Shadows on the Vatican

by 10th Art Studio & Adventure Productions

Walkthrough by MaGtRo


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

Before the game starts, see the game settings: display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound has a choice of sound device.

The main menu has comic strips at right that opens, new game, load, save, options and quit selections.

The options menu has shadows and dialog (subtitles) selections. The right side has volumes for main, music, FX and voices adjustments. Click on the save and exit comic strip at top or the back strip at bottom when selections are completed.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

The main menu is accessed by the ESC key.

Dialogue can be skipped by left clicking.

The space bar shows all hotspots.

The M (case sensitive - must be capitalized) key shows the map.

The inventory is at top of the screen.

In Win7, the saved games folder is in C:\Users\computer name\Saved Games\Shadows on the Vatican folder.


February 2012


Africa 1996:    Dellerio watches over children greeting the arrival of a helicopter in an African village. James is in the helicopter. Armed men in vehicles arrive and kill Dellerio. James mourns his mentor, His Eminence Dellerio.

Meet James Murphy. James is an ex-priest and is now a medical doctor from Chicago.


Rome 2010:    Select to do the tutorial or not.


The phone rings. Pick up the cell phone on the counter right of the stove.

Cristoforo:    James talks to Cristoforo, his friend from his former priesthood in Rome. Cristoforo wants to meet at the bar downstairs to talk about the mysterious call for help he sent to James.

Mario:    Mario the owner of the bar arrives. Talk to him completely.

Learn that this is his brother in law's apartment. He loans James his brother in law's car. Mario gives him the car keys.

James notes that Mario has a wound on his arm from repairing the car.

Treat Mario's wound:    Go to the bathroom at right. Look around.

Take the first aid kit from the open cabinet above the sink at left. Check-right click the first aid kit in inventory to get: cotton, peroxide, scalpel and gauze.

In inventory at top of the screen has bible and wallet already.

Go to the shelves left of the shower and take the sewing kit (needle and thread) and silicone tube.

Exit the bathroom.

Sterilize the needle by turning on the stove and using it on the stove. James automatically turns off the stove.

Combine the needle and thread in inventory.

Use the cotton with the peroxide bottle. Use the soaked cotton on Mario.

Use the needle and thread on Mario. Apply the gauze on Mario.


Mario shows James his bar. Mario gives James a good bottle of Grappa. Look around.

Exit the bar to wait for Cristoforo. Get a call from Cristoforo. He wants to meet James at Santa Brigida's House at Piazza Farnese instead. He sounds terrified.

Press the space bar and see that the red car is James' car. Use the car keys on James' red car.

Map:    See the map of Rome. You can jump to any location shown by the pictures. The map can be accessed using the upper case M key.

Piazza Farnese:

Hear a scream. A nun finds a bleeding Cristoforo. Cristoforo is taken by the paramedics. He says to James "you were right".

Guest house:    Look at Cristoforo's things on the floor. See psalm book, strap, notepad, book and blood on the floor.

Check the book or notepad and the nun stops you. After the nun's fear of being accused, take the notepad.

Right click to read the notepad in inventory. Click on the 3 7 9 5 written on it.

Right click the book and see that it is In God's Name, a David Yallop's Essay. Take the book.

Left and right click the blood and stairs.

Left and right click the psalms book and the strap. James concludes that Cristoforo was pushed down the stairs.

Exit at right hallway to go to the hospital.


James looks at Cristoforo. On the way out, James passes Cardinal Brehmen.

Learn about Cardinal Brehmen, the direct superior of Cristoforo.

Piazza Farnese:

Go back to the Guest House at Piazza Farnese. Enter Santa Brigida House left of the Church.

Nun:    Talk to the nun by clicking on the pictures below.

The nun is alone at the Guest house. Sister Candida BigMouth usually helps at lunch. Cristoforo has been here for 5-6 days and stayed in the library the whole time.

Keys:    Left and right click the window of the key cabinet. Learn which one is Cristoforo's room and see his bunch of keys. Aside for the room key, the other keys were added by Cristoforo.

Ask the nun for the keys and she refuses.

Learn what Cristoforo is researching:

Book:    Right click the book in inventory - In God's Name, a David Yallop's Essay. The book discusses the death of Pope Giovanni 1, Vatican Bank, the relationship of the Holy See and Free Mason.

