By Adventure Soft Publishing

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    May, 2002

Game Play: The game is by keyboard manipulation and the mouse can be used only in the Spell book. Read the manual for more complete explanations. The Start Menu has the Start game, Install/Reinstall, Uninstall, Setup and Exit. The setup menu shows the video, sound and keyboard options. The default keyboard controls are: Movement - direction arrows, Action - Ctrl or enter, Use item - Alt, Examine - X, Crouch - Z, Lookaround - Tab, Walk/run - Shift, Sprint - Caps Lock, Cycle inventory - C and Open spell book/inventory - Spacebar. When the spacebar is pressed the display shows 3 boxes on the right (G - groat  Simon is carrying, Eye icon - what Simon is looking at and Hand icon - what Simon is carrying at the moment). To get the main menu for the game during the opening sequence press ESC and not the space bar. A selection will appear and choose to load game from this selection or a possible glitch might happen. The Spell book is on the left of the screen and has the Disk options (load, save or quit), Inventory and Game options (Graphic - color, resolution, dithering and gamma control; Sound - adjusts various sound options and other options (subtitles). To combine objects, place one item in the hand icon and then double click the mouse on the combining item in inventory. Pressing Esc returns to the main screen of the options selected. Pressing any keyboard control presently used toggles it back to the default - walk/run or if the spacebar is toggled back to the game. There are lifepads scattered around whenever a dangerous action might cause Simon to die and restores him to life. The map is shown when Simon rides a Rainbird and it will land on a glowing area that Simon looks at. There are telephone booths also scattered about for rapid transport to another place shown by a zone map. Some of the booths are broken shown by red dots and when seen in the game have a red x taped on it. Rainbirds do not fly at nights and only in open space. Reinstalling DirectX 8.1 from the official Microsoft site might help with glitches in the game.

A short outline of the previous 2 Simon adventures is explained. The present adventure starts with Runt showing his latest accomplishment (a new body for Sordid) to Sordid who is in Simon's body. Sordid transfers to the new body. Runt and Sordid hunt for the Ancient One. The next scene shows a scantily clad woman dragging Simon's body to the top of a temple pyramid. Calypso, the Head priest and another priest are also present. Simon's body is placed in the hole. His soul (in a bottle carried by Calypso) is joined to his body. It takes 7 days and nights for the joining to happen. If successful, Simon will still have to prove himself if he is worthy of the gift. Calypso and the woman go back to Poliganis.

Chapter 1 - To Complete the Joining of Simon's Body and Soul

Inside the Temple of Life

Chamber of Rebirth - Simon wakes up in the Chamber of Rebirth. Go to the lever on the right pillar by the door. The fairy Godmother hired by Calypso from the Godmother agency appears. She will guide you through the game manipulations. Look at lever until it is shown under the eye icon on the top right, then press the action key (ctrl). The door opens.

Hallway -  Turn to hallway on top of screen and go to the right. A life pad with an Ankh icon on it is seen and is explained by the fairy godmother (something dangerous is about to happen). Go back down to the hallway until the end, turn left and forward to the next corner. On the right is wall panel with a face in the center and gems in 3 corners of its frame. Get (Ctrl) the blue, green and yellow gems. The fairy godmother appears to explain about inventory and spell book. Double clicking the left mouse button also can be done as "use item" button. Go forward until the next corner, left, forward pass a sarcophagus and forward to the opening at the end of the hall. Enter.

Chamber of Wisdom - As soon as you enter, a Golem drops from the ceiling. He prevents you from getting the object on a stand at the center of the room. A red ray shoots out from a head on one wall passing the red gem on the golem's head. There are 3 more heads similar to that one around the room. Look at them and note that they have a space in their mouths for something. Across the door you entered in is a locked door with a keyhole in the left frame of the door

How to neutralize the golem:    Look at the color on the golem's head and their sequence. Hmm. Place the gems in the heads' mouth around the room in the same order as that of the golem's head. Since the red gem is already in place, place (Alt) the green gem (in hand in inventory) to the right head. Go pass the locked door, then yellow gem and then blue gem. Different colored rays join at one point. Move towards the door and then forward to entice the golem to catch you until the golem's head hit the center of the joining of the rays of light. The golem falls down and disappears.

Get (Ctrl) the key on the center stand. Use (Alt) the key on the keyhole and the door will open. Enter and see another life pad. 

Hallway - The fairy godmother appears to explain about run and sprint controls. Sprint down the hallway and a boulder will drop from the ceiling and will flatten you if you are not fast enough.

How to escape the boulder:    Sprint (Caps lock and arrow keys) forward to the end of the hallway, turn left, sprint forward and turn left to an open dimly lit doorway just before the end of the hall. Toggle/press Caps lock to go back to walk/run. Walk forward.

Chamber of no walkway/lava pit - Fairy godmother appears to explain about lookaround controls (Tab). Lookaround and down at the pit at the center of the chamber. See a lighted path crisscrossing through to the other side. Position Simon in front of the lighted path and walk forward. Simon will stop whenever the path ends. Then turn left, forward, right, forward, left, right and forward to the other side. Enter the doorway, forward, right and forward to the next corner.

The fairy godmother appears and explains about crouch/crawl (Z) control and leaves after warning of "Don't let the eye see you". Another life pad is seen at the corner. Go to the door and the door opens. Bats fly out. Enter.

The Eye Room - The chamber has a giant Eye on a head mural at the far wall. The Eye roams around and will zap you dead if it sees you.

How to evade the Eye:    Crawl (Z), turn a little to the right, forward to hide behind the pillar. Turn a little to the right and see a lever on the wall. Crawl right to the wall, turn left and crawl forward keeping by the wall until hidden behind a fallen pillar. Turn right and toggle crawl (press Z) to stand up. Pull lever (Ctrl) and immediately crouch down. The door at the far corner opens. Turn around to center of chamber and crawl forward to pillar base in front of the Eye. With the pillar base in front of you, turn a little to the left and see the opening at the left corner of the chamber, crawl towards the opening and hide behind debris at the left of the Eye. Turn around and see the open doorway. Enter and toggle crouch.

Go forward until closed door, look at door for Simon to say "it looks final" (in my game, if I didn't have him say this, the game goes to the main menu) and press action (Ctrl).

Outside of Temple

Forward to outside of temple. Notice that Simon's body flickers from solid to transparent. Move forward and turn right at path and forward to an open raised temple stand with the sitting High Priest.

High Priest - Talk to the High Priest. He explains about the process of rejoining of the body and soul that was separated, not dead. To be complete or solid, a sacred peach has to be eaten. The peach tree absorbs excess life force to make a peach. The peach has to be ripe and dropped from the tree - not picked before its time. If the peach is picked before its time, untimely death of a person will occur. The sacrificed person's life force will fill the space left by the peach. The explanation about the peach triggers the peach tree to show a peach hanging down from the tree.

The High Priest gives the letter from Calypso. Calypso wants you to meet him in Poliganis and explains about the scantily clad woman that helped him. He sends 20 groats. After you have eaten the peach, he wants you to meet the woman at the North Gate of Poliganis. The High priest gives the 20 groats and directions to Poliganis.

Peach Tree - Go down the steps, forward and left to the sacred tree. See the hanging peach that you cannot reach. Go back down, left and see steps to the top of the pyramid.

Top of pyramid - Climb the pyramid. Talk to the bell keeper. The ringing of the soul bell guides the souls of the dead to the peach tree. Choker cola keeps him awake. Go the left side of the telescope. Pick the telescope up and get magnifying lens and the telescope tube. Go down and left to "Souvenirs" sign.

Tomb Trader - Enter the open entryway. Talk to the seller at the store and buy a Choker Cola for 5 groats. Go to the grounds. See a vandalized telephone booth at the far left corner of the temple grounds (it will be fixed later).

Temple Housing - Enter the open doorway at left of the telephone booth. Go forward to the end of the compound and see a big hut/barn. Enter the big door. Turn left, forward and find a contraption with a ramp. At the side is a lever and inside the contraption is a sign that says "Cow here". Pull the lever and see the treadmill move. Exit the barn property.

Judas in Pool of Punishment - Turn right, forward pass the cart and see Judas, a priest standing at the center of the pool. Walk close to him and end up standing in the pool also. Automatically talk to Judas. He is miserable and is punished because of a very grievous sin that he confessed. He picked a peach with his chakara before it was ripe. Take note where Judas stood to pick the peach with the chakara . Exhaust all dialogue with him. He explains how to use the chakara and tells where the chakara is hidden - in Judas' cabin, under Nun Magazine hidden under the bed. Ask to take the chakara off his hands. Exit the pool, turn right and forward to the hut close to the wall and small pond.

How to get the Chakara:    Open the door (will not open until Judas tells you where the chakara is). Stand on the left side of the bed close to the wall, crouch, lookaround down and get (Ctrl) the Nun's magazine and will automatically get the chakara/yoyo also. Fairy godmother appears to explain how to use the chakara and tells you to steal the peach. Exit to the Temple grounds and go to the Peach tree.

Peach Tree -

How to get the Peach:    Stand to the right side of the tree, turn to face it (like Judas). Go as close to the hanging peach. Look up to it. Place the chakara in the "in hand" box by selecting it in inventory. Press Alt to equip the chakara, look/aim at the peach and press Action (Ctrl) key to do the act. The peach falls on the ground. Toggle Alt. Press Ctrl to pick up the peach. Eat the peach and see a cut scene that shows a ninja die when a tree falls on him. The woodworms cut the tree down. Now, Simon is solid again. Go down and see the high priest.

High Priest - Talk to him about having eaten a peach and is ready to leave. You can not bring yourself to confess. Exit the temple after informing the Priest Guard that you have eaten a peach.

Chapter 2 - To Get to Poliganis

To get to Poliganis, the High priest said to follow the sign posts until the North Bridge. Let us the check the places around the route also. Go past the sign post, towards Lake Wotthayhe.

It's a Beach - At the beach by Lake Wotthayhe, there is telephone booth. If you enter the phone booth, you will access the map, click on any green area and will be transported there. The black spots are important places close by. At the beach area, there is a dock with boxes, diving ramp and a changing room. There is also a Rainbird landing pad on the ground. Go back towards the sign post to walk (as described below) or you can go via the phone booth straight to Completely Safe Bridge Over A Deadly Gorge and work your way down.

