An Adventure game by Arxel Tribe - and - &Wanadoo

Walkthrough by Karen July
June 2001
Rev 1.0


"The third and last Episode of our Paulo Coelho trilogy (after Pilgrim and The Legend). The breathtaking sequel of As Sayf's adventures and its quest for the truth... "
-- Arxel Tribes Website
The adventure takes place in the Middle East, mid-13th century. You play as Tancrede de Nerac, a Frankish knight who had served the Knights Templar and known among the desert people as As-Sayf, the "Scimitar", named after the curved blade he bears. You are seeking Simon de Lancrois who has taken refuge among the sect of Assassins at Alamut. Seeking revenge, you desire to kill Simon.

Game Play

Game Manual Additions:

The Game Manual does not explain this cursor appearance, which I call a drag icon in this walkthrough. To use the drag icon, click and hold down the left-mouse button and drag the icon in a direction, then release.

Also, the Game Manual does not explain the Main Menu selection titled Resume. Click on this selection to see the background movie leading up to the beginning of the game.

When you right click during the game, across the top of the screen you will see "Actions" and "Bag". One of them will open by default.

Actions -- These are the items used for "action". In the center is the Shield used for dialogue with characters.
Bag -- In your bag you carry inventory items you pick up and use along the way.
At the beginning of the game you carry:
Actions -- a Dagger and a Scimitar
Bag -- a Lighter and the First amulet piece
When reading this walkthrough, the terms:
"Ask", "talk to", "speak" mean to use the Actions/Shield (Note: 4 corners of the shield = 4 questions possible).
"Pick up", "use", refer to inventory items in the Bag.
"Look at" means to click on the "eye" icon.
"Look down/up" means to pan the cursor downwards/upwards.
"Combine" means to enter your inventory and use one object on another.

There are no "battle" scenes, per se, in this adventure, but there are some timed-puzzles, which if not completed timely, you will "die". Also, sometimes choosing the wrong dialogue choice you will "die" -- not always, just in a couple places. Even though the dialogue traps are logical and the timed-puzzles provide enough time to complete the task, it is still recommended to save the game often.


Fortress of the Assassins: Camp - Cave of Acid Pools - Room of Colors - Hall of Sisters - Furnace Room - Tomb - Corridor of Planets - Valley of Pleasure - Old Man of the Mountain - Camp
Temple Ruins

The Monastery : Procles Tomb - Procles Library - Church

The Mines : Mine Entrance - First Gallery - Mine Tunnels - Gold Gallery - Statue Room - Cemetery of Warriors
Town of Hama
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Fortress of the Assassins


(If you haven't clicked on the Resume selection in the Main Menu, do so first, to find out what is going on.)

Talk to the three men sitting around the campfire. Ask them about the old man of the mountain. The caravanier tells you to go to the town of Hama.

You ride to the mountain entrance.

Enter the mountain and walk forward. Be careful. Each test is a deadly trap and you can "die".

Cave of Acid Pools

You step into a cave directly in front of a pool filled with acid. There is a door at the other end of the room with a lock on it. There is an empty flask against the outer wall of the cave. You must get to the door on the other side of the room by stepping in the pools of green liquid. Caution: some of the pools are filled with acid.

Retrieve an empty flask located at 5
Follow the path 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5. Pick up the empty flask against the outer wall.

Fill the empty flask with acid in pool A:
Retrace your steps to the beginning 5 -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 and step out of the pool back to the entrance. Use the empty flask on the pool of acid A to get acid in flask.

Open the door located at 7:
Follow the path 1 -> 2 -> 3 ->4 -> 6 and step out of the pool in front of the door 7. Use the acid in flask on the lock. The door will open and you walk through.

Room of Colors

In this room there are spikes hanging from the ceiling. In the center there are three vats of color: red, yellow and blue. Across the room is a door with a diamond shape surrounded by four vials. Using your now empty flask you must use the colors in the vats to fill the vials on the door to match the color on the diamond they sit next to. You can only carry three parts of any color at one time. Hurry, though, because at timed intervals the spikes descend from the ceiling. Facts: red+blue=purple and yellow+blue=green.

