the lion, the wizard and the wardrobe

By adventure soft

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  April, 2002

Game play:    Please read the manual. The game is mouse driven. The game manipulation is by clicking a combination of a verb selection and an item in the display area. The item is identified on the ID bar above the verb icons and the inventory, when the cursor is over the item. To perform an action; first select the verb icon, then the object you want to use the verb on and then click the left mouse button. The verb icons on left side are Push/pull (Simon with chest), look at (magnifying glass), open/close (box with lid) and magnet (pick up). On the right side, the verb icons are talk to (open mouth), wear (hat), use and with (hammer and the most commonly used icon) and give and to (a present). Pressing F10 will show all the items in the screen that can be interacted with, a very helpful feature. They are shown by little white stars. Pressing F5 will skip the introduction. The sound effects, background sound effects, text and music can be toggled on and off by pressing S, B, T and M, respectively. Using the map will bring Simon automatically to different places. Using the postcard will bring up the main menu of save, load, quit and continue. To save, type in the name you want to describe the saved game and press enter. The inventories that can be picked up are colored bright yellow in the walkthrough.

After his adventures in Simon the Sorcerer 1, Simon back in his time was treated by a psychiatrist. His adventures were assumed as a bad dream. Now, in the other world, a young boy named Runt was reading the magic book of Sordid, the evil sorcerer. Found out by Runt's father, the book was burned and thrown into a magic pentagram on the floor. Sordid appeared and took Runt as his apprentice to conquer the world. They sent a magic wardrobe, a transportation device to Simon's bedroom. Simon, now older entered the wardrobe and got sent inadvertently to the Calypso's Magike Emporium instead of Sordid's Fortress of Doom. To be sent back, Calypso needs a powerful fuel called mucusade that is in the castle and Simon goes out to find it. Simon's adventure begins.

Check the Castle out

Calypso's Magike Emporium:    Outside Calypso's emporium, look at the poster about the magic tournament for a Royal Wizard. Go back in the store (press F10 to see the hotspots) and pick up the baseball bat and the grass green dye. Simon is rude in this adventure. Exit the scene at either the north path or the building on the right to the Map of the world. The map can be scrolled right and left.

Castle:    Talk to the guards in order to get in the castle. They require a proper ID, i.e. they want to be bribed. They will eventually explain the currency system of the land.

1 Dollar = 256 pence
1 Groat = 16 Pence
1 Crown = 64 Pence
1 Queen's Shilling = 2 Crowns
1 King's Shilling = 3 Crowns
1 Silver Sovereign = 5 Dollars
1 Gold Sovereign = 3 Silver Sovereigns
1 Royal Crest = 45 Dollars

The guard informs you that the king is looking for a wizard and the competition is in the park in center of town. Exit the scene and go to the Town Square.

Time to find money.

Town Square:   Wait and watch the Moor..., I mean Morris dancers. If the dance is too long try talking to the accordion player and the dancers until Simon says that he will watch the dance. One of the dancer's stick breaks. Talk to Malcolm, the accordion player and give him the baseball bat. The dancers dance. The thrown bat drops on Malcolm. The dancers are out a dance instructor and they will put the poster up again for a new one. Exit to map.

Street of Traders:    Pick up the poster for the dance instructor.

        Ironmonger - Talk to the dwarf Ironmonger twice. Ask about the ironmonger trade. Help him with the currency conversion on his tax return. His 3 problems are:

                1. How many dollars in a gold sovereign? There are 5 dollars in a silver sovereign and 3 silver sovereign in a gold sovereign. So 5 dollars x 3 silver sovereign = 15 dollars.

                2. What is 16 groats in dollar? There are 16 pence in a groat. 16 groats x 16 pence = 256 pence which is equivalent to 1 dollar.

                3. How many gold sovereigns in a royal crest? There are 45 dollars in a royal crest and there are 5 dollars in a silver sovereign. 45 divided by 5 = 9 silver sovereigns. There are 3 silver sovereigns in 1 gold sovereign, so 9 divided by 3 = 3 Gold sovereigns in a royal crest.

As a reward, the ironmonger gives you a left handed crowbar.

        Fat Bloke - Exit to the right and see the fat bloke selling cloths. He will not talk to you.

