Secret Files: Tunguska

by Deep Silver

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   October 2006


Gameplay:    The game I played came in a DVD-ROM disk. It is a point and click mouse controlled game. At the start frame, a configure selection is present. Here you can change resolution, display and software cursor settings. The Main Menu has New Game, Load Game, Options, Credits and Quit. The Options menu has selections for music, sound, shadow, subtitles, video quality and game help settings.

The inventory bar is at the bottom of the screen. The gameplay controls are found right of the inventory bar. The computer accesses the gameplay menu. The diary has the important events that have been done and the magnifying glass for gameplay help in identifying active spots and exits. The game help can also be activated by the space bar if that option was selected at the Options menu. A picture can also be seen at lower right sometime during the game. Clicking on a picture changes the main character to that depicted character.

Note: If you turned on the hints under options, use the magnifying glass (search scene) at bottom right of screen to see active items and exits in that gameplay screen. Double click on the exits will change the screen faster to the next scene. Left mouse click is for pickup or use and right mouse click is for identification.

This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay. Some events in a location can be done in any order.


On June 30, 1908, an object streaking through the sky was observed. A few minutes later, several explosions were heard in the mountains of central Siberia. On March 27, 2006, Vladimir Kalenkov working in his office notices the door opening. He exits and sees footprints on the floor. He follows it to the window. Someone invisible attacks him.



Museum of Natural History

Vladimir Kalenkov's office:    Nina Kalenkov arrives at the museum and finds her father's office ajar. The office was ransacked.

Read 'Chaos' in the diary. 

Look around the office: map, file cabinet, certificate and radiator. Check the broken coin glass case. See that one is missing. Read the clue-note at top right. Go to the window and pickup from the floor in front of the radiator, the cutup photo of her father taken in 1958.

Read the 'Torn photo' in the diary.

Go to the table. Check and pick up the porcelain bowl (mortar) on the left. Find out that it is porous. Take the piece of rock with red-violet glow on the right of the phone. Use the phone to call the police. They cannot do anything as of yet.

Go to the machine right of door and see that you cannot use it. Take the flask on top of the machine. In inventory combine the piece of rock with the flask to get flask with stone.

Hallway:    Exit the office. Hear loud music coming from the other office. Look at the name plate and read Max Gruber. The door is blocked and she can't be heard.

Check the plant at the corner and get a piece of Aloe. In inventory combine Aloe and the porcelain bowl. She will squeeze the aloe on the porous bowl to get porcelain bowl coated with aloe oil.

Look at daddy's office nameplate right of door. Check the fuse box right of the nameplate. It is locked.

Museum display:    Exit right to go to the main museum area. Look at the plan on the post on the left.

Read the paper left of the brochure stand and see the different office numbers assigned to staff. Max Gruber is in #4.

See a lamp on the brick wall on the right - it brings a little illumination in the darkness.

Go to right of the T-Rex display and look around. Note that the barrier rope is broken.

Look close at the base of the T-Rex display and see a secret door. Click to see Eddie crouched in fear. Listen to his description of the black robed guys. He ran off.

Take the key he left behind. Go back to the office by exiting to the stairs.

Max Gruber:    Use the key on the fuse box. Now that you know the office number of Max Gruber, click on the fuse box to turn off the power there. Oops!

Talk to Max. Go back to daddy's office.

Office:    Nina meets Detective Kanski and gets kicked out of the office.

Outside the museum:    Max offers his help and tells Nina to check at Vladimir's house to see if he's there.

Check the 2 statues flanking the steps and the banner above. Pick up the yellow shard on the ground right of the stairs and under the scaffolding.

Click on the motorbike to ride to Vladimir's House.


Vladimir's House

Bedroom:    Watch as an intruder knocks Nina unconscious. Nina wakes up to a ransacked room.

Read the 'Ambush' in the diary.

Look around the room. Note that there are some expedition journals on the book shelves missing.

Pick up the cassette player from the floor left of the closet. Right click the cassette player in inventory and get batteries.

Go to the bottom left corner of the carpet and see that there's a gap on the floor board. We can't access the gap yet.

Check the desk and take the pizza, salt shaker and pencil. Check the notes and the shortwave radio. Try to access the computer and see that it needs a password.

Check the closet and bed. Take the book atop the drawer on the bed. Right click the book in inventory and see that it is a book casket that needs a key.

Look close at the fish tank and see a shiny object - key. The grate above the fish tank prevents getting the key.

Outside:    Look around. Check the lattice below the window and see that it is broken like somebody climbed on it.

Check the trash can to get a rubber glove and a bicycle spoke. Try to pick up the bucket full of water by drain pipe to get handle. Check the old bicycle to get an air pump.

Click on the gray seat of the motorcycle and note that the storage compartment is locked. Use the set of keys on the gray seat. Open it to get cell phone and sunglasses.

Check the crate inside the garage to get double sided tape and glue for porcelain and plastic. Check the cigarette butts by the manhole cover. Check the manhole cover. Go back inside.

Bedroom:    Take the spoke from inventory and move the cursor on the gap on the floor until the word 'gap' is seen at top of the screen. Click to get a cassette.

Cassette clue - Look close at desk and place the cassette on the cassette tape recorder at top left.

Listen to the clue by Vladimir - The first and last on the car, a fourth of the openings in the entrance to the underworld and finally the guardians of my work.

Go outside and look at the license plate of the car - 2 8 3. The first and last numbers are 2 3.

Count the holes of the manhole cover (entrance to the underworld) - 16 holes. A fourth of 16 is 4.

Guardians of my work - the 2 statues flanking the museum steps.

Read the 'Embassy' in the diary.

Computer - Go to the computer and click on  2 3 4 2.

Check the mails. There is one sent by Vladimir to Oleg. He writes about Tunguska and a possible cause of his wife's death.

Ride the motorcycle.

Museum of Natural History

Lisa:    Talk to the little girl sleeping on the bench. Learn about the reason why she slept there. The strange men in black robes have no face. The camera that was broken took pictures of these men. Her bike has a flat tire. Nina will fix both tire and camera.

Read the 'Lisa' in the diary.