Take the bookmark-Holy Picture of St. Alessio Falconieri and automatically the other holy pictures used as book markers. Then read the close-up of the open book; turn the page.

Learn about the US Justice Dept. investigation of evidence, counterfeit bonds and deposits to the Vatican Bank.

Another page is about a secret meeting that led to Uncle Giacomo Lercaro's support of Cardinal Montini being elected pope. Learn about the influence of Umberto Ortolani in the Vatican.

Learn of the sale of the Veneto branch of the Vatican Bank by Paul Marcinkus to Roberto Calvi of Milan.

Learn how Albino Luciani entered the seminary and what influenced his life.

Read about Luciani's activities when he became pope; his investigation into the corrupt and dishonest practices in the Vatican.

Calendar:    Right click the calendar right of the exit and behind the nun that shows that each day is a celebration of a saint.

Click the bookmarks taken from the book on the calendar behind the nun.

Right click the bookmarks in inventory to learn the days of celebrations:

St. Alexis Falconieri - Feb 17.

St. James the Apostle - May 3

St. Joseph - March 19

St.  John of Nepomuk- Jan 5

St. Stanislaus of Szczepanow - April 11.

Decode the bookmark clues:

Combine the bookmarks and the book in inventory to automatically place the bookmarks in place.

Open the book again with the bookmarks in place.

Using the day as the line number and the month number as the position of the word in that line, decode the clue.

Click each word so that James will circle it.

St. Alexis Falconieri's day is Feb 17 (2-17). The second word on line 17th is cooperative.

St. James the Apostle - May 3 (5-3). The fifth word of the third line is Ostia.

St. Joseph - March 19 (3-19). The third word on the 19th line is bank.

St.  John of Nepomuk- Jan 5 (1-5). The first word on 5th line is credit.

St. Stanislaus of Szczepanow - April 11 (4-11). The 4th word on the 11th line is of.

James combines it to form Cooperative Credit Bank of Ostia.

Exit the guest house.

Cooperative Credit Bank of Ostia:

Go to the Bank of Ostia. Left and right click active characters and the book on the coffee table.

Anna:    Talk to the elderly woman sitting down. LOL. Mom tells Paola to hurry up. Continue to talk to Anna Marano. Learn about her husband, the former employee at the bank.

Paola:    Exit the conversation and then talk to Paola.

The bank has no other branch except for this one. The staffs are usually the children of former staff. Learn about Paola's father displeasure that Paola is working at the bank.

The bank receives funds for charity from the IOR-Vatican Bank.

James comments that Cristoforo was following this clue.

Anna:    Talk to Anna Marano-mom again. Anna says that a man- Cristoforo talked to her at her home and asked her the same questions that James asked Paola.

Learn that Cristoforo got a book that has some pages with notes written by her husband in exchange for the Book of Prayers that is on the coffee table.

Cristoforo states that that book of prayers was given to him by a priest friend named James.

Anna wants proof that James is the same friend before she would allow James to check the book.

Show Anna the bible in inventory.

Book of Prayers:    Pick up the book on the coffee table.

Right click the book in inventory. Read and click on the inscription: When you will roam in the darkness, look at the Cross and the light will extend its longer arm to show the way. James wrote down the inscription on the notepad.

Check the lump under the inscription. Use the scalpel to cut the lump and get a small medal.

The medal shows Pope Leone I. James wrote down on the notepad the Latin Inscription on the back of the medal.

Return the book to Anna. In return, James must have a date with Paola. LOL.

Exit the bank and go back to James' house.

Investigate the medal clue:

Enter the flat.

Check the notepad and turn the pages to see James' notes. Click on the notes to hear James talk about them.

The Latin inscription is translated as The Church of St Leone of Leprignano.

Do a search about the Church of St. Leone:

Use the laptop on the table. Click on the web search engine.

Click on the Latin inscription to automatically type in Leprignano. Click "search".

Learn about Pope Leone the Great and the new name of the village - Capena.

The attractions are an ancient abbey, tower and the church. Close the pages and then click the red button at bottom left of the laptop screen.

Church of St. Leone in Capena:   

Click shift M to access the map. Go to Capena.

