Shivers Walkthrough

Written by Sharon Fernandez
( Last modified on 9/2/96

This cannot be an exact walkthrough because the pots and lids are not always in the same place for each new game. The 10 pairs of pots and lids that you must match seem to be the same for each game. So, I will guide you to some places, and help you avoid other places until you're ready to capture the Ixupi!

Table of Contents:


You can only have one item in your inventory at any time. When you match a pot and talisman, then they become a single item. Take careful note of where every pot and talisman is found or placed. If you exchange a newly found item for one you were carrying or if you move things from a far away location to some place closer, your notes will save you a lot of wandering around.

You can usually tell if the Ixupi are nearby for they make a unique noise. If you turn away quickly, you should be safe.

Point system in general:

If you see any objects laying around, examine them. Some are not essential to the game but are worth points. I have played the game twice and come up with a high score of 485,500 points. Your score can be quite a bit more if you travel via the elevators (which I avoided as much as possible).

Use the tip of your mouse pointer, not the lower fat part -- it took me awhile to realize this, so I'm just passing it along.


The USA version of the game apparently includes a thicker book than the international version, and it contains a "Walkthrough" chapter. Never fear! I'll pass along the few answers it contains.

Watch the opening movie of your friends locking you inside the museum grounds. This is your first flashback item. Now would be an excellent time to set the "text on" option.

Turn left and see the dragon gargolye. The chain's handle will open it and inside you find a letter. Read it. As the letter falls to the ground, observe the number inside the dragon's mouth.

Turn around and walk up the museum stairs until you will reach a locked door. The squawk box on the right side will play a recording that the museum is not open. Make note of the markings at the top of the door and its color. As you head back down, find another set of markings and a different color to the right of the purple vase.

You must then find another way in, so follow the path toward the gazebo. Find a third set of markings behind the tall object. Go just beyond the arch then look back to see the fourth set of markings on the triangular stone. Turn back toward the arch. Find the markings on the bench. By the time you reach the gazebo you should have 5 markings and colors. Walk to the very end of the path to see the submerged steps.

Enter the gazebo and open the metal box and solve its puzzle. Exit the gazebo and cross on the raised steps. As you approach the Stonehenge replica, find the last marking on the perimeter wall. Look down. Now use the markings and colors you've seen to solve this puzzle. Descend the spiral staircase. Open the door and find the light switch along the left side. Continue traveling downward (either passageway gets you to the underground lake). Open the stone door.

Find the corpse on your left. Take the book and read it. This now appears as flashback item 9.

Get on the boat. Go to the rear (turn left), look down, move the anchor pin down. Move to front of boat, look down, and move its anchor pin up. Now you can turn the crank several times to reach the other side.

During the crossing, the water spirit will appear and take some life essence. You cannot avoid this. When you've reached the other shore, notice a pot straight ahead. Get off the boat and head right to find that pot. When you examine it Professor Windlenot's ghost will appear and warn you. This becomes flashback item 4. Examine the markings on the pot for later identification.

Walk down the tunnel and find the elevator. Match the design on the doors with the nearby box (diagonal pattern). Enter the elevator and travel up to the museum office.

Explore the office thoroughly, but avoid the fireplace. Items you should find: the map on the wall, a newspaper in the coat pocket, a letter on the floor, the elevator behind the tapestry, a door into a workshop, a message on the tape recorder on the desk, and a letter in the desk. The scrapbook on the desk will become flashback item 6. Be sure you find the lid for the ash ixupi in the lower right-hand drawer.

The library is the next room to explore. Take the door to the left of the fireplace. Walk a little forward and turn left. The door you see is to the library. Enter and concentrate your search to the right of the candelabra, but beware the wax Ixupi might be there. You should find a total of 4 books in this bookcase, flashback items 8, 10, 11, and 12.

If you are having trouble, start with the only book that is leaning -- this is "the Black Book". Now the next one is two to the right and orangish in color. Then the whitish one another four books from the last one. The last one is one shelf lower and is purple in color.

Further exploration should quickly reveal another passage, but leave that for later. Find the ladder in front of another bookcase and check it out later. Leave the library through its front door, stay to the right of the display case in the center of the room, and enter the double doors between the two pillars. If you reached the stairs, you've gone to far.