Fix the flat tire - Click on bike tire to get the tube. Use the air pump on tube and see that there's a leak.

To find the leak, go back to Vladimir's house. Use the inflated tube on the bucket full of water. Nina marks the place of the leak.

In inventory, combine the rubber glove with glue. Use the glued rubber glove on the inflated tube to get patched tube.

Go back to the museum. Use the patched tube on the bike.

Talk to Lisa about her bike. She finally gives the camera.

Camera - Combine the batteries with the camera. That fixed the camera.

Give the camera to Lisa and she gives a hamster magnet.

Read the 'Photos' in the diary. 2 pictures are entered in the diary. Look at the diary and see a picture of an amulet.


Vladimir's House

Bedroom  Use the magnet on the fish tank and get the key. Use the key on the book casket to get a note and Vladimir's address book.

Read the address book and find out that Oleg Kambursky lived nearby. Read the note and learn about a diadem. Ride the motorcycle.


Oleg Kambursky's House

Front door:    Ring the doorbell and talk to Oleg. He denies knowing Vladimir. Take note of the cat flap and feeding dish.

Read the 'Oleg' in the diary.

Back of house:    Go to the path on the left. Take the broomstick leaning on the right wall. Look on the window and see Oleg frantic on the phone but can't be heard. There is a water dish on the floor.

Eavesdrop on Oleg's phone calls - Go to the front door and see the cat. Let's make the cat an eavesdropping tool.

Place the pizza on the food dish. The cat eats the pizza with tuna.

In inventory, use the cell phone with the double sided tape. Use the taped cell phone on the cat.

Get the cat inside to the water dish - Use the salt shaker on the pizza. The cat gets thirsty and goes inside the house.

Go to the back of the house, look through the window and see that the cat is drinking water. Hopefully the phone call is recorded. Later Oleg leaves.

Get the cat to go back outside - Go to the yellow phone booth at the street. Use the phone and Nina will call her cell phone.

The cat runs out of the house and up the tree. The cell phone is stuck up the tree.

Get the cell phone back from tree - In inventory, combine the handle with the plastic bag to get reinforced plastic bag.

Then combine the broomstick with the reinforced plastic bag with handle to get brailer. Use brailer on cell phone up the tree.

Automatically listen to what was recorded by the cell phone. Something about Tunguska and take care of the 'matter'.

Read the 'Bugging operating' in the diary.

Try to go to the Museum to talk to Max but Nina decides to sleep for a while. See the Man at the penthouse.


Museum of Natural History

Max' office:    Enter museum and go up to Max office. Talk to Max about Oleg, diadem, Eddy and Tunguska.

He gives the diadem and he will look in the archives about Tunguska.

Diadem - Review the note again about the diadem.

It was originally robbed from a princess. It has emerald on the left, ruby in the middle and amethyst on the right. The note written by Vladimir states the diadem will illuminate the princess and she will realize that money is not the greatest treasure.

It has emerald on the left, ruby in the middle and amethyst on the right - Look around.

Check the totem pole and see that the red eye looks like following Nina around. Use the spoke on totem pole to get red glass bead.

Check the fridge beside the totem pole to get acid bottle and cement bag.

Use the acid bottle on the flask with stone to get amethyst.

In inventory, use the yellow shard with the dark blue sunglasses to get green shard.

Go to daddy's office and look at right vent of the radiator. Use the porcelain bowl that was coated with aloe oil on the right vent of the radiator to get bowl with water.

Use the cement bag on the bowl with water and get putty in porcelain bowl.

Use putty on the diadem. Use the red glass bead, amethyst and green shimmer on the diadem. The diadem now has jewels.

Exit office and go to main museum.

The diadem will illuminate the princess - At the main museum, see that the brick wall beside the triceratops has a lamp. Right click the lamp to hear what Nina says.

Use the diadem on the lamp. See multicolor lights beam to the plan. Look close at plan to see a room marked 8.

Max returns. Talk to him and find out that the items from room 8 are in his office.

Check the relief disk at center of wall. Take the coin on the disk. That coin looks familiar.

Read the 'Catastrophe' and 'Strange discovery' in the diary.

Daddy's office:    Go to the broken coin cabinet.

Coin puzzle - Read again the note at top right. It states the prince said to the princess whether vertical, horizontal or in both diagonal make sure there is never a repeat within the line. So no coin should be duplicated horizontally, vertically or 4 coin diagonally.

One possible solution:

Nina finds Vladimir's secret files. Learn about the failed expedition and Perez. There's a blank paper from an Irish Society at the back of the files. Nina goes to Max for help. Nina and Max are confronted by Detective Kanski. Oleg rescues them.

At Vladimir's house, Oleg explains about an Irish biologist expedition member, FSP and that a new expedition to Tunguska with cooperative or non cooperative researchers is happening.


Moscow, Military Train Station

Leaving Max behind, Nina and Oleg fly to Moscow. Nina is interrogated by shady Sergej.

At the Military train station, the planted guard is seen taken away. Now, Nina has to find a way to board the train herself.

Read the 'Personal documents', 'Between escape and hunt' and 'Failed help', in the diary.

Sewer Worker:    Talk to the sewer worker. He is working because of an increase in soldiers in the area. Find out that there are cages in the train. He thinks he's lucky because of a chance to win the lottery. His lottery ticket number is 856549.

Look around the area. Read the cell phone ad-poster on the wall. Pick up the brick on the sidewalk behind the worker. Check the lunchbox to get bread box. Look at the bread box in inventory to get rubber band and bread and butter.

Slingshot - Go to the rubble behind the van-car. Get rusted nut and an iron unidentifiable thing. Combine the unidentifiable thing and rubber band in inventory to get slingshot-catapult. Combine the nut with the slingshot to get loaded slingshot.

Jack - Look at the van-car. Check the rusty jack under and middle of the van. Hmm... Place the brick behind the rear wheel rim. Try to pick up the rusty jack. Ugh! Check the bread-butter in inventory. Use the bread-butter on jack to get jack. That's a lot of butter.

Side entrance to station:    Go to the side entrance to station. Look around. Check the watchtower, the gate and take note of the cigarette butts in front of the guard house. Pick up pebble at ground close to the fence.