Warning Sign - Go forward to the sign post. Take the road to Poliganis and forward until the warning sign - "Beware of the woodworm - warning about incredible dangers to woodworm attacks ". Pick up the warning sign eaten by the woodworm.

Forward to next sign post, turn right, forward, climb the mountain until the big tree at the cross road. There are 4 possible paths here - 2 on each side. Let us check some of the places. Take the lower left ramp.

Fat Bloke - Go forward and enter the gate on the left. Go behind the fat bloke with hat and pick his back pocket to get the butterfly book. Face and talk to him. Ask the Entomologist what is in it for you. He will pay for butterflies collected. He gives you his net and specimen jar and says that the bigger and brighter the butterflies, the more expensive it is. Exit the field. Turn left and go forward.

Sleeping Foliage - The purple flowers on the right of the road snores. There is a rainbird landing pad close by. The path goes through a tunnel under the mountain. Let us check those places later. Turn around and pass the sleeping foliage, turn left and pass to a gated opening.

Lonely Hut - Go forward and see the hut, outhouse and telephone booth. The hut is locked and there are cola cans scattered outside. There is a road to the upper right that will lead back to the crossroad by the tree.

Butterfly Meadow - Go in the gated opening across the road by the crossroad tree.

How to catch butterflies:    Place the net on hand, press Alt to equip yourself and Ctrl to swing it when a butterfly is seen. Swing the net and see the path the net takes. Then when a butterfly is seen, wait for the butterfly to be close to where the swing path of the net is before pressing Ctrl. Walk back and forth in the meadow close to the gate to look for butterflies.

When you catch a butterfly, go back to the Fat Bloke. Talk to him and he will pay you for the butterflies. A yellow and red Peacock is 10 groats, bright brown Viceroy is 2 groats, Painted Lady for 20 groats and blue Adonis is 4 groats. He wants you to catch a Purple Emperor. Go back to the meadow and try to catch a Purple Emperor. Look at the book and read that the most expensive butterfly is the Purple Emperor worth at least 250 groats (might be a trigger for the appearance of Purple Emperor). Finally, catch the Purple Emperor and go back to the entomologist. He will try to cheat you on the price but since you read the price book, you get 250 groats for the butterfly. Go back to the crossroad.

Inbred Yokel (and COW!) - Continue to the upper right path on the crossroad by the tree. Enter a gated opening to the right and meet the yokel and Daisy. There is also a phone booth here. Talk to the yokel twice. He is waiting for a witch to come along to give him magic beans in exchange for Daisy, a fine milking cow. He said if you see a witch to get him some beans and Daisy will be yours. There is another exit that goes to the butterfly meadow. Exit back to the main road.

Volcano Photopoint - Go forward and then enter a gated opening on the left. There is a phone booth here also. Close to the fence under the volcano, lookaround up and see a rainbird flying. Lookaround down shows the water flowing from the waterfall to the left. Exit and turn left.

Go forward; pass a clearing to the Waterfalls on the left, the Random Pile of Rocks on the right and a clearing to the right. A sound is heard when you enter the enclosed/walled road. Go back to the clearing now on the left side. Forward and left to an open gate.

Large Hole - Enter and forward to the hole at the middle of the enclosed clearing. See a treasure hunter stuck down the hole. Exhaust the dialogue. He is looking for the Treasure of Fred the Pirate. He is carrying a metal detector.

To use the chakara to help him:    Place the chakara on hand. Press Alt to equip it, look down and aim for the inner left hand (by thumb) of the treasure hunter and then Ctrl to use it. You bring up the metal detector. The fairy godmother appears to explain how to use the metal detector. Go back out the area and turn right.

Random Pile of Rocks - Go back out to the main road and turn left back towards the Random Pile of Rocks.

To get the treasure:     Place the metal detector in hand and press Alt. The metal detector starts to ding and the sound gets faster at the center of Random Pile of Rocks. When Simon finds the area, lookaround/tab down and you will see a hexagon. Place the warning sign on hand, check if the hexagon is in the eye icon box and use/press Alt the makeshift shovel/warning sign. The sign breaks, leaving a stick. The chest recovered is full of tarnished washers. In inventory, place the washer in hand and then double click the Choker cola to get shiny washers and empty can of Choker Cola. Go back to the path by the Large Hole.

Tilled Field - Pass the opening to the Large Hole; go forward until a tilled brown field with some stacked hay is found. Use the metal detector by placing the metal detector in hand and press Alt. Use the metal detector around the field and find some 22 groats dropped by somebody. The metal detector pings the closer you get to metal and eventually Simon will automatically put it away when the treasure is found. Go back out of the tilled field, turn right and forward.

Reservoir Control Hut - See a telephone booth and a hut with a dwarfish warning sign in front of it. Climb up and see a locked door. Climb up the ladder and see a stuck trap door. There is also a rope that is attached from a wooden contraption down into the hut. Go back down and down the hillside. See the ninja that died under a fallen tree when you picked the pear back at the temple. Walk forward and see a cave that can not be entered at the side of the mountain. Go straight to the road.

S.I.G.N. - A telephone booth and a golem post is seen at the crossroad. The road to the left goes to the road by the Random Pile of Rocks. The golem post is Signal Integrated Golem Narrative - it directs travelers to where they want to go. He takes water and mineral through his roots but has a craving for sweet, sweet liquor - Whiskey. He asks for a drink. Sorry! Turn left and up the road to the bridge.

Completely Safe Bridge Over A Deadly Gorge - There is a rainbird landing pad and across the way, a phone booth. Go to the start of the bridge. The bridge is gone. Talk to the man on the other side. He, the Count wants to cross because of the competition in Acre Gap. He wants the Gnome Firing Trophy and will help you cross the gorge if you can get it for him. The competition ends at sunset.

Time to use the phone booth. Enter and select using the mouse, Lonely Hut from the map. Turn around and exit through the gated opening (not the road) to get to the sleeping foliage. Turn right, go forward, down the tunnel and outside to the clearing by the river.

Dungnomin' Tree - Walk around and notice bull's-eye on trees. Look up at the suspended walkways and see gnomes crossing. There must be a gnome village close by.

Walk by the fence on the right and see 3 colored geometric shaped box on the ground. One of them states "Chase Me". Down below is a pink clearing of the Strangely Pink? destination on the map.

Candies - You have 7 seconds to sprint from candies to the next candies and run over them until you reach the Strangely Pink? area. Gain another 7 seconds every time you sprint over candies.

The path: Use the sprint mode (Caps Lock) and be sure to run OVER the candies.

 1. Stand on the left side of the candies facing towards the trees diagonal to the fence on your back. Step on the 3 starting candies.

2. Towards the trees where you can see blue candies on the ground

3. Straight to red and yellow candies on the ground.

4. Turn around to the left (~170 degrees) and run over 2 candies.

5. To the fence corner with 2 candies.

6. Towards one candy close to the tunnel entrance.

7. Turn to the left and sprint straight to 2 candies by the hint rock.

8. Forward to one candy by the shore.

9. Turn slightly left towards the phone booth and sprint over to the pink candy.

10. Turn left towards the Strangely Pink? area and sprint over the last set of candies. Whew!!!! A candy cottage appears.

Strangely Pink?/Candy Cottage - Enter the yummy door. A message on the witch's answering machine states not to take anything out of the house that you didn't come in with. Look at the oven and cauldron. Go to the corner table and read the spell book. The recipe for making Magic Beans is mix a handful of kidney beans, some water, sugar, vegetable extract and the sweat of a frog. Go around to the other side of the room to a spinning wheel. Touch the needle, prick your finger and falls under a sleeping beauty spell.

You can hear somebody pass through thorn bushes, come in and finds a damsel in distress and kisses her awake. Oops! It's you being kissed awake by the Hero - Prince Valiant. He wants a needle because he tore his clothes going through the thorn bushes. Simon gives him the needle he pricked himself with and Prince Valiant leaves the cottage. Exit the house and see Prince Valiant turned to a frog. The witch was serious about not taking anything out of her house - the needle you gave changed him. Look at Prince Valiant's clothes on the walkway and pick up the needle still coated with sleeping potion. The Strangely Pink? place in the map changes to Candy Cottage. Turn right to Hint Rock.

Hint Rock - Go forward until the big Hint rock that nearly blocks the path. Turn to the shallow water on the river, turn right and wade to the green clearing surrounded by the mountains.

Nearly secret area - There is another telephone booth here. Go forward to a cave under the mountain and hear somebody hammering. Talk to the pile of rocks. The Prince of dwarves asks a favor - he wants someone to light his dynamite for him since he lost his tinderbox. The fuse on the dynamite is pushed in between the pile of rocks.

To light the fuse:     Place the magnifying glass on hand and then use it on the dynamite. The sun rays pass the lens and lights the fuse of the dynamite.

The rock pile explodes and the dwarf prince comes out. He is very hungry. He wants fish, boiled preferably. He will give you Hammor, his hammer if you feed him. He tells you to help yourself to his supply inside the cave. Enter the cave and pick up a stick of dynamite. Talk to the Dwarf prince about everything. He needs a hero to help rescue his people enslaved by Sodinell, the dragon when the dwarves accidentally mined to his lair. Use the phone booth. The hint rock disappears from the map and the nearly secret area appears on it. Select It's a Beach as destination.

It's a Beach - Climb the diving board ladder. As soon as you reach the top, turn around and see the sun rays.

To catch a fish:    In inventory, place dynamite in hand. With the mouse, double click on magnifying lens  to make lit dynamite. Place lit dynamite in hand and then double click specimen jar combining them into specimen jar with lit dynamite. Go to the end of the diving board and use specimen jar with lit dynamite. No alive fish is seen anywhere. It explodes in the water and fish floats dead. Go down to the water and pick up boiled fish cooked by dynamite.

Use the phone booth to go back to the dwarf prince at Nearly Secret Area.

Nearly Secret Area - Give the Prince the boiled fish. He is grateful enough to extend a welcome to his underground home. He gives you the hammer, Hammor. When the hammer is raised, thunder is heard (Thor?). Use the phone booth to Pointless Bridge or walk back pass the Candy Cottage to the very end.

Pointless Bridge - Exit the phone booth and go forward close to the reservoir with the 2 trees behind and right of you. Use the metal detector. Find 20 groats. Check out the bridge behind the phone booth. Look at Mysterious Isle just across the water between the bridge and the mainland.  Go back to the phone booth and select Acre Gap or walk back towards Candy Cottage and turn right at the Gap between the hillocks.

