This is a complete walkthrough.  It is not a FAQ.  Proceed with that forewarning and use it only if you are absolutely stuck.  This walkthrough is a GAMEBOOMERS exclusive and any form of revision or duplication is prohibited without permission of the author.

Note:  Read pages 8 - 12 of the Symbiocom manual to determine why you are the single living passenger left aboard the I.S.T. Rident, the Delta quadrant's premier passenger transport.

EPISODE 1 - ABOARD THE RIDENT (Gotta' get out of here!)

After the incident with the raiding Dog Ships, the Rident is largely incapacitated.  The ship's propulsion systems are disabled. Your first priority is to find a way to get off the ship by using an onboard Shuttle craft and the Rident's internal systems to open a wormhole.  You are assisted by your personal Symplant, an implanted companion device that will make valuable (and sometimes humorous) comments to guide you. As is the general rule in playing adventure games, browse around.  Look at and click on everything.  You will gather helpful, if not critical, information by being thorough.

You awaken from being knocked unconscious in the passageway on Level 1, facing the Gravity Generator Unit.  Turn to check out various control panels.  Then, from your starting position, turn right twice and open the hatch. You will meet a confused Drink Bot.  Take the left corridor.  Follow the corridor the the Entertainment Room.  Be sure to click on and LINK with all electronic components you find in this room and throughout the game.  Learn more about what was going on with the passengers and crew before the Dog Ships attacked.

Find the passenger suitcase containing two adhesive explosives.  To do this, stand in the front of the room at the far left, facing the seats.  Click on the third chair back on the right side of the aisle under the flashing, reddish link component.  Take the two adhesive explosives.

Now, you need to find the Shuttle Bay and put those explosives to good use.  Click on  the hatch you see on the right, blue wall.  When you come to a stop, go forward once and turn left.  Click on the LINK (electronic component).  Go forward through the far hatch.  You are in the Shuttle Bay.  Look around.  You will find that the entrance to the Shuttle hatch is blocked.  Go forward along the Shuttle's left (port) side and you will see a ladder leading up to the next level.  Climb it.  Go forward to the Shuttle Bay Control Panel.  The system is locked up.  You need the code.  First, exit the Control Panel and turn to your right.  That's the observation window for the Shuttle Bay.  Place the two explosives on the window.  The explosion will occur automatically.  But, before you can enter the Shuttle you need the correct code for the Shuttle Bay Control Panel, the Worm Drive, and the code to the Main Computer.

From where you are standing, after the explosion, turn right twice and go down the ladder.  Go through the Shuttle Bay and out through the far hatch.  Go forward to the Utility Area.  Turn right and go up the ladder to arrive in the Entertainment Room on Level 1 again.  Go forward, turn left, go forward.  Then down the passageway toward the elevator.  When you stop, turn around and make a right to the adjacent passageway area, where you will stop in front of a hatch marked Level3.  Turn left twice and click on the wall unit between the numbers 8 and 11.  That's the Environment Control System Panel for the Rident.  Click on View System List and find the code for the Main Computer RM L3 (#740).  Next, click on Temperature Control and use the temperature icon down arrow to increase the temperature until a fire starts and crashes the computer.  You will see a message to this effect.

Now back to the main bridge.  Turn left once and go forward.  Go forward again.  Turn right twice and go down the ladder. Go forward to face the Inertia Dampening Panel.  Turn right once and go forward through the hatch.  Continue straight ahead through the door with the yellow icons.  You are in the main Flight Cabin.
Access the Rident's Main Computer to the right of the pilots' seats on the overhead wall. You will see the computer's core has been dumped.  Look over the digital readout until you see the Worm Drive code:  modu_4_dataSTOR (2931).  Then, find the code for the Shuttle Bay door: modu_5_dataSTOR (5892).

Leave the Flight Cabin and go directly across the passageway, through the hatch to Engineering.  You will find the Worm Drive Control system in the far right corner of the room.  Enter the code (2931) to the system and bring it on line by pressing "Activate." Route the Worm Drive control to the Flight Cabin by pressing the Flight Cabin button.  The button is on the control system to the left, near the hatch, as you leave this area.

