Simon the Sorcerer 5: Who'd Even Want Contact?

By Silver Style Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   March 2010


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, settings, credits and quit.

The in game menu has resume game, new game, quest book, load game, save game, settings, credits and exit game.

The setting has screen resolution, shadows, antialiasing, post processing effects, subtitles, automatically open inventory, and the volumes for speech, music, ambient and sound effect. There is a run performance test.

Saved games can be labeled and also discarded using the trash can icon at right.

Change to another character is done by left mouse click on the character switch icon seen at bottom right of the screen.

The quest book has the tasks that are needed to be done in the game. F1 key opens the quest book, F4 is the Load screen, F5 is the save screen and the ESC key closes it.

ESC key accesses the in game menu. Space bar pauses the game.

Helpful hints:    The H key shows all the hotspots in the game screen.

Double clicking the exit icon hastens the transition to the next screen or in the map.

Left click or the fast forward icon can skip dialogues. Left click does the action and right click describes an active item.

Talk to same character several times after some action in the game to see if new dialogues have been added.

There is an in-game help that is accessed by using the sorcerer hat on a task in the quest book. There are 3 hints for each puzzle.

The inventory is at the bottom of the screen. Right click an item to examine it. The scroll arrow is at right side of the inventory bar and shows the number of rows of items.

New Year's Eve:    Simon is stopped by Alix and John the town guard from lighting his Armageddon 300 rocket.

New Year:    Simon watches the video of New Year's Eve party. Alix orders him to discard the pizza boxes and then leaves to go shopping. Simon is awakened by a knock on the door. The aliens have invaded. Simon latches the door chain.


Chapter 1

Aliens attack the magic shop.

Examine the shop:

Look around at all hotspots. Press the H key to see all the hotspots. Left click does the action and right click describes the item.

Examine and then take the Powder of Peacefulness from top of claims cupboard left of the door.

Examine the cupboard of customer complaints. A meat eating killer rabbit is in the cupboard.

Examine and take the magic bolt cutter from the table. Right click to examine the magic bolt cutter in inventory. It can even fly but there is no battery.

Examine the chain saw on the floor in front of the cash register. The tank is empty.

Examine the cash register and automatically get a gold coin.

Examine and take the extendable finger on the shelf left of the window.

Take the bucket under the window.

Check the window and find out that the window has magic glass. It prevents Simon from getting out that way.

Examine the lucky bag machine on table at right side of the room. Use the coin on the lucky bag machine to get a lucky bag. Check the lucky bag in inventory to get a match, magic modeling clay and magical charge.

Escape try:

In inventory, combine the magical charge and the magic bolt cutter to get loaded magic bolt cutter.

In inventory, combine the bucket and the powder of peacefulness to get bucket of magic powder.

Use bucket of magic powder on door. Simon places the bucket on top of door.

Use the loaded magic bolt cutter on the door chain. The magic powder had no effect on the alien except to make it sneeze.

Plan B.

Use the extendable finger on the meat eating killer rabbit's cage. Simon unlatches the cage.

While the rabbit is attacking the aliens, Simon automatically exits the shop.

The aliens tear the shop apart. Alix arrives and is beamed up by the space ship.

Hear the Swampling cry for help.

Gathering information.

Street at city gate:

Look around at everything.

See a camera on the top of the destroyed magic shop. Try to get it and then use the extendable finger. The camera will break on the ground.

Take the wooden boards on the ground left of door. Take the screwdriver right of steps of the left house.

Check the mansion door on the left.

Go left and talk to John the town guard. John is left alone by the other guards.

Check the city gate and the embrasure.

Town square:    Go right to the town square.

The aliens get free and run to town square also. Simon hides with the Swampling.

The aliens leave after breaking the rocket's launching pad.

Go left and talk to Goldilocks completely. Learn that she wants to enter the town hall to do her calling.

Check the town hall's basement window. Talk completely with Mr. Danichen and Doctor Walden. They are locked in the basement. They know a way out of the city.

Go to the left and check the pizzeria and the bottle of chili on the ground.

Take the pillow hanging on the line above the street.

Talk to Goldilocks again. John the guard has a key to the town hall.

Get the key from John:   

Go to the city gate and talk to John. He doesn't believe that he was left alone and that they do not have enough soldiers to fight the aliens.

The alien flick.

Get the camera:     Go right to the destroyed magic shop.

Place the pillow on the ground on top of the wall fragments.

Use the extendable finger on the camera on the destroyed roof to get a video camera.

Take a picture of the aliens:

Go to city gate again. Check the embrasure at right side of the gate.

Use the camera on the embrasure. It's too high. Swampling refuses to help him up.