Enter the Strange Beasts room, head toward the far left corner and find another double door (green with a serpentine pattern). Enter the Amazing Plants room and turn left, forward, then left again. You will find the bottom to match the lid you found in the office. If you have the lid, then the two pieces will magically join, otherwise take the pot and go back to the office and join the two items. Now you can capture your first Ixupi (if it's still in the fireplace ashes).


Probably the most useful item to locate are some blueprints. They are in the Mysteries of the Deep room. If you are in the office, head back to the Strange Beasts room, otherwise leave the Amazing Plants room, head left around the eagle nest.

Find another set of double doors in the Strange Beasts room. Go through the doors, take note of the map on the floor, and examine the Poseidon/Neptune display. Here is the Globe puzzle. Solve it and you will have an inventory item and a very useful set of museum blueprints as flashback item 14. Go a little further and find the Sirens/Organ puzzle at the far end, right corner. Solve this one and a door opens at the Colossus of Rhodes exhibit, just to the right of the organ.

Enter the new passage and find the Movable Wall puzzle. No clue for this one yet, so we'll return later. As you come back out of the passage, notice the splotch of yellow straight ahead. We'll check it out in a minute. Watch for the sand/earth Ixupi who sometimes occupies the building display on your left. If you go back toward the globe, then just a bit beyond, turn right, forward, right again, and go along the wall. At the far end are some yellow crystals which the Ixupi might be occupying.

Leave the Mysteries of the Deep Room, go back to the Main Entry Hall and explore some more. You should find the staircase going to the second floor, a stone water fountain with a hidden spigot (careful - Ixupi maybe), the doors behind the desk which match the locked doors on the outside of the museum, two panels (one to the right of the desk and one to the left of the fountain) and a door that will lead into the Theatre. Look in the desk drawer for the museum brochure, flashback item 7. You'll need this to find and set the skeleton dials throughout the museum. Also find an inventory item in one of the bird masks between the library and the office.

To get into the Theatre, solve the Door Puzzle. Go around the right side of the theatre and climb the stage. You will find a note on the podium. Look toward the end of the stage area and notice it is empty. Retrace some of your steps and go up the left side of the stage. Travel the hallway, noting the Door Puzzle at one corner and a secret passage at another corner. Enter the projection room and solve its puzzle. You now have flashback item 13 and your clue to the Movable Wall puzzle. Go back to the stage area, stand next to the podium and look again toward the end of the stage area. This time you should see an inventory item just behind the curtain.

Leave the theatre and re-enter the Strange Beasts room. Go to the right of the giant eagle next, set the skull dial (blue), then enter Mysteries of the Deep room, and head toward the Subterranean World. Solve the Movable Wall puzzle. You will then travel down a couple halls and enter a room with three doorways. Traverse the Maze.

Read the plaque, set the skull dial (yellow). Look across the oily area (careful, don't venture too close if an Ixupi is there) and note an inventory item on the other side. Travel back through the maze, go to the Main Entry Hall, then the office.

Find the workshop. Head down the left side and find the Drawer Puzzle. The clue is in this room so go ahead and solve it now and find another inventory item. Continue around the table, but don't approach too close to the wooden object shaped in a humanoid form. It might contain the wood Ixupi.

Leave the workshop and let's see where the elevator behind the office tapestry takes us. Arrive on the fourth floor and look for a flashback item 17 - the Professor's Diary/Journal. Also take note of the clock beside the bed and the different faces for different times. In particular notice the one with the open jaws and its corresponding time. Watch out for the metal Ixupi that sometimes hides in the suit of armour.

Come back down the elevator to the office and go to the library. Find the ladder and go up, turn right and see a statue. Turn back to the left and find the book which will rotate the statue and reveal an inventory item. Click on the thickest book you see to get the statue to turn and reveal its hidden contents. Down the ladder, left, forward twice, right turn and into the secret passage.

Turn left and find some lipstick on the floor, left, left again, and see another elevator. Open the elevator at least once in the game because it contains a clue to a puzzle. This elevator travels between the three main floors. Go back into the secret passage and find some more items on the floor. If you turn right at the junction, you'll dead end. Remember the secret doorway near the projection room? This is the other side and is a one-way door.

Turn left and around a few corners (finding a purse with flashback item 15) and down until you reach the Mechanical Room and Generator. Probably nothing here until later in the game, but explore anyway. Find the "Danger High Voltage" box. There is a breaker panel to the left, and just below it a section of the wall that looks different. Back up to the main floor, go in the theatre, left side, and hallway.