        Joke Shop - Enter the Joke shop on extreme left of screen. Check out all gags in the store. Pick up a joke book on the counter when the joke seller tries the gorilla head on - he would not see you then. Talk to the joke seller and Simon will exit the store. Go back in and he will give you his card - Dr. J. Beagle, purveyor of jokes and costumes.

Docks:    Look around at the crabs (red herring) and the hiding Goldilocks behind the crate. When she pops up, talk to Goldilocks twice. She shows you the wanted poster and explains about the 3 bears' job. Help her with the crates by using the crowbar on the crate. Pick up the wig and rubber dinghy Mary, the Goldilocks discards when she enters the crate. Move to the extreme right side of the screen until you see Um Bongo. Talk to Um Bongo. He wants to teach his rain dance to the people but he does not have his group of dancers. Show him the poster for dance instructor of the Morris dancers. Exit to the right.

3 Bears cottage:     Look at sign and open the mailbox. Pick up and look at the letter - it has the 3 Bears' address on it. You cannot get in the house because of the various security systems.

Loan Office:    Talk to jester and listen to bad jokes. He needs help, so give him the joke book. He gives you his bladder.

        Open the drain cover using the crowbar. Enter the sewer and get scared by a mutated spider - cannot get through here. Note the sewer water level compared to the spider lair.

        Enter the loan office and talk to secretary. She will explain the different loans available. Ask for any of the loans stated. Enter the office to the left. Notice that the loan officer took a letter from the top in tray and placed it in the tube. Ask about the tube. It goes to his men that demolish houses because of late mortgages - that gives you an idea. Ask for the loan and while he is looking for the form, use the letter taken from the 3 bears' house on the in tray. If you are not fast enough, you have several chances to do so. Exit the loan office and see the roof of the 3 bears cottage destroyed. Exit.

3 Bears cottage:    Now you can enter the cottage. Go to the kitchen at the right of screen. Pick up the rubber gloves first and then close taps (trigger for the bears to arrive). Watch the bears arrive and Simon hides in the chimney. Listen and see Simon lands in a fountain.           Fountain:   Try talking to the washer women. Note the basket close to the kneeling washer woman.          Exit and go back to the 3 Bears cottage. Talk to Papa Bear and then give him Goldilocks' wig. Mama Bear will give you porridge. Exit to map.

Tattooist:    The sign on the door says that the tattooist is out to lunch. Look at sign on right stating Insane Society. Use the ladder, climb up and open the door. Enter and see the insect man, straightjacket man, fish man and the frying pan man. Try talking to the frying pan man and the fish man will give you a note pad to talk to the frying pan man that took a vow of deafness. Use note pad on him. He will give you a brochure and say that there is an opening for a porridge wearer. Wear the porridge and you will be given a (membership) junk bag. Look in junk bag and get money (100 dollars), bungee rope and wedge in the inventory. Exit

How to get spending money: (recap)

- At Street of Traders, get crowbar from ironmonger.
- At the dock, help Goldilocks and get her wig and rubber dinghy.
- At 3 Bears cottage, get the letter from mailbox .
- At Loan Office, get loan from loan officer and place 3 Bears letter on in tray.
- Go to 3 Bears cottage, get rubber gloves and be given porridge.
- At Insane Asylum in Tattooist site, talk to frying pan man, wear porridge and get junk bag (money, bungee rope and wedge).

Get to see Swampling boss

MucSwamplings:     Listen to the Swampling mascot at the courtyard. Look at the menu and then talk to mascot about "voucher as well". He will give you a balloon and a voucher for the kiddy meal. Go to the next left screen. Look at the dustbin and pick up a fishing rod. Look at the hatchway and metal door (red herring). Go back and enter the fast food place. Look at swampling clock over the counter - it is stuck at minutes before 2 o'clock. Talk to tattooist and he says that he will go back to work at 2 o'clock. Talk to anorak man - he needs help to be manly. Talk to the waiter. Use your kiddie voucher. Get any flavor of swamp shake. Look at kiddie meal and get swampling model, swamp gum and maggot. Look at swamp shake and read the warning - will set into a solid mass on contact with air. Ask the waiter about the swampling boss. Only employees are allowed behind the counter. We have to look like an employee then. Exit.

