Spongebob Movie Game for PC

By Caleb and Kathie


This is a basic walkthrough put together by my 7 year old grandson and myself because we could not find help when we were stuck.

We hope it may be of help to others trying to play.

It includes only the basic steps to get through the game and is not a detailed walkthrough.

Just remember to talk to everyone and ask all questions to gather information.


Chapter 1


To open the trunk to get Spongebob's clothes, get the spatula from the kitchen counter and use it to pry open the trunk.

Click on clothes to get dressed.


Go to Squidward's house and talk to him in the shower. He won't let you borrow his toothpaste. Turn off his radio and look at his phone number on the chalkboard in his living room.

Go back to Spongebob's house and go out the back door through the kitchen. Talk to the phone guy repairing the phone.

He is afraid of loud noises.

Get Spongebob's alarm clock from his bedroom. Use it on the phone guy to scare him away and then fix the phone.

Spongebob tries to call Squidward from his shell telephone in his living room, but the TV is too loud and the remote is missing.


Go to Patrick's house and talk to him. He needs ice for his tea. Get ice from Spongebob's freezer, bring to Patrick and he gives you the remote.

Turn off TV, call Squidward, and while he is on the phone, sneak over to his house and steal his toothpaste.

Return to Spongebob's bathroom.

Brush teeth in Spongebob's bathroom. (You can take a shower too, but Spongebob's shy!)


Chapter 2


As Plankton, talk to Karen (the monitor) in the Chum Bucket.

Use the wrench on the robot. When it moves, get the broom and use it to clean off the menu.

Get the remote packet.


Go to King Neptune's castle.

Enter library. Take loose thread from the rug on the floor. Talk to the jester.

To get into the Throne Room, get the horse shoe from the stables outside the castle and combine it with the thread. Use it on the nail that is above the button to the right of the Throne Door.

"Back at the Krusty Krab 1.....Spongebob walks to the back of Krusty Krab and enters the kitchen. Slide down the poles and see an elevator. He can't open it, so he goes back upstairs and talks to Squidward about it. SB finds out he needs a passcard to get into the elevator and Squidward has lost his. A little boy & girl have it.

Leave the KK1 and go down the street to Goofy Goobers. Talk to the boy sitting at a table and see the passcard on the table. He wants fried ice cream.

Go to the back of GG and talk to guy at the counter. No fried ice cream. Get an ice cream cone from him anyway.

Go to Krusty Krab 2. In the kitchen use the tongs in your inventory on the ice cream and fry it in the vat on the stove.

Return to GG and give the boy his ice cream and get the pass card.

Go to KK1 and then you can go down the poles and use the card on the elevator to open it and ride.
Patrick will be there with the Patty Mobile, get in and off you go!

The thugs take the Patty Mobile from Spongebob. Walk to the Thug Tug."


Chapter 3


Enter the Thug Tug and see the Patty Mobile key on the table by the thugs playing pool.

Go to the bathroom and notice there is no soap.

Talk to bartender and ask for soap and find out he can't leave the bar because he has customers.

Talk to the 2 customers at the bar and find out they want the lyrics to the Goofy Goober song.


Leave the Thug Tug and go to the gas station at County Line.

Talk to the attendants, ask all questions.

After the attendee goes into the station and comes out,  enter the station and get the song lyrics from the trash can.


Return to Thug Tug and gives lyrics to customers…….they leave and ask bartender for soap again.

Enter bathroom and use soap dispenser for a distraction.

Grab the Patty Mobile key.


Chapter 4


Get glue from the table.

Get mirror from armoire.

Spread glue on window sill.

Talk to guard, and get him to go to the window.


Exit room and go to the Dungeon.

Talk to jailer about the Crown Polisher.

Ask all questions.

Jailer needs a book.


Go to library and get the Dungeon Master's Handbook and give it to the jailer.

Talk to Crown Polisher and ask him to clean the mirror.

Go to the Throne Room.

Talk to the Squire….ask all questions.

Give Squire the mirror.


Exit castle and enter the stables.

Get the seahorses.


Chapter 5


Enter the Abysmal  Plains.

Enter Hotel Deep Six.

Go to Room 1.

Talk to old lady and find out her pearls were stolen.

Ask all questions..

Look at holes in the floor.

Go to Room 2.

Ask all questions

Look at holes on the floor..


Leave hotel and enter the Cavern.

Talk to the Explorer.

Borrow his flash light.

Enter the corridors and go through each entryway in the order of the lights:




Talk to Robed Man.

To get into the Inner Sanctum you will need the Orb.


Return to hotel.

Talk to desk clerk….ask all questions.

Go to Room 2 and use flashlight to look into holes on the floor.

Ask permission from the desk clerk to go under the hotel.

Exit hotel and go under it.

Take the pearls and give them to the old lady in room 1.

She will give you the Orb.


Go back to the Cavern and give the Orb to the robed man.

Enter the Corridors by following the lights again:





Enter the PINK door of Deception. Put Orb on pedestal and flow the light through the fog of the Abysmal Plains.


Chapter 6

To get into the chiropractor's office, pick up the spine on the ground outside of the doctor's shell.

Get stethoscope from doctor. Give it to the protesters outside. Get the password.


Get the turtleneck (uniform) from the large protester.


Shrink the turtleneck in the hot springs and go to the Surplus store and use password.

Enter the back room and talk to leader. (Octovia)


Chapter 7


To help Spongebob, Patrick has to jump off the table and jump onto the table with the cash register.

Jump on register and jump down on the open cash drawer key and the drawer opens and knocks the lunchbox off the table.

Patrick gets the onion from the lunchbox, goes back to Spongebob and uses the onion to cry on him and revive him.

Lamp shorts out, it rains. Get the crown and exit the shop.


Talk to treasure hunter.

Pick up shell on porch of shop. Pick up stick on the beach. Dip the stick into the puddle of tar under the porch and combine with shell to make a shovel.

Dig up whistle under the X on the beach.


Chapter 8


Talk to King Neptune and Plankton at the Krusty Crab 1.

Talk to musician outside the door.

Get speaker from store room.

Get light bulb from the wall in the Chum Bucket.

Go through maze....picking up the Krabby Patties and avoiding the robot.


Get amp and guitar from the musician. In front of  Krusty Crab 1.

Put amp, speaker and bulb together.

Plug souped-up amp into outlet in Krusty Crab.

Play the guitar by hitting the notes fast for a minute or so, it doesn't seem to matter if he hits the wrong notes, it will eventually break Plankton's spell and save the day!


The End


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