Solve the door puzzle in the theatre side hall and climb up the tower stairs. You should find Beth's ghost here and another pot and head. Examine its markings so you can identify the Ixupi. Play the juke box pieces and leave it set on the Anansi Spider Song. This will save you some wandering. Work the video monitor, being careful to note what you see with the Witch Doctor camera. These two clues help solve puzzles elsewhere. Observe the faces on the clock and the time on the video monitor camera. Solve the Clock Puzzle and find an inventory item at the top of the tower. Back down, through the theatre, and into the Main Entry Hall.

Now, lets explore the second floor. If you use the stairs from the Main Entry Hall, notice the chandelier at the top. Careful, another place for the crystal Ixupi. Through the double doors and enter the Tombs and Curses room. Turn right and enter the room where the Ixupi vessels were once kept. Leave this room, turn right and set the skull dial (green). Do an about-face and notice the secret panel in the wall. We are going to explore some other parts of the second floor and return to this room later. Turn the leaves just above the door and go through.

You are in the corrider. Dead end to the right, so turn left, go around the corner, continue down hallway and take the first left. Around another corner and take the next left. The wood Ixupi is sometimes near the discarded lumber. Find the Picture puzzle in the far corner. Solving it gains you access into the Fortune Teller's room. Here you find Merrick's ghost, flashback item 3. Get your fortune with the coin, and carefully note the *first* thing it says. This is your first of four riddles. Leave the room and head back out into the hallway. At the junction, turn left, go around a corner, head up some stairs, and take the next right, and more stairs.

You have now arrived on the 3rd floor without the help of an elevator. Go down this new passage until you find some more lumber and an A-frame on the wall. Another secret doorway. Enter the Storage room. Turn left, open one crate, and arrive at a door that leads into the Planetarium.

The thunder and lightning Ixupi is sometimes in one of the displays, so watch out. Find the solar system model and solve your first riddle. Read the second riddle. Work your way around to the right and find the Pictograph Tiles puzzle. Solve this and find another inventory item. If you continue around to the left, you'll see another door. This goes into the tower and descends to the second level. We'll get there by another means. Leave the Planetarium through the same door we came in, open two more crates in the Storage room, and at the far end, find one last crate with the Alchemy Machine puzzle. Solve it and find an inventory item. About face and through the new door.

Go through the spiked doorway and find a skeleton in a raised cage. For fun, click the pitcher, the glass, then the skeleton's hand. You should hear "I feel your pain". Explore the other torture items in the area, and eventually end up at the gallows. Solve this puzzle and find an inventory item.

Down the gallow steps and head straight, passing the electric chair (lightning Ixupi is sometimes there so don't throw the switch) and entering another room. At its end is the Door puzzle. Solve it and you gain access into another room. Find another puzzle between the two pictures. Solve this Pinball Machine puzzle and you gain access into a passage with a 6-skull dial and an inventory item. This door will open when you have turned all the other skull dials in the museum to their proper color.

Backtrack to the storage room and out the secret entrance. If you turn right, you'll go down the hall a few turns and find an elevator. Take it to the second floor, turn right down the hall. If you take the next right, you'll find only dead ends (feel free to explore). Continue straight ahead, round a corner, ignore the cubby hole with junk on your right, ignore the next right turn (it leads back to the fortune teller room), and turn the next corner. Go *almost* to the end and look for a panel on your right. If you are at the end, back up just a little and find the passage into the Tombs and Curses room that is now on your left.

Turn left and go part way toward the tomb markers. When you can turn right and go around the corner, find the Sphinx. Read the plaque, poke around the sphinx (between the legs), then touch the lips. Do an about-face and see the sarcophagus and obelisks, and solve this puzzle. Another inventory item. Continue working your way left past the sphinx to another burial tomb (Curse of Anubis), but beware of an Ixupi. Return to the main area of this room, go up the steps between the tomb markers and solve the door puzzle to gain access into the next room.

The Funeral Rites room has a skull dial. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left, forward, left again, and set the dial (blue). Turn right and enter a burial chamber, being careful to avoid the cloth Ixupi. Leave and turn left to head toward the far end of the room. On the left, see the lion, and find Merrick's notebook - flashback item 16. Continue toward the far door. On the right find the animal sarcophagus and its hidden Chinese Checker puzzle. Solve this and find an inventory item. Beware the cremation display might house an Ixupi. Enter the door at this end of the room.