Street of Traders :   

        Pet Store - Go to left screen and enter the pet store. Talk to the inventor/shop owner. He is proud of his World Instant Genetic Combiner. Look at all the different experimental animals. Look at and pick up the glowworms that the scientist is working on. They are not very bright. Maybe we can help him with his experiment and make the glowworms brighter. Try to pick up the electric turtle - ouch!

Use rubber gloves on electric turtle. Use turtle on the single right box. Press/use the green button on machine. The electric turtle separates into eel and turtle found in the 2 left boxes by the machine. Take the turtle out and place the glowworm in its place. Move the red lever of the machine to the right. Use the green button and combines the glowworms with the electric eel to produce really bright glowworms found on the single right box. The scientist is impressed and lets you take the glowworms. Exit the shop.

        Joke shop - Ask the joke seller to make a swampling costume for you but he needs green material.

        Fat Bloke - Try to buy some green cloth from fat bloke. He wants you to get him a magic lamp and then he dumps you at the rear entrance of a cave. Go to right screen. Pick lamps and after a long while, the last lamp has the vacationing genie's message.  Look at cave entrance and see the fat bloke. Talk to cave entrance and the fat bloke will drop a ladder down. Climb out automatically. Back at the street of traders, the fat bloke gives you a white cloth. We have to change it to green then. Exit and go to fountain.

        Fountain:    Use grass dye on fountain. Use cloth from fat bloke on basket. Look at fountain and Simon will say that the water is green (trigger for the washer woman). The washer woman will then wash the cloth in the fountain and turn it green. Pick up the now green cloth. Go back to the joke shop.

        Joke shop - Give the green cloth to the joke seller. Later, he gives you the costume. Exit and go to MucSwampling.

MucSwampling:    Enter the restaurant and wear the swampling costume. Simon as the swampling mascot will go behind the counter. Listen/talk to the 2 chefs - Phew brothers arguing. Go up the stairs and see the boss. Talk to Swampling friend and end up asking for his stew. He will make a special, extra smelly, extra yummier stew for you but he does not have swamp mud. He gives bucket so that you can get swamp mud. Exit to map. Where is the nearest swamp? By the mountains - Aha, the sewer is the closest exit but there's a little problem concerning a scary spider.

How to get to see Swampling boss: (recap)

- At MucSwampling, get kiddie meal voucher from MucSwampling mascot (after getting money - see above).

- At MucSwampling, get kiddie meal from waiter behind counter. Open bag.

- At Street of Traders' Joke shop, get joke man to make a swampling costume.

- At Street of Traders, get cloth from fat bloke after retrieving the lamp he wants.

- At Fountain, dye the cloth green after adding dye to fountain.

- Give dyed cloth to joke man.

- Inside MucSwampling, wear swampling costume and go behind the counter.

Get Swamp Mud

Town Square:    Talk to Um Bongo and he needs a pig's bladder for his holy drum that got damaged in transit. You will automatically give the bladder to Um Bongo. He and the dancers dance. Rain cloud and lightning appear. Ouch! Go to sewer via the Loan Office.

Sewer:    Aha, the rain swept the spider away. Walk to left of screen and then use glowworm to get light which Simon automatically hangs on a hook. Walk forward until the dead spider. Climb up the metal ladder and exit to swamp.

Swamp/Lake:     Go to right screen and see mud but it is too far to reach. Use bungee rope on railing of broken bridge and Simon also ties it to his foot. Use bucket on mud to get a bucket full of swamp mud. Go to left exit 3xs and see the lake. Talk to "Lady of the Lake" and she spouts about the sword stuck on a rock at the other island. The "Lady" wants to leave to go on her date but her replacement has still not arrived. To help and to check the sword, Simon agreed to be Lady of the Lake but one has to be a woman and need the Royal Seal. Use fishing rod on lake. Automatically use maggot on rod and catch a fish. Exit to map via the sewer and loan office. Go to MucSwampling.

How to get swamp mud: (recap)
- At Calypso's Magike Shop, get baseball bat.
- At Town Square, give baseball bat to accordion player.
- Do getting money - see above.
- At Street of Traders' Pet shop, receive the bright glowworm after experiment.
- At Street of Trader's Joke shop, pick up joke book from counter.
- At Loan Office, give joke book to jester and receive bladder.
- At dock, give poster for dance instructor to Um Bongo.
- At Town Square, give bladder to Um Bongo.
- At MucSwampling, receive bucket from Swampling friend (see get to see Swampling friend above).
- At Swamp, use bungee on railing and bucket on mud.

