Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens

By Silver Style Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   December 2008


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The game needs the DVD-ROM disk in the drive to play.

The in game menu has continue, new game, journal, load game, save game, settings, credits and quit.

The setting has automatically open inventory, autosave, dialogue (text and voice) and the volumes for voice, ambient, music and SFX.

Saved games can be labeled and also discarded on the trash can icon at right.

The inventory is at the bottom of the screen. Right click an item to examine it. The scroll arrow is at right side of the inventory bar.

Change to another character is done by left mouse click on the character switch icon seen at bottom right of the screen.

The journal has the tasks that are needed to be done in the game. F1 key opens the journal and the ESC key closes it.

ESC key accesses the in game menu. Space bar pauses the game.

Helpful hints:    The H key shows all the hotspots in the game screen.

Double clicking the exit icon hastens the transition to the next screen or in the map.

Left click or the fast forward icon can skip dialogues.

Talk to same character several times after some action in the game to see if new dialogues have been added.

There is an in-game help that is accessed by using the magic wand icon on a task in the journal. The puzzle or task has stars to show that hints are available. There are 3 hints for each puzzle.


Simon is watching TV with his brother. After an argument, brother throws the remote control at Simon. Simon floats in a tunnel and meets Alix from the Magic Kingdom. She asks for his help in saving the Magic Kingdom. It is in danger.


Find the way to the Magic Kingdom:

Simon's room:    Simon wakes up and reads a 'clean your room' note.

Look around. There are lots of items to check and the dialogues are funny.

Fuel the magic wardrobe:    Pick up the glass of milk under the coffee table. Right click the glass of milk and learn that the milk has energy drink mixed in.

Use the glass of milk on the wardrobe.

Get on the track of the double:

Crossroad:    Simon and the transport cabinet arrive at the crossroad.

Alix arrives and breaks her relationship with Simon.

Talk to Alix completely and learn that a Simon double that is obsessed with cleanliness is in the kingdom. Alix returns the ring.

Press H key to look around at the crossroad.

Unknown path:    Go to right path to follow Alix. It seems that Simon gets lost in the forest.

Lodge:    Take the upper left path to the lodge. Look around.

Talk to the woodcutter. Learn that other green Simon is doing something for the carpenter's wife.

Press H key to look around. Take the climber propped on the tree trunks behind the woodcutter.

Take the sledgehammer +2 behind the barrel right of the cabin.

Carpenter's workshop:    Go back to the crossroads and go left to the Carpenter's workshop.

It seems that Simon is early for an appointment with the carpenter's wife. Look around at all the hotspots.

Take pot by the cellar window; the dandelion by the steps; the bucket and sponge by the window of the house and spade leaning on the porch. Take the knife left of the carpenter's shed and the oil can hanging on the post of the carpenter's shed.

Talk to Little Red Riding Hood completely. Talk to her again to find out where her mother is. She wants her black cap back as favor in return.

Lure the rabbit into the trap:    At the crossroads, use hands inside the hole of the burrow. The rabbit bites Simon. Simon says to get a trap.

Go back to the carpenter's workshop at left. Talk to the carpenter completely. He wants good wood for trap.

Go back to the crossroads and take the upper left path to the lodge. Talk to the carpenter and get piece of wood - ironwood. The other Simon is generous and kind.

Go back to carpenter's workshop and give the carpenter the piece of wood. Get the rabbit trap. Learn that the other Simon is liked by the townspeople.

Go back to the crossroads and place the trap on (in front) the burrow. Now, we need a good rabbit lure.

Go to the path at lower right and be at river bank. Look around at everything at river bank.

Take the rope from the pier and learn about the ancient rule of adventure gaming.

See a dead wild boar. Use the dandelion on the dead boar and get blood soaked dandelion.

Go back to the crossroad and use the blood soaked dandelion on the rabbit trap.

Get the black cap from the burrow. Give the black cap to Little Red Riding Hood.

Get over the Troll Bridge:

Carpenter's workshop:    Little Red Riding Hood brings Simon back to the Carpenter's workshop.

Talk to the mother of Little Red Riding Hood. She gives the basket with food for grandma that the other Simon delivers everyday. Grandma's house is on the other side of the troll bridge.

Troll Bridge:    Take the upper right path at the crossroads.

Look around the troll bridge area. Note the branch of the tree beside the bridge.

Take care of the troll:    Talk to the troll completely.

In inventory combine the climber from the woodcutter and the rope from the pier at the river bank to get artificial liana.

Use the artificial liana on the branch of the tree beside the bridge. Watch what happens to the troll.

Bring the basket to Grandma:

Go forward from the bridge. Check the guardhouse and closed Temple of the Dead.

Go through the side area right of the Temple of the Dead to get to deep forest.

Look around the forest before Grandma's house especially the left screen with yellow moss in the ground.

Enter Grandma's house and look around. See that there's a pin cushion on the bedside table.

Talk to grandma. She gives a map. Exit the house

Map:    The map can be used to 'jump to' to a visited location. It is located at left side of the inventory bar. Double clicking to a place hastens the transition.

