Tex Murphy: Overseer - Walkthrough
by Tyler Russell netex@yahoo.com

This walkthrough is to help those of you who are stuck. Don't read all the way through it. It will ruin all the stuff. One tip. Make sure, no matter what, to examine everything you pick up. It helps, trust me. Also, save your game often. If you forget to get something, or need to go back, it is a quick way. If you have any questions or problems, fell free to e-mail me at netex@yahoo.com. I will try to help. Well, happy gaming!!!

Tex's Office

Use any conversation path with Chelsee to get to the movie. After the movie, you end up in Tex's Office, looking at his desk. Turn on the Vid Phone, and dial the American Info Database (AID.) Ask about who else? Tex! Then select done and end conversation. Get the fax from the fax machine and in the inventory, examine it.

Get the "Rule Book for P.I.'s" on Tex's desk. Now open the bottom left cabinet drawer and get the mouse. Move the "perpetual motion device" on the table in the corner. Cross the room to the filing cabinet on the other side. Get and examine the letter inside.
Now pick up the Boyd's Life magazine. Find and Get the tape measure on the bookshelf, then open the door to Tex's Bedroom.

Tex's Bedroom

Get the Parcheesi game on the cot. This triggers a movie where Tex meets Sylvia Linsky. Now travel to Eve Clements at the police station.

Eve Clements (Police Station)

Follow any conversation path till you get an ask about list. Ask about everything, then travel to Carl Linsky's house.

Carl Linsky's House

Ask Silvia about everything as well, then end the conversation. Silvia will leave. Go to the coffee table and get the dominos and the note. Place the dominos on the board. (I won't tell you how to solve the puzzles in this walkthrough, since you should be able to figure things out on your own. If you get stuck, however, just know that 911 bypasses every puzzle (I think.))

Now go into the Kitchen. Get the case by the refrigerator. Examine it. Open the refrigerator and get the bananas. Go to the bedroom, and get the "Dear Jane" note on the desk. Open the middle desk drawer. Get the letter and examine it. Look at the chess set on the right night stand. Open the drawer on the left night stand, and get the address book. Examine it. This will add Delores Lightbody to your travel list. Travel to Lightbody's house.

Delores Lightbody's House

Follow any conversation path, and then ask about everything. Travel back to Linsky's house.

Carl Linsky's House

After Sylvia leaves, examine the envelope. Make sure to examine every item in the envelope. Open the closet door, and go up the ladder to the attic. Find and open the attic's back room and go to the filing cabinet. Open the third drawer from the top, on the right. Get and examine the letter. Open the roll-top desk. Get and examine Sylvia's credit report. Turn on the tape recorder on the table in the corner. Use the small key (from the envelope) to open the credenza. Get and examine the lease. (This adds Carls Warehouse to the travel list.) Travel to Carl's Warehouse. A A A A A

Carl Linsky's Warehouse

Open the middle drawer of the filing cabinet, and get the fax from "S.F." Examine it Open the bottom drawer and get the project notes, examine them. Look at the computer Open the top drawer of the drafting table. Get and Examine the news paper article. now open the middle drawer, and get and examine the direct deposit slips.] Find and move the corkboard. Get and examine the "Hip S.O.B." note. Now get and examine the note from Wanda Peck in the tray on the desk.

Move the pillow on the cot, then get and examine the bottle of sleeping polls. Open the box on the floor and get the circuit kit. Get and open the first aid kit on the wall. Find and examine the security card pieces (one is missing.) Climb up the ladder and move
the boxes to see the calendar. Move the calendar to see the safe. Now move the safe and enter the combination from the domino puzzle (for those of you who cheated the number is 498.) Get all the stuff out of the safe, and examine it. Now use the passcard reader on the computer. Travel to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Turn on the Vid-phone. Play the message from Sylvia. This triggers a movie. You end up at the North Hill Clinic.

North Hill Clinic

Follow any conversation path, then ask Arnold Sternwood about everything. Now travel to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N.


Use any Conversation path, then ask about everything. Then travel to Deloris Lightbody's house.

Deloris Lightbody

Ask Deloris about "S.F.", then Sonny Fletcher. Now travel to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Turn on the vidphone, and dial the AID. Ask about Sonny Fletcher. End Conversation and get the fax, and examine it. Travel to Eve Clements.

Eve Clements

Follow any conversation path and ask Eve about Sonny Fletcher, his record, and anything else you feel important. This adds Sonny to your travel list. Travel to Sonny Fletchers Apartment.

Sonny Fletcher's Apartment

Follow any conversation path. This will trigger a movie. When it is over, travel to Carl Linsky's Warehouse.