Go straight across the passageway, through the hatch and back to the Flight Cabin.  Go to the control panel directly across from the Rident's Main Computer, where you found the Worm Drive and Shuttle Bay door codes.  You will see a Star Map.  Click on the Plasfo Space Buoy.  Your symplant (companion) will record the star coordinates for you  (410.301.911).  Turn around and go to the Flight Controls between the pilot seats on the main control panel.  Access the Navigation System.  Then access the Worm Drive Control.  Press "Activate."  Wow, the worm hole has opened!  Open the Worm Drive Control again and capture the correct coordinates (102.004.398).  You need to know where you are going!

Leave the Flight Control room.  Go forward, turn right and go up the ladder.  Go straight ahead down the red passageway to the Shuttle Bay.  Go up the ladder at the end of the bay and down to blue corridor to the Shuttle Bay control system.  Enter the code (5892) .  When the next screen comes up, click on Shuttle Control.  Exit the system.  Turn right and go forward through the broken window glass, through the Shuttle hatch and into the cabin.  Go forward and LINK with the lower right Lilian Spriet system.  Click on Nav Systems.  Enter the destination coordinates (102.004.398).  Click on Main Menu at the bottom of this screen.  Click on Flight Systems on the Main Menu.  Then, click on Initiate Auto-Launch.  (Notice your chances of reaching the Wormhole are only 89.3%.)    Bon Voyage, space mariner!

EPISODE  2 - THE PLASFO SPACE BUOY (Temporary Respite)

Turn left twice and go forward twice.  Enter the break room area.  Click on the LINK on the table just to your left.  Go forward behind the table, to meet Rendel.  He can give you "fuel, armaments and pleasant conversation."  That is, if he's in a good mood.  He tells you that two battleships have just gone by.  Hmmm.  He also tells you he has fuel you can buy "cheap".

Go upstairs, along the gangway and through the hatch at the end.  Go forward once, to see your docked Shuttle.  Was that a battleship that just passed by?  Turn around and go back through the hatch.  Turn left, just outside the door, to pick up a piece of pipe from the bulkhead.  Go down the length of the gangway and stop in front of the wall at the top of the stairs.  Click on the wall. Its a hatch. Turn left inside the door and look at the array of power conduit.  Heed the warning message displayed telling you not to stand closely too long, due to the potential effect on your credit computer.

You are going to need more .rin (money) before you can get Rendel to refuel your Shuttle.  Go forward and check out the amusing bathroom fixtures.  Turn around to face the conduit system, from the bathroom door,  and click on the switch box LINK below the conduit.  You will see a Disable Conduit display.  Don't press this button.

Go forward once to assume the position you had when you first came into the room.  Get out your Credit Computer and use it.  On your screen display, you should see the message, "Use Credit Computer with what?"  Click five times on the  pipes just above where the word "with" displays.  The magnetic field in the bare conduit will increase your .rin account to .105 , if you do it correctly.  If not, you will be minus a few .rin.  Use the magnetic field on your Credit Computer until you have at least .105 rin.

You are going to need fuel.  And you are going to need to take a look at Rendel's log books to see what ships are passing by the Buoy.  But, you are going to have to get rid of Rendel first.  He is picky about people looking over his logs.

Go into the bathroom by turning right. Go forward once.  Use your second plastic explosive on the mirror located above the sink.  The explosion will knock you off your feet and Rendel will have a fit.  But, you have succeeded in distracting him long enough to get a look at those log books in Rendel's booth.

Go back down to level 1 and stop at the bottom of the stairs. Use the pipe you found on level 2 on the booth's lock.  Standing at the bottom of the stairs and looking at the view of Rendel's booth, the lock is  located in a darker brown square panel in the middle of  the wall, to the right and behind the table with the green LINK.

To access Rendel's booth after you break the lock with the pipe, click on the dark brown panel again.  Enter Rendel's booth and LINK with the computer.  Read Rendel's log of passing ships.  Your symplant companion will record the ships' positions for you, including the Dog Ships (337.833.662)  Just for fun, go back up to the bathroom and tease Rendel.  He will love you for it!

