by Pendulo Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   April 2011



When the game is first started, see a profile selection:

Move the cursor to the top of the game screen to see the in game menu.

Key icon or F1:     This is the help menu. It is the Hint system described by the master of ceremonies.

Magnifying lens icon or F2:     This shows the hotspots in the active game screen.

Suitcase icon or tab key:    This is the inventory screen.

Puzzle piece or F3:    This shows the gamers' progress or checkpoints. 

Wrench icon or ESC key:    This is the control panel or the main menu.

See a dashboard, the game's Control Panel. The game options are on the different parts of the panel.

The speedometer at left has the sound options:    sound off or on and volume up or down.

The people icon has the credits.

The picture at right shows the avatar and the game difficulty level options usage (key-hints and magnifying lens-hotspots locations). The bar is at the maximum and will lower during usage.

The ON-Off below the avatar is for the subtitles.

The small bar at bottom right of the avatar shows the statistic of the game progress (time, mouse clicks, objects collected and miles covered, calories consumed, zombie movies opened and so on...).

The monitor shows the current active screen at the moment.

Below that monitor are save game (left-disk), load game (middle-folder) and delete game (right-trash can).

When save disk icon is selected, enter a description of the saved game. Then press enter key of your keyboard.

To load a game, click on the folder icon and the picture of the saved game you want.

There are scroll arrows at both sides of the frame.

Press the ESC key to get out of save game frame before a save is done.

To exit the active screen, use the back arrow at bottom left of the page.

To exit the game itself, use the button at bottom right of the page.

Additional help:

Double clicking on an exit arrow skips the walking to the next screen.

The ESC key hastens the intro.

Left click to pick up an item to use on another item or character.

Right mouse click selects the item for examination (eye) and then left click again to do the action.

Left click skips dialogues.

It is Hollywood in the 1940s. The master of ceremonies describes the story.

Dan Murray looks at the fish in the aquarium. An unconscious Big Albert is on the lab table. Professor Fly calls Dan.

The professor shocks Big Albert who eventually loses pulse.

The Poet of Pain comes in announcing that the pizza has arrived. Big Albert takes a slice of pizza.

Liz Allaire and Dan Murray arrive in front of FitzRandolph's theater to cover the Annual Horror Film Award Show. Dan refuses to enter the theatre and that forces Liz to cover the show by herself.

Liz comes back outside. Dan, a sportswriter has been drinking in the open car.

They spy Big Albert, one of the monster movie actors entering through the window of FitzRandolph's office. She insists that Dan joins her inside to investigate.

Chapter 1


Entering FitzRandolph's office:


Liz has a tape recorder and press pass in inventory.

Talk to Dan. Learn that the boss at The Quill newspaper took him off sports coverage. Learn also that Big Albert has the brain of a scientist and is the smartest man in the world. Dan is drinking Pumpkin Punch.

Check the trunk of the car and the hood of the car.  The hood reminds Liz of her fear of crocodiles.

Front of mansion:   

Go right to the mansion. Look at the other building. It is the theatre.

Tobby III:    Check and then try to pet Tobby in the doghouse.

Phil the gardener robot:    Go right and talk to the robot with a saw as a hand in front of a door at cellar of the mansion.

Phil is the gardener and is very depressed. He wants his life to end. The door behind him leads to the tool shed.

Enter the mansion.

William A. FitzRandolph:   Liz is stopped by FitzRandolph. FitzRandolph is a monster born of human father and monster mother and owner of MKO Pictures. MKO Pictures features monsters as movie stars.

Talk to FitzRandolph completely. Learn that he is a friend of Dan Murray. FitzRandolph owns the LA Freaks, the baseball team.

Watch Liz say dis-concerting things - like anticipating the end of sentences.

Automatically be outside. Try to talk Dan to come in and distract FitzRandolph. He refuses.

Convince Edgar that he can be the next Vulkan Flash:

Go back to the mansion. Talk to the 2 robots guarding the stairs. They are created by Dr. Zelssius.

Corridor - Coat Check room:    Enter the first corridor to the left beside the left staircase.

Talk to Edgar rehearsing by the window. Edgar Kajdanovski is the gofer at the FitzRandolph mansion. He wants to be a movie star but he is not scary enough. Learn that he grew up in a nice farm but a radioactive factory was built beside the farm.

Check the sign on the desk and Edgar's autograph book.

Look at the Vulkan Flash cutout at right. Vulkan Flash was played by Blue Harrelson. Earlier, Dan mentioned that Blue disappeared and reappeared surgically altered. Liz thinks that Edgar looks like Vulkan Flash.

In inventory, a complete alien kit appears. Study the cutout and see that Vulkan Flash wears glasses; has blue skin and wears a vest.

Get glasses:    Exit the check room and check the vestibule.

Look at-right click and then take-left click the glasses from the pumpkin on top of the newel of the right stairs.

Get blue color and vest:    Enter the second corridor at left after the way to the coat check. See that it is an unfinished reading room. Look around.

Check the bookcase and take the small blue dye-pigment bottle.

Check and then take the vest hanging on the stair's newel.

