The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript

by Kheops Studio

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2006  version 1.02


Gameplay:    The Secrets of Da Vinci is a third person point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, options, credits and quit game. The options menu has subtitle, speed of the camera and volume selections. After installation (2 CDs) choose a symbol for individual gamers. 5 players can play at a time. CD2 has to be in the drive to start the game.

Right mouse click accesses the inventory screen. The inventory has the portfolio at top of the page. It is used for arranging all the documents found during the game. There are 5 tabs of 21 items each in the bottom inventory. It is recommended that items in inventory be arranged by types or use to lessen confusion.

At top left is the conscience gauge: red for diabolic and white for angelic actions or dialogues. If too angelic, lying and stealing is not possible. If too diabolic, certain generous actions are not possible. Points are obtained by performing actions or puzzle completion. These points can be added to balance the gauge. A balanced gauge opens most dialogues and choices.

At top right is your character and is where you can change clothes. Click the item of clothing on Valdo and he will wear it for the duration until you click to remove it. Directly below Valdo is the diary that holds information collected during gameplay. Read it frequently to know what is needed to be done. Below that is the coin selection, where the amount of coins to be used is taken and counted. The yellow button returns to menu while the sun-moon button quits the present page featured.

The gameplay menu has the save, load, options, return to game and exit game.


Valdo, a former student of Francesco Melzi (Leonardo Da Vinci's heir) has accepted the mission of finding Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook from an unknown patron. He arrives at Cloux Manor and greeted by Saturnin, the caretaker. Madame Marie Babou de la Bourdaisiere, his hostess is away at the moment. Curiosity is Valdo's motivation in accepting the task.

Note: This walkthrough tries to maintain an even conscience gauge. This opens most dialogues and actions. Actions done give points. If the gauges are off balance, you can add to either gauge to even it up but points are used. The path taken by this walkthrough is just one of many since the game is nonlinear. Some of the items have alternative ways to be obtained and some actions have alternative paths. There might be alternatives missed in this walkthrough.


Day 1: Night, 22 September 1522

In inventory is a sealed letter for Madame de la Bourdaisiere sent by Valdo's mysterious employer. Read the portfolio for the letters of the patron - Florence: 2 September 1522 and 19 September. Learn about the mission - to look for the codex-notebook. Read the diary frequently to learn the progress of the adventure and to learn about the various characters.


Get into Leonardo's study:

Valdo's room:   Look around. Take the doublet from the dresser's top drawer and brandy from the bottom drawer. Take the knife and charcoal crayon from the drawer of the table by the window.

Kitchen:    Exit the room, go down the stairs to the second level pantry (has stairs to lower level) and forward to the kitchen. Take the bottle of milk, oil and egg from the hutch. There's an empty bowl for the cat on the floor. If you place milk on the bowl, the angelic gauge goes up but can be balanced by doing a devilish act or use points. There's knife on the center table that can be taken if needed.

Workroom:    Go across the dining room accessed right of the fireplace and see a workshop. Take the stick leaning on the bench on the right upon entering. Take the link-string from the floor in front of the bench. The saw and the borer can be used. Turn around and see the adjacent room - It's too dark to check things here.

Saw - Go back to the saw machine. Place the stick on the saw table. Use the pedal and immediately push the stick towards the saw. Take the 2 small sticks.

Leonardo's bedroom:    Go forward through the door by the cat or the other door by the dining room, left and go up the stairs. Turn right and then go left to enter Leonardo's room. The study must be near.

Check the paintings by Leonardo around the room. A door right of the fireplace is locked. It might be Leonardo's study. Check the bookcase and clicked on the etched words above it - The path of pleasures.

Bed - Note the geometric shapes on top part of the posts of the bed. They must have a meaning. Take the mirror from the Venetian cabinet left of the fireplace. There's a charcoal crayon right of the bed if needed. Take the sheet of paper from the side table. It has the triangles from the posts of the bed. Look at it in inventory and click-add it to the portfolio. At the portfolio, use the mirror and see that they are the signs for fire, air, water and earth. Flip to the previous page of the portfolio and see that the back of the paper has indentations made by handwriting. Use the charcoal crayon on that page. Read the translation at the bottom of the screen.

St John the Baptist - Go to the painting of St John the Baptist at the corner by the locked study door. The finger of St John the Baptist is pointing up. Move the cursor to top right corner and take the key.

Secret compartment - Go to the sign of fire (upright triangle) bedpost at bottom right of bed) and click on the fire sign. Valdo will quote - "at the foot of the sacred fire of the house of dreams". Look down under the carpet and see a board. Use the knife on the board. Take a new sheet of paper and key mould. Add the new sheet of paper to the portfolio. Read the illegible text at the bottom of the key mould drawing using the mirror. Read the next page also. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Gold is malleable metal.

Leonardo's Study:    Use the key on the locked door right of the fireplace and enter.

Alternative to entering the study  - Use the ladder on the outside wall of the manor by the roses.

A. Climb up but the ladder breaks. Fix the ladder with 2 sticks cut from worksop and climb up to Madame's bedroom.

b. Pan down and look at the ladder leaning on the wall. See that one rung is off. Use the link taken from the workroom on the loose rung. Then climb up. (Thanks, Benoit.)

Go to the door and click on the key. Then use the handle to gain entry to Leonardo's study.

Sealed letter for Madame de la Bourdaisiere - Time to snoop and see what the sealed letter contains. It might tell us who the unknown patron is. Place the letter on the desk. Take a stick from the box on the right. Turn around and use that stick on the fireplace. Light the candle using the lit stick. Right click to remove the lit stick. Take the knife on the right and use it on the seal of the letter. Click to read it. The unknown patron did not sign the letter. Right click to remove knife. Click on right page to close the letter. Take the red seal wax on the left and heat it on the candle flame. Use it on the seal of the letter. Take the sealed letter.