Get the sewer worker out of the way - See a guard Sergeant Yushin reading a newspaper. Click on the newspaper to see the lottery number is printed. The sewer worker is one number off the winning numbers.

Use the loaded slingshot on the lamp of the guard house.

Try to pick up the newspaper. Talk to Yushin and learn that the FSB took the other 'guard'. After talking to him about smoking, he gives a cigarette.

Ask for the newspaper. Use the pencil (there is one beside the guard - Thanks Cathy!) on newspaper and Nina doctors the winning lottery number.

Go back to the sewer worker. Give the doctored newspaper to the sewer worker. Off he goes to fish.

Sewer:    Pick up the green hose and the barrier. The barrier breaks down to 2 iron bars and a barrier tape.

Canal passage:    Go down the sewer. Look around at hole on ceiling, garbage heap, pipe by door and sewage water. Pick up the matches between the garbage heap and the sewage water.

Open the safety door - Open the door and see that it is wedged against something. Use jack on door and it will open. Go inside.

Fix the ladder - Look around and see wheel, distributor, toxic barrel and sprayed red base plate.

Look at the 'ascent' ladder and see it is missing 2 rungs. Use the 2 iron bars and note that they are too long.

Go back to Sgt. Yushin, the guard. Give him the 2 bars and Nina will flatter him to get 2 bent iron bars.

Go back down to the underworld and use the bent iron bars on the ladder (ascent).

Toilet:    Look around. Look under the toilet on the right. Click the pants and talk to the train driver. He lost the train keys. Hehehehe.

Changing room:    Go left and listen to the guard and the female soldier.

Get the female soldier out of the way - The female soldier is dying for a smoke.

Light the cigarette using the matches to get lit cigarette. Place the lit cigarette on the coin dish. Watch the reprimand.

Locker 1 - Open the locker on the right. Take the stocking, 2 way radio with 15 on the back and the envelope.

Check the envelope in inventory. It is the deployment orders. It seems like they are in high security alert. There are terrorist threatening the train. There are special guests aboard. Hear that the train is ready to depart. Click on the Russian Military uniform and be a soldier now.

Check the other locker and see that it needs a pass code.

Retrieve the train driver keys - Go back to the toilet.

Connect the hose to the faucet. Take the other end and place it on the urinal on the left.

Turn on the faucet. Go down the canal manhole.

Look in the distributor and see that the key is there.

Go out to the passage. Use the stocking on the pipe right of door. Use the barrier tape to hold it in place.

Go back inside and turn the wheel. Go back out and take the stocking with key.

Go back up to the toilet and give the stocking with key to the train driver.

Loading Dock:   Exit through the door at the changing room. See 2 men in black guarding a door. Try to talk to them.

Soldier by train - Go out the building and talk to the soldier by the train. He needs a permit to let you on board. Talk to him completely.

To call the driver, he talks to the paging system operator. Learn the number of the paging system operator - 48. The train is waiting only for the 2 FSB men and the train driver.

Get the FSB men away from the guarded door - Go back down the canal and automatically change clothes. Go up to Sgt. Yushin guarding the gate. Learn the names of the 2 FSB - Fetisov and Radukov.

Go back up to the changing room and automatically change to a uniform.

Use the radio to call the paging system operator. Use #15 as your call number (from back of the radio) and call #48 the paging system operator. Listen.

Get Permit - Go out to the loading dock. Enter the door formerly guarded by the men in black.

See Solotov tortured by electric shock. Look around the room. Click on Solotov to get his dog tag.

Go back to the changing room and click on the locked locker at the foreground.

Look at dog tag and see that it has number 31545. Click on 3 1 5 4 5 and the locker opens. Take the permit.

Soldier by train - Talk to the soldier and then give him the permit. Once inside the train, the train departs the station.


Russia, Train


Read the 'Involuntary trip' in the diary.

Soldier's car:    Learn all about the castor oil conversation with the now sleeping soldier. Look around. Check the map, rifles, window, light switch and the soldier. He uses a medicine bag as a pillow. Take the dried fruits and bottle of orange juice from the table.

Dr. Lesniak's car:    Enter the door at the end of the car. Look around at the different items in the room. Take 2 sliced white breads from center table.

Talk to Alexei, the assistant doing some experiment completely. Learn about Dr. Lesniak's bad mood. The doctor has a yen for bread and jam. He needs it get in a good mood.

Make jam - Exit back to the other car. Enter the galley on the left.

Take the honey from the foreground. Place honey, dried fruits and orange juice in pot to make jam. Also get an empty bottle in inventory.

Use a bread on the mixture in the pot to get bread with jam.

Go back to Dr. Lesniak's car and give him the bread with jam. Talk to him completely and learn that Professor Sidorkin has the list of the scientists on board. He is in the car.

Read the 'Sidorkin's list' in the diary.

Talk to Alexei and learn about the research and also about the research station.

Read the 'Research station in Tunguska' in the diary.

Prof. Sidorkin's car:    Exit through the door at the back. Check the compartment on the left and see that is locked. Use the intercom beside the door. Prof. Sidorkin will not talk to anyone unless Dr. Lesniak's experiment gets a breakthrough. The metal storage car door is padlocked. Look at and take the 100 watt light bulb on the wall.

Dr. Lesniak's car:    Time to investigate this car.

Get the castor oil - Go back to the Soldier's car. Take the 25 watt bulb above the soldier. Replace it with the 100 watt light bulb. Turn on the switch. Nina automatically hides in the galley. Go back and take the castor oil from the bag.

Get Dr. Lesniak and assistant out of the car - Go to the galley and add the castor oil in the pot of jam. Use the bread on the laxative jam to get white bread with laxative jam. Use the empty bottle on the faucet to get bottle with water.

Go back to Dr. Lesniak. Give him the white bread with laxative jam. Wait.

Pour the water in bottle on the power strip on the floor right of the car. The fuses blows and Alexei will check it.

Make a successful experiment - Since the aim of the experiment is to find out when the burning is halted, let's make one.

Take the glass jar with plants from the analysis table. Pick another jar with plants (untreated) from the floor.

