A Game by Alan Thorn

 Walkthrough by Chief


On top of the screen, you will find the options to load, save, about (email to Alan Thorn) and exit.


The hut

The game starts with a message on the screen: “Do not be afraid.  For now, all you have is this message.”  Click on the down arrow to get rid of the message.

Go forward to see an Easter Island statue. Move back from it with the down arrow.

On your right, see a message board. Click on the ID Card of S.K. Robinson and read his identification number: 0787854.  Click on the down arrow to move back.

Turn right again to find a hexagonal door:  click on it and go forward to a blue corridor.


The blue corridor

Go forward to another hexagonal door and click on the panel above the wheel.

On the panel, enter Robinson’s identification number and press on the green arrow at bottom right.  You will hear a sound of a door opening.

Click on the door and enter the round grey room. You will not need to re-enter the number if you go in and out the door.


The round grey room

Starting from the brown double door behind you, go forward to the left twice and turn left to be at a desk.

Click on desk and on another message. It mentions about the emergency power unit and a pyramid of puzzles. These puzzles must be routed to the correct path. Use the down arrow to move back from the message.

In the middle of the room, see 3 doors: I-II-III. There is another one in the dark but you will not need it.


The pyramid of puzzles (Checker board)

Go forward to the pyramid. You will find 4 puzzles. Do not try the Chinese checkers game: there is no solution to it.

By clicking on the wooden arm, turn the pyramid to find the Checker board: click on it to get closer.

- The objective of Checker board puzzle is to place a black piece and only one on each column and on each line.  As you start the puzzle, there is a piece on one square. It will delete itself if you place the pieces according to the solution.

- Solution: At the bottom of the board, find 7 pieces plus the one already on a square for a total of 8 pieces. Place a piece by clicking on it and by clicking on the square you have chosen. It will be placed automatically. Place the pieces according to this chart:

column line
1 5
2 2
3 4
4 6
5 8
6 3
7 1
8 7

-  When the last piece is placed on the board, you will hear the sound of a door opening.

Go to door I in front of the desk and click to open it. You will find a lever to be pulled down. Move back by clicking on the down arrow and door I will close.


The emergency power unit

Go to the emergency power unit that looks like a cylinder on the right of a lamp post.  You will find a big lever on top and a brown button. Click on the unit to get a closeup.

To do puzzle #2, you must move the lever once to the right and click on the brown button. You will hear the sound of a door opening.  Even if after doing this you see the lever at its original place, do not be bothered about it.

(You did not need to activate the unit for puzzle #1 because the lever was at it’s original placement.)


The Guessing game

Go back to the pyramid and turn it. Find the board with 4 orange squares on top with the interrogation marks. This is the Guessing Game that will open door II when done. Click on the board to get a closeup.

This is a random puzzle. The puzzle starts with 4 M on the first of 4 lines of squares. If you click on each square, you will discover 4 other symbols. The object of the game is to find which 4 symbols are hidden under the 4 orange squares on top of the board.

You start with the first line and chose 4 symbols (it can be the same) and then press on the green button at the bottom of the board. A number will appear on the right telling you how many symbols you found from the orange squares and that are on the exact position.

If you get a 3 on the first line, it is worth to go on with line 2, 3 and 4 by pressing the green button to change line or to delete all lines and start again.

And again on line 2, 3 and 4; choose 4 symbols according to the line above and the number you got from the previous line.

The four symbols in the oranges squares on top will be seen when you get to the fourth line or if you get the 4 correct symbols before.

When you get all 4 symbols in the correct order, press the green button to hear door II opening.

Go to door II just behind you, open it and click to lower the lever.


The memory game

Go to the emergency power unit and move the big lever twice to the right and press the brown button.

Go back to the pyramid to find a blue board with 16 squares.

Make yourself a grid on paper because as soon as you press on the blue board, a square will be activated with a sound. Note on your paper where it is located. It will erase itself.

The objective of this random game is to press in order the 10 squares that are activated. First press the one that is activated when the puzzle starts, then the next two and up to ten. If you press on a wrong square, just return to the blue board and start over.

Notice that the same square can be use more than once.

After pressing the tenth square, you will hear a door opening. Go to door III, open it and pull down the lever.


The hut

Go back to the Easter Island statue and press on its belly to find a message. Read it.


End of game


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