You start off on the 82nd floor of the Empire State Building.
Talk to Elmer, the bellhop, paying careful attention to everything he tells you. He says that you need to get an access badge from the ground floor reception to use the elevators (only some of them are operational due to maintenance) and that the emergency stairs are only for emergencies.
Go to the mailboxes and look for a name that you recognize. Although you only know his first name, you can assume the box marked 'Elmer Mitchell' belongs to the bellhop. Open his mailbox, take the service note and read it. Give the service note (an instruction regarding breach of security code) to the bellhop. He mentions a little mistake he made when you give the service note to him.
Did you read the fire alert notice on the wall? It details the procedures to follow in the event of a fire. Time to display your talents as an arsonist. Pick up the empty waste basket in the coffee shop. Get some paper from the waste basket below the fire alert notice, then put it in the empty waste basket. Open the drawer in the small brown table next to the coffee shop and remove the lighter. There are two possible areas to put the full waste basket - at either corner of the corridor on the opposite end of the building to where the coffee shop is.

Light the paper with the lighter, then head towards the bellhop. Note that you must give the security note to Elmer before doing this, otherwise he won't follow procedures and simply puts the fire out.
Talk to the journalist (Jack Murray) in the ground floor lobby to learn he wants to interview a star. He also has an access badge that you desperately want! After talking to him, speak to the receptionist at the front desk. She tells you about a bellhop losing some of Greta Garbo's luggage. Was this the 'little mistake' Elmer spoke about? Go to the elevators and talk to the bellhop, Harry Mitchell, who is obviously Elmer's brother. When given a choice of bellhops, select Elmer (the one in the middle) to learn that Greta Garbo is coming down to the lobby.
Return to the journalist and after telling him that Greta Garbo is coming down to the lobby, he gladly gives you his access badge.


Show the access badge to the bellhop and then use the elevator. Due to the maintenance work you can only get to a few floors by using either certain elevators or fire escape stairs.
 GF → 18

Elevator 3

18  → GF

Elevator 3

18  → 19

Fire escape stairs

19  → 12

Elevator 3

19  → -2

Elevator 4

19  → 18

Fire escape stairs

12  → 19

Elevator 3

-2  → 19

Elevator 4

Familiarize yourself with the layouts of the floors and explore them carefully. There are a number of clues to puzzles and items that can be taken.


There are two offices on the 18th floor that you can enter. Ellen O'Connor is In the one decorated in purple, opposite a brown filing cabinet. Talk to her and also click the nameplate on her desk to get a close up view of it.
Head up to the 19th floor (using the fire escape stairs) and talk to the receptionist at Cineworld. She suggests that you take a copy of their latest magazine to Ellen. Note that you only get this response if you looked at the nameplate on Ellen's desk. Pick up the Cineworld magazine from the counter at reception and return to Ellen.
From arsonist to fashion expert! Give the magazine to Ellen and watch closely when she lets down her hair, noting that she removes a hairpin and puts it on her desk. Pick up the hairpin as you need it later.


In the other accessible office on the 18th floor, decorated in red, you find Miss Hatchet. By talking to her you learn that the damage to the elevators is due to sabotage and that repairs are being done in the basement.
Go up to the 19th floor and talk to Greta Garbo's bodyguard. He has the 'hots' for the receptionist on the ground floor and wants to know her first name. Go down to the ground floor (by using elevator 3 on the 18th floor) and talk to the receptionist, who tells you that her first name is Julia. After this, the bodyguard is far more talkative and tells you about seeing suspicious looking guys on the 14th floor waiting for someone called Lansky.
Make your way to the 14th floor and talk to the woman on the couch. She tells you Lansky's office is opposite the bulletin board.
After doing everything detailed above, return to Miss Hatchet's office, where you'll find her rendered unconscious. Go to Ellen O'Connor and tell her what's happened.


You need to open the safety box with a 5-digit combination lock in Miss Hatchet's office. Pick up the spiral-bound notepad lying on the floor where you found her. Read the notepad to find cryptic clues to the combination.

