Shivers II- Harvest of Souls

Check List and Puzzle Solutions
By Eileen Caraher

Check List and Puzzle Solutions
Eileen Caraher
Shivers II: Harvest of Souls by Sierra Online

I opted to do a check list and puzzle solutions, because the game has so many twists and turns, that a step by step walk through
would be near to impossible.

First things first, Everyone should read their manual. It gives great insight as to how the cursor act, and shortcuts for your keys,
etc. It also gives you a run down of the puzzles to be solve, and the People of Cyclone.

The premise of the game is that you arrive in the God-Forsaken, hotter than all get out, po-dunk of an Arizona town, in the middle of Canyon Country. Your mission — should you decide to accept it--hehe that was a joke~!! Anyway, you need to find your friends, that have come to town, as a band, to play music and help " Aunt Pearl" with her Cafe. But EVERYONE has disappeared~!! The idea is to find 12 Bahos Sticks, place them in the Altar at the Kiva in Devil's Mouth Canyon, and solve the mystery of the missing people~! To release you friends from the grasp of the Spirit in the Canyon.

Remember throughout the town are Artifacts, and plaques that explain part of the mystery you are trying to solve. So click on everything~!! And read and pay attention to it ALL~!! You will be guided along by the ghost of Norah Wharton and the mystery man in the Kochina Mask called Dark Cloud. I will list the places in the town and the things you supposed to accomplish in each place, of course, you do not do these in order as this is not a linear game, you may do some things at a place and then have to come back later to finish what you started. You must periodically watch some music videos on one of the TV's, these have important clues in them. They also trigger other events to happen.


1.) Look around at Everything. Petrified Indian w/ Plaque.
2.) Notice the table with the drawer in it, this is where your chess pieces that you collect will go. After a picture appears above
    the table on the wall. They are at Sheriff's Office on the jail cell table, the Toucan's mouth at Pearl's house on the dresser, the
    card catalogue at the Library/Museum, and in Motel rm#6 in the dresser drawer. Once you have your chess pieces, look at
    them with your eye, they will be marked for placement, refer to Olivia's notebook, that you will obtain from the Warehouse.
3.) Listen and save the phone messages
4.) Look at calendar in bottom desk drawer
5.) Once you have placed the chess pieces, the cabinet will open and there will be a screw driver inside and a note.
6.) Use the screw driver to unlock the desk drawer and get the gas can that is inside. Use this on the pump outside to obtain
    some diesel fuel for the generator at the Mine.
7.) There is an air compressor in the garage part of the station, that will only work after you have completed other things
    throughout town. To use the compressor, flip the switch, turn handle so that air pressure is 230psi and then use other lever
    across the garage to lift the car.
8.) Retrieve Dave's Notebook from under the car, read it carefully and take the key that is inside of it. It goes to the donation
    box at the Church. You must have seen the video(Know Your Enemy) for any of this to work.


1.) The first sequence of the game is here, and is almost automatic, except you must read the note on the counter from Dark
    Cloud, and pay for your Motel Room with $40 and pick up your $2.50 in change. Then you are off to your room for a nap and
    dream. Pay attention, to all these auto sequences, as they are full of clues.
2.) Collect some chewing gum from the ashtray on the counter.
3.) Go behind the desk and read the letter in box #6.
4.) Take note of the phone number in this note. And Call it. 555-6321, its the Cafe.
5.) Read the letter on the counter.
6.) Look in the drawers, under this letter, and read the Bible and note inside the Bible, take the pottery piece and note the
    straight-edge, even though you can't pick it up.
7.) Now go to the TV in the corner, TV's in this town have a way of transporting you, so use your gum to cover the red light on
    the upper left corner, and then watch some videos. Watch until you get Dark Cloud's message.
8.) Note the vending machine, you will need to return here and pay $2.75 ( your $2.50 plus a quarter from Phil's Market) for
    batteries to use in a cassette player.
9.) Note the Missing Person Poster on the wall, and the pottery, and the plaque.
10.) The first Bahos Stick is here, you'll get it by ringing the bell and the Jack-In-The-Box pops up with it.

