Day Two

23 September 1522



ay two begins with you having a conversation with Saturnin. He suggests that you visit the gardens. If you used the alternate way to enter the study, you need to give him a gold coin as a bribe to keep quiet about what you did.



Before exploring the garden go into the storeroom at the bottom of the stairs as there are a number of items you need. Take three lots of charcoal, some split logs and the pliers hanging behind the door. Also take two grains of wheat and the broom that you find in the storeroom at the top of the stairs.
Pick up the ladder along the wall where Saturnin is, use the pliers to cut some roses from the bush at the corner of the house and take the gall nut from the tree near the carriage. At the end of the path leading to the canal you find the revolving bridge that seems to operate with two rope and pulley systems. Note that the left pulley has a wooden gear on top, but the one on the right doesn't. Speak to Saturnin again and he tells you that the bridge is not working. He mentions the mill on the other side of the canal and confirms that the dovecot is there.


It's now time to meet Madam Babou, so go up to Leonardo's study. Note that if you used the alternate way to enter the study previously, you have to now use the key to unlock the door. Madam Babou talks about the bridge and a fountain she would like to have installed. She also gives you an engraved plate. Madam Babou should now appear next to Valdo in the window at top right of the inventory screen.
Note Madam Babou's reaction if you didn't re-seal the letter to her. When given a choice of responses, I suggest selecting the second option (truthful) to prevent the conscience gauges from becoming too unbalanced.


Go to the laboratory bench in the corner of Leonardo's study. Remove the empty phial of ink and a phial of sulphur from the shelf to reveal another sheet of paper. After adding it to the portfolio, read it (with the mirror) to find out about making black ink, brandy and perfumes. It also contains a note on so-called invisible ink.
To make black ink, first put the egg in the bowl on the right, then put either charcoal or the gall nut in the mortar in the centre and grind it with the pestle. Remove the charcoal powder (or the powdered gall nut) and put it into the bowl on the right. Lastly, pour some water from the bottle of water into the bowl. Now fill the empty phial of ink to get a phial of ink.
Note that you use water quite often during the game, so you should ensure that the bottle is always full. Use the pool in the garden to fill it.


You must repair the revolving bridge, so go to Leonardo's workshop. Pick up the gear leaning against the press. The gear has to be pierced before it can be attached to the pulley system at the bridge. On the mantelpiece above the fireplace you'll find a drill bit, an iron box and a lighter. The drilling machine already has a drill bit, but it's too thin to make a big enough hole and it must be replaced with the one from the mantelpiece. Place the gear on the metal plate and turn the crank on the left to drill a hole, making a perforated gear. Note that the crank can be removed. I suggest keeping it in the inventory as you also use it in other places.
While you're in the workshop take the stick (leaning against the bench) and the link lying on the floor. Go to the vertical saw and place the stick between the two wooden blocks. Use the foot pedal to power the saw, then push the wooden blocks forward to cut the stick into two small sticks.
The remaining items in the workshop are dealt with as and when needed later in the game.
Go to the bridge and attach the perforated gear to the pulley on the right. The pulley on the left is 'locked' with an iron bar that must be removed. You can now rotate the bridge across the canal by turning the perforated gear on the right pulley. Have a look at the hero window showing Valdo and Madam Babou to see that she has now turned slightly to the left.


Cross the bridge and make your way to the dovecot at the end of the path. Pick up the small logs and twigs as well as some of the dead leaves found outside the dovecot.
Enter the dovecot and climb the ladder to the upper ledge. Look in the ninth pigeon hole from the top (left of the window) to find the call. The holes on the call each play a musical note.

Use trial and error to find the correct sequence to get the pigeons to come out. The correct sequence is 4 - 3 - 5 - 1 - 2. The pigeon at the top right has a message for you.
Note that if you need to increase the level of the white (angelic) barometer, feed the pigeon with one of the grains of wheat.
Take the long rope hanging over the beam, a copper object on the window sill, the old clothes and pebbles lying on the floor. Also pick up the pewter dish on the floor of the upper ledge.


You can get to the mill by using the ladder to cross the canal. There are two areas where this can be done, either opposite the tree stump and logs (near the revolving bridge) or from just outside the dovecot. I suggest the former as it makes things a little easier later in the game. Place the ladder across the canal, then look carefully to see that one of the rungs is broken.