In inventory, open both jars and get 2 sets of plants. Combine the 2 plants and place it in a glass jar. Place the mixed plants in a jar on the analysis table. Well, that got the scientists excited.

Prof. Sidorkin's car:    Nina automatically goes to Prof. Sidorkin's compartment and gets a close-up of his desk. Read the "acute threats to the Tunguska project" and learn about the men in black robes that Eddy has seen. Look at all the items at the desk. Ooops! Caught!

Read the 'Attacks by sect members' in the diary.


Max at the museum:    Max sees Kanski in front of the museum. In his office, Max receives information from his Irish friend. He learns about Ken Morangie and he is involved in plant fertilizers. He also lives like a hermit in an island. The blank paper has a note from Ken to Vladimir.

Read the 'Trail to Ireland' in the diary.


Storage car:    Nina is locked at the storage car with a caged dog. The dog stays on the left side of the cage with the bone. Take the dog leash.

Go right of the storage car. Take a juicy steak from the cooler. Take the hose and tube from the vacuum cleaner at end of car.

Escape - Combine the tube and the leash to get leash with pipe.

Go to the cage side of the car. Combine the meat and the jar to get meat in jar. Place meat in jar inside the right cage. The dog moves over and his attention is kept on the unattainable meat. Take the bone.

Go back to the vacuum cleaner. Use the bone on the flap at side of vacuum cleaner. Take the vacuum bag. Examine the vacuum bag to get barrette (hairclip) and animal hair.

Go under the hatch in the roof. Use the leash with pipe twice on the hatch. Climb up.

Get back inside the train through the window - Pick up the leash with pipe. Examine the 2 tubes sticking up from the roof of the train. Nina goes there.

Use the animal hair on the right tube to block the sieve inside. If placed in the left tube, right click to pick up the animal hair again. Use the vacuum hose on the pipes to block it. The hair burns and stinks the room and Sidorkin opens the window. Use the leash with pipe on the tubes. Click on the window and Nina climbs through the window just in time.

Prof. Sidorkin's car:    Now it's really the time to look for the scientist list. Look around.

Find the safe - Look close at the desk. Use the barrette-hairclip on drawer's lock. Take the statue.

Examine the bookcase and see books on pirates. Note 3 other statues similar to the one from the desk.

Take the vase from the pedestal by the door. Place the statue on the pedestal and hear it click in place.

The statues can be turned around but to what position. Check the picture of Lenin - he is facing left.

Turn all the statues to face where Lenin is looking - towards the window (Thanks, Sue). There you go - the door to interrogation room is opened.

Take the book from the interrogation chair. Go back out and place the book in the book shelf space to join the other pirate books. Something is heard.

Go back inside the torture room. See that the flap on the wall is now opened but empty.

Go to the office and take the skull off the skeleton in the corner. Place the skull inside the niche. The safe is found.

Open the safe - The object of the puzzle is to turn off the lit circles. Clicking on a lit circle affects other circles. Find out the pattern.

Click on the circle in the order seen in picture below:

Nina reads the documents found inside the safe. Daddy's name is not in the list. The Tunguska project was born after the Kalenkov Report. They found out that animal behavior can be controlled by radiation. The train was derailed by those men in black robes. Nina is unconscious.

Read the 'The Kalenkov report' in the diary.


Russia, Military Hospital as Max

Max was informed by Oleg about what happened to Nina. Max is brought to the Military Hospital where Nina was taken. It is up to Max to get her out of there.

Read the 'The liberation' in the diary.

Outside the gate:    Max and Oleg confer about what happened.

Get inside the gate - Try the gate intercom. See what happens.

Take the textile bag from the bench in the shelter. Pick some berries from shrubs right side of the shelter.

Use berries on bag and click the dirty bag on Oleg.

Look at the ambulance and note the phone number on the side - 03112.

Use the cell phone on Max to call the ambulance.

Courtyard:    Watch as Max sneaks to the side of the hospital.

Get in the hospital - Check the garbage bin on the right. Take the forceps-surgery pliers hanging right of the bin.

Look down at the shadow on the ground - the shape is familiar and is close. Look at the lamp on the wall. It's a key.

Use the surgery pliers on the lamp to get key. Use key on door.

Cellar - Records room:    Check the dictation machine on the table. Learn about mental and behavioral problems of patients.

Read the 'Mysterious illness' in the diary.

Check the file cabinet on the left and learn about what happened to Manuel Perez. He was discharged to the care of a Dr. Nicole Charleroi in Cuba after 30 years in the hospital. There is nothing about Nina here.

Read the 'Trail to Cuba' in the diary.

Take the handheld fan on top of the filing cabinet and the anesthetic on the shelf by the door.

Go through door to the morgue.

Morgue:    Look around. Take the syringe and scalpel on the sink. Take the stethoscope from the empty table and ammonia from the shelf by the door.

Go to the door on the right and hear someone talking. Use the stethoscope on the door to hear what is being said. Learn that Nina is held in a room at top of hospital. Learn also about the satellite's idiosyncrasies - that's a clue... Go through the door and see the guard watching soccer on TV.


Wake up Nina - Go back outside through the cellar. At the courtyard look at the pipe left of door. It goes to the top.

Use the stethoscope on pipe and hear snoring, daddy... Ah, that's Nina.

Use the ammonia gas on the pipe. Then use the handheld fan to blow it up to where Nina is snoring. Nina wakes up.

Take care of the satellite -  The guard mentions that the wind messes up the satellite.

Go left and see the satellite dish. Move the dish and go back to the foyer of the hospital. The man adjusted it again.

Go back to the satellite and use the surgery pliers on satellite. Go back to the pipe by door.

Exchange of items:

As Nina:    Click on Nina's picture at bottom right. Look around and check everything. Take the crocheted place mat from mattress, small stone beside the rat hole and the bowl. Check the rat hole, chair leg and the sharp edge on the crack on the wall. Use the place mat on the sharp edge of the crack on the wall to get thread. Use thread with small stone to get tied up stone. There's still a thread that broke off. Use the tied up stone on the drain. Now items can be brought up and down to/from Max.

As Max:    Click on Max' picture at bottom right. Click scalpel on pipe.

As Nina:    Use the scalpel on chair leg and on the mattress. Place foam from mattress and chair leg down the drain.