Drawer - Open the drawer and take the monocle and bloodstone.

Look around and check the globe. Go to the laboratory bench at the corner of the room. Click on the still over the stove. Take the phial of sleeping potion from top left shelf and the empty phial of ink and phial of sulphur from bottom shelf. Take the sheet of paper hidden by the 2 phials. Enter the paper in the portfolio. Read: Black ink is made from mixture of egg yolk and black pigment with water. Invisible ink becomes visible under heat. We can use the lab items later.

Clock - Turn around and forward. Click on the picture of Leonardo on the wall right of the left window. Take the sheet of paper and enter it in portfolio.

Get the clock working by arranging (click hold drop) the gears to form a continuous path from the left large gear up to the clock. Progress can be checked by clicking on the large gear and see which gear will not move.

One possible solution:

Amboise, 23 April 1519. Watch and listen to Leonardo decide about his codex.


Day 2: 23 September 1522

Wake up and think that it was all a dream. Talk to Saturnin, the guardian of the manor about the gardens, workshop and Madame Babou. Hmm. Words and gifts to softening her heart...

Read the diary to review the events and new task to do. The conscience gauges are even, even after giving milk to the cat yesterday.


Check the manor:

Gardens:    Go left of Saturnin and take the ladder in front of the door. Pick up gall nut from tree left of the carriage in the garden. Go back inside and turn around. Take the pliers hanging on the door.

Kitchen & Pantry:    Turn around and get 3x charcoal from the sack left of the steps and split logs right of the steps. Climb up the ladder to the pantry and take 3x grains of wheat from the sack by the wall. Take the broom by the door.

At the kitchen, take thyme from side table by the window. Go forward towards the dining room and turn around. Take the lemon from the table.

Dining room:    Go right of the cooking fireplace. Take the bottle of water from the table.

Workshop:    Go to room pass the dining room. Now we can check the workshop. Take the large spiny gear leaning on press table at area on the left. Take large drill bit, lighter and iron box from fireplace mantle.

Water pump-fountain paper - Use the pliers on the paper nailed on the chimney wall to get sheet of paper and nail. Add the sheet of paper to the portfolio. Read the paper in the portfolio. We will do this later. It is a trigger for another action.

Easel - Remove the cover from the easel and check the nails on the frame on the left.

Jack - Go towards the other door and look at the table. There's a pair of pliers on the table if needed. Take the small gear from the floor. Note the jack on top of the crate. It doesn't seem to work. Go to the saw and borer machine on the far area.

Borer - Face the borer and take the small drill bit from the machine. Replace it with the large drill bit. Place the small gear on table. Use (gear icon) the crank handle. Take the small perforated gear.

Place the large gear on the table and again use the crank handle. Take the large perforated gear. Take the crank handle.

Go back to the jack on the box (crate) ;) and place the small perforated gear above the other gear already there. Take the jack and the engraved plate beside it.

Lopsided door - Turn around. Use the jack on the base of the leaning door. Attach the crank handle on jack. Turn (gear icon) the crank to straighten the door. Take jack and crank handle.

Close door. See a metal door that has gears, colored balls and cups. We will come back to this puzzle later.

Exit via the formerly leaning door. Note the locked chapel on right side. Go up the stairs and look down on the floor of the first landing by tapestry. Take the collar-necklace. A stone is missing from it.

Leonardo's study:    Change clothes by clicking the doublet on Valdo before entering the study. Talk to Madame Babou. She talks about an unused bridge and gives another engraved plate ready for printing. Turn around and take the empty bowl and empty perfume bottle from the coffee table. Take the lyre under the window.

Ink - Go to Leonardo's lab bench. Place charcoal or gall nut on the mortar. Use pestle on charcoal or gall nutand take charcoal powder. Place egg, charcoal powder or gall nut powder and water on bowl on the right. Use the empty phial of ink on the bowl to get phial of ink.

Find the dovecote for messages:   

Exit the study and bedroom. Go forward to the balcony. Take pebbles from the floor before the stairs. Go down the stairs and go forward. Take the left path away from the manor and tracks.

Bridge:    See Leonardo's turning bridge. Pan right and go forward to see a clearing by the stream - a perfect landing site.

Turn bridge - Go back to the bridge. Place the large perforated gear on top of the large spindle on the left. Pan right and take the iron bar that stops the other large spindle. Pan left back to the other spindle and turn it. Cross the bridge.

See chopped logs on the left that are ready to be split. Go forward and see a beehive on the left. Go forward to the dovecote. See a pile of dry leaves, take if needed.

Dovecote:    Take the long rope hanging from the beam, the copper object on the window sill, old clothes from the ground and pebbles if you need any. Climb the steps. See packed straw and a heavy barrel on the floor. Take the pewter dish from the floor.

Call the dove for the message - Take the dove call left of the window. Look up and see 5 doves in their stalls. Take the dove call from inventory and it will appear on the game screen. Call all the doves to pop out of their coop by clicking on the holes.

Click on holes: (left to right) 4 3 5 1 2. Click on the rightmost top dove to take the message. Valdo reads and answers the message.

If you feed the doves grains of wheat, the angelic guide goes up.

Cross the stream:  Exit dovecote and turn to stream.  Alternative - Another place to cross the stream is just after the bridge.

Ladder - Place the ladder on the water. Go to the other side. oops! Use the 2 small stick previously cut from the stick that was found in the workroom on the empty rungs of the ladder.  Now cross to the other side.

Reeds - Turn left and use knife on reeds to get reeds. There are pebbles on the ground if needed.

