The Mistery

An Online Horror Adventure By The MisteryMaster

Walkthrough by Inferno

August 2002


This is an online point and click adventure game. Its genre appears to be “Horror” and there are bits and pieces from ancient religions and mythology. This is an extremely interesting game with a subject matter that can be gory and explicit at times.

Saving Your Game

You can die in this adventure. It’s important to save your game so if this happens you can go back to a start point of your choosing; rather then that of the MisteryMaster’s. Although in some areas of the game you can just click on the “Redisplay” tab at the top of your browser. The “Back” button will bring you back to the beginning of the Gate that you attempting at the time; to optimally save your game, a good suggestion would be to create a “Mistery Saved Games” folder in your browser’s “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” section. Then add the areas you wish to “save” to that folder. Keep in mind that there are specific areas that you may save. These are usually at the beginning of each level and sometimes just before a Gate.

Good Save Points



This is an important part of game play as many questions are posed regarding mythology and the ancient religions. You might want to consider having 3 browsers open while you play so that you may be able to “toggle” between them.

Entering the Answers

Use only lowercase letters, no capitals in your answers. And remember that certain ancient words will have more than one spelling in English.



As for the rest of this walkthrough I’ll give you what you need to find and where you can search to find it. But for the actual words to type in and solves for puzzles……you’ll find these on the very bottom of the walkthrough in the Spoiler Section

(Sorry……I’m a meannie….yeah, I know.)



The Beginning

Go to the website. The Mistery Wait to load. This sometimes takes a while for those of us with phone connections, but don’t dishearten! It’s definitely worth the wait. Click on the skull.

You should hear a voice saying “Excellent”. (Hey, isn’t that reminiscent of the voiceover for the set up mode in Ripper??? Hmmm, so he’s in Hell too?)

At the next screen you can click anywhere. The screen changes to:


Followed by The Mistery Screen; which scrolls by and blows up!

Wonderful stuff!




First Level: Crypt of Fear

Here you can click on any number of the skulls and listen to all kinds of sound effects. As you pass the cursor over the skulls, their eye cavities will light up red. But the arrow points to the only one you’ll need to open the Crypt’s Gate. (Third skull in from the right.). Click on it, then click on the opening to the crypt.

Ring of Skulls

There are 7 skulls (like the 7 gates) you’ll need to activate here. Think of the ten skulls as initialization points to activate the 7 gates of Hell. That means there are only 7 skulls you need to click on…but which ones?? If you randomly click on them; eyes glow green, red and white. Click on the wrong one and you’re back at the beginning of the puzzle as hideously mocking laughter follows you.


There is a pattern here. The middle skull’s eyes, in the center of the circle (the one with the four tiny skulls around it), must glow green, a violet flame must appear at the top of its head and then the four surrounding skulls must be lit with fire. When this is done the large center skull’s eye sockets will glow red. Next you must make them glow white. Then you must make them turn blue. (Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!) The final correct skull activates the gates and you’re ready to enter “The Place of Hell; Where Evil Hides”.

Right before The Crypt of Doom Screen appears
…you’ll get a message:

Remember this password.


Second Level: Crypt of Doom

Click on the gate to enter. WHOOPS! Who was that??? Remember that password? Well, now would be a good time to use it. If you typed in the right password, the real game begins here.



  1. This outlaw was shot at his home in 1882 St. Joseph, Missouri. What was his name?
  2. The fighter-pilot has shot down 80 British airplanes.(1892–1919) What was his real first name?
  3. These bank robbers have been killed at the age of 24.(1910-1924) How did they call this couple?


It seems that throughout the rest of The Mistery, you’ll be required to perform many searches. I’ll warn you now: the best hint to surviving this game is to give it exactly what it asks for and all words with no capitals in your answers. You can either choose to use “The Overtures Search Engine” provided during game play or (if you’re like me...) open a separate browser for your searches. I’ve also found that “Overture” was fine; but “Google” was much more to the point.