James automatically talks to the church keeper inside the church. Talk to him completely and learn Cristoforo was here several days ago. He was interested on the lower level-inner area.

Check the drape in the inner area. Use the medal on the drape and see that they are both St. Leone.

Check the window in that area. It is different.

Try to take the drape and the church keeper stops James. Give him a donation by clicking the wallet on him. He gives a postcard and leaves James alone in the church.

Drape:    Take the drape. Examine it in inventory. See a hole on the medallion the pope is wearing and he is carrying a cross.

Use the drape on the window but James can't reach it.

Use the drape on the candle snuffer at outer area to get drape and candlesnuffer.

Use the drape on the candle snuffer on the window.

Position the drape on the window:

Right click to rotate the drape.

Remember the inscription on the book of prayers.  When you will roam in the darkness, look at the Cross and the light will extend its longer arm to show the way.

Position the longest arm of the cross on the horizontal bar of the window.

The light beam focuses on a niche on the base of the archway.

Check the niche:    There is a hexagonal opening on it. James needs a key.

Exit the church and James automatically place back the drape.

Get Cristoforo's keys:   

Go back to Piazza Farnese and the guest house.

See the nun take a swig from a bottle and hides it behind the plant.

Click on the bunch of keys in the cabinet.

Check the bottle behind the plant. It is empty.

Give the nun the bottle of Grappa. After some trade of secrets, pick up the bunch of keys from cabinet.

Right click it and see that there is a hexagonal key in the bunch.

Open the niche:    Go back to the church in Capena.

Use the hexagonal key on the niche. James takes a diary and a cell phone.

Diary:    Examine the diary. It is the banker Marano's diary. Read the diary.

Learn of the directed funds and DreamRes. James notes it down. Robert Evola is the owner of DreamRes.

Cell phone:    Check the cell phone. James says that it has a file that can be opened only by a computer and needs a PIN code.

Check the cell phone & DreamRes:

Cell phone:    Go back to James' flat.

Use Cristoforo's cell phone on the laptop. It wants the PIN code.

Enter using your computer's keyboard, the number that is written on his notepad - 3795. Press "enter".

Open the movie file. See a man offered 50000 to get the papers and then threatened Cristoforo. There is another man in the background.

James took a copy of the frame-photo of the meeting that has both men.

Dream Res:    Use the laptop again and do a web search for DreamRes.

DreamRes is a real estate company especially in Sardinia and Antigua Island. See a picture of Evola, the owner of the real estate company.

Find the criminal:

Study the film clip. Note that the baddie is standing by P(arking)) sign.

The other man behind him is gray haired and smoking a cigar.

Let's check roads that we have been. Go outside the flat. No P sign.

Piazza Farnese:    Jump to Piazza Farnese.

See the P sign in front of the Amato Gioielli-jewelry store sign left of the guest house.

Use the photo of the meeting on the jewelry store. James says this is where the meeting occurred.

Jewelry store:    Use the intercom. A man comes out.

The man is gray haired and holding a cigar.

While talking to him; click the photo of the meeting in inventory.

Then click the witness-blurred smoking man in the picture.

Then click the criminal in the picture. The witness did recognize the criminal but denies it.

Confirm the witness:    The man throws the cigar on the ground and goes back in the store.

Pick up the cigar.

Combine the cigar with the photo of the meeting. James is convinced that the jeweler is the witness.

Use the intercom again. Talk to jeweler again. Click on the cigar in inventory.

The jeweler is convinced and says that the criminal is Maurizio Tarzo aka Massimino. He owns a nightclub at the rough part of town called Raja.

Follow Massimino:

Jump to Raja nightclub. See that Massimino leaves with his bodyguard.

Follow the car by clicking on the arrows.

Click arrow that points to:    right - right - left - right - up - left - right - down - down - down - right.

Massimino meets with a man about an item.

Get car identification:

The bodyguard stands outside beside the luxury car of the man met by Massimino.

See a drunken person walk the street and the bodyguard looks down the street.

Divert the attention of the bodyguard:

Place Cristoforo's cell phone on the bush right of James' red car.

James hides behind the gray car.

When the bodyguard faces forward, move behind the trash can beside the luxury car and bodyguard.

Use James' cell phone. James automatically rings Cristoforo's phone in the bushes. The bodyguard checks that side of the street.

