You get off to a great start with a pair of nines. Unfortunately you only have a small stake compared to the others, so you need to proceed cautiously. You merely follow the first bet ($10) and stay in the game. The next 3 cards (Ace of Clubs, Eight of Hearts and Jack of Clubs) don't improve your hand. Again, merely follow the bet. The fifth card is another nine, giving you trip nines. Now
is the time to up the ante! Raise the next bet ($20) and although the last card (King of Clubs) won't help, you should go for broke and raise the bet with your last $30.


Don't let the early success go to your head. This is really an awful poker hand and you should fold. Patience, and waiting for the 'right' cards, is an important part of poker. Note that you can play this hand and ultimately still win, but this is poor strategy and you would have to be extremely frugal with your betting in the remaining hands.


Two nice high cards! Definitely worth playing this hand, so follow the $10 bet. Things get better when the fifth card is the Queen of Clubs, giving you a pair. Don't get too excited, just follow both the usual $10 bet and Elliot's $10 raise. The Queen of Diamonds is next - giving you trip Queens. Beware! Any poker player 'worth his salt' knows that a pair on the table is dangerous. Remember
that it counts as a pair for the other players as well, one of whom might have the other Queen in his hand. You should just follow both $20 bets. Alas! Elliot did have the other Queen, together with two tens, and he wins the hand.


Lousy cards! Under normal circumstances you would fold, but it seems as if this may be Master Yu's last hand and he could possibly use the bas-relief as a bet. You therefore have to stay in the game, so keep following the bets. Just when you thought it might be necessary to bluff, your hand gets progressively better. You end up with two pairs, tens and eights, enough to win the hand.


This looks promising! When you see a third King among the next three cards you know it's time to raise the betting whenever possible. Note: The third King is a 'bug' and cannot be the King of Diamonds as you already have that card. Master Yu runs out of money and will use the bas-relief as a bet. The King of Clubs is the last card, giving you four-of-a-kind!