Go back to Goldilocks at town square. Talk to Goldilocks to help him record the alien outside. Swampling is convinced to be the support of Goldilocks.

At the embrasure, Goldilocks takes a movie of the aliens outside.

The losing battle.

Talk to John the town guard. Automatically show him the aliens outside.

John gives the town hall key to Simon. Swampy destroys the video camera.

Free Doctor Walden!

Go to town square and talk to Doctor Walden at town hall basement.

Simon gives the key. Walden comes out of town hall and Goldilocks enters to have a go inside.

Meet Walden and the sock-Danichen. There's a mechanical carriage in the shed by the city wall. The aliens are here because of him. Walden had an encounter of third kind with the aliens. He stole the mechanical carriage from them. The carriage is at the marketplace. He gives Simon his loose screw.

See someone popping up and down from top of the town hall building.

Drive off the aliens!

Go to the shed by the city wall via the path left of the fountain and the swampling.

See the 2 aliens patrolling the marketplace and shooting at things.

Fix the rocket's launching pad:

Use the wooden boards taken in front of the destroyed magic shop on the rocket with broken launching pad.

Use the screws from Walden on the rocket with half repaired launching pad.

Use the match on the rocket with repaired launching pad. Watch the aliens run and hide inside the town hall with Goldilocks.

The getaway.


Talk to Walden. They go to the shed left of the Royal statue.

See the mechanical carriage. They discuss where to drive out off. The plan is to drive through the city wall.

Make a hole on city wall:

Take the fire-proof gloves from the garage door. Check the city wall at left screen. Check the alien flag right the statue.

Go back to town square and the pizzeria left side of the square.

Check the chili bottle on the ground in front of the pizzeria. Use the fire-proof gloves on chili bottle and get secured bottle of chili.

Go back to marketplace and the city wall left of the carriage shed.

Use the bottle of chili on city wall. A hole is made but 2 mole agents in ugly raincoats arrive and take Simon away.


Chapter 2

Simon is locked in a cabin.

The mole agents took Simon's hat. The Captain is promised treasure and he will keep the greenlings from taking Simon.

No more room in my pockets.

Look around inside the cabin.

Look at the tailor's dummy behind Simon. Take the pin cushion close to the right lapel.

Touch the spinning globe by the window. Uh Oh! Take the globe half.

Check the bed. Take the rope under the bed.

Simon's hat is gone so there is limited space for inventory. He can only carry 2 items before the third is placed somewhere. Open the chest left of the bed. Place all 3 items in the chest for now.

Go right and check the desk. Take the beauty set on top of the desk and the chalk under the desk. Take pair of scissors from the box at right.

Flee, if you can!

Try to exit through door. It's locked.

Examine the chest and see a loose board on the chest lid. Get a lock pick.

Use the lock pick on the door. It breaks.

Hear the voice of Red Riding Hood complaining about the noise made by the wolf.

A ladder is heard to break and a cry for help follows.

Sound like a woman:    Talk to the door. Simon needs to sound like a woman to get Red Riding Hood to help him.

Click on the chalk in inventory and Simon chews it. Now talk to the door.

Red Riding Hood breaks the door - as well as something else.

Look around.

Bar:    Exit the captain's cabin and see that this is a bar.

Talk to the parrot. She wants a cookie.

Talk to Siggie, the genie in a bottle-bartender. Get information about Polly, Captain Narrow and Doctor Peach.

Talk to drunken Wolf.

Take the carafe with water and cigar box at end of the bar.

Take the harpoon on the wall by doorway. Exit the bar.

Simon talks to Captain Narrow stuck at the crow's nest. The ladder is broken.

Pick up the lighter on the ground just in front of the entrance to the bar.

Red Riding Hood's backpack.

Check the skull outside the beach hut and get few doubloons.

Enter the beach hut. Look around. It is Red Riding Hood's hut.

Get the backpack:    Try to take Red Riding Hood's backpack. The dangerous crab prevents it.

See a camping stove by the entrance. Look around the hut and then exit to the beach.

See a rock with a trough by the shoreline.

Take the crab from the beach. Go back to Red Riding Hood's hut.

Use the crab on the very dangerous crab guarding the backpack. Too bad the crab is not a chick.

Go back to Captain's cabin and the chest. Take the beauty set.

Use the beauty set on the crab to get painted crab.

Go back to Red Riding Hood's hut. Use the painted crab on the very dangerous crab. Love!

Simon takes the backpack. Inside, Simon gets cookies and Simon voodoo doll.

Simon goes to the chest and takes his entire inventory. Simon carried the backpack under his robe.

Polly wants cookie!

Go back to the bar and talk to the parrot.

Simon gives the parrot a cookie.