Find and pursue the double:

Use the map and jump to crossroad. Simon sees the other green Simon go to the right path.

Watch Simon chase the other Simon wearing green robe. Simon loses him in town when the green Simon enters an alley.

The 2 Simons pass in front of Alix. Alix demands an explanation.

Alleyway:    Go through the alleyway. Talk to the drunken wolf. Simon picks up the corrosive cleaning alcohol.

Look around using the H key.

Enter the dark alleyway at left (right of the obnoxious bar). Meet the other green Simon.

After the discussion, Simon is taken to jail. Alix talks to the other green Simon and wants to watch Simon be interrogated by Abra Cadabra.

Leave the dungeon:

Escape jail cell:    Listen to the talk outside the jail. Simon gets interrogated and Alix gets confused.

Look around the jail cell. Pick up the straw from the bed at right.

Check the cell window and Simon says he'll never fit through there.

Use the corrosive cleaning alcohol on the piss pot and get corrosive cleaning alcohol with piss concentrate.

Use cleaning alcohol with piss concentrate on the door. It burns a hole on the door.

Exit and hear Goldilocks on the next cell.

Open Goldilocks door:    Goldilocks says that Abra Cadabra placed a spell on her cell door but she has a hairpin that opens the exit door.

Look around the room. Pick up the red rug from the floor in the middle of the room. It has the same pattern as Simon's cape.

Go to the left side of the room and take the glasses for magic deciphering and scroll from the workbench.

Take the glass flask from the stool at back of room.

In inventory, combine the glasses for magic deciphering and the scroll to get a deciphered scroll.

Use the deciphered scroll on Goldilocks' door. Simon recites the spell.

Goldilocks' cell:    Pick up the hairpin from the floor and the red neckerchief from the stone bed.

Take more straw from under the cell window. The chains are all made of stainless steel.

Talk to Wailing Walter, Ghost. He wants Simon to prove his innocence. Talk to Goldilocks.

Simon's cell:    Go back to Simon's cell.

In inventory, combine the 2 straws to make a big pile of straw. Combine big pile of straw with red rug to get red torso.

Use red torso on the plank bed.

Combine the neckerchief with the glass flask. Use the flask head with cap on the plank bed with red torso.

Exit the cell and go to the dark alley door. Use the hairpin on the door. Simon leaves Goldilocks in jail.

Find Swampy Society:

Simon reads the notice on the wall. Friends and Supporters of Swampy Society meeting will be held at the Clubhouse at the market place.

Using the map, jump to and double click to the market place with the fountain.

Go to left side of the plaza or the fountain. Go left of the bright orange flowers and knock on the door of the clubhouse.

Talk to the doorman inside the house. He wants a membership card before admission inside the house.

The other green Simon is the head of the Society. Simon wants to talk to someone who knows where everyone lives.

Find wheels for the Pizza chef:

The Pizza chef would know the addresses of the townspeople since he does delivery.

Go right and talk to the pizza chef at the pizzeria. Order sour cherry and anchovies pizza to be delivered.

His bike's tire and brakes are out of order. Learn about the latest gossips: Alix has a machine that makes powder of items.

Take a paper cup right of the chef. Take the exit to town right of the pizzeria.

Calypso's shop:    Talk to Alix. See the Instant machine behind Alix. Take the helium balloon by the door.

Read the great tome on the table at left and get a flyer about magic accessories and machines by Terribilix the dragon.

Talk to Calypso behind the counter. There's a magic robe on the shelf behind Calypso.

Carpenter's workshop:    Jump to carpenter's workshop. Try to take the skateboard on the ground.

Talk to Little Red Riding Hood. Simon wants that skateboard as wheels for the Pizza chef.

Now Simon gets the bright idea of planning a true to life fairy tale of the wolf eating Little Red Riding Hood.

Make the Wolf eat Little Red Riding Hood:

Talk to the Carpenter's wife to tell her that Leah her daughter will take the food to grandma's house now.

Jump to town. Enter the alleyway left of Calypso's.

Talk to the wolf. After convincing him to eat Little Red Riding Hood, Simon tells him about grandma's house.

Soften the voice of the Wolf:  

Jump to Grandma's house. Talk to the wolf again. Simon wants Wolf to disguise his voice like the 7 goats story.

Give the helium balloon from Calypso's shop to the wolf.

Look out for Little Red Riding Hood:   

Wolf wants to know about the little brat everyone warned him about.

Jump to crossroad. She's not at the crossroad or anywhere.

Jump back to Grandma's house. Talk to Wolf who is now standing by the trees on the left.

Learn that he got pepper sprayed by Little Red Riding Hood.

Get the pepper spray from Little Red Riding Hood:

Jump to crossroad and talk to Little Red Riding Hood.

She pepper sprayed Simon 3 times and then she runs out of the spray. Talk to her again.

Meanwhile, watch Wolf enter grandma's house. Here comes Little Red Riding Hood.

Find house of Double:

Jump to grandma's house. Take the skateboard leaning right of door.

Enter the house and talk to wolf. Take a pin-needle from the pin cushion on the side table.

