== The Secret of Middle City ==
Complete Walkthrough
September 20th, 2015

By Gianluca

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CHAPTER 1: "First Suspicions"

As soon as you gain control of Agent Cox talk to Ellen, then to the Sheriff, then to Ellen again. Take the MAP.

Exit to MC Center and head to the Bar. After the cut-scene, talk to everyone until the "dialog available" icon on
the heads of characters won't appear anymore. Take the BEER MUG and the EMPTY GLASS. You need to complete the dialogs
and take those objects, otherwise locations won't open. If you did this right, MC West will unlock immediately.

Now head to MC West. Enter the Motel, take the FIRE TONG, talk to Mr Murphy, go up the stairs, talk to Murphy's daughter.
After the cut-scene, go down to the hall and talk to Mr. Murphy again. This will take you directly inside the City Hall.
Talk to the secretary and then exit to MC East.

Take the CHAIN from the waste bin, talk to the old man and give him the BEER. He will give you a MATCH BOX in return.
Enter Patton's house.

After the cut-scene take the FAKE CIGAR from the bear statue, head to the first floor and talk to Mr Patton.
Take the UNDERWEAR from under the bed and then exit the house.

Go the garage and take the TOY RIFLE. Head to Mr. Dap house.

Talk to Mr. Dap and exit.


CHAPTER 2: "Further Investigations"

Enter the Police Station and go to the Sheriff's Office. Talk to Sheriff and Ellen. Go back to the Police Station main hall
and talk to Ellen and Vice Sheriff Scott. They will hint you about the "crime scene" (home of the Witch).

Exit the Police Station and head down to MC South. There is actually nothing to do there at this time, so continue down to
the crime scene.

After the cut-scene (which gives you a tip how to deal with the dog) take the stone from the ground, then talk to the man in the tree
(Mr Fitch). He will give you a menu in return and an interlude scene will play. Go back to MC Center.

The gate at Wilson High is now open. Enter the school and watch the cut-scene. As you gain control of Agent Cox, use the intercom
to talk to the Headmaster Wilson, then talk to Prof. Pearce and Prof. Greeley. After the dialogs Prof. Greeley will give you a bomb.
Take it, go back to the intercom, then head right to talk to some students.

Perform all the dialogs, then take the objects (stone and chalk) from the locker. Exit to MC Center and head to Miller's Bar.

You will be prompted to give the menu to the woddcutter. Open the inventory, select the menu and press "Give". The woodcutter will
give you a chainsaw in return. The object is not working at this time and you need to power it with some batteries first.

Now go to MC East. Enter the City Hall and talk to the Secretary. She will finally grant you the chance to talk to the Mayor.

Talk to the Mayor, take the pen from the small table, then exit. If you wish you can combine Pen+Chain at this moment, but you
won't need this item until Chapter 4. Upon returning to the Main Hall, talk to Mr. Owen (the archeologist).

Now head all the way back to MC West. Enter Murphy's Motel and talk to Mr. Das. Like Linda Patton, even Mary (Das's daughter) disappeared
and his father is looking for her. Take the pearl necklace from him, then exit.


CHAPTER 3: "The Book and the Bishop"

As soon as the chapter starts, a comic table will give you a hint on what to do next. You'll find yourself in MC Center, so go
back to MC West to talk to the reporter, Mr. Oliver. Middle City Journal is right next to the Motel entrance.

Talk to Mr Oliver, then take the fake banknote from the desk. Now head to Mrs Crane's house (MC East).

Mrs Crane has a mixer that you could use the crush the chalk you got at school (from the locker). You need to get rid of her
first, so for the time being just talk to her, take the dishcloth and then exit.

Now you are ready for some action. Go back to MC West and go to the Library.

Take the book from the shelf, then talk to Mr Felic. He'll make a deal for a new book, which is held inside the Church. Exit
the Library and go to the Church. A cut-scene will play. Once you regain control, take to Father Winterbernand, then give him
the book you just took from the Library. Once Father Winterbernand is out of the way, use the bomb and the matches.

Now the way to the Bishop's book is open, yet you made enough noise ad you cannot take the book at this time. Exit the Church.