As Max:    Go back to the foyer of the hospital.

Take care of the guard - Take the wedge holding the metal safety door open. Someone is upset!

Combine syringe and chair leg to get blowgun. Use anesthetic with blowgun to get poisoned blowgun.

Use the poisoned blowgun on the peephole of the door.

Free Nina:    The elevator is locked. Go to the TV area.

As Max - Take a tack from the pin board. Look at the dish with watery cheese soup. Use the foam on the dish to get cheesy foam.

Climb up the stairs and see a guard sitting by the steps.

Go to the pipe and click the cheesy foam and chair leg on pipe.

As Nina - Combine cheesy foam with thread to get tied up foam. Combine chair leg with bowl to get rattrap.

Combine tied up foam with rattrap to make ultimate rattrap.

Place ultimate rattrap on rat hole. Take rattrap and rat. Place the cursor at bottom part of the bowl to pick up rattrap. Place rat on drain.

As Max - Go back to the guard by Nina's door. Use tack with anesthetics to get poisoned tack.

Click the rat on guard. There they go. Use poisoned tack on guard's chair. Ouch!

Search the guard to get bunch of keys. Use keys on door. Together again.


Russia, Tunguska

Airport:    After the niceties, the airport is in locked up. Nina sets off on the jeep to visit her daddy's old camp.

Read the 'Coming to terms with the past' in the diary.


Evenk, the sick man

Search for Daddy's camp:    Nina is beside a hut and a reindeer. Take the spade from back of jeep. Look inside the jeep and take the first aid kit and ketchup. Examine the first aid kit to find guess what - vodka.

Hut - See a sick man. He gasps medicine... parchment... burnt... Look at the fire pit (fireplace) and check the snippets of parchments. It's too fragile.

Take the cup from stump, wooden spoon on table, scissors from post and grate from fireplace. Check the tassels hanging from the ceiling to get twine. Examine the statue on the table and it looks like a nutcracker. Examine the scissor and it looks blunt.

Parchment:    It looks like we need to get the parchment before we can help the sick man.

Get water - Go outside to the reindeer by the jeep. Check the reindeer, water basin and the water barrel.

Go right and use the spade on the crate to get debris from crate.

Examine the tree and see a bark peeling off. Use spade on tree and pick up bark from ground.

Go back to the reindeer. Place the bark on the water basin. Pull the plug off the side of the barrel.

Use cup on water basin to get cup with water.

Make paste - Go back to tree and see resin on the trunk of tree. Use the cup with water to collect resin and get cup with resin and water.

Go right of tree to see a hot vent. Place the grate over the hole. Place the cup with resin and water on the grate to get melted resin in cup.

Check the tomato plant and gentian.

Make a brush - Pick up the sharp rock. In inventory, combine sharp rock and scissor to get sharp scissor.

Go back to the drinking reindeer and use scissor on reindeer to get reindeer hair.

In inventory, combine reindeer hair and twine and then wooden spoon. Voila! A brush!

Parchment - Go to the fire pit. Use the brush on melted resin cup to get brush with resin. Use it on parchment.

5 parts of the Source of Life

2 parts of the Root of Tears

1 part of the Blood of Night

3 drops of Intoxication

To be taken shortly before it unites with the wind.

Source of Life is water. Root of Tears is the root of Gentian since it is a member of the onion family (leek). Blood of night is tomato since it is a member of the nightshade family. Intoxication is vodka.

Medicine - Give the parchment to the sick man. He gives a vial.

Go outside to the water basin and click the vial on it.

Go right of tree to the Gentian. Use the spade on gentian. The tomato plant is dead. Take the grate.

Go back to the hut. Place the vial on nutcracker. Use the gentian on the nutcracker and it squeezes the roots to pour into the vial.

Take the vial and click it on the tomato ketchup.

Then click the vial on vodka.

To be taken shortly before it unites with the wind -

Place the debris from crate and grate on fire pit.

Use the matches on the debris. Place the vial with the ingredients on the grate.

When Nina finishes explaining 'evaporates', give the vial to the sick man.

Evenk hesitantly gives directions to where daddy camped.


Daddy's camp

Read the 'The forbidden zone' in the diary.

Cabin:    Look around and then enter the cabin. Pick up the shard at right foreground. Take the rag at bottom drawer. Look at the projector, window, compass and fireplace. Inside the fireplace, take the aluminum foil at bottom left. Exit cabin and use the rag to clean the window.

Generator:    Go to the back and see a water tank and generator. Check the coil part of the generator. Take the hose from the tanker and the kerosene oil lamp hanging on the wall.

Forest:    Go to the right and see a river and a truck wreck. Check the wheel rim to get 2 nuts.

Get diesel fuel - Use the hose on the tank under the truck wreck. Use the vodka on the hose to get bottle with diesel fuel. Hic!

Path:    Take the path and see the research station, runway and the river below. Go back to the generator.

Generator:    Use the bottle of diesel fuel on generator. Go back to the house.


Fireplace - Click the rag on the kerosene lamp to get saturated rag.

Look inside the fireplace, click lamp on back wall and use the saturated rag on the soot covered back wall. Read 7 1/2, 3, 10 1/2, 6.

Compass - The compass is pointing south. The directions from the fireplace looks like a code for this compass.

Move the compass hand by using a magnet.

Make a magnet - Go back to the generator and click the 2 nuts on the coil part of the generator to get magnetized nuts.

7 1/2 - Place magnetized nuts at south and west. Press center button to hear a click. Remove nuts.

3 - Place magnetized nut at east. Press center button to hear a click. Remove nut.

10 1/2 - Place magnetized nuts at north and west. Press center button to hear a click. Remove nuts.

6 - Place magnetized nut at south. Press center button and a secret compartment above the fireplace opens.

Take the film reel and documents in the secret compartment.

Read the 'Under one's own steam' in the diary.

Film - The glass window is already cleaned. If not, go outside and clean the window with the rag. Use the film reel on the projector.

The bulb burnt out. In inventory combine glass shard and aluminum foil to make shard in aluminum foil.

Use the shard in aluminum foil on the projector. Click the projector.