Forge-mill:   Go forward to the forge. Pick up dry leaves and axe outside the forge. Enter and look around and see the furnace, anvil on the lower level and the mill on the right side. Pick up the beekeeper's veil hanging from the shelf.

Furnace - Place dry leaves and split logs in the furnace. Use the lighter on the logs.

Key - Place the key mold on the table on the right of furnace. Place pewter dish and copper object (alternative is bronze that can be bought from Saturnin) in the crucible. Click on handle of the post on the left to raise the crucible. Swing the arm to move it inside the furnace. Click on handle again to lower the crucible with bronze. Remove the arm out of the furnace. Lift the furnace cover and place it on furnace.

Turn right and take the gloves from side of the table. In inventory, click the gloves on Valdo.

Take the furnace cover off after wearing the gloves and lay it on the floor. Swing the arm to the furnace, click the handle, swing the arm out and click the handle again to lower the crucible.

With gloves on, pour the molten bronze on the key mould. Open the mould and take bronze key. Take the key mould again. Click the gloves off Valdo.

Mill - Look outside and see that the water wheel is stopped. In inventory, click the reed on Valdo. LOL!

Dive in the water. Look at the water wheel clogged by sticks. Use the knife to cut the sticks. The water wheel turns.

Flour - Go back inside the mill. Place grains of wheat on the bin at top level. Pull the lever beside the bucket by the door to get flour.

Go back to the back of the manor by the garden If you haven't yet; use the pliers on the climbing rose at the corner of the manor to get roses.


Print Leonardo's engraved plates part 1:

Saturnin the caretaker:    Talk to Saturnin about the mill. He will explain how to make paper.  If you talk to Saturnin with the snorkel still on Valdo - listen to what he says. Hahahaha! If you need to replenish the water bottle, use the water bottle on the pool.

Paper preparation -

Paper mache - Go back to the mill-forge. Go to mill at right side of the hut.

Place old clothes on the bin under the 3 big hammers-pounders. Pour water on old clothes. Click the pounders to touch the round roller on the left. Pull the lever at end of the roller. Pull the lever from the roller to stop that noise. Click the pounders off the bin and take 4 paper mache.

Press paper - Go back to the press at the workshop.

Pull out the wood box below the press. Open the box, place one paper mache and close lid. Push back the box under the press and turn the lever to lower the press. Turn the lever again to raise the press and pull out the wooden box. Open the lid, take paper.

Do this to the other 3 paper mache to get 4 papers.

Leonardo's engraved plates:

Printing - Pull out the wood box below the press. Open the box, place the engraved plate, add ink and then paper over the inked plate.

Close the lid. Push back the box under the press and turn the lever to lower the press. Turn the lever again to raise the press and pull out the wooden box. Open the lid; take the sheet of paper and the inked engraved plate.

Enter the sheet of paper in the portfolio. Do this to the other engraved plate.

Information - Look in the portfolio, use mirror and see that the engraved plate given by Madame Babou is about the bridge.

The engraved plate from this room shows preparation for diverting enemies. It is made up of water, sugar and saltpetre.

Click on the cannon pictured and see new words appear. It gives the ingredients for gunpowder - saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal.

Convince Marie Babou to invite into her apartments:

Talk to Madame Babou at Leonardo's study. Be sure that Valdo is wearing the doublet. Answer with 'Thank you, Madam. You flatter me...' Learn about Salai. Give Madame Babou the rose and she reprimands Valdo. Give her the collar-necklace which increases the angelic gauge. Look at Valdo and Babou's picture in inventory - she moved.

Perfume preparation:     Go to the corner laboratory bench.

Open the door of the stove. Place charcoal in the stove. Use the lighter on the charcoal. Close the door. Take the gooseneck off the still. Place rose and water on the open still. Place the gooseneck back on the still. Pour water on the funnel. Click the empty perfume bottle on the flask at the bottom of the condenser to get bottle full of rose oil.

Repair the fountain: Give the perfume to Madame Babou. Talk to her again about bridge. She wants the fountain to be fixed. She might mention that Saturnin might have some parts (even conscience gauge).

Water pump-fountain paper - Read the water pump-fountain paper in the portfolio. This is the one taken from above the fireplace in the workshop. If you do this puzzle ahead of time, Saturnin will be in his room and might skip the mill-paper mache dialogue until later in the game.

Sheet of paper - Move the cursor over the picture to identify the different parts. The water pump is to the left inside the square. Below that is the jack that linked to a system of pools. The Archimedes screw pumps water from the pipe to water pump to the perforated tank above. The lines and broken circles at top left are glass tubes and flasks.

The aim of the puzzle is to make a fountain and complete a circuit from water pump to the fountain.

Fountain - Place and connect the glass tubes and flasks under the perforated tank to make a fountain. Place the long tube to the right hole of the tank, the medium tube to the left and place the flasks with 2 holes on top under the long tube. Place the other 2 holed flask under the medium tube. Connect the 2 flasks using the short tube. See picture below.

Pump water - Lower the hydraulic press. Raise the jack to connect the funnel to the water pump. Click on the water pump and then click on the Archimedes screw to pump the water to the holding tank on the right. See the fountain.

Watch Leonardo talk to Francois I.

Saturnin, the enterprising caretaker:    This part is triggered by the completion of the water-fountain puzzle above. Enter the open door left of the entrance to the lower pantry and talk to Saturnin. Take the fountain mechanism- system at left on the floor. Buy 1 paper for 1 gold coin, sugar for 2 gold coins and sewing spool behind the bronze (alternative - you can buy bronze to make key).

Fountain:    Go to the center of the garden and place the fountain system at the center of the pond. Madame is delighted.