To get money (recap):
1. Catch butterflies for the fat bloke, preferably Purple Emperor.
2. Use the metal detector at Tilled Field close to Large Hole and at Pointless Bridge area close to the reservoir and Mysterious Isle.

Acre Gap - Go forward and see a phone booth. Read the sign on the left post about the 5th Annual Gnome Firing Contest. Go forward through the lane to the competition area. Enter the white tent and talk to the nasty Lord Fnar in a Robin Hood outfit. Enter the next brown tent and talk to the man with the hat, Fragmaster. Go to the firing area and watch the competition. Lord Fwahnah/Fnar (too long a name to write down) is leading with a score of 9 and the Fragmaster has a score of 8.

Go to the big red tent. Look at the Annual Gnome First Prize Trophy. Try picking it up and an alarm is sounded. Talk to the man writing on the desk. Join the competition and pay the 50 groats registration fee. He explains the rules. He gives you a bowl for the free Chili in the tent. You have to supply your own gnome and you can catch one from the village close by. You are allowed to fire anyway you want (Simon says like a dynamite powered telescope tube), just don't pass the white line. To win, you must hit the bull's-eye or as close to it by the end of the day. Gnomes are attracted to shiny objects. Go to the big pot of chili and help yourself. Simon eats the chili but spits out the kidney beans. Go to the phone booth outside and select Temple of Life.

Temple of Life - Go to the Tomb Trader and return the empty can of Choker Cola and get 1 groat refund. Buy another can of Choker Cola. Climb the pyramid to the bell keeper. Place the poisoned needle on hand. Use (Alt) the poisoned needle on bell keeper. He drops to sleep and falls in the hole. Pick up the bell. Go back to the phone booth and select Candy Cottage.

Candy Cottage - Enter the cottage. Place the frog in the oven to get a sweaty frog. Go up the ramp and place the sweaty frog (Simon squeezes the sweat out of the frog to the cauldron), choker cola and kidney beans in the cauldron. Poof! The magic beans are in inventory. Exit the house, use the phone booth to go to the Inbred Yokel.

To make magic Beans (recap):
1. Buy Choker Cola from Tomb Trader at the temple.
2. Place frog (Hero) in oven at Candy Cottage.
3. Register for the Annual Firing Competition, get a free bowl of Chili and automatically get kidney beans.
4. Add all 3 ingredients to cauldron at Candy Cottage.

Inbred Yokel (and COW!) - Give the magic beans to the yokel. He throws it on the ground and grows a bean plant. The Yokel tells Daisy to go to the temple. Go to the phone booth and select Temple.

Temple of Life - Go to the barn at the Temple Housing area. Go to the weird contraption and find Daisy inside the machine. Press the lever in the contraption. Daisy gets milked and the machine processed it to produce butter that goes out the slot by the lever. Pick butter up. Go back to the phone booth and select Dungnomin' Tree.

Dungnomin' Tree - Walk to the biggest tree and look at the door. Crouch (Z) before you open door. Crawl forward to the heart of the tree and see little goblin houses. Go to the mushroom house on the right and talk to the goblin. All the goblins hide.

To catch a goblin:    Place washer cleaned with cola on hand. Use (Alt) sparkling clean washer on mushroom house to entice the shiny object loving goblin. A goblin walks out of the house and starts picking up the scattered washers. Place the bell on hand from the temple. Use (Alt) bell on goblin.  If you look in the bell now, the goblin will bite you and escape. Place the hammer, Hammor on hand and use (Alt) it on the bell with the goblin inside. The vibrating gnome is now in inventory. Crouch (Z) and exit. Go to the phone booth and select Acre Gap.

Acre Gap - Time to win the trophy.

Assembling the Firing equipment:    Place the goblin in the telescope but would not go in. We need to grease him up to fit inside. Use (double click) butter on gnome in hand to get greasy gnome. Place telescope in hand. Use (double click) dynamite on telescope to get a telescope with a stick of dynamite in one end (small hole). Use (double click) greased goblin on telescope with a stick of dynamite in one end in hand to get  a telescope tube with a stick of dynamite in one end and a vibrating buttered gnome in the other.

Go to the firing area and you will be introduced as the next contestant. Light up the dynamite by using (double click) the magnifying glass on telescope tube with a stick of dynamite in one end and a vibrating buttered gnome in the other. Watch Simon win by default and be given the trophy. All the tents disappear. Go to the phone booth and select Completely Safe Bridge Over A Deadly Gorge.

Completely Safe Bridge Over A Deadly Gorge - Talk to the Count. He talks you to throwing the trophy to him across the gorge. As for helping you cross, he shoots a rope to one of the pillars framing the life pad. Look at the thin piece of string spanning a large ravine. Guess, we have to tight rope across. Here goes!

To tight rope:    Get (Alt) pole/stick and then use (Ctrl) the rope when Simon bends to look at the rope. Keep Simon in balance using the right and left keys. In the first part of the puzzle, Simon faces you, so that his movements will be in reverse of the keys. If he tilts to the right, we have to bring him to the left and the default keys will be the same direction as to where he tilts. So in the first part of the puzzle use the left keys when he tilts to the left and the right keys when he tilts to the right. It might be helpful to some gamers to turn the keyboard around during this part and use the usual key set up. The movement on the rope is like walking, left, right, left, right, etc. Wait for Simon's head to tilt to one side before bringing him back to center. Partway, the view changes to have Simon facing as you are and the left and right keys will work in the regular directions. Now, if Simon tilts to the right, use the left key to bring him back to the center and the right key when he tilts to the left.

Glad that is over with! Walk down the tunnel to get to Poliganis.

Chapter 3 - To Find Swampy


Upon entering the North Gate of Poliganis, meet Melissa Leg, the scantily clad friend of Calypso. She brings you to the Inn where Calypso has a private room at the local tavern. She has the fuel for the wardrobe that can send you back to your time. In return, she wants you to find your Swampling friend for her and would not give the reason why. The Swampling disappeared and no one knows where. In the private room at the Inn, Calypso, gives you the map to the restaurant from a MucSwampling Lost Treasure Hunt meal deal. Exit the room, forward, right of screen, right of screen, left up the stairs and exit to the Inn.

Dog and Fruit Inn:     Bar - Turn to the bar and see a whiskey on the bar shelf. Remember the S.I.G.N. at the forest wanted a drink. Talk to the bartender that wouldn't sell you alcohol without an ID and learn about the ninja ghost that scared the customers in the toilet and upstairs corridor. Talk to the Salesman and he gives you a vacuum cleaner pamphlet. Place the pamphlet on hand and press Alt to read the pamphlet - The Vaculux 2000 is so powerful it can suck the feathers off a duck, molten lava or things small as insects. Try using the chakara on the bottle of whiskey and the bartender keeps catching it. Exit the bar via the door by the jukebox on the left of the bar. Climb the stairs and out of the inn. Notice the lady streetwalker that you can not interact with. Turn right and walk forward.

Walking around:    Busted Cart - Look at muscleman and the jack holding the cart up. Use hammer on jack. Pick up jack. Walk forward until MucSwampy's.   

    Mucswampy's - Read the signs and try to open the door. It is boarded up good and tight.    Pizza Lord is closed.    Laundromat - One washing machine is not broken.    

Church of St. Troy: Turn right at Rotable Junction and go to the Church of St. Troy.     Grounds - At the left side of the church is a tree that has fruits. Use (Alt) hammer on tree and pick up horse chestnut. At the right side of the church is the Bell Tower.    Bell Tower - Enter and pull (Ctrl) the bell rope. Press Ctrl again and hold to get Simon to climb the bell rope. Go out the window into the roof and look around. Go back down the bell rope and exit. Walk to the back of the church and see another door that goes to the Memorial Room. Across the crypt door is the gate to the street. Exit and continue walking until you see a cheese wagon.

Mr. Cheese Wagon - Follow the big open topped cheese wagon and step in front of it. Talk to Mr. Cheese and eventually he will give you a wedge of cheese. Follow him to see where he goes. He stops at the Cheesy Bros. in the Warehouse area. Watch the cheese wagon man get money for not delivering his cheese to the Cheesy Bros. because there is too much cheese already. Follow Mr. Cheese drive around town from Warehouse area to the Justice Square where he turns around and goes back to the Cheesy Bros. to get more money.

Justice Square:    Allotment - Take the lane off the square at the right side and see vegetable gardens and a green shed. In front of the green shed is a pot of varnish.

        Pond - Look at the duck swimming in the pond and get 2 groats from the pond, another source of money. There is a female in stocks and she looks familiar. Remember Goldilocks from Simon the Sorcerer 2. She has half of a treasure map won in a seedy tavern in her bra. After showing your full map to her, she will split the treasure with you for the full map. She wants to be freed and can get you into MucSwampy's. The keys are in the sheriff's office.

        Sheriff's office - Enter the office and see the sheriff snoring. The keys are in the metal locker behind him. Walk carefully so as not to wake him. Traverse carefully one step at a time pass the empty cans of Choker Cola and the file cabinet on the left to the metal locker on wall. Open the metal locker but it squeaks. Use butter on the locker hinges and open the locker door. Pick up the keys. If you wake the Sheriff up, he will just send you out of the office until he finally sends you to lock yourself in the cell, which of course you leave open. Go back out and free Goldilocks. She will meet you at MucSwampy's. Use the phone booth to go MucSwampy's.

MucSwampy's - Meet Goldilocks coming out of MucSwampy's. Enter the now accessible restaurant. Look at the sachets of vinegar on the counter. Enter the red door behind the counter. Go pass the kitchen and enter the door marked "private". Go to the desk and crouch. Press the red button marked "sekret". A secret door open. Take the lift down. Look at the papers on the table in the swamp room and see "housing development in the swamp" pamphlets and housing plans. Swampy is now an activist and has gone to the swamp to stop the housing development. Exit back to the restaurant proper.

A very fat wizard in green orders swampy burger with no sesame seeds in the bun, worm fries and swamp shakes. Simon picks the sesame seeds out. Exit the restaurant. Let us continue to check the town.