MucSwampling:    Wear the swampling costume and go see Swampling boss/friend. Automatically, give the swamp mud to Swampling friend. The stew explodes (idea here!!) and he gives you the rest of the swamp stew. Exit to map and go to Street of Traders' Joke Shop.

Be the Royal Wizard

Street of Traders' Joke Shop:    Look at Stink bomb advertisement on top right side of screen. The joke seller will say that he is still working on the recipe. Talk to him about the stink bomb and then give him the swamp stew. He will give you the newly mixed stink bomb. Exit to map.

Magic Competition:    Talk to the clerk to enter the competition for the new Royal Wizard. Enter the tent. Talk to all the wizard competitors and decide to thin out the competition. Use the swamp shake on the wizard with the cold and ear horn. Half of the swamp shake is placed on the ear cone. That is one less competition. Use stink bomb. After a while, go back in the tent and see yourself and the wizard with the cold as the only ones remaining as contender. Pick up the spell book left by the wizard who was sure that he will win (trigger for being called in the king's presence). The steward calls you in. After performing very impressive magical feats, Simon gets a Wizard ID as Royal Wizard. Exit and go to the castle.

Quiet the baby

Castle:    Give money to the guards. Show Wizard ID to the gatekeeper. Upon entering the courtyard, the little prince confronts you. Talk to the prince about swords. Where was there a mention of a sword? Notice that he uses peas and peashooter. Open door and enter the castle.

        Pick up the cymbals off the table. The room on the left has the princess and the pea, I mean mattresses and the room on the right is the nursery with a bawling baby. Exit to the left and have a talk with the king. The king orders you to make the baby stop crying and can have the rest of the day off when done. Go left and look at the Royal Seal - it is an animal not the tool, remember what the lady of the lake said. Use fish on royal seal and the royal seal jumps into your hat.

        Go back to the nursery. Use wedge from inventory on cradle. Pick up the cog that is on the window frame, the football rattle in the crib and the klaxon beside the crib. The baby is till crying and nothing you do will stop him. In the next room, no noise made by all the noisemakers collected can wake up the princess. Leave the castle and go to the map.

MucSwampling:    Wear costume. Place cog from nursery on clock, fixing it. Visit your swampling friend and find out how he became famous. Look and talk to the swampling babies. Try taking the milk. You made the babies cry!! Bad!! Go back out to the restaurant and see that the tattooist is gone. Go to the tattooist.

Tattooist:    The out to lunch sign is gone. Enter tattoo parlor. Talk to the tattooist and then decide if you want a tattoo or not. If not sure or no tattoo, on the way out automatically pick up a leaflet about tattoos. It states tattoos will improved self image and will make a man out of you. If you do decide to have a tattoo, the tattooist will charge 400 dollars for one. Either way, you're out of there. Note the free tattoo to the 1000th customer poster. Now, who needs his image improved? Go back to MucSwamplings.            MucSwamplings:    Give the tattoo leaflet to the Anorak man. Go back to the tattoo parlor.            Tattooist:    Did you see that??? Wow - MOM!!! Enter the parlor and get lucky - you're the 1000th customer and are entitled to a free tattoo. Select the jewel encrusted crown and 2 crossed enchanted swords. If you selected another design, there is return policy for 24 hrs. and can have another one done. Masochist! Exit to map.

Swamp:    You can use the map to go directly to the swamp but have (as far as I can tell) to go the long way out via sewer and loan office to access the map. Talk to the Lady of the Lake and automatically show her the Royal Seal. She removes the wet suit and air tank and leaves for her date. Use air tank with rubber dinghy. Use rubber dinghy and reach shore of the island. Look at the sign. Royal birth? Does having the tattoo of a crown qualify? Let's try pulling the sword then. Pick up the sword. Exit to map by loan office. Go to castle and do your duty to the king.

Castle:    Talk to the little bra., I mean prince. He wants a sword, so give him the sword. You swap the sword with his peashooter and pea. Now, let us fulfill the fairy tale of princess and the pea.