Automatically be talking to Madame in Leonardo's study. Answer with 'You flatter me Madam....'. She wants one last thing; answer her with 'Of course, I'm listening.' If you need to raise the diabolical red conscience gauge and/or to get Babou closer to Valdo then give Leonardo's jewel to Babou and lie (2nd
choice). Thanks, Joao!

Lyre - Take the lyre from inventory and see the lyre on the screen.

Madame will sing the first 3 notes. Reproduce her trill on the lyre. Click on (left to right) 1 2 3 strings.

She will trill another 4 notes. Reproduce it by clicking on 4 2 2 1 strings.

She sings and loses her voice.

Look in inventory and see that the picture of Madame and Valdo has changed.

Saturnin:    Go back to Saturnin and talk to him about Madame completely. He gives the recipe for a cold remedy.

Honey:    Go across the bridge and forward to the beehive.

Click the beekeeper's veil on Valdo's picture.

Open the smoker on the right of the hive. Place dead leaves in the smoker. If you don't have any, go right and take some dead leaves outside the entrance to the dovecote. Use lighter on dead leaves. Close the lid and take the bee smoker. Use bee smoker on beehive. Raise the cover of the bee hive and drop it on the stool left of hive.

Take 2 honeybee combs. Place the cover back on the hive. Take the veil off Valdo's picture.

Saturnin:   Go back to the mansion and talk to Saturnin about honeycomb. Fill the empty bottle of water from the pond, walk to side of manor and back to Saturnin to get honey.

Cold remedy:    Go back to Leonardo's study.

Go to the distiller. Take the gooseneck off. Place thyme, lemon, honey and water in still. Click the empty bowl (cup and saucer) on the still to get bowl full of syrup. Place the gooseneck back on the still.

Alternative:    Prepare the cold remedy. When Valdo says 'It's look like it's ready', add the sleeping potion on the still. He will say "Idon't think that's a good idea'.  Click the sleeping potion again to get bowl of syrup with sleeping draught. The red gauge will go up. (Thanks, Benoit).

Give Madame the bowl of syrup. If it has sleeping draught, Madame will fall asleep. She will wake up later feeling refreshed.

Madame's apartment:    Babou tells Valdo about the drawings and the telescope. Check the picture of Babou and Valdo in inventory. Go to the other side of the room and look at the picture on the wall and the one on the easel.

Telescope - Look through the telescope and see that one of the lenses is broken. Click on the gold cover middle of the telescope to open it. Use knife (or nail - Thanks, Joao!) to remove the broken lens. Use the monocle as replacement.

Look through the telescope and see Saturnin hiding a boat. This is the trigger for end of the day. Babou dismisses the idea of Saturnin being mysterious.

Valdo succeeded in seducing Madame Babou.


Day 3: 24 September 1522

Leonardo's locked laboratory cabinet:    Go forward to Leonardo's study and right to the lab bench. Use the bronze key on the cabinet to get gold nuggets, red paint, blue paint, yellow paint and varnish. Close cabinet and take bronze key.


Leonardo's locked Venetian cabinet:    Go to Leonardo's bedroom and to the locked Venetian cabinet left of the fireplace.

Insert the bronze key on the keyhole at center of the locked cabinet.

See that there are diamonds on one end of each row of ornate panels and on the top of each column. The top diamonds turns the smaller diamonds in the panels below it.

The object of the puzzle is to have all the diamonds in the panel to be on the top as seen on the single panel below the center statue.

Click on the top diamonds: (l-r) 1 2 and 4, to get the top row of smaller diamonds to be on top.

Click the diamond on the left side of the second from the top row to get the diamonds to be on top.

Click the diamond on the right side of the second from bottom row to get the diamonds on the panel to be on top.

The center cabinet opens. Take the roll of parchment, Leonardo's jewel, hammer, gold blank mold and coining die.

Take the bronze key.

Map of Cloux Manor:    Add the parchment to the portfolio and see a map of Cloux Manor. It has 4 circles with celestial bodies on each corner: sun, moon, star and planet.

The Path of Pleasure bookcase:    Go to the bookcase across the room. Click on the words etched above the bookcase. Babou stated that Salai is Leonardo's lover. Click on the books that have S A L A I. Note that there are 2 A's. See that it goes to Valdo's bedroom (formerly Salai's). Turn around and note that the passage also opens on this side. We will do that puzzle later.


Discover what is hidden under the trapdoor:    Go down and forward to kitchen. Take the bottle of white wine on the table. Look at area right of the door to the stairs. Saturnin revealed a trap door under the sacks left of the fireplace.

Open the trap door - Move the 2 sacks off the trap door and place them on the left side. Look up and use the long rope on the pulley on the ceiling. Use the crank handle on the wheel on the wall. Click the crank handle to raise the trap door. Take the crank handle.

Light the lantern hanging on the raised trap door. Take the lamp. Use the lamp and go down.

Cellar - Go forward, turn around and look up at the ceiling. Use the lighter on the candles on the chandelier to get light.

Go forward towards the stairs. Pick up the cannon ball on the floor by the stairs. Take 2xs saltpeter from wall at bottom of stairs.

Metal plate - Look at the metal plate leaning by the bench close to the stairs. Use flour on the plate and see some drawing. With paper in inventory, Valdo notes the drawing down to get incomplete sheet of paper. If you don't have paper, buy some from Saturnin later and come back. Pan right and take an engraved plate.

Cannon - Turn around and go forward. See a broken down cannon. Use the jack on the cannon. Place the crank handle on jack and use it straighten the cannon. It is facing a bricked entryway. Place the cannon ball on the cannon.

 You can fire it now or later when you need to use the cannon. There is an alternative if you fire it now - don't worry.

Flying machine - Pan right and see a prototype of Leonardo's flying machine. Steering shaft is gone and right wing lost its strut.

