Walkthrough by Chrissie

February 2009


CONFIGURATION: The Settings dialog window gives you the option to change settings for Anti-Aliasing, deactivate VSync & activate Compressed Textures if you have problems running the game. You can also play in widescreen mode by selecting the aspect ratio 16:9 with a resolution of 1336x768, or 16:10 with a resolution of 1280x800 provided that your monitor & graphics card display drivers support these resolutions. N.B. I found that the Settings dialog window didn’t display on starting So Blonde, as stated by the manual. I found this located in Start>My Computer>Local Disk(c:)>Documents and Settings>All Users>Start Menu>Programs> ANACONDA>So Blonde>Configure So Blonde.


OPTIONS: Here you can adjust the volume each for: overall sound, music, effects & dialog.

You can also activate/deactivate the following features: (from left to right) Information which gives you the option to show all the hotspots in the present screen, during the game, by pressing the space bar.  Clouds which gives you the option to choose between stationary & moving clouds, depending on the configuration of your computer & processing power available.  Map, if activated, displays Sunny moving around on a map of the Island when she leaves a location.


GAME CONTROLS: With the exception of most of the Mini Games the game is entirely point & click. Left-click on Feet symbol to move around - double-click to run, Eye symbol to get more information about a person or object, Hand symbol to interact with a person\object or pick up items, Mouth symbol to talk to someone & Arrow symbol to go to another location. Right-clicking on an interactive person or object can often open up more options for interaction.  Move cursor to the bottom of the screen to access the Inventory. Using a right or left click you can either closely examine, or select an object respectively to drag onto an object or person in the game screen or another inventory item  & then left-click to use.   Press Esc to access the Ingame Menu where you can save (& label it), load, adjust options or quit.  To make a quick save press F5 & to load it press F9. N.B. There is only one quick save slot & subsequent saves will overwrite the previous one.


MINI GAMES: There are a number of ‘mini-games’ throughout So Blonde which require the use of the arrow buttons on the keyboard & in one case the numerical buttons on the right. Each game begins with a clear set of instructions & all games can be skipped by clicking on Autowin.      


BONUS FEATURES: On finishing the game a number of different bonuses are made available which can be accessed from the Main Menu. N.B. There’s an additional bonus available only on collecting four *special items throughout the game.


LOOK OUT:  for references to: * [popular films: The Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future & Superman, games: Broken Sword & Prince of Persia & TV Series: Lost] to name but a few! 




Check out the ‘resort’:


              The Beach Explore the immediate area & pick-up coconut. Look at rubble then click hand on it to get   

              plastic tube. Try picking up shell…..      Look at puddle of water – Sunny ‘is a complete mess’. Click hand

              on water – you need something to catch it in. Use coconut with puddle of water:


MINI GAME: Coconut Adventures


You now have coconut containing water in inventory


The Beach (wreck) Try to talk to kid. Look at raft then click hand on it ……. ………get freeze-dried food ration.  Look at animal in tree & realise he has your handbag. You need to coax him down. 


Look at freeze-dried food ration in inventory then use it with coconut containing water to get

coconut and rations - ‘it looks worse than before’. Look around & pick up tropical fruits to get fruits. Use them with coconut and rations to get coconut filled with home made pet food. Use on the animal……… ………………..get purse in inventory.  


In inventory click hand on purse to get make-up kit, nail file, body oil, credit card & cellular phone. Look at make-up kit – there’s no mirror.


The Beach Use make-up kit with puddle of water.


The Beach (wreck) Talk to kid about all subjects. Click on raft again to get another freeze-dried food ration N.B. You can pick up more rations anytime during daylight.


The Pier. Look at the drawbridge – it’s blocking the way. Look at big ship – it’s named The Winsome Maid. Click hand on boat entrance – there’s no way to climb up. Walk right to The Jetty


Talk to the writer about all subjects. Pick up cork from top of barrel. Talk to the painter about all subjects & learn who owns the ships. Discover also that there is a ‘hotel’ in town. Pick up the funnel from the crate & look at in inventory – it’s dirty.  Look at painting equipment & notice it includes polish, brushes, paints & rags.


Walk back to The Pier & go Inside the Hut by the drawbridge. Look around & see a rope ladder & round weight on top of a shelf. Try to take the rope ladder. Use cork with round weight to collapse the shelf & pick up rope ladder.


Onboard Ship:


The Winsome Maid Use rope ladder with Max then use handcrafted rope ladder with boat entrance. Board the ship & enter the Crews Quarters on the left. After the initial scene SAVE GAME.


Talk to any one of the crew to be challenged to take part in some arm wrestling.


Carlo promises to give you his *lucky charm if you win. N.B. This is the first of four *special items you can obtain but you have to play! i.e. you won’t get it if you skip the game! You can go back to the save game, if you want, to try again  if you lose.


MINI GAME: Strip Arm Wrestling


Whatever the outcome, Morgane enters & interrupts ‘the fun’. Talk to Morgane. It doesn’t go too well & Sunny finds herself locked up in a jail cell.