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos --



1.) Listen and save all your phone messages. Note the phone number and the numbers at the end of message, call the phone
    number, 555-6331 its disconnected.
2.) Listen to all the radio stations.
3.) Use your key to open your suitcase, and look at all the contents, and take the video tape to the TV/player and view it.
5.) Notice the Griffin above the dresser, it will be a clue for later.
6.) Later you will need to return here and retrieve a Bahos Stick from the bottom dresser drawer, but only after you have called
    Dark Cloud on the phone and he tells you to come get it.

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos--



1.) Get the crowbar off the floor.
2.) Look in the trash can at Olivia's Picture.
4.) Later there will appear a chess piece in one of the dresser drawers. To be used at the GAS STATION-see above.
5.) Look through the wallet on the dresser.

    Ok, lets go to town~!!!!



    Object is to have picture in center match the symbols on the corners
1.) Solve the sliding door puzzle to gain access to the Bakery.
2.) Listen and save all phone messages.
3.) Take the music box from the counter by the register. Examine the music box with you EYE.
4.) Solve the donut puzzle in the large oven to get another Bahos Stick. To Activate the puzzle you must pull down on the red
    handle and then open the oven door. Then move the donuts like so-----
    Picture of donuts....


    move #4 to #1 move #6 to #9 move #8 to #3 move #2 to #5 move # 10 to # 7

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos----



1.) Click on the spinning Barber Pole, Look at the coded message from the base of the pole. The note will be saved for you in
    your FLASHBACK. The decryption key for this will be found in Wendy's Notebook, from Pearls' house. Translated this note
    reads---LYLES CYMBALS
2.) Solve the sliding door puzzle to gain access to the Barber Shop.
3.) Notice the pictures on the walls, and the TV contract on the counter. Take note of the silver coin and the button on the floor
    next to the statue.
4.) Click on the Barber chair to get Dark Clouds Message.
5.) Solve the spider puzzle in the basin. This will allow you to take the Bahos Stick from the funny figure in the barber chair.
    solving the spider puzzle goes like this--- * indicates a switch has been stepped on----
    F--R--L--R--F--L--F--R--L * R--R--R--R--L--L--F--R--F--F--R--R--R-- L--F--R * L--L--F--F--L--F *
    F--L--L--L--R--L--F you must get the spider to her egg sack.

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos-



1.) Look at the menu on the counter and get your 5.25 floppy disk from inside one of them.
2.) Take the flower from the vase on the counter.
3.) Look at the pottery piece and plaque.
4.) One of the pictures on the wall can be turned over to look at Olivia's Drawing from behind it.
5.) Get the pice of paper from the funnly little thingie on the stove, in the Kitchen.
6.) Get Pearl's house keys, with the Flamingo on them, from the wall beside the door to the kitchen.
7.) In the office, listen and save all the phone messages. 8.) Read the ledger, the note in the ledger. Look at the photos and the
    satellite TV contracts in the drawers.
9.) Use a match to light the candle on the table and hold up your piece of paper from the kitchen, it is DarkClouds phone
    number, call it, he tells you to get the Bahos from under the Griffin ( its the one in your Motel Rm dresser drawer)


1.) The door to get in will be locked, so use the Flamingo keys you got from the cafe ( on the left side of the door)
2.) Read Wendy's Notebook, it is in the oven. Note the decoder sketches, these will allow you to decode the message from
    the base of the barber pole.
3.) In bedroom, take the chess piece from the Toucan's mouth on the dresser.
4.) Read the letter and look at the photo in the dresser drawer.
5.) Go to Pearl's basement, and look at the photo on the end table.
6.) Take the cassette player from the Blue SuitCase, Use it with the batteries from the vending machine in the Motel Lobby and
    the cassette tape from the Warehouse.
7.) Play the Bat Puzzle by clicking on the hanging thing, that looks like a big green bat.

    Here is the finished route...


