Sam & Max: Season Two

by telltale games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo


Gameplay:    Click on the gear at top left of screen to show the Menu bar. It has Save/load, options, new game and quit selections. At options menu, see the graphics selections (full screen, quality and resolution), sound volume level selections (music, voice and effects) and the subtitles and help selections (subtitles, popup text and hint level).

Right click skips dialogue and double click makes Sam run.

Episode 201:  Ice Station Santa 

November, 2007


Sam and Max enter their office. They noticed Mr. Spatula has gone crazy. Blasts annihilate Mr. Spatula and the wall to next door PI Flint Paper. Maimtron 9000 peeking in the window is trying to destroy Sam and Max.


In front of the building:    Exit the office.

Stop Maimtron 9000

See Maimtron 9000 pick up Sybil's office and hurls it.

Talk to the giant robot and listen to musical themed dialogues completely.

At the end of the dialogue tree, note that the robot will ponder the question asked.

Its back will be by the building. Take note that the wind up key that keeps it going is facing the window.

Immediately enter the building. Go to the window and pull out the wind up key.

Go down stairs. Sam looks at the robot's sole and realizes was sent by Santa Claus.

Santa's workshop at the North Pole:   

Outside:    Talk to the Soda Poppers waiting outside Santa's Workshop. They all got terrible presents from Santa. Find out what they are up to and what has happened.

Look around the area. Check the searchlight above the tower and the yellow snow reclamation and get a snowball which will later melt.

Check the chocolate barbed wire on Santa's roof, the chimney, the snowman and the tiny topiary.

See Santa's sleigh that runs on coal.

Workshop:    Enter Santa's workshop. Meet the elves and see Santa blast his automatic through the window of his office door.

Talk to the elf in red, the one in charge.

Make the elf in green cry:    Talk to the elf in green, the intern.

He needs to cry to make the Christmas tree grow.

Talk to him completely and until he cries when he can't realize that he exists.

Look around at the things in the workshop:

Presents under the tree:     Take the world's simplest maze, Boxing Betty and the watering can full of elf's tears.

Check the toy guillotine, cannon with e-z lite wick, bowling pin and toy bird above the window.

Mimesweeper:    Check the red monitor that features mimesweeper with the familiar shambling corporate presence from episode 1.

See a trampoline by the monitors and an overhead toy bomber controlled by a switch close to the tree.

Gifts:    The green monitor is where the presents are selected. The selections are: cougar in a box, Maimtron 9000, Obsess o Matic stopwatch, Footbath-piranha aquarium, Happy pills and Moai head. Select any one and it will pop out of the worm's mouth. Take the gift tags beside the wrapped present.

North pole:    Check the magnetic north pole.

Check record player, torture me Elmers and various toys on the other side of the room.

Check the Bob Buddy and the Flounder Pounder by the exit.

Check the slimy crate at the middle of the room. There's a label: To Santa, from Lower Manitoba.

Santa's Office door:    Try to open Santa's office door.

Exit the workshop.

Enter Santa's workshop:

Use the watering can full of elf's tears on the tiny topiary left of the building.

Click on Santa's chimney and the heroes climb the now giant topiary.

Take-read the exorcism parchment right of the fireplace.

Take the Christmas record that has the satanic friendly demon song on the green shelf left of the fireplace. Look around and exit through the fireplace.

Exorcism Instructions:

Collect the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse:

Go back inside the workshop and ask the elf supervisor about the 4 horsemen.

Learn that that the last shipment was sent to Sam and Max's street.

Horseman of Pestilence:

Enter Stinky's Diner. Meet Stinky and watch her give a trivia question.

See one of the horsemen on the counter. Talk to Stinky.

The trivia prize is the horsemen toy. Find out about the contest.

Check the question on the top of the wall behind the counter.

Talk to President Lincoln and then Sybil completely.

Talk to the bug on the booth table completely. He gets PISD. If he smells something familiar, he gets flashbacks. His dad was killed by a cleaning crew. The smell of bleach makes him remember his Dad's last words: Move out Maggots.

Rig the contest to win the prize. Take note that Sybil always chooses the correct answer and the bug always select D.

Pres. Lincoln's answer will be whatever you tell him. Let's talk trivia. So tell Pres. Lincoln any letter that is not what Sybil's correct answer letter and not D.

Then take a trivia pad from the left booth and select the last different answer.

Watch Stinky get forced to admit that you won. Take the Horseman of pestilence.

Exit the diner.

Horseman of Death:

Go next door (right) and click on the garage door. Talk to the COPS completely. They do not like Torture me Elmers.

They have a contest to win a death horseman car hood ornament that is on the shelf. You can use the left-right mouse button or the left-right arrow keys on the keyboard.

Win the car hood ornament by driving the street and running over 30 Torture me Elmers in 60 seconds.

My strategy is to stay in on just one side of the street and go on the street or embankment on that side. Eventually run over 30 Elmers before the 60 seconds are up.

Take the Horseman of death hood ornament off the Desoto.

Horseman of War:

Go to the fallen Maimtron 9000. See that Jimmy Two-teeth is at the robot's innards and is wearing his favorite boxing glove.

Talk to Jimmy completely. He has the boxing championship trophy - the horseman of war and he would not give it up.

Use Boxing Betty on the robot's innards. See a boxing puzzle, the object of which is to win the match.

Use mouse buttons or the keyboard. The left-right arrow keyboard keys to dodge and the A and D keys to punch using the left or right fist.

The strategy I used to win against the Wally glassjaw puddlesniffer, Bill the second opponent of Betty and Jimmy Two-teeth is to just dodge and hit him when he gets open when he raises his arm to punch. When the announcer says to finish him off, continue hitting and the opponent will lose.

Take horseman of war.

Talk to Jimmy Two-teeth. He will jump off the ledge. His wife left him. After a while leave him.

Horseman of Famine:

Enter Bosco's Inconvenience. Talk to Bosco completely. THEM! He is afraid of a wrapped box that he got.

It is on an X-ray machine. Look x-ray viewer above the counter and see that inside the box is one of the horseman.

He has a bomb disposal machine and he 'got to be sure it's ticking'. Look around the store.

Go back to Santa's workshop at the North Pole.

Go to the green monitor at left table. Select the Obsess o Matic stopwatch gift. It ticks continuously.

Use a gift tag on the wrapped box and select Bosco's name.

Go back to Bosco's. While he disposes of the ticking wrapped box he received, Sam takes the box with the horseman of famine.

Place the horsemen around a magnetic pole:

Go back to Santa's workshop. Place the 4 horsemen on the floor around the North Pole.

Draw the demon out using the friendly Demon Song:

Use the satanic record taken from Santa's office on the record player.

The record will falter at some places and you select the correct phrase to complete the song.

Select answers that you see inside the workshop.

Had a very scary form: select 'like gelatinous goo' (seen from the slime crate at center of room).

The creature that was ever born: select 'lower Manitoba' (taken from label of the slime crate).

Demons join their game: select 'Mimesweeper' (from the red monitor).

Shout his names: select 'Shambling Corporate presence (from the red monitor list).

Watch the demon get exorcised off the... Uh Oh, the elves are the ones possessed.

Santa comes to the rescue and chases the demon outside. There are more instructions at the back of the parchment? Oh No!

Make sure to have the Spirits of Christmas to contain the demon:

Read the instructions again.

Enter Santa's Office and look at the Santa's safe by the door. Automatically open the chest and get a spirit bottle.

The bottle has the 3 Spirits of Christmas: Past, Present and Future.

Go outside and talk to the 3 different Spirits.

Spirit of Christmas Past:

Talk to the Spirit of Christmas Past right of the door.

Go through the wreath portal to the past.

Be at the office and see the discussion of the Two-teeth family. The son has Tourette's syndrome and Mary, the wife is very upset at Jimmy.

Turn the TV on and see that she comes out of the rat hole.

Place the world's simplest maze by the rat hole. Turn the TV on. Take Mrs. Mary Two-teeth automatically.

Go through the portal. Use the Desoto back to the office.

At present time, Jimmy is still up on the ledge and will jump.

Give him Mary Two-teeth. Sam picks up the boxing glove.

Go back to the North Pole and enter the portal to the past.

Give Jimmy the boxing glove.