Carl Linsky's Warehouse

Examine the chess piece that Sonny gave you, then examine the passcard piece. Combine the passcard piece with the rest of the pieces. Examine them to assemble the card. Use the assembled card on the passcard reader (on top of the computer. Remember, you put it there.) Enter the passcard. Don't know what it is?? Remember where the final piece or the card came from. If not the passcard is BISHOP. Read note, then travel to the Fresno Office on the Travel board.

Fresno Office

Get the electric bill by the door. In inventory, examine it. Look at the "commerative plates" on the wall. Move the book case to reveal the safe. Look at the safe. Now find and get the day planner on the box. Examine it. Look at the map on the wall. Now turn around and move the plates on the wall. Rotate the plates to appropriate times. I won't tell you what they are, bypass 911. Get the picture out of the safe, and examine it. Now travel to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N.


Use any path, then ask Wanda about the Photo of Carl, John Klaus. Travel to Sonny's Apartment.

Sonny's Apartment

When you travel here you find out that he is gone, and you get a letter. Travel back to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

In inventory, examine the letter from Sonny. Travel to the Anasazi Ruin.

Anasazi Ruin

Walk forward and look at the wheels on the wall. Move them. Puzzle Code-911 Now get the brick from the thing that opened.

Turn around and go towards the well. Look down the well and look at the bucket. Turn back around and go up the stairs. Open the door and enter. Get the brick next to the pots, and go back out. Go down the stairs, and go strait.

Open the door that is strait ahead of you and go in. Turn left. There should be some long poles next to the door. Get them. Find and get the box. You also need to go into the little room and get the brick.

Now get the brick next to the private property sign. Continue towards the tree. Get the book next to the tree, and examine it. Now turn around and get the brick next to the stairs. Go up the stairs and turn right.

Enter the "ceremonial chamber" and get the short poles. Find and get the rope (it is hanging from the ceiling.) Look at the snake wrapped around the brick. Go back out and down the stairs. Go through the door you didn't come through and turn right. Get the pipe on the floor.

Now continue thought the hallway until you see a pot. Get the pot, then the brick under the pot. Continue until you see a vine on a stick in the middle of the hall. Pick it up. In inventory, combine the vine on a stick with the wooden box, then combine the box and vine with the mouse to make a "boy scout trap." Continue through the hall until you see a board that looks like the one in the guide book. Look at it. Turn around and go back to where the snake is. Use the boy scout trap on the snake, and then pick up the brick.

Go back to the well. In inventory combine pipe with the rope. Use the pipe and rope to get the bucket from the well. Now go to
where the board is. Use brick number 1 on the board. This puzzle gave me a little trouble. The way to solve it is to use the bricks like they are queens. They can't be on a square where another "queen" (brick) can kill them. or bypass with 911 Now enter the door that open to go to the Anasazi Corridor.

Anasazi Corridor

Go down the hallway until you get to the open room. Find and get the leather strips on the floor. In inventory combine the long and short poles, then them with the leather strips to make a "ladder." Examine your ladder. Now continue through the room to the other side. A short movie will show.

Then you have a chance to see across the way. Use the ladder to get across to the other side. Here you see a movie, then you are on the other side. Get the sunglasses on the floor, and examine them to get the tape. Turn left and get the watch, examine it to get the spring. Turn around and get the coin (dime) on the floor. Look at the panel next to the metal door. Look at the door as well. Use the dime on the panel, then look at the wires. Use the spring on the wires, then the tape on the spring. This opens the door to Bottworth Clarks Lab. Enter the lab.

Bottworth Clark's Lab

Find and get the print out on the end of the display in front of you. Find and get the smoke detector near the door (or above the computer, your call, they do the same.) Examine the smoke detector. Turn on the display things by hitting the switch. Get the Video Disk Player (VDP) under the cot. Combine the VDP with disk found in the smoke detector, and examine it. This triggers a video in which Mr. Clark is killed by an unknown assassin (Big Jim Slade.) Pay attention to the video. An alarm goes off, and Bottsworth Clark leaves the screen for a second. You hear a sequence of sounds that are important.

Get the ashtray on top of the table. Examine it. Get the passcard reader from the cabinet and use it on the computer. To get the passcard you must enter the sequence heard in the video on the "weird looking keyboard" on the computer. Get the passcard and scan it. The code is found on the scrap that you found earlier (CHECKMATE.) Travel to Capricorn.


Ask Wanda Peck about the Photo of Linsky, the Letter, Poisoned Pawn, Jorge Valdez, STG, then end conversation, and travel to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Turn on Vid phone and dial AID, ask about STG. Get the fax, and travel back to Capricorn.