Warehouse Area -     Adventure Soft Warehouse - Enter the fenced warehouse on the right before the circle. Look in the boxes of Feebles Files outside the building. Get Feebles File CD aka ashtray.    Cheesy Bros. Warehouse - Enter and see boxes and boxes of cheese. Follow the map to Back Alley.

Back alley -  Enter the opening on the wood fence and see several dumpsters. Pick up the cat inside the overturned dumpster at the end of the alley. The alley to the north is blocked by a dog in wheels.    To see the dumpster - position Simon to stand by the right corner of the dumpster close to the dog. Open dumpster and see a trainer/shoe in there. Use the trainer on dog and automatically trap the dog in the dumpster. Get a shoelace in inventory. Go forward and turn right.

Manhole - Remove the manhole cover and go down. Walk to the door and knock. They want you to knock the password to be allowed in. Fairy godmother appears to tell you how to enter the password. Press action key and then press action keys again to start the password sequence. What password? Go back up and talk to the kids at the end of the alley. They will tell you the password for the secret room if you give them a new game that involves the use of a ball. Look up the wall and see an open window. Find a phone booth and go to Magic Square.

Magic Square:    Wizard Guild - Notice that every time you try to enter Eight Wander, it turns to the golden ornate door of the Wizard Guild. Enter and talk to the Wizard. He says that you need someone to sponsor you as apprentice.     South Gate - There are 3 roads going out of the Wizard Square, one to go back to town, one to a closed gate and one to the South Gate. Talk to the 2 orcs at the South Gate and find out that you need to have proper papers to leave. The Big Wiz, Sordid is looking for the magical boots. Go back to Dog and Fruit Inn.

Dog and Fruit Inn:    Enter the bar. The door at the other end of the room goes to a corridor, then Games Room, Beer Garden and upstairs to the bedrooms.

        Games Room - The Jukebox takes a groat for each song. Standing at the far side of fireplace, look at fireplace and see it is smoking a lot. Look at the ornate glass window above the target. The orc does not want you to open the window. Talk to the orc and he challenges you to a Dart game - 3 darts and the higher score wins 5 groats, a source of money if you win. Fairy godmother appears to explain how to play the dart game. The bibbling circles is the target, look at throwing hand to control the dart. The higher the tip of the dart is positioned, the faster and stronger the dart will be shot. The lower the tip of the dart is  positioned, the slower and lower the result will be. The target circles can be moved by the direction keys. Press the action key (Ctrl) starts the hand movement and the release of the key releases the dart.

Beer Garden - Pick up the BBQ tongs and look at the lit grill.  

        Upstairs -  Climb the stairs. Go forward the corridor and then turn to the left hallway.   

                Left hallway - Pick up the nice thick blanket from the drawer at the end of the hallway. To the right is Room 4 your bedroom that is still locked.

                Wooden Fire Door  - Walk to the other end of the hallway and then turn right. To keep the door open and to be able to go out without being shutout - Position Simon by the right side of the wall close to the hinges of the door, look at the door and then use the wedge of cheese on door.

Step down outside at the back of the Inn. Turn to right and go forward to the storage area under the Inn. Open the crate-like entry to the cellar.

           Cellar - Move the crates to get to the far corner to shut off the pipe that brings beer to the bar. The beer barrels can be rolled and the crates pushed. Move Simon in the direction you want the barrels moved.

 To move the barrels and crates:    Start by moving the barrel closest to the stairs and by Simon's right to the far end. Go forward to the space cleared by the barrel with the stairs on your right. Move the crate that is in between the barrels. Go back to the aisle where you started at and move the crate towards the stairs. Move the barrel in front of you so that it hits the first crate you moved. Now there is space to move to the tap connected to a beer barrel at the far corner of the cellar. Close the tap and go back up to the bar.

         Bar - Talk to the depressed salesman and he will order another beer. Thinking that he is out of beer, the barman will check the beer source at the cellar and leaves. Use (place chakara on hand, press Alt and then action key) the chakara to get the whiskey bottle of full of sweet liquor (remember S.I.G.N.). The barman comes back and thinks that the ghost turned the tap off.

        Calypso's Private room - Talk to Calypso about the border control patrol. Sordid has got his orcs at the gate. Porkins, the fat wizard in green that you met at MucSwampy's is an expert forger. He frequents the Eight Wander Club. An exclusive club that allows only bona fide member of the guild through the magic portal. Calypso sends you to the Guild and to tell them you are his apprentice and then take the test to become a genuine wizard. (To get to be Calypso's apprentice, the secret room at MucSwampy's must be seen, talked to the Orcs at the South Gate and talked to the Wizard Guild wizard). Go to the Wizard Guild.

Wizard Guild at Magic Square - Talk to Wizard. Based on Role playing games, you get a magic rating of 1 and you have to get your own familiar, a sprite that can be found at the forest out of town. The sprites come out only at night.

Dog and Fruit Inn:    Calypso's Private room - Talk to Calypso, he booked a room upstairs where you can sleep and he recommends using a net to catch the sprite. Find a key to your room in inventory. Go upstairs to Room 4.

        Room 4 bedroom - Lie down and find out that the pillow is filled with polyester that you are allergic to. Simon discards the filling and gets an empty pillowcase. You can not sleep without a nice floppy pillow. Open the window. Go (Ctrl) to the flat roof outside. Look at the chimney at the northeast corner of the roof that leads down to the games room. Use (Alt) the blanket on the chimney. The games room becomes smoky and the orc opens the window. Go back to the Games room.

        Games Room - Play a game with the orc. Shoot the dart out of the window and forfeit the game. Go to the alley outside to get the dart.    Alley outside the inn - Once outside, turn left, forward and left to the alley beside the inn. Pick up the dart at the corner of the building across the games room window.

    Bar - Talk to the barman about having your room cleaned. Evette, the French maid will clean your room with the new vacuum cleaner. You can not go to your room because a barrier is placed to block the stairs.

    Left Hallway - Go out of the Inn through the front door and enter again through the cheese wedged door in the back. Go to the hallway by your bedroom and pick up the vacuum cleaner. Go to the phone booth.

Justice Square - Go to the pond. Look at the pond to get more groats. Move to the side of the pond closest to the stock. Place vacuum cleaner at hand. Look at duck and immediately, use (Alt) the vacuum cleaner. You get feathers in inventory. Combine (place one of the item in hand and the double click the other item) feathers and pillow case to get a floppy pillow. Go back to the Inn.

Dog and Fruit Inn:     Bar - Ask the barman for your keys back. Go to your bedroom.    Bedroom - Use pillow on bed. Use bed. Try to sleep but snoring keeps you awake. Go out and knock on room 5. Go back to your bedroom, open window and walk to open window of room 5. Try to wake snorer up. Use jack on snoring man to turn him on his side and stops snoring. Go back to your bedroom and sleep. You wake up and it is now night time. Exit the Inn and go to Pizza Lord via walk or phone booth to MucSwampy's and then walk.

Pizza Lord - Talk  to Pizza man that takes order. He sells his Pizza for 10,000 groats but free if not delivered in one minute. He delivers anywhere using the pizzerina - a special flute type thing that summons Pizza.

Time to catch a familiar. Go to the gate to the forest. Exit gate and go to the forest.

Forest - Use the phone booth by the bridge. Select S.I.G.N. site.

        S.I.G.N. - Give him whiskey and he becomes an aggressive drunk. Ask him for directions now.

        Butterfly meadow - Use the phone booth to go to the Inbred Yokel area. Take the left lane to the butterfly meadow. Use net to catch a sprite. The sprite burns through the net and a man holding a sprite in a metal lantern tells you to use a container that doesn't burn through. Hmm - net with hole (idea!!!). Go back to phone booth and select Lonely Hut.

        Lonely Hut - Talk to role players. They will not give you their sprite and can not join the game. You can have the sprite when they stop playing. They want a pizza. One of the players says with no anchovies. Go outside and use the pizzerina to order pizza. Order the whole works and especially ask for additional cheese to cover the anchovies. If you order pizza with anchovies and one of the player sees it he will ask for a reorder since anchovies will make him sick. Watch the pizza delivery boy rush and get detained by asking directions from the drunken S.I.G.N. post. The whole works pizza with extra cheese arrived later than one minute and you get it free. The players eat it and the one player gets sick and they call it a night. You get the sprite. Go back to the Wizard Guild.

Wizard Guild - You are given the TEST after showing the sprite. The Test fizzled out and you passed by default. You are given a Wizard handbook and your specialty is Fashion Magic. Look at the wizard handbook and the fairy godmother will appear to teach you how to cast spells. The magic spells are based on the 3 primary colors - red (Polmar), yellow (Tragicke) and blue (Gazza). The colors can be combined. To cast a spell, place the book in hand, press use object (Alt) and then use the different arrow keys: left for red, up arrow for yellow and right key for blue. Press the action key and the spell will be cast or press the down arrow to cancel the spell. If you get stuck in a magic place, think of the colors you see. Exit. Eight Wander is closed at night. Go back to Inn to sleep and wake up at daylight.

Eight Wander - Enter and talk to the face on the wall of the bar. Porkins left for the yellow room. This is a runaround. Go the colored circles at the platform. Instead of stepping on the yellow circle to light it to go to the yellow room, just come back to the white room. Light up all the colors to make white in the platform and enter the meshed elevator. You will come back to the white room again and see Porkins. Talk to Porkins about trying to get to the swamp. A street urchin stole his magic quill and he can not do any forgery without it. The street urchins are headed by Billy the Kid and they escaped him down a sewer grill. To exit the club, turn off all the lights on the platform by walking over them and then ride the elevator. Go to Back Alley.

Back Alley:     Street Urchins - Use the net with hole on the open window at the far end of the alley where the kids are. Talk to kids and show them how to play basketball. The door code is D-D-DDD-DDDD-DD (Let's Go!). Go down to the manhole.    

        Manhole - Go to the door. Knock (Ctrl) on door.  Simon will say "Guess I better knock". Wait 1-2 seconds. Then use the action keys (Ctrl) to knock the code. Talk to the kids. The two kids will not let you play until you have your own conker. Exit.

How to make a conker:
1. Have the horse chestnut from tree at the Church ground.
2. Use (double click) dart on chestnut (on hand) to poke holes on the chestnut. The inventory description said - baking, varnishing and soaking in vinegar.
3. Go to Beer Garden at Inn and place (Alt) holed chestnut on the hot grill to bake the chestnut.
4. Go to the green shed at Allotments by Justice Square and use the varnish on the chestnut to make the skin tougher.
5. Use vinegar at MucSwampy's on the chestnut to toughen the core of the conker.
6. Now combine the conker and the shoelace/string. The conker is made.

