Day One

22 September 1522



aturnin, the guardian of the manor, takes you up to your room. Begin by reading the diary and portfolio in your inventory. Inside the dresser drawers you find a doublet and brandy. In the desk drawer are a knife and charcoal crayon. Note that the charcoal crayon also appears on the right of the portfolio.



Take the bottle of milk, oil and an egg from the bench along the wall. There's another knife on the kitchen table in case you didn't take the one in your room. When you examine the cat in the doorway it seems wary. Pour some milk into the bowl on the floor and the cat will drink it when you leave the kitchen. Doing this causes the level of the white (angelic) barometer on the conscience gauges to rise.
Take the bottle of water from the table in the dining hall.
Halfway up the staircase you find a collar dropped by Madam Babou. Take note that a stone is missing from it.
Look around Leonardo's bedroom carefully as there is quite a bit to do here. Take the mirror from the shelf below the Venetian cabinet. Note that the mirror appears on the right of the portfolio. Take the sheet of paper from the bedside table. There's a second charcoal crayon on the bedside table in case you didn't take the one from your room. Note the strange signs carved into the wood at the top of the four bedposts.
Add the sheet of paper to the portfolio. Examine it in the portfolio, noting that the one side is blank and the other side has drawings of the same four signs as on the bedposts. The text underneath the signs is illegible. Leonardo is known to have used a kind of shorthand that he invented himself. He wrote in small notebooks with his left hand, using a technique of mirror writing whereby the text was written from right to left. Knowing this, hold the mirror (in the portfolio) to read the text. These signs represent the elements of fire, air, water and earth. Turn to the blank side of the sheet of paper (fifth page) and use the charcoal crayon (in the portfolio) to trace over it, revealing a scumble.

Use the mirror to read Leonardo's messages on the scumble about having to "follow John the Baptist" to find the study key and using what you find "at the foot of the sacred fire of the house of dreams" to make a copy of the misplaced cupboard key.
Go to the painting of John the Baptist and 'follow' the direction in which his finger points to find the key to the study. Note that the hotspot is only activated after reading the scumble.

The second message is a bit more cryptic. The "house of dreams" is Leonardo's bedroom and the "sacred fire" refers to the fire sign carved into the left bedpost at the foot of the bed. Examine this sign to reveal a hotspot on the corner of the carpet below the bedpost. Lift the carpet, then remove the loose floorboard with the knife to get another sheet of paper and a key mould. Note that you must first read the scumble message and the text below the signs.
Add the sheet of paper to the portfolio and use the mirror to read it. It contains details for casting keys on the one side and for casting coins on the other.
Use the key to unlock the door next to the fireplace and enter Leonardo's study.
There is an alternate way to enter the study, but it's only temporary and you have to unlock the study door with the key later in the game. As it drastically increases the red (diabolical) level on the conscious gauges, you need to use your bonus points to compensate.




Are you discreet enough not to peek at the sealed letter in your inventory? I doubt it. Place the sealed letter on Leonardo's desk and open it with the letter opener on the desk. By doing this you cancel out the angelic deed of giving milk to the cat and the conscience gauge levels should be even again. Pick up a firelighter on the desk, pan round to light it in the fire behind you and use it to light the candle on the desk. Heat the red wax on the candle and then use it to re-seal the letter. You can either take the sealed letter or leave it on the desk for Madam Babou to find. You may also want to try taking the letter without re-sealing it to see Madam Babou's reaction later in the game when you give it to her.
Open the desk drawer to find a monocle and blood stone. Note that the blood stone will also appear on the right of the portfolio.
Look for the self-portrait hanging on the wall, then click on it to find another sheet of paper hidden at the back of it.

Add the sheet of paper to the portfolio and examine the clockwork mechanism illustrated on it. Clicking the large gear near the bottom of the page starts the mechanism. You need to use the gears at the bottom of the page to connect the moving gear to the clock at the top. Note that you must use all the gears even though it can be done using only some of them. There are a number of different ways to do this puzzle and my solution is not unique.


After the clock starts, you see a 'vision' of Leonardo Da Vinci during which he contemplates what he should do about the codex.
Your first night at Cloux Manor ends...