After you get to your lodgings use responses 1.1
In your room, read Boleskine's diary and the telegram.
Look in the dresser drawer and your trunk.
Go to the General Store and talk to clerk. answer 1.
Go to Town Hall, side door and examine small statue.
Go to records room, and talk to Juggs (twice). respond 1.2.
Walk to table at right of room and examine register.
Talk to Juggs again: 2.1.
Return to Town Hall, side door.
After Juggs leaves, look in all cabinets, getting the magnifying glass.

Go to fishery by the docks.
Get rope ladder on left side of building.
Enter fishery.
Talk to Hambleton: 1.

Go to the park.
Talk to police (twice). Defend the gypsies.

Go to Jugg's home and examine the rifle.
Use magnifying glass with rifle.
Go to study and talk to Jugg: 3.

Go to woods and Get three branches and a creeper.
Go to your room.
Open trunk and get drawing and map.
Get cotton and surgical spirt from dresser.
Use cotton on spirit.
Go to writing desk and Use drawing. Get rubbed drawing.
Use the map.
Move hand with arrow key to the Searcher and mark it.

Go to the pharmacy entrance and talk to Myer.
Go to the tavern and talk to Cobble.
Enter tavern and go to the bar.
Talk to the bartender twice.
When Tyler enters. Use responses: 2.2.
When the window breaks, go outside.
Pick up bat on right.
Use bat with Hambleton boys (Go to Drugstore).

Return to your room.
Open trunk  and get camera, tripod,lantern and lens.
Go to Town Hall and talk to Matthews.(go to bridge).
Cross the bridge.
Use set of photo plates.
Make tripod by using the three branches and creeper.
Use camera.
Take three pictures.
Go to the next screen on the right of your screen.
Note the cat.
Follow the cat and Look for passage.
Enter the passage and quickly use right arrow key.
Get parchment.
Use arrow keys to run back to town fast.


Get prescription and read it.
Read parchment.
Go to pharmacy and give prescription to doctor.
Go to the supply room and take chemicals.
Get Metol, Hydroquinone, Sodium Thiosulphate and Potash Metabisulfite.
Walk to the back of the room to turn on the light.
Go to the developing trays and Use exposed platesand chemicals.
Look developed plates.

Go to Jugg' house and follow Monk into General Store.
Get key on counter near cash register.
Use key on Jugg's house and enter.
In the first room ,Get the statue of the baby.
In the second room, Look in small cabinet and, Get statue of young man.
In third room,Look at butterfly case on right and, Get statue of the old man.
Go to study, Get "Youth" book from bookcase and replace it with the statue of the baby.
Get "Old Man and the Sea" and replace it with statue the old man.
Get "Invisible Man" and replace it with statue of young man.,
If you picked up any other titles, replace them.
Look at left side of carpet and Get, key.
Enter library and talk to Juggs.
Use the parchment on Juggs.
Get message from desk.
Get Necronomicon.
Use key on Necronomicon.
Read Necronomicon.
Use Necronomicon again.
Look at the books on shelves.


The only safe route back to your room is through the Town Square and past the pharmacy.

In your room Look at message.
Go to post office, and talk to Ms. Gilcrest" 1.
Go through back door and talk to Mr. Underhouse.
Outside the Post Office, talk to Ms. Pickott twice: 1.
Go to General Store and buy Brooch, Locket and more Photoplates.
Return to Peckott and Use brooch on her and then Use the locket.
Examine the Bible, taking note of page numbers
Go to Mayor's Office in The Town Hall front entrance.
Talk to Mr. Swig: 2.3.1.
Go to upstairs to office.
Look painting.
Look safe.
Enter 345.
Get diary and cigar case.
Look cigar case.
Look deposit note.
Look diary and return to safe when done.

Go to the Post Office.
Give deposit note to Ms. Gilcrest.
Leave Post Office and open parcel.
Go to the well and go behind it to change clothes.
Go to the right to the Lighthouse.
When you get close to Tyler's men, they greet you. Mumble the answer,"....Grumph...."
Open gate,
Look at Lighthouse.
Go up stairs and to the right and change clothes.
Use rope ladder by windows.
Look at sun dial.
Get wings.
Look other opening and Get candle.
Use candle.
Use magnifying glass on candle.
Move glass with arrow key over candle to light it.
Use candle on wings,
Use wings.

Walk to crystal ball.
Talk to woman.