Ex: In Overture: if you type in: “This outlaw was shot at his home in 1882 St. Joseph Missouri. You would receive no matches. You would have to change the wording to: “Who was shot at his home in 1882 St. Joseph Missouri” The answer is the first one on your list.

In Google: “This outlaw was shot at his home in 1882 St. Joseph Missouri”. This search engine will give you the answers the first time around for most of the questions.

The next question …unless you are extremely specific in Overture you will get the wrong answer (it ain’t Eric, folks!) So I would advise to use Google as much as you can. Once you have figured out these answers click on the message on each gravestone in turn. A cell will appear above it. Click there to type in your answer (remember MisteryMaster doesn’t like uppercase letters) Then click the skull beneath it. Do this for each question. If you were right you’ll move on to:


Third Level: The Number of the Beast

Now here’s a really jolly fellow! Geez Louise! What a voice …sort of Vincent Pricey isn’t he?? If you go to Google and do an exact search you’ll get:

The Electric Gate

Now how do I get through this gate …you might well ask. Some of adventurers refer to this screen as the “Electricity Gate”. Why??? Click on the posts and you’ll see.

Go ahead; I’ll wait………….

Back already??? Lightening bolts, huh? The trick here is to click on the two posts (use the circles that face you) so that each nodule (there are 4 facing each other) send a bolt of lightening to the Gate Lock in the center of the Gate. Try it. Got it? No? Oh well. (Not to worry the answer is at the bottom of the walkthrough.)

Gate Lock

The Next screen gives you a close up of the Gate Lock. Pretty interesting, huh? This is where those web searches will come in handy …just what do you know about The Number of The Beast??? Let’s do some searches:

this is the one you want….can you find the verse?



No, not exactly, but something very, very close isn’t it? What’s the Chapter and Verse? Well, we know it’s Revelations Chapter 13 …and the Verse The Answer…well, you know where to find it.)


Click the bottom stone (#11)

Et voila! The gate lock blows up sending you into:



Fourth Level: The SoulKeeper’s Cave

Here we come across a graveyard with many tombstones and gravesites. There’s a particular obvious one here … with a strange glow issuing forth. Dare we examine it??

Oh, why not! Go ahead, click on all the head stones. If you read carefully you’ll understand that this place is very special. Lot’s of clues and hints here. The answer to this puzzle is given to you.

Here is what the Soulkeeper wants you to do.

The answer can be found in something to do with sixes. 666 maybe???

Or does it refer to a particular language?

Or maybe how many letters in the name you’re searching for???

Hmm… Michael Scheifler’s Bible Light & 666? What was that search??

666…Hmmmm Could it be referring to that article???

The answer is here

…and here!

…Didn’t work?

Maybe you should try typing in the translated name you found from your search at Bible Light. Or You could check the bottom of the page


When you think you know the name. Click on the gargoyle on your right and enter the name then click again.

Ok. After all this research (Don’t worry, I know you read everything and you now have the answer…) So click on the center tombstone. Click on the gargoyle to your right. Type in your answer, then click on the skull to your right.


Check the last page and type in your answer and click on the skull on your right.

The SoulKeeper’s Grave

In the graphic screen you view a very dark picture indeed. Not only in terms of horror but literally. This is one dark picture. Welcome to the “MisteryMaster’s Pixel Hunt” There are lots of places to click here. You’ll be able to find 9 objects. 6 of those have pretty good hints about what happens in the next level. Out of those 6 you’ll only need 2 to continue the game. Happy Hunting!

The numbers on the graphic above are approximately where the nine items are hidden. The first two in the upper left hand corner are two scrolls, one on the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Seven Arits (1)the other on The Legend of Charon. (2) Be sure to read them both. The one below them is where the Sowilo Rune (3) is hidden, make a note of it (you’ll need it later.) The numbers 4 and 5 to the Rune’s immediate right hides “The Useless Sword” (4) and “The Talisman” (5)which releases a demon. Underneath these you’ll find “The Ancient Artifact” (6). This holds an important clue for the next Gate. Click on it to open the scroll to find the clue. If you click on the dead child’s mouth, you’ll find “The Coin of Charon” (7). In the nose of the skull on the right you’ll discover “The Smell of Death” (8) and awaken The Gatekeeper. The last one in the center bottom holds “The Key” (9). This unlocks the grave and allows you to enter. You need this key and the coin to continue. You’ll need the information and clues from the others to help you later on in the adventure so note them well.