    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos---



1.) Look at the locked Donation box, use the key from Dave's Notebook that was under the car to open it, Read the note in
    the Donation box, it will be saved in Flashback.
2.) Click on the pulpit to watch a Dark Cloud movie.
3.) Go to the office, notice the shoes.
4.) Listen and save all phone messages. 5.) Look in the desk drawers, at the checkbook, which will be saved in Flashback, the
    dynamite--and take the pottery piece from another drawer.
6.) Look at the picture on the wall.
7.) Solve the Bingo Ball Puzzle for another Bahos Stick. Object is to get the numbers in order 1...2....3 etc.
    Solution: click on the balls like so-----6---3---8---6---3---7----5---3--- 7---5---3---2---1---4---6---7

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos---



Warehouse door puzzle: you will note that a bar is missing from the center of this puzzle. You must find this bar first. Then put
the bar from the CD case in the open slot and use the picture on the paper inside the CD case to position your sliding diagrams
on the bars.

If you forgot what they were, the paper picture from the CD case is saved in your Flashback. Note that not only can you
position the outer parts of the bars, but the bars can be turned by clicking on them.


1.) Approach the band area, there is a cassette tape hidden in Lyle's Cymbals(clue from Barber Shop)
2.) In the sound studio area, there is Olivia's Notebook, pay attention to the diagram of the chess board, for placement of
    pieces at the Gas Station chess board. This will be saved in you Flashback.
3.) Look inside the van.
4.) Now you have to solve the marble puzzle in the wooden crate to get another Bahos Stick.
    The object is to get all the Marble on the matching color backround. Across the top number 1 thru 7 from left to right, then
    down the side from top to bottom label with A thru G and move the Marbles in the following order:
    6G---3G, 1F---1C, 2A---5A, 7F---7G, 7G---6G, 7B---7F, 6E---7E(FREE), 7E---7B, 2C---2D(FREE), 2D---1D,
    1D---1F, 5D---5E, 5E---7E(FREE), 2B---2D(FREE), 3B---3C(FREE), 5B---2B, 2B---2A, 5F---5B, 5B----2B,
    4C----4B, 3F---5F, 6F-----6D, 6D----5D, 6C---6E, 3C---6C, 3D----3B, 2D----3D, 2E----2C, 4E--4F(FREE), 6E---1E,
    6C---6F, 6B---6E, 6E---4E, 4B---6B, 5A---5B, 2C---6C, 2F---2C, 2C---4C, 4F---2F, 3G---3F, 1E---2E, 1C---2C,

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos--



1.) There should be a chess piece in the card catalogue, for use in the Gas Station, if not you will have to return here later.
2.) Go downstairs, clicking on the book case might cause them to fall on you, if they do, read the book that gets dropped.
3.) Upstairs, look at all the display cases and plaques and stuff on the walls, the case with the town model.
4.) Read the newspapers, 2 on table and one on the floor.
5.) There should be 1 or 2 books on the shelves--Strange and Unusual.... and then the " Symbols and Masks" which is very

    Here is the page of Petrogliphs...


6.) Go around the right side of the book selves and climb the ladder, notice you can see inside the locked room?
7.) Notice the Locked door. This is where you use the pottery pieces ( 4 in all) that you have been collecting all over town,
    from the Church, Phil's Market, Safari S & L, and the Motel Lobby--and the note from the Church donation box to open the
8.) In this room you will find 1 of 2 keys to Burt's Safe Deposit Box at the S & L.
9.) Go over to the picture hanging on the wall, notice the hole??


1.) You need to get the quarter from the floor near the pop machine, combined with your $2.50, you can now buy batteries
    from the vending machine in the Motel Lobby.
2.) One of the windowsill tiles can be clicked on, to reveal a token.
3.) Take the token to the pop machine and use it to "buy" a decoder. Use this to decode the info you get from the Computer at
    the Safari S & L.
4.) The tank on counter might have a snake in it, if it does come back later, and when the snake is gone click on the yellow dish
    in tank to get combination to unlock the register drawer, to get your other pottery piece for unlocking the Library/Museum
5.) Listen and save all the phone messages.
6.) Notice the skeleton in the cooler, and the bracelet on the skeleton.
7.) Solve the egg puzzle in the other side of the cooler to receive another Bahos Stick.
    The white dots indicate how many spaces the egg will move, the object is to get the egg to the lower right hand corner of the
    puzzle. Do it like so--Number the tray at the top, left to right 1 thru 7 and down the side from top to bottom A thru G, then
    move the egg like so--
    1A--1D, 1D--2D, 2D--7D, 7D--7B, 7B--1B, 1B--3B, 3B--6B, 6B--6E, 6E--6G, 6G--3G, 3G--3D, 3D--3A, 3A--5A,
    5A--5E, 5E--2E, 2E--7E, 7E--7G