In the Shaman room you need to beware of the wax Ixupi in one corner. Find the witch doctor in another corner, and tracks on the floor that disappear at a secret panel. Follow the tracks back to their origin and look up. Here is the camera you used in the clock tower. Solve this puzzle to gain access into the next room.

You are in the Gods and Killing Items room, and your second riddle will be answered, and your third will be found. Look for a horse-drawn chariot and Thor. Spin the nearby stone piece and read its message. Go to the next room and set the skull dial (red). Find and solve the Sumerian Lyre puzzle at the room's far end, and find another inventory item. Don't forget to set the skull dial (red). Back to the double doors and solve this door puzzle (panel on left) to gain access into the next room.

Find two things when you first enter the Myths and Legends room: the music box puzzle on your right and a duffel bag on the left. Solve the puzzle and find an inventory item. Search the bag and the book will become flashback item 5. Walk toward the other end of the room, avoid the wax snake (Ixupi!) and check out the Maoris carved chest to find another inventory item.

Leave this area and continue on through the next couple rooms carefully. More spare lumber means Ixupi, maybe. Find another skull dial near the were wolf and set it (red). Wander until you find stairs to your right. These lead to the planetarium. First, though, turn left twice and round the corner to find a door. Enter the janitor's room and you'll usually find the cloth Ixupi guarding another inventory item. Double danger - the toilet can sometimes hide the water Ixupi.

I believe at this point, you need to capture as many Ixupi as possible. Don't worry if you come down to just one left to nab. The game seems to be designed this way. If you make it to the subterranean room, you'll find a shortcut back to the main floor. Try it.

With just one Ixupi waiting to be captured (it's the Thunder and Lightning Ixupi), you may now begin the search for the missing page 17. Work you way down to the generator room and find the breaker panel. If it is not open, then you haven't done enough of the game. If it is, flip the switch, twice, and page 17 will appear. This contains your 4th riddle. Be sure to read the part that was still in the book and complete the riddle. You should now recall some part of the museum which would answer this riddle.

Head upstairs to the third floor and its room with the guillotine. Take a quick side-trip through the puzzle room, past the 6 skull dial and into one last room. Notice the trap door in the floor and the inset stone on the wall with its two symbols. Back to the guillotine. Work the display and notice the same two symbols on the blade that has dropped. Back to the room with these same symbols on the wall. This time the stone has moved forward. Touch it and enjoy the wild ride. At the end of the run, you find your last inventory item.

Now for the last Ixupi. Find him in the generator room and capture him. Watch the closing movie as flashback item 18 and go home with your friends.


It was difficult deciding what order to put these in, so I settled on the order they appear in your book.


Use the number from the dragon gargoyle (next to the front gate) to open this box: 029.

GEAR PUZZLE (Gazebo - Museum grounds)

Solution (in USA version of book):
Number the gears across the top (1,2,3) and the gears along the bottom (4,5,6). Give the left 'spare' pin an 'A' and the right pin a 'B'. It should look something like:
	A 1 2 3	   4 5 6 B
Sierra then gives the moves as follows: 1-A/5-1/3-5/6-3/2-6/4-2/A-4


The symbol for green copper is found behind the statue on the walk to the gazebo; the symbol for brown wood is found on the bench on the walk to the gazebo; the symbol for white stone is found looking back at the stone arch from the walk to the gazebo; the symbol for bronze is found on the cliffs seen through Stonehenge; the symbol for yellow brick is found on the wall behind the vase on the way up the stairs to the front door; the symbol for black iron is found on the cornerpiece of the front door to the museum.

GLOBE PUZZLE (Mysteries of the Deep Room)

The map on the floor should remind you of a map seen elsewhere.
There was a map in the office with a particular longitude and latitude circled. Try seventy-five west and twenty north.


Notice the film is not wound on the reel. Try taking up the slack.
Click on the top reel 5 times. The red light then turns green. Click on the green light.


Hint 1:
The clue is in the same room as the puzzle.
Hint 2:
Which drawers do you have open? Try an different tactic.
Use the numbers on the basilisk drawing (on the workbench) to know which drawers to leave shut, and open all the rest.

SIREN/ORGAN PUZZLE Mysteries of the Deep Room)

The timing (note duration) is not part of the puzzle, just the right tones in the correct order.