         Enter the castle and go to the princess' room. Use pea on princess' mattress. The fairy tale seen in reverse - that woke her up!  Ask about how to keep a baby quiet and she throws a lolly. She wants to go back to sleep and automatically remove the pea from the mattress. Pick up the lolly. Now go to the nursery next door and give the lolly to the crying baby. The baby throws it out the window and continues to cry. Exit the castle and pick up the lolly at the courtyard.

    Now, what other crying babies have we seen? Exit to map and go to MucSwamplings:    Wear swampling costume and go up to see the swampling babies. Give the lolly to the swampling babies and automatically pick up the milk they dropped. Go back to the Castle:    Go to the nursery and give baby the milk. The baby stops crying, gives back the milk and is now asleep.

How to stop the royal baby from crying: (recap)
- Get the Joke man to make stink bomb.
- Eliminate contest competitions for Royal Wizard by using swamp shake and stink bomb.
- Get free tattoo of crown and swords from Tattooist.
- Use fishing rod on lake close to swamp and give the fish to royal seal in castle.
- Talk to Lady of Lake and automatically show the royal seal.
- Inflate rubber dinghy with air tank and use rubber dinghy to island. Pick up the sword from stone.
- Give the prince the sword and he will give the pea and peashooter in exchange.
- Wake the princess by placing a pea on her mattress and she gives you a lolly after asking how to stop a baby from crying.
- Get the milk from the swampling baby in exchange for the lolly.
- Give milk to royal baby in the nursery.

Hunt for the Mucusade

Castle:    Now that we have done the king's order, we have time to look for what we are here for - mucusade. Exit the nursery and go to left screen where the king is. Enter the arched doorway by the king's throne and automatically climb the stairs. Look at the pentagram on the landing and click on treasury doorway. The demons from the first adventure appear and block the way to the arched doorway. They are mad because of 3 yrs of torment and explain further. They push you back down the stairs. Go back up and place the rest of the swamp shake on the pentagram. The more talkative demon is stuck and the other one laughs - an ensuing swamp shake fight comes about. Now to find a way pass the demons. Look at the window and see the whole city. Leave the castle.

Street of the traders:    Use balloon on railing by the ironmonger. Go back to MucSwamplings and ask the Swampling mascot for another balloon. Tie it to the railing at Street of traders also. Get another balloon until you have 3 balloons on the railing. Float and automatically get in the room above the treasury of the castle.

Castle:    Looking at the sarcophagus or rug will bring you down via trap door to the treasury. Pick up the radioactive labeled box of mucusade. Open the door and see the way blocked by the demons. Enter the tube to the right and then go to the window. When floating, a bird punctures the balloon and drops you at the castle gate. Select Calypso's from the map and gets lost somewhere. You are shanghaied.

Pirate ship

Hold:    Listen to Captain Long John Silver. Use the spell book to make the chains disappear. Pick up the skull but gets the eye patch only. You cannot talk to tough looking man yet. Try to climb the stairs and the Captain comes down to announce that instead of selling you as slaves, he would kill you at midday, which is 3:30 by throwing you to shark infested water. But if you please the captain as his cabin boy, he will spare your life.

Captain's cabin:    look/read the diary and pick up a postcard of Calimari Bay. Pick up a stuffed parrot from the right side of the screen. Exit to left screen.

Crew quarter:    On deck, open the door to the right. Pick up the knife on the center post. Use knife on hammock with the drunken pirate to reach the tinderbox. Pick up the tinderbox. Exit the cabin.

Deck:    On deck, talk to the pirate coiling rope. Trade the eye patch for his shades/sunglasses.

    Go back down and to the left end of the ship and see the surly pirate hammering on a plank. Go behind the surly pirate and push/move him. Pick up the plank, nails and hammer.

Hold:    Open the door and enter the hold where you were originally kept. Talk to tough looking man and ask if he has welding torch. He gives the welding torch to you.

Deck:    Go back up and use the welding torch on the chains hanging on the metal door behind the drunken pirate on deck. Simon uses the shades. (Thanks, Tony!) The captain immediately comes out and stops what you were doing. Use plank on door and automatically nails it to stop the captain from coming back out. Again, use welding torch on chains of the metal door. Open door. Pick up the mucusade and then climb back up. Now, how to get back to the capital and Calypso.

Crow's nest:    Climb up/use the rigging to the crows nest. Use postcard on telescope. Go down.