You may only click on an item once. If you need to see it again you’ll have to hit the redisplay button at the top of your browser and begin again...

Once you’ve found the key, click on it. Then click on the gargoyle in the center of the key... You’re in! All you have to do now is click on the doorway. It’s on the upper right of your screen. It’s open now…you can go in …leave your fears behind you as you pass through. Muahhaahaahaahaaha (..sorry).

Fifth Level: Gateway to Hell

So, you know what that means…a search:


Type: “arits” into Google and you’ll get:

The first choice

Type: “arits” into Overture and you’ll get: and as well,

but it’s the fifth choice:

that you'll be needing.


First Gate

Ishtar’s Anagram Puzzle

This puzzle is rather complicated, so if you get frazzled you know where to find the answer. However, if bravery is taking hold, do the web search above and find out who the “DoorKeeper” is for the First Arit…the First Gate.

So, what are the four names of the Demon of Chaos?

  2. APEP
  3. APEPI
  4. REREK


What is the Doorkeepers name?

The riddle is asking you to find the 4th name of the Demon of Chaos. That would be “REREK”. It tells you then to subtract these letters R-E-R-E-K from the Doorkeepers name: SEKHET – HER – ASHT – ARU. When this is done you we have the following:

SEKHET-HER-ASHT_ARU or SHTHEASHTAU. In the riddle, it asks you to “replace the rest, as it suits best”. Hmmmn; an “anagram” maybe? Yup! Now how are you supposed to figure this out? Well, look at the screen. Why are the last three words written in red? This must be a clue.

THAT SHE HAS _____ = SHTHEASHTAU. Do you see it now? No?




??? = U

That means “U” must be the answer. (Just remember the golden rule here, NO UPPER CASE LETTERS.)

Note: It is at this point here that you are welcomed into the 6th Level. You may either choose to click on the book and sign the guest register (use your browsers back button to return to the game) or just click the “next” button and carry on.

Sixth Level: Second Gate

The Monster Name Generator

MisteryMaster wants to give you a “nickname” while you play. Take it. The action itself is an important clue. Go ahead, don’t be afraid.
Type in a first name and a last.

Hey, where are we? Is that another lightening bolt I see…yup! Click on it. OOOOOOHHHH!!! A dark figure. Let’s click on that too.

You have the answer from one of your searches. The one about “The Book of the Dead”.
Here’s another one which gives them all to you in one shot:
Find it??? Good. If not, you know where to look.

The Bottles of Hell Judgment
Next comes “The Bottles of Hell Judgment” Choose wisely, for the end result of this puzzle leads into another that has been known to drive many a gamer screaming wildly into the night!! Click on the statue of “Osiris”. You’ll be given 3 bottles to choose from.

Choose the second bottle. Click on the skull at the pinnacle of the roof top. Gee, you turned those flames blue. Who’s this “Unhat” guy anyway? Maybe we should check “The Book of the Dead” again. As you can see from your search “Unhat “is the name of the “doorkeeper”, but what of the “watcher” of the second Arit or Gate? Useful information, sure. Click on that little skull again (on the mausoleum) and enter. MisteryMaster will now demand “the nickname” for the wife of Osiris. Where did you get a nickname before? That’s right! MisteryMaster’s own “Monster Nickname Maker” Use it! But what name should we use? “ Isis ”? “Ishtar”? “Horus’ Mummy”?
No, too obvious…Didn’t we just see a clue before?


Now that you know her nickname, enter it into the scales.
(Still don’t know it??? Check the end page for the answer.)


Seventh Level: Third Gate

The Netherworld

After you get through the “Scales of Judgment”, you’ll be presented with yet another Gate. Read carefully and you’ll get the clue right away.

