Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - Solution

Each solution consists of three parts:

•Date: the date of the newspaper appropriate to the crime. For some reason, the game never tells you this!
•Visits: the set of addresses you must visit before you are allowed to appear before the judge. Some addresses can be visited by either Holmes or the Irregulars, in which case they should be visited by the Irregulars for a higher score. Such addresses are listed under 'Irregulars'. Some addresses, on the other hand, must be visited by Holmes in person.
•Answers: the answers to supply to the judge. Only look here if you must!

Volume I

The Mummy's Curse

•Date: 4/12/1889
•Visits, Irregulars: 1.Jardine-Matheson
•Visits, Holmes: 1.Ellis, Henry 2.London University 3.Weatherby, Clarissa
•Answers: 1.who killed Turnbull? Phillip Travis 2.motive? C (Turnbull lambasted Travis) 3.who killed Weatherby? Phillip Travis 4.motive? D (Weatherby was chosen) 5.who killed Windebank? Phillip Travis 6.motive? B (Windebank didn't choose him)

The Mystified Murderess

•Date: 7/4/1888
•Visits, Irregulars: 1.S. Goff
•Visits, Holmes: 1.Clarendon, Guy 2.Halliday's Hotel 3.Old Bailey 4.Shinwell, Porky 5.Trevelyan, Dr. Percy
•Answers: 1.who killed Clarendon? Loretta Nolan 2.motive? C (wanted tiara) 3.why did Frances go to Hallidays? B (hypnotized) 4.who was burglar? Guy Clarendon 5.why? B (father cut him off)

The Tin Soldier

•Date: 6/10/1890
•Visits, Irregulars:
•Visits, Holmes:  1.David Sennett 2.Princess Theater 3.Grand Hotel 4.French Embassy
•Answers:  1.who killed the General? Phillip Arneau 2.motive? B (avenge honor) 3.what was the general trying to say? D (murderer plays Napoleon) 4.what did the general call his wife? C (horseface)

Volume II

The Two Lions

•Date: 8/17/1888 (7/4/1888 also useful)
•Visits, Irregulars:
•Visits, Holmes: 1.Central Carriage Stables 2.Lestrade, Inspector 3.O'Neill, Carroll 4.Shinwell, Porky
•Answers: 1.who killed the lions? Thomas O'Neill 2.motive? C (get Oldenburg jewels) 3.accomplices? Stephen Lyons and Barry O'Neill 4.role of Barry? B (fastened pouches) 5.role of Lyons? A (picked lock) 6.who killed Lyons? Thomas O'Neill B (poison) 8.why? D (avoid payment)

Pilfered Paintings

•Date: 1/1/1891
•Visits, Irregulars:
•Visits, Holmes: 1.Pike, Langdale 2.National Gallery 3.Jardine Matheson (shipping company) 4.Well's Warehouse 5.Murray, H.R. 6.Murray, Mortimer 7.Carlton, The 8.Armitage's Gallery 9.Meek, Sir Jasper
•Answers: 1.who stole the paintings? Cole 2.who put Cole up to it? Brady Norris 3.motive? D (Norris afraid of discovery) 4.who killed Cole? Brady Norris 5.Pierre Donet's involvement? B (forger) 6.Coffman's part? C (drove up the bidding)

The Murdered Munitions Magnate

•Date: unknown! (no newspaper mention)
•Visits, Irregulars:
•Visits, Holmes: 1.Camp, Richard 2.Egan, Captain 3.Grant Arms, both locations 4.Lestrade, Inspector 5.Ragland, Lord Robert 6.Zobar, Emile
•Answers: 1.who killed Allen? Ragland 2.motive? D (Allen had learned of plan) 3.what was SP10? A (new naval gun) 4.what happened at Spaniard's Inn? B (Ragland sold to Meshkof) 5.what was Camp doing? A (visiting fiancee) 6.why was cigarette pinched? C (smoked through holder)

Volume III

The Solicitous Solicitor

•Date: 6/26/1890
•Visits, Irregulars: 1.Bell's Baths 2.Heathcliff, August
•Visits, Holmes: 1.Lestrade 2.Monroe, Virginia 3.Murray 4.Porter, Margaret 5.Tuttle 6.Wallace, Brenda
•Answers: 1.who was murderer? Swarthmore, Henry A (poisoned envelopes) 3.why? C (blackmail) 4.accomplice? Livingstone, Cedric 5.role? C (partner, poison)

The Banker's Debt

•Date: 4/11/1890
•Visits, Irregulars: 1.Brown, Mabel
•Visits, Holmes: 1.British Museum 2.Evenson & Co. 3.Farmer, Dahlia 4.Mason, Oswald 5.Millbank Prison 6.Olive, Violette 7.Small, Aggie 8.Treasury, The
•Answers: 1.who was murderer? Hawke, Errol 2.why? C (surprised Mason) 3.bearing of treasury work? D (none whatsoever) 4.role of Violette Blue? B (fled with Hawke) did Hawk know? A (broke into Evenson)

The Thames Murders

•Date: 6/9/1890
•Visits, Irregulars: 1.Murray
•Visits, Holmes: 1.Bagatelle Club 2.Elephant and Castle 3.Jacquard,Roland 4.Lindsay, Kathleen 5.Shinwell, Porky 6.Tankerville Club
•Answers: 1.killer of Revell? Maude 2.why? B (ordered by Moran) 3.killer of maude? Twiggs 4.why? D (take securities) 5.killer of Attard? Twiggs 6.why? A (self-defense) 7.killer of Twiggs? Jacquard 8.why? B (securities) 9.killer of Jacquard? Marco Escobedo 10.why? D (jealous)

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