Walkthrough by CHIEF

April 2007

After a fairly long introduction, you find yourself on a shore and a fisherman gives you a PDA and a bag.

“Welcome to the Knell Theatre”

Talk to the characters. Find the 7 script. Find the Shakespearean quotes book.

The PDA is there to recap the information and for some Hints.

The game saves itself when an Act is completed.

There is a turn around arrow on the side of the screen to see a room or a place completely.

It is possible that your game play and conclusion are different from this walkthrough.

ACT I : The weakest goes to the wall.

The Foyer:

You are in a courtyard where three characters are standing. Talk to them completely.

Talk to the young blond man with a white shirt: Robert Archer.  Look at the paper on the ground beside him.

Then talk to Anne Hatcher: no one saw Morton in five years.

And then talk to the other character: Edward Allwood.

In between the blond man and the woman, find a shiny thing on the ground: an ITEM: a broken watch. It is now in your bag: have a look at it and rotate it to see the number 7 and the initial CM.

On the left of the blond man, click to turn around and find on the left of the door a blueprint to the Knell: it is downloaded to your PDA’s map.

Also, beside the blueprint, another shiny ITEM: a plaque: view it in the bag: The Monarch and see number 9 on the back.

In front of the door: some letters on the ground.

Have a look around and click on different objects.

You can’t go up the stairs, so Exit in between them.

The Theatre:

On the right of the man with a white and blue shirt, see a shiny ITEM: a receipt from a building suppliers. Turn it to see number 8.

Talk to the man: Will Kent.

Turn around to see a woman and see another shiny ITEM on the right of the woman: a small bottle with a ripped warning label: rotate to see number 4.

Talk to Dame Judith Quinn.

On the right of the screen, find ACT I of the 7NK script: you need to carry out the cryptic tasks in each scene in order to complete each act. View the ITEM Act I, scene I.

Have a look around to see different objects.

The Dressing Room:

Exit with the door at the right of the woman. See and talk to the lady: Susanna Hilton.

You can look at the desk and different objects in the room.

Turn around and see a tape player and a cabinet under two lamps: it is locked. Will come back to it later.

There’s a big door you can’t open.

Go through the door behind the woman.

The Study:

Talk to Richard Burrows.

At his feet, find a trap door, locked of course.

Click on the desk on the computer: a puzzle:

On top 8 squares and the same at the bottom: you must find a link between the top and bottom squares.

The solution: from left to right:

Top square 1 with bottom 3

Top square 2 with bottom 6

3 with 4

4 with 2

5 with 5

6 with 1

7 with 8

8 with 7

After the puzzle, read the mail. 

Turn around and under two lamps, see a shiny ITEM: The Diary of Christopher Morton.

You can also click on other objects in the room.

Exit on the left of the globe to be back in the dressing room.

The Dressing Room:

Go to the cabinet, erase with your mouse (and back key) all the 8s and enter 9874 (numbers seen after rotating ITEMS). The cabinet opens: find a book of Shakespearean quotes.  You will be able to access it through the 7NK script and use it to drag and drop to fill in the missing gaps in the script.

The book is now with the other ITEMS.

The Script:

Take the script book at the bottom of the screen to see the numbers of the ITEMS you picked up. And the other page: gap to fill up: using the information at the bottom of the page and the quotes book, drag and drop the small text at the proper place. 

Exit to the theatre with the door with the sign and click back on the door to the dressing room: a large crash is hear in the dressing room.

The Dressing Room:

Go there and find Susanna Hilton dead on the floor with a fan in her hands.

Click on Next to see the characters commenting.

End of ACT I.   Click next to see ACT 2: click on play now.


ACT II : Death by inches

The second act opens on Susanne Hilton’s body on the floor and the fan in her hands is gone.

Read some comments by the other characters by clicking on Next.

New locations have been added. 

The Dressing Room:

Look at the body on the floor: see a shiny ITEM on her side: a CD Rom. Where can we use it?

See and read a note near the body.

Turn around and go in the Study.

The Study:

Talk to Richard Burrows and to Dame Judith Quinn.

Click on the computer on the table between them and select ITEM in the bag: click the CD and then USE ITEM: click the CD on computer and press on the CD Rom on the screen: see Susanne Hilton.

You can look at other objects in the room.

Back to the dressing room to go through the big door with masks around it.

The Stage:

Pick up the flashlight and beside it a torn scrap of the 7NK programme: a phone number:

7564        453…….

Talk to Will Kent.

See a stage Trapdoor behind the woman.

In the trunk, see a puzzle: match the prop with the play by dragging the prop in the proper square at the bottom:

Macbeth: the cauldron

Hamlet: the skull

Midsummer….. dream: donkey

Tempest: blue cloth  (or something blue)

Anthony & Cleopatra: snake

Merchant of Venice: red cloth

After the puzzle, click to open and find a new ITEM and view it: VHS video tape.