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos--



1.) The solution to this door lock is in one of the music Videos.
You will need to enter 3 sets of 3 numbers, you must use all the numbers each once. When you enter your three #'s pause, and
then continue with next three.


    It goes like this- you will enter 8--1--2, then 7--5--0, then 6--4--3, these add up to 11, 12 and 13 respectively.
2.) Once you step inside there is a picture puzzle to the right of the main door, you will need to flip the picture over to change
    the colors.


    Do it like so--Number your tiles from top to bottom 1 thru 6 and U is up and D is down and R is right and L is left, the move
    the pieces like so--
    5RU, 6URD, 5D, 4DD, 3DD, 1R, 2DDRUU, 3UUU, 4UUURD, 3DR
3.) Note the animal pictures all around the S & L, there is 1 tiger, 5 hyenas, 4 elephants, 3 impalas, and 5 zebras.
    This will be used to open the wall safe behind the desk.
4.) Listen and save all phone messages.
5.) Note the two pieces of paper on the floor, one is a newspaper clipping the other a statement of projected earnings.
6.) Go to the trash can behind the desk and piece together the letter in the bottom

    Here is the finished letter...


7.) Use your knowledge of the Animal pictures to open the wall safe and get your pottery piece to be used on the
    Library/Museum door. And look at the combination book, its for the large Vault.
8.) Now turn you attention to the computer, insert the 5.25 floppy that you got from the Menu at the Cafe and if you watched
    your videos closely you know the user name is LYLE and the password is AIVILO, you are then provided with the following
    string of letters--- KOJDSQTAWULLPOBSCLKMMCTE, use the decoder you got from the pop machine at Phil's Market
    to decode this, it translate to DAYOFHERDEATH....this refers to the date of Norah's death, which can be seen on her
    Headstone, and on the Accident Report in the Sheriff's Office file cabinet. It is August 22, 1992, you will need this info for
    Max's Cave.
9.) Look at the vault door. Note the number and letter in the center, then turn and go to the wall safe again and get out your
    combination book. Turn to the number (page) and use your decoder card from the recipe box at Burt's trailer, and turn the
    notch in the card the direction of the letter, ie--E means east or right. This will give you the combination for the vault.
10.) Enter the vault, use the two Safe Deposit Box keys, one from locked room at Library/Museum and the other from under
    the front of Burt's trailer and unlock box 32B. Take the bottle of ceremonial sand and video tape. Go view the video tape in
    your motel room.
11.) Go back behind the desk and use your ancient hammer to smash the pottery statue sitting on the desk next to the
    computer, you will receive another Bahos Stick.

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos--



1.) Before you enter the trailer, notice to the right, something under the trailer, use your crowbar to pry away the metal skirting
    and retrieve the Safe Deposit Box key from the box.(this was mentioned in the note in the ledger at the cafe)
2.) Look at the dart board.
3.) Read the note by the grocery bag on the counter. 4.) In the bedroom, read the note under the can with the paint brushes in
5.) Look at Norah's painting, turn it around and get the matches on the back.
6.) Get a half piece(fake) of the lanyi from the cupboard in the kitchen.
7.) Get the decoder card from the recipe box in another cupboard.
8.) Look at the three items by the front door, on the floor.
9.) Opening the wardrobe in the Living room will cause you to lose life essence by being attacked by a swarm of bees, so you
    will need a torch from the mines and one of your matches to light it, to shue the bees away.
10.) Solve the rolling cube puzzle to get another Bahos Stick.
    This puzzle is easy, just turn the block over remembering to leave a blank in the center.