In inventory combine the glasses, blue color and vest with the complete alien kit.

Edgar as Vulkan Flash:    Go back to Edgar at the coat check room.

Use the complete alien kit on Edgar. Edgar is happy and is back to rehearsing.

Liz has Hammer Boy Brown the boxer's vest in inventory to keep it away from the paint.

Convince Dan to distract FitzRandolph:

Examine the vest in inventory and get 2 boxing tickets. Guess who loves sports and is a former sportswriter.

Exit the cloak room and mansion. Go to the car and use the tickets on Dan. There he goes.

Dan greets FitzRandolph and they enter the party.

Get Jimmy Love to open the door to the office:

Go back to the mansion. Enter the hall-doorway right of the sofa where FitzRandolph was sitting.

Try to enter the office:    See the hallway where the offices are located. A robot is sleeping by the first door. Liz checks 2 doors. Check all the paintings on the wall.

Talk to wake up the robot guard. His name is Jimmy Love.

Liz tries to pass off as FitzRandolph's secretary. Jimmy scans Liz and her measurements do not match that of Beverley Torrance. Access denied.

Ask why Jimmy is sleepy. He's on conservation mode because he's low on oil.

Find some oil:    Exit the mansion. Go to the car.

Take Dan's hip flask on the hood of the car.

Open the trunk of the car and Liz takes an empty oil can.

In inventory, combine the empty oil can with Dan's flask to get to get pumpkin punch in the oil can.

Go back to Jimmy at the office hallway. Talk to Jimmy to give him the pumpkin punch in the oil can.

Talk to Jimmy again to open the second door and get a new scan. LOL. Watch Jimmy open the door.

Read Big Albert's note:

Liz confronts (tries to interview) Big Albert while he is searching FitzRandolph's desk.

Big Albert jumps out the window. He writes a note and gives it to Phil the gardener to give to the Immaterial Man. Big Albert throws the notepad into Tobby's doghouse.

Check the statues, Eva Morte's portrait, armchair, phonograph and window in FitzRandolph's office.

Exit the office and see Phil the gardener leaving the mansion's vestibule.

Tobby:    Go outside and check the doghouse. Tobby is not cooperative.

Phil:    Talk to Phil in front of the tool shed door.

Check the offices:    Go back inside the mansion.

Go to the sofa and armchair where FitzRandolph was sitting earlier. Take the crank from the armchair.

Go back to the secretary's office. Get a pencil from the mug on her desk.

Enter FitzRandolph's office.

Check the phonograph. Use the crank with the phonograph and hear a sound coming from Beverley's office.

Go to secretary's office. See a round canopied bed.

Check the bookshelves left of the bed. Get a tin of caviar. If you want, you can crank the phonograph again in FitzRandolph's office.

Notebook:    Go back outside to Tobby's doghouse.

Use the caviar on the doghouse and Liz throws the caviar on the lawn.

Tobby comes out. Tobby is a Venus flytrap. Liz takes the notebook from inside the doghouse.

In inventory, combine the notebook with the pencil from Beverly's mug. Read the writing - Warehouse ASAP.

Liz goes around the corner to the side of the mansion.

Big Albert:    See Big Albert's body on the floor.

The Immaterial Man warns Liz that the men that did this will be coming back here soon. They have to hide the body in the sarcophagus.

Chapter 2

Dan soaking in the tub with a hangover gets a call from his boss. Dan and Liz have not reported in nor submitted the article about the award last night.

Dan goes back to the mansion and proceeded to the warehouse where Edgar told him Liz was last seen.

Reveal what happened to Liz:

Storeroom-Warehouse:     Look around.

Look at and then take the belt under the sink. It is Liz'.

Tobby:    Exit and go left to the front of the mansion.

Pet Tobby and see that Tobby is a Venus flytrap on a pot. Tobby dies yearly.

Use the belt on Tobby's doghouse. Tobby sniffs you and then enters the warehouse to end in the grate.

Trap door:    Dan sees that he cannot just jump down there.

Exit the storeroom. Talk to Edgar spray painting the wall's graffiti.

Rope:    Go left to mansion and then right to the pier. Look around at the ships, the balloon and studio. The ship at end of the dock is closed.

See a rope tied to the fencepost. Try to take the rope and Dan says that it has the mother of all knots.

Claw:    Go back to the side of the mansion and see El Chupacabras napping. See that he is wearing a red glove.

Go left to Phil's garden shed door. See one of the Chupacabras' claws on the door. Try to take the claw. It's in there tight.

Car:    Go left twice to be at the Falcon Spirit car. Check the Falcon Spirit. Dan's editor lent the car to Dan. It's his wife's.

Take the bat at the back seat.

Get the rope:    Go back to the claw on the door at the mansion. Use the bat on the claw to get the claw.

Go right to the pier. Use the claw with the tied rope.

Go back to the trap door in the storeroom. Use the rope on the trapdoor.

Dan climbs down and picks up Liz' tape recorder. Dan listens to what happened to Liz, Big Al and Immaterial Man. Big Al was placed in a sarcophagus.