Helm:    Climb the stairs on the right to go the helm. Talk to the bosun, steering the ship. Talk to him about steering ships using parrots. Exchange the compass/blue parrot with the stuffed parrot from your inventory. The red parrot falls over. Use swamp gum on parrot to keep it erect. Exit to left screen.

Deck:    Simon sleeps. Meanwhile back in Calypso's, 2 flying boars crashes in to look for the "wizard". They will trash the place to look for Simon. Back at the pirate ship, the ship was attacked by another and Simon ended up shipwrecked on shore of an island. All the inventory is gone except for the postcard. (The turtle has no use that I can gather).

An Island

Beach:    Pick up the shovel with no handle. Go to right screen and watch the beachcomber pick up the mucusade. Talk to the beachcomber to no avail. Pick up towel. Enter the jungle (path to the north).

Jungle:    Pick up the wooden pole. Talk to the kid and he wants the tied balloon in exchange for a shell. Give (gift icon) balloon to kid. He gives the shell. Chuwumbawumba Cafe is to the left and a cave entrance is underneath the sign.

Cave:    The cave has a whisky bottle with the vacationing genie in it (remember the lamp for the fat bloke). He can not assure that he is capable of giving wishes because he is full of whiskey. We have to waken him up then.

Beach:    Go back to the beach. Use wooden pole on shovel. Use shovel and automatically build a gigantic sand castle leaving a hole. Place towel on hole and the place shell on towel. Talk to beachcomber and watch what happens. Pick up the mucusade. Go back to the jungle.

Jungle:    Take the upper left path to the cafe and meet a fierce dog. Pick up the dog and automatically change him to a Chippy-like dog. Go to the cafe.

Cafe:     Find sleeping customers. Talk to waitress and automatically drink the coffee. Meanwhile, back at the Fortress of Doom - Sordid looses control of the body and flies off. Back in the coffee shop, ask for another coffee. Not much use to waken a genie up. Exit.

Dealer:    Take the lower left path. The path forks to left, top and back to right. At the fork of the road is the dealer. Pick up the whistle on the road. Try talking to the dealer. Word?? Say Eh?.  Do the talk! Yo, What's happening? How's it hanging. Then - Word, brother. Got any salmon? He's selling Cs - caffeine for 3 Bungas.

Torture Machine:    Take the path to the north and see the sacrificial man. Talk to man. To the left is the broken torture machine. Following the pink cord to the left screen, see the generator not generating. Use dog on generator and then blow the whistle. That makes the generator generate. Go back to the man and torture machine. Move the lever and then use the whistle. Watch the torture!!! Exit and take the left path to Limbo contest.

Limbo contest:    3 Bungas prize to anyone who can do 10 cm. Talk to the man with the megaphone. Use the whistle and the sound of torture arises. Watch as Simon cheats and claims the 3 Bungas. BTW, Bungas mean fruits.

Dealer:    Talk to the dealer again. Automatically, give the 3 Bungas to the dealer and get caffeine tablets.

Cave:    Go back to the genie in the cave. Use caffeine tablets on coffee. Use coffee on bottle. Pick up/rub bottle. Wish to be back in Calypso's shop.

Valley of Doom

Calypso's shop:    Enter the shop. Watch Simon being obnoxious.

Masala, the lion takes Simon to Valley of Doom. Watch the goblins have a briefing about Simon and Simon waking up at the dungeon of the Fortress of Doom with Alix. Click anywhere to wake Simon up. Try to open the door and Alix will give you her hairgrip after Simon asks for one. Obnoxious Simon goes out the door, hits Runt and meets another Simon. The other Simon gives you a branchlike thing and end up outside the Goblin Camp. Exit right to the map. Let us check the place.

Dark Woods:   

Kid - See the kid that you saw at MucSwamplings and the island. Talk to kid with magnifying glass and he mimes that he is hungry. Go to right screen.

Antiques - Enter the Antiques and start talking the woodworms. After a lengthy discussion, the woodworms say that they will carve you an ornamental figurine if you furnish the wood. Go to extreme right until the cave.

Witches' cave - Enter and meet the 3 witches of Graeaeaeaeaeaeae. A cat leaves the cave when you step on its tail. Notice that the one of the witches has no teeth and has problem talking. The short one is deaf and the farthest one is shortsighted. Talk to them about the potion they are making. and about them having something you need. They are having problems making the potion and Simon decides to help them.