Follow any path, and ask Wanda about Gideon Enterprises, J. Saint Gideon, Frank Schiming. End conversation and go back to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Get the fax from a friend, and examine it. Turn on the vid-phone, and dial Frank Schmimming. Follow the path B, A, A, C, A. If he hangs up, just dial again. Ask him about J. Saint Gideon, Gideon Enterprises, STG, Capricorn, and Chess. End Conversation, Travel to Gideon's House.

J. Saint Gideon's House

Watch this long flick, and feel bad for Mr. Gideon. Ask Mr. Gideon about Jorge Valdez, then end conversation. Travel to the Rank and File Shop.

Rank and File Chess Shop

Use any path until you get to an ask about. Ask about Wanda's Letter then End Conversation and travel to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Answer the Vid-Phone. You automatically go to Val Davis' Lab.

Val Davis' Lab

Find and look at her computer. Get the yellow post-it note near the computer and examine it. Look at Koro the ape, and notice the box. Find and get the pole near the radiation chamber door. In inventory combine the bananas with the sleeping pills, and use them on Koro. Examine the passcard from the box. Now open the radiation chamber door.

Enter the radiation chamber. Turn right and look at the override panel and try to open it. Use the Circuit Kit on the override panel. This is another puzzle. Bypass 911. Get the passcard reader near the chair. Use the passcard reader on the computer in the lab. Scan the card and enter the passcard from the yellow post-it. (QUEEN.) Travel to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Get the telegram by the door and examine it. Go to Sonny's Apartment.

Sonny's Apartment

Watch the movie. Notice the Mean Streets poster in the background. Now travel to the Big Surf Lodge.

Big Surf Lodge

It is very important you save your game here. Turn right and look at the key on the counter top. In inventory, combine the tape measure and the magnet. Use to get the key. Turn back towards door, and use key. Open door and enter. Look at briefcase on bed.

Travel back to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

In inventory examine all the stuff you got from Slades apartment. Examine the briefcase to open it. (If you can't figure out what the code is, look at the lottery ticket you found in Slade's wallet.) Examine the unlocked briefcase and get the stuff out of it. Examine the slip of paper with the bible passages. (For those of you who don't have a bible it is Post, Office, Box, Number, 969.)

Now examine the decoded note. In inventory, combine the Grille with the Chart you found. This puzzle I will not help on. (911) This adds the MillValley Post Office to your travel list. Travel to the Mill Valley Post Office to see a long movie. You automatically go to
the Law and Order Party Headquarters.

Law and Order Party Lobby

Follow any path with the guard until he leaves. Then use the bottle of Mickey's on the coffee pot. After the humorous bit, go and hide in the bathroom.

Law and Order Men's Room

Examine the coded message you got from the mill valley post office. Open Locker 11 and get the credo out from it. Combine the credo with the message and examine it. (For those of us who can't count it says: MR SLADE PRIORITY TARGET ROBERT KNOTT HIS OFFICE PASSCARD PIRANHA Examine the coded message then exit the bathroom.

Law and Order Lobby

Get the keys by the passed out guard. Find and use the keys on Robert Knott's Office door. Enter.

Robert Knott's Office

When you enter, an alarm goes off. Turn around and enter the passcard from the decoded message (PIRANHA) Get the slip of paper on the desk chair and examine it. Open the left file cabinet drawer under the desk and get the file. Examine it. Facing the door from the desk, move the left hand chair and get the key. Examine it. Notice 17. Move the lizard painting and look at the safe. Travel to the mens room.

Law and Order Men's Room

Use the key to unlock locker number 17. Get the Rolodex Card and examine it. Travel back to Knott's Office.

Knott's Office

Turn on the vid-phone and dial 69835374663 (MY TELEPHONE.) Then dial 6736737263 (Open Sesame.) Now exit the vid phone, and go to the safe. Enter the code 6736737263 and get the cd out. Examine it then exit to the lobby.

Law and Order Lobby

Try to open the front door to exit. Get the I.D. Badge from the table by Knott's Office. Use it on the front door and exit. Travel to Mystery Address. Watch the long movie then travel to Capricorn.


A movie sequence start when you get there, and you automatically go to Knott's Cabin.

Knott's Cabin

Turn right and look at the medal box in the fish tank. Try to get it out. Move the picture above the tank and get the bent nail. Now go into the kitchen and look at the medal hose on the sink. Open the cabinet below and get the mini torch. Open the cabinet on the bottom right and get the wrench. Use the wrench to get the hose off the sink. In inventory, combine the hose with the nail. Use that to get the box out of the tank. Examine the box to get the ID Badge.