You can look at other objects.

Turn around and see and talk to Anne Hatcher.

See a shiny ITEM in the left corner at the back of the stage: a clock. Using the Script and quotes book, fill up the empty square to find numbers: 12, 2, 3 and 7.

(The 2 seems to be coming from the Two Gentleman of Verona)

On the clock, press the proper hours to have 12, 2, 3  and 7 in the squares on the left: two new ITEMS are found: a hand and a crowbar.

Exit on the left of the clock and go to the theatre to talk to Robert Archer and go to the study.

The Study:

Look at the trap door at the feet of the man and use the crowbar .

Go down the stairs and click in the middle of the screen to get some lights: see a cut scene.

End of ACT II.


ACT III : Done to death by slanderous tongues

This Act starts with comments from the characters.

The Basement:

Explore the basement and find different objects.

See the body of Christopher Morton on a Throne: look beside him to find some papers, a picture.

Find also pages of a journal.

Take the exit to go up the stairs.

The Study:

Talk to Richard Burrows.

Exit with the door by the globe.

The Dressing Room:

Talk to Edward Allwood.

The Theatre:

Talk to Dame Judith Quinn.

The Foyer:

Talk to Anne Hatcher.

Archer’s portrait (look around the Foyer) has been torn from the frame.

The door on top of the stairs is still off limit.

The Stage:

On top of the clock in the corner, there is an exit above the other one.

The Backstage:

Talk to Will Kent.

Go around the room to visit this new location.

Find a book: Who’s Who?

A furniture of some sort on the left of Will: a puzzle: you must put the books in the proper category on top. Look in the Quotes book for help.

The book “As you like it” goes in Comedy

The Tempest in Romance

Much Ado about Nothing in Comedy

King John in Historical

Midsummer Dream in Comedy

Julius Caesar in Tragedy

Richard III in Historical

Romeo & Juliet in Tragedy

Open the box and find a card: “How bitter it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes” and view the ITEM: night vision goggles.

See also a cannon with something stuffed into the end of it, but out of reach.

Look at a briefcase near the canon: force the lock?

The Script:

In the empty squares of the book and using the quotes book for the proper reference, the first word will be “Circle”

But after finding this word, we must search the Knell for the missing scene number of “As you like it”, Act II, scene???????

More location is added to the map.  In The Foyer, the exit on top of the stairs is now accessible.

The Circle:

Talk to Robert Archer.

On the floor, on the left of Robert, find a shiny ITEM: an antique hatpin.

Look around.

See a pair of binoculars on a seat between columns and have a look: see a VII made of four columns.

Turn around and see a shiny ITEM: a mobile phone, but the batteries have run out.

**You can now complete the Script using the reference from “As you like it”, Act II, Scene VII (that is now written) line 152/3:

“Seeking the bubble reputation even in the cannon’s mouth”

Exit the Circle to go to…..

The Backstage:

Click the briefcase and then the hatpin: use it to open and find Morton’s tongue.

“Done to death by slanderous tongues”


The mouth of the cannon is now down: click on the shiny ITEM: a map:

“Sits the wind in that corner”

The Stage:

Go to the left corner where the wind machine is.

See a cut scene. A stage light falls on Anne Hatcher. 

End of ACT III.


ACT IV : A pretty piece of flesh Am I

Read the comments of the characters.

The Stage:

Talk to Dame Quinn.

Look at Anne’s body and see a camera beside her: click on the right arrow to see some pictures.

Also beside her, a business card from Harry Kent: “L100000 with pictures”

Go to the exit beside the trunk.

Morton’s Quarters:

Talk to Robert Archer.

Look around the room and see a television with a video recorder: click on the recorder, than on the VHS tape, use item on recorder: see Christopher Morton. Click next.

“A tragic victim for each act”.

Under the TV, read the sheet of paper.

Behind Robert, a gramophone: open the drawer to see Morton’s severed ear.

Find also a sundial. Will come back to it later.

Look at a skeleton with an envelope and inside, find Quinn’s, Archer’s and Burrows’s  medical reports.

Turn around to see a safe: the code???? Will come back later.

See a shiny ITEM: U-shaped magnet.

Look at the fireplace: a box in it. But it is too hot to retrieve it.

On the wall, see a parchment: the Last Will & Testament of Christopher Morton.

Half of it is missing.

The Script:

Open the book and the Quotes book and fill in the squares with the proper references:

“touch sundial east stone”.

And do the same on page two: King John.

Morton’s Quarters:

Go to the sundial and touch the East stone: click then at the base of the sundial to see a door open in the wall. Go there.

Ante Room:

See an empty coffin: for who????

Under the crucifix, click to see an alter: a shiny ITEM: a bottle of holy water.

Look at the book and turn the page until the end: see 1010 enlighten.