Spirit of Christmas past goes in the spirit bottle.

Spirit of Christmas Present:

Talk to the Spirit of Christmas Present left of door.

Go through the wreath portal to the present.

Be at Stinky's and see the bug's family find the bug.

Remember what dad's last words and what brings the flashback to bug.

Go back through the portal. Take a reclaimed snowball from the yellow snow reclamation.

Go through the portal again.

Use the bleached reclaimed snowball on the bug.

Induce a flashback and watch bug order the family to 'move out maggots.

Spirit of Christmas present goes in the spirit bottle.

Spirit of Christmas Future:

Try to talk to the Spirit of Christmas Future left of the Santa's sleigh.

Go through the wreath portal to the future.

See Sam and Max in an island surrounded by lava.

Exit through the portal. Check Santa's sleigh and see that it needs coal to power it.

Go back to Santa's office. Look at the blue machine - stocking stuffer right of door. Read the printout. Liars get coal in their stockings.

Go back to present day using the Desoto.

Enter Stinky's. Click on every decorations in the diner. Note that Stinky lies.

Talk to Stinky about her sore feet.

Go back to Santa's workshop. Go to the green monitor. Select a present; this time choose the Footbath-piranha aquarium.

Use a gift tag on the wrapped gift. Select Stinky's name.

Go back to Stinky's using the Desoto.

Talk to Stinky again. Take Stinky's sock from the counter.

Go back to Santa's office and use Stinky's sock on the stocking stuffer to get a sock full of coal.

Use sock full of coal on Santa's sleigh outside. Santa's sleigh enters through the portal to the future.

Watch as future Sam and Max leave the lava surrounded island.

Spirit of Christmas future goes in the spirit bottle.

Use the spirit bottle on the demon by the tower. It turns into sinful jello. Noooooooo, Santa!

Possessed Santa:

Santa is possessed by the demon and chases the duo inside the workshop.

A gunfight starts. Look around and see things that can work for you.

Shoot the switch on the wall right of the tree. The toy bomber stops. Shoot the switch again to turn it on. Wait until it is just above the trampoline and shoot the switch to stop it there.

Order any present so that there is a gift box on the table.

Shoot the cannon that fell in front of the tree to light the fuse. The cannonball hits the gift, drops down the trampoline and enters the toy bomber.

Shoot the wall switch on to move it just above Santa.

Shoot the wall switch off to drop the cannon over the Flounder Pounder.

Watch what the Soda Poppers did to Santa.

Episode 202: Moai Better Blues

January 2008


Sam and Max watch as Sybil is chased by a big red triangle, rogue sentient inter-dimensional portal.


Help Sybil:   

Bosco's Inconvenience:     Enter the store and talk to Bosco completely. He is worried about T-H-E-M. He is getting his secret bunker ready.

Bosco states that the portal is a Bermuda Triangle. Learn how to communicate with the Bermuda Triangle.

Bosco states that they are attracted to symbols and sigils (shapes and colors). A pink rhombus makes them nostalgic for the 50's. A red octagon stops them from whatever they are doing and a blue icosahedron makes them draw maps of dungeons.

Look around the shop. See that he has surveillance photos and a stack of Banang, banana flavored drink.

Exit the store.

Stinky's Diner:    Go to Stinky's next door. Stinky is cleaning a blood stain on the counter. Talk to Stinky completely.

Learn that the specials are Camp David Granite Grinder and Lil Tykes Grinder with Basalt for the kids.

Look around at the displays in the diner.

Talk to Flint Paper, the next door detective. He is doing a surveillance on Bosco.

Hmmm... Remember what Bosco said about the Bermuda Triangle needing to be fed to communicate with them.

Take the stop sign right of the palm tree.

Street:    Exit the diner, stand by Bosco's store and wait for Sybil and the triangle to pass by. Use the stop sign on the triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle stops the chase and stands still in the middle of the street. Lincoln's head is taken by the Bermuda Triangle. Sybil follows through the portal to save Abe. Sam and Max jump in the portal to save Abe and Sybil.

Rapa Nui, Easter Island:

Learn about the Ancient Prophecy:    Abe and Sybil are having a picnic.

The middle female Moai talks about an Ancient Prophecy. The Ancient Ones prophesied about the end of their civilization. Sam and Max can stop the prophecy and save them. Rana Kao, the volcano will erupt but can be pacified by communicating with it through a hidden cave underground.

Talk to all the Moais completely. The Moais are guardians of the island spirits and elemental powers.

The middle female Moai controls the wind. She has the case of the blahs and doesn't want to blow a wind.

The Triangles are used to transport stones and go places.

The buried Moai on the left is guardian of the storm. When he gets mad a thunderstorm pops up above his head.

The grouchy Moai on the right is the guardian of the earth god.

Picnic area:    Look around the picnic area.

Go right and see the fountain of youth guarded by piranhas.

Check the Lost and Found box and Noah's Ark.

Talk to Sybil and then Abe. Take note that Abe is fascinated by the middle female Moai.

Ancient Hidden Underground cave:    Cross the bridge and see that the cave is guarded by a baby with a gun.

Talk to baby Jimmy Hoffa.

Tiny Tiki:    Go left of the cave and see a Tiki bar.

Talk to baby Amelia Earhart, baby Dan Cooper and baby Charles Lindbergh.

Check the surfboard and practice riding on the Wipeout.

There are 3 drinks left of the bar: Water, Paci-fire and Diaper rash.

Go left and talk to baby Glenn Miller. He needs help to get a perfect sound for his next big hit. He needs a catchy melody and a good train sound.

Look around his musical instruments: steel pan, skull, bongo, frying pan, tea kettle and bone xylophone. Take the mallet right of the propeller.

Train sound:    Go to the bar and take the tiki glass.

Use the glass on the water dispenser left of the bar. Use the water on the tea kettle hanging on the fire pit.

Use the glass on the Paci-fire dispenser. Use the Paci-fire on the small fire on the fire pit.

Rapa Nui choo choo is the just the right train sound baby Glenn needs.

Melody:    Go back to the big portal triangle at the picnic area. Enter the portal to go back to the office area.

Go right of Stinky's Diner and talk to the COPS at the garage.

Win the car horn: You can win a car horn, synth-o-tronic enhancer by running over the bagpipes on the street. Play the game.

Automatically, drive and run over the bagpipes in the street. You can use the keyboard arrows or the mouse to drive the car. Run over bagpipes until the meter at right stays up at the end of the run.

Sam automatically takes the car horn from the Desoto.

Go back to baby Glenn Miller at the Tiki bar area at Easter Island. Give him the Desoto car horn.

He gives conch that has his latest musical hit. Use the conch on Sam to hear the music.

Enter the Underground Cave:

Get a union card:    Fill the glass with any drink from the dispenser at the Tiki Bar.

Go to baby Jimmy Hoffa and give him the drink.  He will not take the drink except from a member of the waitress union.

Wipeout - Bucking surfboard:    To join the union, ride the bucking surfboard carrying a waitress tray.

The waitress tray is in inventory. Go to the bucking surfboard right of the Tiki bar. Click the waitress tray on the surfboard.

The object of the puzzle is to keep from dropping the bottle and not be hit by flying bottles.

Use the keyboard or mouse to select the position you want at top of the screen.

One tactic is to stay at the center and move after the bottle is thrown.

When the babies applaud, it means the puzzle is won.

Go to baby Hoffa and tell him that you got through the bucking surfboard. He wants a drink.

Give him any drink from the dispenser at the Tiki bar.

Get drink from Fountain of youth:    Go to the picnic area. Check the fountain of youth and see that it is guarded by the piranhas.

Play with triangles:    If the triangles are not up on the stands flanking the portal triangle, use the mallet or use the gun to hit the gong on both side (blue and yellow) of the portal triangle. See a triangle rise from the top of the stand.

Click on either one of the triangles and see that the hand goes to the other triangle.

So a blue is one end of the portal and the yellow is the other end.

Hit another blue or yellow gong and see that the other gong of the same color is turned off.

Take care of the Piranha's:    Hit the big yellow gong right of the fountain of youth and yellow triangle appears above it.

Go to the big blue gong left of the buried Moai on the left. Hit the blue gong and the triangle above appears.

Click the conch on the bored middle female Moai. She blows a wind.

