The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge


A game by Jonas Kyratzes

A walkthrough by Chief

December 2008



This is a point and click game.

The passwords and ciphers are case sensitive.

Click on everything to get some interesting comments.

Read carefully all conversations with creatures or objects.

At bottom right of the playing screen, find the Inventory. On top of all objects that you can find, the MENU is there: click on “USE” to get Return, Load, Save and Quit.

This Walkthrough gives one way of playing this game. The sequence of events or conversations may be different than your game play.



The game starts with a conversation with Harold, a talking picture frame. 

Old Man Bill is gone!




After the conversation with Harold, be at the Entry Hall.

In this Hall, find the double brown doors that leads to the outside. But you will see that you need a password if you click on the doors.

See also an electrically powered stair that has no power for now and another picture frame (window). Talk to it: find a way to get in Bill’s Study. Butlerware ( Computerized house keeper) is not letting us go out.

Go through the door with the orange carpet in front.




As you enter, see two shelves of books. You can click on them to read the titles.

In the room, see a red couch, a screen that is an Electro Journal 2000 (read the Entries) and a message board. Find the message with the Butlerware Password #1:  Aardvark.

Open the door between the book shelves.




The door to get back to the Inner Room and the Entry Hall is the one with the green lamp.

Let’s visit what’s behind the other 3 doors.

Start with the door with a big blue plan for robotic device.




For now, all the devices do not have enough power to function. Open the door on the right of the device with sheets of paper coming out (Decipherer) and be in a bedroom.




Bedroom: in the side bed table, find a recipe for bubble bath powder.

You can “Examine” it in Inventory. See also the Spiderpig that doesn’t talk.

Let’s go back to the Hall with 4 Doors using the door in the middle of the device with a green eye (Syntheseyezer).




Click on the green mirror with a door in it.

Horaffe room: you can’t talk to Horaffe for now. Have a look around the room. Go back to the Hall with 4 Doors using the screen held by two blue arms.

Open the door on the right of the green mirror.




See some cupboards around the room and many flasks and test tubes. Open the three drawers: find a Mushroom Recipe  in the yellow drawer. Examine it in Inventory: it needs a device to read it.

Exit to….




This time , examine the table under a blue plan: click on the sheet of paper on the left and read: Incomprehensible code. Possibly FORTRAN

Go through that door.




See a tree but you can’t open the door beside the tree.

Look for Stripes the dinosaur and talk to it: it will not open the doors around the garden (except for the one we got in through) until you help with Zathras the turtle and deliver a message.

Talk to the Rabbit and the Flower. The Flower will give you “Flower power” if you bring some Magic Fertilizer from the larder.

You can exit with the door by the Flower.


Go back to the Entry Hall using the door with the green lamp and then through the Inner Room.




Look at the double brown doors, click on it and enter Aardvark  for the password using your keyboard. Press “Confirm” on the screen.




Be outside and see a bridge.

Go left twice around the house and then look right.

See Zathras the turtle and talk to it: tell Stripes what Zathras says.

It also says that Spiderpig is shy. Give it blue milk.


Back to the house and around it once more. Look right to see the Power Generator Facility. You need a password.

Back again to go around the house and the front door to the left.




Talk to the window about the Desert Password: see Zathras.




But first, go see Stripes and talk again about Zathras. Another message for the turtle.




Talk to Zathras about Stripes and the Desert Password: Zapus hudsonius

Go to the Power Generator, click on the door and enter the password.




In we go. Look around and see a Food Machine that also needs a password.

Go down the stairs and see a generator with red and blue pipes. But something’s not running right………..

Look right and/or left of the generator to see two hamsters and two yellow running wheels connected to the generator.

Talk to the hamsters: GRRR!

Exit the Power Generator.




Back to talk with Stripes. You now can go through the doors, but be cautious about Squiggles.

So, go to the door where’s the tiny pond.


Kitchen: enter and click on the Toast 2000 and get a Kitchen Key.

Go to the Atom Cool 2000 and open it: you can take some items from it.

Take the milk  and the herring.


Larder: let’s see what’s behind the other door beside the recycling machine. Enter and take the Hamster Munch 2000.

See and click on the shovel. Ooops. Click on the opening and go in the unfinished room. Find a sheet of paper and read the Stuff for the player to do.

Exit this room going through the opening and continue looking around the larder. Find a Red Mushroom and talk to it. Talk also to a green mushroom beside the Magic Fertilizer red box. You can have the Fertilizer.  Talk to the other mushrooms.


Exit the Larder and the Kitchen by going through the door beside a 107 Calendar. Click on the door to unlock it.

Back in the Garden. 

Go to the door beside the tree.


The Cat Room: see Squiggles sitting on a throne. Talk to the cat: it owns the Bathroom Keys. If you bring a red herring, it will grant the gift of the keys. You can look around the room and see the lock door to the Bathroom.

Exit to the Garden.


Give the Magic Fertilizer to the Flower by talking about it and get some Flower Power that will be useful in the Lab.




Go to the cupboard by the yellow trash can and click on the blue and red test tubes: The Mixatronic 2000. (You need the Flower Power for this to work) Click on “Herring” and then “Add” under the red colour: a red herring is now in Inventory.

Click again on the test tubes, then on milk and add blue colour. Get Blue milk.




Go see Squiggles the cat and give it the herring by talking about it. Get a key in return.

Now that you have a key, go to the door with a round window. Click on it to open it.


Bathroom: see a Rubber Duck. Talk to it. It needs food and gives a Rubber Duck Recipe to be read by the Syntheseyezer. It will give a nice key in return.