CHAPTER 4: "The Beauty, the Mad and the Hungry"

Enter the Police Station and talk to Agent Ellen. She will give you an invite for a dinner at her place. Her place is still
close at this time, so head to MC East instead and enter Mrs Crane's cottage. The kitchen is empty, so go ahead and crush the
chalk in the mixer (open the inventory, select the chalk icon and then press "Use"). You'll obtain chalk powder.

Exit Crane's house and head to the Pattons. Mrs Patton is now back from her errands, so talk to her and find out your next
location: the Gas Station in MC West.

When at the Gas Station talk to Mr Ellison to learn some new stories about Middle City. After the conversation he will give you
a picture of a gorilla, then a cut-scene will play. Once this is over, head to the woods.

Take the stone and talk to the evil Mr Morton. He has something you need (the key of the gate next to the Police Station), but
he wants a rifle in return. Now talk to Philip and Daniela. You'll get a knife and a y-shaped branch. If you like, go ahead and
combine the Branch+Linda's Underwear to obtain a Slingshot.

It is now time to enter the Chinese Restaurant in MC East. Before entering make sure you combined Pen+Chain, otherwise Mr Mozaki
will kick you out until you do. Once inside take the Pot, then give the Pen+Chain to Mozaki. You'll receive a box of rice.
Now talk to Mozaki, her wife (she will gift you with chopsticks) and Mr White. He has another object you seek (the key for the
morgue), but he wants the "Delicious Dish" first. Enter the kitchen and take the recipe, then exit to MC East.

You'll be prompted to go in search of the first item, which is inside the Sheriff's Office. Before heading there enter the City
Hall and perform the dialogs with Mr Owen. When you are done, go to the Sheriff Office MC Center) and take the eagle. The
Hospital is now unlocked, so exit to MC Center. The Hospital entrance is next to the school.

In the Hospital Main Hall talk to Doc Johnson and the nurse, then enter the Psychiatric Ward. After a cut-scene, examine the
room and take the green leaves and the sleeping pills (Cox will replace them with the Crushed Chalk), then talk to Mr Spiin and
Doc Emond.

Exit to the Hall and talk to Doc Johnson again. Then exit to MC Center.


CHAPTER 5: "Fear and Restlessness"

On chapter start, a comic table will give you a hint on what to do next, so use the fire tongs to gain access to the sewer system.

In the sewer, talk to Henry Adams (the clown). He'll give you a clown nose, which is actually useless. He will also tell you that
he has useful information, but he wants a videotape in return. A new comic table will prompt your next actions, so create the
slingshot (if not already done) by combining the Branch+Linda's Underwear, then combine the Slingshot+Stone (either one)
to obtain a small red cap. Exit the sewers and enter the Sheriff's Office one more time.

Your Boss is waiting for you, and since he's fed up with your clumsiness he gives you an ultimatum. Exit the Station and go to the

Talk to Anna Miller, then exchange the toy rifle for the real one (open the inventory, select the toy gun and press "Give").
A cut-scene will play.

Go back to the woods (MC West, after the Gas Station) and give the real rifle to Mr Morton. He finally give you the key.
Talk to Philip and Daniela again, then go back to MC West. The time has come for that dinner, so head to Ellen's place.

You'll find Ellen with an outfit you wouldn't expect. Take the Spices from the sofa, then give her the chopsticks and the box of
rice. She'll then challenge you to an "Offence Contest". How can you refuse, since the prize is her bra?
To win the contest always select the first answer when prompted. At the end of it a cut-scene will play. Exit the room to MC West.

Enter Connor's drugstore. Talk to Mr Connor, a former Marine. Once your done, buy the steak using your counterfeit note, then
exchange the fake cigar for a box of batteries. If you like, combine Steak+Sleeping Pills, to obtain a doped steak (remember the
awful dog on the Crime Scene?). Exit the store and a new cut-scene will play.

Now head all the way back to the Crime Scene and give the dope steak to the huge dog, then enter the Witch's house. Talking
to her will reveal that she is willing to help you, so she'll give you a lucky horn to help you with the investigation, but she
needs other items to be able to do more. There's nothing else you can do right now, so go back to MC Center and use the key
to enter the woods behind the Police Station.