        Manhole - Play the game for the magic quill rather than money. Just keep on hitting his conker and eventually win and get the quill. Go back to Porkins.

Magic Square:    Eight Wander - Give the quill to Porkins and get documents for the border guards.    South Gate - Show the documents to guards. They accept it but are not allowed to open the gate. They will give you a rainbird horn to call rainbirds, in return for some inventory that you do not need anymore. The fairy godmother appears to explain how to call a rainbird. Blow horn and they will come. They can fly only in places without cover or outside but not at night. They will not land in evil places. Use the arrow keys to control the direction they fly. If you see a good landing spot use the Ctrl keys to land. The landing spots light up when close to it.

Go to rainbird pad close to the guards and blow horn. The next scene is riding on the rainbird and seeing the landscape below. Fly to the swamp and see rainbow color lights emanating from the ground when you pass through it. Press Ctrl to land in the Swamp.


You might want to raise the brightness and gamma control under options to see better. Read poster about the luxury development poster. Enter the open gate and see a crocodile swimming around the swamp. On the left side is quicksand. In the passage between the quicksand and crocodile is an incidental man trying to chop a tree down.

Man with the Axe -  Above him is a beehive. Somehow we have to get the axe. Look at the conveniently placed vine on the cliff right behind the man. Climb the vine. Walk to the right of the ledge and see the beehive. Use the chakara on the beehive. The beehive falls and bees attack the man. Go down and pick up the axe. Go to the beehive and use vacuum cleaner to collect bees to get Hoover full of bees. Climb the vine again and use the axe to chop the vine. The vine falls off to the ground. The axe breaks off and get handle and axe head.

Quicksand - Go to the right of the ledge until the sign. Turn around and see a girl in pink behind the cliff across the way. Look at the warning sign. Enter the small passage with the life pad. Meet the creature that wants you to follow him. Walk where the creature hopped to by following the angle and the distance he did and stopping at the location where he landed. You can save the game at each stop. Go to the tree area and pick up the ropey vine.

Crocodile - Go as close to the crocodile by the croc landing pad and see him with his mouth open. Use the handle of the axe on crocodile's open mouth. Use the vine on the crocodile. Ride the crocodile to go directly across from where you are to the big island.

Big Island: Park the crocodile by the croc landing pad. To the left is the Druid's area, across is the Tar pit, a bridge to get to the lawyer talking to the Swampy and the talking tree and another bridge to go to the man-eating plant.

        Druid's Compound - Look at the tower protected by electric shocks (lightning magic), a greenhouse with dubious maple-like leaved plants, a dock and the house. Talk to the Druid. He gives a plant book to identify plants with. He will give some of his homemade gin if you collect 3 plants necessary for the preparation of the gin -  Purple Stinkwort, Bogella and Smelly Woodruff. Talk to him again and he said that his mouth is beginning to get numb. Enter the house and pick up the mortar and pestle from top of the stove and the stick leaning on the side of the stove. Go to plant garden and look at the plants, identify Lady's Delight, Maiden's finger, Fairy's whisper, Virgin's surprise, Blertweed and blue Deadly Fish herb -  from fruit when mashed up and administered orally will provide relief from bee sting and produces fruit only in direct sunlight.

        Tar pit - From the Druid's compound walk by the shore on the left side and see the tar pit. Use the bell on sticky tar to get bell with swamp tar. Then, place stick from druid house and use it on tar pit to get stick with tar. In inventory, combine stick with tar and axe head to make glued axe. Cross the bridge to the lawyer.

        Lawyer - Listen a while to Swampy talk to lawyer. The lawyer is trying to get Swampy to sign the contract. Talk to A. Snidebottom representing CosyGlow Homes. He frequently uses an insect repellant, made from a juice of a flower because he is allergic to bees. Swampy threatens the development with a big biological bomb that will fill the swamp with stew. The lawyer wants you to talk Swampy to leave before the construction crew arrives. He will eventually stop rambling.

        Talking Tree - Wake the tree up with the glued axe. Talk to the tree. Try chopping the tree but can not do it because of guilt listening to the tree beg.

Inlet to the right of the Big Island - Ride the crocodile to the right side of the entrance you came in. Enter the inlet.    Waterfall - Behind the waterfall is a red flower identified by the book as Bogella. Pick it up. Ride inside the cavern.    Landing with Big Rock - Park the crocodile. Look at the bird table. Place tar from bell and then sesame seed on the bird table. Pick up the bird that gets trapped. Look at the dodecahedron of pure stone. Ride the croc again to the other end of the swamp close to the tree with broken beehive where a crying lady is.

Princess and Hamster - There is a small tunnel that goes under the rock in the island. Talk to the princess, the lady in pink seen from the vine ledge. She talks about Sir Squeaksalot, the hamster inside a plastic ball that is stuck up the tree. Use the chakara on the hamster (does not appear on the eye box) but it falls in the water. Ooops!

Ride croc to the shore line of the big island between the Druid compound and the croc landing pad sign. The hamster will be thrown to the shore. Park the croc. Pick up the hamster inside a plastic ball. Oh dear, it's dead! Go to the Druid Compound and use the hamster on the lightning magic/ladder icon of the tower - Whew! That resuscitated the hamster. Go back to the island where the princess is.

Go to the back of the rock. Climb the lowest ledge up to the rock top by holding down the Shift key and then the forward arrow. Look down at the hole and use the book to identify the plant as the Purple Stinkwort, a beauty aid. Go back to the other side of the rock. Use the hamster on the small tunnel under the rock. He picks up the Purple Stinkwort. The hamster will not get the plant unless you have identified it with the book. Talk to the princess and automatically give her the hamster. As a reward she gives you her sealskin earmuffs, which she uses to not listen to her tutors. Go back to the big island and take the bridge to the Man-eating plant.

Big Island:    Man-eating Plant - Cross the bridge and identify the giant plant from the book as Audreyus Maximus, a plant that prefers birds. Simon says we need to distract it. Walk to the reeds on the left side as close as possible to the reeds before the plant eats you. Use the bird on man-eater. Walk around the man-eater to get to the cave behind it. With the reeds and the fence on your left, walk around the man-eater towards the reed infested wall. There is a clearing before the cave. All the steps taken by Simon is critical to get there, time is not the factor but the direct path to the cave. Be sure that you do not waste a step. Enter the passage and use the book to see what plant is in the cavern. Pick up the Smelly Woodruff. Exit through the other opening.

Where the 3 plants are (recap):
Bogella - behind the waterfall in the inlet to the right of the swamp.
Purple Stinkwort - in the tunnel under the rock where the princess is.
Smelly Woodruff - in a cave behind the man-eating plant.

        Talking Tree - Use the ear muff and automatically chop the tree. Walk on tree to get to Swampy.

        Swampy - Swampy is holding the detonator for the Swamp bomb behind him. Swampy does not believe you are his friend. He wants you to be an honorary Swampling and to do so first, you must drink a whole bowl of swamp stew. Second, sing the Swampy song everyday. Try as you might you can not drink the swamp stew. Remember what the Druid said about his mouth getting numb. Go to the Druid.    Druid - Give the druid the 3 plants and he will let you take a swig off from his liquor jug. Now you are drunk. Sprint (Caps lock) to Swampy. If you revive before drinking the stew, go back to the druid to have another swig of the potent gin.   Swampy: - While drunk, drink the stew and falls unconscious. Upon awakening, Swampy tells you the Swampling song.  Swampy wants you to get the lawyer to sign a contract that states that the 'undersigning personidge' must 'be leavings the Swamps alonses'.

Landing with Big Rock - Ride the croc to the Landing with the Big rock and the bird table. Talk to the dodecahedron of pure stone and end up singing the Swampling song - Swampling stew, swampling stew, to your bog your swamp be true. Swampy be true. Swampling stew. The big rock moves and you can enter Swampy's hideout. Get the oven gloves and turkey baster from the table with the plans for the Swamp bomb.

Druids Compound:    Tower - Use the oven gloves on the ladder of the tower and climb up to the top and see a reflector that reflects light to the ground. Move the reflector using the directional arrows and the druid will get upset. Focus the light on the blue patch of plant at the plant garden area. Go down.     Garden - Pick up the Deadly Fish herb fruit that provide relief from bee sting. Use the mortar and pestle on the deadly fish fruit to get pestle and mortar containing mulched plant leaves.

How to get the lawyer to sign the contract - Talk to the lawyer about the contract and get nowhere. Go to the broken beehive across the swamp and use turkey baster to get honey. Go back to the lawyer and use honey in the turkey baster on him.  He is now splattered with honey. Use the Hoover (vacuum cleaner) with bees on lawyer.  He gets bitten by bees and falls dying. He will do anything for you to help him and will sign the contract. Use turkey baster on pestle and mortar containing mulched plant leaves to get turkey baster filled with plant juice. Use it on lawyer. Watch as he tries to renege on his promise and Simon's threats. He signs the contract.

Swampy - Show Swampy the signed contract. He is very happy and will go with you. Melissa Leg arrives and knocks Swampy cold. She then kisses you and changes to Runt. He lifts you up magically and disappears with Swampy. Simon drops on the detonator and the bomb explodes.

Chapter 4 - To Get the Seedy

Calypso updates his journal. He talks about the prophecy of Nostramadus that should be happening now and misinterpretations of the prophecy. Simon drops from above, landing on the table. Calypso knows about Runt aka Melissa. He explains about the prophecy and that Sordid is trying to open the doorway to the nexus. The nexus is the control center for the Universe. What Sordid needs the Swampling for, Calypso does not know. Sordid needs the magical boots to control the nexus. Calypso shows Simon what the magical boots look like and Simon recognizes it as a CD. Calypso wants Simon to get the "Seedy" from the Dragon's horde. The dragon is Sordinell, the same one that the dwarf prince talked about. Calypso wants Simon to enlist the help of the dwarves and to go to the forest.

Dog and Fruit Inn:    Bar - Talk to barman about the ninja ghost he heard just a few minutes ago upstairs in the corridor. At the end of the bar, pick up the empty pint glass.