Immediately, click on the buried left Moai and anger it to produce a thundercloud above.

The thundercloud is blown to the blue triangle and exits out the yellow triangle right of the fountain of youth.

The lightning strikes and takes care of the piranhas.

Use the glass and get some fountain of youth water.

Give the glass with fountain of youth water to baby Hoffa. He grows smaller and disappears completely.

Ancient Hidden Underground Cave:    Enter the cave. Look around.

Meet the Ocean Chimps:     See seahorse monkeys and their high priest, Mr. Spatula. Talk to them completely and learn about the ancient prophecies.

To prove that Max in the true High Priest, he must be anointed by the feet, feed the people and Max' true face appears.

Talk to them to find out how to do the prophecies.

Get anointed by the feet:    Max will have to stand up and the feet above will show a sign that Max is the true high priest.

Exit the cave. Sybil talks to Abe. Sybil gets upset because of Abe's fascination with the female Moai and leaves crying. Talk to Abe twice and see Abe get rejected by the Moai.

Go to the blue gong right of the middle female Moai. Hit the blue gong with the mallet to show the triangle beside the ear of the Moai.

Go back to the cave. Go to the right and hit the yellow gong to show the small yellow triangle.

Talk to the ocean chimps. Tell them that the feet will now anoint Max.

Watch Max. Use the conch on the yellow triangle right of the round bench.

The female Moai's feet above Max starts moving with the rhythm of the conch's music.

Feed the ocean monkey:    Ask the ocean chimps about the feed your people. Max must turn the water to Banang.

Go to the left side of the cave. Look around. Take bowling ball from the rock across the exit.

Check the mauled surfboard. Go left and check the hatch of a spaceship and the crate of video games by the wall.

Radio:    Go to the cockpit of the crashed airplane. Check the radio.

Click the frequency lever to 7175 kHz. Hear Bosco.

Click on speaker to scare Bosco. We are observing your earth... Hear Bosco get scared.

Turn the power switch off.

Bosco's Inconvenience:    Exit the cave and go through the portal. Be back at the street.

Enter the store and take a Banang right of the photo equipment.

Go back to the portal and then the cave.

Use Banang on the ceremonial urn at center of the round bench.

Make Max' true face appear:    Ask the ocean chimps about the true face. The prophecy says the Max face will appear in the cavern.

See a seashell-clam beside the water cooler rock look like Max but is missing an ear.

Go left of the yellow machine pod and look at the stalactite right of the rightmost feet. Hmmm... It looks like an ear.

Go right of the machine pod and look at the red snail trail. Take the red-oozing snail.

Go left of the cave. Take the travel guide to Easter Island found in front of the crashed airplane. Learn that basalt that is a mind altering substance for the Moai.

Exit the cave.

Get basalt sandwich:   Go through the portal

Enter Stinky's. Talk to Stinky completely. Order the special and get the granite sandwich.

See if she'll give you the basalt sandwich. Remember that Stinky serves basalt sandwich to kids only.

Go back through the portal.

Use the glass on fountain of youth. Drink fountain of youth water. Sam and Max turn to kids.

Go through the portal and try to go to Stinky's. The fountain of youth effect wears off far from the portal.

This also happens if  the fountain's water is in the glass alone and not drank.

Go back to Stinkys. Look around. See a gong above the jukebox. Hmmm...

Remember what Bosco said about the Bermuda Triangle; that they are attracted to color and shapes.

Use the red oozing snail on the gong. It is red. Now use the gun on the red gong.

See the red Bermuda Triangle appear inside Stinky's diner.

Go back through the portal and get more water from the fountain of youth. Go through the portal again.

Drink the fountain of youth water. Sam and Max turn to kids.

Order the special and get a basalt sandwich. Go through the portal again.

Get the stalactite:    Give the basalt sandwich to the right grouchy Moai. He needs it to cheer him up.

Tell him jokes and he starts shaking the earth.

Go back to the cave. Pick up the fallen stalactite right of the circular bench.

Place the stalactite on the Maxish clam look alike right of the exit.

Volcano's machine control center:

Sam talks to the ocean monkey. The true high priest has returned.

The pressure gauge of the volcano is on the RUN zone.

The ocean monkeys translate what Mr. Spatula says while Sam and Max slowly climb to the top of the yellow structure.

Max tips Mr. Spatula off the top of the structure. The lever is useless because it is too late; the volcano is erupting. Press the emergency button.

Go back down using the machine pod.

Mr. Spatula:    Check the water cooler of Mr. Spatula. Take the sock crown and Max is crowned.

Take the high priest medallion left of the fallen water cooler.

Runaway Bermuda Triangle:    Go outside the cave. See a huge pink Bermuda Triangle. It took the portal triangle.

Stop the runaway triangle:    Remember what stopped the red Bermuda Triangle.

Look at the high priest medallion in inventory. It is a gold octagon with an S on it.

Go down to the cave. Use the medallion on the red snail trail to get a red medallion.

Go back to the picnic area.

Use the gun on the yellow gong left of the volcano at far island.

Use the mallet on the small blue gong right of the now happy Moai.

Use the red high priest medallion on the blue triangle.

Watch the big pink Bermuda triangle absorbs the volcano eruption.

See what happen to the 3 Moais after the credits.


Episode 203: Night of the Raving Dead

February 2008

A vampire gloats having Sam and Max inside a soul sucker machine. While the vampire gets ready to pull the lever to squish Sam and Max, Sam recalls how they got in this predicament.

Office:    Sam watches as High Priest Max takes a bath in Holy Water.

A zombie walks in the office and takes Jesse James' hand from the wall plaque.

The commissioner calls to tell about the city being overran by zombies. The zombies came from a Zombie Factory.

The zombie places the hand on his stump and walks out.

Figure out where the zombies are coming from:

Office:    Look around the office and check everything out. Look at all the items from previous episodes, closet, rat hole and the hole on the wall.

Look at the ceremonial urn where High Priest Max takes his bath.

Exit the office.

Street:    Look at the beer stein on the sidewalk. Clue perhaps?

Talk to any or all the zombies in the street especially the vandal that took the haaannnd.

Check the Lucky Vermin Club at left side of the street. The rat bouncer says that Jimmy TwoTeeth is busy.

Bosco's Inconvenience Store is locked and Bosco went into hiding.

Sybil's:    Enter Sybil's and talk to Sybil.

Learn that Sybil is interviewing prospective suitor-boy friends. Right now, Harry the Mole is being interviewed. Harry has a great fear of zombies.

Sybil can not remember where in Europe the Zombie Factory is located.

Look at photos on Sybil's desk. Abe is definitely not in good stead with Sybil right now.

Check the Soul mater on Sybil's desk. Talk to Sybil about the soul mater.

Look at all the gifts right side of the sofa and the chocolate heart on the lamp stand beside Harry.

Stinky's Diner:    Hear Abe moan about Sybil.

Look around the diner. See a sunlamp left of the jukebox.

Talk to Stinky. Order the special and find out that it is Gooey Molasses Tar Cake. Look at the sticky goo-Molasses Tar Cake right of the counter.

Take the UV sunlamp bulb from the sunlamp stand.

Talk to Abe. Exit the diner.

Pimplecar Garage:    Talk to the COPS.

Learn about SOL. Stuttgart On-Line is the internet service the COPS made for the zombies.

Bluster Blaster had a processing accident and has been talking weird.

The have a new discovery - a super high powered internet antenna for your car.

Get the antenna:    To get the antenna, the guys have to market SOL to the zombies: give (throw) SOL installation CDs to the zombies in the street.

Drive the car and right click to hit 10 zombies with the CDs within a one minute time period.

Right click just before reaching the zombie since the CDs are thrown at a diagonal. Good luck.

After completing the puzzle, the antenna was installed on the Desoto.

Ride the Desoto to go to Zombie Factory in Stuttgart.

Enter the Zombie Factory:    Sam and Max arrive outside a castle that is the Zombie Factory.

Castle:    Look at the castle. Check out the gargoyle at the corner of the castle close to the car. The gargoyle is holding a dish.

Talk to the zombies that are waiting to get in the castle.

Cemetery:    Go to the right. Check the open coffin and the tomb in the cemetery.

