cell:   

Pat Shelton and the barkeeper aide questions Max about Nina.

Escape from cell:

Take the apple from the floor. Use the apple on the trash picker.

Use the trash picker on the stove door.

Pat Shelton:   

Watch as Nina and Max are reunited at the control center of Pat Shelton. Pat Shelton rants.

At the yard, any answer given to Shelton ends the same way. Shelton shoots Max. Max falls on the open grave.

Nina is tied and locked up in the cell. Max rises from his grave. :)

As Max:

Backyard:   Take the vase from the dog's grave and the shovel by the wire wall.

Check the footprints and see where the guards patrol.

Go right to the passage. Look in the window of the cell at left wall and see Nina tied up.

Talk to Nina.

As Nina:

Click on the cell and Nina calls out to guard. The guard talks about soccer. She is cold and is hungry.

The guard checks the thermometer by the door and sees that it is normal.

As Max:

Storeroom:    Pull back and go to the other room. Check the footprints and see where the guards patrol.

See a mouse trap. Use the trash picker on the mouse trap to get a big chunk of cheese.

Enter the window on the left wall. Look around.

See a lectern by the window.

Check the books and magazines on the shelf back of the room. The books are Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, 666 The Devil's number, 7 Deadly sins and 150 Microwave Dishes.

The soccer magazines are titled Eleven Friends. Take the ice spray beside the magazines.

Check the shelf at middle of the room. Take 2 sacks and camera.

Take the hanger above the sewing machine. Take the GamerGirl and the TV.

Courtyard:    Go back to the backyard. Take the left path and see the guard.

Look at the footsteps in the courtyard and see where the guard patrols.

Click on hatch at right and see the door to Shelton's tower is right of the hatch.

Another door is left of where the guard is standing.

Get a disguise:

As Max, use the ice spray on the thermometer.

As Nina, click on cell to call the guard. Complain about being cold. The guard checks the thermometer. The guard throws the robe on Nina.

As Max, go to Nina and take the robe-cowl using the trash picker. Use cowl on Max.

Distract the guard:   

Go to storeroom. In inventory, combine TV and hanger. Place the TV with antenna on lectern. Turn it on and see a soccer game. Exit through the door by sewing machine.

Talk to the guard completely especially about his rounds. The guard does his rounds and watches the soccer game.

Release Nina:

Take wild garlic from the patch.

Cell door code:    Check the bench in between the doors. See something written on it. Use the camera to record it.

Enter the right door and show Nina the picture. It's too dark.

Combine the picture with GamerGirl. It illuminates the picture. Nina reads Snow White, Soccer and Devil.

Look close at the number pad left of door. Enter the number code: Snow White (7), Soccer (11 from magazine) and Devil (666). Select 711666.

The cell door opens. Max unties Nina.

Hide Nina:   

Max leaves Nina in the storeroom. Use one of the sacks on Nina and Nina is hidden inside the sack.

Exit through the door and be at the courtyard. See a guard standing by Shelton's door and the mercenary guard is despondent.

Talk to mercenary guard. (He recognizes Nina because he's the guard at the Military Hospital in Russia seen in Secret Files 1: Tunguska.) He is out of his favorite cheese soup.

Talk to the guard by Shelton's tower. The hatch is locked and is opened only for coal delivery.

Go left to the backyard. Use the shovel on the burned doghouse. Use the sack to collect the debris.

Go back to Nina in the storeroom. Use the coal sack on Nina in sack.

Go back to the guard by Shelton's tower and show Nina in coal sack.

Max places sack with Nina down the coal hatch.

Max goes left and looks through the cellar window to talk to Nina.

As Nina:

Take the helmet from top shelf; cloth handkerchiefs and wine bottle from bottom shelf.

Take coal from pile at left.

Go right and hear the parrot screech. The guard checks in through the door.

Try to use the handkerchiefs on the parrot and see that they are too small. Give the handkerchiefs to Max.

As Max:

Go to the storeroom's sewing machine. Use the handkerchiefs on the sewing machine to get sheet.

Go back to the cellar window. Give the trash picker, sheet, wild garlic, vase and cheese to cellar window - Nina.

Remove the guard by Shelton's tower:

As Nina:     Use the sheet with trash picker and then on the parrot bird cage. Take the gold medal hanging right of the parrot.

Turn on the stove's fire by clicking coal on it. In inventory, combine helmet, wild garlic, cheese and wine bottle.

Use the potential cheese soup on the lit stove to get helmet with cheese soup. Use the cheese soup with the vase.

Give the vase with cheese soup and gold medal to Max.

As Max:    Go to the despondent mercenary guard. Give him the cheese soup.

The guard eats the soup in the cell room.

Use the gold medal on the stinky straw. Talk to the guard. Max brings it to the attention of the guard.

The guard finds the medal. Use the alarm button. This brings the guard by Shelton's tower.

Stop the volcano eruption:

After Nina and Max said their good lucks, Nina is at Shelton's command center.

Use the cheese soup in helmet on Shelton. He falls down the opening at bottom of screen.

Control panel:    Look close at the control panel.

See the book about Zandona on the right and phone on the left. At the center is a panel that has the chip card, number buttons and 3 colored buttons on the right.

Press the light blue button. This will change the radio frequency between bomb and the control station. It asks for a new frequency. (If you want - enter any number and then enter button.) Press the X button.

Press the purple button and it states that any number aside for 1 deactivates the alarm system of the main gate. Press any number except 1. Press the enter (arrow) button right of the numbers.

Press the red button and it will activate the self destruct mechanism. It asks for 7 digit code. Press the numbers based on the phone buttons at left that corresponds to ZANDONA - 9152551 and then enter (arrow) button right of the numbers.

Take the red chip card. Back up.

Shelton comes back. Automatically Nina jumps through the opening.

Note: Nina jumps down or climbs the shaft to save herself until you do the necessary actions.

Do this until Nina goes to the level with the red door. Take the oil canister close to the stairs at left. The oil canister has a rusty lid.

Go to the shaft at right with the cable to go up one level at a time.

Go up until the control room. Use the oil canister on the left window to get the guards shoot the can and have holes on it.

Pour oil on the stairs. Push the Statue of Liberty on stairs. Nina cuts the rope at the shaft.

Rescued:    Max arrives in time. Shelton and the barkeeper arrive at the control room.


Watch the ending that shows what happened to the characters in the game.

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