The woods reveal a surprise: an alien ship and the Smoking Man. He will tell you to concentrate on Linda's case, forgetting anything
else. He is also smoking his last cigar, so he'll talk to you again only in returns to other cigars.

At this point the Cemetery is reachable, but you first need to stop inside the Mayor's Office. Use the battery box on the bear's skin
fangs (select the Battery Box icon and then press "Use"). Head to the Cemetery.

Once in the Cemetery, click on the black crow to some live action, take the shovel, take the hair tonic (hidden inside the grave),
finally take the lamp from the tree. The keeper is willing to talk to you, but nothing really happens until you create a
working lamp (combine Lamp+Battery) and you give it to him.
Giving the lamp will unlock the graveyard keeper's shack, so enter it now. Take the Indian pipe from the stove, then talk to the
keeper again. Once done exit the shack.


CHAPTER 6: "Reconstructing the Puzzle"

The "Fast Travel" feature is now enabled. To use it open the map by clicking on the map icon (top right of the game interface), then
select your desired location. Not all the locations are open yet, but they will unlock soon.

So, just to start, head again to the Hospital and talk to the nurse. After the dialog, gift her with the pearl necklace you
received from Mr Das. She'll give you an empty syringe in return.

Now head to the Library (MC West). Give the strange recipe to Mr Felic. He'll give you back the translated (alien) recipe. This recipe shows
you the items you need to make the Delicious Dish that Mr White is so much craving for, in the correct order.

Exit the Library and enter the Barber Shop. Talk to the barber, then give him the Hair Lotion. He'll give you a pair of scissors.
This scissors are needed later on to cut a part of curtain inside Mr Dap house, in order to make the Magic Cloth. Once
you are done with Muren (the barber) talk to the customer (Mr Wallace). A cut-scene will play right away.

After the cut-scene you'll find yourself at the lake. There is no way to come/leave this place other than the quick travel.
Talk to the fisherman (Mr Tom Ditel), then give him the knife Philip gave you to receive a sack with goldfish.
Now head to the log cabin and talk to Tom's daughter, Carol. She is not fond of Linda and Mary, but she has nothing to do with
the vanishing, so just give her the goldfish and take the videotape. Exit the cabin and use the quick travel to go back to MC West.
Enter the barber shop again, just to witness a new conversation between Mr Muren and his customer. When over, go back to MC Center
and enter the sewers again.

Talk to the clown, then give him the tape. He will award you with the Talisman. After you are done with this conversation, Henry
will start babbling incoherent phrases. Disregard him and just use the syringe to get some sewer liquid. Combine Syringe+Empty Glass
to obtain a full glass. Now you are ready to make the Delicious Dish. Combine the items in the following order: Pot+Spices, then
combine the result with the green leaves. Now combine again the result adding the eagle. Finally combine it with the full glass.
You have now obtain the Delicious Dish.

Exit the sewer and head to the Chinese Restaurant. Gave Mr White the dish, then talk to him. The Morgue Key is finally yours.

Exit the restaurant.


CHAPTER 7: "Mountain's High"

You'll find yourself in MC Center. Head to MC East to visit Mr Dap again. A cut-scene will play, giving a few hints on another
Middle City side story. The first part of this cut-scene takes place inside the Chinese Restaurant, the second inside a secret wood.

Now open the map to discover that a new location, the Secret Woods, has unlocked just north of the lake. Click the location to
access the Easter Egg. There nothing to do here besides taking a look at the development team .... :-)
Select the map again and go back to MC East. Enter Dap's house.

Use the scissors to take the Red Patch. If you so wish, combine it right away with the Dish Cloth to obtain the Magic Cloth.
Talk to Mr Dap to unlock a now location, the exit to MC East.

Select the map and quick travel to the Ranger's HQ. Take the pickaxe and talk to the Ranger, then select the map and quick travel
to MC South. From there move to the Crime Scene, to find the dog still asleep. Ellen and the Ranger are there as well. Talk to
them and then enter the Witch House once again.

Give the Witch the Magic Cloth and the Talisman, then talk to her. She is now ready to use her Magic Glass. A cut-scene will play.