Exit the computer and go back to your Shuttle.  Go Forward and LINK with the computer (lower right).  Click on Nav Systems to see that your destination position has already been entered by your symplant.  Go back to the Main Menu.  Click on Flight Systems and Initiate Auto Launch.   Off you go.  Good bye, Rendel!


Carswell is an isolated ITC colony.  Too much isolation?  It appears that the Dog Ships got here ahead of you.

Exit the Shuttle and go forward twice and up the ladder to Bay 2.  Click on the locked holds to your right as you go forward down the gangway.  Click on the Shuttle Bay Control on the bulkhead at the end of the gangway.  Turn right and open the hatch.  Carswell's living quarters just may be occupied.  But where is everyone?

Go forward past the "Welcome" sign.  Turn left. Turn left again to check out a picture  of Earth.  Go forward to the reception desk.  LINK to the Registration book straight ahead of you.  Who was in and who was out at the time the Dog Ships visited?
Click on the little black box on the front of the desk (right) to release the lock on the outside hatch, enabling you to enter the complex.  Turn right and exit the reception area.  Check  out what appears to be the complex mail box.  Turn left.  Enter the heart of the complex through the hatch ahead of you.  Nice!

Go right and forward.  Click on the hatch ahead of you.  Looks like the elevator isn't operational.  Turn around an go back to your first position where you entered the Main Hall.  Turn right and go forward to enter the conversation area.  Turn left to see a dropped credit computer.  Turn right and LINK with the device on the bench for more information. Go back to your first position.  Go forward up the stairway and through the hatch.  Note the disabled conduit and Sleeping Quarters A on your right. It's locked.  Turn left to LINK with the intercom on the wall.  Yikes! There is someone here after all. You have to fix the elevator.

But, first, go forward and LINK with the Message Board.  Read it.  Exit and turn right to see Sleeping Quarters B.  Enter the hatch.  Turn right and look at the note on the bunk.  Turn around an click on the noose hanging to your right.  Take it.  Its a power cable.  Go forward through the hatch on the opposite wall, to the bathroom.  Check it out.  Then go forward to stop in front of the next hatch.  Turn right.  Look at the exposed conduit.  Take the tool.  You can't open the hatch yet.

Go back out through the bunk room to the passageway and straight ahead into Tom Carswell's cabin.  He's the President of the colony.  LINK with the device on the table next to the chair for additional information. Click left to examine the picture, the model of the Majestic, and Carswell's dresser.  Turn right, to see Carswell's dead body in a chair.  LINK with the device on the table.  Something terrible must have happened while Tom was recording his speech.  Exit and click on the colony rules document on the table.

Exit Carswell's cabin. Where was that elevator?  Go back down the stairway to the Main Hall.  Go forward down the outer passageway to the right of the entry hatch.  Click on the hatch at the end.  Continue into the next small passageway where you may encounter an attack drone.  He will startle you.  But he will also ignore you.  Turn left to the side hatch and enter the Mess Hall.  Go right and click on the disabled attack drone.  Interesting.  It appears the drone has your ID number and has been programmed not to harm you in any way.  Was he defending you somehow?

Turn around and return to the center of the room.  Look at the overturned chairs.  Looks like there was some sort of altercation in here.  Go forward to the gray paneled hatch.  Open it and enter the kitchen area.  Check out the stove and pots/pans.  Go forward.  Look right to see the ship's cat.  Poor Thomas.  Well, maybe he is asleep.

Turn to your left twice to see another conduit panel.  Use the little tool you found in the damaged conduit box on the next level to cut a section out of the conduit array.  Take the conduit section.  Go back through the Main Hall and up the stairway to the bathroom behind Sleeping Quarters B.  Go to the hatch at the far end of the bathroom and turn right to face the conduit box.  Use the new section of conduit you got from the kitchen with the conduit here.  It operates the back bathroom hatch.  Turn left and open the hatch.  Enter and turn right to see where someone set up a useful barricade.  Go forward and climb up on the stacked boxes to access the Carswell's ventilation system.