Click on the luxury car to get James find clues to the owner's identity. Then click on the license plate. It is dirty.

Use the soaked cotton on the license plate. James enters the number in the notepad. One character is still unreadable. James enters the info in the notepad.

Automatically be on the map.

Find the owner of the luxury car:

Get help from Mario:    Go back to James' house. Enter Mario's Bar.

Talk to Mario. James tells him about Cristoforo and asks him for help in tracing the license plate.

Mario calls a relative named Anita that works at the police dept. Anita does not have the time to check the license plate since it is missing one character but she gives access to the Motor Vehicle site with her log in and password. James enters the info in the notepad.

Find the vehicle registration:    Go to James' flat. Use the laptop.

Click on Motor Vehicle Department icon. Type in using your computer the user and password on the notepad to enter it on the login data frames. Click "enter".

Type in the incomplete license plate info as stated on the notepad - VK-3C*G2. Click "enter".

Check the 2 luxury cars registered in Rome. See that VK3C7G2 is owned by Evola.

Roberto Evola is the owner of DreamRes. Get his address also. Aha! Close the page.

Click on the red power button at bottom left.

Get inside Roberto Evola's mansion:

Go to Evola's mansion -Villa Marina.

Look around. Check the electronically closed gate.

Click on the camera at left end of the fence.

Left and right click the damaged fence. James can't reach it but he can use it to gain entrance to the mansion.

Click the garbage bin. Now that the damaged fence is a plausible entry point, James pushes the garbage bin under the damaged fence.

Try to climb to the damaged fence but the camera will see James. Use the scalpel on the camera. James cuts the camera.

Click on the damaged fence to climb over the fence.

Stop Evola from burning documents:

Evola is burning papers in the fireplace.

Look around and see the chimney of the fireplace Evola is using to burn the documents.

Use the scalpel on the sheet covering the car to get a sheet.

Climb the scaffolding. James didn't make it up and needs leverage.

Use Cristoforo's keys on the scaffolding. James climbs up to the roof terrace.

Seal the patio door with the silicon tube. Use the sheet on the chimney. Watch what happens.

James gets Cristoforo's briefcase. Learn about the money diverted by the Ostia Bank to Evola; without any given to charity. Massimino uses the IOR account to money launder.

As Silvia:

James arrives in front of his flat.

A woman identifies him from a picture and rushes to get to him. She is hit by a car.

James tries to help her and sees a gun. She asks not to be taken to the hospital. James brings her to his flat.

Learn about Silvia.

Answer James in any way.

James asks about the picture of himself and Cristoforo.

James is frustrated in not getting any straight answer from Silvia. He turns off the light and goes to bed.

Make a trap:    2 hrs. later, Silvia says that she didn't finish the job and that they will send another to do so.

Turn on the lamp on the coffee table at center of room beside the sofa.

Click on the boxes beside the door and she mentions preparing a trap.

Take the blanket draped over one of the boxes.

Take the mop-rag by the window.

Pick up the pillow from the sofa.

Combine the mop-rag with the blanket. Combine that with the pillow to make a puppet.

Use the puppet on the couch. This will fool for a short time the ones they will send for her.

Turn off the lamp. Hide behind the boxes at left corner.

Someone is coming.

Watch what happens.


 March 2014


A synopsis of Act 1 is seen. Silvia, an assassin sent to kill James kills another assassin sent to kill her because she did not finish the job.


James' flat:

There's a mobile phone in inventory.

Assassin:    Check the corpse of the assassin to get car keys. She also sees a gun.

A hysterical (definitely not tough sounding) James points the gun at Silva.


Tell about friend - Provoke.

Who sent you here? - I won't talk.

Find out who that man was from - Serial number.

Silvia locks James in the bathroom.

Find out who sent the killer:    Talk to James in the bathroom.

What do you want from me? Killers.

James mentions Pietralata - The Raja. That clued Silvia that Massimino is behind this contract.

Silvia finds Morgana the gun under the pillow. Exit.

Take care of the corpse:    Take the blanket off the decoy on the couch.

Use the blanket on corpse.

Exit the apartment. The corpse is in inventory.

Use-left click the assassin's car keys. See the car at left beep.

Use the corpse on killer's car.

Use the killer's car to go to the city at end of the street.