Watch an incident that happened to Manuel Perez during the last 1977 expedition.

An explosion is heard. Nina sees that half of the research center is destroyed. Nina meets 2 of the black robes. They mind communicated but were interrupted by soldiers. Nina runs to the jeep and escapes with the help of Max and Oleg. Oleg knows more than he says, eh.

Max is dropped off at Dublin. Nina and Oleg continues on to Cuba.

Read the 'Lichterscheinung', 'Weird encounter' and 'New goals' in the diary.


Cuba, Asylum

Sanatorium under the Palms:    Talk to the gatekeeper about everything. Note his painting.

Nurse:    Go to the entrance and talk to the dancing nurse, Sabrina. Learn about Massino Gartuso, Nicole Charleroi and Sabrina's political ambitions. So that's the guy at the penthouse.

Read the 'Strange investment' in the diary.

Take a newspaper from the magazine stand. Go to the passage at bottom screen.

Copier room:    The music is loud.  Take the glasses by the phonograph. Talk to the patient building a house of cards. He expects the earthquake to topple his cards. Earthquake comes every afternoon. The cards are blocking access to the teddy bear and the copier.

Worker:    Go to the inner courtyard-gate and talk to the worker completely. He will start working when black comes out of the chimney.

Check the door scratches on the left. Read the 2 paper hanging beside the locked door. So those black robes are seen here too.

Take logs from the pile by the dirty laundry container.

Kitchen:    Enter the door to the right. Take the meat fork from left table, hanging onion (no use seen), sausage tongs from right shelf, soup ladle, and brass weights from table right of stove.

Make smoke - Use logs, then newspaper and then glasses on the open stove.

Go outside and talk to the worker. He will work when the smoke is black.

Help the nurse's political career:

Painting of the nurse - Talk to the gatekeeper about painting nurse Sabrina. He wants black paint and to make the nurse move slowly.

Go to the Copier room inside the sanatorium. Place the brass weight on the record that is playing. That slows the music down and Sabrina's movements.

Go to the kitchen. Use tongs on the fire to get charred log.

Go to the gatekeeper and give the coal-charred log. Then ask about painting the nurse. Get wrapped portrait.

Political leaflets - Go to the dancing nurse and show her the portrait. The portrait is removed from the bag.

Go to the kitchen and place the bag in the stove. Hear a scream. Go outside, see black smoke from chimney. The worker is back drilling and making an earthquake.

Go back to the copier room. Take the teddy bear (no use seen). Use the portrait on the copier to get copied pictures.

Give the copied pictures to nurse Sabrina.

Time for a tit for tat.

Perez' cell:    Go to the passage on the left of the nurse. Enter the cell on the right. Look around at the blood, the tiles and grooves. The shape looks familiar. Check the mattress to see the newspaper about Nicole Charleroi. Check the surveillance camera.

Read 'Change of leadership' in the diary.

Nurse:    Talk to Sabrina about Perez. Ramon says he knows that Perez is gone and that he will be doing the beds now. The camera monitors are in the control room and Ramon has the keys.

Control room:    Go to the courtyard where the worker is drilling.

Get in the control room - See Ramon place dirty laundry in the container and goes back to the locked door.

In inventory, combine the meat fork and the portrait to get skewered portrait. Use the skewered portrait on the wall beside the door.

Wait and see Ramon go out and back in. Enter the room.

Safe - Look around and note the monitors, VCR and the painting of the pirate on the left wall.

Click on safe to start safe puzzle.

The only clue here that has numbers is the painting. The painting has a one legged pirate, with a 4 legged cat, a 2 legged parrot and an 8 legged spider.

Click on 1 4 2 8 to open the safe.

Take the videotape and use it on the VCR. Find out the person that took Perez.

Caught by Ramon, Nina learns where Perez is hidden.

Read 'Human experiments' in the diary.

Small cave in beach:    Talk to Perez. He needs to communicate.

Go back to the sanatorium by clicking on the left of the cave. Take the skewered portrait back. Go to the kitchen and use tongs on fire to get charred logs.

Go back to the beach by clicking left of the main road. Give Perez, the charred logs and the portrait. Perez draws a symbol.

Read 'Strange symbol' in the diary.


Ireland, Pub

Max is standing by a pub in Ireland. Take the flag from the pub's wall. Go across the road. Read and take the tin sign for boat sightseeing of the island. Morangie lives in an island.

Fisherman:    Go down the stairs and talk to the fisherman. He will loan you the boat for a bottle of whiskey. The locked door behind is the cellar of the pub. Ask and get a fish. Use the flag on the water to get wet flag. Pick up the stone. Go up to the pub.

Old Stevie's Pub:    Talk to the barkeep. See if you can get the cellar key hanging on the post of the bar. Try talking to the sleeping guest. Take the tumbler from the table of the guest.

Get the key and distract Stevie - He said that the guest Klaus likes to talk when he's awake.

In inventory, combine the fish and the tin sign. Place the fish on baking sheet in fireplace.

Use the wet flag to take it from the fireplace and give it to Klaus. He will wake up and ask for lemon.

Talk to the barkeep about the lemon. 

Remember he mentions that the produce delivery men pass by here daily. Go outside and place the flag over the speed-traffic sign.

Go to the fisherman across the road and use tumbler in the sea.

Go back inside the pub and hear a screech of brakes. Go outside and see a crate at the center of the road. Take the lemon from the crate.

Take the flag off the traffic sign. Go back inside and give the lemon to the barkeep.

Go to the fireplace and place the tumbler with sea water on the fireplace hearth. Take tumbler back and look at it in inventory and see salt.

Place salt on the barkeep's tumbler on the bar. Take the key from post.

Cellar:    Go across the road and down the stairs. Use the key on the cellar door. Look around and see a bench vice. Take whiskey from shelf and the torch on post. Go to right screen and see nailed down board and barrels. Give the whiskey to the fisherman. Click on boat.


Ireland, Castle

Courtyard:    Talk to Lord Ken Morangie who is down the well. He wants you to find the door that opens to the bottom of the well. Look around and see the chimney top that looks like a helmet on the roof at right.  Be King Arthur and draw the sword. Close the shutter at left but ends up taking it. There are 3 entries to the castle here: the one above, the middle and the one on the right.