You need to find the Utility Room.  All of the controls for the Carswell Colony's systems are in this room, including those for the elevator.  In the vent system, go forward, then right and get the video camera.  Turn around and go forward twice to the Utility Room.  There's that scary drone again.  What was he up to?  Just ignore him and click on the conduit systems on the wall in front of you to access the control systems.  Time to get the elevator back on line and release the guy pleading for help.  Notice there is no power routed to the elevator.  Route the power from SL, as the Source, to EV as the Destination.  You fixed it.  Great!

Leave the Utility Room and go all the way back through the bathroom and Sleeping Quarters B to the wall intercom where you first spoke with the guy who is trapped.  Turn right.  Activate the intercom.  The guy congratulates you on a job well-done and, before he's cut off, tells you he will remove the locks from the elevator.

Go down the stairs, through the Main Hall, into the small passageway and click on the elevator.  You will have a bumpy ride and eventually arrive in the Carswell's Control Room.  Looks like the attack drone got here ahead of you.

LINK to the left computer monitor on the upper desk.  Watch the sequence of live feed from the colony's security cameras.  Use your video camera on the Set Counter button.  You need to find out where the Dog Ships are headed.  The video camera has stored a lot of footage.  Somewhere on the footage you many find scenes with the Dog Ships.  But, rather than sitting around reviewing all the footage, for which you have zero time, there's a quicker way of finding out exactly when the Dog Ships attacked the colony.  Remember the unfinished speech in Tom's cabin?

Exit the view of the computer and turn left to see another disabled drone.  Try to LINK with him.  Nope, he's a goner.  Click right to see the body of the colonist who, unluckily, was in the Control Room at the wrong time.

LINK with the dead colonist's sym brain implant.  Read the account of events leading up to the death of his host human.  Exit the LINK and back to the elevator.  Its not functioning.  Go up and forward out of the elevator.  You will climb a long ladder.  Jump to the hatch in front of you.  You may be in for a nasty surprise if the trapped guy doesn't remember to open the hatch door.  If you have an accident, just try again.

The hatch will open to the Mess Hall passageway.  Go back out through the Main Hall, up the stairway, through the hatch and turn left at the end of the passageway, facing Tom's cabin.  Enter.  Turn right and LINK with the device on the table.  At the top of the PDA, you will see that Tom logged in his speech at 2034.12.1  Write this down.  You have what you need.  Return again to the Control Room via the elevator shaft behind and to the right of the Main Hall.

Back in the Control Room, LINK to the computer and use the video camera.  Hit the Set Counter button and enter the time from Tom's speech.  Whoa! Looks like the Dog Ships are headed next for SYNSYM.  Synsym is the firm that designs and manufacturers the sym implants, including your own.  Time to get out of this place.  The guy upstairs is fine now that he is no longer trapped.  He has plenty of creature comforts (except for all the bodies, of course) to sustain him until a rescue vessel arrives.  Scoot back to your shuttle in the lower bay, at top speed.  Set your Flight Systems to Auto Launch and you're outta' there and on your way to Symsyn.

EPISODE 4 - Adventures at SYMSYN

Looks like this particular Synsym branch was closed a long time since.  Why would the Dog Ships want to come here?

Go forward out of your Shuttle and continue across the walkway.  Take a look left and right.  Go forward to the Main Hatch.  Click on it.  The door is locked and what a frustrating message!  Guess you will have to find another way in.  Maybe there is a delivery entrance.  Turn right, go forward and jump over the wall.  Ouch!  Go forward until you reach the Delivery Entrance.  Can't get in there either.  Go back to the stack of empty crates on your right.  Take the electronic clipboard from the top of one of the crates and go back to the computer to the left of the Delivery Entrance.  You need to become "cargo" to get through that massive door.  Click the clipboard on the computer.  You have been rejected.  Perhaps you need to figure out how to match the weight of an item or so of inventory listed in the clipboard's inventory file.  Bring up your status screen in the game menu, to identify your weight as 2.7 Pelists.  Then examine the clipboard in your inventory.  Select the items that will total your exact weight: 1.09P, 0.6P, and 0.2P.  Then use the clipboard on the delivery door computer again. Voila!  You're inside via a rough trip supplied by one of the cargo droids.