Use the empty flask on the yellow vat to get 3 yellow. Walk to the door. Use 1 part of 3 yellow on 1and use the remaining 2 parts of yellow on 2. Return to the vats.

Use the empty flask on the blue vat to get 3 blue. Walk to the door. Click to use 2 parts of 3 blue on 2and use the remaining 1 part of blue on 4. Return to the vats.

Use the empty flask on the red vat to get 3 red. Walk to the door. Click to use 1 part of 3 red on 4and use the remaining 2 parts of red on 2

When correct, the door opens.

Hall of the Sisters

You enter the hallway from the left and need to get to the door on the right. There is a river of lava down the center with flagstone paths on each side. Look down to see a translation about the sisters -- look at both sides of the writing. You must get to the door at the other end. Caution: the sisters' are watching from the wall -- not all flagstones are safe to step on.

Jump on the flagstones in order: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 9

When you reach the last ( 9 ), you will automatically exit the door on the right. 

Furnace Room

When you enter the room, there is a column directly in front of you. On the top of the column is the head of an animal. There is a face of the animal on each of the four sides of the column. The room has vents on the walls all around the room. Clicking on the different faces causes different vents to rotate. One of the vents on the wall opens to a passage. You must click the faces in the correct combination to open the passage.

1 With your back to the door you came in, click three times on the animal head directly in front of you. 

2 Walk to the left of the column. Turn towards the column and click three times on that animal head.

If correct, you turn around and enter through the opening in the wall.


In the room there is a sarcophagus leaning against the wall. There is a water trough running along a wall. On the wall above the trough is a pole affixed to a center pivot, with bowls attached to the ends of the pole. When you look through the mouth of the sarcophagus leaning against the wall you see another chamber beyond. You must get to that chamber.

In the corner of the room, pick up the oil in bowl.

Walk to stand in front of the wall with the water trough. Look at the pole pivot on the wall above the trough and a drag icon will appear. Click and pull down the drag icon, pivoting the pole, to dip the bowl into the trough and fill it with water. When you fill the bowl with water from the trough, the sarcophagus will open.

In your inventory, combine the lighter on the oil in bowl to get an oil in bowl on fire. Use the oil in bowl on fire on the water trough below the filled bowl.

Turn and walk to the open sarcophagus. Walk into the sarcophagus and wait. When the water in the pivot bowl evaporates, the back of the sarcophagus opens and you walk into the chamber behind.

Corridor of Planets

Walk to the end of the corridor and look at the floor. You will see a close-up of a slider puzzle. Pan the cursor over the writing at the top of the puzzle until you see the translation. You must arrange the tiles in order of the days of the week. Click on a tile next to the open space and that tile will move into the open space.

Arrange the tiles across the top row, from left to right, in the following order:

Sun Saturn Venus Jove Mercury Mars Moon
When correct, the door behind you will unlock. Walk through it.

Valley of Pleasure

You enter a valley surrounded by one blocked passage and five veiled rooms that you cannot enter. In the center is a statue. You must open the veiled rooms and awaken all five Houries, one in each room.

General Instructions:

The following solution only gives the locations of objects to pick up and/or use. They are not listed in the order you need to complete each room. 

As you satisfy the requirements of each Hourie, she will awaken and kiss you. As soon as you gain control again, back out of the scene and continue (Note that each time you do, some of the overgrowth at 8will be cleared away.)

After satisfying (and kissing) all five Houries, all the overgrowth blocking 8 will be cleared away and you can leave the valley. 


1 Enter the valley.

2 Pick up the ruby, emerald, jade, sapphire and coral jewels from the statue base. Place the five jewels in the holes in the stone carving: emerald in the eye, sapphire in nose, jade in the ear, ruby in the mouth, and coral on the hand. When correct, the rooms will be open. Pick up the jewels from the carving. Combine the spatula on the fire to get spatula with embers.

