You regain consciousness and your adventure begins.
Look around the dining area carefully. There's nothing to eat, but you'll find some useful items. Take the crab pincer, coin and the large metal ashtray. On the corridor wall is a glass breaker housed in a glass casing. Use the ashtray to smash the casing and remove the glass breaker.
After familiarizing yourself with what there is on this level, go down the stairs. To your right (if facing the stairs) is a door to the communications room and the door to the gas motors area is on the left. Open the desk drawer inside the communications room to find some nuts and bolts. There's also a ladder hanging on the wall outside the gas motors area.
Enter the gas motors area and talk to Lou Garetti. He gives you some background and tells you that one of the gas motors is broken.


Along the central metal walkway, above the tank on the right, you notice gas leaking from a pipe. To get a close up view put the ladder up against the tank and climb up.




The pipe is badly damaged and the gauges indicate very low pressure. You cannot fix the torn pipe, but perhaps you could replace the damaged section.


Pull the lever (above the gauges) down to stop the gas flow through the pipe


Use the crab pincer to loosen the bolts holding the section in place


After loosening the bolts knock the nuts out with the glass breaker


Push out the damaged section of pipe
In the near left corner are four red valves. The corner section of pipe looks like an ideal replacement for the damaged pipe you removed.

Initially valves 1, 2 and 3 are open. You can tell this from the steam coming out from where they are attached to the pipe. Close valve 2 to stop the flow of gas through the corner section. Use the crab pincer to remove the corner section of pipe. Lastly, open valve 4 to allow the gas to flow through the pipe to the right. Note that valve 3 must also be open.
Return to the damaged pipe and attach the intact pipe. Insert the nuts and bolts, then lift the lever. If done correctly you should hear the 'puzzle solved' sound effect and the gauge needles will move to the green zone.
Proud as punch, report your success to Lou Garetti. He tells you to find a lever that gets the motors running. In the far right corner you find the lever next to another pressure gauge. Pull the lever up to start the motors - but the belt on the pulley system below snaps! Note that the hotspot on this lever will only be activated after speaking to Lou Garetti. Go back to Lou and he gives you his belt. Return to the lever and attach the belt to the pulleys - don't forget to lower the lever before doing this. Raise the lever and you again hear the sound effect that, throughout the game, you eagerly listen for.


After repairing the gas motor again talk to Lou Garetti. He wants you to send a telex message to his boss. Go to the communications room and carefully study the cabling. The cables that connect the telex machine to the radio have been severed. As with the gas pump, you must replace the cables rather than repair them. Have you seen another communications device somewhere else? Did you notice the telephone in the corridor upstairs? Go back upstairs and unscrew the phone cable using the coin as a screwdriver. Remove both cables from the telex machine and those connected to the radio, then connect the phone cable to the telex machine. After sending the telex message, tear off the telex ribbon with the reply on it and take it to Lou Garetti.
Sit back and enjoy the trip to New York...