Dan learned from Edgar that the sarcophagus was delivered to the Temple of Eternal Illusion where the Sorceress Krom-Ha reigns. All those who enter are scanned for brain activity and the temple is filled with traps.

Being Fly's volunteer:

Dan has to find a way to get to the temple. Go to the pier and Dan automatically goes to the docked ship.

Overhear a discussion between Professor Fly and The Poet. The Poet angrily walks out of the ship.

Dan enters and talks to Professor Fly. Learn that The Poet wants him to build a machine and be the volunteer for the new machine.

Professor Fly demonstrates the teleport machine.


Dan wants to be the tester of the machine. Prof. Fly says it is morally reprehensible to do so since the machine is in the zeta stage of development and is lethal especially to the liver.

There are 3 requirements:

1. One should be completely expendable to society.

2. The life expectancy should be less that 1 year, 2 months, 9 days and 37 minutes.

3. The volunteer must pass a psychological test.

Pass a psychological test:

Ask Fly about the Psychic Devastation Test. See that there are 4 little ink blots. Select any answer and not get anywhere.

Ask about the Poet. Learn that he published 3 poetry books already. He is now repeating himself. The theme of the poetries is the same - pain.

Send the Professor back to the ceiling. Exit the ship.

Poet 1:    Dan talks to the poet. See that he is burning his hand with the ray of the sun.

The poet gets an inspiration and recites: An internal sun scorches my skin, two-faced, cruel.

He wants more pain and Dan is going to give it to him.

Poet 2:    Go to the black board at left. Use the claw on the board. Ouch!

The poet gets an inspiration and recites: My ear, by a thousand bees mortally wounded, burst joyfully.

Poet 3:    Go right to the mansion. Take and open the charangote (guitar case) beside the El Chupacabras having his siesta.

It is a kit for making Margaritas. The salt shaker is shaped like a cactus.

Go back to the poet and give him the salt and lemon. Eek!

The poet gets an inspiration and recites: Like a ravenous zombie, my right eye devours my brain.

Poet 4:    Go right to the mansion and then go left twice to the car.

Pick up the corkscrew on the grass by Dan's foot. It is Mr. Death's soul extractor.

Go back to the poet and give him the soul extractor. Ugh!

The poet gets an inspiration and recites: And you think that doesn't hurt? I lost a molar.

Take the test:    Go back to the ship and call Fly down from the ceiling. Ask to take the test.

Select the verses recited by The Poet.


A hellish sun scorches my skin, implacable, two-faced, cruel.

  My ear, by a thousand bees mortally wounded buzzing, thunderously ruptures.   Like a ravenous zombie, my right eye devouring my brain.   How is that not supposed to hurt? I've lost a molar.

Congratulations! Send the Professor back to the ceiling. Exit the ship.

Be socially expendable:

Call Professor Fly from the ceiling. Ask how to be considered to be socially expendable.

Prof. Fly says that he won't discuss it since he's employed by The Quill newspaper. Ah - employed. Send the Professor back to the ceiling.

Take the camera on the floor between the 2 machines. Exit the ship.

Falcon Spirit:   Go to the car left of the mansion. It was loaned to Dan by his editor. It is the editor's wife's car.

Use the baseball bat on the car. Dan weighs the pros and cons. The boxing match tilts the scale.

The 2 robots happily watch Dan in action.

Use the camera on the customized Falcon Spirit. Dan calls the robot to use the camera.

The editor calls for a termination paper after seeing the photo.

Professor declares Dan socially expendable.

Have a minimum life expectancy:

Breatholator:    Go to the right area of the lab. Use the scale by the right wall.

Call Fly from the ceiling and ask about the breatholator in the corner. It determines from the breath the life expectancy of the person. Send Fly back to the ceiling.

Lower life expectancy:    Exit the ship and go by the storeroom.

Take the leaf at the right corner in front of the entrance to storeroom. Tobby dropped it. Every winter, Tobby dies.

Life-o-meter:    Go back to the lab at the ship. Go to the breatholator at right corner.

Use the Life-o-meter. Dan has 5 years, 6 months, 12 days and 9 hours left.

Use Tobby's leaf on the life-o-meter. Dan chews the leaf and takes the test. He now has 0 years, 0 months, 19 days and 3 hours left.

Fly is informed. Dan passes all the tests - the perfect volunteer.

Infiltrating The Temple of Eternal Illusion:

See the machine test. Dan exits the other machine.

Dan has to send one of the machines to the residence of High Priestess Krom-Ha.

Call Fly and tell him:  Teleporting yourself 5 meters is for amateurs.

Watch The Poet carry the teleporter in the storeroom.

Sending the Teletransporter to The Temple of Eternal Illusion:

Camouflage the machine:    A test was done again and he comes out at the storeroom.

Exit the storeroom and take the cans of spray paints that belongs to Octopus Haring left of the entrance to the storeroom.

Go back inside. Use the spray cans on the machine. Dan paints it to look like a teletransporter sarcophagus.

Exit and talk to Edgar about the sarcophagus. Edgar got his robots to move the sarcophagus to the temple.

Temple of Eternal Illusion:    Watch Krom-ha in front of the 2 sarcophagus. She practices the act that will make her disappear inside the sarcophagus.