Open the door to the bedroom and walk in. Crouch down as far as you can and get the blow up doll. Examine the doll, and then walk out to the front door. Open it and walk out. Travel to Tex's Office. This starts a sequence where you meet Knott. Use any path
to talk to him.

After he get shot and you can play again, stay down as low as you can. Get the key by Knotts body, and go to the bedroom. Use the key on the closet to get the clothes. In inventory, combine the clothes with the Blow up Doll. Now go back towards the front door and flip the switch next to it. This opens up the skylight.

Now open the right closet door in the kitchen and get the rope that is hanging in there. Go over to the fire place and get the log. In inventory combine the rope with the log. Use the Doll on the window. As soon as they say they are coming in, use the make shift grappling hook on the skylight, and watch Tex's Drastic escape. Now travel to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Turn on the Vid-Phone to answer the call, when done, travel to Eve Clements.

Eve Clements

Use any path, and then ask about Greg Call, the autopsy, the end conversation. Travel to the Fresno Office.

Fresno Office

Get the package by the door. In inventory combine the plastic tag with the braille alphabet (from the package.) and examine it. Travel to J. Saint Gideon's House.

J. Saint Gideon's House

Ask Mr. Gideon about Nexus, Chess moves, Samuel Jones, Greg Call then end the conversation and travel to NEXUS.

Greg Call's Lab (NEXUS)

After the movie, look at the IRS machine, and try to turn it on. Turn left and get the notes on the clipboard. Also get the passcard. Examine the notes, and note N216. Keep turning left until you see the light fixture next to the wall. Remove the cover and Get the passcard.

Now go over to the right side of the lab (from where you came in) and get the passcard reader off the bench. Use the Gideon Passcard on the slider next to the autoclave. Get the saline solution from the N216 place.

Go over to the table where the microscope is. Get the syringe and combine it with the saline solution. Now examine the loaded syringe. Walk into the IRS machine and turn it on. Puzzle-911. Watch movie, then examine the envelope and its contents.

Use passcard reader on computer. Scan passcard D and enter code (gambit) You end up in the Lobby of Law and Order. From there go to the Men's room.

Law and Order Men's Room

Get the Law and Order pamphlet from locker number 5, go back to lobby.

Law and Order Lobby

Look at the security display, then enter the reception hall.

Reception Hall

Find and get the music stand. Examine it to extend it. In inventory, combine the stand with the pamphlet, and use it on the camera. Now move the banner in the back of the room to reveal a door. Look at the door, and try to open it. Find and get the chopsticks, and use them on the passcard reader next to the door. Insert the ID Badge and walk into John Klaus's Lab.

John Klaus's Lab

Get note off floor and examine it. Remember #107. Get photo on desk, and examine it. Open top drawer of desk and get the crusade memo. Look at the print out. Turn on the tape recorder. Open the middle drawer type thing on the desk where the recorder is, and get the cat picture. Examine it and assemble the passcard. Get paper from under the cup and examine it. Exit to the reception hall.

Reception Hall

Turn on the vid-phone and dial 107, exit to lobby.

Law and Order Lobby

Use passcard on the door and exit. Travel to Tex's Office.

Tex's Office

Get messages from vid-phone, then travel to Rank and File Shop.

Rank and File Shop

You automatically go to the San Tomas Mission.

San Tomas Mission

Look at the elevator, and the control. Turn right and move the boxes on the second shelf. Open the box, and turn on the elevator. Find and open the Tool box. Get the penknife out. Find and get the rock, in the corner near the broom.

Turn on the elevator, and a video starts. Follow the following path: B, A, C, B, C, A, E, B, B. In this Tex gets beat up, Sylvia saves him, and you end up in J. Saint Gideon's Bedroom.

J. Saint Gideon's Bedroom

Get the security schematic from the bench and examine it. Look at the chess table. Find and open the box near Gideon's bed. Get the chess pieces out of it. Get the barbell on the floor near the bed. Look at the chess pieces on the pillars and note there location. Put the chess pieces on the board. Puzzle (911) Enter the door that opens, and go down the elevator.

Gideon's Gallery

Save your game here
Look at the chandeliers. Turn left and flip the switch to lower the chandeliers. Get the first section of railing on each side. Combine them with the Barbell. Use the long pole you made on the chandeliers. Follow the tops around to the far right corner. Find and look at the security panel. Open it and activate it. The security sequence from the schematic starts. Bypass (Alt-F) When you get past, open the doors, and enter the hallway.