Outside the Raja at Pietralata:

Silvia is parked across The Raja. See 3 goons guarding the entrance of the club.

Take care of the first goon:   See the inside of the car in an inset.

Open the trunk of the car by clicking on trunk opening.

Turn on the headlights.

The goon by the door walks over to the car.

When he stands by the car door; open the car door.

Search the goon to get a knife and goon's clothes.

Click on the goon to place him in inventory.

Pick up the senseless goon from inventory and place him in the car trunk.

Take care of the second goon:  

Left click the goon's clothes in inventory to get Silvia to wear it.

Click on the goon by the stairs at right side of the building.

Select point at the trunk.

When the goon comes over and stands by the car trunk - click on car trunk.

Silvia hits him with car trunk door and places him on car seat.

Silvia gets a belt and brass knuckles.

Take care of the third goon:   The third goon is patrolling the balcony.

Check the post beside the car and the cable that connects to the balcony.

Watch the goon on the balcony. When he turns his back to the street; use the belt on the cable.

Silvia slides to the balcony and hits the goon.

Use the knife on the cable. Use the cable on the goon.

Get rid of the guard inside the building:   

Enter the building through the upper entrance. See the Marchese reprimand the goon and close the curtain.

Open the curtains:    Look around.

Take a billiard cue and the mirror from the balcony.

Go out to the balcony and down the street to the trash can-rubbish bin.

Look in rubbish to get a tourniquet. Go back to the balcony and upper entrance.

In inventory, combine the billiard cue with the tourniquet.

Combine the cue with tourniquet with the knife to get a bayonet.

Use the bayonet on the curtain. The curtain opens halfway.

The guard looks through the half opened curtain.

Catch the attention of the Marchese:    

Use the mirror on the banister.

Make a knot:    In inventory combine the cable with the belt.

Select knots: 2, 3, 2 and 1. Ahoy, Matey!

Use the cable on the buckle with the mirror.

Use the mirror with cable on the banister.

The Marchese orders the guard to leave.

Use the gun on the Marchese. Silvia confronts the Marchese.


Inventory has mobile phone, notepad, Capena postcard, gun, scalpel, Cristoforo's briefcase with documents, Yallop's book and wallet.

Right click the briefcase with documents to get bank statement.

James says that he lost his bible - possibly in the car.

Get out of the bathroom:

Check the door lock to see that Silvia did leave the key in the lock.

Check the baseboard of the door.

Look around. Take the rubber gloves and mirror from bottom cabinet at back wall.

Take the curtain rod.

Radio:    Take the antenna of the radio.

Use the scalpel on the radio to get 9V battery.

Check the cable of the radio. It is stuck to the socket.

In inventory combine rubber gloves and scalpel.

Use the insulated scalpel with the radio cable to get cable.

Work on the door:

Use the antenna on the lock of the door. The key falls off at other side of door.

Use the curtain rod on the baseboard. It is too big.

Use the gun on the curtain rod. James flattened one end of the curtain rod.

Use flattened rod on baseboard.

Get key:    Try the antenna on the crack under door.

Use cable with antenna.

Use the antenna with cable with battery to get magnetized antenna.

Use magnetized antenna on crack under door to get bathroom key.

Use bathroom key on lock. James hides the gun before leaving.

The Raja:

James arrives at the upper room of The Raja.

Silvia points the gun on Marchese - Bartolomeo. Silvia wants to know where Massimino is.

Silvia tells James to look for something useful.


Change character by clicking on the character icon at left end of the inventory bar.

Talk to Marchese. Ask about Massimino and James.


Desk:    Check the desk behind the curtain area.

Get a property license of a beauty park owned by Marika and a ring.

Learn that the ring was left by Massimino before he disappears for a while.

Click on the suits icon at bottom center. The suits are scary guys. The ring is used as an access to a password.

Check the beauty farm documents in inventory.

Sofa:    Check the sofa to get a hair lotion sample from a beauty farm. Get the farm's address and telephone number.

Safe:    Check the center panel on the wall to see a safe. It needs a 3 digit code.


Get safe code:    Ask Marchese about the safe code.

Hit him twice. Marchese refuses to give the code.

Take the brass knuckles from inventory and use on Marchese.

Ask about code. Marchese gives the code - 804.