Print Leonardo's engraved plates part 2:

Go back up to the workshop and print the last of the engraved plates. Place the plate on the open box of the press, Place ink over the plates and lay a paper over it. Close the lid, push to press, press and take the paper from box. Enter the sheet of paper in portfolio. Read about Alberti's use of the grid to paint.

Gold coin preparation:    Go to the forge. Take split logs from lower level of pantry or split logs using the axe just after the bridge.

Furnace - Place split logs on the embers in the furnace.

Gold blanks - Place the gold blank mold on the table on the right of furnace. Place gold nuggets in the crucible. Click on the handle of the post on the left to raise the crucible. Swing the arm to move it inside the furnace. Click on handle again to lower the crucible with bronze. Remove the arm out of the furnace. Lift the furnace cover and place it on furnace.

In inventory, click the gloves on Valdo. Take the furnace cover off after wearing the gloves and drop it on the floor. Swing the arm to the furnace, click the handle, swing the arm out and click the handle again to lower the crucible.

With gloves on, pour the molten gold on the gold blank mould. Take 4 gold blanks from the mould. Take the gold blank mould. Click the gloves off Valdo.

Gold coins - Turn to the anvil. Place the coining die on the circular indentation on top of the anvil. Place a gold blank on top of the die. Use the hammer. Take the gold coin. Do this to the other 3 gold blanks to make 4 gold coins. They are added to the coin count on the right side of inventory screen. Take the coining die from the anvil.

Boat ride:    Exit the forge and look across the stream by the water wheel. Saturnin's hidden boat is on the bank. Cross the bridge and go left. Turn left to the bank and remove the camouflage of the boat. Turn right and drop the camouflage. You can take a ride up and down the stream from the mill to the dovecote by click point to the direction you want to go. If you placed the ladder by the bridge, remove it now. Go back to the bank after a nice day out and return to the manor.


Recover lens from Saturnin:

Babou's sitting room:    Talk to Babou at her apartment.

Telescope -Leonardo's drawing - The telescope is stuck. Use oil on and then click on rod handle. The telescope turns to the drawing on the wall. Look though telescope.

Go to the drawing and use the lighter to expose hidden drawing using invisible ink. Look through telescope again and see the secret writing is a picture of the telescope and a constellation

Talk to Babou about Leonardo, the hidden drawing and telescope. She states that Saturnin cleaned the room before she got here.

Saturnin:    Talk to Saturnin about the lenses. He states that he doesn't know about them. Give him brandy. White wine is not strong enough for him.

You will now have 2 choices of dialogues in response to his 'need to be friendly'.:.

1. I'm sure that by trying harder... This would make Saturnin clam up and you need to make brandy to give him. This also raises the diabolical red conscience gauge.

2. Your thoughts are running wild... This would make Saturnin admit that he has the lenses and gives permission to enter his room. This raises the angelic conscience gauge.

Continuation of #1 choice:  We need more brandy. Pick up more charcoal if needed.

Make brandy - Go back to lab bench In Leonardo's study. If the stove is off, place charcoal and light it. Place white wine in the still. Place gooseneck back. Click the empty brandy bottle on the stilled brandy.

Go back and give it to Saturnin. He falls asleep.

Saturnin's room - Enter his room and open the cabinet on the left. Take the 2 color lenses. If you need things from his selection of wares or take the gold coins back, take it. It will increase your red conscience, maybe to balance if you have a rise in angelic gauge. Read the note on the stool - Spied on?

Babou:    Go back to Babou's sitting room-apartment. Talk to her about Saturnin.

Choices:    1. No, it would be rash... 2. Confess. Angelic gauge goes up.

Decipher the puzzle of the hidden words:

Telescope + lens:    Place the 2 lenses on the holder in front of the telescope.

Position blue and red lens in front of telescope. Look through telescope to see purple. First look for the stars,

Position red and yellow lens in front of telescope. Look through telescope to see orange. Then find the philosopher stone.

Position blue and yellow lens in front of telescope. Look through telescope to see green. And the path of power will open before you.

First look for the stars:    Talk to Babou and she will help with recognizing the constellation Lyra and points Valdo to the globe.

Globe - Go to the study and examine the globe by the fireplace. Turn the globe to the Lyre constellation. It is a 4 star diamond with a single star above it. It will be at the center of the intersecting ruled bars.

Then turn the bars to position the 5 holes over the 5 stars. Take the medallion on top. It has a depiction of 2 kissy faces like the return button in the game.

Watch the discussion between Leonardo and Francois I. There is a path from here to the King's castle.

Then find the philosopher stone:     Talk to Babou about the globe and medallion. Go to Saturnin and see that the manor cat is there. Talk to him and find out that the cat's name is Alkahest. Go back to Babou and ask about Alkahest. Alkahest means philosopher stone and he wears a medallion.

Look for Alkahest. The cat and Saturnin is not at the bench anymore. Go to the dovecote and see Alkahest sitting by the top entrance. Enter dovecote and approach the cat. Take the half moon medallion. If the cat is 'still wary' (depending on previous choices and the gauges or no milk was given to cat before), use gloves on Valdo and then take the medallion from the cat.

And the path of power will open before you:    Find the entrance to the secret passage to the King's castle.

There are 2 ways to get to the secret passage. Both ways should be prepared, so do both 1 and 2 below but heed the warning on #1.

1. One way is to break the bricked wall using the cannon.

Prepare gunpowder - Go to the lab bench in the study. Place charcoal on mortar and use pestle to get charcoal powder. Mix in the right bowl saltpetre, sulphur and powdered charcoal. Take powder.

Prime the cannon - Go down to the cellar and open the lid at right end of the cannon. Be sure that you have already placed the cannonball inside the cannon. Place the powder in the slot.

Warning: If you want to see another alternative path later - make a saved game and do not fire the cannon yet. You can replay to do the other alternative.