If you turn "Text On", then this puzzle becomes easier. You'll see a pattern of:
	-----------------------------------------	|   |   |   |   |   |   | X |   |   |   |	---------------------------------------	|   | X |   |   | X |   |   |   |   |   |	|---------------------------------------	|   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   |   |   |	|---------------------------------------	|   |   |   |   |   |   |   | X |   |   |	|---------------------------------------	|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |	|---------------------------------------	|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | X |   |	|---------------------------------------	| X |   |   | X |   |   |   |   |   | X |	|----------------------------------------

I've added vertical bars to give it more a row and column appearance. Musical notation is written with two things in mind. The order to play the notes is written from left to right, just as we read from left to right. The pitch or tone of each note is designated by a lower or higher marking, in this case, 'X' marks the pitch.

Take the above diagram and add across the top the note order number, and down the side a shell letter to represent the pitch:
	Note #  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10          ---------------------------------------------- Shell   G   |   |   |   |   |   |   | X |   |   |   |             |---------------------------------------         F   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   |   |   |   |             |---------------------------------------         E   |   |   | X |   |   | X |   |   |   |   |             |---------------------------------------         D   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | X |   |   |             |---------------------------------------         C   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |             |---------------------------------------         B   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | X |   |             |---------------------------------------         A   | X |   |   | X |   |   |   |   |   | X |             |---------------------------------------

Using a row-column designation, the first note is represented by the 'X' in cell A-1, the second note is in cell F-2, the third is E-3, etc. So, to duplicate the first note, click on the left-most clam shell because it is note 'A'. The second note is then shell letter 'F'. The third is shell 'E'. You should be able to do the rest.


The clue to this puzzle is found in the theatre. Have you explored the projection room? What goes on in a projection room? Movies!
Sketch the door and its pictures in outline form, then watch the theatre movie and see Professor Windlenot open the same door. Note which areas he pushes in, and the two that he pushes a second time. You sketch should look something like:
            1C     2C     3C	 4C     5C            6R                   7C            8C        9R

where C represents a circle and R represents a rectangle.

Now press the areas in this order: 6 1 9 3 4 6 4

DOOR PUZZLE (Hallway outside Theater)

Hint 1:
You should have seen a name and a crude sketch of the pattern on the door (circle divided in quarters) elsewhere in the museum.
Hint 2:
Find the main elevator that runs between the first, second, and third floors. Look at one of the walls and you should see a note written in what appears to be red lipstick. Read the name and put it n the same position on the door.
The name of Windlenot's son, Geoffrey, needs to be spelled out in the three o'clock position on the door, and don't worry about the letters at the twelve, six, and nine o'clock positions.

DOOR PUZZLE (Tomb and Curses room)

This is fairly straight forward. Move the pieces until you have a connection between the top and the bottom.


Hint 1:
Read the plaque next to the Sphinx and follow up on its hint. Touch the Sphinx between the legs and later touch the lips for a second message.
Hint 2:
Find the only Pharoah and queen mentioned in one of your books.
Page 6-7 of the Egyptian Hieroglyphics book. Construct the Pharaoah's picture on the left obelisk, and the queen's picture on the right one.

CHINESE CHECKER PUZZLE (Base of Animal Sarcophagus in Funeral Rites Room)

Be sure to check out Erik Gos's solution at Spoiler's Center web site!
You need the last ball to end up in the center square. To get there it must have jumped over another ball. There was really no place it could come from so it has to be in its place at the start of the game. You can take any of the balls that are "two away" from the center position and use that as your "last" ball. Now, let's think about the other moves. If we can get a series of free-occupied-free-occupied (etc) spots, then the "next to last" ball can do a lot of jumping over other balls and make them disappear. Its final resting place needs to be between the "last" ball and the center spot. If my picture isn't too crude, then the middle section of the puzzle would look something like:
	.  O  .	O  .  O	.  .  O  O	O  .  O	.  O  .

If you take the 'O' in row three, column 3 and make it jump clockwise (or counter-clockwise) around the other balls, it ends up where it started and is in prime position for the last ball to jump it and land in the center.

I actually worked the puzzle until I arrived at the above diagram, but I didn't record all the moves so I cannot tell you how to get there. But, there are other possible solutions.

