The notes on the torn-out page read as follows:


In my dream, I see the Queen of Atlantis climb nine steps and sit on her throne.
She turns her eyes towards me.
She says she will free me from the shadows that imprison me.


Three times, she turns a bronze serpent that adorns her finger.


Then in her gaze appear fantastic images.


I see precious stones that light the way to truth...


I see a flaming pentacle, the symbol of a benign sun...


I see a trident of orichalcus...


And lastly, I see a big ship, the sole vestige of a forgotten past.


In the grip of these visions, I in my turn climb the nine steps. The Queen stands
and smiles on me. I am free.

The 'bronze serpent that adorns her finger' refers to the large serpent ring below the torch. Turn the ring 'three times' to activate a stone block rising up from the floor. Note the brown pad in front of the stone block. There are similar tiles on either side of it, but at this stage none of them have blocks or brown pads in front of them.

Note that you can reset the blocks to this position at any time by turning the serpent ring again.
The next section of the notes refers to 'fantastic images', and is somewhat obscure. It could be that the heads of the four bulls you see if you look up through the grate are the 'fantastic images'. In any case, there is only one raised block and the pad in front of it is the only active one. You should note that the block is the fourth one from the left, which seems to link it to the four bull heads. When you click the pad it causes the block to recede into the floor, but three others (six, eight and ten from the left) are raised and the pads in front of them are activated.
The third part of the notes refers to 'precious stones that light the way to truth'. As the stone torches 'light the way', they must be what is being referred to. If you look up through the grate seven torches are visible, plus the one in the pit makes eight in total. Accordingly, click the eighth pad from the left. As before, this causes certain blocks to recede and others to rise.
A 'pentacle' (also known as a pentagram) is a five-pointed star believed to have magical or mystical significance. Clearly the reference to it means that you must click the fifth pad from the left.
According to legend, when a mysterious and mystical stone known as the 'Orichalcos' rained down upon the ancient kingdom of Atlantis thousands of years ago, its power turned man into beast and it tainted the mind of the kingdom's ruler. This has no real relevance and the clue to which pad must be clicked next is the three-pronged 'trident', so click the third pad from the left.
Finally, a big ship is described as the 'sole vestige', which obviously refers to the number one. Look at the spot where the first block should be and although it's not raised, the pad in front of it is active. Click the pad to build the 'nine steps'.

You can now 'climb the nine steps'.
Do you recall how Elliot opened the grate? You cannot reach the bull's horns with your bare hands, so use the iron bar on either horn to open the grate.