Safe:    Automatically be James. Enter 804 on the keypad. R is reset and O is OK.

Get a leather strip with numbered and letters.

Marchese:    James tries to stop Silvia from killing Marchese. Silvia kills Marchese.


The guard arrives followed by the police. Silvia escapes. James and the guard are arrested.

James recalls his interrogation and Cardinal Brehmen.

James is released and is met by Silvia. Silvia takes James home. She gives him her phone number in case James wants to contact her.

Learn about Maurizio Tarso alias Massimino.

James didn't find his bible in the car. He gets the car keys back.

James' home:

Check the table and Mario's bar. Mario is not there.

Enter the flat.

Talk to Mario who fixed the TV. The TV is on.

Ring:    Check the ring in inventory. James makes a sketch in the notepad.

Examine the notepad. Click on the drawing.

Turn the page of the notepad. The symbols on the ring are crowned head, square ruler and compass, she-wolf, gladius and Vatican.

Computer:    Open the computer. Click on web search.

See and click on the symbol drawing at left.

Symbology is entered automatically on the search page. Click "search".

Learn that House of Santa Brigida has the History of Symbols book by Davide Cutolo.

Close the screen by clicking the X at top right of page. James says to check the nuns.

TV report:     See a TV news report. Giorgio the reporter is in the scene of the murder of Roberto Evola. Evola was killed by gunfire. See James' bible beside the body.

Crime scene:    

James goes to Evola's house. The bible is not seen.

James talks to the police. Learn that a neighbor called the incident - not the reporter.

Talk to the reporter. He denies that there is anything beside the body.

Find the bible:    Check the garbage bin. The reporter snitched to the policeman.

When the policeman starts talking to the reporter, use the mirror on the back of the garbage bin.

See something attached to a tape behind the garbage bin.

Again wait for the policeman to be distracted by the reporter and then use the antenna on top of the garbage bin.

Get James' bible and Evola's organizer. Exit the scene.

Santa Brigida's House:

Go to Farnese Square. Check the building at left - Farnesina the HQ of the Italian Foreign Ministry and Santa Brigida Church.

Enter Santa Brigida's House left of the church.

Sister Bigmouth:    Meet the nun again. Talk to the sister. The nun has a headache due to drinking the whole bottle of Grappa James gave her.

Sister Candida knows that James will bring more problems. In exchange for a remedy Sister will get the symbology book. Coff, coff! LOL.

Make a hangover remedy:    Go back to James' home. Enter Mario's bar.

Talk to Mario. Get a paper cup and Vodka. All the ingredients for the remedy is in the fridge at James' flat.

Go to James flat and open the fridge. Get multivitamins, egg, energy drink and Tabasco.

In inventory, add vodka, then egg and then Tabasco to the paper cup to get remedy. If a mistake is done, empty the cup in the sink.

Get the symbology book:    Use James' car to go back to Sister Candida. Give her the remedy. Get the Nun's Symbology book.

Check the symbols:

History of Symbol:    Open-right click the History of Symbols book in inventory.

Click on crowned head on the notebook. Learn that it is the symbol - Italian turrita that identifies the Italian country.

Click on square ruler and compass on the notebook. Learn that it is a Masonic symbol. James wants to check the Yallop book about this symbol.

Click on she-wolf on the notebook. Learn that the Capitoline wolf is a symbol of Rome.

Click on gladius on the notebook. Learn that gladius, a two edged sword is also a symbol of a secret paramilitary Italian organization created to stop communist advancement in Europe. James wants to pursue researching this.

Click on Vatican on the notebook. James knows all about the Vatican.

Click on the symbol on the ring text in the notebook. James cannot find a symbol with all the components of the ring.

Yallop book:    Right click-open the Yallop book in inventory.

Learn about Licio Gelli who worked as a spy and got his riches by stealing some of the Yugoslav national treasures hidden in Italian town of Cattaro. Gelli became a double agent of Italy and Germany. Learn how Gelli established a lodge - P2 made up of powerful men in Italy. Gelli's aim is to establish an extreme right wing control of Italy.

Bank Account:

Organizer:    Check the organizer. There is wooden pen inside the organizer.

Exit the page. Learn about a Monsignor connection. James drew the DreamRes logo in the notebook.