Use nail file from inventory with jail door……………….. ……………….Max appears.


Go to Corridor & click on hanging bag. Pick up bottle of rum that falls out.


Go to main deck then to the uppermost deck far left of the ship. Use bottle of rum with empty rum bottles. Pick up fishing pole.


Use fishing pole with wooden grill in floor (outside the Crews Quarters):


MINI GAME: Hook the Keys


After getting the jail key go back to the Hold & automatically drop the key outside the jail door.


Pick up jail key & use with keyhole. Click hand on jail door & look around. Pick up Sunny’s bag left of cell to get contents back in inventory. Notice gunpowder on the floor by barrel & try to pick it up – you need something to put it in. Try to pick up fuse by cannonballs. Use body oil with it to get fuse.


Go to Corridor. Pick up cookies from floor left of barrel. N.B. You can pick up more cookies anytime throughout the game. Try to go to Main Deck………………………Morgane emerges from her cabin……..


Duel Answers:

Q: Why are blonde jokes short?

A: So brunettes can remember them


Q: What’s the difference between a ghost & a smart brunette?

A: Some people claim to have seen a ghost


Q: Why are brunettes so proud of their hair?

A: Because it perfectly matches their moustache


Q: What’s the best way for a brunette to make friends?

A: Dye her hair blonde


Q: Why do brunettes always want to become Captain?

A: Because it’s the only way men would listen to them


Automatically be in the Crews Quarters. Learn a little more about One-Eye & The Forgotten Island. Before leaving, pick up leather purse hanging up to the right of Razzo. Go up to the uppermost left deck & use dirty funnel with bucket to get clean funnel. Pick up square peg.


Go back to the The Hold via the lower level & use leather purse on gunpowder to get gunpowder pouch.

Go to the Corridor.  Look at the Golden Skull on panel left of Morgane’s Cabin then look at the hole below it. Go to the Main Deck, look at the ship’s wheel & click hand on it to steer. Pick up silver skull that falls to the ground – we know where we can probably use it but we’ll come back to that later!


Find a ‘hotel’ room:


Leave ship & see that the drawbridge has been lowered.  Go to the Crossroads. Look at solid wooden door – it must lead to the rest of The Island. Look at iron grid & door lock – it needs a large key. Look at the guard blocking the road to Bajari’s Camp - he doesn’t look too friendly.


Go right to The Golden Glade. Try to talk to Maria - she must be Enrico’s weightlifting sister. Notice sugar box & try to pick it up……….     Try going to the Jungle (upper right path) – a navigational aid is needed!

Back at The Golden Glade see another path to Bajari’s Camp on the left & another unfriendly looking guard.


Go back to the Crossroads – through the door is the only way forward but there’s no key to be found.  Maybe the door can be blasted open. Use clean funnel, then gunpowder pouch & then fuse with door lock.


Diablo appears – talk to him then look at him & see matches sticking out of his pocket. Click hand on him to get matches box. Use this with door lock. Click on Diablo afterwards if you want!


Pick up funnel from ground to get clean funnel.


Go to Town Square then to The Inn on the right.

Talk to Nacho, then to bartender – he wants a doubloon before he’ll rent you a room. Talk to Nacho again & he gives you a doubloon. Use this with Vasco to get guest room key. Use this with bedroom……………


Pick up bellows resting to the right of the fireplace. Look at dartboard. Click hand on it to play (optional):


MINI GAME: Knife Throwing Contest


Look for Juan:


Exit the Inn & look at the panel on the wall next to it. Read the notice entitled ‘Lost’ about a missing cat. N.B. Check here regularly for new notices.


Talk to Islander  then talk to ‘Enrico’ standing by the stall…………Diablo appears……….. Talk to Sancha again about all subjects to learn more about One-Eye, The Pit, Atabey the Spirit of the Island & Elvis! She tells you that Maria lives ‘over there’.


Walk to the right & click to go Downtown. Look in window of the first building to the left to see a dress then go to Town Hall. Talk to receptionist about all subjects. She won’t let you see the Mayor. *[Look at the face in the carpet]


Exit the Town Hall & go to Colonial Park behind it. Pick up gravel from pond – you can try to use this on one of the upper windows but you need something more annoying. Look at rose bushes then talk to gardener. Juan appears. Pick up pliers from stall at end of garden. Pick up more gravel from pond if you need to. N.B. you can pick up more gravel at anytime.


Go back round to enter the Town Hall & go to Mayor’s Office. Pick up cogwheel from floor. Talk to Juan.


Tell Maria about Enrico:


From Down Town click on Old Town & walk towards house. Use cookies with dog & click hand on door. Maria’s not there so leave Old Town & go to The Golden Glade (via the Town Square & Crossroads) where you saw her earlier. Talk to Maria about Enrico but there’s nothing she can do. Maybe Morgane can help.