Talk to Bishop in front of pharmacy" 1.1.
Talk to him again,.Get key.
Go to cemetery.
Explore cemetery.
Get rope and bar.
Enter crypt.
Use bar on gate.
Use rope on opening.
Climb down rope.

Go east and get skull.
West, West, (avoid bat).
West, (avoid spikes by staying to sides of room).
Go North and Get skull.
Return to rope and go North.
Use both skulls on pedestals.
Go north avoiding pit.
Go West and South.
Avoiding spiders ,Walk over hidden floor panel.
It is in the middle toward the bottom of your screen.
In the room with the tiles,step once on each one.

North, East.
Get the first and second statues.
Put the first statue in the niche where you got the second one, and vice versa.
North, West.
Go: East, East, East, South, South, avoid the pit.
South, avoiding Spiders.
South, avoiding Bat.
East, activating floor panel.
Return to the last hidden pit room.
Go East, South, East, South and South.
Walk around the hole until hidden door appears, the go West.
Activate floor panel.
Go East, North, North, North.
Step once on each slab to trigger the gate.
Go North, West, North.
Read each plaque (left to right).
Walk around table 3 times.
Go East.
Go North.
Take all four statues. Run away!!\
Save in each room.
Run back to the entrance.
Climb the rope.

Look at the painting on the left wall.,
Look at the drawing.
Talk to Mrs. Webster.

Go to Tyler's house.
When Tyler approaches, use first statue.
Walk to revealed symbol and Use first statue again.
Go to Arlington's barn.
Use second statue.
Clib rope to symbol.
Use second statue again.
Go to Coldstone's (walking to West side of house before using statue.)
Use third statue.
Walk to symbol and Use statue.

Go to General Store entrance.
Get rotten fish from garbage.
Walk to middle of screen and Use fish.
Go to Hambleton house by way of Bishop's place.
Use cat on dog.
Use arrow keys to run, East, North, West, South, South.
Enter Hambleton ruin.
Get compass card from left drawer.
Get lantern.
Use compass card on ship's wheel.
Go up and Use lantern on fireplace.
Go up and Look at desk along south wall twice.
Get handle and Use on telescope.
Look southernmost lever.
Use lever.
Use ball on wall painting.
Look books and read "Magic Rites'.
Go up and Use fourth statue.
Get caught and, when about to be stabbed, Use statue again.
Use arrow keys to leave house fast.
Save after each room.


Go to Cobble and use response, 1.
Look at message.
At Lodge entrance, talk to Ms. Pickott, 1.
Go to Underhouse in Post Office.
When policeman enters, give response, 1.1.

Go to the fishery.
Talk to Bishop.
Get the stick.
Use stick on door.
Use Brooch in inventory.
Use pin on padlock.
Look at Curtis.
Look fireplace until you uncover the bow.
Look table.
Look at floor panels in lower left of room, until you Get the arrow.,
Go to clearing in forest where the stump is.
Use feather on the stump.


1, Mic=Macs
2. Yog Suthoth
3. 1834
4. Star
5. Dagon

Go to the well and Look at it.
Go East and throw pot of paint into water.
Go east and Get empty can and can of acid.


Go East and Get two flints.
Go toward the middle of the screen toward the right, and Use the empty can until you Get naphtha.
Go South and Use can of naphtha.
Use flints.
Use bow.
Get turquoise, aquamarine and butterfly.
Use empty can on naphtha again to fill it up.
Use turquoise on Natawanga's ring.

Go to the docks,
Talk to Bishop.
Walk to boat.

Get emerald and ruby.
Look stone carving.
Columns are up and down.
Rows are side to side.
Move third column down twice.
Move second column down once.
Move third row left twice.
Use ruby on statue.
Put the aquamarine in active inventory.
Go to the pentacle that is carved in the raised stone near the bottom center of the screen.
Use the aquamarine when the monster appears

Get back in boat.
Enter cavern.
Wait until all the creatures are temporarily off-screen.
Go up as far as you can go and then move to the left.
In the next room steer clear of the monsters.
The exit is  at the top center of the blue cavern.

Use can of acid on center of room.
Get diamond.
Use emerald on Boleskine's ring.
Use Boleskine's and Natawanga's rings.
Go South, East.
Go East and Look at hidden opening in the Northeast part of room

Use tripod.
Use set of photo plates.
Use camera.
Use butterfly (twice).
Use magnifying glass.
Use lantern.
Use plates.
Get fragment of comet.
Use aquamarine on blue spot.
Use diamond on green spot.
Use comet fragment on white spot.
Use flints on red spot.

GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions