Stonewall Penitentiary Walkthrough

by CBSection31

This is a walkthrough for the graphic novel-style adventure game Stonewall Penitentiary by Unimatrix Productions.  It is the fourth game in the ongoing Storycentric Worlds series.  While it can fully be played on its own, it contains many references to previous games in the series!

Please note that this walkthrough is barebones.  It will not contain spoilers, but it WILL get you through the game and tell you how to unlock all the achievements (marked in red).  It will not give you a perfect score. You will have to figure that out on your own!

Before we begin, as a general rule:  talk to everyone as many times as you are able...sometimes, they have multiple things to say if you do it more than once.  Also, LOOK AT everything you find, and read your journal regularly!


Our protagonist, Will, is having a dream.  When he wakes up, he finds himself in an abandoned prison.

Escaping the Cell

After all the dialog, turn around, click on the bed, and choose to search it.  You will find a penny.  Use the penny on the grate to open it.  Then click on the gate, and cut your ropes with it.

This will prompt a short conversation.  After it ends, turn back around and pick up the note on the table.  After more dialog, pick up the key.  Before going any further, this is a good time to check your journal.  You will regularly get new journal entries, so make sure to read them any time the journal icon is flashing!

Now, let's move on.  Try to use the key on the door--it won't work.

A long conversation begins.  Respond however you'd like.  Once the dialog ends, combine the rope and key in your inventory, and then use it on the door.

Throw the key to Jessie.  She throws you one back.  Try this new key on the cell door--it works!

Grab the lantern and exit your cell to earn the Houdini achievement.

Finding Clothes

Go east, up the stairs.  There are two cells you can go inside here.  Explore both On the bed inside one is a journal.  Make sure to read it.  Go back outside the cells and then downstairs.  Now go west.  You'll find yourself at a guard station.

First, go southwest to the showers and explore.  Once done, go back to the guard station.  Examine the symbol on the wall.  Read what is written on the locker with the padlock:  the letter J.  Read the logbook.  The code for "Harold Johnson" is 215.  "J" must refer to "Johnson."  Open the locker with the code 215.  Take the clothes and walkie talkie inside.

Go east and walk toward Jessie's cell.  Give her the clothes.

After the cutscene, go back inside Jessie's cell.  Read the notebook here.  Exit the cell and go south to the cafeteria.

Time for a long cutscene...which will automatically unlock the I Want To Play A Game achievement!

Turning on the Power

Talk to Louis and Sonny...multiple times each, if you want to get some extra points.  Go southeast to the prison yard and look around.  Go back inside, the go west to explore the other side of the cafeteria.  There's a door that you can't open here.  We'll be back later.  For now, go back east to the scene with Louis and Sonny, and then go north.  Go west to the guard station and northwest to enter the hall.

From here, you can go south to find a locked door and two locked gates.  Nothing we can do here at the moment, so go back north.  Go west into the chapel.  Look around and go back to the hall again.  Now, proceed north.

The door into the medical ward is locked, so we'll move on.  Go east.  Ugh, that poster is creepy!  Go north into the visiting room and look around, then exit back to the hall with the scary poster.  Go northeast to the visitor's gate.

Gerard is blocking one path, and the elevator won't work without go down the stairs into the basement.

Proceed southwest and east.  The east door here is locked, but the door that leads north into electrical is go inside.

Look inside the crate and take the tape.  Back away from the crate.  Pull the lever to turn on the power.  Electricity surges through the fuse box.  While the power is ON, you'll see a key on the right side of the screen.  Take it.  Turn power back off.  Use the key to open the fuse box.  Use the tape on the fuse box to fix two loose wires.  Now turn on the power again.  Electricity has been restored, and you earn the Electrician achievement for it!


The 7th Prisoner

Exit electrical and go west.  You'll hear a noise coming from the western path, so go that way to find yourself inside a creepy hallway.  Go north and explore the execution chamber.  Go back south.  Go northwest inside the solitary cell to find a woman on the ground.  Wake her up.  Jessie will tell you to go find her some clothes.

Go back to electrical.  (If you need help finding your way, you can always reference the in-game map.)  Try to open the locker here, but it won't budge.  Now that power is back, we don't need the lantern use it on the locker to bash the lock.  Once the locker is open, take the clothes and return to Jessie.  Give the clothes to Becca.

After a short cutscene, retrace your steps all the way back to the cafeteria.  Make sure to take the elevator on your way back, now that power is restored, for the Taking a Ride achievement.  Once you return to the cafeteria, a long cutscene ensues!  Choose whichever options you'd like during the scene.

Exploring the North Wing

Head north, west, and northwest into the hall.  Go south.  Sonny is here.  Talk to him a few times.  Go back to the cafeteria and now go southeast.  Becca is here.  Talk to her a few times.  Go back to the hall yet again and enter the chapel.  Gerard is here.  Talk to him a few times.   Go closer to the altar and grab the journal pages found there.

Now, find your way back to the stairs, but DON'T GO DOWN YET!  Instead, go northwest, through the gate that Gerard blocked earlier.

Look around and then head northwest into the front guard station.

Lots to do here.  Examine everything carefully--especially all the documents on the table.  Try to eat the rotten Chinese food for the Iron Stomach achievement.  Take the loose TV antenna.  Examine the bulletin board--especially the the number code on the left and the handwritten note that says, "Lockbox:  Teddy's birthday."

So, in order to open the locked cabinet lockbox in this room, we need to know Teddy's birthday.  The notebook on the table indicates that the security guard has two children:  Todd and Teddy.  The notebook also indicates that the two were born exactly two months apart to the day.  The right frame portrait indicates that Todd was born two days after the new year, which is January 3.  A receipt on the table shows that a teddy bear was purchased in August for an upcoming birthday.  Combining all these clues, Teddy's birthday must be November 3 or 11/3.  Enter the code 113 into the cabinet to unlock it.  Take the key that is inside.

Exit the room and go northeast into reception.  Grayson is here.  Talk to him a few times.  Look around the room.  Then head east into the restrooms.  Jessie is here.  Talk to her a few times.  Examine the odd symbol on the wall above the toilet.

Head back to the stairs to hear footsteps going down.  Follow them, going down the stairs.  You'll encounter Louis.  After speaking with him and watching a short flashback, go southwest into the basement and west into the corridor for another cutscene.  After the cutscene ends, try going east multiple times until you get the Peeping Tom achievement.  Then try going into the execution chamber.

The Sewers

After a flashback, you'll find yourself in the sewers.  Take one of the wooden planks and go southeast.  Use the plank on the wheel to turn it clockwise.  Go northwest and north.  Bars block passage north from here, so go east.  Take the crowbar and go back to the dead-end with the wheel.

Use the crowbar on the wheel to turn it counterclockwise twice.  Return to the sludge and take the oil canister.  Go west to the bars and use the crowbar on them.  Proceed north.

Use the oil canister on the wheel, then use the crowbar on it.  Pull the wheel to turn the bridge.  Now cross the bridge.

Uh-oh.  Before running, wait until The Judge gets really close, then use the splintered wooden plank on him to get the Aggressor achievement.  In the next scene, run to the right!  You'll be safe once the door closes.  Proceed east.

Take the key underneath the locked cabinet.  Note that the cabinet contains a breathing apparatus.  We'll need that later.

For now, go up the ladder and hear a loud crash.

The First Victim

Go south and use the key you just received to unlock the laundry room door.  Go east into the laundry room.  Here, read the notebook and use the antenna in your inventory to reach the paper on top of the left-most dryer pipe.  Exit the room and go back to the stairs.

Eek.  No more using the elevator.  Talk to Gerard.  After the conversation, examine the glasses on the ground for the Eye for Detail achievement.

Go up the stairs and head to the restroom near reception.  Jessie is here.  Talk to her and say "Not yet."  When you are able, suggest that she help search for a way out.  After the conversation, go to the visiting room.  (On the way, take a look at the poster of all the prisoners...creepy!)  Once inside the visiting room, talk to Becca for a short flashback.  Head to the chapel and take one of the wooden planks.  Go back to the cell blocks and overhear a conversation between Sonny and Grayson.  Go to the cafeteria and talk to Grayson.

After the conversation with Grayson, go north, west, northwest, and south to find Sonny.  Talk to him.  Then use the golden key in your inventory to unlock the door to the storage room.  Go inside and look around.  Make sure to grab the screwdriver and hammer.  Look at the bucket to get a hidden journal entry.  Exit the storage room and go east through the now-unlocked gate.

Inside the kitchen, open the fridge and examine the bucket of blood.  Examine the ventilation shaft.  Go south to cold storage.  We'll be here later.  Go back into the kitchen and move the crate.  If you go east, you'll find yourself back in the's a nice shortcut.  But for now, stay inside the kitchen and climb onto the crate.  Then use the screwdriver to open the grate.  Climb inside.

The Second Victim

Take the journal pages here.  Continue through the grates, going whichever way you choose.  You'll eventually come upon a closed grate cover.  Kick it open and go through it to find yourself inside the medical ward.

Look around.  Note the sealed door to the morgue.  Look at the xrays...something inside the chest?  Behind the curtain to find a dummy.  Back out of the scene and go east to the other side of the medical ward.

There is a power surge.  Take the scalpel on the counter and look around.  Go back west and to the dummy.  Use the scalpel on its chest.  Take the wooden cylinder.  Back out and go east again.  Now go south to exit the medical ward.

Go to the prison showers.  Yuck!  After a short conversation with Grayson, go back to the hall and try to enter the chapel to overhear a conversation.  Now go back to reception.

A LONG cutscene ensues, during which you will automatically unlock the Good Listener achievement.

Exploring the Admin Wing

Talk to Jessie.  Ask her everything from the top down.  When asking her where she was, respond "Not according to Grayson."

After the conversation, go back toward the cell blocks.  Just outside of them, one of the prison gates will close, and you will receive a message that the administrative wing is now open.

Go south and through the now-open western gate.

Go northeast into the control room.  Talk to Grayson a few times and look around thoroughly--there's lots to read here!  Examine the machine.  Use the utility key from your inventory on the keyhole embedded into the machine.  This allows you to use the keypad to control the prison gates.

You have two journal entries that will help you figure out how to control the gates.  The first is titled "Gate Codes."  Unfortunately, the numbers are coded.  Use the second journal entry, "Number Code," to decrypt them.  The gate codes, when decrypted, are:


Unfortunately, the code for the morgue is missing!  We'll tackle that later.

For now, use the keypad and enter the code for the north gate (5742) to unlock it.  You'll earn the Technologist achievement.

Exit the control room.  Go all the way to the medical ward and try to go inside to overhear a conversation.

Go back to the administrative wing and go north into the locker room.  Talk to Gerard a few times and look around.  Make sure to read the diary in the lower-right corner of the screen.  After reading the diary, search the coat hanging on the left to find a scrap of paper in its pocket.  Examine the bingo board.  Using the arrows on the scrap of paper you just found as a guide, you'll find three numbers emphasized on the bingo board:  4, 1, and 5.

Try to open the security cabinet.  You'll need to press the buttons in a certain order to unlock it.  Numbering the buttons starting at the top and going down, Press 4, 1, and 5 to unlock the cabinet.  Take the guns inside.

After the short conversation, go north into the bathroom.  There's a gas in here that you can't breathe.  You'll automatically exit.  Go south.  Gerard will unlock the door that leads northwest into the warden's office.  Go inside.

There is lots to see and do in the warden's office.  Search everywhere and examine everything carefully.  On the warden's desk are many documents.  One of them references something about the floor in the guard bathrooms.  I suppose we'll need to do something about the gas that's in there.  But for now, make sure to read the newspapers.

Examine the globe.  Place the wooden cylinder in the top of the globe.

That's all to do here for now, but we'll be back.

The Secret Room

Now, go back to the showers.  Take the VHS tape that's here.  Go to the cafeteria.  Try to go outside to hear voices.  Then, use the VHS tape on the TV and turn the TV on to see a very disturbing video and unlock the Living Nightmare achievement.  During the video, did you notice The Judge opening the clock inside the execution chamber?  There must be something behind it.  Let's go there now.  But first, to save backtracking later, grab the garbage bag in front of the garbage.

Go the basement and head to the electrical room.  Go down the ladder into the sewers, and use the key in your inventory to unlock the cabinet.  Open the cabinet and take the ventilation mask.  Go back up the ladder.

Go to the corridor in the basement.  Use the wooden plank on the pit on the floor so that you can cross it again and go to the execution chamber.  Grab the scissors on the electric chair and open the clock on the back wall.  Go back to the warden's office.

Look at the globe.  The document you just got from inside the clock shows a globe and says to "follow the warden."  It shows labels for the wooden ring around the globe.  Following this document, the asterisk on the globe is New York City.  Then comes, from left to right, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.  Check the newspapers in your inventory again.  Page 3 indicates that Warden Duval traveled to Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Phoenix, in that order.  Press the buttons in that order (2, 1, 3, 4) to open a secret passage.

Enter the secret room.  Look around thoroughly, making sure to examine the spray-painted symbol on the wall and take the film reel.  Read the binder and journal here, as well.  When you're done, exit the secret room.

Close the bookshelf in the warden's office and pull down the projector screen.

Place the film reel into the projector and turn it on to watch a short film and unlock the Backstory achievement.

The Third Victim

Go back to the locker room and go north into the bathroom.  Use the ventilation mask so that you can breathe in here.

In your inventory, combine the scissors and the garbage bag to cut the bag.  Place the resulting piece of plastic on the vent that is leaking gas.  Then use the electrical tape from your inventory on the patch.  Voila!  No more gas!

Examine the patched floor.  Use the hammer on it to make a hole.  After a short scene, Gerard will tell you to go find a ball.

Go back to the prison yard, which you can get to from the cafeteria.  Once there, take the basketball.

Wow, talk about a bad fall!  After this segment, another cutscene ensues.

After the cutscene, go east to the men's room and choose "Yes" to unlock the Pit Stop achievement.

Go back to reception and head south twice.  A gate will close, and you'll be separated.  Go back north to overhear Jessie and Grayson talking.

Go to the medical ward and look behind the curtain.  Read the journal pages.

Go to the kitchen (via the cafeteria if the kitchen gate is closed).  Open the refrigerator and take the journal pages.

Make your way over to the administrative wing and go to the control room.  Try to unlock the visitors gate by using its gate code on the keypad:  3975.  It won't work.

Go southwest and north twice to return to the bathroom.  Use the ball on the hole in the floor.

After a short scene, you'll enter the hole.

The Mines

After the flashback, go east.  Take the journal pages and the lighter.  You should now have all the journal entries, which will unlock the Journal Snoop achievement.

Go back west and go north to enter a maze.  Following the advice from Jason, stick to the right wall.  Every opportunity you have to go right, go right.  It won't take long for you to encounter The Judge!

When you do, run south to the room with the mine cart.  Quickly use the lighter in your inventory on the oil puddle on the ground to start a fire!  After you automatically run away, go inside the door in front of you.

Take the glowstick on the ground and read the sticky note on the bookshelf.  Go up the stairs.  Go west to look outside if you want--it stopped snowing--and go back east.

In this room, we have a locked box, a locked cage with two bullets inside, three colored lenses resting against the lockbox, a piece of paper, and a radio with headphones.

First, take the colored lenses.  The sticky note we read downstairs indicated that, in order to open the lockbox, we must add together similar colors on the piece of paper and use Morse code with the headphones.

Use the colored lens on the paper on the table.  Following the instructions from the post-it note found downstairs, add together the three numbers for each color and write them down separately, along with the color.

You should have RED: 1647; GREEN: 2386; BLUE: 1539.

Now, listen to the radio via the headphones, which tells you the order of numbers to use:  Green, Red, Blue.  A translation of Morse code can be found in the Guard's Diary in your journal.  The Morse code number that follows each color tells you which digit of the above numbers to use.

So, for example, the Morse code solution for green is the number 3.  That means that the green digit to use is 8.  The Morse code for red is 2, which means the digit to use for red is 6.  The Morse code for blue is 1, which means the digit to use for blue is 1.

Following this, the solution is 8-6-1.  Enter this number in the lockbox to open it.  Take the key from inside and use that to unlock the cage.  Take the bullets and combine them with the gun in your inventory.

Go back down the stairs and exit the tower.

Go back through the mines to where you started, and a rope will be waiting for you to climb up.

The Fourth Victim

During another cutscene, believe Jessie.  Ultimately, you'll be forced to make a choice.  Choose whoever you want...but choose Jessie if you want to easily get a certain achievement.  (It's possible to get that even if you do not choose Jessie, depending on choices you made earlier...but choosing her now makes it almost impossible to fail at getting the achievement.)  No matter what you choose, you will also unlock the Who To Trust? achievement.

After another conversation, you'll automatically unlock the Connections achievement.  Head back to reception.  On the way, you'll either get knocked out, or you'll receive a message.  If you got the message, start heading back to the administrative wing until you are knocked out.

You'll see another flashback.

Escaping Cold Storage

When you wake up, talk to Jessie.  Talk to her again.  You will ultimately be given a matchbook.  Give Jessie the gun to unlock the Risk Taker achievement now and the Protector achievement later.

Look at the cat.  Take one of its claws.

Open the panel above Jessie's head.  Read the paper.  If you pull the switch, nothing happens.

Use the walkie talkie on the smoke detector to put the batteries from the former into the latter.

Place the glowstick on the shelf.  Use the cat's claw to cut it open.  Then use the book of matches on the glowstick to set it ablaze.  This causes the smoke detector to go off, and the door automatically opens.

Choose to go to the medical ward.

Once you regain control, don't go to the medical ward yet.  Instead, go to the administrative wing bathroom.  Examine the body to unlock the Family Ties achievement.

Next, go to the basement and head to the laundry room.  Open the lit washing machine to unlock the Skeleton in the Closet achievement.

Now you can finally go to the medical ward.  A long cutscene will begin.

The Flashback

Once you regain control, look around.  Then go east and explore the kitchen.  Then go back west and go west again.  Talk to Jason.  After the conversation, go east and south.

After looking around outside, go back north and look at the painting.  Pick up the paints.

Another cutscene will start, and you will automatically unlock the Repentant achievement.

After the cutscene, Will steps outside.  Shortly thereafter, he hears a noise.  Another short cutscene ensues.  (This is where the Protector achievement will unlock, but only if you gave the gun to Jessie earlier.)

The Endgame

Head to the administrative wing and use the gun on your attacker.  Click to shoot.  You will earn the Killer achievement.

Go to the control room and unlock the visitors gate (3975).  Then go all the way to reception in the north wing.

The doors are no longer sealed.  We're free!  Examine the spray-painted symbols on the door to unlock the Observant achievement.

We could exit the prison now...but DON'T!  There's still one area of the prison left to explore:  the morgue.  We haven't figured out the code yet, have we?  Well, let's do that now...

Open your journal and examine the odd symbols.  Each page contains a card suite and a symbol.  Ignore the suites for now.  If you look at the symbols and cover the left half with your hand, you will realize that each symbol is simply a number!  Spade: 7; Club 4; Diamond 3; and Heart 5.  The final page shows the order of symbols.  Therefore, these symbols give us a code:  3574.

Go to the control room and enter this code to unlock the morgue.  Then go to the medical ward and through the now-open morgue door.  You will unlock the Proactive achievement.

Inside the morgue, look around.  Examine the laptop and read all the tabs.  When you back out, you'll be knocked out.

Choose who you think the killer is.  There have been plenty of clues.  I'll give you a hint:  don't fall for his/her lies!

Guessing correctly will earn you the Elementary achievement.

Final Escape

After a long, revealing conversation, pull the cart closer and grab the scalpel.  Use the scalpel on the strap binding your hand.

Then, throw the scalpel at the spotlight.

After a short scene, pick up the bat.  Swing it at the killer.  After the killer is knocked out, search the body to grab a cell phone.  Do not call the police!  Instead, pick up the bat and use it on the killer a second time.  (And several more, if you'd like! XD)

Call the police.  Congratulations--you've beaten the game!  You will automatically unlock the Survivor achievement, and you will also unlock the Cool Under Pressure achievement if your score was high enough.

Enjoy the ending and preview, and don't forget to watch the bonus scene if you unlocked all the achievements!  It is accessible from the Extras menu on the Main Menu screen.  Also, make sure to check out on the web.  On the "The End" screen, you are given a username and password that you can log on with, which will give you a bonus video!

See you next time!

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