Day Three

24 September 1522



here the new day begins depends on whether or not you successfully seduced Madam Babou. You either wake up in her bedroom or in your room. Read the diary to learn that there are certain other tasks that need to be done.



You need to build a fire in the furnace at the mill. First, insert the split logs and dead leaves into the furnace. If you didn't take the split logs from the storeroom at the manor, you can split one of the logs lying next to the tree stump on the other side of the canal. Pick up a log, put it on the tree stump and split it with the axe. There's a supply of dead leaves outside the mill or you can use the small logs and twigs found outside the dovecot. Light the furnace with the lighter. From the sheet of paper (found with the key mould) you learnt that bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Next, put either the piece of bronze (if you bought it from Saturnin) or both the copper object and pewter dish (from the dovecot) into the crucible on the bench next to the furnace. Raise the crucible by turning the handle on the left, manually swivel the arm into the furnace and then lower the crucible into the fire using the handle. Lastly, swivel the arm out again and cover the front of the furnace with the large iron grate.
You cannot remove the grate with your bare hands, so take the gloves hanging on the edge of the bench and put them on Valdo. Now remove the grate, swivel the arm into the fire, lower it over the crucible, raise the crucible and put it down on the bench. Place the key mould on the bench in front of the crucible and pour the molten bronze into it. Open it and remove the bronze key. For sake of completeness, remove the gloves that Valdo is wearing.


Your next task is to open the Venetian cabinet next to Leonardo's bed in his bedroom.

Insert the bronze key into the keyhole to activate the cabinet. You need to rearrange all the designs to correspond with the one in middle of the bottom row, i.e. with the white diamonds at the top. This is done by clicking the numbered diamonds (as shown in the graphic above) to rotate the respective rows and columns. The solution is as follows:
Click diamond (1) three times to align the top design in the first column
Click diamond (2) twice to align the top design in the second column
Click diamond (4) once to align the top design in the fourth column
Click diamond (5) once to align the entire second row
Click diamond (8) three times to align the entire third row
Take the roll of parchment, Leonardo's jewel, mould for gold blanks, hammer and coining die from the secret compartment that opens. Add the roll of parchment to the portfolio to learn that it's a plan of Cloux Manor. You won't be able to do anything with the plan until later.
Remove the bronze key as you need to use it again elsewhere.
Note that you can give Leonardo's jewel to Babou. If you tell the truth about having found it in Leonardo's cabinet the conscience gauges don't change, but telling her that it belonged to your mother increases the red (diabolical) gauge. Also, doing this may affect her appearance in the hero window if you didn't fully seduce her previously.


The engraved wording on the wall above Leonardo's bookcase reads 'The path of pleasures'. When you read it, Valdo realizes his room is on the other side of the wall. Do you recall what Madam Babou said about Salai? He was Leonardo's diabolical lover and lived in your room, so this must obviously be a 'path' Leonardo used to go to his lover. Click the books that spell his lover's name (S - A - L - A - I) to open a secret passage. Note that there are two books with the letter 'A' on them, and both must be used.
After going through the passage examine the large tapestry hanging on the wall next to your room. Although Valdo realizes that the passage also opens from this side, it's not possible to do so at this point in the game.


In the kitchen you see that some of the sacks previously lying on the floor have been moved.

Examine the two remaining sacks to reveal the trapdoor. Pick up the sacks and place them on the floor next to the trapdoor. The trapdoor is too heavy to open, so you must find another way to lift it. Look up at the rafters to see a pulley. Attach the long rope (from the dovecot) to the pulley, noting that the ends will automatically be tied to the trapdoor and the circular wooden block on the wall.
If you don't have it, you need to remove the multi-purpose crank from the drilling machine in the workshop. Insert the crank in the circular wooden block and turn it to lift the trapdoor.