Jump to market place. Talk to pizza chef again and give him the skateboard.

Simon follows the pizza chef. See that the house of the other green Simon is in town and has a red mailbox.

The other green Simon threw the pizza in the trash. Take the pizza box from the trash can.

Find a way through the House of Double, part 1:

Enter Calypso' shop. Talk to Alix about magic observation mirrors. Learn about the dragon in the woods.

Jump to troll bridge. Look at the tree hole at right of screen. Talk to Terribilix the dragon.

Learn that the magic observation mirror was bought by a rich guy that wants to protect himself from a blond thief.

Jump to town. Enter the alleyway left of Calypso's and then go left through the dark alleyway (right of bar).

Go right and see Goldilocks looking out of the jail window. Talk to Goldilocks about magic mirrors.

Get Goldilocks' potion:   

Goldilocks wants Simon to get her flask buried in the woods.

Jump to Grandma's house. Go to the trees left of the house and see yellow moss on the ground in a shape of X.

Use the spade on the X-moss marks the spot. Take the magic potion.

Jump to town and to Goldilocks at the jail. Give her the potion. They made a deal of giving Goldilocks half of the potion and she will tell Simon where the mirror is.

In inventory, combine the paper cup from pizzeria and the magic potion to get paper cup with magic potion and half empty magic potion. Give either one to Goldilocks. Learn that the potion is for teleporting 2 meters to the west.

Goldilocks teleported to Simon's old cell. She needed a compass.

Goldilocks tells about the villa of the rich man that has the mirror-

Where is west?

Maker of Musical Instruments:    Go left to the alleyway. Enter the door at the background.

Talk to the Maker of Musical Instruments. Look around.

Take the abacus at the table at far end of the room. Look-right click at the abacus in inventory and get wooden pearls.

Try to take the cat's bowl by the bed and chest. Talk to the Maker of Musical Instruments and he asks to take it away.

Dark alley:    Exit to the dark alley. Go right and check the cardboard boxes and trash can. Take the cork from the barrel at right screen.

Town hall:    Go to the market place at right. Enter the town hall. Look around.

Take the red magnet on the bulletin board in front of the stairs. Read the notices on the bulletin board.

Talk to the all purpose officer. Take the ink eraser from the counter.

Go behind the counter and take the member index from the book shelf. The only member of the Swampy club is the other green Simon.

Make a compass:    In inventory combine the needle with the red magnet to get magnetized needle.

Use magnetized needle with the cork from the barrel.

Use cork with compass needle on the cat's bowl to get a compass.

Get into the Villa:

Villa:    Go extreme right of the market place. Look at villa. See that all the doors are bricked up.

Use the compass on the villa. Use the half empty magic potion on the villa. Simon downs it.

Inside the villa, Simon spills the potion and turns on the lantern.

Get the magic mirror out of the villa:   

Villa:    Look around and see that the rich guy is surrounded by traps on the floor and above.

Click on the floor contraption in front of Simon. Nighty night. Get an empty tranquilizer dart.

Talk to the rich guy. He is hungry. He is willing to give anything for food.

Give the pizza discarded by the other Simon to the rich guy.

Talk to rich guy again. Eventually he gives the mirror and Simon gives the pizza.

Pick up the mirror and learn that the mirror doesn't fit the hat.

Try the sledgehammer +2 on the bricked wall at right. It doesn't work.

Open the trap door and enter. Simon exits out to the alleyway. Go back through the manhole to the villa.

Try to use the sledgehammer +2 on the mirror. Simon says to adjust the mirror now. Use the other green Simon's ring given to Alix on the magic mirror.

Use the sledgehammer +2 on the mirror. A big magic mirror fragment is in inventory. The mirror fragments triggered the traps. The rich guy will sell the rest of the fragments.

Exit through the trapdoor.

Find a way through the House of Double, part 2:

Go left to the town gate. Enter the tiny hut left with the red mail box. See the layout of the house.

Simon wants to get to the study where the other green Simon made a To-do list. Simon wants the other green Simon out of the way.

Garden:    Check the dirty hole left of the door. Go to the patio at right and check the mole cage. Simon takes the mole out of the cage. Look at the mole in inventory. Use the mole on the dirty hole and pick up a dog's bone.

Open the door in the house of the double:

Hallway:    Go forward and check the polished floorboards. Check the key cabinet that is locked.

Try the door to the chemical lab at left - it's locked.

Get the poodle out of the way:

Dining room:    Check the poodle in front of the fireplace. Try to get the rake below the dog.

Kitchen:    Take the bucket in front of the sink and the broomstick on the table. Check the open window.

Go back to the dining room and use the dog bone on the poodle.

Go to the kitchen and the dog follows. Use the dog bone on the open window to throw it out.

Go back to the dining room and take the rake on top of the chopped wood beside the fireplace.

Use the rake on the key cabinet at the hallway. Take the remote key from the cabinet.

Use the remote key on the chemical lab door.

Chemical lab:    Take the formula for black powder on the table by the wall. Read the formula in inventory. It's the formula for gunpowder.