Talk to Morgane:


Go to the Winsome Maid (via the Crossroads & The Pier)


Go to the Corridor in the lower level & use silver skull with hole below the Golden Skull. Click hand on mechanism. Enter Morgane’s Cabin & look around. She’s not there. Look at bottle on desk – notice it’s full of wine. Look at drawer – it’s locked. Use nail file with drawer – you need something smaller.


Exit to the Corridor, go down to The Hold & walk to the right. Talk to ‘Angelo’. He will lend you an awl if you get him some polish.


Remembering where we saw polish earlier, leave the Winsome Maid & go to The Jetty.  Click hand on painting equipment to get polish.


Optional: pick up dry brush from bucket next to the crate & look at bucket further to the right. Note that it still has some white paint in it. Look at the ship’s name Titan – it doesn’t seem to be finished yet so use dry brush with paint bucket then use with Titan.


Go back to The Hold of the Winsome Maid & use polish with Amadeo to get awl.


Go to Morgane’s Cabin & use awl with drawer. Look at portrait, & sheet of paper – it’s a threatening note.


Click hand on bed………………………………..


Talk to Morgane – she’s not in a good mood!     




Go shopping:


Pick up more cookies from the Corridor if needed then go to Main Deck  & walk to the uppermost left deck. See the empty rum bottles - pick up an empty bottle & the square peg.


Make your way to the Town Square & click on the panel to read two new notices. Go to The Fabric Shop in Down Town & click on the door to enter. Talk to Woman - you need 20 doubleens to buy the dress. Look around the shop. Click on curtain in the corner and pick up spool. Try to go to the Town Hall but it’s closed.


Go to Town Center & click on door of building on left to enter Bank. Look at blotter & read poem. Use hand on quill……. Look at window notice the nail holding it shut. Talk to Teller……..     talk to Alfonso Guzman.  Notice chocolates on shelf behind him. Exit bank. *[Look at Town clock]


Go towards The Inn & notice Sancha standing on the left by a fountain. Go to the Upper Town (entrance is in the foreground). Talk to Sancha. She tells you about the Prison Stockade. Click on Town Center & go back to the Bank to talk to Guzman again he gives you an opportunity to earn some money.


Visit Chief Bajari:


Leave the bank & go to The Crossroads. Click on arrow to Bajari’s Camp.


Talk to guard standing next to drummer. The Chief has a headache. Look at the skull over the entrance to the hut & notice the feathers. Walk to the right & see the gates to the Prison Stockade - no-one is allowed to enter. If you want you can click hand on yellow wild plants by the tree to get yellow leaf. Look at the cow to the right & click hand on it. Use empty bottle on cow to get bottle of milk. Go back to the Town Square.


Make a cappuccino:


Where now? Let’s try The Inn.

Talk to Miss Brown & then talk to Vasco to get cappuccino recipe in inventory.


Ingredients needed are: milk, filter, something to froth up the milk, sugar, & optional chocolate for a special cappuccino. You already have milk.

Chocolate: Go to Bank & use pliers with window – while Guzman is fixing it, pick up chocolate (behind counter next to strongbox). In inventory use nail file on chocolate to get chocolate gratings.

Sugar: Go to The Golden Glade via the Crossroads & click hand on sugar box. Maria will let you have some if you train with her.


MINI GAME: Maria’s Training


Pick up crystal sugar cube. Talk to Maria about a filter.

Filter: Go Down town to Olivia’s Fabric Shop & talk to Olivia to get piece of calico

Go back to The Inn. Talk to Vasco – he brings you a coffee & an empty cup, In inventory use piece of calico with clean funnel to get funnel filter & use with empty cup. Pick up the coffee & use on empty cup. Use bottle of milk with Vasco. When he returns it use plastic tube in inventory with bellows then use the resulting bellows with tubing attached with hot milk to get frothy milk. Use this with coffee. Then use crystal sugar cube followed by chocolate gratings with cappuccino.


Vasco is so pleased he gives you a map of the Island. Use full cappuccino with Miss Brown. Vasco will now also give you a bottle of rare rum. N.B. If you omit the chocolate topping Vasco will not give you the rum! 


Cure Chief Bajari’s headache:


Exit Inn & talk to Angelo who is standing by the stall. Learn that there is a Voodoo Chief Chemi’n who has recently found a magical artefact. Enter The Inn again & talk to Sancha about the magical artefact. Maybe it will cure Chief Bajari’s headache.


Leave the Inn. Now you have a map you can go to Jungle using the path in front of, & to the left of the Bank.


There are a number of paths leading to unknown destinations. Notice the skull with feathers, similar to the one in Bajari’s camp, at the entrance to the top left path leading north. That looks promising so go that way.


Arrive in Voodoo Village & go To The Temple on the right. Once inside, continue right to the altar & talk to Voodoo to learn that he is Chief Chemi’n & refuses to use the artefact to help Chief Bajari because of a past disagreement. Sunny sees something glowing on the altar. Pick up the mp3 player but Chemi’n will not let you leave with it. Use rare rum with Chemi’n as a trade - he gives you an *antique ring but will still not let you leave. N.B. This is the second of four *special items. Use mp3 player with stone altar to put it back.