Big Albert is in the false bottom of the sarcophagus.

The robot asks what to do with the new big sarcophagus.

Back at the lab, a costumed Dan walks by Fly to do another test on the machine.

Dan comes out of the teletransporter sarcophagus. He passes himself off as Amenofis the third.


See Liz tied to a chair. Her head and ear hurt. Dr. Zelssius threatens her. Dinner awaits.

Get Krom-Ha's pendant:


Krom-ha wants Dan to stay by her side forever and satisfy her need.

Dan wants to order the robots to open the other sarcophagus. Krom-Ha says that only the wearer of the pendant Dr. Zelssius made is obeyed by the robots. She never takes the pendant off her neck. Just ask the Oracle of the Shadows.

Dan has the bat and the remote control in inventory.

Give 8 hieroglyphics to the Oracle of the Shadows:

Look around in the bedroom. Talk to Krom-Ha. Learn that she is a mummy. Learn also where the Oracle is located. Exit the bedroom.

Look around at the hall.

Oracle:    Enter one of the double doors stated by Krom-Ha as the room of the Oracle of Shadows.

Dan talks to the Oracle. The Oracle knows all about Dan. The only way to get the pendant is to send her back. To do that Dan needs to read the Book of the Dead. The Oracle will give a syntax test to see if Dan knows how to read hieroglyphics so that he doesn't bring cataclysm to the world.

Look around at the room and then exit.

Discover the trick about the Trick Mummy:

Enter the far door at right to be at the sarcophgium.

See 7 sarcophagi. A mummy is seen in a sarcophagus. Then it is gone. Then another sarcophagus opens and the mummy is there.

Dan has to find out the trick done here. This is a random shell puzzle.

By doing more opening of the sarcophagi: note that he mummy starts and then jumps to another sarcophagus that is either 3, 4 or 5 sarcophagi away to the right (clockwise). So if the mummy appears 3 (4 or 5) sarcophagi away, count of to the third (fourth or fifth) sarcophagus and he will be there.

Take the dagger the mummy is holding. Look at it in inventory and see a snake hieroglyph on the handle. That's one hieroglyph.

Find other hieroglyphs:

Door sign:    Go back to the Oracle room. Look at the emergency sign on the exit door.

Try to take the sign. Use the dagger on the sign to get the emergency sign with hieroglyph.

Guard:    Exit to the main hall. Talk to the guard at top of the stairs to the exit.

See that he is so proud of the ancient staff he's holding. It has a hieroglyph on the top.

Give him the bat from inventory. The staff with the bad eye is now in inventory.

Coin:    Go to the bedroom and talk to Krom-Ha.

Ask her to give you a kiss. During the kiss, use hand cursor on the vase with coins.

Look at the coin in inventory and see the duck hieroglyph on one side.

Theatre:    Go to the hall and enter the door to the theatre at left.

Talk to Pazzi, one of the 2 robots guarding the sarcophagus.

Learn that Ducky does magic tricks. Ask to do a trick.

See the top hat, carrot and stuff rabbit disappearing trick.

Go to the table and take the top hat and magic wand.

Exit the theatre.

Pyramid:    Enter the closest door right of the hall.

See a suspended pyramid. Try to take it.

Use the magic hat on the pyramid. Then use the magic wand on the top hat.

Take the top hat and see that the stuffed rabbit is there replacing the pyramid.

Go back to the theatre and the magic act table.

Take the pyramid from the table. Look at pyramid in inventory and see that each side has a hieroglyph: lap dog, target, girl in profile with horns and wavy lines.

Approve Egyptian Syntaxes:

Go back to the Oracle. Give the items collected that has hieroglyphs to the Oracle:    dagger, staff, coin, emergency sign and the pyramid. Click the item on the half wit. The 8 hieroglyphs are placed in a wood frame.

Syntax test:    The Oracle gives the syntax test.

A set of hieroglyphs are placed in the frame. A sentence is stated.

The object of the puzzle is to select the correct hieroglyphs from the list.

Ignore the question given by the Oracle.

The solution is based on the location of the hieroglyph on the frame and the list. Find the hieroglyph that is positioned on the frame that matches the position of its name on the list. For example: select lapdog - if the lap dog hieroglyph tile is third from left to right on the wood frame and the word lapdog is also the third on the list from top to bottom.

You need to do 5 correct selections in a row.

The Oracle gives a beetle - it is the key that opens the place that holds the Book of the Dead.

The Oracle had a change of heart in revealing the place where the book is kept. He loves Krom-Ha.

Get the Book of the Dead:

At the hall, look at the fountain with 2 female statues at left. The pond is full of bugs. They are all male.

Check the beetle in inventory. It is a female bug. Use the female beetle on the pond full of male beetles.

The pond is emptied of bugs. Dan enters the pond and the spiral staircase appears.

Use the Book of the Dead:    Dan takes the Book of the Dead.

In inventory examine the book. Note the indent on the cover.

Examine the pyramid. Dan states that the bottom has a strange shape.

Use the pyramid on the book.