3 Pick up the incense branch. Pick up the veil. Give the grape to the Hourie.

4 Pick up the peacock feather. Give the jewels to the Hourie.

5 Pick up the spatula. Use the bird cage on the cage-stand. Use the veil on the bird cage.

6 Pick up the bird cage. Use the spatula with embers on the bowl sitting on the table. Use the incense branch on the embers in the bowl. 

7 Pick up the grape. Give the peacock feather to Hourie.

8 Exit the valley to meet the Old Man of the Mountain. 

Old Man of the Mountain

You meet the Old Man in a room.

Talk to him. He asks you to join their cause and says he will teach you the mysteries if you do. Whether you say yes, or no, he will tell you that the kisses of the Houries contained poison. The Old Man will provide a cure for the poison if you accept the task to kill a man for him. You have no choice but to accept, so say "yes".

He gives you a letter and introduces you to your escort. You ride away into the desert.

You stop in the desert outside the camp. The escort says to read the letter now to learn the name of the man you must kill.

In your inventory, click on the letter and look at the writing to read the name of the man you are to kill. It is An-Nab, your friend.

Talk to the escort. If you answer the escort, "yes" you will kill the man, you will die because your target is the strongest in the desert. So answer, "no", you will NOT kill the man. You fight the escort and end up in camp with the escort prisoner.


Talk to the men around the campfire and you are given the Second talisman part.

You fall asleep and dream. Your dream is a nightmare and you are attacked.

Right click to enter your inventory and click on Taleb the Metalworker. Taleb will defend you and you wake up in camp.

Talk to the men again about Procles Phytalos. You say farewell and depart.


Temple Ruins

You arrive at some temple ruins. You are tired, hungry and thirsty, and weakened by the effects of the poison. You need to find directions to the monastery.

Standing by the well, you hear a voice. Talk to the voice and say "yes".

You are told to wash your knees. Click on the well to wash your knees and get hit on the head with an apple core.

You are told to toss the core into the air and it will be returned to it's natural state. Turn around, look down, pick up the apple core. You throw it into the air.

Talk to the old man roosting at the top of the column. Ask him twice about Procles Phytalos.

Standing by the well, look down at the ground and pick up a rope and a linen bag. Take one step towards the ruins. Turn left and take one step. Pick up the stone. Turn around, look up, and use the rope on the tree branch extending toward the top of the column where the old man sits.

Walk towards the rope hanging from the branch and look down at the hole. Use the linen bag on the ring on the left-hand rope. Use the stone on the right-hand rope. Click on the stone tied to the rope to push it into the hole and raise yourself to face the old man.

Talk to the old man and ask him for directions to the monastery. Turn around and click on the sun.


The Monastery

You arrive outside the walls of the Monastery. You see an eagle circling in the air. There is a basket hanging from the wall. You must get inside but the gates are locked.

Turn left and go forward twice (you must be quick or the eagle flying above will kill you). Turn around and go forward once (back the way you came), turn left to face the wall, forward once, and click on the rope to ring the bell. A monk will appear.

Click on where the monk appeared to talk to him. Ask him about Procles Phytalos and the monk replies that he is dead. Ask about Simon and the monk says Procles knew him and wrote a letter to him just before he died. Ask him about the poison and he asks if you need a cure. You say yes and he lowers the basket. You enter the monastery.

Inside the monastery, talk to the monk again and he tells you about the tomb of Procles. He takes you there.

Procles Tomb

Talk to the monk again. He leaves saying he'll return later.

Walk to the other side of the room and click on the metal ring in the center of the wall to find a bag. Click on the bag to pick up 12 red sticks and 30 white sticks.

Turn around and take a step back towards the door. Turn left and look at the translation of the writing on the tomb.

Leave the room. In front of you is another door. Enter it.

Procles Library

As you walk into Procles' library, across the room is a bookcase. To your left is a door. It is locked. You must unlock the door.

Walk forward to the bookcase.