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos--



1.) Read the two missing person's reports in the basket on the desk, and look at the attached items.
2.) Listen and save the phone messages.
3.) Look at the accident report, in the file cabinet.
4.) Click on the broken radio.
5.) Read the bulletin board.
6.) Get the desk drawer key from the bull skull's horn in the card room.
7.) Look at the jail cell door, note the number in the center.
8.) Go to the desk and unlock the drawer with the key, and look at the Sheriff's Journal. Turn to the page that matches the
    number on the jail cell door. Note the positions of the pictures, now turn to the jail cell door.
9.) Position the pictures to match the page in the journal.
10.) Look at Burt's message left on the wall.
11.) Note the bucket of sand and the magazine on the bed.
12.) You may find a chess piece on the table in the cell, if not you will have to return later.
13.) Play the card puzzle to receive another Bahos Stick.


    Place your cards on the table in this manner, and copy this to a piece of paper.
    A K Q
    J 10 8
    6 5 2

    When the last card is laid down, they will turn over and start to "Switch", use your paper to track their movements, then the
    computer will prompt you to pick a card until you are done with all the cards. (Personal note--this takes a lot of practice--but if
    you are paying close attention it should be easy)

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos---



1.) Here two of the headstones can be clicked on.
2.) Use the flower from the cafe, as described in one of the music videos--place the flower in the receptacle of the statue with
    wings, and then click on each one of her toes from YOUR left to YOUR right, they will bend--if they dont then you have not
    seen the video. An opening will appear at the base of the statue and inside will be a CD case with a bar and a picture
    inside--for use on the warehouse door.
3.) Go to the Mausoleum at the far end of the cemetery, Look at the Headstone, its the Day of Her Death.
4.) Complete the picture puzzle by rotating and moving the pieces to look like the Olivia's Drawing that was on the back of the
    picture in the Cafe. After you finish the puzzle the bottom door of the Mausoleum will open. You will return here later.
    Here is what the finished picture should look like....


5.) Retrieve the key for Max's cave for the inside door, after being told by Norah's ghost that he has been here.
    Norah's Ghost prompts you to "choose your enemy". She will display some symbols to you--the correct one is the Open
    Book. She will then tell you how to get the key to Max's Cave.


1.) Get the key from the odd colored rock and use it on the gate.
2.) Solve the puzzle on the door to gain access--this is the Day of Her Death--backwards. So the solution is this----
    the 1st tile = 2 2nd =9 3rd=9 4th =1 5th =2 6th =2 7th =8
    These tiles can be switched as well as turned over.
3.) Look at the books on the shelf.
4.) Look at the pictures and other things in the work area.
5.) Place the music box, from the bakery, on the table to the right of the computer keyboard, then click on it.
6.) Now click on the keyboard. It will type Norah's message to Max.
7.) The other door is locked, so you must return to the Mausoleum(bottom) and get the key.
8.) Open the inside door with the key from the Mausoleum.
9.) Look at all the stuff on the table and take the broken half of the lanyi ( this is the real half, the one from Burt's trailer is a


After you have encountered the broken Blue Skull at the Kiva entrance, you will be prompted by Norah's Ghost to find the
back way to the Kiva. Pay attention she give you a clue~!!

You will need gas in the gas can from the Gas Station to start the generator and flip the switch.

1.) Get in the Elevator and go down.
2.) Once at the bottom you will need to find your way to the West Tunnel to get you Torch. Then to the East Tunnel to go up
    the ladder next to this tunnel. For those of you who are a whiz a directions this should be easy, but for those of you who get
    turned around in your own bathroom, here is the solution— once the elevator is down, go forward once, then left (towards the
    dark area), then left, and forward, forward, and then right to the South Tunnel, forward, right to the West Tunnel, forward
    again, to enter the West Tunnel and go forward--you should see a torch on the ground--pick it up--Turn all the way around
    and you should see a ladder next to the East Tunnel. Go up the ladder and do the picture puzzle.
3.) This is where you use the clue that Norah's Ghost gave you.
    Star Spider Breath Raincloud
    refer to your flashback and your book of symbols for what each one looks like. Then press them in that exact order.
4.) Travel across the divide by pulley car and go up the stairs to the back door of the Kiva.
5.) There should be a Bahos Stick in the Elevator for you to take to the Kiva.