At the bedroom and with Krom-Ha, watch Dan read the book. Select any of the choices on what to read.

Teletransport Big Albert to Fly's Laboratory:

Watch Dan order the robot while wearing the pendant.

At Professor Fly's lab, they realize that Big Albert is missing his brain. The zipper is open.

Chapter 4

Inside the MKO Pictures' zeppelin, FitzRandolph orders Zelssius to find the body of Big Albert. FitzRandolph places Big Albert's brain in the safe.

Liz talks to FitzRandolph. Something is going to happen after an hour.

Liz tells FitzRandolph of her intentions.

Cure Adrian of His Phobia of the Cold:

Look around the office. The safe with Big Albert's brain is the top one by the entryway.

The dessert cart is a folding one. FitzRandolph's pipe is like an extension to his arm.

Exit to the left to be at the adjoining room.

Chef Adrian:    Look around. Check the kitchen knives display on the wall and get a pen knife.

Talk to Adrian. Learn that he doesn't like the cold.

Enter the double doors left of Adrian. It's the walk-in freezer.

Check the frozen man inside. Check all the food items inside the freezer and Liz takes note of every food item in the freezer.

Go back to the dining room. Talk to FitzRandolph. Tell him I want to eat... Then select the items that Liz found in the freezer.

FitzRandolph calls Adrian. He ordered all that Liz mentioned. That forces Adrian to enter the walk-in freezer. Now Adrian is taken care of.

Help a Poor Agitated Animal:

Go left to the adjoining room. It's the weapons and trophy room. Look around.

See heads of his monster actors.

Check the pistol cabinet. Get a pistol that is not loaded.

Check the polar bear at right. Liz makes faces at the bear.

Malaysian parakeet:    See a box suspended on the left. The Malaysian parakeet is upset.

Go right and check the target right of head of a monster. Try to take the tranquilizer dart on the target. Liz takes the tranquilizer dart box.

In inventory combine the tranquilizer dart and the empty pistol.

Use the pistol with the tranquilizer with the Malaysian parakeet.

Turn the pulley in front of the box to lower the box.

Put FitzRandolph out of commission:

Exit to the next room. Look at Adrian's working table.

Take the syringe. In inventory combine syringe and tranquilizer dart.

Go right to the dining room.

Use the syringe with tranquilizer on FitzRandolph's pipe. FitzRandolph is knocked out.

Liz gets the speech about the change in direction of MKO Studios.

Escape from the Zeppelin:

Exit to the adjoining room.

Take the spiral staircase and hear that Liz is stopped by a cowboy robot.

Take the parachute from the wall left of the walk-in freezer.

Look at Adrian's working table. Take the mold.

Balcony:    Go back to the dining room. Exit right to the balcony.

Check the curtain ring above the door. Liz can't reach it.

Trophy-weapons room:    Go to the trophy-weapons room.

Go to the shelf at right. Take something and Liz picks up a ski pole.

In inventory combine the ski pole taken from the trophy-weapon room and the mold to get foolishness.

Check the lowered box of the Malaysian parakeet. Try to open the box of the parakeet. Liz won't but she gets the strap.

Balcony:    Go back to the balcony.

Use the ski pole with hook-foolishness on the curtain ring.

The balcony cover opens. Liz looks down at the footbridge and now Liz has an escape route.

Liz sees something on the ground that will help her escape.

Steal Big Albert's brain:

Go back inside. Try to open the safe at the corner.

Take the dessert cart left of FitzRandolph. Use the dessert cart with the safe at the left corner. Liz moves the safe onto the cart.

Use the strap from the Malaysian parakeet with the safe. Now the safe is stable on the cart.

Use the parachute on the safe on the dessert cart.

Use the cart and Liz says - The time has arrived to open the refrigerator.

Liz pushes the safe out to the balcony and off the zeppelin.

She lands on top of the walkway and bypasses the cowboy robot guarding the stairs.

She rides the motorcycle and uses the small knife taken from the weapons room to cut the parachute off the safe.

FitzRandolph laugh diabolically.

Professor Fly's laboratory:

The Poet and Dan see Liz on the cycle. Why do women always supply the brain?

See the intro of the game.

Big Albert tells them that FitzRandolph inserts a chip on the brain of his monster actor through the ear. The monsters then follow orders this way.

Liz' headache is getting worse and worse. She ignores it while reading the speech.

Liz tries to escape but the one hour grace period expired - the chip in her brain is activated,

Chapter 5

Dan is strapped on a chair in Zelssius lab waiting to have the same chip inserted in his brain.

There are no chips for insects yet so Fly is safe at the moment.

Break Free before Zelssius return with a chip:

Saliva:    Talk to Professor Fly caged above Dan. Learn that when Fly gets mad he salivates. His saliva is corrosive.

Talk to Fly completely. Fly can take out the chip in Liz' brain.

Ask him to spit on Dan's left hand shackle. Fly hits Dan's left foot instead.

Click on the lever by Dan's left foot. That lowers Fly's cage.

Talk to Fly again to spit on his left hand. Fly run out of saliva.

Make Fly angry:   Talk to Fly and try to make him angry. Nothing worked.

