Chinese Checkers - Peg Solitaire Solution in  Shivers

by Jenny100

This is one solution to the Peg Solitaire puzzle in Shivers, also known as the Chinese Checkers puzzle. There are several solutions to the puzzle. This is one I happened to remember well enough to write down.

The Rows are from A to G, top to bottom, and the columns are from 1 to 7, left to right.
Check the picture for a visual explanation.
Note that the first peg in the top row is A3 and not A1 because I thought it would be confusing to have A1 and B1 directly above C3.

Read the first move as "move the peg in B4 to the hole in D4."

B4 to D4
C2 to C4
A3 to C3
D3 to B3
A5 to A3 to C3
C4 to C2
C1 to C3
F3 to D3 to B3
E2 to C2
E1 to C1 to C3
B3 to D3
F5 to F3
G3 to E3
G5 to G3
D3 to F3
G3 to E3
D5 to F5
E7 to E5
F5 to D5
C6 to E6
C7 to E7 to E5
D5 to F5
E3 to E5
F5 to D5
E3 to E5
F5 to D5
D4 to D6
B5 to D5
D6 to D4