Turn left twice and LINK to the light box.  Click on Warehouse and you will be transported there on a conveyer belt.  Go forward, up the stairway and through the hatch to Synsym's main level.  Go forward to spook the auto drones.  Go forward twice and turn left.  Click on the double S icon.  You are standing on the main lift.  Turn right and press the down arrow to access the laboratory offices area.  Go forward once, turn left and click on the LINK to see Jacques Debrise sales memo to the office staff.  Exit and turn right twice.  LINK with the desk to your left to read a memo from Lorrey to Chiara.  Looks like some difficulty with the troops.  LINK with the corporate bulletin board above the desks to learn that Friday is moving day.  And, there's a funeral for Sandra Reynolds next week at 3109.12.0.  Exit the board.  Go forward and click on the hatch.  Another locked hatch.  A genetic scan?  This one looks pretty important.  Looks like you need some further exploration on the upper levels.  Go back to the main lift and click on the up arrow twice.  Go forward once and look left to see the Reception Desk.  Look right to see a blank viewing screen.  Ahead of you is the main entrance to the complex.  The one you couldn't enter when you disembarked your Shuttle.  Don't bother to go back outside right now.

Turn around, get on the lift and go up one more floor to the main office complex.  You will immediately receive a Holo Comm link from an ally who has been following you.  He just wants you to know that "something big...something horrible" is going on. And, it began at Synsym.  Go forward, turn left and enter Sandra Reynold's (the firm's CEO and dear departed) office.Click on the left picture ahead of you above the desk; a painting of Jolfoar based on the poem "Kubla Khan".  Click on the second painting.  Seems Sandra Reynolds was an art collector of sorts.

Go forward behind Sandra's desk and LINK with her computer.  An unsent but nonetheless interesting message to Jack, her husband.  Seems there is some trouble with Debrise.  Exit the memo and press the small white button to the lower left on the front of the desk.  You will hear a beep.  Turn left again to see a control panel on the wall.  LINK with the control panel.  The access code is derived from the painting "Kubla Khan", which was about a magical land called Xanadu.  Enter Xanadu to open a hidden safe.  LINK with Sandra's log book.  Another unsent memo.  You need to do what Sandra says she did in the memo; find a secret laboratory.  Read both pages of the memo and write down her instructions.

Better check out the other offices first, while you are on this level.  Leave Sandra's office.  Go to Chirs Lowery's office and LINK with the computer on the desk to learn more about Jacques Debrise and his activities.  Before you leave Chris' office, turn around and LINK with the "old relic" computer (Sandra's note to Chris).  Looks like they were pretty good friends.  Turn left and exit to the passageway.

Enter Jacques' office.  LINK with his computer.  Along with other items, you will find that Sandra was killed in a shuttle crash. (We know that  wasn't an accident.)  Exit the computer.  Turn right and click on the waste basket.  Pick up the red data card.

Leave Jacques Debrise's office and, via the main lift, head back to the laboratory offices on the lower level.  On the way there you get another Halo Comm from your secret ally.  He needs you alive.  Your symplant is very important.

In the lab offices, go to the hatch at the rear of the room.  the hatch will open.  LINK with the computer behind the work drones to activate them.  The third drone is apparently marching to a different tune.  Use your red data card with the idle work drone.  When the grid screen comes up, key in the codes Sandra hid in the log in the safe: E1 to A7, E2 to A2, and E9 to A5.

The drone immediately takes off to open a secret hatch for you.  Must be the lab Sandra mentioned.  Enter the code word which is a favorite of Debrise's.  You have seen it several times already in memo logs...its MONUMENTAL.  Click on enter.  Go forward, look around. Creepy place.  Whoa!  Looks like your symplant had a PTSS flashback. Your sym has been here before.  It eventually informs you that there's a PDA in the drawer in the table.  LINK with the PDA.  The note to someone unnamed refers to construction of a " complete stealth."  Look at the COORD at the top of the message.  Write the numbers down (747.757.007).  These are the coordinates for the secret facility.  Looks like this site is your next target.  Who could resist?  Go back to the main lift and up two levels to the reception area.  Go out through the main entrance and into your waiting Shuttle.