The locked security door.

Exit the bar and go right. See the inventor's hut at right side of the beach.

Pick up the stone left of the inventor's cabin.

Try to enter and see that there is a voice activated security system.

Go back to the bar and talk to the parrot about the speech recognition device.

She will open the door for Simon. She flies off. Follow her to the inventor's hut.

Click on the parrot and she imitates Doctor's Peach's voice.

Enter the hut.

The dead inventor.

The aliens arrive and fire at the catalyst and generator. The electricity killed Doctor Peach.

Go to right side of the hut. Take the book on voodoo. Left click the voodoo book and learn how to Revive the Easy Way.

Revival Easy Way: Learn the procedure to revive a dead person.

1. Get a Voodoo doll.

Open the inventory and left click the voodoo doll. Simon removes the costume from the voodoo doll.

2. Personalize the voodoo doll.

Use the scissors on Doctor Peach to get a piece of beard. Use beard on voodoo doll to get bearded voodoo doll.

Take the handkerchief from the Peach's body. Use the handkerchief on bearded voodoo doll to get inventor voodoo doll.

3. Place needles on all major chakra points.

Use the pin cushion on inventor voodoo doll to get doll with needles.

4. Energize the voodoo doll using power surge.

Follow the order of organs to be energized stated by the book.

Use doll with needles on the cable beside the dead inventor.

Implant needle into:    leg, then arm, then head and then heart.

The inventor wakes up.

Talk to Peach completely. He was the engineer of the Black Pear. Learn how they got stranded here.

Free the captain from his awkward position!

Go back to the entrance of the bar.

In inventory combine the harpoon and the rope to get harpoon with rope.

Use harpoon with rope on person in the crow's nest. Simon missed.

Go back to inventor's hut and talk to Edward Peach about the harpoon.

The inventor fitted the harpoon with scope to get sniper harpoon with rope.

Use sniper harpoon with rope on person in the crow's nest.

Captain Narrow climbs down.

Treasure for the captain.

Go back to Captain's cabin. Talk to Captain Narrow. He wants real treasure as payment for information.

Tailor's dummy:     Look at and right click the tailor's dummy. Use the scissors on tailor's dummy to remove the buttons that looks like doubloons and get some doubloons.

Inventor's cabin:    Take the doubloons (some washers) on top of the dresser to get more doubloons. The commode drawer's are turn devices.

Red Riding Hood:    Go to the beach.

Check the Fort Emancipation - sand castle. Listen to radio broadcasting reports.

Try to take the shovel right of Red Riding Hood.

Talk to Red Riding Hood. Red Riding Hood won't leave because the drunken wolf is too noisy.

See doubloons at top right of the beach mat. Try to take the doubloons. Red Riding Hood has to leave.

Coffee preparation for dummies.

Get coffee beans:    Check the coffee bush right of the palm tree right of Red Riding Hood. Take coffee cherries. Simon has seen coffee beans as darker and powdery.

Look at coffee cherries in inventory. Simon squashes them to get green coffee beans.

Get roasted coffee beans:   Go to Red Riding Hood's hut.

Use the half globe on camping stove.

Place green coffee beans in globe bowl.

Use the lighter on the camping stove. Simon takes the roasted coffee beans.

Exit the hut.

Get coffee powder:   Use the roasted coffee beans on the rock with trough at right.

Use the stone taken from outside the inventor's hut on the trough with coffee beans to get coffee powder.

Get coffee:   Go to inventor's hut.

Check the coffee machine right of the door.

Place coffee powder and carafe with water on coffee machine.

Press the coffee machine to get a fresh coffee.

I've got to get rid of Red Riding Hood!

Go to the bar. Talk to the wolf and trick him to drinking fresh coffee. That sobers him up.

Talk to Red Riding Hood in her hut. Go to the beach.

Click on sand castle-Fort Emancipation. Take doubloons from the destroyed sand castle to get many doubloons.

Take the doubloons from the beach mat to get a pile of doubloons.

Take the shovel.

Treasure for the captain. (continued)

Go back to Captain's cabin and give the pile of doubloons to Captain Narrow. Real class, eh.

In inventory, place the pile of doubloons in the cigar box to get treasure. Give treasure to Captain Narrow.

Simon goes underground.

Talk to Captain about the moles. His apprentice found the mole tunnel which is barricaded now.

Go to inventor's hut and talk to Peach about drill. He needs his 7 league boots and shovel to make the drill. The boots was used by a cat. It goes 7 miles non-stop but the island is only 5 miles long. So the cat must have been washed ashore somewhere.

Find the boots:

Take the detector from floor at left corner or left of generator.