    Petrogliph Puzzle for this Bahos---



The canyon is a set of 3 chambers with petrogliphs on the walls, these chambers are
separated by empty chambers, at the end is another empty chamber followed by a stairway up to the Kiva which contains the
Altar for placing your Bahos Sticks. This Kiva is entered by use of a Blue Door, that is only opened by clicking on the panel of
petrogliph pictures and touching the Blue Skull.

When placing your Bahos sticks in the Altar it is a good idea to keep you eye on the cursor. Watching carefully when it changes
to green, as some of the holes for placing these sticks are kind of ambiguous.
The petrogliphs correspond to each Bahos, and the picture that was present when you picked up the Bahos. When you enter
the canyon with the Stick in hand you must find the Petrogliph Puzzle and solve the placing of the pieces to be able to then
place it at the Kiva Altar.

While doing this the spirits of the petrogliphs are after you, they will zap you life essence if you do not hurry through the canyon.
You can be killed if you lose all of your life essence. But if you need more, I mean really really need more life essence you can
click on one of the swirls and they will give you a boost. As soon as you have a Bahos Stick in hand you will start to lose your
life essence, so hurry~!!

At some point during the game, the phones will ring, you may answer them, it is generally Dark Cloud with some ominous
message for you.

TV's all throughout town will transport you when the red/hypnotizing light is not covered with the gum. You must watch the
TV's to view the music videos that contain the clues for the game.

You can also transport yourself, by clicking on your Map Option, and clicking on any highlight area on the map to be
transported there. You can only do this with places that you have already been, as they will not highlight until you have visited

Numbers such as 1-9-18-8-3 are actually codes. You'll see these numbers in several location in the game such as on the letter
from your trunk in the motel and in Wendy's notebook. The code is a variation of the alphabet. Each code number represents
its alpha equivalent LESS FOUR. For example: The number 18 would translate to the letter N. 18-4=14. N is the 14th letter in
the alphabet. Therefore, the above code (1-9-18-8-3) would translate to "WENDY"

One other trick, is that in your options menu is a configuration button, clicking on this allows you to turn on your captions, turn
up the lights, and solve those pesky puzzles--but you will lose points if you solve the puzzles with this button---LOTS of points.
Ok I have made you wait long enough for the end sequence --so here it is.........

There are four endings
the Norah Ending
the Max/Dark Cloud Ending
the Spirit Ending
these entell giving the Real piece of the Lanyi to each of these characters when you are in the Kiva standing before the Altar.
and the correct ending-----
Once you have all 12 Bahos Sticks placed in the Altar at the Kiva, you should have in your possession
a cassette tape player
with batteries in it and
a cassette tape inserted(these 3 should be combined)
a bottle of ceremonial sand
the fake half of the lanyi
and the real half of the lanyi
Go to the Kiva, the back way through the Mine, when you get there you should put the cassette player over the Black Hole
and let it play Dark Cloud's Chant for the Spirit.

*******this is where you should save your game*********

then you place the ceremonial sand over the Sand Painting on the floor to complete the picture... you will be prompted to
change disks here. Then you can try all the endings.

But for correct ending follow this----
Insert the fake half of the lanyi in its place on the Altar, and Dark Cloud will put his half in, then when he is bending down to
speak to the Spirit, you grab the fake half, and replace it with the real half(white markings). Now you must complete one final
Puzzle --but you have to do it QUICKLY~!! The object of the Crystal Puzzle is to direct the beam of light through all the
Crystals and then back into the receptacle at the bottom of the puzzle. To do this you must reposition the mirrors that the light is
reflecting off of.

    Here is the finished puzzle----


That's it, You're Done----Happy Shivering~!!!!!

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