Click on the exit under Fly's cage - place where Zelssius went. Talk to that place to call Zelssius.

Keep calling him to listen to funny answers.

When the question about the half-pint wants to play you for a sucker dialogue is asked, see that Fly is sprayed.

Fly's drool level is incredibly high now. Dan is released. Dan left to take care of Zelssius.

Liz:    Liz walks in and Professor Fly alerts Dan.

Professor Fly extracted the chip in Liz' brain.

Uh oh - a piece of the chip is left in her brain and cause Liz to be in a coma.

The Poet holds Liz hand and tells her not to give up.


Liz is in her subconscious. The Poet arrives to tell her to find her one true wish. To do that she must first overcome shame and confront her greatest fear. The Poet gives her 2 buttons.

Liz enters an elevator - see the panel. The top numbers-floors have white buttons and the lower numbers-floors do not have any buttons to push.

Give Queenie 5 breathtaking scenes:

11-Queenie's studio:    Liz comes out into a dark room with a blank canvas on an easel.

Check the blank canvas that reminds Liz of Queenie, one of her sisters.

Queenie appears and says that she needs 5 paintings for tomorrow. Queenie asks Liz for ideas - scenes that will inspire her to paint.

Talk to Queenie. If Queenie signs her painting in flameproof red Q it triples in price.

Learn about things in Liz' past: babysitters, Anne-Marie is another sister and their mom. Look around Queenie's studio in Paris.

Check the haystack and get a sewing kit.

14-bathroom:    Enter the elevator and press the top right button.

Exit into a bathroom. Check the painting of Spencer McDundee.

Check the safe at left. FitzRandolph stole her courage and placed it in the safe. Try to open the safe.

McDundee knows the combination. Liz hasn't done anything for McDundee so he won't give the combination to the safe.

Check the coat stand with a birdhouse - the man that makes us not want to bathe. Liz takes the helmet and remembers how she escaped from FitzRandolph.

Check the bathtub and see that the single faucet works. Water comes out of the shower head.

Check the mobile and Liz remembers again about her babysitter.

80- recording studio:    Enter the elevator Press the top left button.

Liz sees herself behind a glass wall. The other Liz is the one still under the influence of FitzRandolph and sitting in a recording studio. Liz tries to make contact with the other Liz.

Look around the room. Check the boxes and Liz knows what are in them. Liz is slowly getting her memory and ability back.

Check the table. Take the notebook from the table and Liz' remembers Big Albert getting into FitzRandolph's office. Another memory recalled.

Check the cactus and take the button of The Next Big Thing. Liz recalls another memory. FitzRandolph lied about the new direction MKO is going. The other Liz is reading the script announcing the start of FitzRandolph's campaign to run for congress. He places chips in the brain of those who opposes him. The monsters are changed to be more family oriented to show a positive image that will help FitzRandolph win the election.

73-Ballroom:    Enter the elevator.

Use one of the 2 buttons given by The Poet on the bottom left slot. Automatically the button is sewn and Liz goes to the ballroom.

Liz talks to Armando. Learn that Liz' embarrassing moment is at the dance floor. Liz decides to face this shame and will dance. Armando wants her to get a dance card first before she is allowed to dance. Talk to Armando. Cards grow in damp places. The orchestra is a bunch of flowers that is at the center of the floor.

Check the bar. Take the juicer at right end of bar.

Check the ice bucket in a shape of ice cream cone at left end of the bar. Take the teddy bear inside the cone. Liz remembers scaring a polar bear at the zeppelin.

Take the hip flask on the floor in front of the bar. Liz remembers an argument with Dan Murray.

11-Queenie's studio:    Enter the elevator and go back to Queenie.

Give her (in any order) the hip flask, teddy bear, TNBT button, notebook and helmet. Each of those scenes is painted by Queenie.

Queenie runs out of flameproof red paint she uses to sign her paintings.

Do something for Spencer McDundee:   

5-crocodile:    Enter the elevator.

Use one of the 2 buttons given by The Poet on the bottom middle slot. Automatically the button is sewn and goes to the crocodile room.

Learn that Liz' greatest fear is a crocodile.

Look around. See crates of Malaysian parakeets above the elevator.

Check the card tree at left and see a fire extinguisher - ah, flameproof.

Use the juicer taken from the ballroom with the fire extinguisher. Get a jar of flameproof red paint.

11-Queenie's studio:    Enter the elevator and go back to Queenie.

Give Queenie the red paint. Note the canvas that Queenie is painting.

Queenie does something for Liz. She paints the head on McDundee's portrait.

McDundee likes the look of Queenie and gives the safe combination.

Liz opens the safe and gets the medal-courage that FitzRandolph took.

Talk to McDundee again.

Confront fear:

5-crocodile:    Enter the elevator. Press the bottom middle button.

Now that Liz has courage, enter-walk in the crocodile's mouth. Liz hops into the mouth.

Get half a button for that effort.

Overcome shame:   

14-bathroom:    Enter the elevator and press the top right button.

Exit into a bathroom. Take the shower head.

5-crocodile:    Go back to the crocodile room.