Look at the alchemical apparatus. It is missing charcoal.

Bedroom:    Go to the bedroom and look around.

Bathroom:    Enter the room right of the hallway. Look around.

Take the shampoo from the table beside the toilet.

Use the bucket on the pool. Check the gargoyles.

Use the bucket with water on the fireplace in the dining room. Take charcoal from the fireplace.

Use charcoal on the alchemical apparatus in the lab. Watch. Ugh - that didn't get the other Simon out of the way.

He washes his hands after cleaning. Hmm...

Set a trap for the double:

Use shampoo on the polished floorboard in the hallway.

Use charcoal on the alchemical apparatus in the lab again. Watch.

The other green Simon takes aspirin and lies down.

Find Membership Card:

Study:    Go to the study and look around.

Take the parrot. The weapon has to be finished at the end of the month! Hurry up! Simon wants to know which voice is mimicked by the parrot.

Take the inkwell with quill on the desk. Click on the desk again and get a piece of paper - note with combination.

Read the note with combination in inventory.

Where does the loveliest flower have its I? (Alix' I is the third letter in the name).

My lounge has some windows can you count them try. (There are 4 windows in the dining room).

So many pillars at the market stand high. (Go to the market and see 2).

How many flames in the shop see your eyes? (Go to Calypso's shop and see one lit candle).

Enter 3 4 2 1 on the safe at right wall. Simon takes the fake diamond.

Check the inventory paper on the table at right.

Go to the bookcase and look at the files. Take the love letter from the file with the heart in the spine.

Use the inkwell on the To-do list on the desk. Simon writes to put out the membership card.

Open the window left of the door. Wait or open the door and watch what happens. Simon did real magic.

The other green Simon reads the To-do list and follows it. Take the membership card.

Exit the study and house.

Identify the voice of the parrot:

Calypso's:    Talk to Alix about the parrot. Learn that the voice of the parrot is Calaba, King's chamberlain.

Check the Instant machine behind Alix. Use the parrot on the Instant machine and get Alphabet soup.

Get Immunized against Swamp Stew:

Club House:    Knock on the club house door left of the market place. Ask to come in. Look around inside the club house.

Open the wardrobe and take box of white gloves (you might need to move Simon away to see the box).

Take the dart board. Check the Mona Lisa painting. Swampy says to not touch, please.

Talk to Swampy. Swampy wants you to eat Swampy stew first before talk. Arrgh!

Yogi:    Go right at market place and talk to the yogi standing on a bed of nails. He's a master of meditation.

Discuss about Simon's problem about swamp stew. He will teach Simon in return for a new kind of pain.

Hurt the yogi:    Go to the alleyway right of the town hall.

Talk to the rich man begging. Learn what happened to the magic mirror fragments and the tax assessment.

Get the tax assessment from the rich guy.

Go back to the yogi and give him the tax assessment. Simon gets a lesson in meditation.

Go back to the club house. Talk to Swampy again. After eating swamp stew, learn about the nexus. The other green Simon is the exact opposite of Simon. Calaba is now the other green Simon best friend at the castle.

Calypso's:    Automatically, be at Calypso's. Simon tells Alix and Calypso about the other green Simon.

See that Calypso goes through objects. Simon will look for evidence.

Get into the castle:   

Use the map to jump to the castle. Look around. See a little monster under the bridge.

Talk to the guard and he lets Simon in without any problem.

Find a way into the castle:

See that the entry to the castle is marked by a chalk mark and one can't enter the castle through the stone.

Look around. Take the building plan - Hinkernwinkernstein's sketch from the side of the trailer.

Town hall:    Jump to market and enter the town hall.

Take the cardboard model of the castle from the table in front of the stairs.

Read the job ad on the bulletin board and see that the castle is hiring a castle ghost.

Talk to All-purpose-officer. He's working on a new ban on all musical instruments. Plans and model of the castle are all over town. There are 4 different plans and 2 models.

Take the building plan in the scroll slots behind the counter. Now, 2 plans and a model are in inventory. Compare (click one on top of the others) them to each other.

Simon doesn't like the new music ban.

Talk to the All-purpose-officer again and learn that he needs to just print the music ban. Ask him for information about any form. Click on the type case + wooden frame on the table in front of the printing press. Simon changes the ban.

Take the Wolf wanted poster at base of the counter.

Exit the town hall and take the notice on the board in front of the building. Mucis ban?

Teach Calypso haunting to find a way into the castle:

Calypso:    Go to town at left, enter the shop and talk to Calypso. Convince him to try for the castle ghost job.

Castle:    Talk to Calypso by the chalk drawing. Later, learn that Calypso failed because he forgot his chains.

Simon needs to get Calypso some acting lessons and a chain.

Get props for the Theater Director:

River bank:    Jump to river bank at bottom left of the map where we saw the stage and caravan.

Talk to Director. He is producing the play about Orpheus and Eurydice. Ask the director help to teach acting. He needs props for his play - magic robe, flute and halberd.

Get a magician costume:    Go to Calypso's shop.

Take the model made of plastic bricks-miniature model on the counter. Now, 2 plans and 2 models are in inventory.