Go to the beach. Look at detector and see the settings.

We're looking for a puss in boots; so set it to cheese for outside circle and leather for inner circle. Press OK.

Stand right of the big boulder by shore line. Set detector to cheese for outside circle and leather for inner circle. Press the OK button.

Use shovel on the X marks the strange spot.

Drill:    Go back to Doctor Peach and talk to him about the boots and shovel.

He gives the digging machine.

Chapter 3

Mushroom Cave:

Simon drills down and reaches the subterranean city.

Pick up the sand right of Simon and the battered pot at left.

Check the lava pool at foreground that has mushrooms growing on the rim.

Take the pipe wrench on the ground in front of the pile of garbage and the flammable garbage in the middle of the pile of garbage. See a fireplace on the left side.

Guards! Guards!

Go down the steps and see Mole City.

Go to Mole City using the exit at bottom left. See 2 guards in front of the entrance.

Watch as they smell Simon. Note also the lever on the ventilation flap and above the far (right) guard. Simon escapes.

Go back down and immediately use the stone taken from outside the inventor's hut on the lever on the ventilation flap. The air blows Simon's scent away.

Enter the tunnel. See 2 moles. One of the moles describes how a mole perfume can be made. The other is scenting a magazine.

Perfume, eh? Simon wants to brew a perfume to camouflage his scent.

Polyunsaturated neutral fat.

Look in the alcove-porthole on wall. See a lunchbox.

Open the lunchbox and get pot of lard and plastic fork.

The way through the spore cloud:

Check the heating fungi around the room. It radiates heat.

Go through the green cloud to enter Q lab. It's poisonous.

Check the ventilation fan above and the ventilation console at right wall. The fans work so there must be something wrong with the pipes.

Use the pipe wrench on the pipes above the console: pipe segments A, B, C, D and E.

The sounds of the pipes are okay for pipes A and B. C sound blocked. Simon automatically takes pipe segment C (bugged pipe) and places it on floor.

Use plastic fork on bugged pipe C. It is bug free at last.

Simon flips the lever of the ventilation console and the spore cloud is sucked out.

Thermal separation - what?!

Check the chest left of the heating mushroom and entryway to Q lab.

Simon takes the metal lid and a razor.

Enter Q laboratory. Take the empty bucket by the door.

Go to back and right part of the room. See and check steaming pipe.

Use the bucket and then metal lid on steaming pipe.

A bucket of distilled water is collected.

Ethanol plays a role.

Go and talk to the battle robot. Learn that the robot is depressed and is fueled by alcohol. He is running out of alcohol and wants some.

Take the empty bottle by the robot's foot.

Fill the empty bottle with alcohol smell with the sand taken from the mushroom cave to get bottle of sand.

Give the bottle of sand to battle robot. The belly flap opens.

Use the now empty bottle on the belly flap to get alcohol.

The aroma carrier.

Check the sleeping mole under the table and right of the battle robot. It stinks.

Use the razor on the stinking sleeping mole to get stinking mole hairs. The mole now has a Mohawk haircut.

The perfume.

All ingredients are obtained. It is time to make perfume.

Exit the lab and go to extreme right to the tunnel. Go right to the mushroom cave.

Look close at the fireplace.

Place the flammable garbage on the fireplace-pit.

Light the flammable garbage using the lighter.

Place the battered pot on the fire.

Place distilled water, alcohol and stinking mole hair in the battered pot.

Add the pot of lard and Simon is covered by the perfume vapor. He now smells like a mole.

I want my hat!

Go back to mole city. Talk to the reading-smelling mole left of the room.

The mole brings Simon to the wise Old Ones.

Simon demands his hat. The Old Ones watch over the moles of the Talpaville.

Learn what they did to the hat. They returned the hat.

Learn about the aliens-Nihonians wanting only Simon and about the Eye of Death, the Nihonian mother ship.

Simon can stop the Nihonians by making panic on the Eye of Death and shutting down the central source of energy. He is to be given a communicator-walkie talkie to talk to the moles and accompanied to the 2 mole agents.

They give a blueprint of a space ship made from scraps.

Simon is brought to the surface via the elevator-mouth of the giant stone head.

Pick up the strange pen on the ground left by one of the moles. Check-right click the strange pen and hear an explosion somewhere.

Ship wanted.

Go to Peach at the inventor's hut. Talk to Peach about a space ship.

Simon gives the blueprint for a space ship. Simon got the cost down to 100 doubloons.

Doctor Peach advises Simon to get a hull, gold and at least 3 crew to man the ship.

Apprenticeship: A career opportunity beckons.

Talk to Captain Narrow at the bar-ship entrance

The Captain wants Simon to be the apprentice and to sign a contract.