Look at the open grave and automatically get a brain. Check the sarcophagus and the gravestone left of the open grave.

Entrance:    Knock on entrance door. Agent Superball (neighhhhhhhh Frau Blucher)!

Talk to Superball. You can not enter because there are zombies that are ahead in the line.

Trash container:    Look in the trash container right of the entrance and automatically get a pack of garlic clove cigarettes.

Remove the waiting zombies:   

Gargoyle:    Click-throw the brain on the pan held by the gargoyle at the corner of the castle.

See the zombies go to the gargoyle and the brain.

Entrance:    Talk to Agent Superball again. Now that there is no line waiting to get in, Superball says that to enter you have to leave the garlic clove or holy water outside. Place the cigarettes back in the trash container. Learn about Master Jurgen and the Zombie Factory.

The Zombie Factory:    Welcome Creatures of the Night to the Zombie Factory.

Jurgen:    Meet Jurgen. (That looks painful).

Sounds like Jurgen is a fan of the TV show, Midtown Cowboys and Herr Featherly.

Learn his plan - Every soul he takes, his army gets bigger. No one truly knows me.

Talk to Jurgen, the Vampire Prince again.

Learn about the source of his power that holds his zombie army: his rhymes, moves, staying on top of the latest trend.

Learn about the popularity of the Midtown Cowboys. New location unlocked.

His dancing-moves are appreciated by his zombie army.

Disco:    Look around the disco.

Check the right bookcases, floating chandelier and axes by entrance.

Fireplace:    The fireplace is suspicious. Take typewriter ribbon (not necessary) from the coffee table right of the fireplace.

Aquarium:    Check the aquarium. Take a bottle of water from top of aquarium.

Left bookcase:    The rhyme above the bookcase is worn down.

Destroy Jurgen's source of power:

Moves - Dancing:    Talk to Jurgen and learn that his moves are his dancing style.

Coffin:     Read the rhyme on the coffin.

My dark mistress longs for death

To return to her velvet sepulcher

Her only passion the void's embrace

Or else she'd reply to my letters.

DJ Booth:    Check the DJ booth and see buttons that sounds out words.

Click on all buttons to hear the words and the buttons will then be labeled by the word.

Click on the words taken from the last word of each line of the rhyme on the coffin:    death, sepulcher, embrace and letters.

The coffin lid opens.

Spotlight:    Enter the coffin and be at the balcony where the spotlight is located.

Use the UV sunlamp bulb on the spotlight.

Go down and go to the DJ booth. Press the 4th from left bottom button.

Jurgen will show off his dancing skill and get spotlighted by the UV rays. Aww, aww...

Jurgen's zombies are disappointed about his moves-dancing then. Jurgen stops dancing.

Rhymes:    Talk to Jurgen and challenge him in bleakest rhyming.

Rhyme Contest:    You might but not necessarily need to lose once first and listen to Jurgen's rhyme.

Select new Sam and Max names: Count Cryptwind Deathgrasp and Baron Bat-Anguish von Nightmare.

In the selection of rhymes, select only the bleakest rhyme possible.

We'll knock you out deader than Bela Lugosi.

Our world is endless torment and sorrow.

'Cause all creation ends in death and decay.

The zombies love the rhyme and Jurgen loses.

Jurgen goes and drinks Max' blood. Jurgen recites-repeats Sam and Max' rhyme.

Jurgen has taste in his mouth of what Max ate earlier. Hmmm...

Staying on top of latest trend:    The latest craze in Germany is Midtown Cowboys.

Exit the disco. Take the garlic clove cigarettes from the trash container.

Ride the Desoto. Go to the TV WARP Studios.

Midtown Cowboys:    Sam and Max enter the set of Midtown Cowboys.

Talk to Featherly formerly Pennyworth. A great actor must be ready for any eventuality.

Talk to the Director. Learn about the show's hit, episode and product placements.

Let's film. See that malt liquor is promoted by the episode scene. Malt Liquor is now selling well in Germany.

Look in the bag and automatically get the malt liquor.

Place garlic clove cigarettes inside Featherly's bag.

Talk to director and let's film again.

Now, Max pulls out the garlic clove cigarettes. Cool Germans now buy garlic clove cigarettes.

Zombie Factory:    Go back to the castle disco.

See Jurgen try to smoke clove garlic cigarettes, cough, cough...

Office:    Take the Desoto back to the office.

Give the water bottle to Max and he will drink it.

Use the now empty water bottle on the ceremonial urn that has holy water. Max recites some magic words and the water in the bottle now contains Holy Water.

Go back to the Zombie Factory.

Zombie Factory:    Go back to the castle disco at Stuttgart.

Before entering the disco, give the Holy Water to Max. Max drinks the Holy Water.

Leave the Holy Water bottle in the trash can. See Max get a halo.

Enter the disco and talk to Jurgen.

Let's rhyme. Skip or recite the rhyme.

Jurgen bites Holy Max again. Watch what happens to Jurgen.

Jurgen finally runs to the secret door behind the fireplace after the zombies turn on him.

Jurgen's sources of power are removed and the zombies are now alienated.

Back to regular programming:   

Jurgen's secret laboratory:    Follow Jurgen through the fireplace and up to his secret Laboratory.

After the epic battle, Sam and Max are now where we left them at the start of the episode; between the jaws of the soul sucker machine.

You are Dead!

Outside the castle:    The heroes exit through the open grave and out to the cemetery. Sam and Max are now zombies!

Talk to zombie Lincoln. Try talking to Superball. Talk to the zombie by the entrance.

Zombie Factory:    Enter the castle and zombie Lincoln follows. Try to go to the fireplace.

Flint Paper crashes through the stained glass window. Flint shoots the zombie Lincoln dead and Lincoln's brain is dislodged.

We can't pick up the brain yet. Enter the fireplace.

Jurgen's secret laboratory:   

Souls:    See the souls of Sam and Max inside the cage. Sam lets the souls out.

Jurgen's coffin:    Go to the coffin beside the souls of Sam and Max. Talk to Sam and Max' soul.

Look at the painting above the coffin.

Read the alchemy book right of Jurgen's coffin: turning chocolate to gold.

Alchemy machine:    Look at the alchemy machine right of the monster. The batteries are dead.

Take the bolt cutters on the floor.

Monster:    Look at Jurgen's monster. Pull the power switch of the machine and it brings life to the monster.

Talk to the monster. The monster is lonely. He is incomplete and wants to be assembled from the parts on the table before meeting Sybil.

Look at the body parts left of the Monster. Select any parts you want and click that part on the monster: hand (arm), heart (chest) and brain (head). To change those parts, select another part and click it on the monster's head, chest and arm.

Talk to the monster again to go to Sybil's.

Sybil's:    Automatically be at Sybil's after convincing the monster to go and take all his things.

Talk to Sybil. Try to take the soul mater from the desk. She will use it once she finds a boyfriend.

Sybil will question each of the 3 suitors (Monster, Mr. Featherly and Harry the Mole) to determine which one will be her boyfriend.

Talk to each of the suitors. Harry is afraid of zombies.

Question cards on Sybil's desk:

Click on question #1: Sybil wants one that is kind, upstanding and never cruel; one with a heart of gold.

Click on question #2: Sybil wants one that is good with his hands.

Click on question #3: Sybil wants one with a way with words.

Try to change the parts of the monster so that he can give better answers.

Collect parts of a suitable steady boyfriend:

Heart:    While in Sybil's office, click on question #3.

When it is Harry's turn to mention what he will say to Sybil, immediately try to take the chocolate heart right of Harry.

Watch what happens. Harry is dismissed from Sybil's office.

Superball takes Harry's place. Talk to Agent Superball.

Take the chocolate heart.

Heart of Gold:    Use the Desoto and go back to Stuttgart.

Try to take the super antenna of the car manually. Then use the bolt cutter on the super antenna of the car.

Enter the castle and go to the fireplace.

Go to the alchemy machine. It doesn't have any power.

Use the super antenna on the power plug. Pull the power switch of the machine on the wall.

Max unplugs the machine now that it has juice.

Click the chocolate heart on alchemy machine to get a heart of gold.

Brain:    Go left of the stairs. See the wooden stakes trophy.

Look at the painting above the wooden stakes of a literate Jurgen.