Exit Temple to Voodoo Village. Click hand on stone near entrance to sit on it. Max appears.


Click on the gap in the bushes right of the Temple entrance. Pick up branch on ground. See an opening to the right blocked by a boulder. Use fallen branch with opening. Go through opening.


MINI GAME: Temple Invaders


After a short cut scene Chief Chemi’n hands the ‘artefact’ to Sunny. You now have mp3 player.    


Go to Bajari’s Camp via the Jungle & The Golden Glade (bottom left path).Walk left & use mp3 player with drummer.


MINI GAME: Blonde Blonde Revolution


Notice that the drummer is using a bone in place of a drumstick.


Enter Chief Bajari’s hut. Click on chair to sit down. Talk to Chief about all subjects. Learn why Atabey, the Spirit of the Island needs constant drumming & the difficulties of trying to overthrow One-Eye.


An errand & a favour:


Optional: Talk to Tana. She asks you a favour & gives you a doubloon. Leave the hut (exit in foreground)


Go right & into The Prison Stockade. Talk to man sitting outside the hut on the right. He wants pencil, paper & six turtles. Leave the Prison Stockade & go to the Crossroads. Morgane & her men turn up……………….


A bargaining chip:


Sunny finds herself on One-Eye’s Galleon locked in a closet. Pick up glass from the shelf. Move cursor over the door until you find carved relief. Left-click to ‘look’ at it – it feels like some sort of knob. Use hand on it. Use glass with door.


Talk to One-eye about all subjects. Talk to Diablo…………….  back in the closet, use credit card with door.


Go to The Dark beach (exit in bottom right corner). Click on Dock-Townside in the foreground. Walk past Cerberus to go to the Dark Crossroads then to the Jungle. Walk to the Town Square (bottom left path) then to the Crossroads. Talk to Juan about Morgane, also paper & pencil. He gives you the mayor’s key. Talk to Razzo.


Go to The Pier & board The Winsome Maid. Go to Morgane’s Cabin for an explanation. After leaving the cabin pick up more cookies if you need to.


Go to the Main Deck & talk to Carlo.


Leave ship & if you finished painting the ship’s name go to The Jetty to see what’s happened! Talk to Pablo.


Go to The Beach  (wreck). Try to pick up turtle.


MINI GAME: Turtles Smasher


You now have turtle in inventory. N.B. this represents six turtles!


Leave the Beach and go to the Mayor’s Office (via Crossroads, Town Square, Downtown & Town Hall). Pick up pencil from desk but there’s no paper.


If you choose to carry out the favour for Tana go to Olivia’s Fabric Shop. Use doubloon with Olivia & ask about pendant – you need two doubloons.


Go to The Inn & use guest room key with Vasco to get doubloon refunded.


Talk to Elvis about all subjects.  Note that he used to marry people in Vegas.

Pick up concert poster from stack next to him.


Before leaving the town go back to Olivia’s Fabric Shop & use doubloon with Olivia to get gold medallion.


Go to Bajari’s camp, talk to the Chief. Then go to The Prison Stockade. Use pencil with Miguel then use the concert poster. Use turtles with prisoner. Talk to Miguel to get note for Senior Guzman & note for Carmen.


Go to Chief Bajari’s hut & use gold medallion with Tana to get red leaf, blue leaf, green leaf & yellow leaf. N.B. you will only get coloured leaves that you haven’t picked up already.


Leave the camp & go to the Bank. Talk to Alfonso Guzman then use note for Senior Guzman with him to get 20 doubloons.


On to the dress shop…………. Chief Chemi’n arrives with some Islanders…………….


Solar Eclipse:


Find Sunny in a predicament at The Volcano Rim.

Talk to Islander. Talk to Chemi’n about the eclipse & a fair trial………………..


The Ancient Test of Perspicacity Answers:

Q: Can you tell me who I am?

A: One of the triplets


Q: I raise my closed hand for everyone to be witness. What will you see when I open it?

A: A Palm


Q: Why is the sky….blue?

A: The sea is blue


Q: Why are some people black & others white? Yet others are yellow or green or…..?

A: Skin pigmentation


Q: What am I thinking at this moment?

A: Will she read my mind?


Sunny is given a new name & is now believed to have been sent to help Atabey, the Island Spirit.




Somewhere to stay:


The Inn Pick up the salt-cellar from the table – it is broken. Look at it – there’s a metallic edge running the length of it. Click on salt on table if you want. Talk to Dulce about all subjects.


Exit to the Town Center  & look at panel. Read the two new notices Important Communique & Welcome to I’naru’ Karaya.


Go to Olivia’s Fabric Shop. Talk to Olivia & then use 20 doubloons with her.


Leave the shop & go to the Town Hall. Talk to Miss Brown to discover that she is the owner of the missing cat, Demon & that he wears a blue collar with a small bell attached. Go to the Mayor’s Office & talk to Juan to get Juan’s manor key.