If you want to open the brick wall now, light the powder using the lighter. You can still get to the end.

2. By elevator.

Red & yellow balls elevator puzzle - Go back to the workshop and close the formerly leaning door to access the metal cabinet.

Open the door and see circular metal plate that has red and yellow colored balls around the perimeter. At the center are 2 superimposed circles that are stationary. At the bottom are 2 cups: left is red and right is yellow. On the right is a weight that turns the rotating plate.

The object of the puzzle is to alternate dropping a red and a yellow ball to their respective cups.

The smaller left circle receives balls from the pipe or from the ones around the edge of the big rotating plate. It has 2 yellow buttons; the top turns the circle clockwise and the bottom button turns it counterclockwise. At the bottom of the smaller circle is the path that drops the unused balls back to the edge of the rotating circle.

The right larger circle also has 2 buttons; top button turns it counterclockwise and bottom to turn clockwise. There is a path to drop at the bottom and this is where the selected balls are dropped alternating to right or left cups.

The 2 circles have 2 places that overlap each other. These are the 2 places that the ball on the left circle can be moved by the right circle. The bottom overlap hole is where you want to position the selected colored ball to drop to the cup.

The green button at bottom left resets the puzzle or empties the cups.

First, check which color of ball is dropped to the cups. Then reset if dropped on wrong cup.

While the big plate is stationary, move the correct balls from the left circle so that the right circle can drop it to the correct cup.

When out of balls on the left circle to work on, pull down the weight to drop balls to the smaller circle and simultaneously moving the left (to get balls) and right circle (to select balls and drop them in the cup).

Do these - pull the weight and drop correct colored balls until the bowls at the bottom automatically empties. This means the puzzle is completed.

Pull the lever on the right to raise the elevator.



Here's how the thing works. There's no set order of collecting the balls except as mentioned below.

Each time a ball drops to a cup it goes into the opposite cup than the last one so if you get out of sync you will be dropping balls in the cup opposite the one it should go into.

If even one ball drops into the wrong cup then you have to empty them and start over. To empty them from the cups and start over click on the round, green button on the bottom left of the puzzle. This routes the balls from the two cups back into the pipe at the top of the big wheel which feeds them back into the big wheel.

Note the little paddle like gizmo at the intersection where the ball goes left or right. The long piece of the divider points to the cup which will NOT get the next ball.

Whether you first drop a red or yellow ball depends on the position of the divider indicator when you begin dropping balls into the cups.

Where the two little circles of ball holders are located, the top left yellow button rotates the little wheel on the left clockwise and the one under it rotates it counterclockwise.

The top right yellow button rotates the little wheel on the right counterclockwise and the one under it rotates it clockwise.

Dropping balls into the downward slot on the left sends them back to the rotating outer wheel for "recycling". The slot on the right drops them into the cup in the sequence.

It is easier and less confusing to "capture" two or three balls at a time and, of course, in order if you can. If you cannot get them in the proper order then use the two small rotating wheels to sort them into their proper order and according to how the indicator at the "separating" point is set. Any out of order can be dropped back into the big wheel until needed.

After collecting three or four balls it might help to wait until the big wheel stops turning so you can concentrate on which button moves what to where. Then you can restart the big wheel, collect three or four more and do it all again until the puzzle is done and you can pull the big lever on the right to operate the “lift“ (elevator).

Start the puzzle by pulling the handle hanging from a chain on the right.


Elevator - Enter the elevator and pull the lever to go down. Across the elevator is the metal cabinet to raise or bring down the elevator.

See the bricked wall on the left. This is the one seen in the cellar under the kitchen (if you have not blasted the bricked door yet).

Etchings at secret passage:    Go forward and at the corner, see etchings on the floor. Click on it to clean up one etching. Use the broom to remove the dirt over the second etching. Place the incomplete sheet of paper over the cleaned etching and use the charcoal crayon on the paper to get a sheet of paper.

Add it to the portfolio and read it. It showed the 4 circles with sun, star, moon and planet and lines and dots. No way to decode it yet.

Door to the King's castle:    Continue forward and see a door that has similar pictures as the 2 medallions. Place the 2 medallions on the indentations. The door opens.

Beneath the King's castle:    Use the lit lamp on the dark passageway. Go down, forward, pan left, forward, pan left, forward and be under the King's castle.

There is an open door that leads up to the castle. Turn left and see a closed door. Enter through the closed door. Hear people talking behind the metal panel. If you open the metal panel and are heard, Valdo will be tortured. Another chance is given.

Oil the metal panel and open it completely. Overhear 2 hooded men talk about Valdo's research. They also talked about their plans for the codex and Valdo when they have the notebook in hand. Codex must be destroyed.

Go back to the manor by going right when at the hall, forward, right while facing a gate, forward and up the stairs.

Francois I:    Babou calls down and Valdo automatically has a talk to Francois I. Valdo now works for the King. The King gives his signet ring and told Valdo to contact him through Hector when he finds the notebook. He also gave a sheet of paper that has the code for the Leonardo's series of signs.


Day 4: 25 September 1522

Valdo wakes up and reminisces about the happenings the night before. Babou calls to Valdo and at her apartment, informs him that there are guards around the manor. They think that Valdo has escaped with the notebook.

Find and decode the 4 series of signs:

Decode the etching taken from the floor of the secret passageway:    Open the portfolio to the etchings picture. Decode the etchings using the paper given by the King that is on the left page.

The right page has line-dots after 4 circles with celestial bodies - from top to bottom: sun, star, moon and planet. The left page has line/dots with numbers.

Look for the line-dot from the left page that corresponds to one of the line-dots right of the celestial body symbol on the right page.