On the bookcase shelves:

Click on the small trunk sitting on the shelf for a close-up. Read the letter to Simon and pick up the magnetized rosary.
Pick up the skull. Look at the hour-glass sitting on the shelf for a close-up. Use the skull on the hour-glass. Pick up the rung.
Read several books for instructions to find the four door keys.
Finding the Four Keys:

1 Look at the mural of a knight on a horse. Use the magnetized rosary on the pennant to release and pick up the iron key.

2 Look at the gold sun disk on the wall. Click on the arms of the sun in the following order: VI, X, IX, XI, IV. The ray at the top will be released. Click on the ray to pick up the gold key.

3 Look at the mural of Jacob's Ladder. Use the rung on the slot at the top of the ladder to release the key. Pick up the copper key

4 Click on the rug to reveal the coffin. Click for close-up of the pyramid puzzle. Use the white sticks and red sticks in the holes. If correct, the coffin will open. Pick up the bone key from the skeleton.

Using the Four Keys:

Walk to stand in front of the door between the gold sun disk on the wall ( 2 ) and the mural of Jacob's Ladder ( 3 ).

Notice there are four keyholes around the perimeter of the door, two on the left and two on the right. In the center of the door are circles.

Use the gold key in the upper-left keyhole.
Use the iron key in the lower-left keyhole.
Use the copper key in the upper-right keyhole.
Use the bone key in the lower-right keyhole.
If correct, the center circle in the door extends to form a + slot.

Pick up the four keys from their keyholes. They will form a secret key in your inventory. Use the secret key on the + slot to unlock the door. Go forward through the door.


You are in an antechamber. There are three doors: the hidden door you just came through, a single door, and a double-door. Behind the single door is a room. Notice the two tiles on the floor with carvings, and the light shining through the window in the room. Behind the double doors is a cathedral. Caution: when you dig up the tile behind the single door it starts a timer, so try to complete the tasks in the cathedral first.

Go through the double-doors into the cathedral. Walk forward all the way (3 steps), turn around, and click forward through a doorway on your left. In the room, look at the 4x4 tile floor. Use your dagger on the left-hand, second-from-the-bottom tile and the knife will appear larger. Click the knife again on the bottom of that tile (the hand icon) and, if done correctly, the knife will slip under the bottom edge of the tile and a drag icon will appear. Click and hold on the drag icon to gently drag the knife to the left, then to the right, then back to the left again to dislodge the tile (you may have to move the knife left and right several times). Pick up the round box.

Return to the main cathedral. Walk forward (2 steps) across the room and turn left. Walk forward (2 steps) until you are in front of a picture on a pillar to your left. Look at the picture for a close-up and click on the picture to reveal a hidden niche. Pick up the square box. The sphere automatically combines with the square box to become a secret box. Leave the cathedral back to the antechamber.

Enter the single door. Use your dagger on the floor tile with the carvings to reveal a niche. Use the secret box on the niche. Either wait there, or wander around awhile until there is a cut-scene of the light gradually lowering to shine on the secret box and the it opens. Is this the burning bush written on Procles tomb? If you are not already there, go back into the room. Pick up the Third talisman part.

Go back to the alcove and through the hidden door back to the library where you faint and wake up outside the Monastery walls. Speak with the monk again who tells you that you are now cured of the poison.

You wander in the desert and dream again. Another nightmare. This time, right click and use Kyot the Poet to defeat the enemy.


The Mines

Mine Entrance

Your search for Simon leads you here, a gold mine discovered by Simon.

Walk up the hill past the houses. When you reach the top, a woman will speak with you. Talk to her to find out her daughter is trapped in the mines. When the dialogue choices are either to "Kill her" or "Help her", select "Help her". Talk to her some more.

To open the gate to the mines, look at the gate. There are drag icons on some of the dials. Use them to set the combination lock as follows:

01 01 02 03 05
08 13 21 34 55

First Gallery

Once inside the mine, you come to a cave with a mine-shaft in the center. You need to get down that shaft. You notice a scaffolding, a water wheel and various things scattered around the cave.

Walk around the cave and pick up 3 pieces of rope, a jug, a wooden platform, and a gutter. Combine the jug with the 3 pieces of rope to get a jug+rope and 2 pieces of rope.