Go to the Jungle – which way to the Cloister?. By a process of elimination the likeliest path seems to be one of those going West. Before leaving the Jungle look at the iron plate, on the path in front of the pond. *[It has the numbers 4,8,15,16,23,42. & if you use hand on it Sunny mentions something about a hatch]


Take the top left path to get to The Forgotten Cloister. Look at the house & note that the building looks like an old chapel. Look at the flying machine  it’s seems to be held together by old piano wires.

Look at the well & notice the bucket.


Go right to The Mayor’s Manor. Before crossing the bridge pick up the bamboo tube to the left by the tree. Use Juan’s manor key with door & enter. Talk to Juan when he arrives.


Take a bath:


Look at bath then pipes. Look at posters over to the right & see sheet of paper. Pick it up to get paper.  Exit house.


Pick up stick from side window. Pick up iron bar from the ground by the Privy. Oops! Look at bamboo pipe attached to the boiler then use spool in inventory (from Olivia’s shop) with bamboo pipe. Look at pump near the stream. Use stick with pump then use bamboo tube with pump. There’s no handle so use iron bar with pump. Use hand on pump 3 times to fill boiler. Pick up log from pile in right corner of garden. Use log with axe.


MINI GAME: Log Chopper


You now have chopped log.

Use chopped log with boiler. Use paper with boiler then use matches box with boiler.


Enter house. Click hand on bath to take a bath.


Help Enrico:


Go to Olivia’s Fabric Shop & talk to Olivia about delivering the dress. Exit shop & spot Angelo in the Town Center walking towards his stall.


Talk to Angelo.


After Guzman speaks to you, you don’t know what to do first but since you don’t know where Carmen, visit The Pit.


Go to the Jungle & take the path to The Dark Crossroads. Go right to The Pit. Click on the ground in front of the gate to walk down to it. Look at the lock. Talk to pirate on right.


Return to the Town Square & talk to Angelo again – he tells you where to find Carmen. Go to Colonial Park behind the Town Hall, talk to Carmen then use note for Carmen with her.


Go to The Mayor’s Office but Juan’s not there. Now what? You often bump into people at the Crossroads so go there. Sure enough, Max appears. Sunny notices that he has lost weight. He then disappears down the path to Bajari’s Camp. Try to follow him – there’s no sign of him but talk to Chief Bajari.


Leave the camp & go back to the Mayor’s Office. This time Juan is there – talk to him about marriages to get marriage license……………………… Morgane arrives …………then Diablo…………..


The Tree Trial:


Watch the cut scene then click on small tree. Talk to Chief Bajari about all subjects. An expert on trees is needed. Maybe a gardener could help.


Go to Colonial Gardens & talk to Percy.


Go to the Jungle & take the path to The Forgotten Cloister. Enter the house & try to talk to Javier – he’s not helpful. Try to go through the door to the spiral staircase.


Go outside & use gravel with seagull. Enter house & go through the door at the back up to the ‘observatory’. Click hand on telescope to discover what it is trained on. While you are there carefully move cursor around the rim of the tower until you come across a coil of rope. Pick it up. N.B. The rope is not visible on the screen. If you have Information activated in Options, pressing the space bar may help.


Go back down into Javiers Home & talk to Javier again about all subjects – learn about Juan’s upbringing.  

Click hand on the left section of library to get reference book.


Exit the house, go back to The Golden Glade & use reference book with Bajari.


Watch the scene ……………………………………the ground is too dry & hard..



Go back to The Forgotten Cloister & pick up bucket from well to get leaky bucket. Look at it in inventory – it has a hole in the bottom. Enter Javier’s Home & look around. Look at the hat hanging up left of the doorway - it is waxed to make it waterproof. Pick up hat. Look at hook & use pliers on it to get hook. Exit & walk to the well. In inventory use hat with leaky bucket to get repaired bucket. N.B. Alternatively, you can use square peg with leaky bucket to repair it. Use hook with coil of rope to get hook & rope. Use repaired bucket with well, use hook & rope with well then use repaired bucket with well again:


MINI GAME: Bucket Wells Taquin



                Finished picture:



N.B. The picture shuffles randomly if you exit the puzzle then try again.

You now have repaired bucket (with water) in inventory.


Go back to The Golden Glade & use repaired bucket with small tree (any one)……………………


Before leaving the area you can fire the cannons if you want by using matches box with cannon……….


Arrange a wedding:


Go to The Inn & talk to Dulce to get her to sign the marriage license.


Go to the Bank & talk to Alfonso Guzman to get him to sign the marriage license.


Go to Olivia’s Fabric Shop & talk to Olivia. All that’s needed now is someone to perform the ceremony. Remember Elvis?


Go back to The Inn & talk to Vasco about Elvis.


Go to The beach (wreck) & talk to Elvis – he needs new strings, a bible & help to fix his guitar.

Use salt-cellar with Elvis – he’s pleased as he can use this as a slide for his guitar & gives you a *semi-precious stone in return.  N.B. This is the third of the four *special items.