Gideon's Hallway

Turn right and walk strait down the hallway. Pick up the cd off the bench. Keep going until you get to a door. Open it and go in.

Gideon's Study

Look at the dinosaur bank on the desk. Use the coin on it to get a key. Pick up the key. Get the bible off the couch. Look at the "Elaborate Cabinet" that has a sword on it. Find the fake book panel, and get the metal cross. Use the cross on the book case to get the security card. Exit to Hallway.

Gideon's Hallway

Go down the hall and take your first left. Continue till you come to a door. Use the key to open it.

Gideon's Rec Room

Pick up the 1-8 balls off the pool table. Examine and note the odd ball colors. (red, green, black, orange, maroon?, blue, purple, and yellow. Play Mean Streets, it is fun. Get the jigsaw puzzle off the end table. Put it together. It tells you passcard codes. Exit back to the hallway.

Gideon's Hallway

Follow the hallway, then go left. Follow it until you come to another door. Look at it, and the access panel. Enter the code by the ball colors. Open the door and go in.

Gideon's Control Room

Look at the screen of Alcatraz. Look at the computer. Open the disk player, and put disk 1 in it. Now get disk 2 from on top of the computer and put it in. Now turn around and look at the panel next to the door. Scan the passcard. Now travel to the Gallery, and enter the elevator. This triggers a movie, and you end up in a cell on Alcatraz.

Alcatraz Cells

One tip while on Alcatraz. Save your game every time you do something you feel is important. Move the bed on the left side of the room, and look at the wall. Move the bricks (puzzle 911) Look at the robot when it goes by. Look at the shelf outside the cell. Get the chain from the bed. Turn around and get the brick from the hole. Throw the brick at the shelf. Use the chain to get
the sheet to get it over toward your cell. Get the sheet and use the torch to get out of the cell.

Cell Block A

You need to avoid the droids in cell block A and C. Either stay in a cell when the droid is around, or type in <alt-d> Your call. Get barbed wire from cell you jump down by. Examine it to straiten it out. Try to open the door between Cell Block A&B. Use the wire to get the key. Use the key on the door.

Cell Block B

Turn left and open the gate. As soon as you enter, turn left and move the knocked over chair and get the gasmask. Go to the other gate and open it. Turn right and use key to open gate. Get passcard on floor, and then open the door between B&C.

Cell Block C

Again you must avoid the droids. Get the D-Block key from the third open cell on the left. Look at the gas canister on the end of the block. Now goto the door between C&D and use key to open and enter.

Cell Block D

Turn around and open the cell door control box. Move the leaver down to number 10. Now continue through the block until you come to the cell you opened. Step inside, and get the explosives out of the explosives crate. Go down the stairs and enter the dungeon.

Alcatraz Dungeon

Save your game here for sure!!
As soon as you enter, turn right and open the door to the right. Get the green garbage bag, and examine it to get a dirty filter. Continue down the hall and turn left at your first left. Go to the door and open it. Inside you will find a filter remover tool. Go back out and continue down the hallway until you come to a fan and a box thing underneath it. Look at the box underneath the fan and a droid comes out (it is a movie, don' t worry you don' t die.)

Use the filter removal tool on the box and then continue down the hall slowly!!!!!!! until you see the guard in the guard room. Look at the guard, and then move the box ahead of you. Duckdown low and go behind the crates. Keep low until you are even with the second chain thing. Return to eye level and get the screwdriver off the crate. Travel to C-Block.

Cell Block C

Remember to avoid the droid, and use the screwdriver to get the gas canister off the wall. Open the D Block door and enter, then travel to the Dungeon.

Alcatraz Dungeon

In inventory, combine the explosives with the gas canister. Then combine them with the tape. Now combine the Gas Bomb with the filter, and use the filter on the filtration system. Watch the droid take the bomb away and blow up himself and the guard. Now go down the hall and enter the guard station. Get the brush off the desk, and examine it. Use the guards Passcard on the scanner to access the second doors.

Put Gideon's hair in the DNA scanner, and another movie starts. It tells you to enter each card and the passcard. They are as follows: A-QUEEN B-DRAW C-CASTLE D-GAMBIT E-BISHOP F-RESIGN G-CHECKMATE H-KNIGHT Now you play a chess match with Gideon and use the following moves in this sequence: Rd1 Rxe7 Qxd7 Bf5 Bd7 Bxe7 Then there is a long movie and it ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This walkthrough was created by Tyler Russell. If you want to use it, please e-mail him at netex@yahoo.com and ask. Please don't just take!!! Thank You!!!

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