Now let’s take a look at this… where did we see a Rune??? A Rune of Victory? Those of you who looked some more did.
I remember…do you? Check back to The Fourth Level and the SoulKeeper’s Grave.
The Sowilo Rune…what did that look like? Click on The Gargoyle; Now you have 5 runes to choose from. Choose wisely.

Next, MisteryMaster gives you an overt clue:

The clue is asking you to do a search looking for the “Powers of Marduk”. Maybe the sixteenth power? Maybe the sixteenth name??? Now, the answer of course is at the end in the “Spoilers Section”; but for those intrepid few who dare…try this search:


Click on this talisman (which is also the sixteenth Talisman of Marduk). You’ll find a green tombstone, click on it and enter the 16th name of Marduk and open the golden gates of hell.


Eighth Level: Ishtar’s Gate

Here are two searches about Ishtar and her descent into Hell through the Seven Gates:

After arriving at the “Golden Gates of Hell”, we come upon yet another burial place. There are many stones to click on here. Some of the names you may find strangely familiar; still others, just strange. Click every where you can. You are looking for clues and a way out of here! The three “X’s” approximately represent where you need to click. The one on the face of the crypt will give you a headstone with many names on it. At the top it reads “psalm 55:10”

Psalm 55:10 For beasts of forests, cattle all on thousand hills are mine.

The “X” on your left side of the crypt will yield yet another clue.
It reads Ezekiel 8.
Both of these are quotes from the Bible.
This search will help:



And he brought me to the entrance of the court; I looked, and there was a hole in the wall. Then he said to me, "Mortal, dig through the wall"; and when I dug through the wall, there was an entrance. He said to me, "Go in, and see the vile abominations that they are committing here."

Save this information…you’ll need it in a few….

Once you have that information click where the “X” on the right side just underneath that little gargoyle wing:

This is where you need to click to bring up the Sanctuary of Ishtar. When the Sanctuary appears click on it. You now see the door to the crypt. Just above the door to the left and right there are 2 square slabs click on either one in turn. The one on the left first shows The Talisman of Ishtar, but if you click on it again it speaks of the name and number of INANNA (another name for Isis or Ishtar) this is a very important clue! The one on the right, holds a foreboded warning (click on it again for the English version). Now click on the one in the center to take you back to the graveyard. (Isn’t that lil’ demon a cutie??) now click on the very front of the crypt (“X” marks the spot!)


The front tombstone will come forward and ask you for the sacred number of Ishtar. Don’t know it??? Well looks like it’s time for another search:

Enter the sacred number and click on the gargoyle. Now you must dig. Where? Through the wall of the Tomb, silly!

(Actually all you have to do is click on it approximately where the little “X” is in the graphic above.)

This will bring you to Ishtar’s Sanctuary; to enter it, you must knock three times. Do exactly as it says; knock three times (in your case, remember you’re playing a point and click adventure here. So…..that means you’ll be clicking.)



Just one more puzzle and it’s off to the next Level. What was left behind? Click on the middle plaque:




You can click on the other two, but it’s the middle one that gives the answer. (In this game …as you probably have guessed by now “what MisteryMaster asks for is the answer!!”. So, then “Byblos” is the answer. Did you type it in? No good? No capitals? Still no good? Hmmmn. Did you read that little part about that it has to be in Greek?


Time for yet another search:

(I did this one in Google, entering “byblos & Greek”) it was second on the list.

Did you find it? About the 3rd paragraph down. Of course you could just look at the bottom of the page for the answer too.

Enter the answer and click on the gargoyle. You’ll see a bouncing arrow atop the coffin.

Looks like a clue to the next level and gate. Go ahead and click on it.


Ninth Level: Fifth Gate



“Cerberus”, I know him. Wasn’t he in The Harry Potter Movie? Yeah…he played “Fluffy”. Well, he also was used to guard the entrance to Hades. And for now, he’s your password into Level Eight. Let’s click on the papyrus and go on to the next level. Here, yet another desiccated resident of the underworld demands a password. Type in the word “cerberus” and click away to the Fifth Gate.