Take note that the rhyme above the bookcase can still be read. Note the endings of each line.

Go back down to the disco. See that Flint Paper is still shooting zombies.

Go to the DJ booth. Press the buttons that would say the words seen from the rhymes on the literate Jurgen painting:    abyss, razors, pain and parents.

The bookcase opens. Enter the open bookcase and come out the bookcase behind Flint Paper.

Max attacks Flint and Sam takes Lincoln's brain.

Hand:  Take the car back home. See the zombie run after Jesse James' hand. You might or might not see this part.

Stinky's:    Enter Stinky's. See Jesse James' hand holding a tied up Stinky at gunpoint.

Move around and see the hand follow Sam around. Click on hand or use the gun on it and see the hand shoots back.

The hand jumps back after each firing of the gun.

Stand left of the hand. Click or shoot the hand until it reaches close to the glass cover of the tar cake.

As soon as the hand gets close and can't move back anymore, talk to Stinky to position the hand closer this side of the counter.

Then click to get the hand to fire and get stuck on the tar cake. Take Jesse James' hand.

Suitable suitor:    Go back to the laboratory in Stuttgart.

Monster:    Change the body parts of the monster again by clicking on the body part table.

Use the zombie Lincoln's brain on the head, the heart of gold on the chest and Jesse James' hand on the monster's hand.

Talk to Gruesome and ask him to go to Sybil's again.

Sybil's:    Click on each of the 3 questions again. Watch what happens when all the questions are asked.

Take the soul mater.

Jurgen the Vampire Prince and the ultimate showdown:    Go back to Jurgen's laboratory in Stuttgart.

The showdown:    See that the soul of Sam and Max went to wrong bodies.

Jurgen wakes up. He poses to fight.

Take a wooden stake and try to hit Jurgen. Try to shoot Jurgen with the gun.

The only one that can fight and win against Jurgen is a monster.

Click the soul mater on the monster. He places it on his back.

Pull the lever of the soul sucker machine.

Immediately enter (click on) the jaws of the soul sucker machine. Sam and Max enter the soul sucker.

Their souls float away and enter the monster.

As the monster now, take a wooden stake from the trophy case.

Use the wooden stake on Jurgen. Watch what happens to Jurgen.


Flint Paper arrives and shoots the monster.

The souls exit the monster. Sam and his soul reunite.

Uh oh! Max' soul floats away and the soul mater is now out of reach.

Sam will help Flint with his search for Bosco.


Max, the President of the United States is a zombie!


Episode 204: Chariots of the Dogs

March 2008

Max cuts through the glass of Bosco's store; followed by Flint Paper and Sam. A combined detective skill of detection ensues.


Where's Bosco?

Bosco's store:   Talk to Flint and find out the reason why he's looking for Bosco. Look around the store and see that Bosco is not here. The bathroom door is blocked by lasers.

Bosco's counter:    Go behind the store counter.

See and take the Moai head toy on the floor.

Check Bosco's stuff at the corner of the counter.

Check the keypad on the wall. It is the one that controls the lasers that blocks the bathroom.

Read the scrawled message on the wall: The code is in my head. Aha!

Go over the counter.

Turn off the lasers blocking the bathroom door.

Corner counter:    Go to the corner counter beside the bathroom with the lasers.

See seismograph, microscope, x-ray machine and enlarger. Check the items on the wall.

Use the Moai head toy on the x-ray machine to get an x-ray.

Bosco's counter:   Go back to the front of the counter. Look up and see the x-ray viewer.

Use the Moai head x-ray on the x-ray viewer. See 5318008.

Go to the back of the counter. Click on the keypad and automatically enter the code on the keypad. The lasers on the bathroom are off.

Bathroom:    Enter the bathroom.

Check the bulletin board to see what Bosco has been ordering: paper mache and baking soda.

Enter the first toilet stall. Take the open wine bottle on top of the box. The wine turned into vinegar.

Note the scrawled message on the wall of the urinal:    If you explode it T-H-E-Y will come.

Check the disguises and the disguise kit. Check the scrawled message on the wall above the disguises:    Baking soda + vinegar = eruption.

Look at the unfinished volcanoes on the shelf.

Check the finished model volcano on the sink and the scrawled message above it:    Not big enough. Bigger!

Let's do it - If you explode it T-H-E-Y will come.

Baking soda + vinegar = eruption.

Take some baking soda from the broken container right of sink.

Place some in model volcano. Add vinegar. Watch.

Not big enough. Bigger! Okay.

Use the gun on the baking soda container on the left. Add vinegar on the holed lid of the baking soda.

It's T-H-E-M.

Space Ship:    <choke> Ah, there's Bosco. Bosco says that he entered the elevator and saw his mother. He came back and ended up being a cow. He wants the dynamic duo to fix it, fix her, him.

Fix Boscow:

Talk to Boscow completely. Learn about the detector device.

Look around the space ship. Check the speaker device behind Bosco.

Talk to the Central Device behind the Captain's chair completely. Scroll through the dialogues.

Learn to use the elevator-time machine by selecting the destination using pre-printed time cards.

Elevator-time machine:    Click to select a time card and automatically insert in the slot. The only time card is to Bosco's store.

Bosco's Store:    It's Bosco's mom. Make a baby?

Ms. Bosco:    Talk to Momma Bosco. She wants the vandal that run over her baby maker.

It's the 1960's. She made a baby maker machine.

To use the baby maker, get a DNA sample (from saliva) and place it in the baby maker. Her sample is already in there.

The father is a man in dark suit she met in the White House at Washington DC.

Ms. Bosco falls for Max who does not like girls. Catastrophic temporal anomaly detected. Momma Bosco loses interest in making a baby - Bosco of the future.

Baby maker:    Check the baby maker at the corner counter. Check the spilt milk above.

Take the chemical sampler used to get spit-saliva from the donor.

Pick up the modified carbon dater on the floor at end of counter.

Bathroom:    Go to the bathroom and the first stall.

See the Nippy Valley vinegar bottle is still wine. Sam takes the cork out to correct for the future. Exit the bathroom.

Elevator:    Use the modified carbon dater on Momma Bosco and get the Oval Office Time Card.

Go to the elevator and the elevator states that they have to go back home because they caused a temporal anomaly.

Fix Temporal Anomaly that caused Bosco not to exist.

Space ship:    Talk to Boscow. See that he fades in and out because of his possible non-existence.

Use the modified carbon dater on Max and get a time card for Stinky's.

Use the modified carbon dater on Sam and get a time card for Intergalactic Freelance Police.

Use the time card for Stinky's on the elevator-time machine. Click on Stinky's time card.

Stinky's:    Meet the one true Stinky.

Stinky:    Talk to Grandpa Stinky.

He's perfecting his gooey molasses tar cake. He mentions the secret ingredient.

It's the 80's. Look at the tar cake on the counter. Use the chemical sampler on the tar cake to get tar cake sample.

Little Max:    Talk to little Max. It's Max' birthday today. There's prom tonight. He thinks the prom is boring.

Max needs to get interested in girls so that he will: 1. stop playing Bluster Blaster, 2. Momma Bosco lose interest in the future.

Little Sam:    Talk to little Sam. He created Bluster Blaster. It needs a new AI.

Temporal anomaly detected. Little Sam doesn't want to grow up being like the adult Sam and is interested only on being a nerd/perfecting his Bluster Blaster.

Take the screwdriver.

Glass case:    Go to the right and check the case. Read the letter written by the President to Maxine. Nice picture.

Use the screwdriver on the screw loose and get the President's letter.

Intergalactic Freelance Police:    Use the time card for Intergalactic Freelance Police on the elevator.

Talk to the future Max. Learn about StinkyCorp and super adhesive.

Look around. Look at Stinky's poster on the bulletin board. The secret ingredient is bitumen-13.

Read the obituary for Mariachi Pedro who died due to complication from... The rest of the sentence is blurry.

Oval Office:    Use the Oval Office time card on the elevator. Click on the Oval Office Time Card.

Enter the 60's Oval Office and see Agent Superball. Look around and check everything. The President's wife's picture is under the picture of George Washington.

Talk to Superball. He adores the President.

Patent:    Superball can give patents. Ask for Gooey molasses tar cake patent.

