Still Life 2

by Microids

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2009


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, options, cinematic and exit the game.

The options menu has display selections (texture quality, antialiasing and shadow quality), sound volume adjustments (general, music, sound effects and voices) and game choices (subtitles and help system activation).

Cinematic have cutscenes already viewed during gameplay.

The in game menu can be accessed by the ESC key. It has continue game, save, load, options and exit game.

To save game, click on "empty' text and the game saved will be seen. The saves can be overwritten.

Press space bar to skip dialogues. Double clicks make the characters run.

You can die in this game, so save game often. Space bar skips dialogues and cutscenes.

Timer stops when in inventory screen. Use it wisely.

This walkthrough is just one way to get through the game. There are alternative methods that can be done.

Richard is at the gallery. The masked killer prowls. See a reprise of the ending of Still Life 1. The masked killer has Mia close to Tominova bridge. Victoria McPherson shoots the killer and he falls in the river.


Prologue - Los Angeles

Los Angeles hotel room January 2, 2005 11PM

Vic is woken by a phone call from Claire. They discuss the present case. Vic has quit the FBI. Todd Browning closed the investigation.

Learn about Ackerman. Harrison investigated the LA murders. Gus McPherson was suspected of the killings in Chicago and his name was smeared.

Ask Claire about all the selection: Learn about Mia, FBI news, Investigation and Richard. Claire will send access code to FBI database.


Right click to access the inventory and smartphone. Open the smartphone.

The bottom part of the smartphone has the documents folder, objective lists and messages-contacts.

See the 2 objectives on the center paper pad with green check marks.

The documents folder has documents, images, sounds and texts.

Messages option has the mails and contacts. Read the voice mails sent by Richard.

Make headway in the Chicago killer investigation.

Look close on the floor left of the bed. See paintings that show Ackerman's victims.

Look close at the bed. The information gathered will be entered in the smartphone documents.

Folder marked Secret and Sealed on the left has the summary of the LA murders given by Harrison. On March 19, 1956, Harold Perrin a former patient at the Bromden Institute was arrested for the murders. See the pictures of the victims. Harrison believed that Perrin acted under the influence of Mark Ackerman. Harrison handed the original documents to a journalist - Emile Zarkovic. Vic has heard that name before.

Newspaper clipping about the March 21, 1956 fire at the Bromden Institute that killed Dr. Kelly and Mark Ackerman. See a picture of Dr. Kelly. More info about the nurse is needed.

The leaflet is about Mark Ackerman exhibit at Valdez Gallery in Chicago. The paintings show Doctor Hyde (Dr. Kelly), the pupil and Beatrice the nurse. Labyrinth Foundation needs to be researched.

March 19, 1956 newspaper article at right side of the bed featured the arrest of Perrin by Harrison.

Connect to FBI database.

Zoom out from the bed and see a message on the smartphone.

Right click to open the smartphone and click on the mail at bottom right. Read Claire's mail. The database code is 96Ha)7Mn. Right click to exit out of smartphone.

Go to desk across the bed and click on laptop. The battery is dying.

Go the dresser left of bed and pick up the transformer with cord. Use the transformer with cord on the left side of the laptop.

Click on the laptop and do searches.

Internet search:     Check Labyrinth Foundation founded by Beatrice Allen. Learn about Herbert Ackerman. Beatrice Allen (the one in the painting) had a grandson. Check Emile Zarkovic and Mark Ackerman.

FBI Database search:    Select the password given by Claire - 96Ha)7Mn. Do a search on all the names on the list. See Harold Perrin's mug shot. Henry Allen, the son of Beatrice was born in 1940. He is pictured with Maria Valdez. They had a son - Richard. Hmmm...

Jackman, Maine October 22, 2008

Vic is awakened by rings. Claire calls. Learn that Vic is back as an FBI agent and is investigating a series of murder. So far, the killer has not made any mistake.

The TV newscast showed Paloma Hernandez reporting on the latest victim of the East Coast Killer. She also reports that Vic the FBI agent on the case is not making any progress in the case.

Vic gets a call from Paloma wanting to share information. Vic pointedly decline.

Paloma calls back but is unanswered. With phone in hand Paloma opens the door to the East Coast Killer. Paloma is cornered and drugged in the bathroom.

In the Killer's den

Killer's house October 23, 2008:

The killer films the house and Paloma asleep. Paloma wakes up at the killer's house.

Talk to the killer. Paloma has something on her neck. Paloma's informant is the former FBI agent James Hawker.

Find a way out.

Disable the 3 shock stands:    Turn around and go to the dresser right of the bed. Look in the mirror and see the shock collar on Paloma's neck.

Open the drawer and take the nail file. Look at the camera at the top of the ceiling corner.

Walk around and see 3 stands that can shock Paloma.

Go to the stand right of the exit door. Look close at the panel at the base of the stand. Click on the panel and see the screws holding the plate.

Use the file on all 4 of the screws holding the panel. Remove plate and click to see a circuit board.

Look at the TV cord plugged on the wall. Pull the electric cord behind the television. Paloma won't touch the pulled cord.

Take the TV's rusty telescopic antenna. Go to the door and use the antenna on the light switch left of the door. Now the power is off. Hear a motorcycle ride off.

Take the pulled TV cord and automatically use it on the circuit board of the stand. It shorts the circuit board.

Find another way out:    Check the door and see that it is locked.

Check the stove and see that there is a half burned flyer inside. It came from a Houlton hardware store. Take the poker beside the stove.

Look at the wedding dress at the corner.

Go to the windows. See that they are boarded up. Use the poker on the boards.

Look through the window and Paloma says it's high.

Storage:    Try to take the mattress from the bed. There is no space for it in inventory.

See the label states that it needs 16 cases or boxes. The inventory has 16 squares only.

Go to the armoire right of the fireplace.

Click the storage icon on it and see another frame at top of inventory screen.

Place all the items in inventory frame below on the storage frame at top.

Mattress: Go back to the bed and take the mattress.

Use the mattress on the opened window. See Paloma jump down.

Cell phone:    Check the truck and see a locked box in the truck bed.

Look inside the truck and see Paloma's cell phone. Try the door.

Check the gate and the fence. They are all wired and shock Paloma.

Go to the left side of the house and see a ladder and beams in the shed.

Take the ladder later since it needs 16 cases in inventory. If you did take it - place it on the window of the house.

Take a wood beam from inside the shed. Look at the railway tie outside the shed. It has initials B.A.R.

Go back to the truck. Use the wood beam on the window of the truck.

Take the cell phone and see that it is dead.

Take the small key under the seat. Use the small key on the locked box on the truck bed.

Take the charger and voice recorder. See Paloma's empty purse. Check the paper on the right and see a receipt from a gas station in St. George, Quebec.

Call for help.

Take the ladder from the shed now. Use the ladder on the top open window above the mattress. Click on the window and automatically be in the room.

In inventory, separate the charger and voice recorder by clicking it on the separate icon. The voice recorder has the objectives now.

Combine the cell phone and the charger by clicking one of them, then the combine icon and then the other item. Use the cell phone-charger on the outlet at base of wall left of the door.

Paloma calls Vic. He's back. Do not select the thick forest. Continue if you selected it anyways.

Select all the other clues: flyer, receipt from gas station and railway tie. Hello?

Investigation at the Motel

Jackman, Maine October 23, 2008 9 PM.

Garris checks the closet. He states that tire tracks were found and being tested. There is evidence in the answering machine. He gives the report of the case and the psychological profile.

Search Hernandez' room.

Open smartphone, documents and read the file on the Killer's case and the profile.

Talk to Garris and get the CSIA field kit. Study the field kit by clicking on the question mark.

Collect and analyze samples:

Brochure - Check the brochure of Bishop hotel on the bed.

Footprint - Look close at the footprint on the floor right of the bed. Use the 3Dscanner from the field kit on footprint.

Select the footprint on the field kit at right. See it on the monitor. Click the green database analysis button. The result is shoe with lug sole, size 10.

Answering machine - Go to right side table and click on the answering machine. Hear the Killer's message to Vic. Use the smartphone cursor on the machine or phone. Click on it again and hear Paloma's director.

In inventory, select the field kit. Check the smartphone left of the field kit. Click on the recorded voice of the killer. Select voice icon on the field kit and press the orange computer analysis icon. It is the altered voice of the killer.

Safe - Go to left side of bed. See an open empty safe.

Remote control - See a remote control under the bed. Use fingerprint powder on remote control. Use 3D scanner on powdered fingerprint. Select it and press the green database analysis. It is Paloma's prints.

Laptop - Check the broken laptop on the floor in front of the TV. Use the computer key on broken laptop. Select broken laptop and press the orange computer analysis button. Click the computer icon on the monitor, 'open' and read Paloma's notes on the Killer's case.

Fibers - Go right to the bathroom and Vic will notice fibers on the bathroom door. Use sampling tongs on the fiber. Select fibers and click the chemical analysis button. It is coated with chlorine based product.

Locked suitcase - Go to the closet by the bathroom at right of the room. Check the suitcase and see it's locked. Talk to Garris and he gives the electric pick gun. Use the electric pick gun on the locked suitcase. Take the mini-DVD.

DVD - Go to the TV and click on Paloma's camcorder at TV's left. Use the mini-DVD on camcorder.

See Hawker talking to Paloma. Talk to Garris about Hawker. Hawker was released from the FBI and was Vic's old partner.

Bullet holes - Go to the bathroom. Check the bullet holes on the door and on the tile above the towel rack.

Ventilation system - Check the vent at top left. Use the electronic nose on the vent. Select gas traces (flask) on field kit and then press the purple chemical analysis button. It is neutralizing gas.

Shower - Go to bottom left of the bathroom. See a residue on the corner of the shower floor. Use revealer spray on the residue. See bloodstain. Use sampling swab on the bloodstain. Select the blood trace in the field kit and then click on chemical analysis. It is type O blood. Click on database analysis and learn that it is Paloma's blood.

The phone rings. It is Paloma calling for help.

Deadly tests

Killer's house October 23, 2008 11:30 PM

Paloma wakes up feeling strange. Hear the phone ringing. Go to the phone that is on broken glass by the door.

Take the cell phone. It is the killer, not Vic. He will let Paloma go if she can escape from here. The killer injected her with poison.

Drink the antidote.

Look around and see a medicine cabinet on the wall at the foot of the bed. It's too high.

Push the bed under the medicine cabinet. Click on medicine cabinet.

Save game here.

Antidote:    See 4 test tubes and a bottle.

Take the 4 test tubes and it states - Which one? In inventory, separate the test tubes in to 4 individual tubes: purple, blue, yellow and red. Take the bottle with chemical reactant to 'separate the true from the false'.

The bottle has only 2 doses to be used on the test tubes. 50-50 chance of knowing which one is the antidote.

Combine a tube and the bottle. The result can be either a white or a black liquid. Do this to another tube.

On trial and error, learn that black liquid is an antidote. A colorless, non white liquid after getting a result of 2 white liquid is also an antidote. Drink a black liquid by clicking the black liquid on Paloma's ID card. (My game was red and yellow tubes).

Or you can fill the bottle with water from sink. Then you can have 3 doses. (Thanks, Jhona.)

The killer congratulates Paloma.

Exit the room.

Bedroom:     Check the movie star poster.

The storage place here is the cabinet left of the movie star poster. Place the inventory items in storage.

Look around. See a grate with a severed hand on the floor at the corner where the bed was. There are words: Help me, 2324, dead... written on the wall left of the sink. Check the mirror above the sink and see the collar in close up. The locker is locked. There are 2 cameras on the ceiling corners.

Take the mattress and place it on the glass shards by the door.

Check the door. It is locked.

Check the box left of the door. Take the memory card and the hexagonal key. Read the chip's info in the voice recorder's left orange button. It is Paloma's 3 previous interviews.

To the left of the open box is fuse box with cable that goes through the wall.

Go to the locker right of the sink. Use the hexagonal key on the locker. Take the dry powder fire extinguisher.

The severed hand:

Grate:    Look at the grate with the severed hand. It's stuck.

Pull the bed back to the right. Take the metallic tube from floor under the medicine cabinet. You might need to store some items or rearrange the inventory placements. Keep the fire extinguisher.

Push the bed back to the left. Use the metallic tube on the grate.

See rats on the severed hand holding a key. Try to take the key. Paloma refuses.

Use the fire extinguisher on the hand-rats. Take the key from the hand.

Use either the fire extinguisher or the key from the hand on the door. It opens.

Turn on the electric chair.

Electric chair room:    Enter the room. The killer now wants Paloma to find the exit door.

There are 6 locked doors aside from the bedroom door. There is an electric chair on rails at the center of the room.

Open the power box:    Check the power box on the wall right of the open door. Paloma is electrocuted again.

Go to the bedroom. Check the fuse box left of the now empty box on the wall left of the door. It is connected to the fuse box on the other side.

Use the fire extinguisher on the panel. That short circuits the fuses.

Go back to the power box and open it. It is dark inside.

Close the bedroom door. See buttons. Press down the top I button.

Open the power box again and see it lit.

Pull up the lever to get power to the electric chair's voltage control. Hear it hum.

Take the iron thread that is on the bottom of the power box.

Take off the electronic collar.

Go back to the bedroom. Check the wall left of the sink and see 2324 written on it.

Look close at the mirror above the sink and see a close up of the collar. Click on the collar and she wants it off.

Use the iron thread on the holes at the bottom. From left to right: click 2 times, 3 times, 2 times and 4 times.

The collar is off. Paloma throws it away.

Open the right door in the electric chair room.

Which door?     Go back to electric chair room. Check the electric chair. Push the chair off the bars to the turntable on the floor.

Sit on the chair. See a squeeze handle and a box that has gauges and switches to release a specified voltage.

Squeeze the handle and it turns to face the different locked doors.

Each door has a victim's name and a number. Click on the names. The fifth door has Paloma's name and 129. Click on Paloma's door.

Open the door:    While facing Paloma's door, open the box by right arm of the chair.

Now that the lever in the power box is pushed down, adjust the gauges to make 129: Turn 50 volts switch twice, 20 volts switch once; 5 volts switch twice and push lever on the left to minus 1 once. Press the red button.

Electricity passes through the chair. Door opens. Go through Paloma's door.

Explore the rooms and hallway in the obstacle course.

Open the locker at right and take the empty spray bottle.

Climb the stairs. Enter through the door.

Open the door at the back of the morgue.

Morgue:    Check cold storage and see that all are locked. Check the hanging lab coat.

Check the panel on the wall right of the lab coat and left of the table. It is a countdown clock.

There are different tiles underneath it. Check the butcher sign with pictured cow.

Go to the autopsy table right of the closed exit door. Take the surgical instrument and the yellow powder revealer.

Go back to the bedroom downstairs. In inventory, combine the powder revealer and the spray bottle.

Use the powder spray on the working sink to get liquid revealer.

If you don't have it, take the fire extinguisher and iron thread from storage cabinet.

Go back to the morgue upstairs.

Find the code:    Save game here.

Use the liquid revealer on the tiles under the countdown clock.

See the words PRESS HERE. The clock starts.

The killer says that he will give some time to find the code to open the locked back door.

Keypad:    Go to the number keypad left of the door at right.

Open the voice recorder and check the dates of the interviews revealed by the memory card found at the bedroom.

Enter 1022 on the keypad and press OK button. See one locked door of the cold storage open. Pull back and check the label. P on McPherson is underlined.

Enter 0229 on the keypad and press OK button. See one locked door of the cold storage open. Pull back and check the label. E on Hernandez is underlined.

Enter 0113 on the keypad and press OK button. See one locked door of the cold storage open. Pull back and check the label. H on Hawker is underlined.

Go back to tiles and look close. Press P E H. Clock reverses. The exit door unlocks.

Open the door and see that the door is blocked. The killer says he needs to arrange the next scene.

Find an exit to escape.

Look around the morgue.

Check the butcher (cow) sign on the wall right of the autopsy table. Click on it and it sounded hollow.

Use the fire extinguisher on the sign and the panel opens.

Dumbwaiter:    Enter and see that it is dark inside. There's a panel on the wall with a socket above it.

We're inside the dumbwaiter. Exit again and go down to the power box at the electric chair room.

Take the small bulb right of the lit one. Go back upstairs and inside the dumbwaiter. Use the bulb on the socket above the panel.

Use the surgical instrument on screws of the panel. See 3 fuses. Use the surgical instrument on the metal plate above the fuses.

Use the iron thread on the bottom fuse to move the dumbwaiter to the first floor.

Kitchen:    Go to bottom screen and look around.

Go back to the hallway by the dumbwaiter. Exit through the door at left that is ajar. Paloma runs out of the house and trips over the wire attached to C2 gas.

An empty house

Killer's house October 24, 2008

Helicopter lands on the yard of the killer's house. Vic and Garris exit and talk to Kate Holloway, County Sheriff.

The local police are all over the yard. The house was previously owned by Howard Petersen who committed suicide 20 years ago. The house has been abandoned since then. Holloway gives a memory card found in the kitchen.

Talk to Garris. Check the smart phone and see the 3 interviews that were in the memory card. Read Hawker's file. Learn that he was a profiler and about the incident that lead to his dismissal.

Explore the house in search of Hernandez.

Check mail and click on 'call Claire'. Talk to Claire about Hawker.

The storage place here is the trash bin right of the stairs.

Front yard:   

Tire tracks by gate:    Go left close to the gate and look at tire tracks and broken glass.

The broken glass might have come from a windshield or car window.

Check the tire tracks. Use 3D scanner and do a database analysis on the tire tracks.

Footprints by gate:    See bare footprints. Use the 3D scanner and do a database analysis on the footprints. It is size 7, Hernandez' size.

Shoeprints by steps:    Go to front steps. Look close at the ground in front of the steps near the left banister. See footprints. Use 3D scanner and database analysis on shoeprint. It is size 10, prints left by the killer.

Tire tracks by steps:    See narrow tire tracks. Do a 3D scan and database analysis on the tire tracks. Only 50% result. Pull back, Vic automatically calls Claire about the motorcycle tire tracks.

Shed:    Go to path left of the house. Check the railroad tie with BAR on it.

Military symbol:     Look at the beam holding the roof of the shed. See a symbol and numbers. Click the smartphone to take a photo. Do a database analysis on the picture of the symbol. It is a military insignia. Only 50% result. Pull back, Vic automatically calls Claire about the insignia.

Check the metal grate backyard entryway that separates the front and backyard.

Backyard:    Go to the backyard pass the metal posts and grate.

Rubber fragments:    Check the rubber fragments on foot of stairs. There's blood on it. Use sampling swab on rubber fragments. Do chemical analysis and database analysis on blood. It's Paloma's blood.

Explosion:    Check the dark spot left of the rubber fragments. Looks like made by a stun grenade.

Footprint:    Check the footprint above the rubber fragments. Use 3D scanner on footprints and data analysis to show that it is the killer's footprint.

Go left at the yard. Check the 2 open drums. Take the oil can left of the red drum.

Check the covered padlocked trailer close to house. Check the electric fence and the archery target.

Inside the house:    Enter either through the backyard or the front yard.

Kitchen:       If you enter through the front yard, enter the door at the hallway.

The storage place here is the cabinet left of the sink.

Check the newspaper on the dining table - Who's next?

Pot in sink:     See fingerprints on the pot in the sink. Use fingerprint powder and then 3D scanner on prints. Do a database analysis. It is Hernandez' prints. Check the fridge.

Dumbwaiter:    Go to the hallway right of the fridge. See and then move the shelving on the right wall of the hallway. Move to the kitchen to see the exposed dumbwaiter. Check and see that it is locked and callbox is out of order. Use the pick gun on the dumbwaiter. She needs a rope to go down the dumbwaiter. (This is an alternative way to morgue.)

Exit through the door left of the wall phone.

Living room:    Check the floorboard in front of the kitchen door. Enter the room right of the hallway.

Check the coffee table and see food and an old film - The Glass Key.

Check the sofa and see another movie - The Black Dahlia film came out in 1946.

See a match box on top of the fireplace. Check the books in the bookcase.

Safe - Go to the bookcase left of fireplace.

See a safe. Click again and see there are fingerprint smudges on the keypads. Use fingerprint powder on the keypads.

Based on the intensity of the fingerprints and the Black Dahlia film: Click on 19A46, then click ok. The safe is open.

Inside are screenplays: The House of terror, Butcher of Massachusetts. Use fingerprint powder and then use 3D scanner. Do a database analysis. It is unidentified. 50% analysis only. Call Claire and she will check the prints.

Box:    Take the box from bottom of safe. Look close and use pick gun on the lock. See the souvenir hairs of the victims: Janet, Olivia, Susan...

Book:    Look at the book on the table. Use sampling tongs on the hair used as bookmark. Do chemical analysis and then database analysis. It is Paloma's hair.

Hutch:     Go to the hutch right of the door. See that there's a hiding place on the molding between the top and bottom parts of the hutch. Use fingerprint powder and 3D scanner on the marks. Do data analysis. It is Kate Holloway's prints.

Tire report:    The smartphone buzzes. (This can happen anywhere after sending the report to Claire). Open the field kit and see-click the report of the motorcycle tracks on the smartphone. No match in FBI files.

Upstairs:    Climb the stairs. See Sheriff Kate Holloway coming out of left room. She is investigating about a missing local hunter named Anderson.

Armoire:    Open the armoire right of the door.

See women's clothes. Use the digital microscope on the folded clothes on the left. Use sampling tongs to get lock of hair.

Do a chemical and database analysis on the hair to know that it belonged to a victim, Susan Giarelli.

Upper bedroom:    Enter the room and see that it is where Paloma was kept.

Check the stand behind the TV, handcuffs on the bedpost and right edge of the mattress.

Bandages:    Check the bloodstain bandages on the floor. Use sampling swab on bandages. Do chemical analysis and then database analysis on blood. It's Paloma's blood.

Check the pictures above the table.

Broken mirror on stand:    Use fingerprint powder and 3D scanner on the marks. Do data analysis. It is Paloma's prints.

Piece of mirror:    Check the piece of broken mirror on the table. There's a message on it - 'held underground'.

Check the windows, the wedding dress and flyer in stove. Exit the room.

Bathroom:    Enter the door right of the armoire.

Medicine cabinet:    Check the medicine cabinet. Use pick gun to open the cabinet. Check the empty bottles. Take the anti-venom serum box. Take the receipt for medications from a local pharmacy signed by Dan Wilkinson.

Check the sink and take the dry old sponge.

Check the terrarium under the stained glass window. It was occupied recently.

Blood on floor:    See blood drops on the floor in front of bath tub. Use sampling swab and then do chemical and then database analyses on blood. It's Paloma's blood.

Bathtub:    Check the bathtub and see fiber on the left rim. Use sampling tongs on the fiber. Do chemical analysis and see that it is sterile sampling swab used by police services. Hmm...

Metal door:    Check the charred door right of the bathroom. See that it shows signs of fire. Check the blue box at right that is half dismantled. Vic is very apprehensive about fires.

Fourth (Balcony) door:    Check the door left of the stairs. See that it is padlocked but looks weak.

Find out what the sheriff has learned.

Sheriff:    Go down and outside the house.  Talk to sheriff.

Ask about the pharmacy receipt. A description of a nervous 40 yo black haired man was given by the pharmacist. Call Claire and talk to her completely: killer, Holloway, Anderson.

Talk to the sheriff again about obstruction of investigation. She sent 2 samples to lab and she gives an electronic key. She did the floorboard by the kitchen and got a badge.

Textile fibers found by sheriff:     Do chemical analysis on the textile fibers and see they came from a mattress.

Substance found my sheriff:    Do chemical and database analysis on the substance mixed with blood. See they came from Paloma and mixed with iodine.

Garris:    Talk to Garris by the shed at left side of the house.

Ask about Electronics expert and the electronic lock of the charred door.

They go to the lock. It will take time to fix the lock.

Talk to Garris again about the sheriff.

Cellar:    Go downstairs to hallway and enter the metal door right of the stairs.

Cellar light - stairwell:    See that it is dark. Move the cursor above Vic's head to find the active spot. Vic will say that there's a lamp but it is out of oil. Use the oil can from backyard on the lamp.

Go to the living room and take the matches on top of the fireplace.

Go back to cellar stairwell and use the matches on the filled lamp.

Now there's light. Move the board on the right and see an electronic box. Click box to see that it needs a key.

Open the door in the cave stairwell.


Use the electronic key given by the sheriff on the box right of the metal door.

Enter the room. Go left and see the killer's laboratory.

Autopsy table:    Click on autopsy table. Use sampling swab on autopsy table. Do chemical analysis and then database analysis on blood. It's Paloma's blood.

Blue cabinet:    Go to the blue cabinet. Open the cabinet using the pick gun.

See - click a box filled with items used by the killer to shackle his victims. Use revealer spray and then sampling swab on glass. Do chemical analysis and then database analysis on blood. It's type A - from Ellen Dunnigan, one of the victims.

Check the killer's outfit hanging below the box and mask at right shelf.

Metal door left of the blue cabinet:    Use the electronic key on the box left of the metal door. (This is an alternative way to enter this area). It goes to the stair area before the electric chair room. Go back to the lab - through the door Vic came out of.

Check the chemicals at left corner of the room.

Dead woman:    Go left and across the autopsy table. Open the cold storage door. See a dead woman with one hand missing. Ah...

Use sampling tongs to collect skin of the dead woman. Do chemical analysis of the skin to learn that she has been dead since 1993.

Computer table:    Check the computer at left. Turn on the computer by clicking the box right of the monitor. Use the computer key from field kit on the 'tower'. Do a computer analysis. It has a high level protection.

Click on monitor and guess the password. That did not work. Check the phone.

Check the '40s books at the corner and collection of animal skulls.

Desk:    Check the desk on the left with the music system.

Check the autopsy reports, shoes, lipstick, CDs on top shelf and DVDs.

Open the drawer and see cinema thesis from USC in LA. Take the loud speaker. You might need to rearrange the inventory placement.

Call Claire about killer's discoveries. Take the transformer cord above the file cabinet.

Garris:    Exit through the main door and go to Garris working on the charred door. He cannot help with the password.

Cellar:    Enter the metal door; continue to the left and down the cellar.

Military insignia report:    The smartphone buzzes. (This can happen anywhere after sending the report to Claire). Open the field kit and see-click the report of the military insignia on the smartphone. It is a military badge of the special sniper unit of the US Marine Corps.

Blackboard:    The blackboard has words written on it - The sentence is passed. Vic is sure there is something behind it. Take the blackboard off. See a fresh coat on the wall behind the board.

The storage here is the trash bin. You might need to store some items.

Furnace room:    Go to the room at right.

Take the demolition mass - sledgehammer from the work table at right. The inventory might need to be rearranged.

Check the circular saw and look close at the fuel tank at right.

Victim's evidences:    Check the furnace at right.

Check pieces of something on the floor in front of the furnace. Click again and see that it looks like pieces of card with Lee written on it - one of the victims is Dorothy Lee. 

Click again on the pieces and see something else. Use digital microscope and then sampling tongs to get burnt hair. Do a chemical analysis to see that it is synthetic hair from a wig (Sally Duke).

Check the shelving at right part of the room, still and accounting book on the table by the windows.

Check the base for a camera at top of the post left of the still.


Go back to where the blackboard is located. Use the demolition sledge hammer on the wall.

Enter the break on the wall. (Other ways through here are via a rope through the dumbwaiter in the kitchen and the metal door at the killer's laboratory.)


Footprint:    Click and check the footprint in front of the dumbwaiter. Use 3D scanner and do a database analysis. It's Paloma's print.

Autopsy table:    Check the autopsy table. Use sampling swab on autopsy table. Do chemical analysis and then database analysis on blood. It's from Olivia Wong, one of the victims.

Closed door:    Open the door and see the wall blocking it. Use the digital microscope on the wall. See traces of something. Use sampling swab on colored traces. Do chemical analysis and see that it is colored nail polish left by a victim (Dolores Wilkins).

Check the countdown clock the tiles. The tiles read 'dead'.

Lab coat:    Look at the lab coat. See a tear and discoloration on sleeves. Use revealer spray and then sampling swab on sleeve. Do chemical analysis and then database analysis on blood. It's type A, male but no match.

Blood on pipe:    Check the blood on the pipe left of the lab coat. Use sampling swab on colored traces. Do chemical analysis, database analysis and see that it is type B with high glucose content left by Joyce Dickinson.

Call Claire and talk to her completely; about killer discovery.

Cold storage cabinets:     Do as Paloma did: enter the number on the keypad and press the ok button. Use the dates from the interview: 1022, 0229, 0113. Check the opened cabinets and the labels on the mannequins.

Check the bases for cameras around the ceiling of the morgue.

Lower floor:    Enter through the metal door and down the stairs. Vic has gun drawn.

Check the marks on the ground at left corner (right of the locker). It looks like a heavy object was dragged from here. (The alternative entrance is through the metal door left of the elk head.)

Check the floor in front of the electric chair room door. Use revealer spray on the scrubbed spots on the floor. Use sampling swab and do chemical and database analysis on blood. It's type A + from Janet Connelly, one of the victims.

Electric chair room:    Enter the door to the electric chair room. See that it is cleared.

Read Paloma's door. 'One chance' was added. Read all the names on the door.

Power box:    Check the power box. It's dark. Press the button left of the closed door. Go back and see the lever in the power box. Use fingerprint powder and 3D scanner on the marks.  Do data analysis. It is Paloma's prints.

Electric chair's turntable:    Check the turntable at center of the room.

Glass pieces:    Look close and check the broken pieces in front of the turntable. Click on the pieces and use the digital microscope to see broken glass. Use sampling tongs to get pieces of glass. Do a chemical analysis to see that is pieces of broken eyeglasses that belonged to a victim (Dora Simon).

Bedroom:    Enter through the bedroom door.

The storage here is the cabinet left of the poster.

Check the fuse box and the lock of the door.                                  

Broken glass:    Look at the ground beside the mattress. See broken glass with blood on it. Use sampling swab on glass. Do chemical and then database analysis on blood. It's from Paloma.

Collar:    Pick up the electronic collar thrown by Paloma from under the sink.

Sink:    Check the sink. Use dry old sponge on the sink to get wet old sponge.

Writing:    Look at the writing on the wall left of the sink: Why me, Help me...

Click to take picture. Use the field kit and click on smartphone at left to add the inscriptions. Do a database analysis and see that it was made by the killer.

Click on 'too late' on wall. Check the movie poster.

Medicine cabinet:    Do this last - Check the medicine cabinet. Push the bed.

Saved game here. Click on medicine cabinet. A snake jumps out and bites Vic. Time starts.

Open inventory, take anti-venom from inventory and click it on Vic's ID card. She feels better.

If you have not taken it yet, go to the second floor and take the anti-venom from the medicine cabinet at the bathroom. There's ample time and short routes.

Read the note inside the medicine cabinet. The antidote is left in cool place.

Balcony:    While here or from cellar, exit to go up, then climb the stairs to the second floor.

Talk to Garris about the electronic collar.

Use the demolition sledgehammer on the weak lock of the door left of the stairs.

Satellite:    Exit to the balcony. See a makeshift satellite. Check the base. It can be remote controlled and has a USB port.

Use the computer key on the base. Do a computer analysis. It is a jamming software - ADSX type.

There's chewing gum on the dish - (it might be invisible) look for active spot. Use sampling tongs on the gum. Do chemical analysis and see that the DNA can not be tested from the saliva. Pull back. Vic automatically sends the gum data for Claire to check.

Go back inside and talk to Garris about the jamming device.

Trailer at backyard:    Go to backyard of the house.

Saliva report:    The smartphone buzzes. (This can happen anywhere after sending the report to Claire). Open the field kit and see-click the report of the saliva on the smartphone. It is from a male but no DNA match.

Trailer:    Use the demolition- sledgehammer on the lock of the trailer. Take the rope. This is used as an alternative way to get to the morgue via the dumbwaiter in the kitchen.

License plate:    Check the license plate. Use the wet old sponge on the dirty license plate - RZZ-354; Claire can trace the number. Call Claire about the license plate.

Kitchen dumbwaiter:    Use the rope on the dumbwaiter. Just to check, climb down and then back up.

Find clues to the killer.

Later after some time, Claire calls that the license plate is from a Parson or Karson from info by former owner. Then later, Claire calls to say that the suspect is David Karson.

Enter the room with charred door.

Go upstairs to Garris at the charred door. The door is now open.

Vic and Garris enter the room. Vic sees a room destroyed by fire and goes through a flashback.

Waking Dream

Chicago, January 3, 2005 9 PM

Search Richard's Studio.

Check the fire on the stove.

Move to the left of the stove and take the flexible modeling tool on the shelf

Look at the painting depicting Gus and the sculpture.

Take the sharp modeling tool on the table left of the shelf.

Check the picture of Maria and Richard on the shelf at right.

File Cabinet:    Look close at the file cabinet right of the shelf. It is locked.

In inventory, combine the sharp and flexible modeling tool to get improvised picking tool.

Use the picking tool on the file cabinet.

Open top drawer and check the papers inside. Click the smartphone cursor on the papers. Read the letter of Beatrice to Mark Ackerman. Their son is Henry. Click the smartphone cursor on the papers again and read Mark's letter to Beatrice.

Open the bottom drawer. See the Herbert Ackerman's confession - letter taken from Harrison by Zarkovic. Click the smartphone cursor on the letter.