Remember what Armando said about where to find a dance card.

Click the shower head on the card tree at left. Liz can't reach it. The Poet comes and lifts Liz.

Go back to the bathroom. Turn the faucet to get water.

Go back to the crocodile room. See that the card tree is loaded with ripe and plump cards and is leaning.

Take a card and Liz automatically takes one with a pencil.

Automatically, Liz is at the ballroom talking to Armando.

The first dance is a tango but the orchestra doesn't know how to play.

Orchestra plays tango music:    Liz has to teach or lead the orchestra to play tango.

Look close at the orchestra. See 6 flowers.

This is a random puzzle.

Armando says that they have to be in unison and not all should be heard.

1. Learn which instrument and the music played by each flower:    Click on a flower and hear musical instrument play. The center has a color. There are notes of the same color moving at the side.

Listen to the music and see if it is tango music.

Click on that flower again and the music is turned off.

Click on another flower and hear another instrument play. The flower is another color. The notes also move at the side.

Do this to all the flowers so that you know which flower is played by what instrument. The instruments are the piano, violin, bass and drums.

See that not all 6 flowers-instrument are applicable to tango music. 4 out of 6 flowers play tango music. The other 2 flowers-music are noise.

2. Play-click the flowers in unison:    The music-flowers have to produce the correct rhythm.

Watch the notes moving on the side.

If they are not in unison, the flowers wilt and a new puzzle with the instruments are now in different flowers.

I tried to get the flowers to start their music together. Play one instrument. When it starts over - start the next instrument at the same time, then join the third and lastly the fourth.

Armando asks Elisa-Liz to dance. Liz dances but definitely not a tango.

Liz gets the other half of the button.

Find one true wish:

The 2 halves of the button fuse and the complete button is placed at bottom right slot-25 of the elevator panel.

Liz enters a jungle room and finds Tarzan-Dan. Talk to Tarzan Dan. He has very limited vocabulary.

Liz finds her one true wish.

Chapter 6


Dan tells a comatose Liz to be strong and to fight. He wants to know where the boxing tickets are.

Professor Fly calls Dan. He tells Dan not to disturb Liz.

Professor Fly tells Dan to get 2 components for the chip extractor he is making and to keep FitzRandolph away from the lab.

The escape is being discussed by the think tank - the 3 best minds in the world: Big Albert, The Poet and the Immaterial Man are in conference.

Think Tank:    Go right and see the 3 wise men talking behind the glass panel. The Immaterial Man was coated by paint to keep track of him.

Talk to anyone of them and Dan will press the button at left and hear what they are deep in discussion about.

Keep FitzRandolph away from the laboratory:

Lab:    Go to the lab at bottom of screen. Check Liz and Dr Zelssius.

Press the button of the switch left of the metal door. Ooops!

Exit through the elevator at end of the ramp above.

Secret entrance:    Dan exits to the main building through the secret entrance behind the vending machine.

Try to open the secret entrance. Uh oh! Look around at the posters and statues.

Projection room:    Go left and look through the door at right. Dan sees FitzRandolph viewing a film featuring an Amazon, fat guy and Liz. Looks like an interview.

FitzRandolph opens the door and talks to a supposedly chipped Dan. FitzRandolph is viewing an advertisement. He will be down at the lab after the viewing. Afterwards he asks Dan to come talk to him.

Set-Recording studio:    Enter the room at left.

Dan talks to Eva Morte and Grim Reaper, the 2 most hated actors. They are chipped and are behaving themselves. They are now spokespeople of FitzRandolph.

Check Liz' coat hanging on the coat rack by the door.

Go left and check Liz' purse on the table.

See a box with a bracelet and note. It was given to Liz by Barry Zelssius.

Dan takes the boxing tickets. Dan realizes that it was not the tickets but helping the others through this problem that makes him continue on.

Check the chair left of the purse and take the letter. Look at the note in inventory and see B025.

Keep Randolph away from the lab:    Exit the room.

Knock on the projection room door and talk to FitzRandolph.

Ask FitzRandolph not to go to the lab because Zelssius and I need privacy. Dan shows the bracelet and note.

FitzRandolph says that he will cancel his visit to the lab.

Find materials for the chip extractor:

Secret entrance:    Use the note taken from the set chair on the vending machine.

Dan punches in the 4 digits of the note and the entrance opens.

Behind the metal door:    Enter the metal door at right.

See a barrel of gunpowder by the window.

Take the robot head on the ground at left.

Go back to the lab.

Materials for Professor Fly:    Go to Zelssius' area under the stairs.

Go left and call Fly down. He needs a chip and a glass that Zelssius uses to charge them.

Use the robot head and later the bracelet on Fly at the ceiling.

Fly leaves to make the chip extractor.

Liz:    Dan talks to a comatose Liz. Be strong like a rock.

Tarzan Dan gives Liz a rock. Liz uses the rock to break the glass wall separating her and the other Liz.

Liz talks to the other Liz. Liz realizes that the other Liz is still under the influence of FitzRandolph's chip.


Get help from Anne-Marie:

Enter the elevator. Top left button-41 is back to other Liz. Top right-30 is Anne-Marie's studio.