Bitumen-13 is the unique ingredient. Get the molasses tar cake patent form.

Superball spit sample:    Superball states that it takes a lot to shock him.

Show Superball the presidential letter from Stinky's. He throws the envelope.

Superball gets shocked upon learning that the rendezvous is at Stinky's and spits the water he's drinking.

Use the chemical sampler on the star pillow that has Superball's spit to get Superball's sample.

Bosco's Store:    Use Superball's sample on the baby making machine. Time stream altered.

Home-Space ship:    Go home by pressing the Home button on the elevator.

See a new Bosco. Ah, Superball is the wrong dad. Talk to Boscoball.

Stinky's:    Go to Stinky's.

Get Max interested in girls.

Tar cake:    Use the patent form on Grandpa Stinky. He gets upset and throws the tar cake.

Time stream altered. The portable AI falls from the elevator. Pick up the portable AI.

Little Sam:    Click the portable AI on little Sam.

Little Sam downloads the AI and adjusts the Bluster Blaster. The machine changed what it says to little Max.

The machine does not take to the new AI. This is seen by the response it gives to Max in his game.

Home:    Go to the elevator and press the Home button.

Talk to the Central Device. Select system settings, change the way the AI answers to abusive.

Terminate and go back to Stinky's.

Click the newly programmed abusive portable AI on little Sam.

Watch Max gets abused by the Bluster Blaster. Max loses interest in the game and decides to go to the prom.

Time Stream altered. Adult Max is now interested in chicks.

Bosco's Store:    Go to Bosco's store.

Watch Max in action.

Temporal Anomaly corrected. Momma Bosco is disenchanted with Max and is back on her original course.

Fix Boscoball.

Home-Space ship:    Go home and see Bosco solid now. He still needs to get back to his original parentage.

Oval Office:    Go to the Oval Office and look around.

Check the desk and see the open envelope that Superball tossed when he read the presidential letter.

Use the chemical sampler on the open envelope and get the President's sample.

Bosco's Store:    Go to Bosco's store.

Use the President's sample on the baby maker. Time stream altered. Bosco's father! Oh my!

Home-Space ship:    Go home.

Bosco:    See Bosco back to his old self now. The exit door opens and...

Meet T-H-E-M, the Mariachis:     Listen and learn that the oldest and last of his line Mariachi picked up the 2 younger version of himself. They sing and greet Gringos on their birthdays. The spaceship costs too much so they signed a new contract and had a co-signer. To do so, they take up souls of the dammed and send them to a place unknown. But first the soul goes through a soul crushing process.

The cow man has heart attack. Bosco dies and his soul is now ready to be soul crushed and sent to places unknown. He cries for Sam and Max to help him.

The soul crushing is done by the Moai stone heads. They surround the soul crushing platform.

Learn what the Mariachis want in order to retire:

Soul crushing room:

Old Mariachi:    Talk to Pedro, the original Mariachi. He cannot quit until he gets some deep questions answered.

How do I die? What came first the chicken or the egg?

He takes care of the soul crushing machine and printer.

Soul crushing control panel:    Check the machine and see the time control that speeds up the time and the suck button.

Soul crushing bridge control panel:        Go to right side and check the bridge button.

Bridge:    Exit the room. Hear El Capitan Mariachi issue the new destination - Embarrassing Idol show to greet the Soda Poppers.

Take the Embarrassing Idol time card from the central device.

Capitan Mariachi:    Talk to Captain Mariachi. Learn that he wants to ditch the other 2 Mariachis and go solo on his singing career.

Listening Mariachi:    Talk to the listening Mariachi. Learn that he listens for any mentions of birthdays. He gets a break when he goes out on a mission.

Old Mariachi's questions - How do I die?

Remember the obituary seen on the bulletin board of the Intergalactic Freelance Police office. It states what caused Old Pedro's demise but it was too blurry to read. Let's pursue that line.

Oval Office:    Go to the Oval Office. Use the modified carbon dater on Superball to get the Office time card.

Present day Freelance Police Office:    Use the Office time card on the elevator.

Superball:    Talk to Superball. He seems very secretive again. Today is Superball's birthday. 

Superball applies a mind wipe whenever he is asked about time travel. Hmm... conspiracy.

Model volcano:    Check the volcano in front of Jimmy's rat hole door. It is under the bulletin board and might cause a mess on the bulletin board. Use the cork on the volcano. Time stream altered.

Boxing Betty:    Pick up the Boxing Betty remote from Max' desk and Sam's voice is heard from the open window. Get an egg.

Intergalactic Freelance Police:    Go to Intergalactic Freelance Police office.

Take the obituary from the clean Bulletin board (since the volcano is still corked below it). It states that Pedro Mariachi died inhaling ink ribbon fumes.

Home-Space ship:    Go home.

Go to the soul crushing room. Give the obituary to Old Mariachi. He is also upset about the printer.

Old Mariachi's questions - What comes first the chicken or the egg?

Printer:    Go to the printer and Sam takes the ink ribbon from the printer and throws it in the time vortex.

Ah - that was the typewriter ribbon seen on the table at the Zombie castle (see episode 203).

Now there's no ink on the printer.

Bridge:    Go back out to the bridge.

Ask the central device for a time card. It will give out a time card for Embarrassing Idol. It's blank - no ink to print the dates on it.

Beginning of the universe:    Use the blank (no time/date) card on the elevator-time machine.

Exit to the beginning of universe. Talk to Mr. Featherly. Mr. Featherly can not leave this place because it will cause a catastrophic temporal paradox.

Use the egg as replacement on Mr. Featherly. Time stream altered.

Go back home.

Home-Space ship:    Go home.

Go to the soul crushing room. Use Mr. Featherly on Old Mariachi. Vaya con Dios, Sam y Max.

Use any machine and see that Capitan Pedro overrides any order.

Get Listening Mariachi off the ship:

Go back to the bridge and talk to Listening Mariachi. He can not leave the ship unless there's a new birthday.

Time cards:    Look close at the time cards on the slots at the elevator.

Note the dates above the name. It was little Max' birthday at Stinky's. It was Superball's birthday at the office.

Those dates are the birthdays of the character scanned for the time cards.

Superball's birthday is 9-06.

Oval Office:    Go to Oval Office.

Calendar:    Change the national date to 9-06 by placing the 'today' post it on the 6th of the month of September.

Superball:    Talk to Superball. He answers the question that it is his birthday.

Listening Mariachi arrives and starts singing.

Go to the elevator and leave. Listening Mariachi is stranded at the oval office.

Get a record contract for Capitan Mariachi:

Embarrassing Idol:     Use the Embarrassing Idol time card on the elevator. Click on Embarrassing Idol Time card.

See the playback of the singing contest. Sam wins a record contract.

Talk to the past Sam and Max. They got in the elevator and left the present day Sam and Max stranded.

Home-Space ship:    After the present day Sam and Max go through a whole year and half again, they are picked up again by the ship.

Past Sam:    Talk to the past Sam and he wants to know how to get to the moon. Select any answer in the list.

 Select 'get a clue from us' and give any answer in exchange for the contract. They don't want to give up the contract needed for a previous case in Season 1.

Go through the dialogues again. This time answer 'you need a time traveling phone booth'.

To get one of those, answer 'ask Agent Superball in the Future'.

They come back with their mind wiped by Superball.

Ask again about getting to the moon. This time answer 'you need to get a clue'.

To get one of those, answer 'we've got one'.

After the discussion, get recording contract.

Capitan Mariachi:    Give the recording contract to the Captain. He leaves to become a superstar.

Get up to the Bermuda Triangle:

Soul crushing room:    Go to the soul crushing room and save Bosco's soul.

Max jumps on the control panel and steps on the suck button. Bosco's soul is sucked up the Bermuda Triangle to parts unknown.

Extend the Bridge:    Go the control panel at right and extend the bridge to get to the soul crushing platform.

The elevator appears and the future Mariachis warn not to extend the bridge.

Too late! The self destruct mechanism is engaged. The space ship travels to the beginning of the universe.

Get out of here:    Go to the soul crushing panel.

Press the soul crusher button.

Immediately, use the tar cake sample on the time control clock.

Immediately, go to the platform and click on suspended Bosco's corpse.

If this doesn't work, I'll see you in hell.

The Big Bang!