Walk to the front of the water wheel and use the jug+rope to attach it to the water wheel.

Walk to stand beside the scaffolding. Use the gutter on the scaffolding. Click on it to move the scaffolding into contact with the water wheel.

Walk behind the scaffolding and use the rope (attached to the top of the scaffolding and hanging down attached to the wall) to release water down the trough making the water wheel turn.

Walk to the central mine-shaft and use the wooden platform on the rope hanging above the open shaft. Go forward onto the platform and you will be lowered into the mines.

Mine Tunnels

You are in the mine. There are several tunnels in the mine. Where is the Gold gallery? You need to find it. (Note: the map below does not show all the twists and turns, but there are only four branches as shown.)

1 Platform back to the First Gallery.

2 Pick up a chain.

3 Pick up a crowbar.

4 Door to the Gold Gallery.

After picking up the chain and crowbar, walk to the door at 4.

Before the door is a bridge with missing sections:

Click forward to step onto the bridge.

Do the following sequence two times: Turn around, look down and use the crowbar on the wooden bridge to pick up the boards. Turn around and use the boards on the missing section of the bridge. Step forward towards the door.

Do the sequence one more time (except you do not have to use the crowbar, just click to pick up the boards): Turn around, look down and pick up the boards. Turn around and use the boards on the missing section of the bridge. Step forward towards the door.

Safely across the bridge, turn to your right and pick up the lamp. Combine the lighter and the lamp to get a lit lamp.

There is still a gap between you and the door:

Look at the door for a close-up. Combine the chain and the lit lamp to get a lit lamp attached to chain. Use the lit lamp attached to chain on the rope across the door. You will throw the lamp which burns the rope and the drawbridge drops giving you a path through the door. The bridge behind you collapses as well, so you have no way back.

Walk forward through the door.

Gold Gallery

Inside the cave you see a wooden machine next to a wood-barricaded tunnel, a strange locked door above some steps with writing, various objects laying around, and a tunnel blocked by rubble. Caution: When you hear the girl's voice, it starts a timer, so try to get all the inventory items before you hear her.

Turn left and start walking towards the steps. At each step look around and find an inventory object:

Pick up a hook lying on the ground
Use the dagger on the net hung in a square frame leaning against the wall to pick up the net
Pick up a pulley lying on the ground
When you are in front of the door with the eyes on it, turn towards the steps. Look at the word "Oculo" on the step for a close-up and pick up each letter: O,c,u,l,o. When you pick up the last letter, you face the sand. Use each letter, one at a time, on the sand. Place the letters in this order: o,l,u,c,O. Each letter can only go in one spot, so you must find the correct hotspot on the ground for each letter. When complete, it forms a key:
Pick up the key.

Turn around and walk back out the door onto the drawbridge. Look down and look at the slot in the wood. Use the key on the slot to open the door above the steps.

Walk back into the gold gallery and forward up the steps into the room behind the open door. Find and pick up some gold bars from one of the crates. Leave the room and walk to the wooden machine.

You hear the voice of a girl asking for help. She's behind the barricade.At the end of the wooden machine closest to the barricade there is a chain hanging from the end of the horizontal beam. One joint inward from the end is another spot.

Use the hook on the chain dangling from the end of the beam. In inventory, combine the net with the gold bars to get a net with gold bars. Use the net with gold bars on the hook you hung from the chain. Use the pulley on the first joint of the beam. Use the rope on the pulley. Click on the rope for a close-up and n drag icon appears. Using the drag icon, click towards the top of the rope and pull down as far as you can, then release the rope. The bricks will swing forward and break a hole in the barricade.

Click forward through the hole in the barricade.

Statue Room

When you step into the room you see a woman in front of you, several jugs scattered around the room, and a statue of Simon on a raised stone platform. Behind the woman is a window in the rock looking out at the sun.

Talk to the woman to find out the girl is being held by their warriors.

Walk to the Statue and look at it's feet. You see a Salt Rose and inscription that says "SIMON". Pick up the salt rose from the statue's hand.