Go to Anne Marie. Talk to Anne Marie who is 5 minutes older than Liz.

Voodoo:    Learn about the voodoo doll experience that Liz had in New Orleans. Liz thinks that she needs 2 personal objects to place on the doll. She can then have control over the person that owns those 2 personal objects. The baby sitter that Liz tried this on was Stacy.

Anne Marie can play any musical instrument.

See and click on Queenie's voodoo painting at left. Click on the painting several times and Liz will see a doll in the painting.

Look around the room.

Zelssius at 68th floor:    Go to elevator and press the 68th floor.

See the reason why the other Liz is still under Fitzpatrick's influence.

Look at Zelssius. Try to talk to Zelssius. He can't see or hear Liz. Hmm...

Get voodoo doll:    Go to the elevator and press the button at bottom right-52. Be back at Tarzan-Dan's cave.

Take the tom tom on floor at bottom left. Check the menhir behind Dan.

Talk to Dan and learn about the witch doctor.

When the knife is asked, Liz fails the knife throwing but gets an apple.

Go back to Anne Marie at 30th floor. Give her the tom tom to play. Anne Marie wants a sheet music to play the tom tom with.

Take the jacket hanging left of the door.

Get sheet music:    Go back to Dan at 52nd floor.

Ask about friends and witch doctor. Learn that the witch doctor and Dan watches sports together.

Go back to the other Liz at 41st floor.

Talk to the other Liz about her makeup. Other Liz checks and sees that the makeup director is not here; so she can't change her makeup.

Talk to her again about the makeup person.

When he other Liz leaves for the second time, immediately check the bag. Liz gets the boxing tickets and the bracelet given by Zelssius.

Go back to Tarzan Dan. Give him the boxing tickets.

Tarzan Dan swings back and gives the tribal tom tom sheet music.

Enter the painting:    Go back to Anne Marie at the 30th floor.

Give Anne Marie the sheet music and she plays the drum.

Enter the painting. Liz sneaks by the dancing voodoo priest and takes the voodoo doll.

On the way out of the painting, the phone rings and Anne Marie stops the drumming to answer it. Liz freezes inside the painting.

Exit the room.

Pass the knife throwing trial:

Go to the other Liz at 41st floor.

Check the useful box of tools beside the other Liz. Get the clamp and magnet from the box.

In inventory combine the magnet with apple to get magnetized apple.

Go back to the 52nd floor and Tarzan Dan.

Talk to him to do the knife test again. Watch as the knife hits the magnetized apple.

Free the other Liz from FitzRandolph's yoke:

Go to Zelssius at 68th floor. Look around. The robots turn the gramophone. The beat for the robots is the drumming done by Zelssius.

Zelssius must be topped from hitting the drums.

Check the car and take the parachute on top of it. Maybe another memory.

Use the knife won from Dan on Dr. Zelssius to get a piece of apron.

In inventory combine the piece of apron with the voodoo doll. Cute!

In inventory, combine the voodoo doll with the bracelet. We have the Zelssius face.

Now those are 2 materials on a voodoo doll used to control the person that owns those items - like in New Orleans memory.

Use the clamp on the doll to hold the arms. That controlled the arms of Zelssius and the drumming stops.


Cross the line between a mere mortal and a hero:

Liz' other self disappear and the original Liz gets an idea about the advertisement.

See the ad filmed by chipped Eva Morte and Grim Reaper.

Liz wakes up and tells Dan of her plans. They will film a new campaign ad when the 2 monsters are free of the chip.

Fly has finished making the Chip Extractor. Watch the infomercial.

The chips are removed from the 2 monsters. But back to being their own selves, they refused to cooperate.

Dan shows his self sacrificing self. Give the boxing tickets to the monsters.

The monsters and Liz are going to film a new commercial now.

Prepare the film switch:

See FitzRandolph carry the campaign ad film and leave the building.

Dan checks the projection room and sees that it is closed.

Willie's office:    Talk to Willie FitzRandolph completely.

Learn the reason he used Liz and the 2 monsters for the interview and the reason to run for congress.

He stands to check the picture on the wall.

Open the projection room:    Go through the secret entrance-vending machine.

Go to Dr. Zelssius working area under the stairs. Look at and take a tea bag from Fly's counter at left.

Go back to the bottom screen to the lab.

Enter the metal door. Take gunpowder from the barrel by clicking the tea bag on it. The tea is replaced with gunpowder. Dan learned his lesson from a memory when he was young - he now knows how much gunpowder to use.

Exit the area and go through the elevator above.

Go to projection room door. Use the gunpowder bag on the projection room door.

Exit through main door to talk to FitzRandolph. Convince him to stop smoking.

FitzRandolph gives his pipe.

Use the smoking pipe on the projection room door. Dan gets Edgar's steam gun.

Do the switch:    Go through the vending machine. Go to Zelssius' area.

Go right and check on the 3 wise men.

Use the steam gun on Immaterial man.

Liz arrives with the new film.

Watch the switch.

He heh heh! What a guy!

Watch the new film.


Twenty twelve one four!

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