Click the number inside the line-dot chosen on left page to turn it to orange and then click the corresponding line-dot on the right page to orange. A white area appears right of the line-dots.

Do the same to next line-dot until that celestial body is completed. Take the blood stone from bottom circle and click it on the whitened area after the line-dots to write the numbers chosen.

Do this for all the other celestial bodies' line-dots. The decoded numbers are: sun - 120, Star - 240, moon - 60 and planet - 310.


Correlate to Map:    Open the page in the portfolio that shows the map of the Cloux Manor that was taken from Leonardo's Venetian cabinet.

See that the map of Cloux Manor also have the same celestial body circles seen on the etching paper.

The degrees of the celestial body circles are labeled. Turn the circles' pointer to point to the number decoded from the etchings: sun - 120, Star - 240, moon - 60 and planet - 310.

At the intersection of the 4 bodies, an X that marks the location of the notebook is seen. It is on the front door of the manor.

Saturnin:    Go talk to Saturnin in the kitchen. He is surprised by the presence of the guards. Valdo confronts Saturnin. Valdo realizes the reasoning given by Saturnin.

Babou:     Go back to Babou's apartment and find her gone. Valdo wants to check the Venetian cabinet.

Unlock Babou's Venetian cabinet - Take the key from the mannequin in the bedroom.

Insert the key on the keyhole at center of the locked cabinet. Save game here since there's no reset.

There are white diamonds at left end of each row of colored circles and at the top of each column. The white diamonds turns the yellow arrows of the colored circles.

There are blue diamonds at right end of each row of colored circles and at the bottom of each column. The blue diamonds turns the white arrows of the colored circles.

The object of the puzzle is to have all the colored circles in the panel to be similar to the single panel below the center statue.

1. Click the top white diamonds (L-R: 1, 2 and 4) to turn the top row yellow arrows to point up.

2. Click the bottom blue diamonds (L-R: 1 - 4) to turn the top row white arrows to point down.

3. Click the 2nd from top left white diamond to turn the 2nd row yellow arrows to point up.

4. Click the 2nd from top right blue diamond to turn the 2nd row white arrows to point down.

5. Click the 3rd from top right blue diamond to turn the 3rd row white arrows to point down.

6. Click the bottom right blue diamond to turn the bottom row white arrows to point down.

The drawer opens. Read the letter and see that it is the letter of introduction for Valdo. Move the dark paper over the letter and Valdo will read it and learned that he will be framed.

Babou arrives and states that she is blackmailed because of her relations with Charles V. She was ordered to leave the Mona Lisa in the dovecote for the blackmailers to pick up.

Prevent the theft of the Mona Lisa:

Retrieve the Mona Lisa:    The Mona Lisa is at the dovecote.

Manor guards - Go to the balcony and see that there is a guard in front of the manor entrance and one patrolling the side. Pick up some pebbles at end of balcony if needed. You need 3 pebbles. Wait for the side guard to just be facing back to the side of the manor; then throw a pebble in front of the guard by the entrance. Immediately, go down the stairs, pan left, forward to the trees, pan left to the path, forward to the bridge.

Caught:    If caught at anytime, Valdo will be placed in his room. Look at the doorknob. Use the paper on the base of the door and use the nail (or drill bit or knife - Thanks, Joao) on the keyhole. Pull the paper and take the key. Use key on door. If no paper is in inventory, a paper will be seen at bottom right of door. (Thanks, Joao.)

Tapestry - Click on tapestry for Valdo to say that there is way through. Use pliers on the 2 nails holding the tapestry at the bottom corners. Since this is the backside of the bookcase - click on the reverse of the password - I A L A S. Door opens. Go through and try again to get to the dovecote.

Bridge guard - The bridge guard has his back to you. Pan left and throw a pebble to the water or use the iron bar on him (Thanks, Chrissie).

a. If the ladder is at the far side close to the dovecote or if the ladder is in inventory - Immediately, pan right and go to the wooded area right of the bridge.

b. If the ladder is close to the bridge, immediately go forward and pick up the ladder and go back across the bridge and go left to the wooded area.

Boat - If not yet done, remove the camouflage and drop it to the right. Enter boat; go towards the bridge and right to dovecote.

Dovecote guard - Throw a pebble on the left by the small bridge. Enter the dovecote.

Take the Mona Lisa behind the sheet hidden by the sacks. Take pebbles from the ground by the ladder, if needed. Climb up to the landing.

Turn around and throw a pebble to the window on other side of the dovecote. The guard comes in.

These are the actions that can be made:

a. You can jump out the window and go to the boat. You also can drop the packed straw before you jump (Thanks, Chrissie!).

b. Push the barrel using the iron rod on top of the guard below. Go down and take his uniform. Click the uniform on Valdo.

a. Take the boat back to the landing by the bridge. Turn right; go to the bridge and left to the manor.

b. With the uniform on, walk forward, cross the bridge and go to the manor.

Note: If you have a high angelic conscience, you will not be able to hurt the guard and take his uniform.

Manor guard -

a. If not wearing a uniform, sneak to get to the manor.

b. If wearing uniform, side guard will stop you. Answer him with 'Leave me alone...' The other response will get Valdo recognized as not one of the guards and get caught. If this is the second time caught, a replay will occur and not sent back to your room.

Go to the balcony via the stairs on the right.

Make a copy of the Mona Lisa:    Go to the workshop.

Make an Albarti's grid - Place nail on the hole at middle left edge of the wood stand. Place the Mona Lisa on stand. Click the sewing spool on the Mona Lisa. Alternative - the game will allow the continuation even without the sewing spool.

Charcoal sketch - Place the red, yellow, blue paints and then varnish on the holes of the easel. Take the charcoal crayon beside the paints and sketch Mona Lisa.