Castle hall:    Enter the middle entryway. Take a closer look at the picture of Lord Morangie. Take note of the chair at center of room and check the fireplace.

Go up the stairs and take the oil lamp. See a lever that controls the chandelier. Take the spearheads from the showcase. Read the history of Lord William from one of the books at left shelf. He was entombed without a funeral pyre and only with his robe and amulet.

Go back to the courtyard and go through the top entryway.

Bedroom:  Enter the first right passage. Look at the commode-drawer beside the bed and get a gold coin. Look at the pictures. Open the curtain on the right wall and see a passageway. Enter and see that it is blocked by grilled gate. Go back up.

Lord William Morangie's statue - Look at the statue and note that it is missing items seen from his picture at the hall.

Open the first gate - Place the sword on the statue. A sound is heard. Go to the passageway and see the first gate is raised.

Open the second gate - Place the shutter on the statue as the shield. Another gate is raised. Go down and see a raised drawbridge and niche on the wall.

Make a ring for Lord William - Exit to the hallway. Take the wire hanging from the right candle holder.

Enter the second foreground right passage. Look at the maiden, torture rack and fireplace. Take the pliers from left table and iron chain beside the door.

Exit to the courtyard and enter the right doorway. See Lord William Morangie's tomb. Use the torch on the torch on the wall to get burning torch.

Go back to the torture room and use the burning torch on the fireplace.

Combine the pliers with the gold coin and then place it in the fireplace.

Use the pliers with red-hot gold coin on the iron maiden to get pliers with red-hot gold ring.

Go back to the courtyard and to the mainland by the bottom exit. Use the tumbler on the sea. Use the pliers with red-hot gold coin on the tumbler to get ring and pliers.

Get a helmet - Enter the pub's cellar. Go to right screen. Use the pliers on the board of the barrels to get long board.

Use the spearheads on the bench vice. Use the board on the vice to get a board that can be carried.

Go up to the pub and take the rain gutter from outside the pub.

Row back to the castle.

Enter the middle entryway to the Castle hall. Place the board on the footstool. Place the stone at end of the board.

Go upstairs and pull the lever holding the chandelier. There you go. Go outside and pickup the chimney cover.

Make leg guards - Go to the torture room. Place the rain gutter on the torture rack. Use the rack and take the separated rain gutter.


Lower the drawbridge - Go back to the statue in the bedroom. Place the chimney cover-helmet on the statue. A mechanism is triggered.

Open the third gate - Use the separated rain gutter-leg guards on the statue. A mechanism is triggered.

Open the fourth gate - Use the ring on the statue. A mechanism is triggered.


Get the amulet - Go down the secret passageway and look at the niche. Take the key.

Go back to the crypt. Click oil lamp on the coffin. Use burning torch on the coffin. Max gives Lord William his funeral pyre.

A hole on the top of the coffin is exposed. Use the key on opening. Take the amulet.

Combine amulet and wire and then iron chain to get amulet in chain. Go back to the bedroom and statue.

Open the well door -Use the amulet in chain on the statue. A mechanism is triggered.

Well door:    Go down to the end of passageway and open the circular well door. Meet Lord Ken Morangie.

Talk to him and learn what Ken told Vladimir.


Max talks to Nina in Cuba. They will meet in Berlin. Max arrives there but no Nina. Max gets a call from Detective Kanski to meet at the museum.

Max finds Kanski murdered. He wears a strange amulet.

Meanwhile, Nina is pressured by Oleg to follow daddy's travel to the Himalayas and find the Dzopa tribe.

Read the 'Research report', 'Murder' and Betrayed and forgotten' in the diary.


China, Himalayan Cave

Nina is to check the cave while Oleg watches the entrance.

Read the message in inventory about Vladimir's expedition to the Himalayas. Take note of the drawing at the last page.

Cavern:    Look at the 3 holes on the wall. Take the skull on a peg.

Waterfall:    Go to the next cavern. Check the relief on the wall. Look down the precipice. See the waterfall and a body on the ledge below.

Use the peg on the rock. It covers the hole where the water falls to and the water rises. Take the floating bag of the dead man.

Check the bag in inventory and get a bone key.

Go back outside and use the bone key on the bottom hole. It connects.

Go back to the passage and enter the opening on the relief wall.

Another world:    Look around. Look close at the head stone to see a puzzle.

White disks puzzle - Move the white disk to different black circle to form a shape.

Recall the last page of the message in inventory. Make that shape for this puzzle.

The mouth of the head of stone opens to reveal a stone disk. Look close and when you pull back, Oleg sneaks in and shows his true colors.

Nina is transported in the plane to somewhere.  Sergej is also in on the plot.


Antarctica, Station

Nina is in a bathtub. Sergej and Oleg want to drown Nina but there's no water.

Sergej and Oleg check the water pump machine and find out that a piece is missing. Sabotage!

Read the 'Another betrayal' in the diary.

Shower room:     Nina wakes up in the bathtub. Check the camera above the tub. Take the plunger from right of room and some toilet paper from the sink wall on the left.

Maintenance room:    Check the drill right of door and the bench vice on the counter. Check the open cabinet-armoire and get tapper, piece of something and silicon. Take the metal plate beside the vice and the master key right of the locked door. Check the incubator on the left wall. There's an egg in there.

Open the locked door - Use the master key on the lock and see that the lock is iced over. The key needs to be heated.

Place the metal plate on the drill. Place toilet paper over metal plate.

Use the drill and the paper will burn.

Use the piece of something on the vice to get a bent piece of something.

Combine bent piece of something with the key to get piece of metal and key. Use that on the flame.

Use the piece of metal and hot key on the locked door. Exit to the ramp area.

Ramp:    Look at the keypad that needs numbers, door on the other side and the metal spikes. See the elevator platform down below of the elevator shaft at right end of the ramp and an elevator shaft on the left.

Control room:    Enter the lit room on the left. See Oleg, Sergej and Nicole. Oleg has taken care of the saboteur.

Read the 'In the lion's den' in the diary.

Look at the TV screen, VHS and the levers on the control panel. Check the locker-armoire on the left and get explosive.