Go to the bath and talk to the fish. If you give it Bubble Bath Powder, it will give you the password for the Food Machine (Power Password).

In Inventory, examine the Bubble Bath Recipe: you need grass (green), bananas (yellow), tomatoes (red), water (blue).

Go to……




In the Lab, find the cupboard with the four coloured test tubes. Click on them and in order, press to “add” green, yellow, red and blue. Get the Bubble Bath Powder.




Back to the fish and give it the Bubble Bath Powder and get the password for the Food Machine: MYRTLEBAUM  HOGWASHING  FIEND




Go and click on the Food Machine and click to “insert food here”. Then enter the password. (Thanks Rushes)

Go down the stairs to see that the generator is zippy and energetic.

Exit to go to the House.




Go and see Horaffe by passing through the green mirror. Talk to Horaffe: to get to Bill’s Study, you need a key.




Go through the door beside the Decipherer (with sheets of paper) and click on the Spiderpig to give it the blue milk.

Talk to it. It gives the password to go to the upper floors from the Entry Hall: Cake




Click on the stairs and enter Cake




Be in a library. The brown door is looked. The other door with the keypad is stuck. Click on the keypad and talk to it: to control this door, find a book called “Kiss of the Fur Queen” and find a slip of paper.

Go by the stairs going up and look at the top shelf on the right. Take the fourth book (green) and get the slip of paper (Unreadable Note). It needs to be deciphered.

Talk to the keypad again and in the “Bill’s Study” topic, get a cipher: redatt

This cipher will help to read the Unreadable Note. The result will be the opening of this door. (Thanks Rushes)

Go upstairs and be in……..


Telescope Room: see a telescope and a chicken. Nothing much to see with the telescope. Talk with Sinclair the chicken. It needs help because it’s suppose to be a duck: it needs De-Chickening Pills.




Go to the larder to see that the De-Chickening Pills are all gone. Bummer!

Talk to all the mushrooms and ask about the Pills. The last one you talk to will give you the  De-Chickening Pills Recipe.




Examine the recipe (De-Chickening) in Inventory and just like for the previous recipe, use the colours in the Lab.

Go to the table with four test tubes and click on them: in order, click on blue, red, yellow and green colour to get De-Chickening Pills.

(If you click on the 4 coloured Test Tubes in any order, you get some strange mixtures. Fun to read)




Go up the stairs to the telescope and the Chicken. Talk to it and give it the Pills.  BOOM    See a duck. Talk to the duck and get a reward: Awesome Duck Recipe.  The Rubber Duck has the key to Bill’s Bedroom.

The telescope is now pointing down: see an army coming in the desert.




Check to see if the Devices are working. They still don’t.




Go through the green mirror and talk to Horaffe. Talk about the Tech Room: there is a little bug in the code and needs a password.

It is COOKIES     (this password comes from the “Stuff for the player to do” in the unfinished room). Go to the wall with the three screens and click on the left one: enter COOKIES and Confirm.




Go to what looks like a TV and click on it to see Bill’s Encrypted Electrojournal. Print it to get Encrypted Printout.

Go to the Decipherer (device with sheets of paper) and click on Unreadable Note after entering the cipher: redatt        Click on “Decipher” 

See  the Default Settings in Inventory and examine it.




Go in Horaffe room to set the Butlerware to the proper settings.

Look for the screen with horizontal bars: set  politeness at 35, emotion at 5, poshness at 24 and samuelity at 0 and Confirm.




Read the Awesome Duck Recipe and go to the two cupboards and the four  test tubes: click on the tubes in this order to follow the recipe: blue, yellow, red , green and get the Awesome Duck Potion.

Go to the Mixatronic 2000 (the blue and red test tubes), click on the Awesome Duck Potion and add Flamboyant Radish Essence. Shake it in Inventory. The Potion is now complete.


~~~~~~~Read the note at the end of this Walkthrough~~~~~~~




Go to Bill’s Study (door with keypad) and read his Dairy that you find on the table. See the word “Oomba” on the right.  Drink the Awesome Duck Potion in Inventory.

Look at Bill’s Dairy and open page 12: the cipher for my journal is Marzipan. Some comments will pop up on the screen.

Have a look around the Study.




On the Decipherer, enter Marzipan as a cipher and click on Encrypted Printout. Get Decrypted Printout. Examine it in Inventory. Click on next at the bottom of the page and see a password for the Syntheseyezer: JELLY

Create Rubber Duck Food and Mojave Magic Mushroom Mush with the Syntheseyezer.

In Inventory, Eat/Drink the Mushroom Mush and see a squirrel. Talk to it. Interesting!




Go to the Cat Room and the bathroom. Talk to the Rubber Duck about the “Rubber Duck”. It gives a Rubber Duck Key.




Click on the door that was lock: Bill’s Room.

Bill’s room: See an armchair and drawers. It appears that Bill left in a hurry.

Look at the bed and read the note.  “Anything I love will be destroyed”.

Go see the duck and go down to……




Talk to Harold the Window


Read the comments to End the Game.


Note from the Author:  in the LAB, if you mix the colours from the 4 tubes in this order: yellow, blue, red and green, you get Binary Mucus. Add Onion Based Water from one of the 2 other tubes and get Binary Potion.

Go to Bill’s Study and to the computer with 2 screens. Click on the left screen to fill the Computer with fresh binary. Then click on the right screen to read some entries from a Private Journal.  Click again on the left screen to get more entries.


Thank you Jonas for your help and comments.


This document was provided to and may not be distributed without express written permission of the author and the content may not be altered in any way.

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