Episode 205: What's New, Beelzebub?

April 2008

Max drops from the triangle; followed my Sam. Ooof! Here comes Bosco's body. The AI announces that the spaceship disintegrates. Mr. Featherly taken from Sam's pocket says that they are in Hell.

Look around at all the things in the train tunnel. Talk to the moleman that came out of the break in the wall. Check on Bosco and talk to Mr. Featherly.


Find a token for the soul train to hell:

Soul train depot:    Go to the right.

Talk to Harry, the moleman. He is Death. He wants a token to enter hell using the soul train.

Climb the metal ladder on the wall at right.

Street:    Go to the left and talk to Momma Bosco's ghost standing at the corner. Her apartment is above the Inconvenience store. Ah, Momma Bosco's token was left in her apartment. She hired Flint Paper to find the vandal that trashed her store.

Bosco's Inconvenience:     Enter and talk to Flint paper.

Casino (Maimtron 9000):    Go to the left of the street and see Jimmy TwoTeeth standing on The Lucky Vermin Casino.

Talk to Jimmy several times. He needs a computer to make the robot into a laser show for the kids. Give Jimmy the portable AI from inventory.

The Maimtron wakes up and the rats evacuate his body. During this waking up; Timmy, Jimmy's son with Tourette syndrome gets hurt.

Talk to Maimtron 9000. He can only be controlled by a remote.

Office:    Enter the office building and find out that it is blocked by a time travel elevator.

Click on the window and watch a replay of a scene in episode 204. The other Sam throws out the remote. Sam throws the egg left by Mr. Featherly in inventory on the window.

Ms Bosco's apartment:    Use the remote on the robot. As the robot, go to the right.

Go to Bosco's window above the Inconvenience store and click on it.

The robot takes the token and drops it on Sam's hand.

Go to hell:   

Soul train depot:    Go down the manhole in front of Sybil's office.

Give the token to Harry the Death moleman and Sam places it on the gumball machine.

They're going to hell, baby.

Hell reception desk:    Talk to Jurgen the vampire/the receptionist. Beelzebub talks to Jurgen.

Look around at the candy bowl, notepaper and phone on the desk. Check the horned skull above the entrance and the spiked sofa.

Hell's office:    Enter the double doors right of the reception desk.

Look around at the posters of some deadly sins, Monday calendar and the clock that is one minute before end of work time.

Shambling Corporate Presence:    See and talk to SCP, Shambling Corporate Presence. Take the coffee cup from hell from its table.

Hugh Bliss:    Talk to Hugh Bliss. He bleeps naughty words.

Click on the list of swear words left of Hugh Bliss. Check the poetry magnets.

Brady Culture:    Talk to Brady Culture. He is happy that he is now a fulltime employee.

Take the keycard on Brady's nameplate.

Lounge area:    Check the lounge area at far corner of the office.

Read the bulletin board. Click on Mr. Spatula in the water cooler. Check the coffee pot, reminder on the wall and microwave.

Meeting room:    Check the evil chair, the carbonite on the wall and the sexual harassment on the screen on the other wall.

Go right of office. There are office supplies at right of the meeting room.

Back room door:    Go to the right of the meeting room and see the back room door.

Sam and Max' room:   Sam and Max frames the back room door.

Enter and see Sam and Max' case room. Check the statue of Sam the Devourer and Max the Destroyer. Check the locked file cabinets and the plaque.

Recent Arrivals monitors:   

Look close at the Theater Diorama and see a naked Bosco on stage.

Look close at Santa's workshop diorama and see Santa in his workshop.

Look close at Street diorama and see the Desoto.

Look close at Toy factory diorama and see an elf at the Toy factory.

Look close at Cooking show diorama and see Stinky in the cooking show.

There is one empty diorama.

Release Bosco and the Desoto:

Theater diorama:    Use the keycard on the card reader stand left of the dioramas.

Click on Theater diorama and be inside the theater.

Talk to naked Bosco. As his punishment in hell, he is to perform on stage and be watched for eternity.

Take the nitrous oxide beside the dentist chair on stage.

Talk to demon Mariachi, demon Sybil and demon Momma Bosco.

Click on the box at bottom right to exit diorama.

Street diorama:   Use the nitrous oxide on the street diorama. The tank shrinks and is at the backseat of the Desoto.

 Use the keycard on the card reader stand left of the dioramas. Select/click Street diorama.

Street driving:    See Sam and Max in the car in the Desoto on empty street.

Click on the nitrous oxide tank icon at bottom left.

Drive on any ramp at the sidewalk. See the car drive into and in the theatre screen above the street.

The demon theatre watchers turn to watch Sam and the car that crashed in the theater.

That diversion releases Bosco from the eternal hellish punishment.

Bosco's and the Desoto's souls float out of the diorama (ah - cars have souls).

Satan still owns Bosco's soul.

Hell efficiency 1:

See that Hell efficiency goes down as seen on top of the door.

Exit the room and go to the office.

See Lucifer/Beelzebub talks to Brady. Brady gets demoted to hourly from full time worker. Lucifer ignores Sam and Max.

Release Santa and the elf:    Go back to Sam and Max'  room.  

Santa's workshop diorama:    Use the keycard on the card reader stand left of the dioramas. Click on Santa's workshop diorama.

Talk to Santa and find out that the demon babies distracts him from his work. He wants the babies gone.

When Santa scares them off, a new one emerges from the gift dispenser. He's recalling dangerous toys; Rex Skirmish Danger Hero Doll. Santa doesn't like kids.

Talk to the demon babies. Look around the workshop.

Click on the box at bottom right to exit diorama.

Toy factory diorama:    Use the keycard on the card reader stand left of the dioramas. Click on the factory diorama.

Look around. Talk to the elf completely.

Help the elf make the Rex Skirmish Danger Hero Doll perfect and not recalled.

Select the choices:

Cool outfit - commando style (shirtless; so no body protection).

Action packed attachment - any choice can be used.

Tragic flaw - acid for blood.

Santa's workshop diorama:    Use the keycard on the card reader stand left of the dioramas. Click on Santa's workshop diorama.

See new boxes from the workshop come out of the gift dispenser. Use the gun on the new box.

See the box release the acid (no protection for the doll - shirtless) and drops down the chute. The babies get scared and run away. New babies released by the gift dispenser are destroyed by the acid and trapped down the chute.

Santa is ecstatic.

Hell efficiency2:

See that Hell efficiency goes down again as seen on top of the door.

Exit the room and go to the office.

See Lucifer/Beelzebub talks to Hugh Bliss. Lucifer still ignores Sam and Max.

Release Grandpa Stinky:    Go back to Sam and Max'  room.  

Cooking show diorama:    Use the keycard on the card reader stand left of the dioramas. Click on cooking show diorama.

See demon Girl Stinky cooking in the show. The rats that died during the robot disaster are here watching the show.

Talk to Grandpa Stinky. He is the sous chef of demon Girl Stinky. He is jealous of Girl Stinky so he doesn't want the show to stay on air.

Look around. Get a book - Stinky's Baby Book from the book display at right.

Talk to the rat guests. Uh oh. One of the rats said a censored word.

Hugh Bliss pops in and warns that the show might get cancelled because of the language.

Now, who do we know that says censored words. Ah...

Click on the box at bottom right to exit diorama.

Sam and Max' room:    See Death aka Harry the moleman get something from the file and leaves.

Look in open file drawer and see that it is TwoTeeth file. Sam automatically takes Jimmy's thick file.

Exit the room, office and hell. At the train station, climb the ladder to go back to the street.

COPS:    Go to the right and talk to the computers.

Talk to Jimmy TwoTeeth and then to dying Timmy.

Check Timmy's file on the floor. Try to replace Timmy's thin file with Jimmy's thick file from inventory.

Harry won't let you touch the files.

Talk to Harry aka Death. Learn that Timmy is going to heaven and that Harry covers all death. Hmm...

Sybil's:    Go left and enter Sybil's office.

Talk to Sybil and find out that Sybil is preparing for her wedding to Abe Lincoln head.

She is planning her wedding with the help of Jurgen's monster.

Talk to her again. She won't let the monster leave.

Talk to the monster several times. He will ask to be killed to stop from suffering.

Shoot the monster. Harry aka Death comes to do his job.