Try to take the magician costume on the shelf right of the counter.

In inventory, use the ink eraser on the love letter taken from the filed letters in the other's study. The date is invisible now.

Place the love letter on the doormat outside and in front of the store.

Watch as Simon knocks, hides and Alix comes out to pick the letter up.

Enter the closed store and take the magician costume from the shelf.

Get a halberd:    Jump to troll bridge. Talk to the troll. He's holding a halberd. See that he cut the branch of the tree.

If you haven't yet, right click the abacus taken from the maker of musical instruments to get wooden pearls. Use the wooden pearls on troll. Aaaaaaaaaahh! Take the halberd.

Get a flute:    Jump to the lodge and talk to the woodcutter. See that he's drinking and needs company.

Jump to the carpenter's workshop and talk to the carpenter. Ask about the chair leg. He needs to have the wife diverted so that he can go to the woodcutter and help him with his pastime.

Talk to the carpenter's wife. Simon shows the wife the wolf wanted poster taken from town hall. She leaves to look for Leah, Little Red Riding Hood.

Talk to the carpenter about his wife and the beer. Take the chair leg now that the carpenter left.

Make a flute:    Go to town and then alleyway. Enter the maker of musical instruments building.

Talk to the maker of musical instruments building. Learn about the music ban.

If you haven't yet: Go to town hall. Talk to the All-purpose-officer again and learn that he needs to just print the music ban. Ask him for information about any form. Click on the type case + wooden frame on the table in front of the printing press. Simon changes the ban. Exit the town hall and take the notice on the board in front of the building.

Back to the maker of musical instruments, Simon shows him the notice.

The maker of musical instruments asks for good wood so that he can make a musical instrument. Simon gives the chair leg.

Exit the building and then go back in. Talk to the maker of musical instruments. He gives the flute.

Prove the innocence of Wailing Walter, the ghost:  

Go left to dark alley where the jail is located.

Look in the barrel on the left side and get secret building plan. Now, 3 plans and 2 models are in inventory.

Talk to Wailing Walter, the ghost. He's a tailor not a thief. He wants to be proven innocent of stealing a painting.

A left white glove was found in the crime scene and the matching glove is found in his shop.

He will give his rusty rattling chain in return for proving his innocence.

Alleyway:    Talk to the rich guy and learn more about the art theft and the gloves.

Town Hall:    Talk to All-purpose-officer. Learn about the art theft.

If the stolen goods is found then the case will be opened. Show the gloves taken from the Swampy's clubhouse.

Find and identify the stolen painting:

Clubhouse:    Enter clubhouse. Try to take the Mona Lisa. Swampy says not touch please.

Talk to Swampy. He's excited about the guests. Simon tells him about the members' directory and who will come to the meeting. Swampy gets very upset and leaves to go back to the swamp.

Try to take the Mona Lisa. Use the sledgehammer +2 on the nail tip on the back of the post holding the painting.

Pick up the Mona Lisa less the frame. Right click the Mona Lisa in inventory and see flakes falling.

Combine the Mona Lisa with the bucket with sponge to get modern painting.

Exit and see a 'for rent' sign on the door.

Town Hall:    Talk to All-purpose-officer. He needs the painting identified by an expert.

Maker of Musical Instruments:    Go to the alleyway and enter the building.

Talk to the maker of musical instruments. He identified the painting as a Peekassio of the green period.

Town Hall:    Talk to All-purpose-officer. A big mistake!!!

Get the release papers of Wailing Walter.

Go back to jail at dark alleyway. Talk to Wailing Walter. Hear the conversation between Rosalind and Walter.

Pick up the ghost chains.

Teach Calypso haunting to find a way into the castle part 2:

Castle:    Enter the castle and talk to Calypso. Simon gives the chains and tells Calypso to go to the river bank.

River bank:    Talk to the director and automatically give him the props.

Calypso comes over and is taught how to be a frightening ghost.

Calypso flies to the castle and a huntsman climbs the lookout.

Get into the castle:

Villa:    Jump to the market. Enter the alleyway at top right. Enter the manhole in front of the bar and be at the Villa.

Take the Building plan - Mullergurkin's sketch from the junk at bottom right of the screen. Now, 4 plans and 2 models are in inventory. Compare or combine one on top of another and see that they do not make sense.

Castle:    Jump to the castle. Enter and see Calypso come out of the wall.

Talk to Calypso and learn that he passed the test. Talk to him completely using all the plans dialogue and find out the correct plan-model of the castle. It might be the secret building plan. He mentions something strange at the back of the castle.

Exit the castle and then go to the map. See that Simon moves to the back of the castle.

See that the back of the castle or the castle itself is work in progress.

Find out about Calaba's plan:

Look around. Go right to enter the castle yard.

Climb the house of the chamberlain. Talk to Calaba.

Learn of his plan to be king and take care of the present king using his light beam machine. The last missing piece is a diamond.

Sabotage the Diamond Order:

You already have a fake diamond from the safe in the other's study. If not, get the fake diamond.