Use the lighter to light the lamp hanging under the trapdoor. Remove the lit lamp, then hold it to enter the dark cellar. Go as close as possible to the wheel hanging from the ceiling and use the lighter to light the candles on it.
There's quite a bit to do in the cellar although some of it only applies later. Look carefully at the wall next to the stairs to find some saltpetre. Take two lots of saltpetre and pick up the engraved plate on the barrels. Pour flour (made at the mill) over the plate leaning against the wooden table to reveal the signs that Valdo copies onto a blank sheet of paper. At this point there's nothing more you can do with the incomplete sheet of paper. Also, you need not take the cannon ball lying on the floor as you use it here later in the game.
Examine the prototype flying machine to learn that the steering shaft and one of the struts on the right wing are missing. You also see that one wheel on the cannon has broken off. Look at the wall towards which the cannon is pointed, noting that there must previously have been a door that has now been bricked up. These are all dealt with later.


Go to the laboratory bench and open the cabinet with the bronze key. Inside the cabinet you find some nuggets of gold as well as cans of varnish, red paint, blue paint and yellow paint.


While at the laboratory bench, make the fumigant and powder. The formulae for both are on the sheet of paper printed from the engraved plate found in the workshop. Note that unless you bought sugar from Saturnin you can't make the fumigant until later in the game.
If the fire in the stove has died out you first need to relight it. Pour the saltpetre, sugar and some water into the copper pot, then fill the iron box with the mixture to make a fumigant.
Grind some charcoal (as you did to make black ink) and put the charcoal powder in the bowl. Add sulphur and saltpetre to make the powder.


Although you don't have to cast the gold coins to finish the game, the solution is included for sake of completeness. The process is identical to that used for casting the bronze key. Go to the mill and note that the flame in the furnace has died, so you must add another split log. If you didn't take  one from the storeroom at the manor you can split one of the logs lying next to the tree stump on the other side of the canal. Pick up a log, put it on top of the tree stump and split it with the axe.


When you talk to Madam Babou she tells you that the telescope is stuck. Pour some oil on the lever and then turn it. Look through the telescope to view part of the drawing hanging on the wall. The same sheet of paper as that with the black ink formula also has a note on so-called invisible ink used to hide messages that become visible under heat. So, use the lighter to heat the drawing, revealing a celestial map and sketch of the telescope. Talk to Babou and discuss the missing lenses. Note that Valdo actually says that the lenses 'seemed to be fixed', which is obviously an error in the dialog.


Saturnin will now be back in his usual spot, so you can talk to him about the lenses. He denies having them and you have to calm his suspicions by giving him the brandy. When given a choice of responses, select the second option (Your thoughts are running wild...) to further calm his suspicions. He tells you that the lenses are in his cabinet and allows you to enter his room.
If you select the first option (I'm sure that by trying...) you need a second bottle of brandy. Read the page in the portfolio on distilling brandy. You find a full bottle of white wine on the kitchen table, so take it and go to the laboratory bench in the study. Note that if the fire in the stove has died out you need to relight it. Pour the wine into the copper pot, replace the gooseneck and fill the empty phial of brandy. Give the brandy to Saturnin and he falls asleep after drinking it, allowing you to enter his room.
Note that selecting the first option increases red (diabolical) conscience gauge, whereas the second option increases the white (angelic) conscience gauge.
Open the cabinet in his room to find the colour lenses. If you didn't buy the sewing spool and sugar from Saturnin earlier in the game, you can take them now. According to the note on his chair it appears that Saturnin is spying on you!
Return to the room with the telescope and talk to Babou about Saturnin spying on you. When given a choice of telling her the truth about your visit, your selection should be based on the levels on the conscience gauges. Select the first option (No, it would be rash...) if the white (angelic) level is higher, or select the second option (Babou, I have something to confess...) if the red (diabolical) level is higher.


Attach both colour lenses to the front of the telescope. Rotate one or both lenses until two different colours overlap at the bottom, then look through the telescope. You see a coloured constellation of stars and a message. Repeat this process for all three possible combinations to get three messages that form a riddle.
RED and BLUE - First seek the stars
RED and YELLOW - then find the Philosopher's Stone
BLUE and YELLOW - and the path of power will open up before you
You need not do it in the correct order. After getting all three messages Valdo unscrambles the riddle for you. You must also take note of the drawing of the star constellation. Some of you who are astronomy buffs may, as Babou does, recognize it as the Lyra Constellation.


Go to the globe next to the desk in Leonardo's study. You can rotate the actual globe as well as the three wooden rings around it. You need to replicate the Lyra Constellation (as seen on the drawing through the telescope) to open the globe and find a medallion.