Go to right of the stove's fire and see a closet.

Closet:    Open the closet using the picking tool.

Take the bunch of rugs from second to bottom right shelf. It reveals the black cloth - killer's cape.

Take the cape - Richard, why?

Pull back and talk to newly arrived Richard completely.


Killer's house, October 24, 2008

Charred room:    Garris shows concern about Vic.

Take the poker by the stove left of the balcony door.

Go left and check the sealed dumbwaiter. Look at the burnt video tapes and the wall above it where the fire might have started.

Surveillance console:    Check the surveillance console - Fisheye 460 on the table. Look at the open box on the left. See a transformer without cord under neat the table.

Click on the left side of the console and see it is the outlet to connect the power cord. The keys at right do not work and the right edge has the outlet to speaker.

Take the transformer without cord from under the table. Combine it with the transformer cord from the killer's laboratory. Use the transformer with cord on left side of the console.

Use the speaker from the killer's lab on the right side of the console. Still not working.

Balcony:    Go to the locked glass door. Use the pick gun on the door.

Go outside and check the railing on the left side. Use revealer spray and sampling swab on the railing. Do a chemical and database analysis. It is Gary Anderson's blood.

Talk with Hawker in order to get his help.

Go down to the front yard. See Hawker arrive. Hi partner!

Talk to Garris about the surveillance console.

Talk to Hawker. Call Claire about Hawker and learn what he has been doing since he left.

Go to living room and talk to Hawker. Toughen tone and get irritated. Talk to him again and make peace. Learn about Veronica Lake obsession and get his help on the blocked computer.

Killer's laboratory:

Hawker has a break through and got in the computer.

Internet search:    Click on computer and do an internet search. Select technical manual fisheye 460-F01 model 42.

Photo and videos:     In photos, see the picture of the victims. In video, see a bed in a storage room.

Access control:    See that only East hatch that is locked is available. It needs a password.

Codes:    See that there's a text file but it is encrypted.

Surveillance cameras:    Only one camera is on. Select Group 6 cameras. See a hallway and doors with keypads.

Decryption:    Use the computer key on the tower to see if the encrypted codes can be opened. Select Codes and see the decrypted file. Find the access codes and the cell codes. Vic places the list in her smartphone.

Take the printed technical manual from the printer at right.

Repair the surveillance console.   

Go to the charred room. Talk to Garris about the manual and the sheriff.

Garris fixes the console but no video, just sound. Click on the console 3 times and hear a voice.

Click the smartphone cursor on the console to record the voice.

Open the field kit and click on the voice recorded on the smartphone at left. Do a computer analysis of the female voice. It is Paloma's voice with a radio broadcasting in the background.

Find the fallout shelter.

Sheriff:    Go to the kitchen and talk to the sheriff having coffee by the dining table.

They decided to work together by exchanging information. Learn that antinuclear shelters were built here in the 50's.  2 shafts with steel hatches were dug.

Talk to her again and borrow the metal detector. She gives her car keys.

Metal detector:    Go to the front yard and open the trunk of the sheriff's car with the key.

Take the metal detector. Read the instructional manual. For searching the fallout shelter, best to use setting 3: detection of large ferrous metal objects.

See the inventory. Click to change the setting of the metal detector under Vic's gun to 3. On the screen, see a sound cursor appear when a large iron object is near.

Fallout shelter:    Walk to the backyard and see the metal gate react to the metal detector.

The gray drum shows a sound cursor. Take the metal detector from inventory and use it on the gray drum.

Vic uncovers wood planks. Use the poker from the charred room on the nailed planks.

See the metal hatch of the fallout shelter. Read the label at left of the hatch - H103123.

Enter the fallout shelter.

Killer's lab:    Go to the lab and the computer.

Open access control:     Select East hatch. It wants a password. Now that the codes are decrypted, select H103123D55 - from the plate and the +D55 decrypted code. Access granted. East hatch unlocked.

The killer strikes.

Go upstairs and meet the sheriff. Vic calls Garris for back up. Together Vic and the sheriff exit the house.

The sheriff is hit by an arrow. See the fate of the deputies. Vic is hit on the arm.



Chicago, January 3, 2005 9:15 PM

Question Richard.

Richard shows a painting to Vic. Richard and Vic talk. Vic is surrounded by fire.


Killer's house, October 24, 2008

As Paloma:

Escape from cell.

Paloma's cell:    Paloma sees the killer carry an unconscious Vic down the hall.

Talk to the killer. Hawker was hanged from a tree.

Check the air vent at top part of wall. It's too high.

Check the red box on the bed. Pull the crate to center of the room.

Take the metallic pipe exposed by the crate between the shelves.

Closet door:    Pull the bed and try to open the closet door. Use the metallic pipe to pry open the closet door. Take the plastic can and the magnet that fell to the floor.

Take string from bottom left shelf.

Ring:    Push the bed back by the closet.

Check the crack on the wall between the shelves.

Use the magnet on the shiny thing in the crack.

The ring has John and Susan's engraved on it.

Vent:    Place the plastic can below the vent. Click on the vent and see that there are 2 screws holding it. Nothing in inventory can remove the screws.

Anderson:    Click on the tray slot at bottom of door. Talk to hallway and Paloma calls to Vic.

Anderson from the cell across hushes Paloma. Talk to Anderson. He's hungry.

Learn about how he used the vent to try to escape. He throws the improvised fork.

Talk to Anderson again and learn what happened to him.

Get the improvised fork:    Pull back and look through the tray slot again. See the fork on the floor. Try to get the fork, it's too far.

In inventory, combine the magnet and string. Use the magnet and string on the fork.

Vent:     Click on vent and then use the fork on the 2 top screws. Pull and exit through the vent.

Find McPherson.

Go to the cell left of Paloma's. Look through the tray slot. Talk to Vic. She's drugged.

Open the door to McPherson's cell.

Look at the digital lock right of the cell doors.

Anderson:    Talk to Anderson about digital lock. Paloma's code is made up of 5-6 numbers; the first is 4 and the last is 5.

Vic:    Talk to Vic through the tray slot about the lock and code. Vic reads her smartphone.

Digital locks:     Vic's is Stanton and Paloma's is Martin.

Door codes:

Paloma's code - Starts with a 4 and ends with a 5. It is based on Martin.

So M is 4 and N is 5.  If we use 1-9 of the keypad and ignore zero, M will be 4 and N will be 5.

1 - A 1 - J 1 - S
2 - B 2 - K 2 - T
3 - C 3 - L 3 - U
4 - D 4 - M 4 - V
5 - E 5 - N 5 - W
6 - F 6 - O 6 - X
7 - G 7 - P 7 - Y
8 - H 8 - Q 8 -  Z
9 - I 9 - R  

So, Martin is 419295 and Stanton is 1215265.

Open Paloma's cell using 419295, then press ok. Open Vic's cell using 1215265, ok.

Wake McPherson up.

Enter Vic's cell. Take the gingerbread from the table. Talk to Vic. She's really out of it.

Exit the room and go to the right hallway from the ladder. See the storage cabinet on the left.

Medicine:    Open the medicine cabinet at right. Take the first aid kit and colored disinfectant. Check the empty box of amphetamines.

Neutralize the cameras:    Look at the camera at top of the wall. Paloma says to neutralize the camera.

Use the colored disinfectant on all 3 cameras in the hallways.

Anderson:    Talk to Anderson about gingerbread and amphetamines.

He wants the ring of his mistress Susan, one of the killer's victims. He gives the amphetamines after giving him the ring from the crack on the wall.

Talk to him again about the names on the ring.

Vic:    Go back to Vic. Talk to her to give her the amphetamines. Vic wakes up.

Talk to Vic and tell her about Anderson.

Paloma's inventory is placed in storage.

As Vic:

Explore the shelter.

Talk to Paloma. Look around Vic's cell. Take the metal detector left of the table.

Exit the cell. Talk to Anderson. Check Paloma's cell.

Go to right hallway and open storage. Take all of Paloma's inventory.

Exit:    Go to the ladder at other end of the hallway.

Climb up and see that the hatch is locked.

Press the button left of the ladder. Paloma wants to go with her. Vic advises for her to stay while she checks the computer to call for help.

Climb up again. Vic is in the backyard.


Turn around and walk to the fence. See a hooded man in sneakers hanged on the tree. Oh no. Hawker.

Neutralize the mines.

Find the mines:    Walk towards the kitchen steps. In front of the gate is something shiny on the ground.

Look close at the shiny thing on the ground. Click to clear the area around the object. Look again it is a pressure triggered mine. Neutralize the mine by leaving something heavy on it.