Terribilix:    Jump to troll bridge. Talk to Terribilix the dragon at the hole in the tree. He has one diamond left.

Simon thinks to take that last diamond so that he can sell the fake diamond.

Talk to the dragon again and he checks the fake diamond.

Get grandma out of the wolf stomach:

Grandma's house:    Talk to the sick wolf. He wants something for his stomach.

Take the money sock from the floor. Look at the money sock in inventory and read the note inside about giving money.

River bank:    Talk to the hunter up in the lookout. There's not a single animal in the forest. He was not the one that shot the wild boar.

Simon has a job for him - the wolf who ate an old woman and child. The hunter goes to grandma's house.

Grandma's house:    Talk to Dr. Hunter. The wolf has kidney stones and needs an operation.

The doctor needs scalpel and tranquilizer.

Get a scalpel:    Jump to the Carpenter's workshop.

See the depressed chicken nailed to the post. Take the dead chicken and the nail.

Jump to market place. Talk to the yogi. He would sharpen the blunt kitchen knife for a nail for his bed.

Simon gives the nail. Get a scalpel.

Find a tranquilizer:    Jump to the market. Enter the alleyway at top right. Enter the manhole in front of the bar and be at the Villa.

Inside the villa, use the dartboard on the floor contraption. Get a tranquilizer dart.

Go back to grandma's house. Talk to the hunter to give him the scalpel and tranquilizer.

Watch what happens. Little Red Riding Hood is freed. The wolf is fine and has a new vocation.

Sabotage the diamond order:

Persuade dear grandma to invest her fortune in diamond:

Enter the house.  Talk to grandma. Now that the note from the sock has been read, enter and talk to her again, this time about investing on diamonds.

Grandma is worried about curses. Simon gives Terribilix' flyer taken from Calypso's tome that reads curse-free diamonds.

Jump to troll bridge. Talk to Terribilix. Find out that the old lady has the real diamond now.

Reprogram the parrot:   

Jump to town and enter Calypso's store.

In inventory, right click the packaged alphabet soup that happened when the parrot is placed in the Instant machine.

Get powdered alphabet soup. Right click the powdered alphabet soup loads with letters.

Select - <Sort letters> Simon, you slowpoke! Where's my diamond?

Select - <Sort letters> Just bring me the rock instead of sorting your index cards, you good for nothing!

Get sorted alphabet soup. Use the sorted alphabet soup on the Magic Water of Arakh left of the Instant machine.

Get the modified parrot back. Uh oh! Alix is back.

Incite the double to order diamond:

Enter the tiny hut of the other green Simon. Go to the study.

Place the modified parrot back on the bird's pole.

Take and look at the paper on the tray left of the desk. It is a diamond order. Simon has a plan.

Sabotage the diamond order:

Go to troll bridge and talk to Terribilix. Simon advices him to keep fake stones in stock.

Simon automatically gives the fake diamond to the dragon.

Drag Alix to the castle:  

Go to town and see the other green Simon check his mailbox. The fake diamond has arrived. The other green Simon leaves for the castle.

Go to Calypso's store. Talk to Alix about the other green Simon. Simon wants Alix to watch the other green Simon betray the king.

They watch Calaba the chamberlain use the machine. The King is dead.

Uh oh! The machine needed a glass diamond rather than a real one. Oh my.

The 2 Simons were also rayed by Calaba.

Escape from the Realm of the Dead:

Department of Postmortal Affairs:    Hades started to explain to Simon, other Simon and the King about the machine disintegrating their carbon shell when the telephone rings. The explanation was constantly interrupted by the phone.

Meanwhile, Calaba has taken over the throne and wants Alix as his wife. The guards follow his orders.

The other green Simon and the King leave Simon alone.

Fill in applications:    

Go back inside the temple and look around. See a megaphone at left; a happy cup, egg slicer and phone left of Hades (files). There's a door stop on the floor at right.

Talk to Hades and ask for a release. Get applications.

Barren Grounds:    Go to the barren grounds at top path.

Talk to other green Simon. In dialogues, select "Why are you blaming me? You've raise hell just as much as I have". After much discussion, the 2 apologizes to each other and become friends.

Use the applications on the other green Simon and that makes the other Simon very happy. The filled in applications are in inventory.

Cerberus:    Look around at barren grounds and check the unknown tunnel at left.

See the 2 headed Cerberus guarding the elevator to the Realm of the Living-Magic Kingdom.

Sisyphus:    Exit the tunnel and go left up the hill. See Sisyphus pushing the rock uphill. Talk to Sisyphus.

Hades:    Go back to Town of the Dead at right screen. Go up to the Dept of Postmortal Affairs and give the filled in applications to Hades (files).

He doesn't have an approved stamp. He will deny all applications until he gets a new stamp.

Simon asks about lunch break. Hades wants an egg sandwich.

Get an egg:    Go back to the barren ground left of the Town of the Dead.

Look at the dead chicken from the Carpenter's workshop left of the other green Simon. Simon gets depressed.

Use the dead chicken from inventory on the dead chicken on ground. Goook? Bokboookbook? 

Simon takes the depressed egg the dead chicken laid.