Leather bracelet:    Check the leather bracelet taken from Massimino's safe at The Raja. It looks like it cryptography used with a scytale.

Combine the wooden pen found inside the organizer with the leather strip with numbers and letter. See G3D5M1D0 - code.

Code:    In inventory, combine the code with the IOR bank statement that has an incomplete account number.

The code matches with the last digits of the account number. See a new location.

Sister:    Give the nun's book back to Sister. Exit.

Porta Sant'Anna:

Go to the Porta Sant' Anna. It is one of the active access point in the Vatican.

Gain access to IOR:    Look around. Check the symbol above the gate, Palazzo Sisto, IOR office and Swiss guards.

Right click the walking guard. It is Gerard.

Talk to Gerard. James says that he wants to access his IOR account.

Show the IOR bank account. Gerard escorts James inside the IOR bank.

Access account:    James is frisked by the guards.

Go to the ATM.

Using your own keyboard, enter the account number - the code G3D5M1D0-. Remember the number one after the M, the zero after D and minus at the end.

Press enter key.

Click on the second selection to print an updated bank statement.

Study account:    Open the updated account statement and check the transactions.

Click on the earliest transaction in June 9, 2010. The amount 650500 looks familiar. Exit.

Combine the updated account statement with the property license of the beauty farm.

Click on the 650,500 (sum) on the property license and then the ATM withdrawal (sum) in the updated bank statement.

It was sold the next day for the same amount. So Massimino has access at the same account Evola has.

James says he needs to contact Silvia. Automatically transfer to Silvia.


Beauty Farm:

Silvia enters the beauty farm. See people in the tanning area. They closed the curtain.

Talk to Marika. Marika talks about Maury - Mauricio/Massimino.

Silvia is scheduled for tanning but has a long wait.

Get the employee and the costumer to go away:    Check the notice board behind Marika.

See that she has 2 employees. The one behind the curtain must be Claudio.

Check the curtain and overhear Claudio wants to be famous and is waiting to be called by people from show biz world.

Use the cell phone with the sample that has the phone number. Select casting dialogue.

Claudio tells the customer that he's done. The customer leaves. Claudio gives an advice to Marika.

Marika:    Talk to Marika now that they are alone. Marika is forced to work and brings Silvia to the tanning area.

Look around. See the bottle compartment under the tanning bed, herbal bottle on the top shelf and file cabinet.

Get Marika to contact Massimino:   See Marika go back and forth from computer and TV.

Check the flat screen TV on the wall. Select the news from Rome about The Raja murder.

When Marika sees the news, she goes out and calls Massimino. Massimino will text her where he is located.

Marika checks the doorbell.

Get the phone from Marika:    Take the Valerian herbal bottle from top shelf.

Take the bottle from the compartment under the tanning bed.

Open the bottle from tanning bed with the knife.

In inventory combine the 2 bottles. Place the very strong herbal bottle back in the compartment under the tanning bed.

Talk to Marika. She lies down and checks the bed. She falls asleep.

Click on Marika to get her cell phone. Check the cell phone in inventory. Silvia now knows where Massimino is located


Mario's bar:

Automatically change to James. James calls Silvia for a meet. Silvia says that they'll talk at the Mario's bar.

James goes to the bar and sees Cardinal Brehmen. The same clergy that sent James and his mentor Dellerio to Africa. The Cardinal is also Cristoforo's direct superior.

The Cardinal warns James and moves away.

James waits for Silvia. Silvia is still not here.

Read the document on table:    Go back inside the bar. See Brehmen reading documents on the table.

Go left of Brehmen and then look-right click at the documents on the table. James says that it has a seal that looks familiar.

Talk to Mario completely. He will do a distraction.

Mario approaches Brehmen and spills coffee on his cassock. They leave to clean his cassock.

Read the document. It is a letter from Mons. David Lavint the Director of IOC. It shows that Brehmen knows about the activity with the bank and investigation done by Cristoforo.

James copies Lavint's seal in the notebook. It shows the binding of Isaac.

Brehmen takes the documents and leaves the bar

Silvia's call:    Exit the bar and get a phone call. James answers the phone automatically.

Hear Massimino and his guard talk about what to do to a captured Silvia.

The baddies mention that they are in a gallery.