A solution:
My method of identifying each ball to move will be based on a row-column reference. If you look at the playing board, there are 7 rows and 7 columns. Not every row-column combination is possible, such as 1-1 or even 7-7. Thus, the center position (our desired ending position) is designated 4-4. As for the direction to jump, I'll simply use L=left, R=right, D=down, and U=up.

Begin: 6-4 U, 5-2 R, 4-4 D, 7-3 U, 5-6 L, 5-4 L, 5-1 R, 7-5 L, 4-3 D, 7-3 U, 3-5 D, 6-5 U. You should now have something that looks like:

	          O O O	          O O O	      O O O O . O O	      O O . . O O O	      . . O . . . O	          . O .	          . . .

Next set of moves: 3-7 L, 5-7 U, 3-4 R, 3-7 L, 3-5 D, 1-5 D, 2-3D, 3-1 R, 4-3 U, 1-3 D. Now it look like:

	          . O .	          . O .	      . . O . O . .	      O O . . . O .	      . . O . O . .	          . O .	          . . .

Try it on your own, otherwise finish with: 1-4 D, 4-1 R, 4-3 D, 6-3 R, 6-5 U, 4-5 U, 3-3 R, 2-5 D, 4-6 L.


To work this puzzle, take the mallet/stick from the doctor and click on each of the 4 drums.
Hint 1:
Clue location is in the clock tower. Something there will allow you to find the RAM, TA, BO, and BA letters near the witch doctor.
Hint 2:
Select the monitor that watches the shaman room and use the joystick to move the camera around until you see something useful (be sure to move the stick in all directions).
If you've been to the clock tower and selected the right camera, then you will have seen the ramta boba taramba words scrawled on the bed canopy. Take the mallet, play these on the drums, then return the mallet and the secret door will open, leading you into another room.

DOOR PUZZLE (Room of the Gods)

Look in Beth's Address book for something.
Find the picture of the "Red Door" and match it in this puzzle.


Did you find the juke box in the clock tower and set it to selection B2? Did you leave it there?

PICTURE PUZZLE (second floor secret passage)

It's a picture of a sword-wielding man on one horse. Two other horses make up the rest of the picture.


Solution at Balmond web site:
Give each square a number, 1 thru 9, left to right and underneath put the target of each lever:

  Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  Target 4 2 5 1 6 2 7 5 8 2 5 3 8 4 9 7 8 6


Ball color Square Lever
Blue 4 Right
Pink 7 Right
Purple 8 Right
Blue 5 Left
Pink 4 Right
Green 1 Left
Red 2 Right
Plaid 3 Right
Beige 6 Right
Yellow 9 Right
Blue 8 Left
Pink 5 Left
Plaid 2 Left
Beige 3 Right
Yellow 6 Right
Blue 9 Right
Pink 8 Left
Plaid 5 Left
    I have my own solution, but it's much longer.



To work the machine, pick up the penny and drop it in the slot. You will get a card with the first clues/riddle. Be sure to write down the very first clue, because it doesn't seem to get repeated. But in case you don't, here it is:
Earth must be aligned with Love and War.
Then from below you'll discover more.

Hint 1:
Love and War? Where have you seen them mentioned before?
Hint 2:
Have you been to the Planetarium and seen the model of the sun and its circling planets?
From the Mythology of the Stars book you know that Venus is Love and Mars is War. These two planets are nearest the sun with Earth in 3rd position. Go to the Planetarium and face the solar system model. Notice the three arms/levers that hold the first three planets. First drag Mercury to the left, then drag Venus a little to the right so that both align with Earth. You will then find riddle number 2.


Midst the storm, the Norse God executes his thunderous
deed. Near him a message, its content you must heed.

Hint 1:
Do you think a Norse God might be found in the Gods and Killing Items room?
Hint 2:
Find Thor riding his horse-drawn chariot, lifting his hammer, and look nearby for a hidden message.
Next to Thor, turn the pillar and find riddle number 3.


In hieroglyphs of Egypt ancient, a secret is concealed.
Contemplate page 17, the solution is revealed.

Hint 1:
The Egyptian Hieroglyphics book was missing page 17, so now we need to find it before finishing the game. Having found this clue, your wanderings in the museum will turn up something new.
Hint 2:
On your previous visits to the Mechanical Room, did you notice the High Voltage panel, and a breaker panel and what appeared to be another secret door just below it? You might find the panel open this time.
The middle switch of the breaker panel needs to be flipped. Flip a second time and the section of wall below crumbles away. You will find a corpse and the missing page 17 with its completed message - riddle number 4.