Go to Javier’s Home in the Forgotten Cloister & talk to Javier. Pick up the blue book from the bottom shelf in the right section of the library (left wall under the ladder). You now have musical book. Look at the bible on the stand then look at the chains. Try using the pliers with chains – finding the key is the only way to free it. Have a look around – click on the graffiti on the right & left walls. Look at painting on right back wall partially obscured by the curtain. Click hand on it to reveal an old safe embedded in the wall. Talk to Javier about all subjects. Look at carvings 1, 2 & 3 on the left wall then 4, 5 & 6 on the right wall. Click hand on bible – Sunny concludes that the safe combination is 11 52 20 1. Click hand on safe


PUZZLE: Strongbox Code


Solution: There’s a missing cog wheel which you have in inventory.

Before replacing it, click on the two left cogs & the right cog so that they read 10 13 & 05. Use cogwheel with cogwheel slot then click any other cogwheel until you get 11 52 20 1


Pick up portrait & small key. Use small key with chains then pick up Holy Bible.

Exit the house. Remembering how it seems to be held together, use pliers on flying machine to get piano strings.


The Beach (wreck). Use musical book, piano strings & Holy Bible with Elvis. N.B. If you didn’t give Elvis the salt-cellar he will give you the *semi-precious stone in return for the musical book.


Getting into The Stockade:


Automatically be at The Mayors Office .Talk to Juan…………… he arrests everyone! ………..


Bajari’s Camp Sunny talks to the Chief………………..


The Prison Stockade. Talk to Carmen – she’s upset. Talk to Juan – he agrees to help.


Leave the Prison Stockade to be at The Mayor’s Manor. Try to enter – he doesn’t have the key! Look at window. Try to enter through the door again. Pick up log from pile & use with door as a fulcrum. Click hand on pump to get iron bar then use with door Once inside the Manor Interior use Juan’s cabinet key from inventory with cabinet. Pick up razor & soap. Click hand on wardrobe to get clothes. Click to exit to the Mayor’s Manor. Morgane arrives……………….


Back in The Prison Stockade use razor or clothes with Miguel……….


Go to hut on right & click on door…………the ceremony goes ahead ……………One-Eye interrupts……..


One-Eye’s Galleon Talk to One-Eye. Max appears. Talk to Max then to One-Eye again – Sunny tells him about the portrait & threatening note in Morgane’s drawer. Learn that One-Eye is the only other person who can see Max.  


Exit One-Eye’s Galleon to Dock-Galleon Side – Max follows & then races off ahead. Make your way to the Jungle (via Dock-Townside & The Dark Crossroads.) Max appears from behind but quickly runs off after an ‘earthquake’, caused by the rumble of the volcano, shakes the ground.


Automatically leave the Jungle & walk to the Town Center.  You need to talk to Juan so

go to Colonial Park. Here, click hand on bamboo tree on the left of the screen to climb up to the Mayor’s Office:


MINI GAME: Midnight Bamboo


Talk to Juan about all subjects. Click on poem on Juan’s desk. Sunny comments on the handwriting.

One-Eye arrives with Diablo in tow………….he’s there to discuss business with Juan ……………







Maybe we should have another look at the poem in Morgane’s drawer.


Go to the Town Center & click on the panel to check for new notices. Click on the taxes option to read & get tax notice in inventory.


Go to the Crossroads. Pick up hammer (thank you oldmariner). Try to pick up fireflies.


MINI GAME: Fireflies Catcher


Go to The Pier & board The Winsome Maid. Walk right to the entrance to the lower level. Amadeo is standing guard. Talk to him.


Go up to the uppermost right deck & use fireflies with skull (above door to lower level) then go back down & talk to Amadeo again…………….he flees!


Go to lower level & enter Morgane’s Cabin. Click on drawer & use poem with sheet of paper to get threatening note. Sunny now wonders who wrote the note to Morgane. Try clicking on all the options! Pick up drawings to get portrait in inventory. Use tax notice with threatening note to get evidence. Look at & pick up the now empty wine bottle.


Leave the cabin, pick up cookies if you need to & go to the Main Deck. There’s no sign of Amadeo so go to the uppermost left deck – there he is! Talk to him & use evidence with him.


Leave the ship & go to Bajari’s Camp. Use evidence with Bajari.


Find Max:


Go to The Inn & talk to Nacho, Sancha & Vasco about all subjects. Sunny seems to think that Max is sick & may be dying.

(COMMENT:  I came across nothing in the game up to this point, apart from Max having lost weight, to suggest that he is sick).


Leave The Inn & see Max appear – he seems to be bleeding. He then disappears into the Jungle. Look at blood traces.

(COMMENT:  It seems as if the scenes are in the wrong order & Sunny should have seen Max before talking to the people in The Inn – that would have made more sense!)


Go to Voodoo Village. Talk to Chemi’n (he’s standing by the cooking pot). Notice the  wooden spoon – click on it but Chemi’n won’t let you take it!


Go back to the Jungle & go to the Ruins via the bottom path leading south.