Metal detector:    Set the metal detector setting to 1. Move the cursor over the area in front of the new gate on the kitchen steps. See sound icons on some spots.

Take the metal detector on inventory and use it on that area. Vic might say if it is a mine or not.

Clear that area to expose the mine plate. Do this to all active spots with sound icons. There are 3 mines in front of the gate.

Neutralize the mines:   

Any tripped mine is automatically disabled. (Alternative - So you can trip them, use first aid to heal and work on the others or neutralize them with heavy objects or a mix of both.)

There is no storage area here. To empty unnecessary items, enter the shelter hatch again and go to the storage cabinet at right hallway. Leave the string with magnet and the metallic pipe. Arrange the inventory squares.

Go to the hallway in front of Paloma's cell and take the ventilation grate from the floor. Go back up to the backyard. Place it on one of the 3 mines.

Look and take the archery target. Place it on one of the mines.

Go to the right by the metal gate and take the grate on the ground. Place it on one of the mines.

Neutralize the entryway trap.

Trap:    Go back to the right and look at the grating on the backyard entryway ground. Hear a humming sound.

Check the new box on the left side of the backyard entryway frame. It is locked and has electrical wires connected to the grate and is the source of the electricity to the grate on the ground.

Move the cursor to look for sound icons. Find one to the left of the backyard entryway. Use the metal detector with a setting of 4. It is part of a bike wheel.

Click to expose the bike wheel. Take spokes. Vic makes an improvised picking tool.

Electrical box:    Use the picking tool on the box attached to the entryway.

Look close and see the militia pattern - SSP like the one at the shed post. There's an empty base at left.

The keypad at right is covered. Use the fork to remove the screw of the keypad cover. Click and then take the keypad. That disables the trap.


Walk through the backyard entryway to the front yard.

Get a message from the killer. Read it in the mail of the smartphone. Try to contact Claire; the signal is jammed.

Go to the front yard and see the murdered deputies. Check each of the bodies. Take the pocket knife beside the body of the man on the screen at left and across the stairs. Take the broken quartz watch beside the body at the back of the car.

Open the trunk of the car and see Kate Halloway, the sheriff. Take the multispectral lamp behind her head.

Check the car through the passenger window and see that the dashboard has been smashed.

Climb the stairs. Look close at the post at top of the left banister. See a bullet hole with the casing still there.

Enter the house.


Neutralize the trap at entrance hall.

Living room:    Look at the dead rat in front of the living room. Trap?

If you trigger a trap, use the first aid kit on Vic's ID.

Use the colored spray on the entrance to the living room.

Take the pocket knife from inventory and use it on the exposed wires.

Stairs:    Go to the stairs. Do the same thing - use the colored spray and then cut the exposed wires using the pocket knife or just walk up and trigger the trap and it will be disabled.

Kitchen:    Enter the kitchen.

Open the refrigerator and take the red envelope with memory card. It's news about Gary Anderson.

The storage here is the top cabinet left of the sink.

In inventory, combine the fork and the quartz watch to get a battery. Remove some of the items in inventory: metal detector, colored disinfectant, picking tool, knife and first aid kit.

Bathroom:    Climb the stairs and enter the bathroom. Open the medicine cabinet and take the first aid kit.

Charred room:    Enter the room.

Take the envelope with memory card under the mannequin. Read about David Karson. Phobia of snakes?

Roof balcony:    Exit room and enter through door left of stairs. Take the remote control on the floor.

Living room:    Go down to living room.

See and a reflector and a laser transmitter. Take the laser transmitter. We'll take the reflector later.

Click to watch TV and see a tortured victim.

Neutralize the basement trap.

Laboratory:     Go through the metal door to the cellar. Enter the metal door at right to get to the lab door.

Receive another mail from the killer. Open the smartphone's mail to read it.

Reflectors:    See and click on new reflectors in the lab. The rays are not visible to naked eye.

Look up at and click on empty surveillance camera stand. She says to place the multispectral lamp there. Let's do that.

Laser beams:    See the laser beams. When on top view, click on a tank hanging on the ceiling. That's new too.

Check the mirrors of the reflectors and see that they are firmly fixed. Click on laser beams and she says best not to cross the trajectory of the rays. Hmm.. What if another ray breaks that path of rays?

Pull back from overhead view. Check the outlet on the wall at left.

First yellow laser wall:    Plug the laser transmitter on that outlet and see red laser break the first wall of yellow laser and parallels the rest of the laser path. Walk through the first wall beside the red laser.

Concentrators and blinking red light box:    There's a reflector stand at the middle of the green laser path.

The stand on the left concentrates the rays to a precise spot. That spot is the blinking red light at bottom left. We need to turn that off.

There's another concentrator at bottom middle of the room. That focuses the rays to a box at bottom right beside the computer.

Go back to living room and take the reflectors. Go back to the lab.

Place the reflector on the stand at the middle of the green laser's path.

Yellow laser:    Turn the stand that is the source of the yellow lasers at top left. The yellow lasers now go through the green laser path.

This bends the yellow lasers to the laser concentrator at left. See that the color of the concentrated laser beam is now yellow-green.

Green laser:    Turn the right stand that sends out green laser to point at another concentrator. See that the emitted light from the concentrator is red-green.

Click on the blinking red light on the box at bottom left. It is emitting a signal. Click to turn that red light off.

Other concentrators and blinking red light box:      Go to the box left of the computer monitor and turn it off. That turns the gas tank on the ceiling and the lasers off. <whew>

Access the basement computer to contact the outside world.

Save game here:    Use the computer. See that the password changed.

Get a phone call from the killer. He says that he has a bullet meant for Vic.

Escape the killer:   

Time starts. See the killer. Look for a hiding place.

Open the cold storage door where the body is kept. Click to enter. Vic enters and hides in the back.

Trap the killer.

She's mad. Vic wants to use the killer's trap against him. Which trap can still be used? 

Go to the backyard using the kitchen stairs (not front yard).

Look close at the box left of the grating-backyard entryway.

Place the keypad back at right side. The light is red.

Place the remote control taken from the roof balcony on the left.

Enter the code to initialize the remote control. Click on the etched letters at the bottom is SSP. Check the picture of the  militia symbol on the shed post. It has SSP 8541 etched at the bottom.

Press the keypad buttons: 8541 and then OK. The light turns green.

Take the remote control.

Go to left part of backyard and open the smartphone's contact. Scroll and call the killer.

The end of the nightmare?

Join Hernandez and the prisoner in the shelter.

Killer's body:    Look close at the killer's body. Take the killer's electronic key by his left foot.

Click on his right thigh area and see a piece of paper with NAMLECKO written on it.

Check his right hand and see SSP on his gloves.

Computer:    Go to and try to open the metal hatch. It is locked.

Go back to the computer at the lab. Click on user name. Select Namlecko as password. Access granted.

Check Access control: East hatch is locked. The same password as before; select H103123D55. Access granted.

Check Karson file and see a USC application. The second page shows the picture of Karson and it is not the face of the killer. It is the face of the prisoner Anderson at the shelter. Quit computer.

Join Hernandez locked up in the shelter with Karson.

Go to the shelter's metal hatch. Vic calls out to Paloma. No one is here.


Search the fallout shelter.

Go right to the storage cabinet and remove some items: remote control, both first aid kits, colored disinfectant and metal detector. Go back to the other hallway.

If the vent on the hallway floor that Paloma removed was not used on the mine trap - see blood stain on it.

Anderson-Karson's cell:    Enter the cell across Paloma's.

Look at the torture pictures on the wall. Check the magazines on the floor.

Check the sealed vent on the wall. Check the drawings on the wall.

On the way out, check the bars on the right of the entryway.

Killer's room:    Go left and check the room at the end of the hallway.

Use the killer's electronic key on the panel left of door. Enter the room.

Look around. Check the pictures of Hernandez on the wall. Check the USMC Scout Sniper Platoon (SSP) flag on the wall.

Check the magazines on the floor by the bed.

Check the boombox and hear military music. Take the electric extension cord running from the wall to the boombox.

Open the suitcase by the foot of the bed. Take pressure release mine, first aid kit and cartridge of bullets. Now, Vic has loaded gun.

Check the map of the traps in the house. Take the CSIA test kit right of the map. Now, we can test things.

Look close at table. Take pocket knife, nylon thread and adhesive tape.

Check the electronics book under the crossbow.