     Games Room - Look at the pool table. Something jammed in the coin slot. Use the tong on the pool table and get a gold coin. Use the pool table again and use 1 groat but find it blocked. Look again and find a rat in there that bit you. Use cat found in the overturned dumpster - garbage on pool table. The cat would not come out after the fight.

    Beer Garden - Talk to Wig Trader and she wants a wig or wig equivalent to trade for what she is wearing. Find about God, Harry Wigsner and the wigologists. Notice the picnic table and that the glass roof to Calypso's Private room is gone after you dropped through it.

    Bar - Ask the barman about the pool table and he says that the white ball and cue are stolen. There are only 2 balls in there anyhow and won't be fixed until the repairman comes.

Around the Town:   All other places are closed except the Inn and the Church.    Bell Tower - Pull (Ctrl) bell rope and use (Ctrl-hold again) the rope to keep climbing up. Look out the window and see Goldilocks. Go through window and talk to Goldilocks. She is stealing lead off the roof. She wants you to take it out of here and to stash the loot before anybody notices - 2 tons of lead. Then meet in the pub later. Time to go to the forest.


You can ride the rainbird to move from town to forest and back. Landing sites in Poliganis are The Inn, Rotable Junction, South Gate and Justice Square. Landing sites in the forest are Rope bridge, Lonely Hut, Temple and Dungnomin' Tree.

Nearly secret area - The cave in Nearly secret area is blocked and the dwarf is not there.    Dungnomin' Tree -  There are a lot of missing person poster around. Best to keep away from the gnome village.

Sleeping foliage - Now that you have the plant book, identify the sleeping foliage to be Dopius Calandra, plant that induces deep sleep for several hours. Pick some Dopius Calandra.

Reservoir Control Hut and Fallen Tree - The hut is still locked. Go down the hill to the tree where ninja died. There is a valuable item wedged tight under the tree. The woodworms that are in the tree want weapons for their insurrection before they help you get the valuable item under the tree.

Large Hole - The treasure hunter wants to catch a mole that he trains to find gold. They also bring sustenance to him. The mole can be trained to find anything by rubbing the thing he wants to find on them. Look around the area and see a lot of mole holes.    Catch a mole by waiting for a mole to pop up and be in the eye window and use the gold coin on hand.    Train the mole to hunt for the CD by using mole on Feeble File CD labeled ashtray in inventory and get mole trained to sniff CD's.

Clan BattleBeard Camp - This is formerly the Volcano Photopoint. Watch as a dwarf climb on catapult after drinking spirit and yelling. See him get catapulted and eaten by Sodinell, the dragon. Talk to dwarf by the brewing area. Clan BattleBeard is called by the Prince of Dwarves to kill the Dragon Sodinell. The spirit that the dwarves drink before being catapulted is BeserkerBrau, a dwarf spirit that eats through metal. When asked about the keys to the building, the dwarf said Axegrinder just went up and he usually has them. Ask for some spirit but the dwarf said no. Use Dopius Calandra plant on the dwarf spirit to add extra flavoring. A dwarf comes out of the tent, drink brew, get catapulted and eaten by the dragon. The dragon drops to the ground after eating the dwarf that drank the sleeping foliage plant. Ask for the brew again by using the pint glass on brew pot - to get pint glass full of highly acidic Dwarf Spirits.

Waterfalls - Go outside the camp into the waterfalls area. Look at the sleeping dragon. Use the metal detector on dragon and hears metal in stomach.

Dragon Lair - Fly a rainbird and land inside volcano. Notice the coins dropping from a spout on the side of the volcano. Use the trained mole on the treasure. The mole pulls out a locked chest. The chest has a padlock with no keyhole on it. Use the dwarf spirit on the padlock to get Thick glass case with CD inside. Look at gong and use hammer on gong. It broke! Use bell on gong stand. Use hammer on bell and the sound breaks the glass case. Pick up CD. Ride the rainbird to go to Calypso at the Inn.


Dog and Fruit Inn:    Private Room - Talk to Calypso. Simon, King of Fools must defeat Sordid with the help of the Lady of Steel, the real Melissa Leg; Hero of Light, Coneman the Barabrain; Jar Nin, the King of East and Prince Brave, Prince Valiant. To get their help Calypso said to give them Invitation to help save the world at Sordid's Fortress, RSVP and they will come.

Ask about the King of East. The ninja, Jar Nin must have his body and soul rejoined at the Temple. To collect his soul in the bottle, the bottle must have something of value to him. If successful, the bottle will glow green. Simon explains about his stealing the bell, so Calypso has to bring Jar Nin to the temple himself. Jar Nin's nose was burned in a smoking competition. As for Prince Brave, his transformation is a standard witch curse situation and can be reversed by being kissed by a princess. Princess Austin is now of age and a tournament for her betrothal and to find a suitor is arranged. Grandulf, the wizard is doing the opening fireworks display. He would want something in return for his aid to gain access to the princess.

Chapter 5 - Invite the 4 Heroes to Help Save the World

Coneman the Barabrain - Go to the busted cart and give the invitation to Coneman under the cart. After taking him out from under the cart, Coneman, the Nordic warrior complains about his very bad back. He wants you to fix it before he can help with saving the world.

Tournament Entrance - Talk to Grandulf. He needs help with the fireworks display before the tournament begins. Meet him at the door tonight and he will show you the ropes. Go back to the bedroom at the Inn and go to sleep. Wake up and return to the tournament entrance and meet Grandulf.

Fireworks - Grandulf explains that there are 4 buttons for firing and that the right fireworks should be fired at the right moment. There is a special monitor to do so. The Fairy godmother appears to explain further about the change in keyboard control. Press the correct key when the corresponding ball passes the lit green square on the right of the console.

Keyboard key Color of Balls Fireworks
Action key (Ctrl) Red Rocket
Use Item (Alt) Blue Banger
Left Arrow Yellow Roman Candle
Right Arrow Green Catherine Wheel

After a successful fireworks display, Grandulf says you can comeback anytime at night as long as you stay away from the guards. The tournament is now open.

Go back inside and walk forward the tents. The opening is close to the wall. Go to the tent at the center. Crouch to get in and see the Princess you saw at the swamp. Try to wake the princess up and she thinks you are Johnny, her dreamboat. Look around and see a poster of a Johnny Lightnin X, with black hair, purple robe and wearing shades. Go back to the bedroom in the Inn to wake up in daylight.

Carnival:     Go to the road off Magic Square that had the closed gate before. The carnival will open only after the tournament is declared open and is accessible only during the day. Enter the Carnival and meet the 2 demons you have met in the 2 previous episode of Simon the Sorcerer. They are now into stealing money through crooked games in the carnival.

        Acupuncturists - Enter the center enclosure. Look at the sign in front of the caravan about backaches. Enter the caravan and meet the 2 demons. Talk to them about acupuncture and backaches. They do not do house - street calls. They charged 10 groats.

        Seaside Shooting - Play the game for 5 groats. Use the chakara, hitting 10-14 ducks will entitle to a free game, hitting 15-19 targets will win 3x the game fee, another source of money and to hit all 20 ducks will win a teddy bear. Hit 20 ducks. The free game is not true and will still be deducted from your money. To help in the shooting, place an X on the monitor where the chakara will hit and use that as target for the ducks. Wait for the next set of targets to come out because sometimes the same targets pop up. Move the right and left arrows only after you have centered it on the target. The ducks appear in 2 (I think!) sets of sequences and if you can remember the sequence, you can anticipate where to shoot. Good luck!  Receive the moth eaten teddy bear, formerly owned by a dog.

        Invadertron - There are 2 of these machines. Just like the classic space invaders, hit all the flying targets to gain the high score. The prize is a pair of shades and more groats, another source of money.

        Wonder Wheel - Spin the wheel to land on either win or lose area. The game is rigged.

        Test your Strength - Talk to the dwarf prince. Since he lost his clan to the dragon, he needs a purpose in life. He needs a symbol to unite dwarves around the world. Give him Hammor, the hammer he gave you. But before he sets out to do so he needs to prove to himself that he can beat the "Test your strength" game.  Talk to the demon to convince him to allow the dwarf prince to play. The demon will eventually let the prince play. Go behind the demon, talk to him and he will turn his back to the dwarf prince. The dwarf will change the mallet he was told to use to Hammor and wins the game. The prize is a black T-shirt which you will get from the prince.

        Bonzo's Ball Bonanza! - The object of the game is to shoot the ball through the clown's teeth. Something's definitely crooked here! The ball looks like it is too big to enter the mouth. The prize is to be a Coneman action figure.

        Aqua Derby - The object of the game is to have your horse win the race by shooting water through open circles. Hold down the Ctrl key while shooting water into an open circle, wait until your horse move and do the other two holes or until the horse reaches the end. The opening of the circles occur in counterclockwise sequence. Billy the Kid is the opponent in this race. Win a bucket of green plastic toy soldiers with real plastic weapons.

        Voodoo Circle - Enter the lane between Wonder Wheel and Test your Strength. Enter the enclosure on the right and see a circle of skulls. Use action key on cobra lever at left of the circle to go to a lower level. Talk to the voodoo demon selling magic amulet about making voodoo dolls. What are needed are a doll and some children's teeth. Hit cobra lever again to go back up to the circle of skulls.

Go to the opening on the hedge across the entry to the voodoo enclosure, just to the right of the cobra lever. Crouch straight forward and right to the end.  Come out to the enclosure for the Wonder Wheel. Look up at the magnet attached to the back of the wheel. Take the magnet. Exit to the outside lane and enter the enclosure at the opposite side of the Voodoo place.

        Cotton Candy stand - Go down the steps. Buy cotton candy floss for 3 groats.   

        Flea Circus - See fleas perform. Use the teddy bear on fleas and get teddy bear infested with fleas.

        Go back to Wonder Wheel and play the game and win a peashooter (leguminous vegetable projector).

Talk to kid that is following you. He wants a red gobstopper and you promise to get one for him. Exit the carnival. All the prizes at the different arcade stalls should be won.

Dog and Fruit Inn:    Game Room - Use the flea infested teddy bear formerly owned by a dog on pool table and the cat will jump out of the table. Get the red and yellow pool balls.   

        Beer Garden - Give the cotton candy floss to the wig trader. She will give her wig in trade. Go back to the carnival.