Look at gate & small shrine – there’s coloured powder on the shrine. Something’s been burned here. Look at purple flames – that gives you a clue.  Use red leaf & blue leaf with the small shrine. Use matches box with small shrine. The gate opens. N.B. If you didn’t get leaves from Tana use hand on red wild plants by the iron plate in the Jungle to get red leaf, & use hand on blue wild plants by the gate to the Ruins to get blue leaf.


Enter the Ruins of Ku. Look at the sacrificial shrine then look at volcanic boulder………..


Talk to Mabuya. You have to pass three trials.


Trial I:  You need only to click on each option in turn.


Trial 2: You need to find & return a sacred bone.

Remember the drummer outside Bajari’s hut was using a bone as a drumstick.


Go to Bajari’s Camp, look at drummer then talk to him. You need to find a replacement for the bone. Remember Chemi’n’s wooden spoon!


Go to Voodoo Village & talk to Chemi’n. Use cookies or freeze-dried food ration with him then pick up

wooden spoon.


Go back to Bajari’s Camp & use wooden spoon with drummer to get sacred bone.


Return to Old Ruins of Ku & use sacred bone with Mabuya then use it with grave. Talk to Mabuya.


Trial 3: You need to make an offering to Atabey of great personal sacrifice. Since the credit card is worthless on the Island! use makeup kit with sacrificial shrine.


Talk to Mabuya & then talk to him again. He gives you a riddle:


1- I walk on four legs at dawn

2- I have teeth but no mouth

3- I light the darkness with no flame

4- I am the bringer of the first.


Look at the large circular stone door behind the grave.


PUZZLE: Riddle Door


There are four engraved symbols either side of the rings. Click on each to get their descriptions: moon, comb, fish, skull, sun, tree, man, woman. Match one of the options to each line of the riddle.


The answers are: 1- man    2- comb    3- moon    4- woman.


You need to line up the corresponding symbols so they appear in order from top to bottom by clicking on each ring to move it round. The symbols need not appear in sequence on the actual rings. Click on stone (purple handprint) & if done correctly the symbols will light up.






Enter the Hall of Light. *[Look at sword, it has POP engraved on the side Try to pick it up……………it disintegrates to dust] Look at stone eye & pick up metal disc. Use old metal disc with stone eye – it needs to be polished. Remember Amadeo polishing the cannons – maybe he can help.


Make your way back to the uppermost left deck on The Winsome Maid. Use old metal disc with Amadeo to get shiny disc.


Go back to the Hall of Light & use shiny disc with stone eye. Walk to next room


PUZZLE: Hexagonal Trap


Using the answers to the riddle, step on the corresponding symbols in the right order to cross the stones: Man, comb, moon, woman, man, comb etc.







Go Inside the Ancient Tree & talk to Max. He looks old & weak like his energy’s all used up. He’s used most of his strength to quell the rumbling of the volcano & Sunny mentions seeing a green glow. Look at floating eyeball & pick it up to get an eye – this seems to affect Max badly so use poem (Juan’s) with him as an offering. Pick up makeup kit. Look at other items & the trinket – they look like offerings from the Islanders but it’s been sometime since anyone’s made one.


Help Atabey:


Go to the Town Square & talk to Sancha who is standing by the panel.


Go to Bajari’s Camp & use an eye with Bajari.


Go to Voodoo Village & use an eye with Chemi’n.  Learn how One-Eye took a part of the Island Spirit & how the eye is linked to the curse.


Go to The Evil Marsh via The Dark Crossroads.


Pick up bamboo piece from fire on the left. Pick up sea shell – it’s sharp! Use seashell with piece of bamboo to get shell-knife.


Walk to the right & look at walkable stones. Cross ‘stream’ by clicking on land the other side of it & see the entrance to The Hermit’s Cave. Look at boulder & use hand on it to try & move it – you need something to lever it with. Walk back to the left by the walkable stones & cross to the centre island by clicking on it. Walk to the tree on the right & use shell-knife with vine tree to get vine. Walk to the tree on the left & look at branch. In inventory use pliers with vine to get vine pliers. Use vine pliers with branch. The result is not what you intended! but you are able to use the fallen branch to cross the ‘stream’ by clicking on land the other side of it. Pick up branch to the right.


Walk back to the boulder & use fallen branch with it. Click on branch. Enter The Hermit’s Cave.

Talk to Jibaro then use an eye with him.


Jibaro will recite a list of five spell-ingredients needed:


A small piece of volcanic rock

A slice of the heart of the Island

A white marsh lily

A few drops of sea-water

A strand of One-Eye’s hair.


Talk to him again if you need a reminder!

While you’re here, use the portrait from the safe with Jibaro. He tells you who it is & a little about himself. In return he gives you a *carved wooden cross. This is the last of four *special items you can collect.


Collect spell ingredients:


Leave the Hermit’s Cave & go back to the marsh edge. Cross over to the centre island & walk to the left. Cross over by the large walkable stones & use shell knife with white marsh lily.


Go to The Pier & use empty bottle (from Morgane’s Cabin) with sea to get bottle of water.