A new location is now unlocked, so open the map and select the Indian Tent.

The Indian Chief will talk to you after you gave him back his family's belongings, so give him the Pipe you found inside the
Gravekeeper's shack. After the dialogs he will give you an ancient Bow and Arrow. Now use the shovel to dig out an Indian Axe;
finally, combine Chainsaw+Battery to obtain a working chainsaw. Use it to get a fake (wooden) arm. Use the map.

A new cut-scene will play, then you will be taken to MC East.


CHAPTER 8: "Closing the Circle"

Enter the Hospital, use the Morgue Key to access the Morgue, then use the wooden arm to obtain Linda's arm. Exit the Hospital,
go to MC West and enter the Church.

Father Winterbernand is still busy reading his book, so use the Hatchet (Indian Axe) to get the Book of the Bishop.
This is the book the librarian was seeking, so head to the Library next. After the cut-scene talk to Mr Felic, then give him
the book. Now the item Headmaster Wilson was looking for is finally yours, so exit the Church and head to the School.

In the School Main Hall use the Intercom to access Headmaster's Office. Once inside give him the book, then talk to him.

Exit the Office to make acquaintance with a new character. Talk to him to unlock a new location, the Bear's Mine. Select the
map and quick travel to it.

You are now inside the Indian Reserve. Perform all the dialogs, then move on the Cave entrance. A cut-scene will play.
Once inside, talk to the fugitive until a new cut-scene appears. The Evil Phil Nog will get arrested, leaving you with an
empty cave. Linda is still nowhere to be found. Exit the Bear's Mine, then quick travel to Mr Molker's place. He is a farmer
who lives a lonely life, and would make good use of a radio to listen to some music. After the automated dialog you'll find
yourself in MC East. Go to Connor's Drugstore to MC West to get the radio. Talk to Mr Connor, then give him the Bow and Arrow
to get the radio. Combine Radio+Battery to make it work.

Exit the Drugstore.


CHAPTER 9: "The Great Tree"

A comic table will give you a hint on how to close the story. Select the map and go back to Molker's.

Take the Box of Cigars from the red pot on the fireplace, then talk to Molker. Give him the radio to make him happy.
(The radio can be also given before starting the dialogs. If you select to talk to him first, Agent Cox will hand him the
radio automatically. Either way is fine.)

Now travel back to MC Center and enter the woods next to the Police Station to find the Smoking Man, this time together with
an Alien. Once you give him the Cigars he was looking for he will be ready to talk to you. Perform all dialogs with him and the
Alien, finally open the map and select the Alpine Rescue location.

Talk to Doc Ann, to make sure he is a real Doctor. Once the first batch of dialogs is over, give him Linda's arm.
He will reveal that the arm is actually a man's arm, so Linda's may actually be still alive and kicking. So where did she go?

Select the map and go back to MC East one more time. Once there enter the Alien Ship location again, to notice that a new location
is now open. You can now go through the Stone Arc, so just do it.

You'll find yourself inside a mysterious place, full of stole items. A huge serpent is hanging from the ceiling. Click on the
weird puppet to get a picture of two strange figures. Open the inventory and use to Small Red Cap. This will put the serpent
to rest, so you can now talk to the caped figure. After the dialogs you will discover what happend that night on the riverbanks
and whose arm is the one the Police found. You'll get prompted to go back to the Motel. You need to rest.

Once inside the motel go upstair to rest. A cut-scene will play. Once you wake up go back down to the Lobby. The phone is ringing,
so pick it up. Henry Adams (the clown) is willing to give you an unexpected help. After the cut-scene go to MC South.

Upon arrival on the bridge, note that the bushes have now been pruned, and a pathway is now available to the big tree. Click on it.

You will soon fall dawn a hidden hole. Once you wake up you find yourself inside a concealed Night Club. Linda Patton is
performing on stage, while her friend Mary Das is talking to the Mayor. Other Middle City citizens are there and are having
great fun.

Talk to Mary Das to trigger a final dialog.

Stand back and relax. You have beaten "The Secret of Middle City"!!!

Well done, and THANK YOU for playing!

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