Desk:    Check the desk. Take the steel tension wrench. Read the MO of the killers. Note the decryption key: A=1, B=2, J=10=1+0=1. See the picture of Karson sitting on the electric chair tortured by the killer.

Drawer:    Check the police report on the drawer. Terence Curtis was arrested while Hawker is present. Look at Terence Curtis' picture - he's the killer.

Look at the chewing gums. It Brain Jack since 1884.

Pick gun:    Pick up the pick gun without battery from the floor beside the desk. It is missing batteries and tension wire.

If you haven't yet - in inventory combine fork and quartz watch to get battery.

Combine pick gun with battery. Combine it with steel tension wrench. Now the pick gun is fixed.

Fingerprints:    Go back to the bed. Use fingerprint powder on the magazine on the floor. Do a 3D scan and data analysis on the print. It is Terence Curtis'.

Karson's cell:    Enter the cell across Paloma's.

(Blood):    If the vent on the hallway floor that Paloma removed was not used on the mine trap - see blood stain on it. Use the sampling swab on the blood. Do a chemical and database analysis on it. It's David Karson's blood.

Fingerprints:    Use fingerprint powder on the bars right of the entryway. Do a 3D scan and data analysis on the print. It is David Karson's prints.

Use fingerprint powder on the magazines on the floor by the bed. Do a 3D scan and data analysis on the print. It is David Karson's prints.

Vent:    Look close at the vent on the wall.

In inventory combine mine and adhesive tape. Use the taped mine on the vent.

Use the thread on the mine on the vent. Watch as Vic destroys the vent. Climb through the vent.

Other shelter:   

Check the locked at end of the hallway.

Go to the locked door across the vent. Use either the improvised picking tools from bicycle or repaired pick gun.

Find Hernandez.

Surveillance room:

Computer:    Check the computer and see that it is off.

Check the tower on the left. It needs a fingerprint. Take a look at the game - Still Life with a description of lead character that looks like Vic. That's right, baby!

Take keyboard and wrench from the table.

Metal hatch:    Try to climb up the ladder and see that the hatch is locked.

Press the switch left of the ladder. Climb up.

Outside the fence:    Exit outside the fence of the house.

See the hanged body. Use the pocket knife on the rope around the tree.

It's Garris. Vic promised Garris to end this.

Look close at Garris. Take the memory card that fell out of his pocket. Enter it in the field kit. Do a computer analysis - reconstruction impossible.

Plate:    Check the ID plate of this metal hatch - H061914.

There is no other way to go here. Go back through the hatch and the surveillance room. Exit the room.

Lower door to main house:    Go to bottom part of the hallway.

Plate:    See a door with a wheel lock. Check the plate left of the metal door - T082445.

Look down on the floor and see fresh bloodstains.

Bloodstains:     Use the sampling swab on the blood. Do a chemical and database analysis on it. It's David Karson's blood.

Enter through the door and see same plate number. See blood on the floor here also.

More Bloodstains:     Use the sampling swab on the blood. Do a chemical and database analysis on it. It's David Karson's blood.

Climb the stairs. Check the box on the wall. The control has been removed.

Upper door to main house:   

Go up to the main door to the house.

Plate:    The plate ID is illegible. Try the door and hear a circular saw. So this door leads to the cellar.

Go back down and out through the other door.

First fallout shelter:    Enter through the rusty light colored metal door at left and be at the other fallout shelter.

Backyard:    Climb the ladder.

Killer:    Go to Curtis' body by the metal grating.

Use the pocket knife on his right hand and get a finger.

Surveillance room:    Go back to the shelter. Go to door at end of the right hallway. Go to bottom screen and enter the room on the left.

Monitor:    Use the finger on the tower at left table. The computer is on.

Click on the middle monitor and the user name: Brainjack.

It needs a password; select 1884 based on the chewing gum. Access granted.

Access control:    Check Access control and see that all are unlocked except upper door. The upper door has the illegible ID plate.

Cameras system:    Check all the camera groups. Vic was watched the whole time.

Camera group 4 is encrypted.

Decrypt Camera group 4:    Return to main menu. Quit computer.

Look close at ID power box on the left table.

Use the computer key on box to decrypt camera group 4.

Click on monitor and select cameras system. Select decrypted group 4.


See Paloma chained to a chair with rollers. Karson is using the circular saw.

Vic taunts Karson. Select any dialogue to keep Karson talking.

As Paloma:

Remove the chains to escape.

Save game here. See the keys to the chains on the table. Paloma's hands are tied and torso chained to the chair.

Move to the right and aligned to the chain saw.

Click on the chainsaw to move there and automatically have the hand straps cut.

Move back to a clear spot and left to the table.

Take the key and automatically use it on the chains.

Paloma silently move to escape but Karson sees her and gives chase.

Paloma closes the door to the laboratory.

As Vic:

Open the door of the shelter leading to the  cellar.

Paloma needs help.

Use the computer and access Cameras system, then Group 4.

See a tank at the cellar. A close up of the plate shows D090746.

Use access control; then upper door (locked). Select password D090746B2.

The door opens and pushes the shelf. Karson hears the noise. He stops a running Vic with flames.

As Paloma:

Prevent Karson from entering the room.

Save game here. Karson is pounding on the weakening door.

Go to bottom right to the blue cabinet. Open the cabinet and take the metal shelf.

Pan right and look-go to the door. Use the metal shelf on door.

Ask Vic for help.

Hear buzzing. Go to the computer desk and see that the phone is working.

Use the phone and Paloma calls Vic for help.

Vic says she's trapped but she will return to the control room.

As Vic:

Vic watches as Hawker appears and shoots Karson. Paloma arrives and Hawker leaves with her.

Vic thinks that everything will be okay.


Find Hernandez and Hawker.

Go to house:    Exit the room. Go to bottom screen and go through the rusty door at left.

Go down the hallway and up the ladder to exit to backyard.

Go towards the kitchen and get a call from Hawker. He and Paloma are in the underground... The call got cut off.

Cellar:    Enter the house through the kitchen and then to the cellar.

Go left to the cellar and smell something new. Go to bottom screen left of the storage bin and see something on the case. Use electronic nose on the sample. Do a chemical analysis to see that it is chloroform.

Furnace:    Go to the room at left.

Go to the table with the chainsaw and take the soldering iron.

Go to the furnace and see a wheel attached to the furnace. Use the wrench taken from surveillance room on the wheel. Take the wheel.

Shelter door:    Check the door to the shelter behind the moved shelf left of the tank at other side of the room.

Look close at the panel left of door. It has a special outlet.

Enter through the door and see the fire blocking the way. Turn to the panel that is missing control button.

Use the wheel on the panel. Turn it and the fire is off.

Karson:    Go back up the stairs and enter the door to the lab.

See Karson's body. Take electronic key on the floor by right hand.

See a bullet lodge on the wall. Use the sampling tongs to take the bullet. Do a chemical and database analysis on the bullet. It has Karson's blood and is 9 mm. Looks like Hawker's 9 mm.

Analyze some clues to understand the situation.

Get a phone call from Hawker. Ask for explanations and location.

Front door:    Exit to the porch at front door. Look at the bullet lodge on the post on the left of the stairs.

Do a chemical and database analysis on the bullet. It has Garris' blood and is 9 mm. Do another database analysis.

Call Hawker on smartphone.

Use smartphone and ask about the bullet. He did more than kill Garris; check the computer.

Lab:    Go to the lab. Use the computer. User: Truth. What is the password? Quit the computer.

Check the printer. See a paper - The truth is behind the mask.

Ah - the killer's outfit is in the blue cabinet. Go to blue cabinet and look at the mask at right shelf. The word 'betrayal' is written on it.

Use Karson's electronic key on the metal door left of the blue cabinet. It opens.

Go back to computer. Click Truth and select Betrayal as password. Access granted.

See Hernandez and Hawker. Get a call from Hawker. Talk to Hawker about everything.

Vic checks the access on the computer and see that the hatches are locked.


Prevent Hawker from killing Hernandez.

Exit the lab through the main door. Go forward to the cellar.

Using Vic's fear of fire, Hawker traps her with a wall of fire. Hawker taunts Vic.

Confrontation with the past

Chicago, January 3, 2005 

Vic tries to arrest Richard. The drum falls over to the stove and fire started.

Rather than be arrested, Richard maniacally laughs while engulfed by flames.

Exit the studio.

Save game here. Vic is trapped in the fire.

Go forward pass the sink and click on the dark wall at right. Vic says there is a window and can reach it by climbing the beam.

Go to the sink. Use the killer's cape from inventory on the tap to get wet cape.