After taking the medallion you have another vision of Leonardo and the King of France. Note that Leonardo talks about a passage leading to the king's chateau.


The philosopher's stone is a legendary substance that could supposedly convert cheap metals such as lead into gold and create an elixir that made humans younger, thus delaying death.
Talk to Saturnin who tells you that the name of the manor cat (sleeping on the bench next to him) is Alkahest.
Alkahest, another hypothetical solvent, was believed to possess the power to dissolve every other substance, including gold. The name is thought to have been invented by 16th-century Swiss alchemist Philippus Paracelsus, who believed all other elements (earth, fire, water, air) were simply derivatives of alkahest. He also believed that the element alkahest was, in fact, the philosopher's stone. An obvious paradox concerning alkahest is that if it does dissolve all other substances, it cannot be placed into a container as it would dissolve such container.
Return to Babou and talk to her about Alkahest (the manor cat) to learn about the medallion round its neck. Unfortunately, both the cat and Saturnin are no longer on the bench. As cats are renowned for chasing birds, you should quite easily figure out where to look for it.
Go to the dovecot and find Alkahest at the window on the upper ledge. Remove the medallion that the cat is wearing. Note that if the red (diabolical) level on the conscience gauges is too high, Alkahest won't allow you to remove it. You can either adjust the levels using your bonus points or else put the gloves on Valdo and then take it.


Finding the underground passage is the last part of the riddle.
You can use the cannon in the cellar to blast through the bricked up wall, or use an alternate method to get to the underground passage by elevator. Although the game can be completed without using the elevator, both methods are dealt with below.
You use the jack on the wooden box in the workshop in both methods, so it must be repaired. Go to the workshop and pick up the gear lying on the floor. You need to drill a hole in it just as you did with the gear for the bridge. You also need to remove the crank from the circular wooden block at the trapdoor and put it in the drilling machine. After drilling the hole, insert the perforated gear into the jack. Remove the crank from the drilling machine as you need it to operate the jack.


Place the jack under the axle of the cannon where the wheel is broken off. Insert the crank in the jack and hoist the cannon into an upright position. Pick up the cannon ball on the floor near the stairs and insert it in the muzzle of the cannon. Open the flap on the cannon and fill the chamber with the powder you made at the laboratory bench. Lastly, light the fuse on the cannon with the lighter to fire the cannon ball at the bricked up section of the wall.
The first time you go through the hole in the wall you need to carry the lamp.


Look carefully at the door opposite the press in Leonardo's workshop to see a metal cabinet behind it. Try close the door (click the doorknob) to learn it's come off the hinges. You need to lift the door with the jack. Place the jack under the door, insert the crank in the jack and hoist the door back on its hinges. Close the door to access the metal cabinet. The mechanism inside the cabinet is used to activate an elevator.




The metal cabinet on the wall is identical to the one in the workshop. If you used the cannon method to get here you can activate the elevator using the mechanism in this metal cabinet. If you activated the elevator in the workshop then this mechanism will already be activated.
When you examine the engravings on the ground around the first corner, some dirt is moved. Use the broom to sweep away the rest of the dirt covering the engravings. You need to make a scumble of the engravings, so place the incomplete sheet of paper (containing the notes of the signs on the plate in the cellar) on them and make a scumble with the charcoal crayon. As the sheet of paper is now complete, add it to the portfolio. You cannot decode the signs until you get the 'key' to do it with later in the game.
At the end of the passage is a wooden door with a large metal disc. Put the two medallions in the matching insets on the metal disc to open the door. You've found the path to power!
Carry the lamp and make your way through the caves to a lit room. Pick up the precious stone on the floor, noting it's from the collar you found on the staircase. Babou was lying when she said she hadn't been in the underground passage!
In the adjoining room you hear voices behind the sliding panel in the door. When you partially open the panel it squeaks quite loudly, so you need to oil it before opening it fully. If not, you meet an untimely death. Fortunately you can't actually die in the game and you find yourself back in the room next door.
After hearing the hooded figures talk about their plans for you, its time to leave. Make your way back upstairs and Babou calls you to meet King Francois in the dining hall.
The king gives you the sheet of paper to decode Leonardo's four signs and a signet ring that must be attached to the black pigeon's leg when you find the codex.
Day three comes to an end...