In inventory, use the ballpoint pen on the contract.

Choose the selection that will be approved by both Simon and the Captain:

Use the arrows to view all the selections.

General:    The apprentice commits himself... transfer his soul to the captain.

Obligations of the Apprentice:    Keelhauling traitors. Manning the guns in battle.

Working hours:    Until the apprentice's absolute exhaustion.

Salary:    One meal a day and free accommodation.

Length of the Apprenticeship:    Until the death of one of the contracting parties.

Click on Review Contract to see if Simon agrees.

Give the contract to Captain Narrow to see if he agrees.

Apprenticeship:    A career opportunity ends.

Simon's first assignment is to remove the ex-apprentice out of the cabin and the ship.

Go to the Captain's cabin. Talk to the ghost of the hippy ex-apprentice.

Learn what happened to him. While looking for the treasure by the stone head. He fell in after hitting the head with the shovel. He landed on a mole. He started to hear the mole in his head in his own voice. The ghost refuses to leave.

Go to the bar and talk to the Siggie, the genie in the bottle bartender. Learn more about the ghost apprentice. The hearing of his own voice is due to his guilt.

Scare the ghost apprentice:   

Talk to the parrot. Polly can imitate the ghost apprentice' voice.

Use the walkie talkie to talk to the moles. Commando Blackpelt to dumb dog. They will hide a walkie talkie by the ghost apprentice.

Talk to Polly again. Polly wants to come with them on the journey.

Select the dialogue that will feed the ghost apprentice' neuroses and scare him:

Hey dude! It's me once again: your favorite voice.

We've got to go! The captain hasn't gotten his weekly trashing yet!

Can't you feel the wrath in us? It wants to break out!

Duderino, look! The bed-curtain just moved!

Something's coming to get you! It wants to be your friend... forever!

Run, dude! Run!

Talk to Captain Narrow. He gives 10 gold coins to fit the space ship.

Hiring a motley crew.

Red Riding Hood:     Go to the beach and talk to Red Riding Hood.

Ask her to join the crew. She will join but be the Captainess.

Wolf:    Go to the bar and talk him to joining the crew. He wants a written contract.

Go to the Captain in the cabin. He gives a contract.

Apprenticeship: A career opportunity beckons - Episode II.

In inventory, use the ballpoint pen on the contract.

Choose the selection that will be approved by both Simon and the Wolf:

Use the arrows to view all the selections.

General:    The apprentice commits himself... transfer his body to the captain.

Obligations of the Apprentice:    Bridge duty. Observing the dress code.

Working hours:    Always when there's something to do.

Salary:    Three bottles of rum a day.

Length of the Apprenticeship:    Until the loot is divvied up.

Click on Review contract to see if Simon agrees.

Give the contract to Wolf to see if he agrees.

Sometime, the Swampling arrives. He follows Simon.

Fill'er up, please!

Talk to Peach at the inventor's hut. Give him the 10 doubloons.

He needs fuel for the space ship. It must be a substance that has energy of least 100. He gives the energy meter.

Find energy substance:    Exit and talk to Swampy. Learn where he got the mud replacement for his soup. Use the energy meter on Swampy. That's high.

Use the energy meter on things. Check Red Riding Hood and get a 99 reading.

Use the elevator of the giant stone head to go down to the council of the Old Ones.

Exit left to city. Use the energy meter on the heating mushroom. The reading is 100.

Heat exchange.

Talk to the Old Ones about the heating fungi. They ask for a replacement.

Exit at right and go to inventor's hut. Right click to check the heating mushroom right of the coffee machine. It needs to be filled with something hot to radiate even warmth. Take the heating mushroom.

Go back down to the Mushroom Cave via the elevator at the stone head. Then exit the council, right to tunnel and right to Mushroom Cave.

Fill the heating mushroom with lava to get lava filled heating mushroom.

Go back to the council and talk to the Old Ones. Talk to the Old Ones about the heating mushrooms.

The trip into space.

Go back up to the surface.

Go to the ship and see the propulsion system attached to the Black Pear.

Talk to Peach at the inventor's hut. Tell him about the heating fungi.

The crew is gathered by the Black Pear.

Captain Narrow tastes the Swampling soup. Down he goes. Swampy takes his place in the ship's crew.

The 2 mole agents report that the aliens are here. The Black Pear departs.

Chapter 4

Where is everybody?

The crew deserts their station. Look around.

Check the status of the ship by clicking the main screen.

Check the navigation console, radar console and engine console.

The inventory has magic modeling clay and lighter.

Coffee preparation - advanced level.

Go down to the engine room. Look around.