Carnival:    Bonzo's Ball Bonanza! - Play the game but this time use the yellow pool ball. You are given 3 large yellow balls to use. Remember to place the yellow pool ball in the hand box and to press Alt when ready to shoot the yellow pool ball. If you miss the first few tries, the yellow pool ball returns to the inventory and you can play again. Get a Coneman action figure as prize.

        Kid - Give the red pool ball to the kid that wants a red gobstopper and he will give you his pre-chewed gum. He chews the red ball and loses teeth in the process.

        Voodoo Circle - Use the cobra lever and enter the voodoo demon tent. Automatically, give the teeth to the voodoo demons and they eat it as snack. They then do an incantation on the Coneman doll you gave to them. You get a Coneman action figure voodoo-ified and full of needles.

        Acupuncturist - Give the needle filled Coneman doll to the acupuncturists. Watch as Coneman's back is fixed and he decides to forego his revenge on that puny boy later and save the world first.

To fix the back of Coneman (recap):
1. Win the Teddy bear from Seaside Shooting at the Carnival.
2. Get the fleas from the flea circus using the teddy bear.
3. Get the yellow and red pool balls at the pool table at the Inn by removing the cat with the flea infested teddy bear.
4. Win the Coneman action figure at the Bonzo's Ball Bonanza! in the carnival using the yellow pool ball.
5. Give the red pool ball to the kid in the carnival and get teeth.
6. Give the teeth and Coneman doll to voodoo demons at the voodoo circle in the carnival and get Coneman voodoo doll.
7. Give the Coneman voodoo doll to the acupuncturist at the Carnival.

Launderette - Place the blonde wig from the wig trader and the black t-shirt won by the dwarf prince in the washing machine. Start the machine and later get a dyed black wig.

Bedroom - Go back up to the bedroom and sleep. At nighttime, go back to the princess via Tournament entrance.

Tournament entrance - Enter the entrance, forward and enter the tent area through an opening by the wall. Crouch to enter her tent. Go to the poster of Johnny X and look at it. Use magic spell book. Use the left arrow key (Polmar - red) and right arrow key (Gazza - blue) keys and press Ctrl to change your robe to purple. Wear the black wig and the shades. Wake the princess up and she will say that she will give you, Johnny a kiss. Use frog on princess. She wakes up screaming and will shoot you with her bow and arrow. Watch the escape and Grandulf is hit instead of you. Outside the tournament entrance, the frog changes to Prince Brave aka Valiant. He accepts Calypso's invitation. 2 down 2 to go.

Change your robe back to red. Go back to the inn and sleep to wake up at daylight.

How to change the frog back to Prince Valiant (recap):
1. At carnival, buy cotton candy floss, win an Invadertron game to get shades and get black T-shirt from the dwarf prince, who won the Strength Contest.
2. At the Beer Garden in the Inn, trade the cotton candy floss for a wig with the wig trader.
3. In Launderette, wash the wig and the T-shirt together to get a black wig.
4. Wake up princess, wearing black wig, shades and purple colored robe.
5. Get the princess to kiss the frog.

Forest:    Woodworms by Reservoir Hut - Give the woodworms the bucket of green plastic toy soldiers with real plastic weapons won from Aqua Derby. The woodworm liberation army eats the tree up. Watch Simon handle terrorists. He picks up Jar Nin's necklace.

Church's Memorial Room - Go to the memorial room at the church. Upon entering, turn to Simon's left, forward midway the aisle, turn to the memorial wall and see Nin Jar's memorial. Simon will say " So Nin Jar's ashes are there". This drawing/plaque where the ashes are can be seen early in the game.

Place in Jar Nin's plaque - Call the rainbird and see the place on the plaque appear in the map. Fly straight from the rope bridge of the forest and left of Poliganis to the formerly empty land. Land. Go forward to the ashes at the center of the slab. Use vacuum cleaner on it to get vacuum cleaner full of ashes. Go back to Inn.

Dog and Fruit Inn:    Left Hallway by bedroom - Combine Jar Nin's necklace and the empty soul jar to get jar with necklace. Go close to the mirror and use the jar with necklace. When successful, the jar turns green to get jar with Nin Jar's soul in it.   

        Private room - Give the ashes and soul of Jar Nin to Calypso. The ninja will come to the Inn when the joining is completed.

How to get Jar Nin's ashes and soul (recap):
1. In the carnival, win the Aqua Derby to get toy soldiers and weapons.
2. Give toy soldiers and weapons to woodworms at the tree in the forest where Jar Nin died and get necklace.
3. In the Memorial Room at the Church, look at the plaque of where the ashes of Jar Nin are placed.
4. Collect the ashes using vacuum cleaner in the place in the plaque.
5. Place the necklace in the soul bottle and collect the soul of Jar Nin at the hallway outside the bedroom.
6. Give the soul and ashes to Calypso.

Tell the Barman about the ghost and listen to another person's plan destroyed by you. Go back to Calypso's Private Room and talk to all the heroes there.

Church Tower:    Time to help Goldilocks. On the way to the church take note of the rickety bridge and the 2 ton weight limit assigned to it. Take note also of the water flow of the river.

How to steal the cheese truck - Go the gate in the back of the church and see a hedgehog kid floating in the air holding 3 balloons. Aim the peashooter on the balloon. Shoot at 2 balloons and leave the last yellow balloon intact until the cheese wagon passes by. You can move about and the boy will still be there. When the cheese wagon is underneath shoot the last balloon to drop the hedgehog kid in the open topped cheese truck. It looks like that the kid falls outside the truck but he is in the truck if you do not see him on the road when the truck moves away. Follow the cheese truck to the warehouse. Watch as the cheese inspector finds the hedgehog kid inside the truck and no cheese. The hedgehog kid enters the Cheese Bros. warehouse and eats all the cheese. Mr. Cheese and the cheese inspector are out of a job and the scam is stopped. Ride the wagon and fairy godmother explains how to drive the truck.

Drive the truck directly underneath the stolen lead on the church rooftop. Enter the bell tower, climb the bell rope to the roof and push the lead on to the truck. Drive through the rickety bridge and the bridge collapses. Look at the water flow of the river now and compare the flow of the river before the truck dammed the river.

Forest:    Call the rainbird and fly over the forest and town. Note the inflow to the river around the reservoir comes from 2 sources, one is the river that comes in by the church in town that is now dammed up by the cheese truck. This river flows out to the swamp and to another branch that joins by the waterfall by the volcano in the forest to another source out of the world. The river flows out around the forest and the reservoir. There is a gate that holds back the river to the outside world just across Acre Gap and dams the water to fill the reservoir. The reservoir surrounds the Mysterious Isle. These river and reservoir system can be studied on the map also. Alight at the beach.

It's a Beach - Take a look around. The water level is very low. Go to the left side of the beach close to the reservoir and see that the Mysterious Isle has a pier with a boat tied to it - somebody is there. Look down and see a phone booth in the water. Walk around the shore and Pointless bridge and still not find a way to get to the Mysterious isle. We need to lower the water table more to get there.

Dragon by the waterfall -

How to get the key from the dragon's stomach - Combine the stick with chewing gum to make chewing gum on the end of the pole. Combine magnet to it to make magnet stuck to pole with chewing gum. Use it on dragon. After Simon's procedure on the dragon he says, "needs lubrication". Combine butter to magnet on a pole to make lubricated pole magnet. Now use it on dragon to get dwarven keys from the inside of a dragon. "Eat your heart out Mr. Herriot!"

Reservoir Control Hut - Go to Reservoir Control Hut. We have to release more water from the reservoir by opening the dam gate. Go up the ladder to the roof and look at the stuck trap door. Go down. Use the dwarven keys on locked door. It might help to raise the gamma control here, to be able to see better. Pick up the petrol on the right side by the wall and look at the pulley system. Go to the other side of the wood wheel to see if we can raise the gate. Push the spoke and realized that you cannot raise the gate. (Go to the corner by the wheel. Glitch on this part shows a ladder that leads to the roof of the hut at the corner but is really the ladder outside to go to the roof). Look up to the trap door on the right side of the pulley system. Use chakara to unstuck the trap door by aiming at the latch at the bottom side of the trap door. Simon will say "Got it!". Go back up to the roof and trap door and open the trap door. Yikes! Shortcut to enter hut. Pour gasoline on rope of the pulley mechanism. Now that you have sunlight from the trapdoor, use mirror to light it. The rope holding the gate is cut and now the water is released. You can go directly to Mysterious Isle by phone booth or by the beach.

It's a Beach or Mysterious Isle - Look at the water table now and see that it is much lower. The phone booth by Mysterious isle is accessible. Walk towards the boat that is now hanging. Climb the rope that attached the boat to the pier. Go to the ruins of a church. See Melissa look down at the lowered water table. Enter and surprise Melissa. Give her the invitation automatically. Time to go meet everybody.

Dog and Fruit Inn:    Calypso's Private Room - Go back to Calypso at the Private Room. They are planning the assault on Sordid's fortress by sneak attack. They think that Simon will not be of help. A knock is heard and Runt enters with 2 guards. He placed a magic barrier around the room. He disabled Coneman and blast Calypso also. Runt is filled with evil glee about catching Simon, who he wants for himself and Calypso, as well as the world's 4 greatest heroes. When Runt leaves, Melissa thinks that they should just wait it out but Simon thinks otherwise. Talk to all the heroes and exhaust ALL dialogue. Coneman will eventually get mad because of Simon's "witty repartees" and beats him up dead. Simon comes out alive by the front door of the Inn using the lifepad. Go back in the Inn and find out you cannot get through the barrier.

        Beer Garden - Notice the open roof to the private room of Calypso. Talk to the boy on the tire swing. Fairy godmother appears to explain how to use the swing. Press the action key to start. Press the forward keys when the swing starts to go forward (when the swing is at the very back close to you) and the back keys when the swing starts to go backwards (when the Simon's feet are up and the swing is far from you). Timing is necessary. Press the corresponding key when the swing is at the end of the motion forward or backwards. Pick up the length of rope with the tire attached. Tie the rope to the picnic table. Watch the talk with Calypso. I thought this is the funniest part of the game and cracked me up - Sorry about the editorial! We have to save the 4 heroes taken by Runt to the fortress. The fortress is at the east and the entrance is through a rocky tunnel in the mountain. Call the rainbird and Sordid's fortress appears in the map. Fly east of Poliganis.

