By Mateusz Skutnik


Walkthrough by Chief                                                                             

June 2007

This is a point and click game.

To pick up an object, click on it. To use it, drag it from inventory.

No save possible.

Played the online game.


The game starts in a room where you see a ladder.


Climb up and see a linking pipe. Take the valve on the floor.


Go back down and go in the room on the left where there is a ladder going down, but do not go down yet. In this room, see a round  panel on the wall.


Go to the left in a room to pick up a spoon from the floor. While in there, place the valve in the hole on the pipe going up. We will come back to this room.


Come back to the ladder and go down to see a panel with three fuses and missing one. Notice the three lines in the small circles. Remember their positions.


Go down more to find a diary. Click on it in inventory to read it. See the clock.


Go down more to see a generator with a lever. Go through the door on the right to see four bells. Take the coin on the floor and click on it in inventory to see the number 4913.

While in this room, click from left to right on bell 4-1-2 to see the four little blocks stay up: a small panel will be seen: click it to get tile D.


Go back up with the three ladders and go right to where the game started. Go in the room on the right. Click on the panel with the four white squares: click on the button under each square to enter the number 4-9-1-3. Then click anywhere on the panel to back up.

The box on the left is now open: take a fuse and tile C.


Get out of this room and go to the room on the left to go down the ladder.


Put the white fuse on the panel and go down the two ladders to pull the lever on the generator.


Up the three ladders to the room with the round panel.


Go to the room on the left to the three pumps and click from the left on the lower buttons 2 and 3 to see the moving part go up. Remembering the lines we saw before.

Turn the valve.


Go out to the room on the right and again on the right and up the ladder to see the broken pipe.  On the right of the ladder, pick up a pearl on the floor.


Go down, door on the left, go down 2 times to the clock. Place the pearl at the end of the left cord of the clock and a door will open on top: take tile B.


In front of the clock, go down to the generator and place the spoon on the wires to see a small panel come out the generator at the bottom. Pick up tile A.


Back up three times.


On the round panel on the wall, place the four tiles in any order to see a door appear. Click on it and go forward to the elevator. See two buttons: click the top one. Go up and click the bottom one to open the door.


Go outside.

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