Talk to the sleeping drunken Wolf. Simon said that the sobering effect of coffee needs to just look like a coffee.

Go left and check the pile of coals to get coal dust.

Enter the Captain's cabin. Go to the window and take the metal flask.

Exit the Captain's cabin. Go back up to the upper deck.

Use the metal flask on the bucket of water by Swampy to get bottle of water.

Check the cooking glove in front of the bucket of water.

Talk to Swampy. Borrow the cooking glove in front of the bucket of water.

Go back down to Wolf.

In inventory combine the bottle of water with coal dust to get flask of black sludge.

Now that you have the cooking gloves, use the flask of black sludge on the opening of the solid furnace left of Wolf to get hot black sludge.

Use hot black sludge on Wolf. This sobers him up and he goes to his post - the engine console.

New women needed!

Enter the Captain's cabin.

Talk to Red Riding Hood. She wants women quota here to be 50%. She will not lead the ship until the quota is met.

Go back inside the Captain's cabin and look around.

Take the corsage-corset on the box in front of the desk.

Take the kilt on the window sill and the curtain pole above the window to get curtain rings.

Exit the cabin and go to upper deck.

Get the mop left of the entrance to engine room and the pirate flag hanging on the rigging by the mast

Talk to Wolf at engine console about task of dressing as a she-wolf. Wolf has a blouse already.

In inventory combine the she-wolf outfit with pirate flag, curtain rings, mop, kilt and corset (corsage) to get finished she-wolf outfit.

Give the she-wolf outfit to Wolf. Automatically, talk to Red Riding Hood.

Simon uses Red Riding Hood's arguments back to her. She'll be back in her station later.

I know where the hammer hangs out.

Go back to the Captain's cabin. Check the loose floor board behind Red Riding Hood.

See the Governor's picture, the treasure map, treasure chest and warhammer.

Talk to the warhammer Siegfried. To allow Simon to talk to him safely, he must conquer the red dragon and give the warhammer its blood. The blood must be served in a gold chalice.

He can also help with the green dragon - the swampling.

Get the Red Dragon's blood:

Where will we find a red dragon? Ah - red... dragon...

Go to upper deck. Pick up the golden chalice left of the steering wheel.

Pick up the leeches on the barrel left of Swampy.

Go back down to the Captain's cabin.

Place the leeches on the bed. Then talk to Red Riding Hood and until she gets tired.

Simon leaves the cabin and listens to what is happening inside the cabin.

Automatically, Simon talks to Red Riding Hood. She goes back to her radar station.

Check the bed. Take the sated leeches from bed.

Place the sated leeches in the golden chalice. Simon squeezes the leeches to get chalice full of blood.

A Swampling's gotta do what a Swampling's gotta do.

Warhammer:    Go to the warhammer at the secret stash - loose floor board.

SAVE GAME HERE to play the other paths if you so desire.

Use the chalice full of blood on warhammer.

Now the warhammer will help with the green dragon. You choose a path on how to solve the problem of the green dragon.

Select one of the paths. You can play all paths if you want by going back to a saved game.

Do this if you chose - The way of the scoundrel.

Pretend to be his friend but behind his back steal his breath.

Simon picks up the warhammer.

Go back to Swampy at upper deck.

Check the monkey skeleton behind the hatch to engine room. Get a bone. Remember that Swampy is missing a bone for his swamp soup.

Give the bone to Swampy. He will walk away to taste the bone.

Immediately use the bucket of water and Simon will douse the fire.

Swampy relights the fire with his lighter. He leaves the lighter on the floor.

We need to break that lighter.

Go down to the engine room. Use the warhammer on Simon's lighter in inventory to get destroyed lighter.

Get a new bone from monkey skeleton and give to Swampy.

Immediately replace Swampy's lighter on the floor right of the cauldron with the destroyed lighter.

One more time - Get a new bone from monkey skeleton and give to Swampy.

Immediately use the bucket of water and Simon will douse the fire.

Swampy goes to his navigation station.

Do this if you chose - The way of the warrior.

Destroy the cauldron to destroy the dragon.

The warhammer wants a practice run by getting a cauldron.

Exit the cabin.

Get a cauldron:    Go to upper deck and see a cauldron hanging on the chandelier.

Talk to the parrot on the chandelier. Simon tricks the parrot to peck at the cauldron.

Warhammer practices on the small cauldron.

Now, use the warhammer on Swampy's cauldron of swamp soup. Ragnorok!

Simon releases all his pent up anger.

Simon explains things to Swampy. Swampy goes to his navigation station.

Do this if you chose - The way of the bard.

You should cook for the dragon.

You need dust of brittle rock, fat of great fish, bone, water and small cauldron. No need to heat since it is a cold soup.