Sordid's fortress - See the camps of the invasion army surrounding the fortress entrance. There is an orc guarding the gate. He needs an identification card before he can let you in. Only gobbos, orcs, metal things and trolls n' stuff are allowed in. The covered bridge is closed by a gate.

To get in the fortress the first time - Change the color of your robe to black by using the spell book and selecting all colors. Enter the tunnel and carefully walk only on the dark areas. After passing 2 orc guards, you will hear a gobbos sing and march towards you. Crouch (Z) and quickly enter the lighted recess (practice to find a place to hear them come, go back to the recess, crouch and enter). When the goblins march towards the opening of the cave (when they are not on the screen anymore), quickly go out, stand up, turn left and navigate the dark areas to the end of the hallway.

Look in the mailbox by the bridge. Pick up the mail which is an order for a crate of 'usual' from Sordid to the Green Grocer in Poliganis. Go back out of the fortress and do not worry about being caught this time. Call the rainbird and fly to Poliganis.

Green Grocer - It is still close. Use the order on the door of the greengrocer. Simon will insert it in the mail slot. Listen to the frightened grocers. A crate is dropped from above. Look on crate and see it marked with Sordid's address. It's full of cauliflowers. Now to find the hedgehog kid. Go to warehouse.    Cheese Bros. Warehouse - Talk to the hedgehog kid and you will pick him up. Go back to the Green Grocers.    Green Grocer - Use the hedgehog kid on crate of cauliflower. He also hates cauliflower but will eat it if cheese covered. He is very full and feels like throwing up. Use the chakara on him to get him to cover the cauliflower with cheese. Then he eats it leaving an empty crate. Enter the empty crate now.

Chapter 6 - Save the Universe

After being hauled as groceries, Simon climbs out of the box and finds himself inside Sordid Fortress.

Colored Fireballs - The object of this puzzle is to get up the ramp and evade or neutralize the fireballs. In some instances evading the fireball can be done by dodging out of the path or by crouching. Remember what the fairy godmother said - If you get stuck in a magic place, think of the colors you see. The best way is to change the color of the robe into the color of the released fireball. After changing to the color of the released fireball, sprint up the ramp as fast as you can until the next fireball is released. The colored fireballs will be neutralized when it hits the same color of your robe. Change color of robe again and sprint until the top.

Keyboard Arrow Keys Color  Combination Color Produced
Left arrow - Red
Up arrow - Yellow
Right arrow - Blue
Left + Up Red + Yellow Orange
Left + Right Red + Blue Purple
Up + Right Yellow + Blue Green
Left + Up + Right Red + Yellow + Blue White

Climb the ladder and enter Runt's laboratory.

Runt's Laboratory - You are stuck to the floor. Runt explains their diabolical plans. They found the location of the nexus, the control center of the universe. Sordid is there making preparation for the invasion. Runt will follow soon after he does some adjustment needed to the matrix. They do not need the Magical Boots. Melissa and Coneman are imprisoned in a force field. The prisons are controlled by 2 buttons that are in front of you, one that releases the force field and the other changes them into something small.

How to release the Melissa and Coneman - Combine peashooter and magnifying lens. Simon said that using the Shift button will zoom in. Zoom and look straight on console with 2 buttons in front of you. Target and shoot at the right release button.

Use voodoo doll to awaken Coneman. (Thanks, Rolf). Coneman wakes up and goes for Runt but Runt changes him to a duck. Calypso arrives but accidentally pokes himself with his light saber and dies. Now, Runt is out to get you with his light saber. When he first attacks you, Runt said that his magic is absorbed by your robe. 

How to fight Runt's colored light saber - Again, remember Fairy godmother's advice - If you get stuck in a magic place, think of the colors you see. Change to the different colors of the saber blast shot at you by Runt. Then run to similar colored button on the wall. When the colored blast hits you, press the button to transfer Runt's magic to the buttons. Do all the buttons. Once all the colored buttons are glowing, Runt's magic is gone and there will be power build up.

Runt falls into the bottomless pit. Coneman's magic transformation was delayed and he, as duck flies over the pit. His transformation back to human happened in an unlucky time and also falls in the pit. Melissa wakes up and together enters the Nexus gate, opened by the power build up.

Nexus - There is a giant Swampy head above an entryway. Calypso's ghost appears using power from beyond. He states that the head is a representation of the builders of the nexus.

Go to Swampy's head. Look at the head and Simon recommends that you sing the Swampling Song. Select the words to the Swampling song: Swampling stew. Swampling stew. To your bog your swamp be true. Swampy be true. Swampling stew. Swampy's eyes light up and an entryway opens up.

Magic red bridge - Cross the bridge and be stopped by a Swampy guard. He explains that the bridge can only be crossed from the other side. No running or jogging allowed on the bridge. The bridge is just for people leaving the control center not going to it.

How to cross magic bridge with Swampy guard - The guard said no running or jogging, so press and hold Shift key to walk forward. Since the bridge is only for going out and not entering, when the guard comes out of the guard tower, immediately turn back towards the entry door and walk like you are going out of the control center. Be sure to walk straight in the middle of the path and not veer off to the edge. Walk and not hesitate when the guard is outside the tower. Once on the magic red path, count 16 - 17 steps and then turned back to the start point, guard comes out and looks around. Wait until he looks towards the entry door and as soon as he turns to look away, turn back and continue the walk. Continue doing this until the other end. The guard comes out 4-5 times until you reach the end of the bridge.

Once across and see a black starry universe, a major glitch happens. It will crash to the desktop. As soon as I saw that starry universe again after replaying, I immediately pressed the spacebar and saved the game. After opening or loading the game, a red blank screen is seen but still have the 3 boxes on the top right. I opened the inventory and chose to call the rainbird and a graphic scene replaced the red screen and went on from there.

Nexus Computer Room - Go to the right and see Sordid lying on a bed, looking like he is in a coma. Go to the left side and see Swampy lying on another bed, breathing but out of it. Look at the computer and Calypso's ghost will appear (Whoo, hooo, oooo!) Calypso explains that Swampy's and Sordid's soul and body are separated. Sordid's soul entered the Nexus computer and took Swampy's with him. The Ancients are the creator of life, universe and everything. Swampy is slang for the Ancients. The Nexus computer is the one that controls the universe and if the power supply is pulled out, it will be the end of everything. Calypso knows so much because he is in "Spirit Guide" persona. Simon has to stop Sordid's vile plan by entering the nexus computer. His soul needs to be separated from his body. Calypso performed Simon's separation of soul and body. If something happened to either the soul or body, the joining back will have a slim chance of happening. Enter the computer.

Inside the Nexus Computer - Find yourself inside the computer.

Path to get to Sordid and Swampy inside the Nexus Computer:
1. Upon arriving in the computer, turn around and go to 3 green transporters.
2. Take the right transporter.
3. Arrive at a passage that has giant multicolored wires at the left.
4. Climb passage to blue ramp.
5. Go down the other strip.
6. Turn right at lighted arched passage.
7. Walk down the dimly lit green passage.
8. Out to bright green passage beside the big multicolored wires on the left.
9. Turn right on crossroad.
10. Turn right again.
11. Enter passage with 1995 U.K. written above it and see 3 green transporters.
12. Take the right transporter and see Swampy and Sordid.

It is best that as soon as you reach the passage going into the transporter that will get you to Sordid and Swampy, retrace your steps going back to the transporter room with 3 pads as a practice and to know the path to be taken.

Swampy is glad to see you and ask that you help him. Sordid talks about his plan to use Swampy to change the automatic control of the Nexus to manual, so that he can rule the universe. Swampy's ancestors 100,000 generations back were the creators of the Nexus. Swampy being the last of his line can run the machine. Swampy presses a button and removes the automatic control. He pulls a lever to change it to manual. Oh Gee! He did the memory erase and deleted the Nexus!! Sordid escapes.

You have 2 minutes to get Swampy out and escape or escape by yourself. Swampy urges you to go and leave him because his leg is tied to a ball and chain. You can use the vacuum cleaner on Swampy but there would not be enough time to get back out. Decision time! Go to the portal by yourself or with Swampy and go through the maze again. The lights flicker on and off. Sordid flies to get outside the computer ahead of you. He knows the path so you can follow him if lost. You have to beat Sordid to the computer room and leave him trapped in the Nexus.

Return Path to Nexus Control Room* - The object of the return path is to reach the transporter room with 3 pads. The only variant from the path above is when you reach the blue ramp and go down, you will get to a room with a single transporter pad and with FBI OMNI written on the wall.

Return Path to Nexus Control Room:
1. Right and forward.
2. Left and forward to middle ramp.
3. Left on middle ramp and forward.
4. Walk the enclosed passage going up with 3 ramps.
5. Walk the arched ramp.
6. Left to go to blue pad.
7. Down the other ramp.
8. Enter and stand on single transporter pad in a room with FBI OMNI on the wall.
9. Go out and climb red edge strip to Red pillar with C1557 on it.
10. Go around to the right and climb up the strip.
11. Walk the enclosed passage with 4 ramps.
12. Climb another ramp.
13. Left to transporter room with 3 pads.
14. Take the middle transporter and come out to the Nexus computer room.

Be sure that before you continue the game, you have the CD ROM with Auto Notification checked or on in the Device Manager of the computer you are playing on.

Last puzzle - Your body and Swampy's are still in their beds but Sordid's is gone. The computer is going haywire. There is no keyboard. You have a CD in inventory and no place to insert it. Since there is no eject button for the CD ROM drive of the Nexus computer, eject your CD drive, the one you are playing on.  You will get an eject auto notification. In some replays, I did not get one. Click OK. If the game frame disappears, just click it back up from the toolbar at the bottom of the desktop. The CD Rom drive of the Nexus computer in the game opens and Simon inserts the CD aka Seedy aka Magical Boots. The Nexus computer is now working.

The computer asks "Where would you like to go today?" Simon types "Home". He realizes he needs Calypso for the joining of his body with his soul. While shouting for Calypso, a body comes out of the Nexus computer. It is another Simon the Sorcerer trapped in the Nexus for a long time. The new Simon says that any good that exists, an equal and opposite incarnation that is evil is. Those never meet but then, they did.

"Got control of the universe have we. Right then, let's have some fun" says the Other Simon the Sorcerer.

The End

Watch the ending credits and see the outtakes from the making of the game. :)

*Thanks to Michael Barnes.

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