Go back to Hades. Simon gives him the depressed egg. Hades wants a hard boil egg.

Cook an egg:    Exit the Dept of Postmortal Affairs and go right.

Try the egg on the fire pan with embers right of the steps. That did not work.

Continue to the right. Talk to the little dragon sitting on a rock. Rouby Rollin aka Fence, the dragon is related to Terribilix.

The dragon gives the cooked depressed egg.

Go back to Hades and give him the cooked depressed egg. Hades uses the egg slicer on the egg.

The egg slicer falls on the floor and breaks. Hades gets depressed. Pick up the egg slicer.

The story of Orpheus and Eurydice:

Orpheus:    Talk to Orpheus sitting at bottom of stairs. He waits for Eurydice. Check the fire pan beside Orpheus.

Go left and talk to Ovid. Ovid is interviewing the characters in his story in person. Learn the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus has a great voice and can play any musical instrument.

Orpheus has permission from Hades to leave the Realm of the Dead with Eurydice but not look back or turn around to check on Eurydice.

Eurydice:    Go to the right and knock on the door of the building right of the dragon; the one with a red lantern in front of it (Eurydice party tomb).

Talk to Eurydice. She needs an invitation to allow Simon to her orgies.

Find another way out of the Realm of the Dead:

Go back to the left and talk to Orpheus. Simon gives him the egg slicer-lyre.

Orpheus talks-sings to Hades again and Hades allows Orpheus to take Eurydice out of the Realm of the Dead the usual way - through the River Styx.

Outside, Orpheus explains about the love tap on his shoulder. It will let him know that Eurydice is following him and stop him from looking back.

Get the invitation from the Banshee:

Go to barren grounds. Simon reports what happened with the application to the other Simon and the King.

Knock on the tomb behind the other green Simon. Talk to the Banshee. She has an invitation to Eurydice's party.

After Orpheus sang to Hades, Simon tells the Banshee about Orpheus voice. This made the Banshee angrier.

Go back to Hades and borrow his megaphone. Simon convinces him to lend him his megaphone.

Go back to Orpheus and use the megaphone on the empty fire pan left of Orpheus. His music and voice is enhanced.

Go back to the Banshee at the tomb at the barren grounds. She hears the music and voice of Orpheus and she throws down the invitation. Simon picks the invitation.

Find a way across the Styx to Escape from the Realm of the Dead:

Styx:    Go to the left and top. Look around the bank of the Styx. Go down and see that the he is stopped to go any farther. Hades has cameras watching the steps.

Go back to the Town of the Dead at right screen.

Gain entrance to Eurydice's Party tomb:    Go to Eurydice's tomb and talk to her. Eurydice doesn't want to go with Orpheus. Simon gives her the invitation.

Look around the room. Try to get the wedding dress with veil in the closet.

Take the wine jug-cup from the table at left. Use wine jug-cup on the fire pan left of Eurydice.

This caused her hair to be messed up. She will be spraying it then.

Take the wedding dress with veil from the closet.

Exit the building and go back to the other green Simon at the barren grounds.

Talk to the other green Simon. The other green Simon doesn't want to come because it is an illegal way to leave this place. He will get a way to bring other green Simon and King back up to the Living world. Simon breaks the mirror so that the 2 Simons can keep in touch.

Styx:    Go back to Orpheus. Simon automatically dresses up like Eurydice.

Click on Orpheus; then tap on his shoulder. Simon follows Orpheus down the steps to the river Styx. <whistle>

Orpheus says they need a coin to throw in the ticket machine. Click on the ticket machine at left.

Get a coin from Ovid:

Go back to the Town of the Dead.

Talk to Ovid about everything. Learn the story of Sisyphus.

Ovid asks a favor for a coin. He wants an interview with Sisyphus.

Enter the Dept. of Postmortal Affairs. Talk to Hades about everything especially about drinking coffee.

Take the doorstop from the floor.

Go back to the barren grounds. Go left of the elevator and up the hill to Sisyphus.

Use the doorstop on Sisyphus' rock. Talk to Sisyphus.

Go back to Ovid and talk to him. Get a coin.

Leave the Realm of the Dead:

Go back to the Styx. Use the coin on the ticket machine on the left close to the boat.

Simon arrives at the River Bend in the Realm of the Living. The boat leaves.

See the green Simon character is at bottom right. To change to green Simon, click on that picture.

Papers for the Double:

Carpenter workshop:    Talk to the carpenter's wife and carpenter. They thanked you for saving Little Red Riding Hood.

Temple of the Dead:    Jump to the troll bridge. Enter the Temple of the Dead at the end of the path.

Look around. Take black candles from the box left of the archway and back of the pews. Take the approved stamp on the box at left of the pews at foreground.

Use the stamp on the filled in application papers in inventory to get stamped applications.

Get access to elevator:

Talk to the monk. He guards the elevator that sends things to the dead below. He needs a successor; an adept. Something is blocking the elevator below. The successor must be able to contact the dead below.

Check the vampire cat. Try to open the window. Use the oil on the window. Open the window.