LINK on the flight computer.  Click on Nav Systems.  The coordinates for the secret facility are already there, thanks to your sym.  Click on Flight Systems and initiate Auto Launch.

Well, looks who's here; the Dog Ships.  You can't out run them.  If you decide to fight, turn right to the computer and click on your Weapons System.  You will find out that the Shuttle's ordinance is not powerful enough to pierce the armour on the Dog Ships.  However, you will also see the tall circular Synsym building in your view screen.  This houses the central power generator.  Fire on it instead.  The explosion will take out the Dog Ships and you are able to get out of there.

On your way to the secret facility, you will hear another quick message from your secret ally.  He's going to meet you at the facility.


Some landing, huh?  Well, it looks like your personal sky scooter is done for this time, for sure.  Don't try to get out that window. And, don't waste time.  There's poisonous gas leaking in here.  Get out the rear hatch.  Turn right and head across the plain for the gray metal looking projection.

Click on the control panel to the right of the hatch.  It requires an access code.  your sym tells you to try ACCESSNINE.  Wrong code!  Exit the control panel and click on it again.  You sym tells you to try ENTRYNINE.  Enter the code and you're in.  Once inside, enter the elevator.  LINK on the control panel.  Looks like your access is confined to Level 1.  Click on it.

Exit the elevator to a freezing cold passageway.  Go forward.  Surprise!  You hear an arrival announcement when you click on the small wall intercom.  Go forward again to see an idle attack drone.  Click on the drone.  He will threaten you and return to his original position.  Turn left to the Utility Room.  Enter it.  Turn right and pick up a piece of pipe.  Go back out of the Utility Room and face the drone (forward).  Don't attack the drone.  Video tape him instead.  Use the camera in your inventory.  Now, use the camera with the small intercom panel onthe right wall.  The drone is now distracted by his large ego.  Sneak up behind him and clobber him with your pipe!  The drone is disabled.  LINK to him.  Click on AADF Network Status.  Looks like there are other attack drones in patrol mode ahead of you in the passageways.  While still looking at your view screen, click on #2 Drone and press his Recharge button.

Exit and go forward.  Turn left.  You have busied drone #2, so you can now safely enter the Syn Fab drone room.  Go forward and click on the rectangular gray panel to the left on the rear wall.  You are in the drones recharging room.  You can try linking with these drones.  But, you won't gain any information about the possibility of another attack drone patrolling somewhere ahead of you.

Go forward around the corner.  Whew! That was close.  LINK with the drone on your right; the one you sent to be recharged.  Click on the Attack Specified Target button.  Select the "live target" on the map displayed.  Well done!  No brotherhood exists between these drones, it appears.  You are free, for the moment, to explore the facility.

Go forward to see the disabled drone #2.  Turn left and enter Professor Miller's office.  click on the back panel to get a personal message fro Jacques Debrise.  Turn right and forward again.  Click on the log book on Miller's desk.  you discover the "horrible secret."  Every sym implant is a copy of a human brain.  And, each one has cost a human life to create.

Leave Miller's office.  Go straight across the passageway to the casket room.  Turn right and LINK with the Genetic Profile Database.  Looks like you can't operate it yet.  Exit and take the blinking hand held DNA sampler on top of the computer.  Exit the casket room, turn right and go forward.  Turn left and enter another drone room.  These must be the drones who perform the symplant procedures.  LINK with either of them to find out more.  Exit and go forward to the single casket.  LINK with the circular icon on the right side.  A note from Doctor Gregg tells you that this poor guy, Senator Martin Fellows, is in the process of being implanted with a "stealth" implant.  Hey, isn't he the dignitary who disappeared from the Rident?