Uh, oh! there’s a book there…that could mean only one thing, more searches and more reading. Actually this is quite an educational game, isn’t it?? So, what do you know about the mighty Hercules and his 12 Labors??? Or more importantly, his friends, because that’s the answer MisteryMaster is looking for here! Mind your spelling as well, as the endings of certain Greek names can be tricky and spellings into English from Greek may have more than one spelling. Click on the cave and type one name in the left box and the other name in the right box. And give that poor doggie a bone! (…still having trouble? You know where the answers are by now.)

However, for those of you, who insist on doing it yourself, I provided yet another search to get you started:

Click on the door in front of you and follow me along for a little “modern age torture”.


Tenth Level: Persephone’s Torture Chamber

This one is the unsuspectingly easy one. Just click your heart out and kill the pop up ads; (ok, ok! There is a detailed spoiler for this one in “The Spoiler Section”.) Now this really was torture for me. I hate popup ads! Just remember to click over the same spots again at the bottom. The door will eventually open and you’ll be presented with:

Solomon’s Gate

A “boiler room of sorts”. See how the spigots turn on and off? There’s a pattern here. Can you find it?

There’s a valve in the middle (we’ll call that one M) and a valve on the far right (that will be R) There’s a lever on the far left (that one will be L) and a little one in the middle that freely turns. Try the following: M-R-L-R-M, then turn the little free wheeling one. Be careful that you don’t accidentally hit the free wheeling one as you’re turning the valves on and off... When this is done correctly you’ll get: A pool of blood, which will promptly turn into a pile of gray salt. (hey, you use your imagination …and I’ll use mine!) Click on the pile of gray salt. (WOW!) It turned into a gray rock! Click in the gray rock. Now there’s a pentagram! Click on the pentagram. Yuk! Now there’s a dead guy! Click on the dead guy. What is that on his chest? (actually, it’s the answer to the puzzles in the next level …but because it’s too faint to make out, we’ll have to solve those the long way!) Click on the faint black Pentacle of Solomon’s Key on the dead guy’s chest.

(If I remember my high school Latin correctly the words on this screen tell you to put something in the dead guy’s right hand…but I’m just guessing here.)

Click on the Pentacle of Solomon’s Key. Yikes! It’s the Scary Red Icon! Click on the Scary Red Icon. It will go to the left of the screen. Grab it and put it in the dead guy’s right hand. (another pixel hunt! It should be just a hair above his fingers.) And……after some wailing and gnashing of teeth, we’re in!

Eleventh Level: Sixth Gate

The Keys of Solomon

You find yourself in front of a desolate Mausoleum. One in which, has three doors. Go through the middle door.

To get through this gate you must solve the riddle that MisteryMaster has imposed upon you. (Although, he did give you the answers…they are within that pentacle on the dead guy’s chest… If only you could interpret that pentacle, you could solve the game straight away!) However, if you’re like most of us in the modern world, your “Pentacle Interpolation Skills” are probably like mine ….NON EXISTENT!!! Anyway…you come across an ancient gaming board:

Time to play, Time to Die

…Time to do another search.

You need to find the correct pentacle from the Keys of Solomon and unlock the Sixth Gate. Remember the pentacle that was on the dead guy?? You have to find the right one. Press the various patterns on the board and you find a planet below it. Click on the planet to get the various pentacles. They’re all different. The key here is to read what they are. You’re looking for one that will “unlock” or “open” the gate. When you find a likely one, click on it and it will disappear and return you outside the mausoleum. Enter the door on your left. Don’t forget to open the grate first then click again to enter. Click on the pentagram, it will change to a six pointed star. Click on it again to reveal the code. Click one more time to return to the outside of the mausoleum and enter the door on the far right. Now to test it and see if you’re right. Click on the specter sitting in the chair and a place will appear where you can enter your code. Enter it. If it’s the right one it will cause the last doorkeeper to disappear. Click on the doorway to enter: If not, you’ll have to repeat the process again (Or, you could check The Spoiler Section for the answer).