Watch what happens to vampire kitty and Cerberus.

Switch to Simon's green double. Go to the unknown tunnel-elevator at left. Click on the elevator.

Watch as Simon below talks to Simon above. Simon becomes a Master instead of Adept. The monk retires.

Send stamped forms to the Realm of the Dead:

Change to red Simon above. Place the stamped applications on the elevator.

Use the switch left of the elevator. The elevator goes down.

Switch to green Simon. Take the stamped applications.

Get the double and the King out of the Realm of the Dead:

Click on the elevator and the King arrives. They both enter the elevator and rises to the Realm of the Living.

They leave the Temple of the Dead.

Get rid of the troll (3rd round):

Switch to red Simon. Talk to the troll. The troll agreed to let a rope be tied to his leg so he won't fall off the bridge anymore.

Go inside Grandma's house at the deep forest right of the Temple of the Dead.

Take the sheets on the chair at right of the room. Right click the sheets in inventory and Simon says it automatically falls into thin strips.

Go back to the troll. Talk to the troll again. Look in inventory at the tied rope of strips.

Simon ties the tied rope of strips on the troll.

Go inside the Temple of the Dead. Use the tied rope of strips in inventory on the elevator.

Use the switch again. The troll goes down to the Realm of the Dead.

The King:

The King goes to town and stands at the center of the street. Follow the king to town. Simon (red or green) wants the king off the street.

Talk to the King and he enters Calypso's shop.

Talk to the King again about the Instant Machine. As red Simon, push the King inside the machine. Click on the funnel that the King got pushed in. Simon the red doesn't want to get the powdered King. He didn't want to be blamed if things go wrong again.

Switch to green Simon and bring him to Calypso's shop. As green Simon, click the funnel and get King in form of powder. Give the King in powder form to red Simon (you can do this later in the game).

Win the competition:

Note:     Either red or green Simon can do part or the entire competition. Below is just a simplified way of doing the competition.

Switch to red Simon and go to the market place. See a contest.

A demon (Gerald) tells Simon to register. The 2 demons, Gerald and Max from Simon 1, 2 and 3 are here again. The winner becomes Calaba's adviser and invited to the wedding.

Talk to the All purpose officer and learn more about the contest. The contest consists of race, chess and weightlifting.

Win the Race (this can be done by either Simon):   

Before agreeing to the race, switch to green Simon who is inside Calypso's shop. Move green Simon to door across the shop. Check where the exit arrow to the market place is situated in the screen.

Switch to red Simon. (If you did not do this before the race, it still can be done during the competition).

Preferably as red Simon, agree to the competition.

At the crossroad, talk to the guard to start the race. Immediately click at green Simon at bottom right of screen.

As green Simon standing left of the screen, immediately double click on the exit arrow to market place at bottom right of screen. See that Simon wins the race.

The 2 demons drink their mineral water and blame each other.

Win the chess competition (this can be done by either Simon):

The officer states that if the contestant needs to answer the call of nature, there is a place at the bar in the dark alley.

Max asks Gerald's help on the competition. Gerald starts talking to break green Simon's concentration.

When the cursor can be accessed after green Simon complains, change to red Simon.

As red Simon, go to town and then alleyway. See a pentagram or hopscotch on the road. Use the black candles on the pentagram-hopscotch. Go hide at the bar.

As green Simon playing chess, ask the officer to 'pay a visit'. Green Simon enters the alleyway and Gerald enters the pentagram with the black candle. The demon is now bound inside the pentagram. Go back to the market place and play chess.

Without Gerald, Max can't play too well and green Simon wins.

Win the weightlifting:

Get the green Simon to the alleyway. Switch to red Simon.

As red Simon, go to the market place. Go left to the clubhouse.

Get Swamp stew from Swampy:

Enter the clubhouse and talk to Swampy. Simon says to fix Swampy a regular stew.

Go to Calypso's shop. Use the dead chicken on the instant machine and get instant chicken soup.

Use instant chicken soup on pot to get pot with instant chicken soup. Use pot with instant chicken soup on Magic water of Arakh to get chicken soup.

Go back to the clubhouse and talk to Swampy. Tell Swampy that the chicken soup is a magic potion that makes him big and strong. It also gives him friends.

The green Simon arrives automatically. Now, Swampy has 2 friends. He gives the swampy stew.

Go back out to the competition at the market place.

Use the swampy stew on the mineral water that is on the crates at right screen.

Talk to the All purpose officer and tell him the demons are doping. The demons are disqualified.

Talk to the All purpose officer again and lift the weights. Simon gets a gold medal.

Smuggle the King into throne room.

Jump to secret entrance right of the castle. Talk to the guard. Show the guard the gold medal.

Click on the crates at right side of the yard. The green Simon automatically arrives at the castle yard. They discuss the plan to get inside the throne room.

The green Simon enters and baits Calaba who is making Alix cry. Calaba chases the green Simon out to the yard.

As red Simon, enter the throne room. After talking to Alix, look around.

Take gold medal from small barrel right of door.

Use the King in form of instant powder on Calaba's goblet.

Watch what happens.

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