Leave and go straight across the passageway.  Open the hatch and enter.  Even colder in this room.  Turn left to attempt to LINK with the control panel for the strange table device in the room's center.  No dice.  A protocol foreign even to your symplant is required.  Use your DNA sampler with the coffee cup on the shelf.  You need some DNA and this residual saliva sample will provide one for you.  Exit this room and turn right.  Click on the far hatch.  A PhysioScan detector.  Looks like that saliva sample is going to come in handy very soon.  Turn left twice, forward, left and go into the casket room.  Turn right and use your DNA sampler on the computer.  So, the saliva sample is from Professor Norma Miller, of the Research and Development Division. She's the inventor of the symplant technology.  A female Frankenstein to be sure.

Exit the casket room.  Turn right, go forward and use the DNA sampler on the far hatch. (Note that the disabled drone has mysteriously disappeared and reappeared; a small glitch.)  Go forward up the stairway.  Click on the crane that says "Danger Stand Clear."

Looks like you suffered some painful injuries during transit.  After a message from Debrise, go forward.  You will hear a warning about exploring deeper.  Turn around and go forward to attempt to leave via the stern of the Dog Ship.  You will experience a flashback again.  A friendly drone will present you with a voice message from your secret ally.  Examine your new PDA in your inventory.

So, your secret ally is Christian Lowery, Sandra Reynolds'  partner.  Read the message.  He's hijacked a Dog Ship and wants to blow up the facility.  You'll need to help him while he is busy freeing the Carswell and Rident staffs before they are sacrificed to the symplant technology.  Debrise is still lurking about here somewhere.

Write down the elevator code word: CONSCIENCE.  Turn to the left from the friendly drone.  You find yourself disembarking Lowrey's Dog Ship.  Go straight down the circular passageway and click on the elevator.  You will be required to enter the access code: CONSCIENCE.

Enter the elevator.  Turn and LINK .  Press Subject Storage Chamber.  The room contains all the poor folks who perished during the symplant procedure.  Your personal sym tells you that you aren't getting out until you find out who he/she is/was.  Go forward and LINK with the center console.  You need an ID number.  Access your Status feature to find your personal sym's ID number.  SYM001103.  Enter the code to the console.  What a discovery!  Your sym was Sandra Reynolds, Synsym CEO!  Now you understand why Christian Lowery, her partner and your secret ally, was so anxious to help you and keep your symplant from harm.  Debrise has got to go.

Go back to the elevator and click on the control panels Overview Center button.  Go forward.  You will nearly be shot and killed by a mouthy Debrise.  Turn left and jump over the railing to escape him.

Its a long way down.  But the decreased gravity (its the Shuttle Bay) prevents you from being pulverized.  You can look around down here and access the elevator.  But, you can't get out.  After looking around, go back to the core where you landed after you escaped from Debrise.  You find him waiting for you.  You can't get away from Debrise.  But LINK to the gravity control panel on the left below where Debrise is standing.  Reactivate the gravity system by entering the code your sym presents: EMERGENCYNINE.  Your symplant, which Debrise helped to create, becomes the hand of fate in his gruesome demise. A suitable end.

Now, to destroy the facility itself, per Christian Lowery's plan.  You will have to sabotage the worm drive.  Remember your escape from the Rident, when you used the worm hole?  This Synsym facility can do the same thing.  The facility's worm hole can be opened at its base in this chamber.  You'll need to find the beacon for the worm hole.  Go back to the elevator and go to the Overview Center.  Exit the elevator.  Go forward behind the round desk and access the imbedded control panel.  Push the Release the Beacon button.  Go back down to the shuttle chamber where you killed Debrise.  Pick up the worm hole attractor beacon by clicking on the dark vertical object to your right.

Turn around and take the beacon into the farlemite reactor core room, straight across the passageway.  Use the worm hole beacon on the reactor.  Go back up to the Overview Center and use the panel on the desk to Activate Beacon.

The worm hold attractor beacon causes a melt down of the farlemite reactor. It explodes, blows up the entire facility and you make your timely escape in the hijacked Dog Ship.

Read the "Official Ruling."  Sad that the committee  ruled as they did.  But, you are alive and  where is Christian Lowrey? Wonder what's next?  Maybe the gathering of additional evidence...if you could just find the missing luxury liner, Majestic, and is passengers.

END GAME..............................................................

September 25, 1999

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