Brittle rock:    Examine the toy boy statue beside the bed.

Use the warhammer on the statue and pick up the powdered plaster.

Stan the harpoon:    Exit the cabin. The warhammer stops Simon outside the door.

He introduces Stan, the Eskimo harpoon. Simon takes the harpoon.

Go to upper deck. Use Stan the harpoon on the small cauldron on the chandelier.

Check the monkey skeleton behind the hatch to engine room. Get a bone.

Take the blubber from the barrel left of Swampy.

Use cauldron on bucket of water to get unfinished soup.

Add bone, blubber and powdered plaster to the unfinished soup to get finished soup. Nice cooking song.

Give the finished soup to Swampy. He gets very happy.

Swampy goes to his station. The Green Pear is again manned.

Outer space:

Go and turn the steering wheel. Full speed ahead. The Eye of Death is shooting at Black pear. There's a collision with a giant octopus. All efforts to protect the ship fails. Crash!

Look out the porthole or click the eyes of the giant octopus at the ceiling.

Talk to Red Riding Hood. Learn that the octopus released ink that can camouflage them in approaching the Eye of Death. Simon reports that it is trying to separate. She wants Simon to prevent separation.

Space fashion: Alarming outlets!

Check the airlock. Get the diving suit by right portholes. Right click the diving suit in inventory to learn that it is full of holes.

Seal the diving suit:    In inventory combine magic modeling clay with diving suit. Something is wrong; it's not holding tight. Where is there a modeling clay expert?

Talk to Red Riding Hood. Learn that Polly brags about its knowledge of magic modeling clays and shuts down at -459.4 deg C.

Talk to Polly about modeling clay and learn what to do to the clay - put a lid on it.

Again, in inventory combine magic modeling clay with diving suit. Simon threatened the clay and it sticks to the diving suit to get a sealed diving suit.

If you haven't done it yet, take the Eskimo harpoon (broom) left of the Captain's cabin door.

Stick to hull:    Try to exit by clicking on airlock and Simon states he needs to be able to stick to outer hull or he'll drift to outer space.

Take the nails on the big patch of wood at bottom left of screen close to the railing of the bridge.

Use nails on sealed diving suit and the soles have spikes now. He can go for space walk now.

Absent drive, space present.

Talk to Wolf at the engine station. The lights are flashing on his station.

Get man-machine interface:    Simon checks and learns that the man-machine interface is broken.

Check the status of the ship by clicking the main screen. The outer temperature is -459.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Again it reports that man machine interface needs immediate repair.

Talk to Polly. Ask it to come down, high quality performance and if it has a man-machine interface. Polly does not want to go down to Simon.

Remember what Red Riding hood said; that the parrot shuts down at -459.4 deg F. Hmm.

Go down to engine room and pick up the wooden cage at right side of room.

Talk to Polly to come down, about important mission and visit the king at octopus planet.

Polly is placed in the cage.

Exit through the airlock. Polly tries to talk to the octopus until it gets cold and shuts down.

After harpooning the octopus, Simon takes the man-machine interface from Polly.

Fix the interface:    Go down to engine room. Check the instrument panel right of the furnace. See that it is broken.

Use the man-machine interface on the instrument panel. Hear the panel's process of repair.

Approaching the Eye of Death - plan B.

Go to the steering wheel and steer. See that the Black Pear rolls and crashes on Eye of Death.

Chapter 5


Simon wakes up and is taken by the Nihonians.

Wolf wakes up. The computer reports the status of the Black Pear and its crew. The new captain is Wolf.  His main mission is to turn off the main computer of the Eye of Death. Secondary mission is to survive.

Wolf: May the Power be with you!

Ionas, master of the power comes out of the octopus. Wolf is the legendary Deranged One that his people has been waiting for. Ionas is here to train Wolf, the Deranged One to master power.

Ionas hypnotizes Wolf.

Talk to him completely by selecting I don't want learn anything now.

Then ask where he came from and understand my powers. Learn about the different powers.

Wolf: May the power of mind reading be with you!

Select - Let me partake of your wisdom.

Select - Teach me the power of mind reading!

Ionas wants you to read his mind and learn the number he is thinking.

If you fail - you try again. Select - Let me partake of your wisdom.

Place the cursor at bottom of page. Select the red brain - power of mind reading.

Use the power of mind reading on Ionas. Learn that he is thinking of #6. Mohh!

See a set of numbers to choose from. Select #6, of course.

Well done, Deranged One! You've learned your lesson well!

Wolf: May the power of mind control be with you!

Select - Let me partake of your wisdom.

Select - Teach me the power of mind control!

Ionas wants you to control the bug.