James says that his phone records the call for playback to get a phone call recording.

Find out clues where Silvia is kept:    Go back to James' flat. Use the computer.

Click on the speaker icon of Nazca Home Premium 4.0. James already plugged the recording.

See audio pattern. Click on the play-right arrow to move the red bar to right.

Click on the stop button to see if what is heard is important.

Stop the recording on the 3 spots shown in the picture above. The locations of the clues might be random.

The first clue is the sound of bus opening its doors - a bus stop.

The second clue is where Historiae Jonae by Giacomo Carissimi music is performed - Giacomo Carissimi.

The last clue is mentioned at the endof recording - gallery.

Exit by clicking on X at top right.

James prints out a map of Rome.

Deduce where Silvia is kept:    Click on the map at inventory and the clues at right.

Click on the auditorium clue - Giacomo Carissimi on the map. James marks the map to show icons where there are auditoriums.

Click on bus stop clue and click it on an auditorium. Do this to all the auditoriums. James will say if any of them are close to a bus stop. Only 2 are close. The rest of the auditoriums are removed.

Click on the gallery clue and then click the icon on both auditorium to see which one is close to a gallery.

James now knows where Silvia is kept - Alberto Sordi Gallery.

Alberto Sordi Gallery:

Go to Alberto Sordi Gallery in the map. See a fortune teller and his show table. There is a photobooth at right.

Fortune Teller:   Check the table. See Silvia's earring on the table and a crystal ball.

Talk to the fortune teller. Ask about the earring.

Cups game:    The fortune teller will talk about the earring if you guess which cup has the earring.

See the 3 cups game. The cups are rotated.

Check the table skirt. Use the magnetized antenna on the table. The right cup jumps. James selects the correct cup.

The earring was found by the photobooth. The Romanian tells James' fortune. That troubled James.

Intercom:    Go to the photobooth and see a poster on middle column. James rips the poster off an intercom.

Open the door:    The intercom says - The start of LG's rise to success.

Review Yallop's book about Licio Gelli - LG. Gelli joined a conventional Masonic Lodge in November 1963.

Enter 1963 on the intercom keypad. The door opens.

Get Silvia free:

See Silvia tied up and interrogated by the criminals: Massimino, Marika and Marchese's guard.

Plank and pulley:    Look around at the theatre. See the stage, the pulley at base of the middle column and the cable on the left side of the stage.

The pulley and the cable are tied to a plank by the ceiling.

Change to Silvia:    Click on the cable left of the stage. This moves Sylvia close to the wheel holding the cable.

Silvia cuts the rope.

Move the chair close to right side of the stage so that the criminals are in position under the plank close to the ceiling and away from the post with the pulley.

Change to James:    Use the scalpel on the pulley. Make it or break it!

Interrogate the criminals:

The criminals are the ones tied now. James asks for a chance to find out who's pulling the strings. He must hurry before Silvia decides to kill them.

Show the ring to Massimino. With Silvia's backup, they play with Marika and Massimino's relationship.

Show the Beauty Farm documents to Massimino. Marika questions Massimino about the church and the theatre locale.

Massimino talks. Learn about a Monsignor who wants a man in this kind of neighborhood. The crypt are used to hide certain stuff and places like the gallery are when times get rough. He was given access by the suits.

James talks to Silvia. He verifies that the threat to Silvia will not stop until they reach the top man. He drops his car keys on Silvia's hands.

St Appolinare's Church:

As Silvia:    See the tomb of Monsignor Antonio Dellerio, James' mentor. James needs to compose himself.

Use the knife to remove the plaque off the tomb of Dellerio.

Inscriptions:    See Latin inscriptions, number roller bar and lock. At bottom left are the Roman numerals - 1978.

Left and right click the inscriptions. James translates the inscriptions. He says they are from the same episode but from 3 different gospels by Mark, Matthew and finally Luke.

Mark, Matthew and Luke = M + M + L = 2050.

Enter 2050 on the roller bar.

Pact:    Silvia opens the tomb. James reads the scroll. He notes the seals of the signatories to the new P2 pact.

The seal on top is the one from Massimino's ring. The last 2 at bottom is Evola - DreamRes and Lavint's - IOS.

Economics, Politics, Information, Religion.

No checkmate; not this time!

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