Go to the left and pick up the chain and hook from the floor.

Look at the pole behind the red drum on the left. Cover the red drum with the wet cape. Take the pole.

Go back to the right by the sink as far as you can to get an overhead view. Use pole on window to open it.

In inventory, combine chain and hook to make grapple.

Back up to front part of beam. Use grapple on the beam that separates the 2 rooms. Watch as Vic escapes.

The Confrontation

Killer's house, October 24, 2008

Neutralize the cellar trap.

Vic after experiencing the flashback, closes her eyes and goes through the flames.

Get air:    Save game here. She needs air. Use first aid kit on Vic if she needs it.

Go towards the right and by the shelving.

Click on the control box on the wall between the windows right of the furnace.

Go to the other side by the still. Press the control box there to open the windows on that side.

Keypad:    Look at the still and see a keypad that controls the release of the toxic fumes.

Take the keypad. Seconds later, the timer stops.

Shelter entrance:   

Look-click on the tank right of the shelter door and Vic reads the plate ID number.

Look close at the keypad left of the entrance to the shelter. Place the keypad on the slot.

Press the number from the tank's plate ID - D090746B2; then ok. See the light turns green.

Open the door and be at the upper level stairs to shelter and where the flames were before.

If you didn't turn the flames off earlier: Turn to the panel that is missing control buttons.

Use the wheel taken from the furnace on the panel. The fire is turned off.

Find and stop Hawker.

Surveillance room:    Go forward to lower door, exit, bottom screen and to the surveillance room.

Use the computer and check cameras system. Go through the group cameras. In Group C cameras,  find Hawker in the kitchen.

Kitchen:    Go to the house using the shelter entrance. The 2 main hatches were disabled by Hawker.

Exit the surveillance room, go to bottom screen and wheel door at right.

Go forward until the cellar, pass the flames and up the stairs. Enter the kitchen.

Hawker hits Vic and escapes.

Check what Hawker was working on at the kitchen counter. Take the block of C-4 and detonator. You might need to empty the inventory using the storage cabinet here in the kitchen.

Find Hernandez in the fallout shelter.

Locked shelter door:     Go back to the shelter via the cellar. There's that locked door at end of the hallway right of the surveillance room. Try to open it again. Hernandez must be on the other side.

Lock panel:    Check the panel left of door and Vic says it's not the same color as the others.

Bomb:    Combine C-4 with detonator. Combine the soldering iron with the extension cord.

Place the C-4 with detonator on the door. Vic lays it on the floor.

Use the soldering iron with extension cord on C-4. Go down the hallway and plug the extension cord.

The door is history.

Hernandez:    Enter the room and see Hernandez on the electric chair behind soundproof glass.

Vic uses the intercom and hears Hernandez say that Hawker is next door armed.

Stop Hawker.

Camera:    Look close at the computer right of door. The keyboard was damaged by the explosion.

Use the keyboard taken from the surveillance room on the monitor.

Automatically, Vic checks the cameras. Select Group E, a new one. See Hawker look at something in his hand.

Vic realizes that there's a tracker placed on her smartphone. Take the electronic tracking device.

The storage area here is the cabinet beside the computer. Leave the electronic key and pocket knife.

Get Hawker:    Enter through the door left of the computer.

Be in a room of tanks. Save game here.

Go forward. Vic turns to the right and sees the middle aisle. See a shadow at bottom of the last tank at right. That must be Hawker. See also what looks like blood stain on the floor at end of middle aisle.

Turn left and go forward towards the ventilation fan at end of the aisle.

Speed up the fan by pressing the button left of the fan. This covers the sound of her footsteps.

Vic says Hawker needs to be diverted.

Go back to the right and forward pass the middle aisle.

Turn left and forward to the farthest tank.

See an active spot on the dark area of the tank. Place the tracker on the tank.

Turn left and forward to middle aisle.

Go forward pass the last tank where the shadow was seen.

Watch the confrontation between Hawker and Vic.

Live or Die

Save Hernandez.

Pick up the broken PDA from the floor.

Take Hawker's gun. Look at Hawker. Pick up the electronic key by his left hand.

Check the 3 metal double doors with keypads. They are all locked.

Enter the open entryway at the corner.

Check the bulletin board. See Karson's picture and checklist of Hawker - Checklist Nemesis.

See Hawker's pick gun. Take connecting cable from the desk.

Check the middle drawer and see that it is locked. Use Vic's pick gun on drawer lock. See a cut picture of Vic. Take the metal cutter.

Turn around and check the briefcase under the bed.

Take electric wire coil, copper strip, alligator clips and cutting pliers.

Fix the PDA:    Go to Surveillance room.

In inventory combine the PDA and connecting cable. Use the PDA and cable on the tower of the computer on the left table.

Look at the monitor to see whatever is on the PDA. Select PDA data.

Password is Nemesis. Access granted. Read the Nemesis file. The Nemesis file tag  is A: A64571.

Learn that he chose the victims based on the first name corresponding to the parts played by Veronica Lake.

He was impressed with Curtis but not with Karson.

Paloma Hernandez:    Go back to the room with Paloma and then to the tank room.

Go to the room left of the ventilation fan.

Use Hawker's electronic key on the lock left of the door.

Enter and see Paloma.

Hawker's video starts. He says that he's not done with you. Vic has one chance to save Paloma or else she will be electrocuted. The cameras will record and broadcast it through the internet. Vic has no second chance of saving if she fails. If this were a video game, he programmed it to have no try again.

Timer starts. No saved game possible if you fail.

Timer stops when in inventory screen. Use it wisely.

Solution 1:

- Go behind the electric chair. Look down at the box on the pipe bringing electricity to the chair.

- Look close at the box. Vic says there is no time so she needs to shoot it open. Pull back and fire at it.

- The cover flies off. Look close at the open box. It is an electric dimmer and Vic says it needs to be blocked. She needs insulating material to not be electrocuted in the process.

- Look close at the cover and see that it is foam insulated.

- Use the metal cutter on the right side of the cover to get foam insulation.

- Use foam insulation on the dimmer. The dimmer is blocked.

- Go to Paloma, look close and use Vic's pick gun on the leg and hand shackles.

- If you do not have Vic's pick gun, find out that Hawker's pick gun is unusable. In inventory combine Hawker's pick gun with copper strip to get a functional pick gun. Thanks, Pavel.

Solution 2: Thanks Bernard.

- Combine cutting pliers and electric wire coil to get 1 piece of wire.

- Combine 1 piece of wire with alligator clips to get electric wire with clips.

- Use electric wire with pliers on one of Paloma's shackles.

- Use Vic's pick gun on shackle with electric wire with pliers. This opens the shackle with no harm to Paloma.

- If you do not have Vic's pick gun, find out that Hawker's pick gun is unusable. In inventory combine Hawker's pick gun with copper strip to get a functional pick gun. Thanks, Pavel.

- Do this until all the shackles are done.

- If the wire runs out, use the pick gun directly on last shackle. Paloma gets buzzed.

Paloma is freed. <wipe brow>

Wrong attempt:    If you try to remove all of Paloma's shackles with pick gun directly, electricity goes through and the amount of electricity rises with every attempt. After 2 attempts, Paloma gets electrocuted.

If you fail:    There is no second chance as Hawker stated. Old saved games can be played up to the part of entering Paloma's room but there is no scene to replay; just the cutscene of the electrocution of Paloma.

Go to main menu and see a red question mark. Click the question mark and is given a second chance. Thanks, Bernard.

Using your keyboard, enter a password to get another try in rescuing Paloma. The password is the killer's obsession: veronicalake. Click OK.

Find and defuse the bomb.

Bomb:    The timer starts. There is another Hawker surprise.

Paloma panics. Vic says that Paloma works on the computer finding a way to open the hatch while she takes care of the trap.

- Go to the power box left of the door. Open it and see that it is burned. The keypad is still intact.

- Take the keypad.

- Exit the room. Look at the lock box of the cabinet right of the door.

- Use the keypad on the box.

- Look close at keypad. Enter the Nemesis code number: A64571, then OK.

- Pull back and open the cabinet. See a bomb.

- Click on the gray box in between the red and green fluid container. It looks like it is connected to the countdown clock and is a switch. She needs to interrupt the flow at certain point.

- See the numbered electric wires going through the system.

- Click on the ammeter at bottom left. Vic says that 24 milliamps passes through and maybe to lower it might be a chance to get out of here alive.

- Use the cutting pliers on the wires that total 24. Cut 7, 1 and 16.

The bomb - it hasn't exploded. Help arrives.

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