You should repair the broken rung with the link before climbing across. If you don't do this, you fall off the ladder and have to insert the two small sticks to replace the broken rungs.
Outside the mill you find more dead leaves and an axe. Note that the water wheel on the side of the mill is not turning. At the end of the path on this side of the canal is a clump of reeds. Use the knife to cut off a reed. From the description of the reed in your inventory you learn that it can be used as a snorkel. Put the reed on Valdo (in the hero window) and dive into the water next to the water wheel. While underwater use the knife to cut the weeds tangled up in the water wheel.
You should remove the reed from Valdo when back on dry land, but for a bit of fun let Valdo keep it on when talking to Saturnin and Madam Babou to see their reactions.
The water wheel is now turning and the machinery inside the mill is working. Pour some of the grains of wheat into the metal hopper at the top and pull the lever next to the bucket at the entrance to make flour. Take the flour from the bucket.


Return to the manor and tell Saturnin about having repaired the mill. In appreciation he tells you how to make paper. He says that 'you simply have to grind old cloth in water, after which you place the pulp under the press'.
Go back to the mill and put the old clothes and some water from the bottle of water into the trough. Cover the trough with the large wooden blocks mechanism and pull the lever attached to the roller. After a few seconds pull the lever again to stop the roller, remove the wooden blocks mechanism and take the four pieces of paper mache.
You now need the press in Leonardo's workshop. Slide out the wooden tray at the bottom of the press, open it and put one piece of paper mache in the inset. Close the tray, slide it back under the press and turn the wooden lever at the top to the left. Now return the lever to the right, slide out the wooden tray and remove a blank sheet of paper. Repeat this process with the remaining three pieces of paper mache, so that you have four blank sheets of paper.
Now that you have paper, you can print the engraved plate you got from Madam Babou. Place the engraved plate in the inset in the wooden tray, pour some ink from the phial of ink over it and put a blank sheet of paper on top. Close the tray, slide it back under the press and again turn the lever at the top to the left. Return the lever to the right, slide out the wooden tray and remove the sheet of paper that can be added to the portfolio. It won't be of much help as all it contains is a schematic of the revolving bridge that you've already repaired.
There's another engraved plate lying on the wooden box in the workshop. Take it and repeat the process as detailed above to print a sheet of paper. Again add it to the portfolio and use the mirror to read it. The top half of the page details a formula for making a fumigant. Note the two cannons at the bottom of the page. Click the cannons to fire their cannonballs, after which the formula for making gunpowder is displayed.

You won't find any more engraved plates till later in the game, so this is as far as you can go to complete the task as described in the diary.


According to the diary your next task is to repair the fountain. However, I suggest that you rather do it as a part of 'seducing
Madam Babou' to prevent leaving out certain other actions.



Before entering the study dress Valdo in the red doublet. After Madam Babou's compliment, select the first option (Thank you Madam. You flatter me...) as your response. This makes her turn (in the hero window) and she now faces left. Note that she won't turn if you select the second option (I found it...) as your response. During this conversation she talks about Salai, Leonardo's diabolical lover who lived in your room. A diary entry about Salai is also created.
Take the empty bowl (a cup and saucer) and empty perfume bottle that you find on the small table in front of Madam Babou.
You can try giving the roses or the brandy to Madam Babou, but she won't appreciate either. These will be listed in the diary as things she doesn't like and may prevent you from seducing Madam Babou fully. You can compensate for at least one of these by giving her the collar you found on the staircase.
You must prepare a perfume as described on the same sheet of paper as the one that has the formula for black ink. First open the grate on the stove next to the laboratory bench, insert the charcoal, start up the fire with the lighter and close the grate. Remove the gooseneck at the top of the copper pot on the stove. Put the roses and water (from the bottle of water) in the pot, then replace the gooseneck. Lastly, pour some water in the funnel above the distiller and some rose oil trickles into the flask at the bottom. Fill up the empty perfume bottle with the rose oil in the flask and give the perfume bottle full of rose oil to Madam Babou. Look at the hero window to see that Madam Babou is now facing the front.