If you fail - you try again. Select - Let me partake of your wisdom.

Place the cursor at bottom of page. Select the brain - power of mind control.

Use the power of mind control on the bug. Raahh! Ask it to run in a circle 3 times and then sleep. See it run around.

Well done, Deranged One! You've learned your lesson well!

Wolf: May the power of foreseeing be with you!

Select - Let me partake of your wisdom.

Select - Teach me the power of foreseeing!

When will you first use your power of foreseeing? Now!

Well done, Deranged One! You've learned your lesson well!

Wolf: May the power of telekinesis be with you!

Select - Let me partake of your wisdom.

Select - Teach me the power of telekinesis!

Focus your powers on one of the dead octopus' arm and raise it.

Place the cursor at bottom of page. Select the hand - power of telekinesis.

Use the power of telekinesis on the huge octopus tentacle that is at background - behind them.

Well done, Deranged One! You've learned your lesson well!

Wolf: Crossing the bridge.

See that there are no energy bridges to top (bridge) and area at right.

Walk the energy bridge to the other landing in front of the Interrogation Chamber.

Look at the Nihonian device and the energy bridge console.

Energy bridge console:

See icons that depict the 4 towers and the energy bridge at center.

The top right square-strange button is reset and the bottom right-weird button is button back out.

Click the circle-towers to get all the energy bridges up.

Do the buttons in this order.

Press the reset-top square strange button first.

1. Turn the top right circle to point left.

2. Turn the bottom right circle to point right.

3. Turn the top left circle to point down.

4. Turn the bottom left circle to point up.

Press the weird button. See the bridge is up.

Wolf: All things alien...

Go to tower at right energy bridge.

See a teleporter platform and a console. There are alien writings that can't be read.

Go to top tower and enter the bridge.

See Nihonian leader and another Nihonian at right.

Power of mind control:    Try to go right to the room. Wolf can't go to the right to check the contact plate at right side of room because of the aliens.

Use the power of mind control on the Nihonian leader. Raaah!

Try all the selections but end up using: I command you: No matter what I'm doing, don't take notice of me! Concentrate on your screens!

Power of mind reading:    Go to the Nihonian at center of room. Check the screen.

Use power of mind reading on the Nihonian. Mohhh!!! Hear their mind thoughts translated to English!

Scale:    Go to right side of the room. Stand on the scale. Wolf is 215.6 lbs and has 29% fat.

Wolf: Beam me up!

Exit the bridge and go back to the teleporter tower at right.

Hear that the planet is in danger. They are ready to use the big mackari.

Look at the teleporter console. Click on the screen that now can be read by Wolf.

It requires data input. It also needs the weight of the body to be teleported.

Read the post-it and see that the scale here is broken. Wolf has already weighed himself at the bridge.

Click on the keyboard to enter the data necessary.

Pull the lever on the console that starts the teleporter. He can't pull the lever and then be at platform to be teleported.

Power of telekinesis:    Stand on the teleporter platform.

Use the power of telekinesis on the lever-teleporter console. Maaah... Wolf is teleported.

Wolf: Computer? Computer?

Wolf is in the main computer room. Hear that all energy is rerouted to the big mackari.

Click on the computer. It wants a password. I'll think about it...

Power of foreseeing:    Use the power of foreseeing on the computer. Ommm...

Wolf keeps on thinking about cockroach swarm.

Click on the computer. Select cockroach swarm as password.

Orders:    The computer wants orders.

Select all dialogue. The computer can compute anything.

Ask all the questions until Computer one tea with milk, please.

The response 'with without' did the computer in.

Camera, tourists and Simon:

Simon is with 3 Nihonians. Something is placed on his head.

Now he can understand the aliens. The ship's name is Arriba. The weapons are cameras.

Have a long dialogue with them and realize that they are tourists in a cruise ship.

The cameras are the problem. They cause waves of bad luck leading to the destruction of whole worlds.

Simon tries to prove it to them. He contacts the Old Ones. The moles have initiated the launch of the missiles.

A dialogue between the Moles and Nihonians is established.

Mediating dialogue:

Select dialogues that will calm and clear the misunderstanding between the Moles and Nihonians.

Select dialogues: 1, 1, 1.

Doctor Walden arrives and tries to stop the conference.

Select dialogues: 2, 1, 1.

Red Riding Hood interjects herself in the reconciliations.

Select dialogues: 4, 3, 4.

Cold wars. Wolf arrive! Bad Simon. Fireworks! Alix.


Watch the credits and hear the long dialogue between Alix and Simon.

Read what happened to all the characters.

Easter eggs are stated in the scrolling text after the The End.

Nihonian outtakes are now part of the main menu.


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