Note that a click on a square affects the adjacent squares:

The central square or any inside square affects the top, bottom, right and left squares - forming a cross.

The corner squares affect the 2 side squares - forming a right angle.

The middle edge squares affect the 3 squares around it - forming a T.

The object of the puzzle is to completely fill the easel with the charcoal drawing.

Click on the squares below in order.

  3 2   1
  6 5 4  
    9 8 7
13 12   11 10
15 14      

Colored Mona Lisa - Click on a square to turn the charcoal to colors. The object of the puzzle is to reform the Mona Lisa. Click to turn all the frames in to colors. Then using the black dots move the squares into the correct position. Once the colored square is in the correct position, click on that square to turn it to white and see if they are the same as the original charcoal drawing.

Cheat obtained by accident - Have the active dotted easel puzzle on the screen, move around a bit to other rooms and then come back. Click the start-windows button at bottom left of keyboard to hide the game to the taskbar and show the desktop. Click the game on the taskbar to get back to the game and see that the puzzle is solved.

Correct the color of Mona Lisa - The color of the Mona Lisa has to be corrected.

Take the brush and dip into varnish and blue and then click it on the painting. Do this 3 times. Clean brush on rag at right.

Take the brush and dip into varnish and red and then click it on the painting. Do this 4 times. Clean brush on rag at right.

Take the brush and dip into varnish and yellow and then click it on the painting. Do this 3 times.

Take the copy and original Mona Lisa.

Saturnin:    Talk to Saturnin in the kitchen and he reveals his identity as well as the last key. And you thought he was a baddie!

Corrected map alignment - Saturnin said to subtract 10 from the stars, subtract 10 from the planet and add 10 to the moon.

Adjust the degrees of the 3 celestial bodies in the Cloux manor map. The x marks the chapel.

Go to the chapel and click on the lock. It is locked! Talk to Saturnin again and learned that Madam has the key to the chapel.

Babou:    Save Game here for other possible ending. Look at the picture of Babou and Valdo in inventory. Note that Babou still has her hand on Valdo's shoulders.

Talk to Babou and make a decision on the reply:

1. Me either, I must admit... This choice will show Babou's hands off Valdo's shoulders.

2. I shouldn't have lost my temper... This choice will continue to show Babou's hands on Valdo's shoulders.

Either response will show that Babou gives the chapel key. Talk to Babou again and she will ask that you say goodbye.

Chapel and the Manuscript:    Go to the chapel left of hallway before entering the workshop. See the altar and empty frame of the Mona Lisa.

Altar - Insert Francois I's signet ring in the hole of the tabernacle. Take the sceptre from the altar and use it on the signet ring in the hole.

The secret compartment opens. Take Leonardo's manuscript. Take the signet ring and sceptre.

Go to dovecote to contact Hector:    Still wearing the uniform, go directly to the dovecote and will not be stopped. If no uniform is available, use the pebbles again to distract the guards. Climb up the landing of the dovecote and a black pigeon lands. Give the pigeon Francois I's signet ring. Go back to the manor.

Saturnin is not in the kitchen.

Meet Hector at secret passage:    Use the elevator or if you have opened the bricked wall in the cellar, enter the hole made and go to the hidden passage. Talk to Hector. Manuscript is given and no escape plan as of yet.

Saturnin:    Talk to Saturnin and he wants you to take back the manuscript from Hector and protect the original Mona Lisa. He gives the wooden bow for the flying machine. You need a smoke screen when you fly out from the gangway or balcony. NOTE: If you made the fumigant early - Saturnin will take it and will do his part in the end of the game. (Thanks, RichardO). He will also ask that if you need anything he will leave his door open. If you don't have sugar, you can get it now.

Prepare the flying machine:   

Make smokescreen - Go to lab bench in the study. Light the stove and place water, sugar and saltpetre in the still. Click the iron box to get fumigant.

Prepare the steering shaft and strut - Go to the saw in the workshop and cut the broom to get wooden shaft. Place the wooden bow on the borer and use the small drill. Bore a hole on the bow to get bow of perforated wood. You might need the crank that might still be attached to the cannon in the cellar. Click on the crank to take it off the jack.

Flying machine - Go down to the cellar and place the fumigant on the floor beside the flying machine. Use the bow of perforated wood on the wing and the wooden shaft on the platform at the center.

Take Manuscript from Hector:    Look for Hector at the secret passage. Walk around if you cannot find him. Then go to the kitchen, you should hear a noise that makes Valdo say that Hector is back and he should take the manuscript by force.

1. If you blasted the brick wall with the cannon, go down using the elevator and see Hector with his back turned. Use the iron bar on him.

2. If you have not opened the brick wall with the cannon, do so now. Check if the cannonball has fallen off the floor if you took the crank earlier. Light the powder using the lighter and the brick wall will be blasted and Hector flattened.

Take the manuscript from Hector. Pan right and place the copy of the Mona Lisa against the wall left of the formerly bricked up wall. If you have a high angelic conscience, the Leonardo's Mona Lisa is left at the corner.

The Alexandrian Manuscript:    Leonardo talks about the manuscript. It was passed down to him from his master Verrocchio. The manuscript was passed down through the ages. The manuscript contains precious knowledge from classical times. It is the only surviving knowledge of the Alexandrian library. It contains the most precious secret of all - the hiding place of the Museum of Alexandria.


Farewell to Babou:    Talk to Babou.

If you continued to be angry with Babou, the picture in inventory will show her with her hands off Valdo. Goodbyes will be said and the cutscene at the balcony will happen.

If you have been understanding and the picture showed her still holding on to Valdo, she will ask to come with you. Now, you have a choice to take her with you or not.

Escape:    Watch the ending and the flight on the flying machine made by the greatest mind in the world.


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