A Noble punishment
It still causes dread.
This be your choice,
Relinquish your head.

Hint 1:
'A Noble punishment' can also read 'punishment for the nobility'. Where might you have read about this?
Hint 2:
What display reminds you of relinquishing or losing your head?
Find the guillotine display and touch the lever to the right of the blade. After it drops, you see two symbols, one being an eye. If you remembering seeing these two symbols elsewhere, visit that place again.

DOOR PUZZLE (in Main Hall to Theater)

Have you checked one of your books for the same symbols?
Look in your Egyptian Hieroglyphics book, page 16. Be careful to leave blanks where the picture indicates.

ALCHEMY MACHINE (Storage room)

Start with the center position.
Using B=blue, P=Pink, Y=Yellow, and G=Green, and starting at the top color and going clockwise, find the piece BYGPPGYB and put it in the center. Pretty straight forward from here, but for the rest of the pieces: Top-most piece is GBYGPYPB, next two are PYGBGYPB, then BGPPBYYG. Left side of center piece is GYPBYGBP, right side is BGYPBGYP. Next two are BGGPPYYB, then PGYBGYBP and the bottom one is YYPGBBGP.

DOOR PUZZLE (in Puzzle Room)

Thanks to Mark Sutton for the following strategy. His last known e-mails are and if you want to drop him a line.

The puzzle has seven pictures to go in five slots. To represent them, use the letters A through G. In other words, the first symbol on the left equals the top slot on the game. I'll be positioning them left to right instead of top to bottom.

First keep all the initial symbols and hit the score button.

           AAAAA    0

If you get a zero, you're in luck. That means that none of the first symbols exist in the final answer. Advance all of them to the next symbol and click the score again. If you get another zero, repeat. Any score you get should be a multiple of ten, such as:

           BBBBB    10

This means you have one of the symbols right. So, change all the symbols but one and get the score.

           CCCCB    12

This lets you know that the puzzle has one B and two C's, and one of the symbols is in the right position. It's not necessarily the B; the score above lets you know there was a B in one position. Since all the positions had B's in them, you can't be sure.

You want to get a score that adds up to five, such as 5, 14, 23, 32, or 41. That means you have all the right symbols, but some or all are in the wrong positions. Keep repositioning what you have. From this point on, there is no magic formula, and you might frequently run out of room before solving the puzzle. It just takes persistance.


Just play follow the leader through a series of notes. The tune changes each time you play this puzzle, so there is no specific solution.

PICTOGRAPH PUZZLE (Planetarium room)

Use one of your books to find similar pictures.
Try the "In Search of the Unexplained" book, pages 18-19.

CLOCK PUZZLE (in Tower Stairs)

Work the chains and use the video monitor station to see what time the clock you just set the clock.
The first chain moves the clock foward five hours, the second reverses the first. The third chain moves the clock ahead 35 minutes, the fourth reverses the third. The professor's notes speak predominately of two times, 5:30 and 3:15. Set the clock to 5:30.

GALLOWS HANG (Man's Inhumanity to Man Room)

Hint 1:
The near-by plaque gives you a clue as to what numbers to enter on the three dials.
Hint 2:
Read the plaque again and concentrate on the middle sentence, then the last one. For international people, the rope is 10 feet long and the plaque talks about "inches".
Convert the given length of the rope into a different unit of measure, namely inches, and set the three dials accordingly. Touch the lever to open the trap door. Now, you should find a talisman at the foot of the gallows.



You probably don't need to map it. Just stay along a perimeter wall.

One good route: when you have just entered the Subterranean room with its three other doorways, start with the door on the right (not the center and not the left one) and hug the right wall. There will be one dead end, but keep hugging right and you'll make it. Coming out, of course stay left. Don't forget the dead end -- just keep turning left.

There are two fairly short routes:

1) take center doorway, down hall, turn right at tee, through the next corner, take next right, go right then left through two corners, take the next right, then the next left. Follow passage and you reach the Subterranean room. Reverse all this coming back out.

2) take the right doorway, down hall, turn left at tee, through the next corner, take the next left, go left then right through two corners, take the next left, then the next right. Follow passage and you reach the Subterranean room. Reverse all this coming back out.