Volcano Rim:    Pick up the chemical spray and look at or pick up the Plant Spotter Guide Book. The book describes the giant plants as Eatus Felinus and secretes soporific saliva. Now where did we see that cat?

Secluded Hut:    Talk to role players. They are playing in a world of real estates, accountants and technology. Close the door. (If you live it open the cat by the sodas will run out the door. You can find him at the Dark Woods again. He will run away from you there and you can always find him back at the secluded hut). Pick up the hanky, soda and the complimentary drinking straw.  Pick up the stunned cat, open door and exit.

Volcano Rim:    Use cat on plant. The plant salivates while Simon dangles the Felinus (cat). Use soda with drinking straw, automatically drink a soda and get an empty bottle.  Use empty bottle on saliva on ground in front of plant to get plant dribble. Exit. Go back to secluded hut to get 3 more sodas. Exit.

Goblin Camp:   

Gate - Use plant dribble on either of the goblin's goblet. Talk to the goblins or try to enter the camp to wake them up. They will drink and fall asleep. Pick up the conch horn on the fence above the farther goblin. Enter camp.

Big Tent - Go in the big tent and pick up the pepper and food ration. Exit the tent.

Elf - Talk to the caged elf. He harps on hygiene. He will give you a piece of wood in exchange for perfume. He then gives you an empty perfume bottle. Use soda on perfume bottle. Use pepper on elf. Immediately, give hankie to elf and the perfume bottle with soda.  If not fast enough, you can redo the sequence - pepper, hankie, perfume bottle. The elf will then give the wood. Go to left screen.

Gambling goblins - See 2 goblins gamble and notice that the big goblin constantly wins by getting 2 sixes using his dice. Pour soda on fire and immediately pick up the goblin stuff in front of the big goblin. A fight ensues. Pick up the dice left behind. There is now an empty bottle in inventory. Exit the goblin camp.

Dark Woods:   

Kid - Give the food ration first to the kid. Then give him soda. The food ration will inflate in his stomach and he drops the magnifying glass. Pick it up.

Antique - Go to the woodworms and give them the wood. They will make wooden teeth from it. Go to the witches' cave.

Witches' cave - Give the magnifying glass to shortsighted witch. Give the conch horn to deaf witch and give the teeth to witch with no teeth. They make the potion that will change one to an animal, in this case a dog. Use empty bottle to get potion. Exit.

Secluded hut:     Use potion on role players. One of the players drinks the potion and changes to a dog. Ask to join and automatically pick up the dog. During your turn to play for the interior decorator role ask to use your own dice. You will win a wallpaper catalogue. Look at the puppy and Simon says it is very quiet. Quiet puppy! Exit.

Goblin's camp:    Go to the farthest left screen. Enter the skull's mouth. The 2 flying pigs guard the gate and will not let you in. Go back and they will ask if you are the interior decorator and after showing the catalogue will let you in.

Fortress:    Pick up the tapestry on right wall.

Stairway - Enter stairway on the left. Try to pick up the goblin sweat using the bottle but it is too shallow. Use tapestry on sweat and then after soaking up the sweat, use tapestry on chemical sprayer. The chemical sprayer now has goblin sweat. Pull/move lever and the lights go out.

Eerie passage - Enter the eerie passage to the north and see the foul mutant hell spawn pig. Click on Simon to revive him. He/they/security would not let you pass. Try to sneak up the stairs. Mutant pig hears you because he has 47 ears. Exit automatically. Go back in and get this - wear puppies - the Quiet puppy - remember (Hush puppies!). Simon magically changes the puppy into furry shoes. Wear furry shoes. Still the security can smell you because they are used to goblin smell. Exit automatically. Go back in and first spray goblin sweat on yourself by using chemical spray. Then wear the furry shoes. Automatically, climb the stairs into stairs surrounded by lava.

Laboratory - Walk to right end of screen bypassing Runt watching a belly dancer. Check out the palm print identifier. Pick up screwdriver. Go to right of screen and use screwdriver on Sordid's hand attached to the big Sordid body. Go back to left screen. Use Sordid's hand on palm print identifier. The case beside it opens. Pick up the Time stick. Meet Runt on the way back down. Sit back and watch until the end of the credits. Will Sordid conquer the world?

Simon the Sorcerer II is done. Story to be continued on Simon 3D.

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