Walk behind the woman towards the "window" in the rock. The woman tells you to be careful. Walk to the jars against the wall and look at them. (There are several jars against the wall, but you can look at only one.)

Walk back before the woman and talk to her again. Ask her about the "urns" then the "statue". She tells you it is a statue of Simon de Lancrois. As her about the "exit". When she asks you to marry her, say "no" and you end up surrounded by the ghost sisters, one of which has taken the form of the girl you came to rescue.

Talk to the woman again about "spirits" and "lost parts". When she asks if you are mad enough, say "yes" and she will tell you they are the women of ancient warriors buried below; that the mortals disturbed their graves. Ask about the "soul mates" and she says the warrior's souls are like torn roses.

The sisters lead you to the kingdom of the warriors.

Cemetery of Warriors

You are in a large cavern where open coffins and creature statues riddle the cavern. On one wall is a short stairs leading to a locked gate. In the room behind the locked gate sits the girl you came to rescue. Beneath a central creature-statue the flooring is broken leading to a room beneath. A long tongue protrudes from the central-creature's mouth.

There are four statues that when you look at them for a close-up and pan your cursor over the forehead, reveal a need:

Find and pick up the following items:
Cloth (on the ground next to an open coffin in front of the Fire creature)
Jar with oil (on the ground against the Fire creature's rear left foot)
Soil (in a coffin between the Water creature and the Earth creature)
Walk to the statue for Fire. Combine the cloth with the jar with oil to get an oiled cloth and an empty jar. Look at the statue for a close-up. Use the oiled cloth on the statue's mouth. Use the lighter on the oiled cloth. If correct, the statue flames for a moment.

Find the pool of water on the ground (facing the fire creature, it's to the left). Use the empty jar on the water to get water in jar. Walk to the statue for Water. Look at the statue for a close-up. Used the water in jar on the statue's mouth. If correct, the statue looks like water for a moment.

Walk to the statue for Earth. Look at the statue for a close-up. Use the soil on the statue's mouth. If correct, the statue looks like earth for a moment.

Walk to the statue for Air. Look at the statue for a close-up. Use the crowbar on the statue's mouth. If correct, the statue looks like clouds for a moment

When all four creature-statue's requirements have been met, something slides down the long tongue of the central-creature into a coffin at the foot of the stairs. Walk to the foot of the stairs. Look at the coffin and pick up the warrior's mask.

Walk to the locked gate and look at it. Use the warrior's mask on the gate. Still in close-up, note that both left and right horns of the mask have drag icons. Use the drag icons on both horns and pull down as low as they can go. When correct, the gate opens and you walk into the room.

Click on the girl. Turn around and leave the room. Use the sword to defend yourself when attacked by the ghost warrior. The girl yells out, "Crush the rose on the statue before we all die!"

You find yourself overlooking the cemetery. You must cross the cavern to the stairs in front of the central-creature. There are only certain spots to walk on and you must avoid the warrior ghosts that will attack you. You can, however, take three total attacks by the warriors before you die. A path to follow is 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 7:

When you reach 7 , use the salt rose on the top of the stairs and the ghost warriors disappear. Look down and pick up the rose leafs and return to the room with the girl. There are now two women there, identical, one is the girl and one is the ghost. Talk to both. When the "hand" icon appears on the woman on the right, use either the sword or the dagger on the woman. She instructs you to take her sister to the well of souls.

Leave the women and go to the room below the central-creature. Look at the niche in the wall with the empty jar standing up. Use the rose leafs on the mouth of the jar.

Go back to the girl in the room. You rescue the girl and return her to her mother.


Town of Hama

Talk to the sitting woman about "Simon". She puts the three amulet pieces together. Then talk to the woman about "Jebus". She will work with the amulet and instruct you to go face your fears.

Leave the room via the curtained door.

Watch the ending movie.

Finis !


Author's Note

Any form of duplication of this walkthrough, in whole or in part, is expressly forbidden without the permission of the author.
Copyright © 06/2001  Karen July

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