Twelfth Level: Seventh Gate

Notice what is surrounding the door. Planets: well, the names of 6 of them Mercury, Mars, Moon on the left and Saturn, Venus, Jupiter on the right. What are those pots along the sides of the stairs? Click on them. Anything interesting happen? No? Try the one on the right, in the middle. Hmmmn “multicolored and sound effects”. What are the others? Red, Green, Blue are on the left from bottom to top and Grey, Multicolored, Black are on the right from bottom to top as well. Where did you see an explanation of the planets and their “colors” before?

Oh yes, it was here:

So the idea here is to match up the planets with their colors in the order of the planet names located around the door from left to right in sequence. Choose the wrong pot (there will be no sound) and you’ll have to start over. When you click on the right color a sound will signal your success. (And, as always, the answer is...well you know the rest!)

Thus ends the Twelfth Level and The Seven Gates of Hell. I found it to be an intriguing and fascinating game. I hope this is not the last we’ll hear from MisteryMaster. I look forward to his next adventure.



Spoilers for The Mistery

Second Level: The Crypt of Doom
  The Password =    666
  Tombstone Names    "jesse james"
         "bonny" "clyde"



Third Level: The Number of The Beast


Electricity Gate
Click left /right or right /left until the lightening bolt is in a vertical position on your left side.
Then click right …left …left…left…right.
The four bolts will connect to the center lock. Click on the center lock.



The Center Lock   Revelations:13:11
        Click on the #11 stone at the bottom



Fourth Level

The SoulKeeper’s Grave


His Name






Fifth Level: The First Gate

The MisteryMaster’s Pixel Hunt

The Book of The Dead    
The Legend of Charon    
The Rune: Sowilo    
The Useless Sword    
The Cursed Talisman it releases a demon
The Smell of Death awakens the GateKeeper
The Coin of Charon    
The Ancient Artifact click on the scarab to get the legend of the Demon of Chaos
The Key click to enlarge, click on the gargoyle in the center


Ishtar’s Anagram

All she has left is:






Sixth Level: The Second Gate

Who was the greatest god of the Egyptians?      
The god of the Dead?
The Judge of the Underworld?      


Bottles from Hell  
Choose the middle bottle  


The Second Arit:

The name of the Doorkeeper is   unhat
The name of the Watcher is   seqther
What was the nickname
for Osiris’ wife?
  the black widow


Seventh Level: The Third Gate


The Rune choices Chose the Sowilo Rune shaped like an “s”
What is the 16th Name of Marduk? = agaku


Eighth Level: Fourth Gate

What is the Sacred Number of Ishtar? = 15
What was left behind? papyrus   Greek for the city of Byblos



Ninth Level: Fifth Gate

Who where the friends of Hercules in the 12th Labor of Cerberus?
  theseus and peirithoos  


Tenth Level

Persephone’s Torture Chamber

Just keep on clicking till the popup ads disappear

Close each one if you don’t have your Popup Killer engaged.


All right! If you absolutely MUST know:

lower left green receptacle   (click X to close)  
lower right green receptacle   (click X to close)  
right arm clasp   (click X to close)  
upper left area, left of the “T”   (click X to close)  
upper right area. Right of the “R”   (click X to close)  
click this area again   (click X to close)  
lower left brown top of green receptacle   (click X to close)  
lower right tan top of green receptacle   (click X to close)  

You’re done! Click NEXT



Eleventh Level: Sixth Gate

Time to play….Time to finish this game!

choose the planet Mercury    
  choose the 5th pentacle  
    the code is “unlock



Twelfth Level: Seventh Gate

Match the planets to the colors with music every time you get one right.

A musical tone can be heard.

1 Mercury = Mixed Colors
2 Mars = Red
3 Moon = Silver
4 Saturn = Black
5 Venus = Green
6 Jupiter = Blue


The Credits

Thank You:


I’d like to say a big thanks to all the GameBoomers plus a few others who helped me put this walkthrough together either by the questions they asked or hints they gave. Without them, it never would have happened.

They are (INPO): except for Bob and his patience and tireless efforts to help me get this walkthrough to him

































As Always:


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