ROOM BEYOND PUZZLE ROOM (with trap door in floor)

Work through the four clues that start with the fortune teller. After the fourth clue, return to this room.
The stone (with its two symbols) should no longer appear recessed in the wall. Press on it and get ready for a wild ride!


This is a fairly complete list, but if you find other places, let me know and I'll include them.

candles in library
snake in Myths and Legends room
humanoid in Shaman room
Thunder and Lighting:
light/bulb display in Planetarium
electric chair in Man's Inhumanity to Man
generator room
Burning Water (oil):
pit in Strange Animals room
corner of Subterranean room
Poseidon's temple in Mysteries of the Deep room
sand pile in Amazing Plants room
fireplace in office
cremation display in Funeral Rites room
red cloth in janitors room
red cloth in Funeral Rites room
bandages in the Curse of Anubis sarcophagus (Tomb and Curses)
horse in Strange Animals room
film reel cans in the projection room
suit of armour in the fourth floor bedroom
chandelier in Main Entry hall
Mysteries of the Deep room
Underground Lake
stone fountain in Main Entry hall
toilet in Janitor's room
Dead tree:
humanoid object in workshop
spare lumber pile in Myths and Legends room
spare lumber near Fortune Teller room
Jade, stone, and Fire:
Professor W.'s ghost, Underground Lake
Beth's ghost, Clock Tower
Merrick's ghost, Fortune Teller room


The areas correspond to the blueprints of the museum.

Main Floor:
statue on top of one bookcase, Library
cabinet below drawer puzzle, Workshop
behind curtain, Theatre
desk drawer, Office
on shelves left of entrance, Amazing Plants
panel next to Stone Fountain, Main Entry Hall
middle bird, inside human skull, Bird Masks
2nd Floor:
pot and head with Merrick's ghost, Fortune Teller Room
animal sarcophogus drawer, Funeral Rites
in coffin between obelisks, across from Sphinx
carved chest (near wax snake), Myths and Legends
under red cloth, Janitors closet
inside bull (next to lyre puzzle), Gods and Killing Items
behind curtain, Music Box with Spider
3rd Floor:
spaceship, Planetarium
at bottom of wooden structure, Gallows
in front of 6 skull dial, Puzzle Room
inside alchemy machine, Storage Room
4th Floor:
pot and head with Beth's ghost, Clock Tower
another is inside the clock mechanism
pot and head with professor W's ghost, Underground Lake
in corner past oil pool, Suberranean World
raised object, Mysteries of the Deep


  1. Intro Movie - game's beginning
  2. Beth's Ghost - Clock Tower
  3. Merrick's Ghost - Fortune Teller Room
  4. Windlenot's Ghost - Underground Lake
  5. Ancient Astrology - Myths and Legends room
  6. Scrapbook - museum Office
  7. Museum Brochure - Main Entry Hall
  8. In Search of the Unexplained - Library
  9. Egyptian Hieroglyphics - Underground Lake
  10. S. American Pict. - Library
  11. Mythology of the Stars - Library
  12. Black Book - Library
  13. Theatre Movie - Theatre
  14. Museum Blueprints - Mysteries of the Deep room
  15. Beth's Address Book - passage accessed through library
  16. Merrick's Notes - Funeral Rites room
  17. Prof Windlenot's Diary - 4th floor bedroom
  18. Finale - game's end


1) The missing page 17 in the Egyptian Hieroglyphics book reveals another page with two pictures. Have you found the lower right picture elsewhere in the museum?

2) Near the bird masks on the main floor you found an axe embedded in the totem pole. Where does the axe normally hang?

3) In the puzzle room there were two pictures, a rocking chair on the left and on the right a skull. In between was the pinball puzzle. Do you remember seeing the skull picture anywhere else in the museum?

4) Did you see the moving plant in the Amazing Plants room?

5) Did you see the snakes on the arches at both sides of the Theater stage do something?

6) Did you see anything scary on your return from the Subterranean World to the Main Hall through the secret passage?


1) Theatre, right-hand wall.

2) Workshop with the other tools.

3) The fourth floor bedroom and study had a smaller version of the skull picture.

4) There are two plants in vases. The one on the left will move if you are off to its right, looking back, and waiting about 20 seconds.

5) The snakes have a short animation. One of them looks at you and smiles, the other's eye sparkles. Go to the top of the stage steps and when you are underneath the arches, look up.

6) Sometimes you will see a pair of menacing eyes and hear a animal roar.

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