Return to Leonardo's workshop and using the pliers, remove the sheet of paper from the wall above the fireplace. Note that a nail will also be in your inventory. Add this sheet of paper to the portfolio to view a schematic of Leonardo's fountain design. Begin by attaching the jack (bottom left) to the water pump (middle left), then click the water pump to pump water into the tank with an Archimedes Screw. Next, click the Archimedes Screw to fill the tank below the hydraulic press on the right. Finally, click the hydraulic press to pump the water into the perforated tank at the top. This tank is incomplete, so you must arrange the three tubes and two containers (top left) in such a way as to make the fountain fully functional.


After the tubes and containers have been arranged correctly, a fountain appears above the perforated tank when the water is pumped into it. This triggers a vision of Leonardo and the King of France, during which Leonardo talks about a prototype of the fountain in the barn.
Enter the room next to where you usually find Saturnin. Although this is now his room, it was previously the barn Leonardo mentioned. Saturnin allows you to take the fountain system (on the floor behind him) and also offers to sell you certain of the items on the table in his room. There are ways of getting them later, but you should buy the sewing spool (for 2 gold coins) and the sugar (for 2 gold coins) from Saturnin. You already have enough paper and you don't need the piece of bronze if you found the copper object and pewter dish in the dovecot.

Take the fountain system and place it in the pool in the garden.
Madam Babou voices her approval from the window and you automatically move to the study.


During the conversation you again have a choice of responses. Select the second option (You flatter me...) as your response. Check the hero window to see that your seduction is working well as Madam Babou is now revealing a bit of cleavage.
After your conversation with her, she should ask you to take the lyre behind her. If not, talk to her (about repairing the bridge) and she then asks you to take it. Pick up the lyre (under the window next to her) and she sings two musical sequences that must be reproduced.

To reproduce the first sequence, click the strings in the following order: 1 - 2 - 3.
To reproduce the second sequence, click the strings in the following order: 4 - 2 - 2 -1.
After the musical interlude Madam Babou loses her voice. Speak to Saturnin about a remedy, and he tells you to make a syrup of honey, thyme, lemon and water.
First get the beekeeper's veil hanging on the wall in the mill. Go to the beehive along the path to the dovecot and then put the beekeeper's veil on Valdo. Open the bee smoker on the right of the beehive, insert the dead leaves and light it with the lighter. Pick up the lit bee smoker and hold it in front of the beehive to chase the bees away. Lift the lid on the beehive and put it on the small table next to the beehive. You can now remove the two honeybee comb frames from the beehive. Although not necessary, you can replace the beehive lid.
Return to Saturnin and talk to him about extracting the honey. He agrees to do it for you in exchange for one of the frames. He needs time to do this, so collect the other ingredients in the meantime. You find thyme and a lemon on the cupboard in the kitchen.  If necessary, also go to the pool to fill the bottle of water. When you return, Saturnin gives you a jar of honey. If not, you may need to walk around a bit more and then return.
Go to the laboratory bench in Leonardo's study to mix the syrup. Note that if the fire in the stove has died out you need to relight it. Remove the gooseneck, put the honey, thyme, lemon and water in the copper pot, then fill the empty bowl (cup and saucer) from the pot to make a bowl full of syrup.
Note that if you want to be a bit devilish you can add the sleeping potion (found on the shelf behind the laboratory bench) to the mixture before filling the empty bowl. However, this will affect certain actions and options later and it might prevent you from fully seducing Madam Babou, so I don't recommend doing it.
Give the bowl full of syrup to Madam Babou. This completes the seduction and she invites you into her apartments. Check the hero window to see her showing affection towards Valdo.
Note that if you added the sleeping potion to the bowl full of syrup, she falls asleep and you need to leave, walk around for a bit, then return and talk to her when she's awake. Also, she may not be showing affection to Valdo in the hero window when you get into her apartments.


Madam Babou talks about the two drawings and telescope. Examine the drawing on the easel to see that it's the sketch of the Battle of Anghiari. This is the first indication you get that Madam Babou has been less than truthful with you. To repair the telescope you need to open the slot at the top, remove the broken lens (using either the knife or nail) and replace it with the monocle you found in the desk drawer.

Look through the telescope to see Saturnin hiding a boat on the canal bank.
If you fully completed the seduction of Madam Babou, you won't spend your second night at Cloux Manor alone...