Shadows of Cairn - Walkthrough
Author: George K. Ison

This walkthrough is based on the Cheat Patch that allows the game to be played in the Very Easy mode (invincible thief and unlimited hits.) You can start a new game in any of the other modes, and the general idea of this walkthrough will be of use. When you quit, if you choose continue or open a saved game later on, be sure and check the two cheat options.

*get out of dungeon
*double-click Shambles icon, at upper-left, to go there

In any mode except the Easy and Very Easy, the only location you can teleport to is the Fence’s Warehouse. The game manual doesn’t mention this.

           *enter the Shambles Tavern

NOTE: In the sewers, there are green slime pits and holes in the floor. You can leap over the holes (Shift and Home simultaneously for left, or Shift and Page Up for right.) You cannot leap over the slime pits or you’ll get eaten. You have to fight them. This does not apply to the cheat mode.

*in the sewers, talk to Crazy Guy

*continue right (east) and knock out the man

*get rat from chest

*go west and give rat to Crazy Guy, you get daggers in return

*go west to end (several screens and hazards along the way)

*turn north and continue through several hazards

*turn east and continue through hazards

*take first stairway on south wall

*at warehouse, go right and talk to Fence

*go left and exit north door

*double-click upper-left Tier icon, then fight

*enter weapon shop and get Fence’s dagger from the trunk

*exit, return to the warehouse, and talk to Fence

*outside, teleport to the alchemist shop and fight

*slightly to the right (east) enter the shop

*get Nobleman’s potion from trunk

*exit and teleport back to the warehouse and talk to Fence

*exit and teleport to the secret entrance by the barrel

*there’s lots of hazards in the dungeon, carefully watch the ceiling and floor

*continue right (E) to end and go through north door

*continue west and go through first door on north wall

*go east to end and fall through floor

*go west to end and through door on south wall

*go east to end and through south door

*go west to end and fall through floor

*continue east and go through first door on north wall

*go west and through first door on north wall

*go west and get healing herbs from the trunk

*go east to the end and through the north door

*carefully walk just far enough west to reach the next screen.

          *walk to one step before the spot on the floor

*to jump over the spot, hold down Shift and tap Home key once

*continue west to end and go through north door

*go to east end and drop through floor

*you should now be on level 3

*go west to next screen and go through secret north door by torch

*get skull dagger from trunk, then exit chamber

*next screen west you have to fight

*go through south-west door.

*carefully go east and through south door

*go west and fall through floor

*you’re now on level 5

*go north twice, then east

*get herbs from trunk

*continue east, fall through floor and get next to right wall. This is level 6.

*turn around, hold down Shift and Home at same time to jump twice

*go through south-west door and stop to consider the following:

You could jump over all burners and traps and avoid the pile drivers. Two other areas of level 6 have healing herbs.

Level 8 has extra herbs and a scroll.

Level 9 has some herbs and nearly all the gates will unexpectedly crush you.

Level 10 has a scroll and a Ring of Invulnerability.

Level 11 has herbs, a Ring of Strength, and an Amulet of Levitation. The ring and amulet are only good for two doors. They are destroyed when going through the third door.

Level 12 has the object you’re after in the dungeon, an Ancient Book.

*fall through several floors

*go through the secret door in the north-east corner

*go three screens west and through a secret door on north wall by the west lamp

*go through the south-west door

          *carefully go west just far enough to fight one ghost at a time. Five of them randomly drop from the ceiling.

*get a book from the trunk

*go through north-west door

*get ratty old scroll from the trunk

*in the north-east corner, get on a lift

*use several lifts to get to the top and outside, then fight

*teleport to the warehouse and talk to Fence

*outside, teleport to the hedge maze and enter

*go to the big double doors and enter

*go back between the statues and go to the wizard. After the scene, fight some gargoyles.

*now you must find your way to the outside and return to Fence’s warehouse


Burners are not timed; you must jump over them.
Fireball triggers are those raised square blocks on the floor.
Trapdoors should always be avoided.
A Portcullis trap looks like a normal portcullis, except that the groove at the backside is darker.
There are five different gargoyle figures, throughout the tower, over the teleport areas:



This part is huge, compared to the entrance maze, and quite dangerous if you’re playing other than very easy (by using the cheat patch.) Watch carefully for the burner as you enter the maze. If you enter a screen with a gargoyle then leave to previous screen, then go back again, the gargoyle multiplies. Try to avoid unnecessary backtracking.

An Archer, Medusa, or Knight can’t be hurt or killed. An archer won’t shoot if you’re right next to it. Don’t look directly into Medusa’s eyes. Sneak past a knight. When entering an area with a trumpet statue, a devil is created. You only have to hit a devil once. A trumpeter won’t create a devil if you’re close to the statue when you enter the screen.

CRITICAL: Pay close attention to the compass at the top-left of your screen. West is up!

*get right in front of the statue’s down arm and hit the up arrow on your keyboard. The lantern should lower. This opens a secret door in area 1 that leads to area 4A.

*take next east exit to statue. Get in front of down arm and hit up arrow on keyboard. Lantern should lower. This opens a secret door, in another screen, to tower room 120.

*go up screen, screen right then up screen and get the herbs

Watch the well deserved ending.

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