Turn around to see a map on the right of the stairs: a puzzle: drag the play’s flag to their correct countries. Using the Quotes book as a reference:

Measure for Measure: Vienna

Much Ado about Nothing: Sicily

A Midsummer….Dream: Athens

Julius Caesar: Rome

Richard III: England

Hamlet: Denmark

Macbeth: Scotland

Click Ok and a small door opens on top left corner of the map: an ITEM: a memory card to update the information about 7NK on your PDA.

Look for other things in the room.

Exit with the stairs.

Morton’s Quarters:

Back to the safe: put your cursor to delete all number 8 and enter 1010 and press Next: find an ITEM: a bloodstained knife.  There is also a gun in the safe.

A scream from the Ante Room is hear.  Go there now.

Ante Room:

See a cut scene and read the comments.

Notice the piece of paper beside the body.

End of ACT IV.


ACT V : Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Read the comments. The piece of paper disappears.

Ante Room:

Look at the body of Robert Archer and see the missing portrait of Archer from the foyer.

Morton’s Quarters:

On the fire place, use the holy water to stop the fire: click again on the fire place: you open the metal box: a pamphlet about The Seven Noble Kinsmen.

Talk to Edward Allwood.

Exit on the left of the safe (the gun as disappeared)

The Stage:

Talk to Will Kent.

The Backstage:

Talk to Richard Burrows.

The Dressing Room:

Talk to Dame Quinn.

The door to the Study is close.

The Theatre:

The door to the Foyer is close.

The Script:

Using the Quotes book, fill in the square: France.

Ante Room:

Go to the map on the right of the stairs and click on France: it opens another small door: a lever is pull down and a coffin moves.

Turn around and exit with the stairs going down where the coffin was.

Security Room:

See a telephone in front of the screens and listen to the messages.

Turn around and go to the table: a slider puzzle. When done( a picture of Shakespeare), the unscrambled tiles reveal masks depicting two opposing sides of drama…..could this be some sort of clue to the killer?

Look at other objects in the room.

Go to the screens and click on the blue hand print: use the hand on it: get access to a screen: unscramble the user ID below: ACEJARS to JCAESAR and see some messages on all screens.  Click on them.

Then a message: intruder detected.  Someone is attack by some dogs.

End of ACT V.


ACT VI : Doomsday is near. Die all merrily, die.

***Since in this act you can get different ITEMS or see different objects, it will be up to you to discover your killer***

Read  the comments.

Some green sheets of paper disappears from the body.

The passageway’s lights have gone out.

The night vision goggles are activated.

Secret passageway:

The body of Edward Allwood is under the portcullis.

See a shiny ITEM  through the portcullis: use the magnet to get it: a 1 Euro coin.  (You can get a different object than this one)

See also different objects in the passageway.

Look at the magazine to see the 3 characters still alive.

Turn around and click on a box: a puzzle: match each character to the quotes. Look at the Quotes book for some help (may have to look in Act V to see the book).

First quote: Here’s to my love……..: Romeo

Second quote: The rest is silence: Hamlet

Third quote: Et Tu Brute……. : Julius Caesar

Fourth quote : Yea noise?……. : Juliet

Fifth quote : A horse! A horse……..: Richard III

Sixth quote: As sweet as balm……: Cleopatra

When done, the box opens to a new ITEM: The second half of a legal document.

See also down the corridor, a pack of cards: click to see the King of Spade. (You can get a different card)

Go to the exit.

Ante Room:

Talk to Will Kent.

Go to the…..

Security Room:

Someone destroyed the CCTV system.

By the phone, see a mobile phone holder: put in the mobile and view the messages.

Turn around to see a shiny ITEM  under the table: a magnifying glass.

Read the message on the wall.

Ante Room:

Go to the painting on the left of the stairs. Read the text.

Use the magnifying glass on the painting to have a close up: move the magnifying glass by clicking on it and holding : at the bottom right, see the image of a skull.

From here, go to….

Morton’s Quarters:

Go to the Will and Testament on the wall and use the second half on it: putting the two halves together reveals that Morton has left half of his estate to………YOU.

Back up.

The Final Scene:

Hear the public address system: “It is finally time for the Seven Noble Kinsmen to return to the stage for one last performance. Take your place”.

Go to the stage.

See a cut scene: you have been poisoned.

Hear the Public address system: read the text that follows.

You now must name the killer.

The killer is……….the man sitting in the middle: Richard Burrows.

*** In your game, the killer can be different ***

“I will allow you to survive”

Final cut scene.

“The Hamlet drawn here (played by Richard Burrows) is older and more consumed by madness……He becomes consumed by rage in a fashion similar to Titus Andronicus or Richard III as he seeks vengeance on his fellow Noble Kinsmen.

End of ACT VI.

Thanks to Dineke for Hints and information.

This document was provided to and may not be distributed without express written permission of the author and the content may not be altered in any way.

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