Leave Sybil's office and go to COPS garage.

COPS:    Replace Timmy's file with Jimmy's file.

The excitement caused Timmy to pass over.

Death arrives and takes Jimmy's file. Timmy is taken to hell based on Jimmy's life.

Go down the manhole by Sybil's office. Ride the train to hell and go to Sam and Max' case room.

Cooking show diorama:    Use the keycard on the card reader stand left of the dioramas. Click on cooking show diorama.

See that Timmy is here watching the show. Talk to Timmy and hear him do his 'censored' laden sentences.

Hugh Bliss arrives and cancels the show.

The rats and Grandpa Stinky are freed from their punishment.

Hell efficiency3:

See that Hell efficiency goes down to the red mark as seen on top of the door.

Exit the room and go to the office.

See Lucifer/Beelzebub talks to Shambling Corporate Presence.

Release the souls:   

Satan/Lucifer/Beelzebub finally talks to Sam.

Satan frees the souls if Sam signs the release contract.

Sam thinks of the worse thing that could happen.

Sam signs without reading the fine print and is given his personal hell.

Release Sam from his personal hell:   

See Sam back at the office and has devil Peepers as his partner instead of Max.

Talk to Peepers. Look around the office.

Take the bone saw from Max' desk.

Open the closet door and talk to Leonard. He is in hell too.

See that there's a safe above devil Peepers. Try shooting the safe or using the saw on the safe. Sigh!

Go to the left of the coat rack that is left of the door.

See the hole in the wall and Max trying to look in or hear inside the office.

Talk to Max completely. He's too big to get in here.

Give the key card to Max at the hole on the wall.

Watch what Max do to devil Peepers.

Take care of the Bosses of hell:

Hell office:    Satan says that the bosses will not be pleased.

See that the true bosses of hell are the Soda Poppers. Talk to the Soda Poppers completely.

Satan gets fired.

Their agenda for hell:

1. Peepers - Conceive hellspawn.

2. Whizzer - Repeat the original sin.

3. Specs - Challenge for soul.

Momma Bosco's vandal found:

Exit hell and go back up to the street.

Flint paper calls out for an invitation to Abe's bachelor party at the store.

Momma Bosco finds out that the intruder she has been looking for is Bosco.

Stop Peepers from producing a hellspawn:

Bosco's Inconvenience Store:    Enter the store.

See  the hired stripper come out of the bathroom.

Talk to Flint Paper, Mr. Featherly, Abe, a naked Bosco and Jimmy TwoTeeth.

They are all drinking the punch from the cooler.

Exit the store.

Desoto:    See the Desoto revving continuously. Click on it and Sam says that it seems different somehow.

Satan:    Talk to Satan completely.

Check out Satan's stuff in the box beside him. Automatically get paper clip chain, pork rind and grocery list.

Sybil's:    Enter Sybil's and find Peepers.

Sybil sees Peepers in a different persona. Talk to Sybil. Talk to Peepers. Exit the office.

Timmy TwoTeeth:    Go left to the robot and see Timmy TwoTeeth and the robot.

Talk to the robot. Talk to Timmy completely. Timmy is the biggest fan of the Soda Poppers. He knows all about them.

Ask Timmy all about Soda Poppers. Ask about Specs, Whizzer's doctor, Peppers real name and Whizzer's marriages.

Peepers name is censored. Hmm...

Go back to Hell's office via the manhole and the train.

Hell's office:    Go to Hugh's cubicle.

Let's replace that censor word list with Satan's grocery list. Click the grocery list on the list on the wall of Hugh's cubicle.

Exit hell and go back to the street via the train and ladder.

Timmy TwoTeeth:    Go left to Timmy.

Ask Timmy about the Soda Poppers again. Ask about Peeper's real name again. Find out that it is Dick Peacock.

Sybil's:    Go back to Sybil's.

Talk to Peepers. The calling of the demon Peepers name releases the hold on Sybil.

Talk to Sybil again. Exit Sybil's office.

Stop Whizzer from repeating the Original Sin:

Stinky's:    Enter Stinky's and see Whizzer talking to Girl Stinky.

Whizzer is selling Girl Stinky the apple cider made from the forbidden fruit that can distinguish between good and evil.

Talk to Whizzer and Girl Stinky.

Talk to Grandpa Stinky completely. Girl Stinky is his protégé. Grandpa Stinky needs Girl Stinky's baby book to remind her where she came from.

Give Grandpa Stinky Stinky's baby book taken from the cooking show diorama.

Sam reads page 33. The title of the recipe is The Cake of the Damned. Girl Stinky turns back into a cake.

Talk to Grandpa Stinky. He wants Girl Stinky back. She is made up of entree and dessert all in one.

To bring back Girl Stinky, add an appetizer. Grandpa Stinky needs a rib.

Get a rib:    Get a bottle of the Forbidden Fruit cider on the counter. Exit the diner.

Go to the bachelor party at the Inconvenience Store.

Let's get the males in the room distinguish between good and evil. Add the fruit cider in the punch cooler.

Wait and see them come back to their senses. Talk to all of them.

Talk to Jurgen's monster. Use the bone saw on the monster and get a rib.

Stinky's:    Go back to Stinky's.

Use the rib on Grandpa or the cake. See Girl Stinky come back to human form.

Whizzer leaves in disgust. Leave the diner.

Stop Specs from winning a soul:

COPS:    Go  right to Pimplecar garage.

Talk to the COPS. Specs has challenged Chippy in a musical contest.

Learn that the Desoto came back from hell processed wrong. The COPS describe a new shooting game on the Desoto. This is an optional 'shoot the rat before the car hits it' game.

Talk to Specs. He wants a computer soul won by a challenge.

Hear Specs play the violin. Chippy knows only one music. He needs another; let's look for one.

Crack:    Go back to the left past the Inconvenience store.

See a crack on the ground. Click on crack and Sam says that is where the Esperanto bookstore went.

Use the paper clip chain on the crack. Sam gets a mimesweeper cartridge. (Thanks, Becky.)

COPS:    Go back to the right and the COPS garage.

Use the mimesweeper cartridge on Chippy.

Specs plays the violin followed by Chippy. Specs leaves after he loses.

Satan is informed of the defeat of the demon bosses. They go back to hell office to take back hell.

Return hell to Satan:

Satan confronts the Soda Poppers. Whizzer disables Satan. Ugh!

The Soda Poppers assumes their demon forms:    Peepers the Omniscient, Whizzer-rael the Tormentor and Specs the Dominator.

The Demon bosses cast Sam and Max to the pit by the Power of bell, book and candle.

See Sam and Max on a small island surrounded by lava.

Santa's sleigh of episode 201 appears and takes the heroes out of this dilemma.

Tit for tat:

The sleigh arrives in hell's office and spreads snow. Hell has frozen.

The phone rings. Max talks to commissioner. Max wins the Nobel Peace prize. Sybil wants Max to officiate at her wedding.

Satan gets into a snowball fight with the Soda poppers and asks for help.

Bell:    Ice cream truck arrives.

Use the gun on the ice cream bell. See the symbols of the ritual appear on the floor.

Book:    Upon hearing the bell, Shambling Corporate Presence that was reading a book closed the book that he was reading and left his desk to go to the Ice Cream truck.

See the circle of the ritual appear on the floor.

SCP opened the back door of the ice cream truck and started eating ice cream.

Get ice cream from back of truck. Check the back door and see that it is locked.

Candle:    Take the ritual candle from the snow beside the Poppers.

Use it on the Poppers and see that it didn't work.

Cake of the Damned:    Remember one of the reasons the Poppers hate Sam & Max; they missed their birthday celebration and didn't get greeted by the Mariachi band.

Right click Stinky's baby book to read the recipe for the Cake of the Damned:    Fish, tar and coffee ice cream.

Go to water cooler with Mr. Spatula inside at the lounge.

Add tar cake sample, coffee cup and ice cream to Mr. Spatula in the water cooler. Take the cake of the damned.

Use the ritual candle on the cake.

Give the cake to the Poppers. The blew the candle and their wishes came true.

Watch what happens.

Sybil and Abe's wedding:    Watch the wedding and the reception.

Can we trust the car with... them?

You haven't seen the last of us, Sam and Max!

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