Count the number of elevator doors.
Speak to Ellen O'Connor again.
Read the planning rota next to the notice board on the 12th floor.
Did you find the magnifying glass in the cabinet opposite Ellen's office?
Use it to examine the poster of the Empire State Building on the 12th floor.
Did you find the inventory register on top of a cabinet on the 18th floor?
Read it carefully.


Inside the safety box is a security key.


Lansky's office is opposite the bulletin board on the 12th floor. Use the hairpin to pick the lock on his door and enter the office.
There's a large safe to the right of the other door in the office. The safe has three different coloured sets of controls. The two yellow knobs at the bottom rotate the two yellow hands around the central dial. Similarly, the white and bronze knobs rotate their same coloured hands. The hands need to be rotated to align with the indicators (two yellow, two white and two bronze) around the central dial as illustrated in the graphic below.

There are 32 positions marked on the central dial. The knobs can be clicked on either the left or the right to rotate the arms counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively. The top knobs always rotate the arms 7 positions and the bottom knobs 5 positions. Note that an arm cannot be rotated past the stopper near the top of the dial.

Initially the yellow arms are 1 position to the left of their indicators, so use the bottom knob to rotate them 15 positions (3X5) to the right and the top knob to rotate them 14 positions (2X7) to the left.
Initially the white arms are 11 positions to the left of the indicators, so use the bottom knob to rotate them 10 positions (2X5) to the left and the top knob to rotate them 21 positions (3X7) to the right.
Initially the bronze arms are 6 positions to the left of the indicators, so use the bottom knob to rotate them 20 positions (4X5) to the right and the top knob to rotate them 14 positions (2X7) to the left.
Remember that the arms cannot rotate past the stopper and you therefore need to switch between top and bottom knobs to allow for this.
Remove the heavy metal key from the safe.
You won't be able to open the other door in the office, but you need to know what's going on behind it. Move the picture on the wall to the left of the door and take a peek through the air vent. You catch only part of a conversation about a layout plan consisting of a series of floor numbers. You scribble these numbers (-2, 8, 13, 7, 14) down on a note.


Make your way down to the basement level -2. Along the corridor parallel to the elevators is a metal door that leads to a control room. Open the door with the heavy metal key from Lansky's safe.
Inside the room are control panels for all the elevators and there's a locked cabinet on the wall. The panels for elevators 5 to 8 are sabotaged beyond repair, but you might be able to do something with elevators 1 to 4. You don't have a key to unlock the cabinet, nor can you pick the lock, so it's time to resort to brute force. Did you notice the fire extinguishers in the corridors below the exit signs? One of the exit signs is blinking and the fire extinguisher below it can be removed. You can now smash the lock on the cabinet with the fire extinguisher and take the jump leads.
To get elevators 1 to 4 working the jump leads must be inserted in the correct slots. It's a bit quirky in that you need to first put the jump leads on the shelf below the wires. Also note the keyhole under the control panels.

The five numbers you overheard through the air vent in Lansky's office provide the layout plan.

ELEVATOR 1: Insert jump leads in slots -2 and 8 (first and second numbers)
ELEVATOR 2: Insert jump leads in slots 8 and 13 (second and third numbers)
ELEVATOR 3: Insert jump leads in slots 13 and 7 (third and fourth numbers)
ELEVATOR 4: Insert jump leads in slots 7 and 14 (fourth and fifth numbers)
Finally insert the security key you got from Miss Hatchet's safety box into the keyhole and turn it.
When you now use the elevator you go directly to the 14th floor.


Speak to Miss Pennington, the assistant, then enter Mr. Foster's study.
Winning at 'The Jade Stones and the Scarab' is not that difficult. The key is the first two moves you make. Your second move should always be back to the square you started from, then after that just keep at least two moves ahead of the scarab. There are different ways of winning and the solutions below are obviously not unique.




After winning the game talk to Mr. Foster to get the full storyline. Return to Miss Pennington and get details of what you need to do.
Exit via the lift to trigger your journey to Macao...