Walkthrough by Chief

-Your game starts in front of a door guarded by two statues representing dragons.


-Click the Hand Icon on the left of the screen.


-On the ground, on the left among rocks, pick up TONGUE 2.


-Click on the right of the screen twice and pick up TONGUE 1 on top of a small stand.


-Look left in around the middle of the screen, in a small opening in the wall, and pick up a yellow LIGHTER.


-Back to the door. Take TONGUE 2 from inventory (click on it and drag) and put it in the mouth of the dragon on the left and TONGUE 1 on the right.


-Click the middle of the door to open it.


-You are in a room with an opening on the floor: click on it to go down.


-See a lamp on the left: use the lighter on it to get some light. Put the lighter back in inventory.


-Go down more and see two openings.


-Go to the left opening, light up the lamp and see another opening guarded by four spears coming out of the wall when passing your curser on the opening.


-Go down and click on the block in the window on the left: that will stop the spears from coming out of the wall.


-Back up and enter the opening on the left where the spears where.


-See a block of rock on top of a post. Click on it to see it turn once and reveal a symbol.


-Go out of this room and immediately go down.


-On the right, an opening. Use the lighter on the lamp on the right: see a picture on the wall. Go down by the picture and see three panels with each a symbol after putting the light..


-By turning the block of rock, you opened the panel on the right: go in and pick up the red JEWEL 1.


-Go out of this room, back up, out the room with the picture on the wall and up again.


-Go left to the block of rock and turn it to see another symbol.


-Back to the room with three panels.


-Enter the opening on the floor: pick up JEWEL 2.


- Back up to turn the block of rock and back down to the panels: the left one is open: take JEWEL 3.     Under the open panel, take a STONE.


-Back up to be at the level of the room with the block of rock. Do not go in but go through the opening on the right and again through another opening on the right..  Put on some lights on the lamp by the door and see another opening with spears.


-Go down to see a broken bloc similar to the one seen before in a window that stop the spears from coming out of the wall.


-Back up and put the STONE at the bottom of the opening with spears to block them: enter the room.


-See three slabs of stone with the same three symbols already seen.


-Starting with the top slab, place JEWEL 3 in its place, then JEWEL 2 and JEWEL 1: each time the slab of stone will go up.


-You now can see an opening on the floor.


-Go down and see a crystal: click on it: you have collected an ancient crystal of wisdom.


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