Exit the room and go to the stairs at right.

Entrance:    Check the water pump machine on the left. This is what was sabotaged. It is missing something.

Check the elevator platform on the right. It is not stable.  See spilled salt but it is not enough. Take the fishing rod. Nina is not dressed to go outside.

Ramp:    Climb up stairs to the ramp. Use the fishing rod on the platform below of the right elevator shaft. Fish and get winter clothes which Nina automatically wears. Fish again and get laundry ball.

Go back down and exit the station.

Outside the entrance:    Check the research station, the snow crawler on the left and the forest of antennae on the right. Pick up the bucket.

Penguin:    Go left of screen. Check the penguin. It looks like it is sitting-hatching something.

Get to the saboteur - Check the sign on the right. Take the sign. Look down the precipice and see the dead saboteur.

Look at the hole left by the sign. Insert the explosive in the hole.

Go down the crevasse and check the dead man. Take the amulet (looks familiar), lighter and diary.

Read the diary in inventory. Learn about the events done by Nicole.

Whaling ship:    Exit back to outside of the research station and then go right outside of the station area. See a whaling ship. Check the hole in ice and the harpoon. Look at the barrel of whale oil. Hmmm...

Open the hole in the ice - Dip the laundry ball in the barrel to get laundry ball in whale oil. Look at the jacket hanging above the barrel to get flask with cork. Go back inside.

Climb upstairs to the ramp. Drop the laundry ball in whale oil down to the not too stable platform at right elevator shaft. See it break.

Go down and see that more salt spilled out. Use bucket on salt to get bucket with salt.

Use bucket with salt on the hole in ice. This will take sometime, go back inside.

Maintenance room:    Go up to the ramp and enter the bottom middle room.

Remember the penguin is sitting on something. Let's work on the penguin.

Get egg from incubator - Use the plunger on the glass of the incubator.

Use the amulet (diamond) on the glass. Take the strange egg.

Move the penguin - Go to the now open hole in the ice at the whaling ship area.

In inventory, combine the fishing pole and the lighter to get fishing rod with bait.

Fish! Get a fish.

Go to penguin at the other side of the station. Click the fish on penguin. It moves away.

It would not let you take what it sat on. Click the strange egg on that something to get a metal egg.

Entrance:    Go to the water pump and place the metal egg on the niche middle of the machine. The water pump comes on.

Camera and VHS - Now that the water is on, let's see what the camera has in store. Climb up stairs to the ramp. Go to the center maintenance room and then room right of the maintenance room.

Turn on the faucet to fill the tub. Need to plug the bath tub.

Go next door. Use the flask on the drill, click drill and get the cork.

Use the cork on bathtub. Turn on the faucet. Exit to let it ice over.

Go back to the entrance and take the metal egg from the water pump. No need to do the baddies a favor,

Go back to the shower room and the water is frozen. Click on camera to climb up and reach up to get a VHS tape.

Control room:    Use the videotape on the VCR. Watch.

Read the 'The lion appears' in the diary. Be sure to take note of the keypad stand!

Ramp:    Go outside to the ramp and enter the number seen on the picture on the keypad stand - 2 5 1 3.

Help is coming - Go forward to the radar room. Look around and take the beacon and matches from the crate. Look at the radar and see a plane is coming.

Go to the Whaling ship outside. Click the beacon on harpoon and find out that the beacon's wick is wet. Use the beacon on the whale oil barrel. Use the beacon with whale oil on harpoon.

Watch. The black robes. Nina is upset to say the least. After the tantrum, Max gives the cell phone to Nina and they will work together in the control room to do what they have to do.

Read the 'The fog lifts' in the diary.

Control room:    Max fiddles with the control panel and then they'll go down to see what can be done to stop the baddies. The door closes him in while Nina is outside. Nina continues on her purpose. Take the newly risen elevator.

Radiator room:    Look around. See a camera, smooth valve and radiator beside the door.

Go down and click on the side door. Learn that that is where the nefarious plotters and machine are congregated.

Use the sign on the icicle to get icicle. Enter the door at the end.

Biohazard room:    Look around and see water seeping on the left side wall.

Plan to destroy station - Take the wrench seen at bottom of barrel on the shelf.

Read the 2 signs on the barrel. It's 'explosive and do not bring in contact with water.

Read the danger sign left of the barrel - contact with water will trigger chemical reaction. The sign is riveted. Water, eh - okay.

Place the icicle on the chain hanging from ceiling. Move the end of the chain to the pipe on the wall beside the door.

Pick up the nut that was dislodged.

Let's see if we can heat up the pipes enough to melt the icicle to push the barrel when we're out of here.

Get the radiator going - Check the radiator and learn that it is cold.

Try to turn the valve at bottom right. Nope. Use the tapper on the valve to thread it. Use the nut on the valve now.

Use the wrench on the threaded valve with nut - too weak.

Use wrench with sign in inventory to get extended wrench. Use the extended wrench on the threaded valve with nut. The valve is now open.

Check the radiator. It's gurgling but still cold - not enough water in the pipes.

How to tell Max to get water to the radiator - Click on camera and hope that Max might be watching the monitors.

Go back to the biohazard room. Look at the danger sign. The sign is riveted to the post and can't be removed.

Use the silicon on the danger sign. Take the mold made by the silicon. Read what it says. 'No Water' symbol can be seen halfway clearly.

Go back to the camera. Use the mold on the camera for Max to see. Max finds the water control.

How to tell Max to heat the radiator - Check the radiator. Enough water but still not heating up.

Use the lighter on the camera for Max to see. Max heats the pipes.

Oh No! Oleg catches Nina and takes her to the machine room. Meet Massino Gartuso. He explains his purpose to take over people's minor decisions.

End puzzle - Look around and see the machine rotating at the center. The camera is above Nina and the crane is above the camera.

Oleg watches Nina carefully. Divert his attention by giving him the metal egg for the water pump that he's been looking for. Massimo orders Oleg to warm the building up.

Throw the cell phone on the machine.

Take the camera and click it on the crane.

Max catches on.

Watch what happens.

Nina meets a black robe.

Watch for Secret Files 2.

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