Now, to find a strand of One-Eye’s hair. He was in The Mayor’s Office earlier so we may have some luck there. As the Town Hall is closed go to Colonial Park. Nacho is there & gives you some useful information.


Go to the Upper Town, look at fountain then click hand on it to get strands of hair.


Go to the Ruins of Ku & use hammer with volcanic boulder to get black rock. You need to ask the Mayabu about the Heart of the Island but they are not there.


Go back to The Hermit’s Cave & talk to Jibaro again.


Go to Voodoo Village, talk to Chemi’n then go back to the Ruins of Ku & walk up the steps towards the grave……………………………..the Mayabu appear.


Go to the Hall of Light & pick up bark sample in front of entrance to The Ancient Tree.



Creating the spell:


Go to The Hermit’s Cave & talk to Jibaro. Use each of the five ingredients with pestle (on shelf left of entrance). Pick up the mortar & use with burning fire. Click hand on mortar to grind ingredients – you need something to put the powder in. Talk to Jibaro………….Sunny is exhausted…………………..


Wake up in The Manor Interior You have spell powder in inventory.


Important Communique 2:


Go to the Town Square. Walk over to the panel & talk to Dulce. Look at panel – there’s a new notice - it’s an Announcement of Marriage…………………


Go to The Mayor’s Office & talk to Juan.


Go to The Winsome Maid & talk to Morgane in her cabin ….. that didn’t go too well!


Leave the ship & see Sancha on The Pier. Talk to her then use an eye with her to get glass eye.


Go to the Crossroads & see Amadeo. Diablo appears………………he grabs Sunny……………….Amadeo goes to tell Juan.


Get into The Pit:


The Mayors Office after Amadeo has said what has happened talk to him……….


………….arrive at The Golden Glade talk to Maria. Go to the Jungle………….


………….arrive at The Pit. To get in you need a disguise: grey shirt, red bandana, large earring & a waistcoat…………..


………….arrive in Diablo’s Cave…………….pick up waistcoat & bandana from ‘skeleton stand’ on the right. Exit to The Dark beach…………….


………….arrive in Olivia’s Fabric Shop. Talk to Olivia & try to pick up earring from counter – Olivia won’t let you buy it. Look at beads on counter then click hand on them. Pick up earring while Olivia is busy.

Exit to Town Square………..


………….arrive at the Crossroads. Look at blouse hanging on washing line. Pick up wet blouse while Dulce’s back is turned. You also get clothes pegs in inventory. N.B. If Dulce catches you she will stand & watch you. Talk to her to prompt her to continue washing. Go to the Town Square…..


………….arrive at TheVolcano Rim. Use clothes pegs with wet blouse then use with rope. Click hand on sacrificial shrine on the right……….you now have dry blouse. Exit The Volcano Rim…..


………….arrive at The Golden Glade. Talk to Maria then use any one of the disguise items on Juan to don disguise……


………….arrive at The Pit……..One-Eye appears……quickly click hand on tree stump on the right…….

Talk to pirates.


Pit Interior. Talk to Sunny then Maria. Talk to guard…………Maria knocks him out.


Escape The Pit:


Pick up coil of rope & use with guard. Pick up metal pipe resting on stone blocks at the back of the enclosure. Talk to Maria about bursting gate open. In inventory use hammer with metal pipe to flatten it then use with gate. Talk to Maria again……….


………….arrive at The Dark Crossroads. One-Eye’s men back at his galleon need to be taken care of but you need to find a way to distract the dog


Distract Cerberus:


You can try going to The Dark Beach & using the cookies on Cerberus but they don’t have the desired effect & you don’t want it to wake the men.  What now? Well, there’s a dog outside Maria’s home – maybe she can suggest something.


Go to Down Town & walk towards The Town Hall. See something sparkling in front of the dog in Old Town. Click on Old Town, walk towards the dog & look at blue collar – it looks like the cat collar, Miss Brown described, worn by Demon. Use freeze-dried food ration or cookies with the dog & pick up blue collar.


Exit the Old Town & go to The Dark Beach. Use the blue collar with Cerberus.  Pick up coil of rope.


Click on Dock-Galleon side & use coil of rope with pirate.


MINI GAME: Bound Pirates


Go to the wedding:


To go to the wedding, Sunny needs to disguise herself as someone else who won’t be attending – perhaps Carmen? Go to The Prison Stockade in Bajari’s Camp. Look at the cat then click hand on it –  ‘I wonder’? Click hand on doorway of the right hut to get wedding dress from Carmen. Now for some hair dye – who else might use it?


Go to The Inn & talk to Elvis to get dye.


Go to The Mayor’s Manor & use dye with soap behind the bath………………..  




………walk over the bridge………use spell powder with One-Eye when prompted……………..and choose who the fate of The Island will be decided by……………………….


N.B. There are four variations to the ending.  If you collected all four of the *special items one of the variations, if chosen, will offer a further choice of bonus endings, as well as extras in the Bonus section of The Main Menu.




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